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By Polo Field on September 23, 2013 - 16:34

Hello Penguins!

How's everyone enjoying the Medieval Party? I love turning my penguin into a puffle chicken when I pick the wrong potion. So fun!

We've heard from some of you recently that you want to see a "part 2" to the "New Horizons" behind-the-scenes video we made last year. A few of you asked why we haven't made another one. The answer is simple -- we only have time to make a few videos each month, and other videos we make tend to be more popular than our "behind the scenes" videos. However, we do know that some of you are really interested in these kind of videos, so we'd like to hear your thoughts....

It's time for a little blog brainstorm! If we were to make another "New Horizons" behind-the-scenes video, what would you like to see in it? We'd love to hear what would be most interesting to you. Do you prefer "New Horizons" or the "Behind the Scenes" video below? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment as a reply to this blog post! 

In other news... You'll be stoked to know that I've invited a bunch of the other Club Penguin mods to post your comments, so you should see your comments published quicker than ever before! Keep an eye on the comments to see if you spot any familiar penguin names...

Until next time... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team




I'd love to see different employees from different department interviewed in which they talk about their job and what it's been like over the time they've been working for Club Penguin and talk about their memories, sort of in a way combining Club Penguin's history (New Horizons docuemntary) with the behind the scenes video.




i would like to see more history about the bihind the sence video i hope the make more ye medival party is going on thou shall not sinith joke and i would like to see all new computers in the office and i want it shiny just the way i like it


I think that it would be cool if the video showed the people who play for famous penguins


Yes, very super AWESOME!

pojkudot :

me to I wish


Your right it's a good idea.


Great idea! I agree alot


Trainman I totally agree, with the members of the Club Penguin team that has been working there for years and the new ones!
But I Do LOVE LOVE LOVE the 'New Horizons' They in a way warm my heart! So it would be AWESOME,Club Penguin Team, if you could combine interviewing The club penguin workers with New Horizons!
Please reply with your thoughts!
Waddle On Club Penguin Forever
~Your fellow penguin (Andybillson)

Draak Skale:

That would be totally cool! Grrrrrrreat suggestion!


I Would like to see more drawings I love drawing and I really hope you can add a drawing game into club penguin so I can do my favourite thing while earning coins and I am a fast at typing so that might be a good job for me at club penguin and WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kallie Jo:

I'd prefer the New Horizons Documentary Part 2, because I've been waiting for it since the first one came out, and the first one kind of left me hanging I feel like! I also think another behind the scenes video would be cool, but I wonder how much different it could be from the first one?

Rubik Fruit:

I would love "Behind the Scenes New Horizons" It sound's like a Match to me?


I think I like the New Horizons better; they're a lot more interesting then just plain old behind the scenes.

Chilly 82960:

I would love to see ... Everything. I think Billybob's the best and I've look up to him. So yeah, POST EVERYTHING, PLEASE!

Frosty Badge:

I prefer the New Horizons videos. It's always interesting to me to learn more about how Club Penguin came to be. However, if you create a new behind the scenes video, I'd love to see how your music is made, how you come up with new ideas for Club Penguin, and maybe even a tour of the offices!

Polo Field:

Great answer! Thanks Frosty Badge. A tour of the offices could be cool....


:o POLO FEILD!!!!!!!!!!!


Ahh what did you say?


Us that really you Polo Field???
I think I would like to see everything, from how you was able to think of all the games, to how you think of diffrent partys.
I would also like to see who like Daffodaily5 is in real life! And you, Polo Field, and Spike Hike!!!
Even famous penguins such as, PH, Rockhopper, and Gary!
I have one question though... Remember how in the video you (CP) said "we love emailing and talking"?
What's your phone number?





Opps! in my last messege i said "Us that really you Polo Field???" When I meant, "Is that really you Polo Field???"


Yello Rules:

I think so too, Polo a tour of the offices would certainly be awesome.
Waddle on!


i prefer new horizons but i think you should be able to walk more than one puffle at a time 3 maximum and you should try to update the player cards mainly because the new outfits don't look so good on the old player cards and why can't an iggy have more than one room like basement ground floor corodoor bed room puffle bed room and rooftop and garden that would be so cool if polo field replied to this that would be so cool!!!!!




new horizons are always cool to watch because we come to know how clup penguin was made and how it started


I've had a tour of the offices and met Polo and Moose so I don't need a video giving a tour :p


Great video!


Will the return?

Polo Field:

Probably not, unfortunately.


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!


What is the I've never heard of that. Is it like the old CP? I started playing maybe like in, I don't know, 2011?


It was the Beta Team, a page where you could playgames in their beta version.


Are you guys still going to release a my penguin app for android? I'm disappointed that there isn't one yet :(

Polo Field:

Hopefully in the future! 


i hope my penguin app does come on i-pod also, because i was thinking maybe my penguin is on i-pod so i want an i-pod for my birth-day and all i can say is - Fail


yeah hopefully in the future


I want that too, lucky for me my mom bought an Ipad not to long ago. I feel bad for players who can't enjoy the cool, new CP app. But I warn you, that if you ever get the chance to play it, you will beg to play it some more. ;) I know, I know so. - Kowlski2<3


Behind the Scenes ;)




I'll like to see how it was programmed, some of the code used. :)

Polo Field:

That's not quite as interesting as knowing how code works, though.


That's right Oscare5 Although I "do not work for CP" I know that Polo Is right :):)


I'm learning how to program in Robotics Club/Class so I would be interested in that lol :P

Baby Mario13:

Behind the scenes!! Whoops got a little excited there. I really want to see what its like around the Club Penguin HQ! I want to work as one of the artists someday. But Please don't shut down by the time I'm 18! You heard what happened to Toontown Online right? That's my comment. Goodbye and in the words of Billybob, Waddle On!

Emraldz 1:

New Horizon, definitely!

St Michael3:

The videos that I like it see are the behind the scenes videos!! It is fascinating to me to see what really goes on at Club Penguin!


Behind the scenes

Polo Field:

What do you like better about the Behind The Scenes video?


The moderator lifes :333

White Nelly:

I like how it showed what it's like for the employees of New Horizon/Disney Studios Canada throughout their daily lives. Plus I never knew what Lance looked like and now I know haha


Cool! Hm...... I think New Horizons sounds better. WADDLE ON


Very Cool


best new horizons for all to know what is new in 2013 I hope that this video out this year along with celebrations epf and I pray for them to make every effort to please publish my comment and greetings to all the team of club penguin

Polo Field:

Your comment has been published. :)

Waddle on!


Wow very good. Very cool.


Great video! I really think you should make another one, because I enjoy seeing what makes the site so fun! I'd really like to see something about the My Penguin App, & what we should expect to see in the future! #WaddleOnCp!


hello team club penguin! I would like the behind-the-scenes showed you how it's done the special dances, newspapers and mascots

and you told him about New Horizons was working in club penguin, as the output of three people important to the cp (Billybob, Happy and Businesmoose)


I wonder all the programs you use to make drawings among others because I think all the really cool design and etc.

Polo Field:

It takes more than just programs... it's the people who use programs who bring Club Penguin to life!


I want a New, New Horizons! Greetings! Polo Field,Ninja and all the team of Club Penguin!


Me too :)


I would love to see a new Behind-the-Scenes/New Horizons video! I really enjoyed the last one (both taken into consideration). What really interests me is what programs you use, but probably even more, the people who work at Club Penguin. I really enjoy hearing what they have to say, and how much they love their job.

You've heard this a million times by now, but as they say... "Waddle On"!


I would prefer New Horizons. It has a much better background when players think of Club Penguin. :)


I like "New Horizions" better


I'd like to see a part 2 to the "New Horizons" video because I love to see how creative the team is. Plus, it almost is like a behind the scenes video, but it's in real life, has more features and I think it's much more interesting.


im enjoying the party PS FIRST COMETE


I really would like to see a New Horizons Part 2 with more sneak peeks of rooms and other stuff and the history of Club Penguin!!

Waddle On,


I would like to see behind the scenes and stuff about the toys!
Also I would like to see what's next for the EPF.

Waddle on!




I want New Horizons Part 2 :D


I would like to see how it was that created the old items as Umbrella Hat ,the red lei, old backgrounds, and I also like to know what other mods apart from billybob, Happy77, rsnail, gizmo or screenhogg participated to create cp and also would like to know how to do to create the partys and as famous penguins are controlled.
Greetings to Team Club Penguin Polo, Ninja, Daffo and Spike!
Waddle On Friends!!!

Polo Field:

That's the thing... There are so many other people who helped make Club Penguin what it is today.

It takes a team to make Club Penguin! That's why I sign off every blog post as "Club Penguin Team". :)


I would like to see how the Club Penguin team creates all the rooms and items on Club Penguin! That would be really interesting.


Hi think! I love your videos! And I've been in few of them!

Warriors 32:

I agree!!! That would be very fascinating! .......and fun to watch! :D


think polo you two so awesome


OMG hi Thinknoodles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is that really you think? Oh My Waddle! Can you meet me at the EPF 9:00 icicle on Saturday?




Cool!! I really like Club Penguin and I try to get people in my grade to play Club Penguin only some of them play. This is my first year playing it since February 2013 and I love being a paid member. Thanks Club Penguin Team for making these great parties! P.S. I am a EPF agent and will we still have Field Ops? Waddle On!!!


Why not do both?


Hey.... That sounds like the taco shell commercial! LET THE FIESTA BEGIN!


<i>I'll like to know more about the history of Club Penguin. <i>


Puffle Pal26:

I'd love to see a second part of New Horizons come to life. Is it odd that I was watching the first one when I found out about this post? And is that you in the picture, Polo?


Well I would like to see some more Club Penguin animations like the party starts now, never wake a sleeping sensei, puffle trouble, gotta have a wingman, etc. I was a little dissapointed how yall didn't make the video of party in my iggy an animation. So that is what I would like to see. ps Please make an episode with Rookie in it. :) -Tyemilo


OMG cool! :D


Is very very cool


Hi Polo I find an excellent video, where I could see Moderators known the truth Lane is VERY VERY FUNNY BUT, that's what I like and agree with my great friend (if I want to call it that), Dartvader40 them send a BIG salute to all of the team, a Lane, Ninja and others!

-As I said Billybob (Lane Merrilfield) Waddle!
-Waddle On! ^ Lulo03


New Horizons Definitely!, And Polo Can you ask me In what time are prepared the Server Jumping? :) Greetings!


Awesome!, with that design?, every day I like more cp


Hum... New Horizons, because We want to know about The Past of CP ! :D

Arana P:

I think you should do a "New Horizons" video. I imagine the second part. 1 year after part 1, Club Penguin has progressed a lot.


Really Cool Video! One question though, when will the EPF be fixed?

Burrito 67:

Hi polo!

It will be a new EPF mission this year! I'm really looking foward for one!


why was went the moderator gizmo?


I would like more videos of the jobs you guys do. Like the video that is in this post where it says what jobs there are in Club Penguin.


Can we have a hint for next months party?


Check the Newspaper on Club Penguin, at the bottom of the front page. It's written there - Halloween Party.


It's always the Halloween party in October, just FYI! -Kowlski2<3


the next party is the Halloween party


I prefer the New Horizons, it was fun learning about the story of Club Penguin and how it's developed over the years. It would be interesting to see some Club Penguin moderators stories of how they got to Club Penguin, maybe Spike Hike's story? Polo Field? DaffoDaily, etc?

Waddle on!


I want to work at cp so one that tells about the jobs people do there.




I prefer the New Horizons videos... Because it's always interesting... I'm eager to make new missions of EPF!
Good work! :)


I would love "New Horizons Part 2" instead of "Behind the Scenes", which I have been waiting for ever since the first one came out. I have an idea, since Lane Merrifield the co founder of club penguin left can you guys show us the new co founder/ founder? Also, why did Lane Merrifield leave? I really miss him. )':


I want Lance, Lane, Dave and Chris to return in the Video. If it's Behind the Scenes or New Horizons, just try to squeeze them in. It makes it 827375749392938475757588 times more awesome :D

18 Polly 18:

I like behind the scenes better. Also Polo what happened to Field Friday on Sept. 20? When will the EPF be rebuilt.


hi club penguin!!!
I love the fact that you can do those behind the scenes looks at stuff like that! I really would like to work in cartooning like in film design and virtual worlds like you guys! I would like to see where you get your brain storming ideas
waddle on :D


I'd really like to see the New Horizons Part 2 because I really liked seeing how Club Penguin came from nothing and is now a huge hit worldwide!!! Waddle On!


Polo, I choose truth Behind the scenes, it seemed to me that we are informed that happens behind the screen.

I love it more and more CP!

Waddle On!


I think both! I pick both because it's so interesting to see how the wonderful world of Club Penguin came to be! I love hearing those stories! However, I do LOVE seeing behind the scenes videos! It's so COOL to see how things are made! They really inspire me! If you make a behind the scenes video, I would love to see how you make #Waddle On! I LOVE that show! Anyways, I can't wait to see what happens in the future!

Waddle On CP!


I'd like to see what's next for the Elite Penguin Force and Server Jumping, What's gonna happen for those two?

Redie Whitie:

Hi CP Team! I know this is kinda off-topic but, I thought of a #WaddleOn thing. So a guy just received lots of mail. He says 'Cool I got some mail!' When he goes to check it it's only the letters thanking the user for being a Tour Guide/EPF agent. XD
Waddle On,
Redie Whitie


Hi Clubpenguin team! I think there should be part 2 of the "New Horizons" and in the video I want to see how to become
a moderater because it sounds really cool! Also, how old do i have to be a moderator? One more thing will the "My Penguin" app
ever be able to run on I Pods? Oh and please post this i never get posted. Bye!

WADDLE ON!!!!!!!


Hmm, well I would like to see how you draw items and code them! I love to draw as I am good at sketching. Another thing I'd like to see is a tour of the building! Lunch room, offices, etc. And how secrets all around...


I would love to learn more about the history of CP in a New Horizons video. However, I would also really like a Behind the Scenes video to see what the Club Penguin Team are up to. So I'd be happy with either of them!!! :D

Warriors 32:

Everything you do always looks very complicated! I just log-in to CP as granted, and the CPT is working all day on complicated things that I wouldn't even know where to start! I love how you all work together, and with that either video would be GREAT! :)

harvin cp:



Isn't this the same as last years?

Please reply Polo Field. :)


Will you continue New Horizon behind the scene also when you guys release my penguin to other device? plz reply please reply!


I would like to see the Behind the Scenes because I have not seen the other one.




You're not alone. *pats shoulder*


me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I prefer New Horizons as a name. I would love Part 3 to be all about the history of parties, and showcasing some of the 'older' parties!


New Horizons part two please


I would prefer to have a combination of the New Horizens documentary and the behind the scenes video. So basically a documentary that has some parts where they talk about designing the game, programming, making the animations for the different outfits, etc.


I think the next part will be rocking cool.Love to see new employees .


I would love to see another New Horizons video and sorta summarize what goes on in the cp headquarters or maybe give us sneak peeks at what your team has been working on? I would love to see that and much more abviously since I enjoy learning about cp each day and how it came to be today!!! :D


Great video!:D

lil pinkjoy:

i would LOVE 2 see how u guys make episodes of waddle on


So Lane was BillyBob??


What about server jumping? Did you guys forget about it?

Yoshi Taco 1:

The medieval party is awesome!!!!! Neat picture its cool cp is awesome


I would really love to see how ideas come into process. Like for example, when you are designing a party what is the cycle the parties go through before they are released? Maybe to see how all the games are tested and squashed for bugs before they go live. Another thing that interests me is seeing what has changed since the last video, There could be news about how Billybob (Lane) is doing. The last thing is of course what ideas may be in store for Clubpenguins future,Well that is all! Waddle on


I like the "New Horizons" videos more


Ive played club penguin for so many years. Ive grown up with it. I think your never to old to play anything from your childhood:)
Club penguin is fun and well worth it!
Thanks to the awesome club penguin team:)


I'd love to see people that have been working for Club Penguin or ex- people that have worked for Club Penguin to be interviewed of their favorite memories, it would also be great to see what we've accomplished over the past years of Club Penguin, what worked and what didn't quite work. Also it would be interesting to find out how the different rooms/parties/music/items are made. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Club Penguin updates. Waddle On! - Carpetman45 -


I would really like to see a "New horizons" "part 2" video because the first one left me hanging.


It's great to see you're making a part 2, of the highly anticipated New Horizons Behind the Scenes series.
(though I do miss Retro CP, when this was made, Colon Open Parenthesis.)

What I think would be cool is knowing how much Time and Work the CP Team puts into not only Details,
but Mechanics and Programming, and how they function. (and also how they squash Bugs, Lol.)

I remember when this video first came out, so much has changed...(I miss BillyBob.)
Stay Frosty peeps and Waddle On!!!


I would like you to tell us about the EPF, new parties and buildings that are going to be in Club Penguin.

dale wood 7:

i don't mind as long as you DON'T change the penguins!!!!!!!


I think I would much rather the Clubpenguin Horizons Part 2. It describes the true meaning, and what it takes to create clubpenguin! I think there should certainly be secret info, that could leave us penguins stunned and curios!!!


I'd like to see New Horizons because it can just show us how the community works with interesting facts about population and how Club Penguin has developed over the years. It's also nice to see interviews with the community to see their point of view to Club penguin. Furthermore, I would be interested to see if there are more EPF updates coming in the future. Sometimes these videos give us sneak peeks.

I hope this has helped and I really think that everyone would like these videos. Waddle On!

Chill Nye:

That helps us out a lot, Blue21102! Thanks for sharing this great feedback with us :)

- Club Penguin Team


Cheers Polo Field! I'd like both ideas to be done, eventually...

~Perapin :)

Pengy 61:

I prefer new horizons part 2 because i have been waiting for the 2nd part for a year. Waddle On CP! :)


I would really like to see a New Horizons Video. They are very inspiring and teach me a lot.
They are so interesting after watching the video I tried to program a new Club Penguin game. XD
(Im still working on it though)


i wonder what the epf hq, field ops, and operations look like in the future


I would love to see both of them combined into one video!

God Gift:

Hey There, firstly this video is really, really awesome, well done on this one..

Next, I'd like to see a Behind The scenes video. Here's my suggestion on it : I believe there a group of people, in each department, So show everyone together, with the names on top, Also, talk about how work is divided E.T.C.

If there were a New Horizons video, then here's my suggestion for it : Probably, you'll could speak how you'll became friends, and how it was to own a game.



It's great to hear that you guys at Club Penguin haven't forgotten about a Part 2 to the New Horizons video. I know a lot has changed since the first one with BillyBob, Happy77 and Businessmoose all leaving the team. However it's been so cool to see new members of the team being introduced to us such as Ninja, Tour Guide and Cool Times. It'd be amazing to see more of Tour Guides posts, which include a tour of the current party, by the way! Anyway, us fans can wait a bit longer for this video! :)


Well mine is new horizons because i need to know what was going on before my penguin was born


Hmmm... this video wants to make me become a Support Staff when I grow up!

Santa Jr:

Polo, you should make a New Horizons - Part 2 video! I like that you can show us some of your future projects, show us the Server Jumping Feature on the video, if you're working and if you're going to continue ''The Journey'' project and things to Club Penguin! And is the new Player Card look anytime going to happen , iv'e seen it and i liked it!so this is my suggestion, hope you like it


Hey Polo Field, will you ever make a new version of nd when will you get My Penguin on iPhone?


Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't Lane billybob?


I would love to see different employes and maybe just maybe a sneak peak of the Halloween party if we are going to have one. I also would love to see which employe plays what penguin. Who playes spike hike or polo field?
Bye fellow penguins have a fun medieval party WADDLE ON


kim seangyu:

I really didn't knew that! That was awesome!!!


Behind the scenes because I would like to see how you make a mascot backround!
Also the room where you make the club penguin rooms and a drawing someone made.


I would like to see both, please.


hey YOUR GREAT CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please publish.


a behind the scenecs of how "waddle on" is made..!!!!


Maybe Both!

Mr Black 12:

I want to work at new horizons! I want to help kids and show how we care for them. Since I was online, this is the best site ever! Maybe someday in the future, I'll be knocking on your door!


Yes, but who knows if CP will exist in the future......................
Only time will tell.................................................................................


It's the best site on the Internet! Why would it disappear? If it did, I'd be marching around in a full on penguin costume to protest. :D


I prefer new horizons!


Hmm... Behing the scenes :)

Joel Roxx:

I would like both 'Behind The Scenes along with New Horizon' Why worry if you can make two at once. And New Horizon I am most Interested to see as it shows the Rise of a New Adventure life of you all. And even the Behind The Scenes too will be awesome because we could see the Friendly People who reply to our mails (Support) and etc...
Waddle On!


polo is that you at the top?


I want New Horizons,because the CP history is interesting.But im sure many people will want sneak peeks.


I like both New Horizons and Behind the Scenes vids but I prefer New Horizons as it is more into the development and history of Club Penguin. We also get to hear what the different employees of the Team has to say about Club Penguin, or even answer some questions we ask! I'm sure the Team is able to add some spice of Behind the Scenes in the next New Horizons and maybe some more information of the making of CP that most want to know, or even stories behind moderators - Spike Hike, Polo Field etc


I want to see the blog of all languages ​​gathered together for the video and I want to see Polo Field, Spike Hike, Daffodaily5, Loustik005, Federflink1 true in doing their work (by which exemble Loustik005 Wednesday Loustik and moderator meet the player and validate the comments) and I prefer "Behind the Scenes"!

LOL Tiger:

Hi everyone

Mody1 2 3:

Whoaaaaa :D I guess it took really long time to become like present Club Penguin.. Before Club Penguin is ' Penguin Chat ' Right? O_o .... If Yes - WOWWWWWWWW!!! You really did hard work!! :O :D Congratz! If No - Sorry :| I think I have a wrong information.


xd he forgot his puffle at the end

Jammer Dj:

I'd definitely be interested in watching a video that shows more behind the scenes stuff, such us how you guys draw a penguin, animate it and put it live! It'd also be very exciting to see Lane, Lance or Dave take in more detail about how Club Penguin was made.

I don't know which one to pick. Maybe I'll go with the behind the scenes one. ;-)

Dome C:

Hey Guys! You might recognize that I mentioned the New Horizon's a few days ago. I like behind the scenes, but I would love to hear more about the history of Club Penguin, and see who the bloggers like Daffodaily, Spike Hike, and you, Polo Field, look like and how they got on the team and all that. So I am raising my voice extremely loud for more of New Horizons
Thanks so much for this post.

/Dome C\

Dome C:

Hey Guys! I know I already posted, but I saw Frost Badge and Ocean1600 's post and I agree with them. I think it would be cool to see how the music is created, and I would love to see some of the people's stories (like I mentioned in my earlier post). It's a hard decision between the two, but I will have to go with a New Horizons video, because I like to see the history of CP, and how it came to where it is today.
Thanks so much again, and Waddle On!

/Dome C\

p.s. Thanks you moderators!

Mr Perry P:

Great I'm looking forward to the next video i prefer the name new horizons but I'm looking forward to what you will have in stock for us in the future, WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!


I want a job in cp. I can type fast and know alot about CP


I want to see videos whenever you make them on behind the scenes! Also, I want the new behind the scenes video to be called New Horizons part 2. The first one was awesome! Waddle on cp! -Pinkuin0403


Definitely New Horizons Documentary Part 2.
It's my penguin 7th birthday today ( I am 2557 days old today! ). That's why I want to know more about the history of Club Penguin and I also want nostalgic. If I good to remember you said that the second part of the documentary will include a footage of the 2012 Anniversary Party, where a lot of mods returned. I want to see a video how they were together in the office!


I would like to talk 3D penguins release date of Android and the game Club Penguin
Thank you.

Starfire 777:

I want to work for Club Penguin when I grow up! :D Look for me in the future.


If you guy's did another new horizons video it should be about the future of cp instead of the past of cp?!?!?!? maybe


New horizons. I totally felt like I was left on a cliff hanger! I need to know what happens next! Tell me! Please!


Hi CP! I would love to see more of the well known people saying about there job. Such as Daffo, Ninja Polo and Spike! I think it would be really interesting, and i would love to see more of the tour around the office! Thanks!


Both would be exciting,yet i would prefer a new horizons vidio.
We arent all famous bloggers,but we can learn as much and be just as happy.


I dont know! New horizons give my cry of how Club penguin goes up and Behind the scenes is very good,interesant,informative...
I dont know !!


hi CP!

Great work your doing there keep it up! Love it!



I love New Horizons!!!!!


Can't you do both? I understand if you can't. Anyway, I would like to see how mascots work and see the history of Puffles! And maybe say why you changed the penguin animation and rooms if you can?
Thank you and waddle on!


Dr Ninja43:

Hey there Club Penguin team! I would love to see a behind the scenes of the Club Penguin offices or when making the New Horizons video,because i loved and conmoved me so much.Post this comment please,i would love to get a reply from this fantastic team,thats all! Best fishes!


I like them both, but we should see more people on the team (like the support team). We should also see the worker saying stuff like how they make/choose ideas and some fun trivia around the office, like what the office was last used for or maybe the oldest worker at CP.


Why is Billybob in the video is it old or something? And I like both Behind the Scenes and New Horizons, but I think I like New Horizons the best because you get something to look forward to :D <3


Yes, this is a pretty old video. It's from about 2010/2011 I think, so if you look through the archives, you will probably find the original blog post. :)


Like Frosty793 said, it's an older video. In fact, I think I remember Businesmoose saying it was one of his first videos for CP! I agree, they both rock! Although, I think I'd prefer the Behind the Scenes because it gives you more of a look to the day-to-day life of a CP worker. :D

Waddle on!


New horizons please! :D



Panda 875 :

I think this was a great idea no matter what u do club penguin you will be number 1 :):)


I choose the New Horizons because I'd like to know a little more about the history of the club penguin itself. As the New Horizons was the company who created Club Penguin I think it would be nice to know more about the creation of the game. Sure it would be great for everyone can also see a few things here name such as "day to day" of each moderator, something like that. So thats it , i will wait for a reply, waddle on!


I would like to see some of the new members of the CP team telling us what they think about their new job. It would be pretty awesome to hear some of their thoughts and it would inspire some kids to try out different careers!


An interview with little-known mods would be cool :)

Lenny Thai:

I would prefer the New Horizons video, where Polo Field, Spike Hike, Ninja, Daffodaily introduce them selves and maybe give a virtual tour in the video like show how you make Club Penguins music, what the email or blogging for Club Penguin looks like. I always wonder what it looks like... And for the tour, perhaps you can give a code on the vid for everyone to use? Hope you reply so I know what ya guys think.


In my opinion, i think a behind the scenes would be better because in new horions part 1 at the end Lane merrifeild said that "we are getting ready to unvail the next leg of the journey" so i think new horizons part two should be when club penguin ends so like part 1 was when cp started part 2 when cp ended and if you do make a behind the scenes make it showing spike hike's point of view or someone elses when you guys are having a meeting or a tour of the office or what is coming up next =)


Hey guys! I think that the New Horizons vids are better because it tells more info on how cp was made. the behind the scenes vids are pretty cool too though so it would be nice to have both! But in my opinion, new horizons sounds a bit better. I have seen part one and its really cool! In fact, I'm gonna watch it again right now! Plz, daffo or polo plz post this!


Do you know if the My Penguin app will come out on iPod? Thanks!


I would love to see all the workers talking about more of their journey. and why billybob and rsnail quit. basically


New video?! Wasn't this on the blog in 2010/2011?! XP Anyway, I prefer New Horizons because it tells us more about how CP is how it is today and we have had plenty of behind the scenes videos in the pats so I think we need something more new now. ;)


Please tell us why you changed it all up. and please answer question that people have asked like the "old cp" questions.?and pls bring billy and r back! ask them why they left

Melvin 505:

I would like to see a Behind the Scenes on making the New Horizons video!!!


Iv'e always wanted to work for Club Penguin
waddle o
waddle on
waddle on c
waddle on cp


Hi Club Penguin!

I would love to see more things with the EPF! I loved the field ops! it was very fun to find a cool new mission! I would also like to see more things with Penguin Mail maybe more iteams with postcards!

Waddle On!
Snowy78947 and her puffles:)


Being a Club Penguin fan for four years,it would be personally wonderful to have the opportunity to learn how Club Penguin was started and its history. Thank you for thinking about making a New Horizons part 2 and I would like that more than a behind the scenes video. Also, would one of you bloggers please respond. Thanks!!!


Hey there Cp! So, I have have a few ideas you could try. One, you could try and squeeze in both. Two, you could just make both ASAP. Three, you could sort of mix up both into one kind of long video. Four, in my thoughts both are really cool types of videos but if I HAD to pick one, I think I'd choose the New Horizons. The New Horizons was really interesting when I first watched it, also there is only ONE video of it. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts! - Kowlski2<3


I think we should have a New Horizon Part 2 since I want here more about Club Penguin Staff talking about Club Penguin history and stuff. But if you can do both. I want see behind the scenes also because I want to see what it look like working at CP so one day I might becoming a staff there. Polo or Daffo please reply.

Happy Nugget:

I would love a mixture of both-I really enjoy learning more about Club Penguin than just gameplay! I have been hooked to this game since 2009-Club Penguin don't, I repeat DON'T ever stop what you guys are doing! Polo Field you asked earlier in the post how we thought of the Medieval Party was-it's great, my favorite party this year! I can't wait for the Halloween Party though!

Waddle On!

P.S. If Polo, Spike, Daffo, Ninja or any other Mod replies it would be the happiest day of my life!


I think the new horizons video is better. Mostly because you guys give us a little history on club penguin! I hope I know more soon!
Waddle On!


Please do a behind the scene look another one I really likes this one!!!!


personally..i like new horizons vids :) they are just so fascinating!!

Amalia 16:

I'll really like New Horizons. You see, history of Club Penguin is really interesting...And I'm interested about Lane too...


I feel like New Horizons is a good way to show people what game design is like and maybe people would like to follow in your footsteps. But I'd like to give you guys a tip or two. Next time you make a video can you show us a bit more "how" than it is "who" there are too many people over at the Disney company to read a bio. about. Next time just keep it at history like the first one.
Thanks! -Peaches19

Arius 1:

I think you should do a mixture of both, focusing on the history and different positions in Club Penguin.


Wow! I love both videos! So interesting! My dream is to work at Club Penguin! I would love to be a game tester! Who wouldn't want to play your favorite game all day improve AND get paid doing it? I'd also love to be cp support! I love helping other people!
Hope to see you in Canada soon Lane! Waddle on forever, Mewmewmowmow

Megan Clark2:

whoa I LOVE THE BEHIND THE SCENES WORK and i loved seeing all kinds of people working club penguin things :D


totes awesome I think new horizens is better add me polo field I love cp waddle on!-


Behind the scenes is awesome cause I like to see who really makes the stuff.


Please Reply! :)
I would like to see how the Club Penguin team creates all the rooms and items on Club Penguin! And, How Club Penguin was created I mean from the start, I know about penguin chat but I would LOVE to know MORE! I would love to see New Horizons documentary's. I'd love to see Behind the Scenes, and HISTORY/MEMORIES OF CLUB PENGUIN! Have you ever heard of trainman1405 he is awesome at the CP memories!
Waddle On Club Penguin


Hey club penguin, How hard is it to program? Also, when is the EPF going to get fixed?
*wary face*

Emperor Pegi:

Hmmm... I'd like a title like The Penguin Journey! Just an idea...


Hiya! I really like both videos. They are really informational and interesting. If I had to choose what I liked better, it would be Behind The Scenes. Maybe you guys could do one on animating? I'm really into it, I even want to work for Disney (maybe I'll have the honor to work with you guys!) when I grow up, so I'd like to see how it's done by pros.
I have also come to a conclusion: Billybob is really the Director! Who agrees with me and who thinks I'm crazy? :D I'm going with crazy.

Draak Skale:

Interesting theory, Cuddles140! 


Very. *strokes chin thoughtfully*


Use the cannon to the pet store and descubir new islands or cp strange places


party: have a special boat to visit the island of rockhopper or discover new things, climb the highest mountain of the island, to discover the golden puffle, herbert kidnaps someone and we rescue without seeing us.


I LOVE both but I like new horizons a little bit better;););)


Being a penguin for 7 years now, the new horizons video was....more than amazing. I would love another one. P.S Tpot I love and miss you dearly


Hi cp team I have a question when I grow up I want to do what you guys do how and what do I do to be where y'all are.


i think it would be intressting to find how all the famous penguins,like Gary and Rockhopper,were invented.

Best Fire:

I Want To Work As An Tester In Club Penguin

Best Fire:

I Would So Much Like To See A Lot Of Behind The Scenes


I think that Emma is aunt Arctic and Russ is Gary.

Yello Rules:

Hey guys! Clubpenguin's really been up and about these days. Ya know what I'm talking about? Making videos , glowing names, Medieval Party, My Penguin and everything else. Been a penguin for over 5 years now so I see a lot of things changing. To get back to the subject of the videos, I loved the ''Behind The Scenes '' video but I think I would vote for '' New Horizons 2 '' because I really enjoyed the first one not to mention it's ending. '' Disney Clubpenguin ''
Waddle On!

Yello Rules:

Hello, Polo Field!
Listen I have a serious question bugging me.
Who was the first one to create the idea of a virtual world like Club Penguin and if it was a team, who were the people in the team?


Hurray! I actually asked for this last week! I gave all my thoughts about what the next part should have haha. This is awesome!
Keep up thr good work!

Ella Bling:

I would like to see whats next for club penguin <33


Love it !
I would like to see all the mascots in the video that would be so awesome to see what the really look like :D


If I choose one of those I whould be a game tester!


I like both New Horizons and Behind the Scenes vids but I prefer New Horizons as it is more into the development and history of Club Penguin. We also get to hear what the different employees of the Team has to say about Club Penguin, or even answer some questions we ask! I'm sure the Team is able to add some spice of Behind the Scenes in the next New Horizons and maybe some more information of the making of CP that most want to know, or even stories behind moderators - Spike Hike, Polo Field etc


I liked both New Horizons and this Behind the Scenes...I must say I liked Behind the Scenes a bit more :D


Definitly New Horizons when I watch it last year I nearly cried I found it very emotional behind the scenes was just very informative


As I watched this I was finding things I didn't know about Club penguin. I enjoyed everything about it. I liked seeing how talented ever person of the team is. It is very clever how every single person has a job that makes this site fab!

Thanks to everyone that helps.


I like both of them!
They have different styles, but I think they're both interesting.
Personally I found the first one more informative, but this one is useful too...


I totally think you should! and combine the videos! as long as the CP team make it! I LOVE IT!


I think that you should base the next part on how and why you decided to join with Disney and how that changed Club Penguin for what it was and do you like how it is now or do you like how it used to be. P.S My first penguin I don't use now was made in late 2008 now I made a second one made in 2009 and I can't believe that this is my favourite game that my mum showed me when I was 6 years old i'm now 11 and love playing this game watching the first episode made me think wow i'm so glad I joined.


I think you should do another new horizons video!
Waddle on!


I would LOVE to see a mix of both! You could do New Horizons, and I'd also like to see some behind-the-scenes stuff along with interviews of the old AND new CP Team, such as Daffo, Ninja, Spike Hike, Buisnesmoose, Polo Field, Billybob, ETC....

Waddle On CP Team!

Taffy Pengi:

I wanna work at CP's QA team! It sounds SOOO cool to have a job to just play games all day!


I Would Love To See New Horizans! In This Episode I Would Love To See The Intiviews Of The Moderators! And I Would Love To Know Were All The Moderators Started There Journey As A Penguin :)
Please Reply Polo,Spike Or Daffo!

-Pinc45445 :)


I prefer the "Behind the scenes" video. It's cool to see what you guys do at work. When I grow up I think it would be lots of fun to
work for animation there! Oh,and, I think it would be cool if you guys could make CP figures that are white and we could draw or paint
on them. Thank you for making this new video! And now I know how much work goes into CP. Waddle On



p.s who names a cat toaster?!!?!?!?! its creative and i like that though! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD why woldnt u like belly buttons?!?


I'd prefer if you guys finish the AWESOME New Horizons video and then get back to Behind the Scenes stuff! For one, it's fascinating to learn about Club Penguin's past, and I want to see the offices of Club Penguin as well. *cough* TV SHOW *cough*

lloyd :

new horizons


I'd love to see more behind the scenes stuff


new horizonte


Polo, can you give a hint as to when the next time the penguin band will be on the island? I would really appreciate an answer. :)


Wow! That was amazing. It takes a lot of work to make so many videos for us penguins to see! I hope I get to know who plays the mascots! Who gets to make up the all the mascots? Please make more stamps! I'm close to getting all my stamps earned! How do you make stamps? I'm sorry for being so curious, I just want to know about about club penguin as much as possible! Please answer my questions, thanks!



Wow!!! I am pretty new to club penguin and I became a member yesterday! It's sooooooo worth it! This video is amazing! I love how it feels like we are all one big family :) that is something special. You seem to care a lot about everybody and listen to their ideas. Keep up the good wor CP!!! Waddle On!!! ~ whiskasistas


I prefer the New Horizon video because I like how you found an idea and stuck with it!
I think it is really inspiring to see people building their own world around their dreams. When I watch the New Horizon video, it makes me think that we can do something big, something awesome, one day. I also think it's great that you do everything for us kids. We really love it! Keep using you imagination and creativity, don't ever stop following your dreams, no mater were they go.
Waddle on,


Wow! Mallory your very pretty :)! Keep up the good work.


Both! Altough I like watching how CP started, I also like watching how the moderators look in real life, like Daffo or Spike Hike.
But If I have to choose only one, I'll choose New Horizons, I want to know more about CP story, like the first parties and more, I read about them, but is different read than watch.


G'day CP team! Thx for posting again this video,and why did you guys posted again this video? I thought this video was Part 2 of CP History!
When are u gonna launch the 2nd part of CP? I really want to see it right now! I want to work on the CP studios with u guys! When I grow up
I'll work with u CP team!

Waddle on!


I love club penguin it is the finest game in the world it is so much fun I love every thing about it it is awesome you guys are so cool you do everything for club penguin you guys are so cool thanks for the video I am going to love the Halloween party thank you guys I can see you really care and I love that its my favorite game ever!!


I would like see a common moderator day and also how they think the parties, like a video that how Club Penguin Team made the Prehistoric Party and its rooms, and how Club Penguin became popular in internet. It would be good that we see how CP Team make the songs (and its singers XD).


I love both videos!!!!
Waddle on CP!!!!! :)


I really liked the New Horizons thingy, and you should make another one. Since in Part 1, you talked about History of CP, so in Part 2, maybe you could tell us how you think up new parties and rooms!

Nanner Fairy:

That is an awesome idea! The creative process is definitely quite the task and it would be awesome to share that experience with you all.

- Club Penguin Team


Great video Polo Field!
I love how you show all the Club Penguin crew!


05:11 its a Windows 7!


This video is totally awesome!


haaa, remember ancient times when the Penguins went on a hot air balloon Static Ap, when he left the first epf within the aps ... when they could enter the beta team and test things and see errors or if it was okay, I remember when you had to control a spaceship and take it to other planets like venus, to Mars, to pluton ... , Haaa, pluton, at that time was considered planet, and also remember they were: billy bob and Happy77.
Well, I like both New Horizons and Behind the Scenes.


Hey CP I just want t say that I want to see what you guys are doing what was the history of club penguin, see I just started club penguin but I want t know what happened in before you made club penguin. umm I guess that's it sooooo
- waddle on :]

Penn Girl:

I prefer new harizons. I would love seeing more the changes club penguin has gone through!


I like New Horizons better.


I think a lot of us would like to see sneak peeks of my penguin app updates, or if you guys have Ipads you can record each other playing the my penguin app! Like my idea? Also the little penguin statue the man is holding in the picture, you should hire people to make those, and sell them then players can buy them and paint the to what they like! I am very creative ;) dont ya think?

Nanner Fairy:

Those are definitely awesome ideas! If you had one of those mini-statues how would you paint it? 

- Club Penguin Team


Omg! R u from Club Penguin Team? If u r, u guys r my fav ppl ever! I want 2 work at the "Club Penguin office" one day! Nanner Fairy=awesome!


cool I loved seeing the cp wokers and stuff! I think it whould be fun to work for cp after I am a lot older I am only 10 but got a lot of time to think and I love playing cp I am on when ever I have time!!!!!!!!!:)


that was cool


I have has this idea for many years, and I thought it was silly to ask, but here goes
I wish that you could possibly add chat boxes, like private ones
Click on a friend, and click on some icon, than a little white chat box would appear if they are online, you could send them anything you want!
That, or we could send mail, and type in the stuff ourselves


I would like New Horizons because it explains more about club penguin than the people!


I prefer ''New Horizons'' because everytime I watch it , I feel very exited .
so , waddle on club penguin


i love club penguin i want to work there when i grow up. and work on the news paper and that stuff you guy really inspire me lot of love cool man

Happy 52:

Polo! Why Club Penguin quit Spy drills?

Rocky Grass:

I would like to see a New Horizons video because i like learning about the history of Club Penguin.

Top Buddie:

NEW HORIZONS!!!! please


Actually i think New Horizons would be better.

Waddle on!


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