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By Polo Field on September 25, 2013 - 13:31

Hello Penguins!

Many of you probably already know where Rockhopper's Key can be found and have it. But we've been hearing some of our newer penguins were having troubles finding it while he was here...

We want to make sure that next time he visits, everyone knows where the key is and has it. So if you find a penguin that needs help finding it, don't hesitate to help! That's what community is all about right? (And we totally have the best community)

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


Chilly 82970:

Go to Rockhopper's journal thing and go to the last page. The key will be there!


Thats great to share this post Polo Field for newer penguins that hadn't play this for so long! ^_^


Way to lend a helping flipper guys! :)

- Club Penguin Team


yes i found it but what do i do with it?????????

Boba 126:

Great Post Polo Field! A great way to help newer penguins!

Bo Bo Joe:

Yup! :) It's always good for newer penguins to know these kinds of things so that they can do just as much as the older ones (like myself :D)


Whenever someone's in need of help in the community I always give them a hand as I like to think that I'd he helped if I needed help on the island! The friendship bracelet is another one people struggle to find, but don't worry there's always penguins out there who will help :)

Waddle on!

Aquarium Bob:

We love how helpful you guys are! The friendship bracelet is an awesome item for new penguins to discover!

Club Penguin Team


Hi Aquarium Bob! Are you a worker for Club Penguin??? You sound really nice ;) Also you put "Club Penguin Team".

Chill Nye:

Aquarium Bob IS a moderator (and IS super nice). Any time you see a comment signed off that way, you can be sure it's a member of our team!

- Club Penguin Team



Mr Mack Cheesy Puff Burger:


Eva Sierra08:

I will always help penguins.

Draak Skale:

Good on ya! We love hearing of penguins helping eachother around the island.


So, To get the key you need to go up to the book room in the coffee shop and click on the bookshelf then choose the book The Journal of captain Rockhopper then keep flicking the pages to the back and there is the key right at the back, Click the key and you get it Congratulations :D

Marina Cro:

Oh my! Rockhopper's key is actually my favorite pin, hopefully when Rockhopper visits next time he'll bring back Rcokhopper's key!


Maybe Rockhopper will bring another ancient Potions Book too! That thing was full of fun stuff! ;)

- Club Penguin Team


You rock


tht keys been around foreva! i got it on my first day of cp! :)'''''' (tears of hapines!) always willing to help a friend polo! and so is evryone else cuz ur right we have ze best community in ze world! (yes I KNOW i put ze instead of the) WADDLE ON!!!!


Not forever, since you joined.
And since I joined.

Luis 6566:

I agree with what he said Polo Field diganle There are bad and the new penguin where is the cabin key team Rockhopper Club Penguin Greetings

Livi t:

That's good because it will let penguins explore inside rockhopper
Ship. ;)

Draak Skale:

The Migrator is a lot of fun to explore, eh?! Digging for gems is a lot of fun too, expecially with two penguins.


i help my friends every time and one thing is i go there everytime to read books and to play games my my buddies :) and alot of penguins ask me where is rh key? i tell them and the most fun part is they find the key! thats the most part i get happy with.

Chill Nye:

It sounds like you're an excellent penguin pal to have!

- Club Penguin Team


aww thank you very much! waddle on!


Aww, that is terrible some people didn't find Rockhopper's Key before he left! I'm going to try to work harder to help out new penguins whenever I can!


Cool I like that its asome


Hey polo speaking of the book room, why did you remove the "Paint by Letters" game? I really miss that game...


Thanks for the feedback! We have heard a lot of players saying the same thing. Keep your flippers crossed that 'Paint By Letters' will make it back to the island one day!

- Club Penguin Team

Dome C:

Hey Guys! Completely off topic, I know, but I wanted to throw some ideas for the future out there.
1: I thought it would be cool if some party were a "Throwback Party". Like the whole Club would look like it did in 2011... I know it might be a nightmare for you, but you never know!
2: If you release another music album, do you think you could include Herbert Style? Well,

/Dome C\
p.s. The key is at the end of one of Rockhopper's books on the second floor of the Coffee Shop!

sara ann1441:

im happy that the midevil party is here but sad at the same time im sad because i dont have a membership so i cant use the poshons ::;(


I'm still looking for rockhopps journal for his key


I've been on club pehguin forever, and it is awesome, and I wish I were a member so I could enjoy All of the cool stuff that you guys at penguin headquarters-lol create!


cool i figured out were the key is

Cyclones 20:

Thats great that club penguin is helping out the new penguins that are coming but will Rockhopper be gone for a long time like before?

Dr waddles20:

I <3 helping penguins


We <3 that you <3 to help your fellow penguins!

- Club Penguin Team


what party is cp gonna have next?
waddle on cp!!;)


Next year can u guys make another Rockhoppers quest please, but this time we have to help him save his own island.


I've been a digital penguin for 3 years almost 3 years and it grows and grows. When I started, I had to find it for myself......Your lucky u have polo field.XD

Mo Mo Heart:

i am a great tour guide:) i have been playing club penguin for a while i would be happy to help newer penguins find everything they need that is what tour guides like me are for right? i hope all the new penguins have fun in CP Waddle On Penguins


i got that key a long time ago.....


Polo field I have a tongue twister for you: How much popcorn would a puffle pop if a puffle could pop popcorn?


My tounge is in a KNOT! Nice twister. Heres my answer:

Puffles probably pop plently of popcorn if Puffles could pop popcorn perfectly! 

- Club Penguin Team


Party at my place I found a secret igloo its awesome be there at 2.30 look up Riiv13

Miss Pokea:

No more Paint by Letters? :( Awww


cool polo thats grate!


Thats great ill be on the lookout for new penguins if they need help.Thanks Polo. :)


I remember when I was a new penguin, and Rockhopper came, I was panicking because I couldn't find the key! Thank goodness a very helpful penguin showed me it, otherwise I might have missed the opportunity to explore all of his ship! I'm going to make it my personal goal to help new penguins. Waddle on!

Michael t2:

PLZ plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 more pleases add hydra next medieval party this this years was a total bummer this year so my suggestion is to add hydra and it will make a whole lot of penguins happier including myself its one of my childhood memories so plz plz plz plz add hydra next year otherwise I will be very very very very :( :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(


Okay! I will help the new penguins!! :)


Hey Polo Field!
I love it how you show new penguins how to get into Captain's Quarters! I remember when I first joined during the Holiday Party 2012, Rockhopper was visiting and I only found the key thanks to a very helpful penguin!


You can get the key by going to the back of Rockhopper's Journal, but you can get another special item by going to the end of Rockhopper and the Stowaway...


hi polo field i think there should be a sports party it would be really fun.



I think a sports party would be really cool. We can have softball ,baseball, soccer, football, hockey, and lacross

Dyno Soar:

That would be one flipperific party!

- Club Penguin Team


Awesome ideas! A sports party would be fun! =)


you guys are really helpful and i love to help out new penguins so ive been helping ppl around and showing them stuff since ive been playing since i cant even remember but anyways

waddle on ;)


I have the key! U can get the key buy going 2 the "Coffee Shop", go 2 the "Book Room", (upstairs in the "Coffee Shop"). Then click on the book case, & find the book that says, "Rockhopper's Journal". Go to the last page, & the key will be in there! Enjoy! :)

Mr Nado:

Hi everyone. If you need any help of finding items around the island then just come to me (Mr Nado) I am happy to help anyone and I am usually on the server Alpine so you'll see me around there. We can go on adventures and have loads of fun. I'm willing to help anyone. Waddle On!


You Can tell its fake?

Pink Party56:

Its great to think that polo field is helping other penguins with this!!!!! By the way in the catolog if you go on the bulid ur own hoodie page and click on the paint brust u get the viking helmet, and if u click it 4 more times it will give u a blue one!!!! By the way ur really lucky cp!!!!


I like that idea! It is good for everyone!


That idea is cool


cp is the coolest game!!!


I agree! :)


now i got the key now what should i do with it


what is it actually used for? i only got a penguin today so really new


what do you use the key for


what is it for?

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