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By Polo Field on August 19, 2013 - 10:32

Hey Penguins!

Here are some possible ideas the team has for upcoming episodes of #WaddleOn... What do you think would happen in these scenes?

-Club Penguin Team



Maybe the cow would go on fire?


do herbert and herbert i think


I think you can animate the Herbert cardbrod standup and he'll say 'are u my cousin' and the penguin will say 'No' and that will be repeated over and over again. BTW: its just a saustion. Hope yall like my idea!
THX- pinkdance49

Royal Sketch:

1.X-Ray At The Hospital
2.Cow Jumps In The Burning Hoop
3.Penguin Herbert Will Say Looking Good Today


I think the cow will say, " Aren't I supposed to jump the moon not a flaming hoop?"


The third box would be herbert and cardboard herbert arguing on who is the real herbert.


Herbert becomes real.


1. skeleton one : I think painter bird would say " good looking BONES you got there " 2. cow one : ( this is a joke of a ryme ) hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped through the hoop, the little dog laughed to see sutch sport and the dish ran away with the spoon. 3. bear one : painter bird is Herbert and he thinks the card board is his refletion . ha ! #waddle on cp!


That Cow will be on FIREEEE...

Lenny Thai:

looks like someone having well, fun! :P


i can't wait!!!!XD


I think what u guys have been doing is just so CREATIVE!! Waddle On!


i can't wait!!!!XD


This Is A Great Idea

Waddle on


Hmmm, maybe for the last one Painterbird won't think Herbert looks so scary, because he's wearing a Herbert Costume?


I can't think of a guess for the first and third sneak peaks, but for the second, I think once the cow jumps over the flaming ring he will scream very loudly and comically while he the flames slightly singe him.
I'm hoping the next #WaddleOn episode will be more hilarious than the last few episodes! :D
- Cw700



Green N Cool:

Scene 1) The x-ray shows random items the penguin has inside his body.
Scene 2) This May sound harsh but for the second one, The cow jumps through the flames and get's turned into a steak ;3
Scene 3) The penguin get's scared by the cut-out of Herbert etc....



They Look Like Great Idea's I'm Making My Own Fan Made Waddle On!!!!


A cow jumped over the fire.

The end.


1st Picture= Getting zapped when you go in it! That would be awesome!
2nd Picture= Cow jumping over the fire then he catches fire and goes over the moon with fire on his tail!
3rd Picture= The cardboard herbert comes alive and scares the real herbert! That would be awesome!


the last one was going to be my idea.... but they are still awesome


I think cow is going to be on fire


first picture: Painterbird says to x-ray, "Hey, you come here often?" second picture: painterbird says, "I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it!" 'seven hours later.' It's night time and painterbird says, "I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it! Third picture: Painterbird laughs evilly and then the board does, painterbird does again and the board laughs again and so on,


scene 1: That X-ray made me lose my body!

scene 2: Well please that i dont turn into steak while jumping in that hole MOO!

scene 3: Wow! Im so... different on this panel Sweet bear...


Lol idk!Plz do my idea!Btw its on the last Waddle on#!


Waddle on penguin foreva!!!!

Pink Bunny10:

Okay so in the third one, the Herbert card board cut-out would say " I'm the real Herbert! " and then the penguin dressed like Herbert would say " No! I'm the real Herbert. " and that goes on for little bit and then the REAL Herbert comes and says " NO! I'm the real Herbert " and roar at them and the penguin dressed like Herbert runs away and well the cardboard cut-out will be like " what's wrong with him? " XD
waddle on Club Penguin!


I agree with you!
#Waddle on!


The penguin steps into the x ray, then he finds out he is wearing an xray suit. The cow cant decide if he is going to jump or not, but when he admitted he's scared, he does't jump. The penguin in the herbert costume sees a wooden version of herbert, thinking he is not the real herbert while the penguin thinks he is the real herbert.


can i be in in the next waddle on please my penguin name is devin1160


Scene 1 ''Why am I even doing this?'' Scene 2 The opposite of a cow jumping over the moon Scene 3 RAWR! RAWR! RAWR!!!


yay waddle




i think you are all cool club penguin support

tufty x1180:

No idea!


Cow costume penguin: Cow: I HOPEFULLY WONT TURN INTO STEAK Ringmaster: umm u have been practicing a lot so of course not...
Cow: -jumps through- HEY LOOK I DID IT!!! WOO HOO! Ringmaster: -facepalm-
lol not that funny but thats all i thought of XD

Chilla Gilla:

first suggestion i agree with


First I want to say FIRST! Now, I think the middle one will be someone saying now this cow will make it to the other side and then the cow walks around the ring of fire and says tada! I'm still thinking about the other two so I will post another comment! P.s. to all the penguins that want to know when the update for the app is, rumor has it that it will come out on the 21st or 22nd!


This seems interesting...


I KNOW! herbert would look at the thing that looks like him and he would say: "Thats one good looking bear."

Tymek sk:

I agree with that!


LOL! That is a great idea!


For the X-ray there should be something like "Are those really what my bones look like?"or" Automatic bone cloning machine works every time!" For the cow about to jump through the hoop there should be something like " I better not burn my self and turn into a hamburger, AGAIN!"or" I never agreed to having the hoop on fire, I better be payed extra hay for this!" And finally for the herbert looking at herbert there should be something like " Dude, I'm not that close you can stop looking all mean!!

Thender No 1:

I think first one will be on the back of X-ray macine and the second one will go through the fire ring and at third one he will roar at herbert's board or ran away.And I gave the first comment.


Well I have an idea for the last one. So it is either that I'm the real Herbert argument, or that I am Herbert's biggest fan. really I'm not that creative when it comes to comedy even though I am really funny.

s bob rocks:



Painterbird (Herbert): We look so fluffy together, don't we? However, I'm way more fluffier than you..

Enter nickname:



Dunno but I would call them
Cow fire something


I like the ex ray


Well, the X-Ray one would be about a penguin who is a skeleton in a x-ray machine, so you wouldn't see the penguin,; the cow and the ring of fire is one about a cow who tries to be like an acrobat, and the one of Herbert and Herbert would be about two Herberts talking and both of them trying to figure out who is real and who isn't. All of these look VERY funny! #waddleon!


2nd picture the cow is going to jump over the flame hoop

Tymek sk:

"Jason98145: 2nd picture the cow is going to jump over the flame hoop"- That's right ;)

Live love 1D:

The polar bear one


These are so awesome! :) :)

Live love 1d:

I think in the x ray thing he is going to say I'm in a x ray suit and the next scene think he will jump into the fire circle and burn him self also that last scene is I think he s going to Say I'm so scare of the polar bear

Puffle Pal26:

In the last one, the penguin in the costume can be like "You're not so big. You're not so scary. I can scare you to pieces!" Then the penguin roars, the Herbert cardboard cutout falls down, and the penguin smiles.


Hmm... First picture is a penguin saying " Whoa, is that really me?" Second picture, " Let's do this thing. Wait, am I going to become a hamburger at McDonald's for this?" Third picture, " Look at me, what a handsome guy I am... Ah!!!!!! Oh wait, that is just a picture. Silly me!"


Is it a circus because the second picture looks like the cow is going to jump over the flame hoop.


The statue can fall on the bear and the bear can say, I really need to lose some weight!



Mary Sue1:

In the first one with the X-ray and the guy with the skeleton suit, he could say, "I don't think I need an X-ray to see my bones." In the second one, an announcer could say, " And now we have this cow that's gonna jump through this hoop!" Then the cow says, " I don't get payed enough to do this." In the third one, Herbert (the bear) says, "Is this really what I look like?" Then the cutout says, "No. You're WAY fatter." Then Herbert (the bear) does the straight face emote. Waddle on!
-Mary Sue1


Maybe Herbert would say to the cardboard version of himself, "Wow! I look good on cardboard!


cow on fire


The cow is gonna take fire




He will be on fire the cow
And then is will be funny


X-Ray - "I look pretty good as a skeleton"
Cow - "NO ONE EVER SAID A COW CAN JUMP OVER THIS!!!!" *cow burns up*\
Herbert - "I. AM. YOU.... Only better!"


Oh! Herbert will think the other herbert is a mirror or his twin or something haha


2. Hey diddle diddle, a penguin with a fiddle, the cow jumped through the hoop! The white puffle laughed to see such fun and my orange puffle ate a spoon!
3. *HERBERT WALKS OUT FROM BEHIND HERBERT CUTOUT* penguin: EEEP! Well they did say it WAS realistic.


the cow might get on fire


In the cow scene, I think the cow should try to jump through the Ring-O-Fire, but he couldn't make it over then he starts panicing.
In the Herbert scene, I think Herbert is going to clone himself.
I'm not sure what is going to happen in the X-Ray scene.


Suggestions for what is said
1) And this is a photo of my great aunt!
2) Im steak...
3) Dad? Is that you?

Rose color :

Love the ideas


Maybe a penguin is in a Herbert costume looking at a cardboard Herbert then the cardboard Herbert talks to the penguin.
Please pick,

Kiely 1:

Well, Sorry to say but I have no ideas for the next #Waddle On episode. It's really a nice series so far. And I check the Blog everyday.

Have fun on CP everyone!

Waddle On!


that looks interesting...


First one: I'm beautiful inside and outside. ;)
The cow will go through and the other cows will cheer. Then they'll ask him to do another. He'll be tired and they'll say,"That's MOO bad!"
Third: They never get my nose right! Lol XDA


Hey guys! I'll think for the third one, Herbert will talk to himself, ( The board ) For the middle space, I'd think that The cow would get burned!
I know a lot of you thought that! And for the first, I'd think the penguin ( Painterbird ) Would be confused because he's wearing what his
Ex-ray was. Thats my ideas! Great job by the way Club penguin support team! Love all the videos! Thank you so very much!
Waddle Support team and players!

Signed, Tvwatcher6


Ok so the second one should be: THE COW JUMPING ABILITY!( scientist1) *Scientists Have tried to discover how a cow could jump over the moon*.(scientist2) So we have brought a cow to test its jumping ability*. (scientist3 talking to cow)*Ok cow just get to the other side by jumping through the hoop. (cow)*Hmmm just get to the other side*?( cow walks around hoop to other side) (all scientist) :O TEST COMPLETE!!! LATER... ( scientist loads cow in cannon) ( cow) I should have failed the test!!!


Herebrt One!!


Wow, random scenes here! Maybe the first one could be that the penguin is behind the screen, and someone says to come out, and he looks like that? The second one, well... "The Cow jumped through the hoop", and I've got nothing for the third one. LOL


I think the penguin Herbert was get mad at the decoration Herbert for copying.


That cow could be cooked


I have NO IDEA! (The Herbert one looks REALLY funny)!

time to waddle ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon


I KNOW THEM ALL ITS.. 1st one is the penguin is gonna go in the X-ray 2nd one the cow is gonna jump over the flaming hoop 3rd one the penguin thinks he Herbert! BAM! ;) WADDLE ON! KEEP IT COMING ;)


first pic: penguin comes out from behind x-ray and says * woah! did I really need the x-ray then a doctor comes in and yells NURSE! WHEN DID WE GET TWO X RAYS?
2nd pic: cow jumps through and becomes a hamburger and says Maybe i should try hurdle jumping
3 rd pic: herbert walks by and sees cardboard herbert and says does this cutout make me look silly?




For the third one I would like Painterbird to walk around saying, "I am Herbert P. Bear!" Then he suddenly does the surprised emote and then evil music goes on and then you see the REAL Herbert with a crab army. The REAL Herbert does the mad emote and then shouts "Attack!" Then you hear a gulp and then an, "Auugh!"
Waddle on!


Herbert vs herbert


I think that the cow would gulp and then turn into a hamburger. Then Herbert would scream and run away from theist er then think "wait a minute". Then I think the x-ray would faint.

Waddle on CP team!!!!!



For the one with the X-ray, I think the guy will walk along and see it and say, "Hey, It's my LONG LOST BROTHER! How's it been goin', friend? (Crickets chirp) Fascinating. " The one with the cow: A ringmaster will walk up and say "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and GIRLS! I am proud to show you... the Jumping Cow! (Cow jumps through hoop) "Let's give him a round of applause!" (Cow runs off on fire.) The herbert one: The herberts try to plot something, and end up copying each other's words.


Well if the penguin is already a skeleton... his X-Ray would show up as a full body? XD

The cow would stand still for a while then a penguin would see him and say "Well he's cowed!" Then a *Badum ch!*

The little Herbert could walk up to the big Herbert and say "You don't scare me!" Then an evil laugh (Mwahahaha) while little Herbert grows bigger :P



I think they're all cool.
I would not mind any for the video because they all look like some thing enjoyable to watch.
Thanks for listening to our suggestions for the video.

Until then waddle on.


For the first one he says"Hi" (Silence) "hmmm I guess you don't talk much."
For the second he says "I wasn't told about this." (Does :\ face)

Melvin 505:

3rd pic: Mama?
1st pic: Skeleton thinks it's a mirror, and tells everypenguin that it is one!
2nd pic: This was meant for the wolves...


i think the right hand side should go like this: real herbert:'so this is what people think of me.' herbets pop-up:'don't look at me" and i cant think of anything else but you could exstand it, cp


For the first one he says"Hi" (Silence) "hmmm I guess you don't talk much."
For the second he says "I wasn't told about this." (Does :\ face)
For the third he says "Am I really this fat?"

lolli chill:

I think in scene 1 the skeleton will try to talk to the X-Ray, but it won't respond. lol. And I think that in scene 2, the cow will go on fire or jump through the ring of fire and say "the cow jumped over the moon!" In scene 3, I think herbert will scream and say "AN IMPOSTER!! AAH!!"
~Lolli Chill #WaddleOn


The cow will catch on fire and will go screaming Around for 5 Hours.

Cyclones 20:

Herbert meets Herbert Akward...


For the first one I'm confused but the second onw there could be this penguin who says "And now this cow will get to the other side of this ring of FIRE"! Then the cow could walk around it and say " TADA " With a moo in the background. for the third one the penguin dressesd as Herbert could walk up to the cardbaord Herbert and say "Do I really look that fat?!?"

Flame 52:

Why does all the penguin have the same name?


There can be a guy on Halloween dressed like a pizza then another penguin knocks at the door and the pizza penguin opens the door then the other penguin says trick or treat and every body in the house comes out dressed like pizza and the penguin at the door says anybody there then he looks down and says haunted pizza! Then he takes the candy on the ground in a bucket then says I am hungry then he eats the pizza penguins


Poor cow, by the way cows say moo! XD

Pinksy w :

i think the last one would be the mini Herbert saying 'IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN <3' The middle one would be the cow saying ' hamburger here I come!' then he turns into pizza. The first one would be ' this picture looks nothing like me!' ok that's all I got

Pinksy w :

i think the last one would be the mini Herbert saying 'IM YOUR BIGGEST FAN <3' The middle one would be the cow saying ' hamburger here I come!' then he turns into pizza. The first one would be ' this picture looks nothing like me!' ok that's all I got

Mixi 28:

It looks good. Looking forward to the next episode:)

Plop 2008:

The cow coming to jump into the FIRE!! I prefer that :)


I pick the x ray thing it looks cool :3


The first penguin is not wearing any thing and is about to get an x-ray and he walks in walks out and has that mark on him. The second penguin is at a circus and is about to jump through the hoop he does it and when hes out he is burnt. The last penguin is wearing a coat and he sees herbert so he goes to talk to him and herbert says im a polar bear ur not WA HA HA! and then the penguin says well im not a penguin im a polar bear too so he takes off his coat and is now a polar bear. Bye!


wow this looks interesting....

Cr Beak:

I think the third one is gonna be a mini polar bear who's longing to meet their uncle Herbert P. Bear.


Hahaha all of these look hilarious! Please keep these funny episodes of #WaddleOn coming!

Ps. My favorite scene from all the #WaddleOn episodes was the the pookie trap part I was laughing so hard!


I love #WaddleOn, its funny because its so random, just like CP always used to be!


ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Igloo decorating with Herbert. Stunt Cow. And Halloween custom making machine and whatever thing is on the screen just walk into it and it will be your costume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Igloo decorating with Herbert. Stunt Cow. And Halloween custom making machine and whatever thing is on the screen just walk into it and it will be your costume!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The cow catches on fire and then sets all of club penguin on fire and it shows the whole island with fire on it lol!


Wait since all the pictures have the same penguin on it maybe its about a penguin trying to find his/her talent and they fail at doing them or that job is already tooken


There's some great ideas here! I was wondering if some of the fans could make suggestions? That would be SO COOL! I really like the episodes you guys have put together! Until then- WADDLE ON!


OMG, I HAVE PERFECT IDEAS!! Okay Number One. Penguin:Wow! Bones Inside Bones! What A Amazing Discovery! Penguin Doc. : Um..
Dude, Its a Costume. Thats Number One! Funny Huh? Number Two: Cow Penguin: AND THE COW JUMPS THROUGH THE FIREY MOON!
Cow Penguin: SCREAMS! Penguin: Cool A Firey Cow. Cow Penguin: SAVE ME!!! Penguin: OKAY! Dumps Water On. ( fish lands on cows head) Cow Penguin: SCREAMS!!! Uh oh running out of words! all post another coment!


Hey! X ray man! // The cow can´t Jump! Cow in fire! Firefighters! Water! // A bad copy of herbert... Thanks guys!

Paint 17:

The Cow , Would Catch On Fire. And Herbert ... I Really Dont Know!! xD


What i think will happen to the cow is it will get on fire and blast up to the moon :D
And the one with the herberts the mini herbert might say why do you look like me
Also the one with the penguin skeleton might go behind the x-ray and come out with a skeleton body :D


#1: (Left penguin) What's been going on? (X-ray penguin) Dieting.
#2: (ringmaster) And now...The COW!! (Cow) I THOUGHT THAT FLIER WAS A JOKE!!!!
#3: (herbpenguin) Hey handsome. Wanna destroy Club Penguin? (or) (herbpenguin) Agent Herbie reporting in, he still hasn't moved... (other penguin waddles in) You realize that's a statue? (Herbpenguin) Psh, yeah... (leaves) (other penguin turns into crab or Klutzy costume) Hey boss, He's gone, now let's get you outta here...
Waddle on!


1.skeleton is in a waiting room and a nurse says,"time for your X-ray!" he goes,sees the machine and says "Really?"2.cow jumps through hoop and tail catches on fire and screams like crazy and then he finds out he's in a fish tank!3.herbert see cutout and says "lookin' good.if only there were more me"and stares at his cutout then there's a ton of herberts surrounding him that are actually EPF agents that arrest herbert


I think the second one might be the cow jumping through the hoop and coming out a piece of steak!


i would say the herbert one or the x ray


I vote the one with the two polar bears!

Some Air:

The one in the middle: The cow is forced to jump through the hoop and says "I'm not doing this!"
The Herbert one: Herbert looks at the cardboard Herbert and says: Am i really that fat?
The x-ray one: idk


I only thought of one for the third picture. Okay here it is:
(Painterbird Herbert) So, hows life? (cardboard Herbert) Says nothing. (Painterbird) Uh did you hear me? (cardboard Herbert) Says nothing again. (Painterbird) Answer me!! And then another fake Herbert jumps out from behind the cardboard cut-out. Painterbird gets scared and runs away. then the other fake Herbert says, "That was fun!" Waddle On!!!


The one with 2 herberts, say, "Your a handsome looking fella! Wanna help me destroy club penguin? No? Suit yourself!"

The Shy Guy:

Number 3: Herbert Says 'Hello Handsome!' Then A Penguin In A Klutzy Suit Walks In, Awkward Silence! :D

May Heyy:

heres what i think
. the doctor will say ( please exit the X ray ) the guy steps out and he has bones on him
. the circus guy says ( now this horse will jump over through a hoop! ) then the cow jumps through the hoop then the circus guy says ( your not a horse! ) then the cow says neigh!!!
. then the penguin herbert will say ( AAAAAH! your looking good! )


Here u go!
1:the penguin will get freaked out by his bones
2:the cow will make it threw and then the ring will tip over
3:the costume Herbert will say hey good looking!!!
Hope I helped!!!


I have an idea for a clip! Here it is:
There are a bunch of penguins making ice cream with that green apron and some one comes up and asks, "Hey, can I have some Ice Cream?" And then all of the Ice cream makers turn into those black octopus and say, "HOW ABOUT WE EAT YOU? ". Then the penguin says, "Nah. I'm good." Then, the octopus turn back into ice cream makers and say, "Okay then." XD


In the third picture, I think this would happen...

Painterbird: I can't wait to scare everyone with this Herbert costume!

*Sees Herbert cutout*

Painterbird: Aaaaaaaah!

*Runs away*

*Other penguin comes from behind the cutout*

Other Penguin: Heeheehee


for the Herbert one... now... we just need the real Herbert! XD


I love the herbert one! lol AWESOME!


I think the one with two Herbert's is going to really be a whole room full of Herbert's but in the picture it's. clos up so u can't tell like that episode with the tour guides and all the Herbert's say the same thing. By the way I love the squids that like earthlings and pie!


therye gonna say, i know that there is no one or nothing like me! then later, a furniture shows up, and then they all say oh. And the do sad face expression!


Herbert penguin says: they got my nose all wrong


1.The penguin goes: WOW! I take good selfies.
3.Okay,thats just offensive.
And that's what I think they should say. :P


The last one should say "whose that?" Lol


polar bear scene:

"Am I really that fat?"


I think the penguin will stand behind the Herbert stand so that once the igloo owner comes home she thinks why is her Herbert stand talking and runs away.

-Torres 126


2.)the penguin in a cow costume says he can jump over the moon and he can jump through a burning hoop,he gets burnt and gets turned into a burger. This is my only suggestion. WADDLE ON CP!


The skeleton penguin keeps going into the x-ray then tries to look at himself, so he runs out but he can't see himself! So he keeps doing it until he sees what his bones look like in the x-ray!

The cow puts of the ring of fire with a glass of milk then jumps through!

The herbert penguin tries to scare the cardboard herbert, but the cardboard herbert scares him and he runs away!


1-The skull bones seen attempts
2-The cow goes through the hoop on fire and evil Whool Sheep eats it
3-The Carton Herbert tells the little I AM YOUR FATHER! And little babys becomes three girls and says AAAHH Carton Herbert! IT'S A TRAP!

Waddle On! -Fercarpas


For the middle one, I would say that the ring of fire the cow is about to jump through is put out by firefighters.


i can only think of the last one the penguin looks at the cut out and it falls down and Herbert roars


1 is probably like the skeleton guy says : "We're twins!"! The second one is where the cow "jumps", but goes across and the third, the little herbert says; "are you my cousin?"
Waddle on!


Lemme' guess:

Scene 1: SkeletonPenguin goes for an x-ray?
Scene 2: Cow jumping over Ring of Fire, gets burned?
Scene 3: Herbert meets penguin in Herbert costume, one gets scared? Or they mimic each other?


First: Penguin: I broke the X-ray, And now I can find my sandwich!
Second: Cow: Imma jump! Penguins: Don't do it! (Cow jumps and makes it) Penguins: BOO!!! WE WERE WAITING FOR STEAK! WE'RE HUNGRY!!!!!!!!
Third: Herbert Penguin: Sup. Herbert Statue: YOU IMPOSTER!!!

Appu 2008:

In the first scene the penguin takes his x-ray and when he came out of the x-ray theater to see his x-ray he sees the x-ray has been printed on his body! In the second scene when the cow jump in the fire ring his tail starts to burn and runs here and there!! and in the third and the last scene, a penguin who is dressed as Herbert stands in front of Herbert's photo and says I am Herbert. Then suddenly Herbert's photo turned to real Herbert !!!!!!!!!!! #Waddle on


I Think The X-Ray Will Be About The Skeleton Stepping In It And It Will Show A Penguin


Maybe the 2 Herbert's are fighting like: I'm Herbert! NO! IM HERBERT!!!!!!! Lol like that


I think for the last one either two two polar bears, Herburt could walk up to the cut out and say "Oh now come on, I am not that scary!" "Anyway time to ban fun from clubpenguin, MWUHAHAHA!

nes playa:

Herbert and the Penguin get into a fight over whos the REAL Herbert!

Waddle On!


1.Penguin on X-Ray poofs out and says ",Wow. I need to eat more!"
2.The Cow jumps through the hoop and catches on fire. "Not again!" says the cow. You should make a fire costume!
3.(Herbert) "This picture looks NOTHING like me! Excuse me, this is all wrong!!!"


i vote the one with the xray

Dome C:

Hey Guys! The first scene I think that he will walk behind the X-Ray and nothing will show up. The second, Idk. The third: "That's a sad imitation of me..."

/Dome C\


I think the cow will try and go through the hoop and get burned and turn into beef.


1. The penguin is playing doctor, and thinks that he's actually sick.
2. The fire hoop keeps getting smaller and smaller, until the cow can't jump through the hoop anymore.
3. Herbert thinks that he has a twin brother how looks better than him, so he tries to look even more scarier, by adding all sorts of things.

sonic hedge4:

3 picture,Herbert Card Board: Im Awesome
3 picture,Herbert: No im awesome
2 picture,Herbert: i can dress like a cow and jump through a hoop thats on fire
1 picture,card board herbert: i have an X ray
3 picture, herbert, so
3 picture herbert card board: ok your awesome

Jilly Can101:

1 (X Ray). The penguin will be like "I have a mechanical twin!"
2 (Cow). The cow will be like "Do I HAVE to jump through? I'm highly flammable!"
3 (Two Herberts): The penguin Herbert would say "Who's that handsome fellow in front of me?"


1:My Twin!! 2:Announcer "the cow will jump though the hoop!" Cow "heh heh, no I won't!" *runs off* Announcer: GET THE COW *runs after with audience* 3.AHHHHHHHHHH HERBERT!!! Oh wait...I'm Herbert.


Maybe the cow jumping in fire and Herbert and Herbert jr.


First one:Uh oh,the doctor wont be happy that I went on a diffrent diet.Metal instead of cardboard!
Second one:IM SCARED MAN!Cow thinks Just go with it man!NO DUDE!just chillax already!Cow thinksPenguin walks past and says Whats wrong with that guy?
Third one:Wow your all lookin pretty good today!Im gonna go brush my fur.HERBETS SAY AT SAME TIME!

03valentine :

I don't know what there going to be but they look like there going to be hilarious . I love watching this show . It's just so funny. :v Waddle on cp


Number 1: The penguin is getting a x ray and when go comes out he turns into one
Number 2: The cow goes in my hoop and gets on fire
Number 3: Penguin Herbert try's to trick Herbert and Herbert tells penguin Herbert his plans!


cardboard herbert comes alive and he runs out of the screen with real herbert chasing him then the scene ends.


I told you my cousin is the cow that jumped over stuff!!!


Polar Bear Sled Racing.


I vote for DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!! The cow and the hoop of fire. I cant wait it will make me laugh!!! Waddle On!


Idk! They look funny though!


i think the first one the x-rays will be random things or you see him behind the x-ray then he walks out and hes like that the second one the cow will get ready to jump then walk around the flaming circule the third Herbert will see the fake one and then say you are one fine looking polar bear if i do say so myself and thats what i think will happen if i do say so myself


1. The skeleton will say COPYCAT! to the x-ray

2. The will become beef

3. the herbert penguin will say you cant scare me! but the billboard will imediatly scare him

Waddle on!


I think that in the third one Painterbird will say this to the poster:Your one good looking bear!I can't wait until that #WaddleOn episode!!!


Hi, Polo Field! I think the cow and the Herbert ones should be in the next #WaddleOn episode! For the cow, you could do the nursery rhyme, "Hey Diddle Diddle!" You could have a penguin reading and say, "The cow jumped through the fire!" For the Herbert, you could say for the penguin, "Hey dude! You look very handsome! Mwahahahaha!" Hope you like the ideas! #WaddleOn!


Maybe add Klutzy To the Herbert one or maybe even make the penguin and Herbert doing that same action for the Herbert sketch.
Maybe the cow gets caught on fire and he screams and runs past a bucket of water.
Maybe the X-ray sketch causes him to electrocute himself. Thanks Club Penguin. Hope you use one of these! Waddle on!

Wreck Ralph:

At the Herbert scene, Herbert will scare the penguin then he will turn to a polar bear and scare the Herbert statue and would disappear. Later the penguin will say, "Hey! I didn't mean to scare you come back here!" then the statue will appear then the penguin will run away. Then the statue will say,"I didn't mean to scare you to!"


Maybe in the Herbert one. Herbert would say. Man! I look fat in this! Also maybe after the cow jumps through the hoop it would catch fire and it says, this cow is on fire! Get it. From the song. This girl is on fire!


He i like the first one Iabot th scelongton like the last one as well but don't know what the last one is about I know it has a cow in it but do not know what the orange bit is . Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please pleasehelp other wise really good and alsove Ryan very very ver y very lol laugh out loud.


Okay. Anything to keep the waddle on show in production cause to be honest with you its my favorite collection of videos CP has ever done. Ok. Number 1...The penguin wearing the bone sweater says "I knew these x ray machines were fake! It thinks my bone sweater is my actual bones! Number 2...The cow jumps threw the ring o fire and turns into a hamburger and the hamburger says "Moo!" Number 3. The Herbert comes up to the cardboard Herbert and says "I don't look that fat!" Hope you like my ideas!


I'm not sure about the other two, but the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the cow picture was the cow jumping through the hoop, then running around screaming "MY BUTT IS ON FIRE!!" and then jump into a bucket of water or something.


Cool ideas! For the Herbert one, perhaps it could start with a penguin and another penguin in a Herbert costume. The penguin could say, "That is such a phony costume!" Then, Herbert would be replaced by the Herbert cutout. The other penguin would say, "GULP!!!"


Picture number one Painterbird should say "Back in my great great great great great grandparents day they didn't need X rays! If they couldn't move it it was broken!
Picture number two the cow should say "I can't believe lions do this i am a to much of a scarey cat!
Picture number three Painterbird should say " I DONT KNOW WHY EVERYONE THINGS I AM SO TALL I AM JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! That is really very offensive;[!


i think the skelton penguin is gonna look at the x-ray and say'' seriously do i need a x-ray?''


I think painterbird will look at Herbert and say WOW he looks just like me


I have my own idea 4 waddle on piainterbird is a pizza parlor waiter painterbird: what will U have? costumer: I wanna fishburger painterbird: we don't have fishburgers costumer: I WANNA FISHBURGER then he gets a snowball painterbird :oh my gosh HES GOT A SNOWBALL RUN FOR YOUR LIFES everyone: AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wow herbert and herbert jr is so cool!


Picture 3:
Penguin: I never knew I had a mirror here... AHHHH! SCARY!!!! (runs away)
Waddle On!

Penguin 43:

1st Screenshot: The green penguin says "Hey, you stole my Halloween Costume Idea!"
2nd Screenshot: The cow says "Is this how they get Hot Milk for Coffees these days?!"
3rd Screenshot: Another penguin is hiding behind the cardboard cut out and says "Boo!"
You never know, #WaddleOn is so Random!



first is a monster maker
second the cow is told to jump into a ring but its really a steak oven
third herberts olympic games and there is a polar bear staring contest


Okay So Heres Three: Penguin herbert: Hmm What A Handsom Looking Bear. Penguin Herbert: No No You Are To Kind! Penguin Herbert: A Auto Graph? Sure! Penguin Hebert: Np! Real Herbert P Bear: IM THE MOST HANDSOM POLAR BEAR!!! YOU TWO ARE FAKE AND JELOUS! Penguin Herbert: *RUNS!* Real Herbert: *Knocks Over Cardboard Herbert* Real Herbert: He He He... Hoped You Liked It!
On!!!!!!! ;)


I think the x-ray & Herbert will be something like OMG TWINZ!!!!! Idk about the cow one.....


What about if the cow jumps on a trampoline through the ring of fire?


I guess He goes to doctor and the last one is Herbet Meets his brother?

Gary Thunder:

Hmm I have more ideas then i thought I would. For the herbert and herbert the costume herbert says "What?! Another Herbert?!" And the cardboard herbert says "What are you talking about? IM the REAL Herbert!!" then the real herbert (The Mascot Herbert.) says "You pesky penguins and your copycat-ness!! NOW GET OUT!!!" Then the two imposter herberts run away in terror! But for the cow one I think that there is some accident where the cow catches on fire and turns into bacon! Mmmmm yum....

Baby Keira:

I think Herbert will say, " Why, your handsome!! "


Have the two polar bears say "I am the real polar bear"


1. the penguin goes inside the x-ray and when he comes out his body is a skeleton! 2. the cow says "i'm gonna do it!" then 100 hours later hes says "i'm gonna do it!" then he jumps
and all suddenly he turns into a sheep! 3. the herbert look at the card board herbert then herbert comes to life and the other herbert turns into a card board! ~Nickie2005


For the left one, The skeleton looks at the x -ray and says `hi`, the x -ray says `hi` back.
The skeleton screams.
for the middle one, the cow says `do you seriously think you can fool me into doing this? There's OBVIOUSLY a trap Behind me`
and jumps through the ring and burns their tail.
for the last one, the cut out herbert roars very loudly, then the normal herbert just says meh and sniffles.


I don't know about the other two, but I think the Herbert one will involve the penguin dressed as Herbert saying : Hey handsome, or : Is this a mirror? Also CP, could you air #waddleon on Disney XD or Disney Channel just before the advertisements? That would be awesome! Waddle on CP! :)


That is SO funny! I laughed even though it was 3 pictures! I think it would be a great idea!
Waddle on fellow penguins!


i vote on # 3 you could have the 2 Herberts competing with each other on who is the scariest or the best roar... Herbert would DEFINITELY make a interesting yet funny topic


If you choose anyone, Use these titles:
1: I didn't know you have to skeletons!
2: I hope I don't become steak!
3: First the cutout, Than the real guy


1. A doctor says to the X-ray "All done. Now a skeleton comes out of the X-ray. The doctor is confused, question marks pop out of his head and the doctor says "I didn't know you have to skeletons!"


2. A ringmaster tells a cow to jump in a hoop on fire. The cow says "I hope I don't become steak" and jumps to the hoop. He doesn't get burned. And he saw a piece of beef in front of him and it becomes steak.


3. An agent run into Herbert's lair and dresses like Herbert. He walks to a cutout of Herbert. An the Wilkie talkie says "First the cutout, then the real guy." The agents says " Come on!" "Would it be easy to get the real one?


#1- Penguin steps behind X-ray machine and when he comes out, he has that costume on!

#3- Penguin in Herbert costume is waking around and says, "My new look rocks! I wonder if it'll catch on?" *Sees Herbert standee* "Oh, come on!"


Maybe Herbert will turn into the igloo decoration and the decoration will become Herbert and then maybe the decoration that is pretending to be Herbert will go to that Alien restaurant thing and turn into a Alien!


My favorite episode off waddle on is the first one actually!I laughed my pants off!LOL

fusiaberry :

- xoxo fusiaberry <3


i think herbert should go look at the cutout and starts yelling IMPOSTER IMPOSTER! and then the cutout yells I LOVE YELLING IMPOSTER IMPOSTER IMPOSTER!
- xoxo fusiaberry


1.skeleton is in a waiting room and a nurse says,"time for your X-ray! he goes,sees the machine and says "Really?"cow jumps through hoop and tail catches on fire and screams like crazy and then he finds out he's in a fish tank! and he becomes steak and not really in a fish tank! 3.herbert see cutout and says "lookin' good.if only there were more me"and stares at his cutout then there's a ton of herberts surrounding him and he's happy and find out they are really EPF agents that arrest herbert!


1: Penguin stands behind the X-ray. Once he moves away, he notices that the X-ray has left a print of his bones on him. 2: This cow once performed in the circus. Because he wasn't doing the right act, the owner makes him jump through a hoop of fire as a punishment. 3: Herbert is sneaking across the street, when he sees a cardboard cutout of himself. Herbert thinks its his father and screams with joy. When he goes to hug the cutout, it falls over and Herbert is sad.
Waddle on!


1. The X-ray comes alive and chases the penguin.
2. The cow will jump on the fire hoop, but suddenly failed and burned, with turned him into beef!
3. The Herbert Disguised penguin roars at the cut-out Herbert, but then the cut-out roars at him.


Maybe you could make that cardboard Herbert come to real life?!


Herbert vs Herbert!


I think the penguin bear will talk to Herbert


Scene 1: The X-ray Machine... Wonder What It Does (Steps In) ZAAAAPPPP! ... (Steps Out) Permanent X-ray (Surprise Emode)Scene 2: Here We Go... I Can Jump Over The Moon, I Can Jump Through A Hoop...(Jumps, And Tail Catches Fire) OWWHHHIIEEE!! (Jumps Into Space And Fire Is Extinguished) Ahhh.... I Think I'll Stick To MOON Jumping... For Now Scene 3: I AM HERBERT!! (Cardboard Says Nothing) YOU SHOULD BE TERRIFIED! (Cardboard Still Says Nothing) SPEAK YOU CRAB!!!! (Suddenly, Cardboard Roars) AHHH!!


1) The skeleton is in the hospital And walks out from the X-ray
2) The cow jumps through the ring at a circus
3) Herbert secret base!


the cow is about to jump threw the hoop on fire but then a lion rushes is and jumps threw the hoop and says "This a lion hoop not a cow hoop!" and then the cow says "O,"


For the Herbert one, the penguin Hebert would say "Hello my fellow Herbert." Then the cardboard Herbert would tip over and the penguin Herbert would be like :o


At the hospital, the penguin could be in scrubs,then the doctor could turn on the xray,and say,its worse that i thought,then the guy would take off his scrubs, and then leave,then the doctor could say,nevermnd

Ss Seven:

1:Penguin says"Do they really need to X-Ray me?"2:Cow runs around the world and stops on the other side of the ring an the ringmaster comes and says "Ta-Da!!!"3:Kultsy comes and the Herberts both give him orders at the same time, then Kultsy says,"Do I need this many Herberts?"and the Herbert costume penguin says,"Your right, Kultsy!" and runs off, then comes back with more Herberts, then all of them give orders to Kultsy, then Kultsy says,"I can't do all this at onece!!!"and runs off.Goodbye!


Penguin Herbert will be like an obsessed fan freaking out about what he thinks is the real Herbert. It's really just the cutout but he doesn't know that yet. When the Penguin Herbert gives up on trying to get the cutout to talk he leaves. But after he leaves the Cutout will turn real and say, "Glad that's over."

Hope you like the Idea!! #WaddleOn!


#3 Herbert should say hey you look vaguely familiar


How did you come up whith a idea like that


1. Nurse : Painterbird! TIme for your X RAY! Painterbird goes behind X RAY board and dances, so the X RAY dances, the board disappears and painter is still dancing, Painter: oh.. Come On! 2. Cow: I'm gonna jump through the hoop! Cows mother: Dinner! Cows mum goes up stairs, pashes cow away and jumps through hoop, catching tail on fire, suit burns, and its herbert.
3. Cutout: Hi, Im Herbert! Herbert: No i am! Cutout: No I Am! Lots More herberts appear, Lots Of Herberts: NO WE ARE!


The cow could say, "I'm supposed to jump OVER the MOON!"


For the cow one, he is gonna jump through the hoop and come out a piece of steak. And for the x ray the penguin is a skeleton and when he goes into the x ray it shows him a normal penguin. :P

Cool Boy 887:

I think for the 2nd one, The cow would be saying as he flies through the hoop, I believe I can flyyyyyyy! *he lands* I flew for a second atleast.... :)


You can put in the photo with Herbert a penguin with a Klutzy costume and Herbert can say:
This is my brother.
Then 'Klutzy' can say:
Click clickety click! :D

Lela 7155:

I vote for the cow or the x-ray one


How would you like in the next waddle on we have someone dressing up as a pirate and the other penguin throwing snowballs

Jammer 7193:

For the x-Ray one

Turbo Sharks: This is so cool!
*X-Ray Shatters and cracks*
Turbo Sharks: Oh no! My X-Ray is broken!
*Blacksmith Force*
*Funni Dude, Puff1e Dude, and Cooki Rocket appear with blacksmith aprons*
Puff1e Dude: Don't worry We'll fix it!
*Funni Dude, Puff1e Dude, and Cooki Rocket hammer 4 times*
Funni Dude: Here you go!
*X-Ray turns on*
Turbo Sharks: AWESOME! Thanks Blacksmith Force!
*Blacksmith Force*
*Blacksmiths don't disappear*
Funni Dude:Can I try it out please?

Pinky Bear 3:

I think for the skeleton one painter bird should say are you my old cousin Jeff


you know what I wand you people?! I want a week or ...MONTH inspired by TEEN
CRAZY RIGHT?so we should do this EPIC thing!? BAD



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