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By Polo Field on September 24, 2013 - 11:03

Hello Penguins!

The Medieval Party is in full swing! And here's a list of things you definitely won't want to miss!

  • Help Gary the Gadget Guy by mixing the potions in the Book of Potions
  • Visit all the party rooms to receive the Explorer Stamp
  • Meet Gary
  • Challenge a friend to a jousting match
  • Visit the Wizard Academy and take a class in potion concoction

The party is here until October 1st! 

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



I will be sure to mix all the potions to earn the exclusive wizard costume! :D I really am liking this years Medieval party! :)

Fun Feathers:

Glad to hear it - You will be a masterful wizard in no time Riyita!

cool dude:

I've finished all the positions what do I do now?


Hey Polo Field! It's be great to see Tour Guide posting one of her Guide of the Party posts sometime soon! I don't mind if it's not the Medieval Party but I'd like to see her posts return! What do you say? It'd also take some pressure off you as well :)




Wow I will be there.


Lets Gary? CHECK! Get explorer stamp?CHECK! Take a wizarding class? CHECK! 2 more steps to go!

Fun Feathers:

It's awesome that you are already so involved in the party Emily44143. Just need to saddle up your horse for the jousting match and explore all of the rooms and you will be set!


I love the medieval party. it is so fun!! :)

Fun Feathers:

Super stoked you are having so much fun Nic4769! What has been your favorite part so far?

Post McGhost:

The potion mixing is soo much fun!



I didnt go ;(


i love club penguin


You know what I just found out?
I made the faery potion and found it would be cool to be a giant fairy so I also drank the ogre potion...
and I got super speed...
So I technically just unlocked a potion that is not supposed to be unlocked yet...
Weird. :P

Fun Feathers:

Woah! You must be a masterful wizard to have unlocked that fun little secret!

Rubbie 1234:

My gosh! its awesome!


I will mix all the ingredients correctly and meet up Gary

1234 V4:

I miss the dragon boss fights! Also, Club Penguin can you please make a Hunger Games take over in preparation fo r the upcoming Catching Fire movie?


I agree with you about the dragon boss fights! that's the part i looked forward to this year because this is my second year attending the medieval offense but....i dont like the Hunger all.
-The Dark Knight (A.K.A. PeaceCooky10) :)

Fun Feathers:

A Hunger Game party may be a little too intense for our icy Island of fun, but I agree those dragon quests were a blast and a half. Have you thought of suiting up in the knight costume and taking on some of the MEGA dragons once they arrive?




Wow! I love the party!


I done all of those things! The party is awesome! I hope people enjoy it too!




I haven't been on for a while. Wonder what the new potions are!

I wonder I'd
F I can turn into a black unicorn on

Fun Feathers:

Once you start creating potions it's hard to stop! So many amazing transformations! I'm really curious about what the secret ingredient is that Garianna mentions at the end of the potions book - any guesses?


i'm pretty sure it's pixie dust, can you please tell me when does it appear in the book?


I met Gary! Fan-girled the entire time.


how do you joust


i dont really like this medieval party i liked last years better well i still like the potion idea but ehh not for me

Yoshi Taco 1:

I will do all of that!!! The medieval party is awesome!!!I need to mix more potions though thats because I haven't been online latey. I have already met Gary. I believe his background is on my player card right now I think. I did not know you can get a stamp I will do that right away when im online. I will be visiting the wizard academy to do just that. I will try to challenge a friend to a jousting match. I will try to do all that before the party ends. The medieval party is so awesome.see ya

Dark Spyro9:

I luv the fairy potion! It's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!

Fun Feathers:

Hehe, isn't it awesome?! Did you know that the color of your fairy matches your penguin? You can also use the waterfall in the Fairy Glen as a waterslide- weeeee!!

Nut driver:

I'm a non member so when I get all the potions mixed will I still get the wizardly surpise or is it only for members cause i don't wanna waste my time if I can't get it


It's for all u get it when u finished all potions


I agree with1234 V4 a hunger games one would be great:D


Could you please make these potions available to all people on rockhopper's boat whenever it visits? Just a suggestion..

Fun Feathers:

Cool idea! I wonder if Gary will be keeping the book after the party - what do you think?

lil pinkjoy:

this party is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mixes potion POOF! computer turns into puffle chicken Oops! well waddle on cp anyway!!

Cheese Tree:

Reverse the spell before the party ends!!  Ahh!!!

-Cheese Tree


How do you even get to the wizard academy?... I'm new, and I'd like to check it out :/

Super Sheep:

Hi Kira,  Welcome to the island. If you would like to visit the Wizard Academy you need to waddle over to the map and click on the Mine Shack and School. I hope to see you there! 


Shout Out To My Penguin Hi I'm New To My Penguin So Ya That's It Really From FinWin810 Thx To My Penguin XxX

Cheese Tree:

Welcome, FinWin810!  

-Cheese Tree


Cool I'm on it if my brother will let me


I cannot earn the medieval stamp for wearing my silver night costume! I've tried all my Knight outfits and I was really looking forward to earning it this year :(

Chill Nye:

Hey Chingu123! We can totally help you out with this - please send our team an email with the details here.

- Club Penguin Team


cp i would like the hollywood party for next its super awesome


Omg totes luvin the the midevil stuff but the membership stuff is like totes whatevs


the party is on until my birthday.


I just made a really crazy combo! First I turned into a blue dragon then I drank an ogre-sized potion and grew huge after that a drank a flying potion and hovered and finally I drank a invisibility potion and disappeared. Now I'm an invisible, floating, humongous blue dragon!

Pachi Pachi2:

How can you even hover :( The penguin slides around, and we can't go up :(


I would very much like to check this out.. But I'm on the iPad and for some reason ther is no map.. Or if ther is, it is very difficult to find :'(

Super Sheep:

Hey Kira,

You can only visit igloos on the My Penguin app right now but our team is working on making more places available in the future!

-The Club Penguin Team


i am looking forward my fav party is medival party because i like to vanish with the poshon of vanishing and i am going to vanish right now byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. and VANISH

Crazy Cutey:

Hahaha that will be something our penguins will enjoy:)


You should extend the party for a week like you did for the music jam 2011, because this party is AWESOME!!!


Right?! The Medieval party is my favorite party at of all of them on Club Penguin. and the music jam was amazing!!!!


Check, check, & check! :)


I was amazed to see everything when I logged in, especially the cloth catalog! One more thing, on Halloween can you invite the Band, Candence, Cece, and Rocky. I would really like to meet them!



The medieval times party this year was amazing! Nice job! Btw for the Halloween party, can you maybe add Rock Hopper and Have Candace and the band all in one spot for like a performance?? That would be cool cause all I have seen is Gary, Candace, and the band... I really want to see Rock Hopper!! Thanks :)


I'm so sad because my wifi isn't letting me go to the party. :(

Cool Beans:

Email us here! We will be happy to help you out.

-Club Penguin Team


I love the medieval party. But when are you guys going to change the non member clothes because my sister and some of my friends are non members and every time they go one CP they always go to the clothes shop first but there's NOTHING there for them:(


When does the party end? I need to finish the potions, I've been so tied up with school, that I quite forgot about C.P!


OMG yay lol it's going to be epic #excited lol

CP is extreme:

how do you challenge a friend and take a class and what about the back of the spell book


this party is going a bit over the "october 1st" was neat but not really my favourite. super excited for the halloween party, though!


Fun Feathers:

Bok bok! Yay!!

-Club Penguin Team


cool post


where do you go to make potions?

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