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By Polo Field on August 14, 2013 - 16:26

Last Reviewed by You, we wanted to know your highlights and suggestions for July.

Edance215 gave an awesome review!

This has been an AMAZING month! I definitely love CP University but I wish there was more classrooms and maybe different kinds of classrooms like a science lab or maybe a band room (add more instruments you could buy) I also have been loving the Penguin Style catalog but i do wish they didn't stop the Secrets I always loved trying to find them. I also wish you would add more clothes. Right now there is only 2 girl outfits and 2 boy outfits. Maybe you could start updating the catalog more often?

Great suggestions Edance215...10,000 coins have been added to your account!

For this review, in the spirit of International Friendship Day...we want to know a time when you have gone above and beyond for a friend!

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! Looking forward to reading all your comments!

-Club Penguin Team


Shop Worker:

Amazing Message

Burrito 67:



Once my best friend was being bullied by a girl at school. I stood up for my friend. Now she isn't getting bullied anymore. I'm really happy about it, I don't like to see people being bullied.


Avery I think that is good that you don't like to see people get bullied. Me too! Once my bff Katrina was going to play color tag with her sister and her sister's friend hurt her other friend Jessie. She was usually nice i don't now why she would hurt Jessie they are in the same class.


Hi. .????..?.?.


Awesome ideas!! :)


I loved this month so I would like there was a university laboratory where we can experiment and create robots like Super heroes party


can you make the kloo horn a instriment at the light house with the update coming up thanks i love clubpenguin i have a red puffle plush and books


Ah international friendship day . . . Makes me think of how awesome my friends are. :)

Beaky 313:

My best friends moments well i have a lot i should share them all should i? This is in cp ok i have a friend name blaze we always make each other smile and have the best time ever! He is a nice penguin hes famous and my dream on cp is to be famous still nothing but my friend always says never give up and thats why right now im still trying maybe if i even win this thing i might become famous on cp who knows will i hope im the next famous penguin out there and because of him im here trying. :)


Long, long, ago, when I was only 5 or 6 years old, my best friend broke one of her fingers. She had to wear a cast for this, of course. So people made fun of her. They bullied her. But I stood up for her. I don't remember this at all, but this is what my best friend told me.


Happy Friendship Day!


One time my friend was upset because another one of her best friends left her so I decided to go and be her new best friend and to this day way talk on cp almost everyday it is so fun plus in get to play on cp

Waddle on cp!
Sincerely lilly89124

Ballet 17:

i have done something for one of my best friends. we were outside at recess and there were older kids and we also wanted to play and they were playing around and were going to hit my friend with a ball but not on purpose and i blocked it for her! i am so happy no one got hurt! me and my friend are so friendly!


Im a penguin With Not friend :(




One time at school when I saw my friend struggling at school with his work, and always being bullied, I pitched in to help my friend. His name was Stefan and every time one of us needed some help we helped each other out! It was so much fun! We always stood side by side against a mean bully, and we always worked on some school work so that if there was a really hard question or problem one of us could help each other. We aren't just friends, were best friends!
Waddle On!


one time i help a friend a gave a tour on the island! he was a new penguin and so i also help him play Card Jitsu! He Is Such a GREAT FRIEND!

Waddle On!


I have a friend by the name of Penguinhan3 that I would do ANYTHING for! She was one of my first buddies on the island.


part 1: I always said that cp eh is great but something is missing, what is missing to be great is free that's what they lack all non-members must hold back the desire to buy something they like for my not fair and I suggest you give a day without membership where all penguins can buy whatever they want just for that day that is the ideal complement to the penguins would make happy and would attract more players, and that the free day is held every two years Nov. 3


For Friendship Day I never leave anyone out. I am one who likes to invite penguins and people in at all times. I remember at school where I saw someone very sad and they said that no one wanted to talk to them. I helped out by talking to them and saying that you can just be who you are but they tried and it wasn't working until a bunch of people came over and wanted to hang out with him. We then started a brand new friendship and I think that is the greatest kind of gift someone can receive.


my best friend i really helped out is my best friend Icecream 555 its her birthday today so wish hr a happy birthday your my bt riend ice i helped out ice the first day i met her she was new i gave her a tour that is why she is my best friend

Kendall A423:

Well, one time my friend was getting bullied by one of the mean girls! I decided it was about time that I stood up for my friends more. So, I got up to the bully and spoke to her that she had to be nice to others. It never helps you at all if you are being mean. When your nicer, it makes a difference. She ignored what I said and called me names, but left because when she kept trying to get back to friend, I blocked her way. No one hurts my friends. I will do anything for them! :)


my BFF and I have stick together since forever! she not only had made me smile but my mom too i got out of a hospital and she invited me to dance when my mom saw she smiled also I stuck up to her and we got each others back! and i don't know what i would do without her!


That's a great reveiw guys yes I do agree


I went above and beyond a friend when I stood up for him and was always there for him because i know thats what a true friend does stands up for another and is there for a friend because if you do something good for a friend you will be the best person ever!


One time my friend got hurt when she was at an after school activity & she twisted her ankle. I helped her in school, carried her books & her lunch. Now, her ankle is healed, with the help of me. I feel really good.


I helped my best friend by help him finish his school work so he could the stuff he wanted to do and then did my school work


I can't wait for the Teen beach movie party! I think you should bring the solid colored hoodies back. Also some more stuff from the past like the 3-D glasses and the and the white bead necklace. I would also like if you updated the igloo catalog every month. I always look forward to new igloos. I've always hoped that you would add more thing to the igloo catalog that looked like a casual house. For example beds, dressers, a fridge, etc. Keep up the good work! WADDLE ON!


cool picture!!


1 time I met my 1st friend isabell we were bffs we always sit at lunch together it was awsome


The time that I went gone above for a friend is when my friend Stopped being friends with someone and I stayed with her and I had her back everyday since then.


Oh yeah when I play marco polo in the pool with my sis and friends I say polo field they say stop but I don't lol!

redlightin 12 :

wow cool i hope you have fun


one time, my friend was being bullied at school. they were teasing and so I went and told them to stop bullying her. they didn't listen to me so i went and told a teacher. she was very sad so i comforted her, making sure she felt better. they stopped bullying her and she wasn't made fun of and i keep making her feel happy when her days are grey.


Hi, im am BirdLegend and a time i went up and beyond for a friend was when i went into the stage place and the penguins there were doing a play. But they needed an extra cast member and i filled in as the Viking. Although i didnt look like one.

preyas 561:

This have been a BIG and AMAZING MONTH! (thanks to the team of cp). I wish more things for my igloo, and more codes of clothes. And maybe different kind of classrooms like a Hospital, a jail, and more parties of cp and more games that can play with my best friends and have post`s of invitation for invite the penguin`s. ¿Maybe you could start updating the catalog more often?. thanks you and remember WADDLE ON. ;)


Well, this isn't exactly about me but about what a friend did for me. It was my birthday party (with a penguin cake of course!) and we started opening presents, I had 6 friends over. The gifts looked VERY small. So I opened the first which was from my friend and her sister. It was the CUTEST penguin necklace ever! then I opened the second one and it looked big, I opened it and it was a giant stuffed penguin! I got a lot more penguin things that i loved. It was the best birthday ever!



No name:

One time my friend on club penguin was lonely on a bench making a sad face. I asked him what was wrong and he said that no one added him as a friend. So I sent him a friend request. As soon as I sent it he smiled and a popup said (I forget the name) has been added. Later I invited him to my igloo and we had lots of fun!
-Nicholas 126

No name:

One time my friend on club penguin was lonely on a bench making a sad face. I asked him what was wrong and he said that no one added him as a friend. So I sent him a friend request. As soon as I sent it he smiled and a popup said (I forget the name) has been added. Later I invited him to my igloo and we had lots of fun!
-Nicholas 126


i went for a walk with my friend and we comunicated like we never had she felt like a sister to me



Angg 4569:

My best friend until now been "Chiwelli" the way in which we met was as fate, because in my opinion it was impossible to know ... The diempre supported me in everything I do and when I have problems is always on to help, but the help we receive from someone is not the way you think he's your friend only for your help ... (but would look very interested), a friend was characterized by the heart in him, that's why we never finds it a best friend that "Chiwelli"

Cp is awsome:

I like about that they made the card jitsu snow and it lets you team up and not like the others because you have to VS them!.
I also like the clothes in evrey catalog and my penguin name is rafay66


The time I went above and beyond for a friend was when she was moving away and you could tell that she was really sad because she had lived there sense she was born and I made cards and handed them out to all of her friends and classmates then i was the "bate" I took her out for lunch and then we went to my house for a sleep over and when we got to my house I turned on the lights and there was everybody that I had invited saying fairwell she knew it was me we were all sad but we had a good time!

luis angel r:



Well I love making friends on club penguin I have lots of friends! I have millions of friends! Although I don't see them very often but whenever there sad sometimes I invite them to a game or like there igloos or something in fact! I have made every single one of my friends on my friends list my best friends!!! And sometimes when a random igloo that has no likes at all I go to there igloo and like it and I hope to see happy77 ninja daffodaily5 and other cp penguins so I can be there friends too!


This year has been spectacular! With the monsters and star wars and all! I think if you hid more surprises around the island that would be great! Also maybe we could do some plays in the theater based off of movies! The fun never stops. Maybe a huge surprise could be in store for Halloween? I love CP so much and giving tours is so much fun there's always something new to learn on the island of CP. Catch ya later!


one time I played with someone who was being left out.


Well one of my friends was in a car accident I'm not lying I'm serious. who would joke about that? anyway she was nervous the next few days so I calmed her down by talking to her then we went to my house to play. Honestly I would have done anything for her she is my best friend. I'm glad that she and her family were not hurt except her dad who got a cut on his arm but it healed but that's my story. I would do ANYTHING for a friend. :)



Well I have many friends but my best friend always has my back. She helps me out. She is honest with me. But she had done everything for me but what had i done. So i was always with her i even did stuff she liked and i didnt like much i made a goal and i acomplished it. My friends like me and always have my back so it was time i did the same. :) ;)


when my friend was new to clubpenguin i let her play on my acount and showed her around!
Everyone should help there friends like that!


oh just asking are we gonna have the music jam?


Friendship day sounds awesome


One time my friend was having a ton of people picking on her because she had never been to a sleep over. I told her I had never been to one before ether. So I threw a sleep over for just me and her and it was so fun! And to this day we always have sleep overs and laugh about that time!


Friendship day sounds awesome a day to make friendship special

Kiki Iceburg:

Well I was in the cafeteria on CP and somebody started throwing pizza's at my friend so I reported them and told her to ignore them. I can't remember her name though


Hmmm...... Let's see... I've done a lot, but the coolest thing I think I ever did for a friend was when it was my friend Lauren's birthday. I went all out. Her birthday was during school, so I created a countdown with index cards, and each day we'd pull off a card to show how many days were left. I made multicolored streamers that I stuck to her desk. When the big day came, I made her a bracelet with my nickname for her and we all sang "Happy Birthday" at lunch. She was happy, and so was I. :)


can u plz update the items 4 everyone cause think about the non members this is a message from ALL of the non members NON MEMBERS UNITE!


I love All My Friends they are inspiring and funny but this one time this one person made my day even fun!I really loved those fun times when we played Games and Do Silly Contest and she did this to me and 4 my bday (coming up). This persons name Is Teril1. I also loved on how fun she is when I'm alone and sad it's really inspiring for someone to actually care for you!


Yeah penguins ready to meet cadance at the party!


The time when I went above and beyond for friend was when we were at school when he went where we weren't allowed to. I took the blame. He thanked me and we played.


Well I truly love my friends so I got my other friends that go on club penguin and we went to different spots first I went to the ski lodge and we said "WE" then we went to he town and did the heart emotion and then we said "Jackie" and we took the video of us doing that and sent it to her ! Then I went on her account and made her 10,000 coins by playing tons of games ! Then we showed her and she was so happy


well... there was this one time where my friend got really sad so i tried my very best to make her feel better by being funny and telling her that its ok and nothing is going to happen. And then it worked, we went to the park and had the best day. ; )

waddle on!

Enter nickname:

That cool ! ;)



Yeah I realy agree with polo field great suggestions! Waddle on!!


There should be a PE course.


during this close club penguin university!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oscar One:

Copy Rsnail


i mean it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tom tom5150:



i changed my mind about the univrsity close it down!!!!!!!


i agree with EDANCE215 but how can you meet everyone like rockhopper and gary


During math my friend needed help with his algebra. We had two teachers in the class but none of them were available. He was real stuck on this problem so. I already was almost done so instead of finishing early i helped him. It was the algebra with line plots so that freaked us both out but i mastered it in a few seconds but he was struggling. I helped him with that problem and explained the process and he finished the rest of the problems. i finished later than i expected but it was ok.


Every time I am new somewhere, I am very quiet. There are people I want to make friends with, but I'm not sure how! One day, I finally made myself a friend. First I started with a simple hi. A couple weeks later, I forced myself to make a conversation. We talked a whole bunch! Gradually, we dug holes and played with each other. After that, we sat together at lunch and were partners for every project! We were best friends! Making friends takes courage, braveness, and joy.


Help them make an club penguin Parades


My friend Cookieball2 is very kind and nice to me and his friends.

Waddle on!


Can we get it where we can buy igloo music so we dont have to wait for it to come back or never again.


I think it's soooooooooooo cool what u guys are doing with the blog. I think Cp rocks and everybody in it! I hope everyone party's hard during the summer jam!


Once I was auditioning for my school talent show. I really thought that I would be able to do it, I got my hopes up and knew I had a real shot. My friend that was auditioning wasn't so lucky, I knew by the look on the judges face that she wouldn't make it. So, when her audition ended they called me to sing next. (That was my talent) but when I got to the high note, I squeaked, on purpose. It gave my friend the opportunity to get into the talent show and she did. I know I did the right thing.


A time when I've gone abouve and beyond for a friend.... Well this one time my friend Hannah had this assignment that was due for school but she had no idea how to do it and she needed help stats! At the time, her mother was out with friends and her dad was at work, so I said 'come over to my place and I'll help ya, we can work on it together.'
Turns out we stayed up till 2:00AM just to finish this project. I was SOOO tired, but in the end, she got a B+. :)


Well, there's 1 thing I did today. 2 of my friends have penguin accounts on MY computer and I lost them so I created one awsome penguin and its name is Guest Best, but I'm not so sure if that's above and beyond. Reply and tell me what you think. WADDLE ON


I could go back to the time I bailed out from an activity with my very best friend to cheer up a penguin who was insanely sad (because he never gets time to see me). I told my best friend, "Sorry dude, but another penguin needs me," and so I spent the rest of the day with the other penguin and made hime happier than he was.


A time I've gone above and beyond for a friend is when my friend was upset because at our school, we set up a little shop in the cafeteria. We were raising money for a charity, and my friend wanted to buy an item from their shop, but she didn't have enough money, and she was very sad. I felt bad for her, and got my money together, and bought her that necklace. She was extremely happy! :)


my gone and beyond friend was ben6257 at the hollywood party we always go to the same stage then we went to the awards party ben6257 is my best friend forever!!!


hi im Emily50728
well iv helped many of my friends when they are sad i cheer them up by getting them pizza or play with them or if its there last day of there membership then i make them forget its that day by cheering them up i tri to be friendly to everyone and sens i do that a have ALOT of friends i treet all of my friends like they are always wanted and when i friend is online i tri to find them and play with them
PS: i love you Cub Penguin
best game ever :)


It's great to see penguins reacting together and unite as one.



he is correct everyone favourate is sports new derss is needed for us new update is needed for us thank u


I really love to see all penguins working together and being kind to each other, giving coins to poor penguins,The coins for change,
helping out,being nice to the non members. Penguins are very kind these Days!


penguins are really kind and i can see all of them working together and helping each other
~ Pink19914


well what I have done for a friend is I helped them with homework when they really needed help but know one would do it but me byee


I just love when penguins get together


One time my friend almost got in trouble for something really bad at school, and because she didn't confess earlier she was getting a week suspension (she would've gotten a few days but because she didn't confess so it was more) so right before the principal took her out of the classroom, I jumped up and took the blame anyways even though I didn't do it.. I knew how great of a record my friend had at school, and I didn't want it to be ruined.. I would do this again any day for her <3


WOW Hannah that's very nice of you I think hannah13011 should win


Wow you must be a very good friend



That's very nice of you! That makes an Epic REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good friend!


very good thinking


Ok blog


A couple years ago,when my friend's dog passed away, I felt bad for her (she loved her dog a lot & grew up with him being around). So I wanted to make her feel better! So, I got her a gigantic teddy bear and stuffed it my closet before inviting her over! When she came over I had her come up to my room. I said: "Close your eyes and hold out your arms!!" She did. Then, I gave her the teddy bear and a card I bought her. She smiled and gave me a hug and I think I helped her feel better!!(:


WOW I never knew penguins could be so nice

Paulie35457 ( my penguin name):

Hi CP!
It all started one day when I moved schools. Sure,I had an awesome teacher and I fitted in,or at least I did.There was a girl named Sarah who always would sit alone and almost no one liked her. One day I was lonely and went to sit next to her in the lunch area, and to my surprise it was one of the best decisions in my life.Eventually we took our own paths, but nomatter how old I get, I will forever know what a true friend is,because of one special person... Sarah.

Jilly Can101:

A time I've gone above and beyond for a friend was when my best friend's parents had some rough times, and my friend was feeling really, really sad and depressed. So, I decided to talk to her parents and figure out the problem. After that, they managed to stop their arguments, and my friend was happy and bright again. I think I did a good job for that. :)


I also want make fun with surfing


Hi cp I want to say that can u get ross lynch on cp I love the secrets and can u do a secret to look like mascots and I would like to be a mascot my name is harry9603


i have like lots of really cool friends that make me laugh,smile etc. But i would have to say that having adventures with my BFF chillibili1 make me super happy. From what i remember is that once we both went on a holiday all the way from Australia to Singapore it was great fun, we did awesome stuff. Another great friend Taylorstep another delight friend we went out to dinner and did some fun games together.I really want these sorta adventures to keep continuing!!


Hi cp team!


Honestly I realy agrey but the only thing stopping me is that it's hard to know what you wont buy realy i loved everything but save, save for more thats that


it was 15 may me and my friend superguy56 went out i needed help on my surfin skills so he helped me out but i made it now im awesome at it! so when we were coming back we were going through the forest trying to find our way to the pizza place when we got pushed by a conga of "pizza-mad-penguins" and fell into a lake but hidden under a rock so we said this is the hidden lake so we found a door leading to another room so i helped to get there, we ended up helping each other so we were equal


Hi Club penguin team Racsop here Club penguin looks great can't wait till the surfs up party comes!!!!!!!

Until then

Racsop out


hi cp i have so many great friends and they have done allot of nice things for me that makes me think i have the best friends in the world. i think the most nieces thing i ever done for a friend is well i already done allot stuff its kinda heard to remember the most nieces let's see i help with homework allot (and i HATE homework) i once showed somebody how to sim once there was a contest that i really wanted to win but my friend won it but i said good job and hid my anger i can't type any more


I hate home work too!!!!!!!!!! So are you friends with non-members too??????? Because along time ago I was a non-member


i couldn't type any more so were was i...OH YES what i was gonna say is waddle on


my friend did something bad,really bad and although he deserved a punishment I didn't let that happen.I took the blame on myself and took all the trouble,that's what friends do for each other so one day my friend did the same for me.
Friendship is something you shouldn't take for granted its something special,its something that keeps everything going,in fact without friends what would we be.There would be no one to pick us up when we're down.
Flourish it it will always be with you.


my friend did something bad,really bad and although he deserved a punishment I didn't let that happen.I took the blame on myself and took all the trouble,that's what friends do for each other so one day my friend did the same for me.
Friendship is something you shouldn't take for granted its something special,its something that keeps everything going,in fact without friends what would we be.There would be no one to pick us up when we're down.
Flourish it it will always be with you.


Awesome !!


My best friend is daisy42601 She's a great friend and always is there by my side!!!Me and her laugh together and talk about fun things!!When we met we have a very funny and random story!! Having A friend On Club penguin is the best!They have fun,AND THEY NEVERMET EACH OTHER DOWN!!,Also always stick together no matter what happens!

Penguin name:Peacehope169


Can you do some more secrets in clubpenguin because I like secrets. And can you do new place whit games and items. :D


My friend was having a pretty rotten day! When she wanted to go to the mall, none of us could go with her as we were 'too busy' and she had the most boring day. When she came to talk to us, we asked her to go away. It was also her birthday and nobody wished her. Finally, when she got out of her house and wandered around the park, all of us sneaked into her house with her parents! When she came back, we yelled 'Surprise!'. We wished her and the best thing?-It was also friendship day!

spike rock20:

once...... i went in huge trouble for a friend me and he were playing in the school at recess time and his lucky ring fell into the gutter and he wanted it so much so i was trying to spot it anywhere inside but i couldn't find it i asked one security if he could take it out but he couldn't. then recess was over but my friend told me to be there and try to find the ring then some boy found us and reported us to the principal . then the next day the gutter cleaners had found it. thank u :)


Well, for my best friend Billy777 on his birthday I made him a cake that was based on his favorite game. Then I brought him to a carnival! I went on every ride that he wanted to go on (Which most of them made me sick) Then I saved him twice from falling into some water. After that we bought some ice-cream and walked the pier. When we got home, I gave him my game that he desperately wanted.
He said it was the best birthday ever!


The time I've gone above and beyond for a friend was when I was trying to get the stamp when you have to get 10 buddies to get to dress up as trees.


When I started,I looked everywhere for a freind.I did'nt look THAT cool but still.I looked everywhere,diffrent servers no freinds.But one penguin liked me for who I was.That penguin was Hollysomer10!

Oh yea and shes AMAZING!
Waddle on cp!


I have a friend called Clucky54312. She is my BEST FRIEND! Whenever I log in to Club Penguin, I get a message at the right bottom corner of the page, " Clucky54312 is online". Then I find where she is and leave all my work for what I came here for. I went Puffle digging, camping and more with her. I have played many games with her, and now I can't see the message that she is online nearly for a month. I am so sad now. She will be my Best friend forever. No one can catch that place!


When I was in the 6th grade, I had a friend named James, he was a great guy but he was bullied all the time, and one day he was being bullied by someone who was a friend of mine. So I stood up for him and I nearly got in trouble for it, but luckily I didn't get in trouble but in return I ended up getting bullied by my friend for the rest of the year, but I think it was worth it because he didnt' have many friends and I really cared about him. I'd never leave my friends hangin.


Thats right Edance215 cp should make more clothes for both boys and girls and I would support you to and I would be happy if cp make a band room and science lab it would be great so I would love to get it thanks for giving a speech.


that was a great comment Edance215 i think you deserved those coins.


Well, there was the time that one of my best friends, Mr. Cho Cho and I were bowling at my igloo, and met Rockhopper! Here's how it happened: Mr. Cho Cho, our Red Puffles, and I were having a nice game of bowling, when I decided to get some more penguins to have fun with us! I waddled into the Town just when someone shouted, "ROCKHOPPER AT COVE!" I took out my map and went to the Cove, to find the Pirate himself! (And Yarr!) I went back to get Mr. Cho Cho, and it was his first mascot!


At school my friend was really down because her grandpa died. So what I did is i surprised her at recess with a big jump rope contest (which is her favorite game) so we went and did the contest and she won so everybody that played gave her a big hug and congratulated her on winning the jumpe rope contest :)




LOL!!! Nice one,good job AND...


I can't wait for friendship day. Waddle on!


my best friends are gonna have to be soccer pro 1 and Rabbitlilly! I've never gone above and beyond for them because their SOOO nice and kind they will never get in a fight... (they also think outside the box) but a friend ive met that is awesome is DJ Cadence!!! P.S thanx for the teen beach movie party!!!!
waddle on!!


i have gone up and beyond for a friend when she was getting bullied. The bully was trying to hang with me but i went to my BFF. I felt bad for my friend so i had her at my house that night. :-)


I give my nephew and best friend on the game free week membership. I also help him to find pins, hidden items and good hiding places. We also have a good time playing spies and I let him choose all of the missions.aside from that I let him decorate my igloo sometimes when he comes round, if he doesn't have any membership.


The time I went out of my way to help my friend was when my friend, Santaboy427, needed help finding the hidden items in the catalogue! He really wanted a costume that was for sale and, well, he couldn't find it anywhere!!! Finally he asked for my help so I attempted to find the costume and my attempt was a success! Now he has his costume and I feel great that I got to help a friend in a time of need. So there you have it, that's the time I helped a penguin!"The End!"
Waddle On!!! -Irejessa427


What have I done for my friend? anytime she is sad I don't make her feel bad in front of people I work things out with her and most of all I would do anything for her because she is very important to me :) waddle on


I went above and beyond for my friend when she was crossing the street a car was coming and it didn't bother to stop. I pushed her out of the way and I managed to escape before the car hit me. She was thankful for me that I saved her.


Well, during the summer my friend had to move away and she got really sad. I always comforted her whenever she got upset. When she moved away she actually made a lot of new friend and I was happy for her! But then after a year or so I broke my shoulder. Then she was there to comfort me. My shoulder got better and she moved to another place even closer to my house!! Her and I were happy and we played with each other again.
That's my story.


I had gone above and beyond for a friend when someone in my class was getting bullied. So we went to see what happen and we tried to talk to her and help her :)

Black Zoe 16:

One time for my friends birthday I bought her a six month club penguin membership, she really wanted one

AF Cutie 123:

A few days ago my mom was really sick, so I helped her out but I didn't ask anything. The first day she was sick we watched Harry Potter together and I got het food when she wanted it. The next day she started the B.R.A.T. diet, the B.R.A.T. diet only has a three kinds of food in it those are; bread rice applesauce and toast. My mom was is very thankful that she had me to help her. I am also very thankful that she is felling better, and next time she's sick I'll know just what to do.


Hey penguins! I love to be with my friend on the 4th of July! I love to sit down and watch the fireworks, catch fire flies, and more!
That is also one of my favorite days of the year! ( Besides my Birthday ) I really have a ton of fun!
Waddle on cp!



One of the times I have gone above and beyond for a friend was when my soon-to-be friend was lonely and had no friends. I went up to her and askedf her if she wanted to hang out some time and we've been BFFs ever since!


i LOVE cp and i love helping the people on it. i don't understand what you mean by above and beyond but i think you mean it like this.
One time, i saw a penguin being teased by a mean penguin. the penguin was saying bad words, except he spelled them wrong so he wouldn't get banned. i walked up to the nice penguin and said Ignore him. i'll report him. the nice penguin said okay, and he walked away. then i reported the bad penguin, and walked away. nice penguin and i are friends now.
Waddle on!


This month has been really cool so far. also i agree with Edance125 about the school.I think there should be more class rooms too.I think in club penguin that the penguin could actully eat the puffles do so the penguin should to. Pluse every time i'm on at the pizza shop penguins every were pretend to order pizza and drinks.


Here is my story for IFD! The time in club penguin when my friend MrPwnguin had just gotten Membership. He and gotten the Fire Gem, but needed help to get water. So I had played with him for hours and hours, both gaining more skill each round. In the beginning, I always won. If I had let him win, it would be cheating. Then he started getting better and better. Once he had gotten all the ninja-wear. It took him many tries to beat Sensei. In the end, we both gained much skill, and a new friend!!!


I totally agree with her/him! I think the University is so cool! Awesome review! :D


I got my best friend by playing a game in 3rd grade. I was play a puzzle game where you have to solve the mystery and than you get rewarded. He helped me figure out how to pass one of the levels than I asked him to be my friend really silly.


My bff`s, Lizzie and Emma, (they are sisters) lived a couple hours away from me. We got to see them a couple times during the summer but during school we didnt get to see them that much. So when summer started my mom,me and my brother surprised them by taking them on vacation for two weeks! We had so much fun! I can`t wait to see them again!
Waddle On!


I have lot's of friend! If all my friend left me alone, I will find new friend. I inspired of your quote, waddle around and meet new friend. So if I feel alone, I will walk around and find some or new friends. I can spend many hours when I play with my friend. The fun is stop when my parents tell me to take a break. But I can call my friend from my phone. Make friend is awesome! I hope you all get a best friend. Waddle on CP


Once my friend Lucca Dog couldn't become a water ninja. He kept trying and trying and couldn't get it. So one day I trained him.
Then he got his Helmet. And I trained so he could beat Sensei. And before he knew it, he was a water ninja!


I remember one time when I had to help my buddy out. I was at the coffee shop when I saw a penguin over on a stool by the smoothie area. She looked very sad, so I went up to her and asked her what's wrong. She said that some of her old friends were being mean to her. I looked around and immediately saw who she was talking about. They were talking behind her back. I went over to my other friend and together we went up to the bully and told her to stop. She hasn't seen the bully since :)


Well this isn't about me going above and beyond it is about one of my great friends who because of me isnt my friend but anyway once I was on a month long trip because my Tata (Grabdfather) was very sick when I came back she had a card signed by alot of my friends and I thought it was super sweet and she didn't replace me like another friend would have also she always let me borrow her books when I needed one that friend always was at my side and I hope she has an amazing Friendship Day!:D


Hmmm... There have been multiple times i have gone above and beyond for a friend. but some times my friend used to get bullied alot and she didnt stand up for herself so she hated going to school. so we always walked together and when she did get bullied i went up to the bully and i said
"dude if you're bullying some one you're going to get in HUGE trouble" then me and my friend walked away. then my friend told her mom and the bully got detention. i feel bad for the bully though :(


Mariegrace02, you did what you knew was right and brought justice that day. I'm sure the bully will remember the "Dude, if you're bullying someone you're going to get in HUGE trouble" quote for years to come.


In real life or CP, 'cause I don't have a friend in real life...


I'm so sorry! I have gone through the same experience for me what I did to get some friends was I started to ask if I could hangout with a group of people I liked because I used to walk around the play ground waiting until recess was over and I watched some people play and they said yes and now I have millions of friends who knows you can have the perfect personality for friends but maybe your just too shy.


so sorry to hear that


So cool I love club penguin wow


hey club penguin I wanted to tell you my big stand up for one of my friends! This happened when I was still in third grade I was eating my lunch but then I saw my friend he was listening to what people were saying but people were being a lot different then asking him stuff they were telling him to act like mean things and they laughed at him so I thought I needed to stand up for my friend! so I said that's not funny and they stopped! After, I gave my friend my toy and he hugged me. that's all!


One time my friend Nikki broke her index and middle fingers on her right hand. She refused to stay home from school, but she needed someone to help her write. Every single day for 2 weeks I wrote for her in class, we had the same schedule. I also had to do my own writing. She still thanks me to this day. I loved helping her, she's such a great friend!
Waddle on,


That was the winning comment!

Princess1 01:

The time I went up and beyond for a friend on clubpenguin:
My friend Giantandre was trying to throw a party. He stood there for quite a while! I went to his iggy and nobody was there. I decided to help him since I throw amazing parties! I may not get likes but I get good parties! Anyways... I walked next to Giantandre and said "He has an amazing iggy plz go and like!" And I said that a couple times. Next thing you know he had so many ppl in his iggy! He thanked me. I just want everyone happy!

Miya219 :

so many sweet stories :)


I help all of my friends all the time but i chose one. The time i helped a friend out when his dog died. My friends dog had cancer and passed away sadly. then i helped him out by hanging out with him and let his mind empty for a little while to calm him down we would text and call each other alot but soon enough he got a new puppy but they couldnt train her so they gave her back and i helped him out with that too. Then they got a new dog that was trained and he felt better about about everything


I thought that July was awesome and he was right the secrets are very fun and amusing to find.


Well, the best thing I remember was for a friend at secondary school (where I am now). He had to finish his weaving. And the teacher was really mean so he would get in big trouble if he didn't finish! Luckily I was able to help him so he didn't get in trouble.

snow and fun:

well i was looking for partys and stuff and i thoght mabie i ashold change my outfit? so i went to the chothes shop my freind, mr harry3 helped me chose my chothes.

Matthew 1123:

One day when i came across the town there was a sad penguin and he said he did not have any friends i helped him by adding him as a friend his name is 1stgrader


I have gone above and beyond for my penguin friend Agentspy241. I have been having contests to cheer him up when he was sick. He was very happy. Also, I sent him a postcard in club penguin which made him feel way better. I've enjoyed helping him. After his sickness, we went to the university and met rookie! He was my very first mascot! Also, we would go puffle digging together.
Best Fishes,

Ashley girl5:

Well one time I standed up to one of my friends cuz someone was being rude to my friend so then I said why are u being rude if my friend dint do nothing at all! Cuz that penguin was bullying others for no exact reason and I got tired of it and I said u know what I'm reporting u for being rude and he kept on and on but I dint care cuz I knew he would get banned forever or maybe days he would've been lucky if it was only days! That was one time I have gone beyond for a friend! Waddle on!


The time I helped out a friend was when my brother couldn't get the prize on the third level on Tatooine and my whole family tried and we couldn't beat the level and I felt really bad so I emailed club penguin and asked if there was a way they could send him the prize so he wouldn't feel sad. We fight and bicker a lot but I still love him and would do a lot for him!


The time I reached out was when my friend on club penguin couldn't beat the third level on Tatooine so I decided to email CP and see if there was anyway the could send him it so he could get the prize because we all tried and we couldn't do it for him and felt really bad :(
My name is:


One time, my friend had said something a bit hurtful to someone else. And that someone else can be a bit intense when offended, so I bailed my friend out of it by saying I said it. Man, it was hard coming over that, but it was for my friend, and Im happy she didnt have to go through what I did. :)


We were down the beach and their was thunder and lighting and hale and rain, and we were all running up the stairs and my best friend was stuck at the end of the stairs that was like a mile away from the top beach. when we were all dry I realised she was still there so I ran to get her and because I didn't have a cardigan cause I used it as an umbrella for her I as drenched and so was she but I walked right up with her until we were in the car.

waddle on cp!!!!!!!


when i did something beyond is that when my friend was playing and someone was bullying her (not on cp)
i stood up and told to stop what he was doing and he ran away my friend was proud of me and im happy that my friend was ok
thanks for hearing
Waddle on!


I went above and beyond for my friend is when we were at summer camp she started to cry and I helped her get though it and she still thanks me today


Pinky2cool2 is my BFF he,s awesome I've done stuff for him also Todd140 he's great too


Todd430 is a grate buddy he is super cool he,s on of my best friends

By penky5


Hey CP this is how I've gone above and beyond for my best friend, Kyra (Isabella190.) she already missed two more of her homework assignments, and if she missed 1 more she would get a comment about it on her report card. I told her to take my "No Homework Pass". She gladly thanked me. That's the time I went above and beyond for my friend.


for friendship day i had a awesome iggy party for my friends it was awesome


I remember my first friendship day with my best friend ANDKON5000.
It was awesome we explored all of CLUB PENGUIN, we did our fishing together,we went to watch a play at the theater,we had pizza ,we had races,we went to the beach,we played our instruments, we had a snow fight,we gave each other gifts,we even took our puffles out to the spa so they didn't feel left out!! It was the best friendship day i ever had and i will never forget it....

Taffy Pengi:

My friend at school was being beat up, so I stuck up for him. I talked to the bully who said he did it because he was angry, so I said that he could beat me up instead of my friend.


well,this is not exactly about me, but about what other friends did.It was my birthday we had lots of fun already, but now was present time,my favorite time! Honestly all the presents looked small and looked like a waste of money, but I opened the first one and there was the CUTEST penguin necklace ever! Some other presents included, a penguin t-shirt, a GIANT penguin stuffed animal, and many more penguin things. In conclusion, my friends made it the best birthday ever!


Well i have a BFF named Molly2474 and she and i always look out for each other and we have been friends for years of CP and we always do things fair and we never ever be mean to each other and we are always having fun with each other


One of my friends was being made fun of. Girls were talking behind her back and making up nicknames like "Mr. C" so she wouldn't know they were talking about her. Then me and my friend decided to tell my teacher and hand in a picture we found that was making fun of her. It was hard to do because that meant we might not be able to be friends with the other girls. But it was worth it and my friend thanked us for telling the truth.


I dont think I have done anything as good as my friend PresliB, she stayed all night to help me earn my card jitsu black belt. Sadly, i didnt do anything to return the favor. And I hope i will so day, I couldnt have been a ninja without her!





Hi Banannapan here.Me and my friend Foongus3 help each Other on the Island to Find stuff Like pins,treasure,and coins. Thanks for everything Club Penguin. Goodbye.


Hello friends of Club Penguin! Well, for me, friendship is a feeling so cool ... xD. I always I had friends and help ... A fun experience in CP was when me and my best Friend: Neon2404 tried to overthrow the iceberg ... It was great! There were thousands of penguins! drills yellow, green, red ... And we super cool ... always, what matters, is to enjoy the friendship... Thanks and Good bye! WaddleOn! =D


I love when my friends are online. Then talk and play games with then. CP is so awesome.


I have gone above and beyond for any penguin. Whenever they are having friendship problems or bullying I go straight up to that penguin and consult them for their bad behavior. And I report the penguin. And I also love helping my friends puffle dig while they help me too. It' always great to find penguins you can do anything for!


i helps spread the word of save the world


One time during the pre historic party, i helped a friend go on the roof of anywhere at the town and plaza. And it happened a lot of times so then I made them all happy! im not kidding... and im loving the new cp but u should let everyone be a member for free so it can be fair and also u should add some rare stuff to the catalogs!


please make a puffle that is like a diva for the divas in clubpenguin like a hot pink one maybe?


I don't have a time when I went above, although many of my friends consider me super kind...
One time I DO remember is when my friend got hurt at school(she ran into a tree) and she panicked, and I calmed her down and took her to the nurse's office. :)

Waddle on Guys!


I always helped my friends on cp. No one is really my best friend, I think everyone is my best friend. I help them with games, stamps, pins, backrounds, and ect. I think that you shouldn't just do one special thing for them, but to do several. I don't have a special time when I have done that for a penguin because I do that everyday! I hope everyone does the same! Waddle on!


One time I went above and beyond for my friend at the begining of school. We were in a new grade so the classes were MUCH harder. About a week in the start of school I noticed when she had to answer a math question , She would sometimes get it wrong . So one day , I said to her : " I noticed you've been having trouble in math, I can tutor you." She said Ok. So everyday at lunch I would bring a paper pencil and write down math problems for her to solve. Now she is much better at math!


I know times when I've gone above and beyond for a friend, but my friends have done the same for me. Every year, I have a lemonade stand at my house to raise money for JDRF, an organization that works to cure Type 1 diabetes. My friends gladly come each year. With the aid of my friends, last year we made over 2,400 dollars in just five hours! We came that much closer to a cure! They support me in every way possible and make all JDRF events fun. I don't know where I'd be without my friends. ;)


One day I logged on Club Penguin. There was one lonely penguin in the corner of the gift shop. I went up to him and he said nobody would be his friend. I sent him a request and we became best friends. Then we hung out at Club Penguin University, danced at the dance club, had a snowball fight, and watched movies all night until dawn at my igloo. We became friends in 2011 and still play to this day. We throw parties, do scavenger hunts, and still celebrate holidays together. GTG, he just logged on


One day my friend was having a terrible day! He had a broken leg, and he got the bug! Not good! Then me and my dad came up with an idea. We got him a card, medicine and a bright green apple! We rang his doorbell hid behind their car and they got it. A couple weeks later when my friend was feeling better. He told me about the card, medicine, and apple he got. I felt really above and beyond when I did that!


Friends are amazing! Especially when you do something for them! I always wanna cheer up my friends when there feeling down. When that happens I feel sad and down. Once my friend was getting bullied and he started to cry a lot. I wanted to stand up for him! I did what was right! And he never got bullied again! Friends are very important! Do something nice for a friend! When there not feeling positive I cheer them up! Anyone can do it!


Well I've been playing with my Zwii2 online and she's my great friend on cp.We even know where we both live cuz were in the same neiborhood!We both love club penguin and we know what time we go on cp to meet there.And I have another friend named Awsomedani.Lets just say he's pretty awsome.(it's true)


The new girl came and sat alone on her birthday!! My friend and I went to play with her and she was happier than ever! I love helping friends because it makes me ..... HAPPY! Be sure to help a friend TODAY! Waddle on CP!



I went beyond for my little sister. I'm very nice to her and sometimes I go too far. But we fight a lot too like Ying & Yang. ; )


I like also to tell that pls make more multiplayer games pls(the example that you have been made are Sled Racing) and keep it up :D

Annie55 120:

I think when I went above and beyond for a friend was on here, CP! I remember when my best friend, Sirene72, was really upset because a penguin had done some really mean things to her. Eventually we reported him and stood up to him. And I don't think we've seen him since. Of course Sirene72 has done PLENTY of things for me.


Once, I was at school and my friend's birthday that day. My friend is really smart and some kids started to tease her about it! On her birthday! I'm usually very shy, but even though I was scared I stood up for my friend. I also played a game she likes a lot even though I really don't like it, because it made her feel better.


One time when my friend was being bullied online, he didn't know how to block them on the website so I taught him how and I told the moderators of the website what was happening and even though the bullies were threatening me, I kept going and got them banned off the website permanently! I felt so proud of myself and my friend thanked me for what I did.


There has been lots of times this happened on Cp but only a few at real life. Here is my friendship day story:
Once at Cp i went in the school and i had lots of cool plans and pretended to sneak out of school. I wear cool costumes like blue mohawk and secret agent buttoned jacket. One day i was pretending to eat packed lunch but a bully on Cp took my drink.(mainly it was coke)
anyway umm...
Sorry i dont have much space left so...


anyway a friend stood up for me(i forgot his name. It started with Purp...)
Anyways we have been friends since July 21(2 days before my school summer holidays)
Waddle on!!
Now umm...


A few months ago, my best friend was going away for the year. She really wanted to go to a concert called Winter Jam, and then I asked my mom if she could come with us, and she said yes! It was awesome!

Waddle On CP!


I once cared for my friends puffles when he was away


I really liked this month too and I totally agree with adding more clothes and school rooms but another great thing would if you could please add more frequent igloos and furniture to the catalogs and if you could put back the missions and the other missions where you collect items and defeat Herbert or rescue penguins/puffles but enough with the bad stuff I want to thank you for making the puffle price lower and for keeping the rainbow puffle party on I have 7 of them :) thank you bye!

Pony Eee:

This doesn't have to do much about helping, but I think a Band Room is the greatest idea for the CP university. I'd love to see it happen! I would also love to see a French Horn item (and the sombrero return, but that's a whole other story) as well as other band instruments added to Club Penguin's instrument selection.


I love going to Club Penguin with my friends! When they're online I call them to go to my igloo, I play games with them, I tell them stories to them, I tell them jokes... And when someones messing around with me or my friends, I tell them to leave us alone, I don't report them, 'cause that's not nice. Well, but sometimes we have to report someone. I haven't reported anyone yet. I think I'll never report any penguin. Unless they hack me, steal thing from me, etc. Well, see you around! Waddle on!


Hey CP team! I though I spend all my time to play with my friend in real life or online. The best online friendly place is here! Club Penguin! Meet new friend and add friend. If there any people bully me I just left. I do that too in real life. If my friend go, just find another one. If one of my friend bully me, I just leave and find new one. I also inspired of your quote, waddle around and meet new friend! That's why make friend is awesome!


I would do anything for my bffs! From battling evil polar bears to wel almost anything! When I'm not play games with my family or sleeping and eating, I'm always with my bffs. But at any rate, one time a BFF was being bullied. So I said to the bully " why don't you pick someone on your own side?" Then she mumbled a few words then left. And my BFF run up and hug me. And she wouldnet let go of me for the rest of the day!


Me and my pal, XxZeroxX were friends in real life and I told him about Club Penguin, we would play all the card-jitsu games and earn each belt together, and we hung out with each other into the very end. But he was being bullied because he wasn't a member, so I bought him a membership for his birthday, and he forgave the bullies and we befriended them and played Card-Jitsu Fire and Water together.


me and Ty (Ty is my girl BFF) at the fifth grade graduation we were voted best BFFs we announced Ty was going to a sports middle school on the other side of the country And I was going to go to a technology middle school everyone cried because we won't see each other every day so I told them we still can see each other every summer and we can video chat and we can text each other and we can call each other my mom also got me a flight to see her during spring break

Cool Ice Gal:

A time that I went above and beyond for a friend was on the day we met we called "Friendship Day", and I wanted to tell her how she made me feel everyday with her warm smile and her cheerful attidude, but I couldn't put it in words. Since I was a great singer, I wrote a song about it, but I get stage fright really easy. But I went beyond and she loved it. We had the best friendship day ever, and after that she helped me with my stage fright. The End. :3


I have gone above and beyond for everyone. One day at school, 3 of my friends were being bullied by some older kids. I stood up for them and the older kids stopped. Another time I went above and beyond was on my 8th birthday. Instead of asking my friends to buy ME presents, i asked them to bring 2 pairs of shoes. I ended up with 350 pairs of shoes! I donated them all to to kids who aren't as fortunate as me . Those are times when I went above and beyond for people.

Fun Feathers:

That's beautiful! What an amazing gesture. You sound like an extremely kind and caring person.

Keep shining - you are a star!!


How are you

My Js Man:

This month, I have noticed something totally radical: penguins are never partypoopers! With all the Teen Beach movie excitement, and the Star Wars takeover action, everyone has been super friendly, extremely delighted, and there's no one being left out, anywhere! And puffles are becoming seen so often, I haven't seen one dude or dudette NOT having the time of their lives with their puffles. Everything is going great, and everyone is rocking the summertime! Waddle on, Club Penguin! ;)


One time my friend broke her arm once, and she couldn't do anything. So, I volunteered to help her do things like write, reach for things etc. etc. She was really thankful and I felt good to help someone in need.


Well, I can't think of a really good time, but this popped into my head. One of my friends had just gotten the iPod Touch. I was on the verge of getting one too. (I never did.) Anyways, my other friend really wanted one. I offered to buy her one and so did my friend. We would split the cost and each pay for half. We ended up not doing it since my friend's mom might of not been ready at the time to give her one. I would of still paid for half of that iPod Touch if she could've gotten it!


Another time when I went above and beyond for a friend (s) was when I gave them money to buy ice cream at school.

6671 Penguin:

Well for me I love meeting new friends on club penguin because they could even be your best friend some day and for the website it's Waddle on and meet new friends. I love that about club penguin. I love to meet new friends because its fun to play with buddy's and chill out and have fun!


I love helping over Penguins conquer their fears. When my Penguin friend was afraid of heights, I said to them, "It will be alright! nothing to be afraid of. I'll be right here ready to catch you if you fall off of the sled." It was during the time when we went up on the high mountain to slide down it. I watched them the whole way through. And that's the time I helped my Penguin friend conquer their fear.


A time that I went above and beyond from a friend it was Christmas. My friend's parents went away for Christmas without him. So I decided to invite him over for Christmas. He was very happy. I was very glad to help him.


One time, my friend and I were hanging out at the park playing. My friend fell off the monkey bars and broke her arm! No one was around to help her, so I called the ambulance (even though I was scared to) and they took her to the hospital to get her arm put in a cast. Everyone was really proud of me, but all I cared about was that my best friend was okay! I'm glad I got over my fears to save a needy friend!

Stinky 39675:

Once my friend Nicole (We call her Coley) broke her finger and had trouble with writing. I had this reading quiz and I'm not really good at reading and she got a B+ but she said it was ok. I got As on all of the subjects.


once in the staidom someone was sitting on a rail then she fell once i saw her i ran out of the course and said...... are you okay? she said..... i guess then i said can i do anything she said nothing.....she tried to get up she fell right back then i helped her up she said thanks i said no problem (this is on club penguin) i will do anything to spread goodness to the world today i will raise money for a playground and camp for the little ones :) then i will pick up garbage and reuse stuff!!!!


A few years ago a new kid came to our school in the middle of December. He was really shy and got teased a lot. One day someone walked up to him and tried to pick a fight. The teacher was out of the classroom at the time, and I got so upset with everyone bullying him that I walked over to the group off kids and told them to back off. Being shy myself, that took a lot of courage. The kids ended up leaving, and I had just made a new friend! We stuck together ever since. :)


Once my friend, Krisdani13 came over to my house. She went on my IPad and she was surprised because of the Minecraft full version!

Just saying waddle on!


Club Penguin can you add more puffles stamps thay are so fun! so can you.


I like summer and I like surfing . Summer can be great for this time


Once one of my friends was being picked on by my best friend. I didn't know what to do since they were both my friends and I didn't want to hurt either of them. But I knew that being a bully was wrong so I helped the group of girls that were being bullied because that's what friends do! :D


Hi! I just wanted to say that the only time non members got to actually do things was a really long time ago, can u guys change that please because I wanna meet Brady and Mac,and buy a surfboard. I have about 50,000 coin that I can't do that much with, only if I'm lucky. So could you guys change that please?


i like spending time with popular penguins. for a example cadence and daffodaily5


I like that its has fun stuff and games!.My Fav game in cp is card jitsu snow!
Penguin name:Rafay66


Omg that's so cool! U might not believe it but edance215 is my buddy on cp! I will congratulate her next time I see her on cp!


One time my friend was really really sad because she had no one to play with and so I ran over to her and said do you want to play with me and the others and she said yes and I smiled at her and she smiled back and we played hide and seek together.


Hey CP!
I couldn't be happier with my BFF Kitty5104! We go to the same school and we play A LOT!! At first she didn't have a club penguin account and so I told her about CP. she made her account (kitty5104) and we audimaticly added each other to our buddy list! We had so much fun! She when in my pool on CP (and real life) and we have our own igloo! Thank you for being me friend Kitty5104!!
Waddle On CP!!!!


Great Ideas Edance215! I believe that the Catalogue should be Updated with a Few old Items too. CP has been great! Other Penguins are asking for Old and new Parties to return. Maybe a Time Travel Party could take place next Year? We would be able to Visit a few Parties from the Past and catch up on old Times! I Think that would be a Great Idea! Waddle on Forever Club Penguin!


Hey cp I think u should make some back to school clothes and a party for it. I would love if u did that!


my bff and I share a strong 6 year built bond which shattered my heart when she said this short sentence

"i'm moving away" :''''(

on her last day I got her a teddy and a card with the best times we had wrote down in it.

the moral of this true story is cherish the time you have with friends because you never know what will happen


One time I was with my friend Princess1 01 and then someone was being mean to her. I got tired of it and she was getting upset so I told that person to leave her alone and not to say anything i it was not nice! They became good friends with princess after and then princess was so happy I still help her out!


So,etimes I see penguins bullying other penguins so I go right up to them and say leave him or her alone and then they automaticly run away and then I go to the penguin they were bullying and we become freedoms instantly

Vanilla out!


When I went above and beyond for a friend is when it was the week of July 4th and everybody had plans except for my friend, Amelia. I was going to the beach with my family. I decided to let her come with us and we had a great time together!!


One time I found a very special friend called Isabelle she was so nice we always sit at lunch


I have went over and beyond for a friend, my best friend. This year for me and my best friends anniversary, I was at her birthday party and me and her cousin sung her a song. She really loved it. She gave me the best present of all, an awesome best friend, herself!
Thanks for letting me remember one of the best memory of my life,


On may 9 my friends dog passed away, she was so sad! So before I told her to come over...
I bought Her a stuffed puppy and a happy card then I invited her over she was still sad sothen is muck into the closet then yelled for her
Then I said close your eyes then :D I GAVE IT TO HER! She stopped being sad and after that I asked her parents if I could get her a dog the same breed. :D YAY! Waddle on cp. oh p.s. I hope the new party is gonna be good!


One time at school, someone did something mean to my friend, so I tried to comfort her so she could stop being sad and I told the teacher what happened. When you see someone getting hurt, get help! Waddle on!


I do with my friends is that I play with them by hula hooping with them (my friends are so cool at it) during lunch I give my friends oranges they are delicious and I gave them only one one for each of them and they always want some after lunch we still huge hoop,every time I see one of them sad I always go there to help them Friendship is Magic XD



I agree with this penguin! It has been a great month! I also think there should be some " upgrades " to some of the things cp...
~ Ringo2478


It all started on a day in third grade I saw that my friend was getting left out from playing any games so I walked over to her and asked her if she wanted to play a game with me and a group of girls. After that day we have been best friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anamaria1287 penguin name:

I guess it was in senior infants when I met my friend Nikola and it is a K not a C loads of people get that mixed up and she gets annoyed. Anyway we had to do write a book and I checked her book for mistakes and told her. When we were told who the winner was it was, yep NIKOLA! She got a set that you can actually bake cakes because I helped her and I fell good about it every day WADDLE ON!


One time, this person in my class was new and kept getting name called and everyone was being mean. I started to chat nicely, we then became best friends. Hardly anyone bullies that person anymore.


one time I me and my friends went in tree costumes and went all over the island and said stay green! lots of more penguins joind so there were about 20 penguins waddling around and saying stay green! WOW! waddle on! :)


I helped a friend, she was new to club penguin, and I said "hey! Lets FaceTime" I helped her and showed her every area to look at. And we went inside every place, and I told her about them, and showed her the secrets in the clothes catalog and stage catalog. Showed her all the pets she could get. (P.s. plz bring more pets back like turtles and fish please! ) and even showed her how to get a rainbow puffle, I even gave her lots of coin codes! My name is h2orikki1 see u later!

Waddlingguy :

Wow! Awesome!!! Friendship day sounds like a good time to help other penguins get new stamps... Maybe for one day only, you could update every room for things like surfing... And remembering old partys like(I mean it!) monsters university and card jitsu snow arrival...! You could add up the limit of puffles we can have???? :-)


Hi CP!


I once was in yard at school and this girl came over to me and started asking if i liked my best friend! I was like yes and she goes 'oh i dont really, shes a bit weird' and then it turned out my best friend was behind us! She started crying and ran off! :(
Then the girl was like 'oh leave her shes such a crybaby' I told her to go away and a rude word (which she told on me and i got into trouble for) Then I ran to my friend and sat by her until she felt better :)


Once my friend got bullied by a mean kid in my school and she felt very sad. I told that guy to stop and i said that everyone has feelings.After the bully left i comforted her and she felt happy again,I always care for a friend of mine! and also in Club Penguin My friend and some penguin got into a fight and i stopped the fight and asked them what it was about, it was about who is better. they made me choose but well it was hard. so i said both were great so they became friends. WADDLE ON!


my friend I mean my best friend, only seen me this summer once and we are so mad so I took her to a water park but we want to see each other more so I am going to take her to little America the amusement park! don't tell! I am just glad I know she's in MY CLASS ! YAY :)


I like hanging out with my friends.


I have this friend I've known since I was little. We've Been Best Friends For Life! But then.. Something happened. She told me She had to move. Those words.. They echoed in my ears. But I knew I wasn't the only one upset. I knew it hurt more to her than me. So I didn't Cry and sob. I just looked at her and said.. "Everything will be alright. Atleast we will still have Each other." And after she went,I planned on what to do. Later in the summer, I Hosted a party for her! That's My Story Of my BFF


Friendship is a lot of things to me.Friendship is: kind,like,fun,funny and nice


Well my bff Aquableu2 really needed some coins so I told her that your puffle could dig them up. She wanted some help. Even though I didn't know how to help I said yes anyways. We waddled around trying to dig up coins. After a while my bff had enough coins for herself and thanked me very much. It felt good to help a friend. :)


This is a time outside of cp. Me and my friend were playing outside. then what happened was that my friend had to sell her rare necklace with a bunch of rare gems on it to buy her dad a really nice birthday present. I knew my friend was a LONG time, since we were toddlers. So I gave her all of my money in savings JUST for her!


Since It's Summer, Me and my friends go surf the waves! We Also go and get a fresh fish pizza! We also Travel everywhere in cp! From The Town to the cove, We have a blast! If I would be with my friends, I surely would agree!


I help by helping other's overcome fillings. I've even met penguins who are sad of no friends. But I leared from those days on- it's right to help someone even if you don't know them! Also, if I win give to another who needs it. It's right to do that. :)

toodles 3:

may the force be with you looks like :)


. My friend got bullied once and i went above and beond to help her. I told the person that was being mean to back off, and git a grip. and asked her why she was so mean? When i stood up for my friend it felt good to help my friend. And since that day that girl hasn't even called someone stupid. But i felt bad for the bully. nobody liked the girl that was a bully. So one day i sat down next to her and talked to her. since that day we have been best friends for like ever. And p.s. she is so nice!


i have an best friend... she is everything to me. since she was born first we are together from my first week. i love her and she loves me... without her its not the same world. she is there always when i need her... i would do anything for her and i know she would for me too... she is more adventurous and im more fashion, she is more singer and im a dancer.. were diffrerent but we are just the perfect kind of friendship. i love you billie <3 world without you is nothing. <3


once my friend was being bullied very badly she cried after school , so i stood up instead of being a "bystander" i told my teacher about this, she told the principal,and the bully had to go to the principal,my friend is now happy, because shes not being bullied.


Please put jade34107 as penguin of the week cus me and her are always helping my little brother billybatman4 on the actual site cus he's only five but he non stop plays on this game he loves it It hope one of us win it! WADDLE ON !!! KEEP PROTECTING CP


I just wanted to say I am so proud of all these wonderful things you guys did to help out others. You guys showed me how important friends are and can be in life. It's beautiful

~ Tvwatcher6 ( I don't watch a lot of Tv Because of my name! )


Once my friend fell down this huge hill and her legs got damaged cause this other boy landed over her and she had to be in a wheel chair for a while and everyday I took her to school helped her get up the stairs and also I got cushions from the library area everyday so her leg could rest on there and I pushed her round school all day for a long time but the reason I did it was because she is my best friend and I'm sure she would do the same for me
Waddle on cp


One time my friend Riley was getting into the car and slammed the door on her finger.she had to get a splint and could bearly move her finger. So I told the dance teacher she wasen't coming, when I was at their house I helped her set the table and helped her write her homework.when she finally got the splint of she was pain free.she thanked me and I felt super good.waddle on!


digging with puffle


If penguins have 100 friends can we be a member! PLEASE!

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