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By Daffodaily5 on August 15, 2013 - 01:03
When he’s not busy being an ace X-wing pilot, Volinvolin is one of the most caring puffle owners you’ll ever meet. He even made sure they had some nice, comfy furniture in his STAR WARS™ igloo! :)
Contact us if you want to nominate your buddy for Penguin of the Day! We add 5000 coins to every penguin we feature!
-Club Penguin Team


Cool Pixels:

well done friend


Does he have a ton of puffles?


nice job


Wow! I have been trying hard as well! Good job!


Congrats! Well Done Volinvolin! Your Iggy Looks Awesome! Surfs On!


My friend is awesome she always cheers people up her name is Aly71 and she is incredibl her igloo goes from a restraunt to a college then from college to half puffle area Half home ! It's so cool and she always makes sure her puffle are cared for she told me to wait to so she can care for them! And when she's at the stadium she's cracking people up! She's an awesome and cool friend


I am glad this person got on the blog. he sounds like a nice person to be friends with. its nice that's he gives for his puffles to lay with in his igloo.
your friend izzyage8


nice costom


She is nice and caring and when she is not being a water ninja she is helping her friends being the best they can be


great job


First comment! and noodle on!


I'd like to nominate Eagleboy1049


I nominate Eaglebiy1049

epicguy123 35:

well in the new august catalog it wont let me buy anything it let me buy 4 items then wouldnt let me buy anything it just says unidentifed please answer


That's cool how do you become one of the penguin of the day people

Mani 1101:

Mani 1101 just took part in a charity run


I think my bff Ashleysand should be featured as penguin of the day. I think that because she always treats me nice even when I really messed up in our friendship. She always makes me smile when I'm feeling down. She even makes me smile when she's feeling down. It seems like she thinks my happiness comes before her happiness. She is one of the best bffs I can ever have! She deserves to be penguin of the day! :)


I luv his iggy! It's so cool how it's still a crime fighting iggy, yet it's also a great home 4 ur puffles!


Why don't you club penguin creators give the gift to charger2233 he is the best he gives a bed for each puffle


I think that my brother, Jack60433, should be the next Penguin if The Day. He always in style and has the coolest igloo decorations that follow the month's theme. Also, he helps me with some of the EPF missions especially the harder ones which makes him an awesome friend, penguin citizen, and most important an amazing brother!

Corn pops8:

Hi cp! My friend Hotdogry1 is an awesome penguin for penguin of the day. He throws great parties, is an awesome guy to have around. He helps his friends find pins and catalog hidden items. he puts his friends and parties first


Joey23451 should be penguin of the day. Shes nice, she starts anti-bulying protests and she has amazing igloos. pely if you agree :)
waddle on cp


Great igloo

Cats Rock28:

Nominate my friend Hudson29 please! She always does cool parties and helps people with advertising for their igloo! That made people grateful


Wow Great Job! Great Star Wars Theme And A Nice Place For Your Puffles Too! Waddle On!


congrats! volinvolin you did good!!


I nominate Patchy99223! He is a great Penguin Who is always telling me to check out His New AWESOME Igloos! He loves Meeting Mascots and can not wait to Meet Mckenzie and Brady!

Aw3s0m3 h3r0:

Awesome place you have. How do you make that?


Nice pick!


I nominate my BFF Dancer27865! She is super nice,cares DEEPLY for her puffles,rocks her own style in her igloo and outfits and so on!!! So PLZ choose her sometime. Also she REALLY NEEDS coins!! So that would make her feel real special!! Thanks!!!
Waddle On!!!!!


I'm a huge fan of club penguin and Star Wars.


Awsome picture bro!!!!!!

Xxgirldance :

That's so cool


Hey there!
Nice work i did that once and it felt great!
Dont you think?


Dear Daffodaily5,

Please choose my nomination for penguin of the day! Her name is Icefox1805. I sent a nomination and I wish she'd be POTD, she's super nice and caring! She also likes to adventure the Island! Please Daffo? *puppy dog eyes*


I nominate Sharboy3507


That is cool my cosin wants to know how do we get on paingwen of the day.


I love your home


Endermissmc,fun loving, carer of puffles, and loves minecraft! She is currently working on ideas for a minecraft themed party! And when she gets a membership she is one of the rare people who join cp mainly for parties and puffles, party puffles, and puffle parties! She is really excited for the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam, even though she's never seen the movie and probably never will. All in all, I think Endermissmc deserves to be penguin of the day!Waddle on-Pitbullkat48


That's me!!i can't Belive I'm the potd thanks to who ever nominated me shucks ):


hi and my penguin name is isabelle5586 and i was thinking that i could be a mascot on club penguin i could be a penguin singer i hope I'm penguin of the day soon i love club penguin waddle on


hey could u enter my friend moocoo3 for potd it would be great!

Hip hop12168:

When ever she gets a pookie she makes sure that they are happy and comfortable,and she helps other penguins with stuff they can't do or need someone else to do something:)


That's an awesome caring pet owner


Thats cool and good for you


Hi, can I be penguin of the day? I am nice and help my friends. Thanks oh and P.S I look just like you!!


I know someone who should be penguin of the day. My pal shark bite34. He cares for his puffles and his igloo is fabulous. But he's not a member though.


That looks like a really superb awesome igllo I wish I was his or her puffle it looks so cushiony comfy


Can I be your freind?


Can I play the Star Wars won please help me.


Like the bigness of your room friend me once you get this


Er ok....


She is so cool


She is caring and has a big heart




Can't wait


Awesome cant wait


That looks cool


Hey I'm proud and congrats I like ur iggy :D


When superman891 is not busy or not playing, he goes around the island and make new friends. Those who are new he gives them a tour and recruits agents for the EPF.


hay I like your igloo WADDLE ON from talia2020


I love your igloo!


I would like my friend Samantha3124 to be penguin of the day because she always helps a friend out. When they need her trust me she's there.




Hi I wish I could be penguin of the dayEnter comments


I think it should be cuddlesrgr8 she is nice kind and awsome


I know one penguin I want to nominate for penguin of the day. His name is Farley0624. He told how to get a back round of Mack and Brady. I'm always missing the shows. He gave me codes. He taught me how to get a rainbow puffle.

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