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By Polo Field on September 30, 2013 - 14:18

Hello Penguins!

Last Reviewed by You we asked, when going back to school, what do you look forward to most and why?

I really liked Shadowcat1's answer:

I can't wait to start learning science, math, and... just everything! I can't wait to meet all my friends, and new teachers. I enjoyed summer, but I can't wait to go. See you in school!

Great answer!

Now it's time to look back on all that has happened in September, here are some highlights:

  • Penguin Style catalog
  • Furniture Catalog
  • Rockhopper returns to the island
  • Medieval Party with Gary appearance

What were your favorite parts of September, and what would you like to see in the future?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



I would like to see when the EPF is done!

Berry blosam:

I cant wait either!


I loved when Rockhopper came he tells many good stories and everyone was so happy to see him. I think i would like to see a awsome haunted house with spider webs or I would like to see a great trick or treat iggy that be so much funn!

Fun Feathers:

Awesome to hear that you had a blast with Rockhopper. That salty sea pirate certainly has some epic stories to share.

-Club Penguin Team


I just wish you could do all those fun things through the app

Super Sheep:

One day, Kena.

-The Club Penguin Team


hey club penguin! i agree with this guy or girl. anyway what else you ask? well i was thinking maybe the box portal come back for sometime then lots of people will have it and see the box world IT IS SO COOL! by the way you will not believe this SOME PEOPLE THINK DISNEY RUINED CLUB PENGUIN! IT IS CRAZY YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! anyway bye and of course WADDLE ON!


i am waiting a long time to see PSA that we can do misions.Please read my comment disney.


How do we do missions?Disney please respond.

Jammer 7193:

Yeah, I know where they are. Go to the link, Fun stuff, then there's a link called, Play PSA Missions, and all missions will b there.



me too 1999bloo


Rockhopper returns to the island!!!:)

Super Sheep:

Rockhopper is always fun! It's been a while since we've seen him.

-The Club Penguin Team

Mickopicko2 :

I liked the new clothes because its always nice to get somthing fresh but it doesn't mean you should forget about the past.
Get a bit of everything and keep memories that's my opinion.


the epf is done.


Awsome! Cant Wait For October! :)


My favorite thing in September was when rockhopper came to the island.
I want to add a haunted house with spooky monsters,ghosts,and Zombies!!


This is for all the penguins out there remember to keep memories and remember the past but also get excited for the future.
As you Only have Today and Tomorrow once.


Sooooo cool


Wow, September has been so busy! I liked the Penguin Style with a range of cool medival outfits. Is there going to be another Operation Blackout this year? I really liked it last November! Also, can't wait for the Halloween Party!! I'm TOTALLY gonna scare my friends!
Waddle on!


my favorite thing in september was rockhopper returning he is my favorite mascot and im so happy he returned for another week every penguin was soo happy and no one should ever forget that cream soda loving pirate i mean...he DID find the red puffle and what i would like to see in the future is even more happy penguins waddling around and having fun!
Waddle On Club Penguin

16 Nightburner:

September was fun, my faverite was the penguin style and the midevil was fun i am a chicken puffle.


I liked medieval I turned into a HUGE PUFFLE CHICKEN!!!!
I also scared a thew people they thought I was going to eat them it was funny I also turned into a fairy I was too small I thought I was
Invisable but I can't wait until next party theme and I liked the movie Teen Beach Movie I watched it with my BFF's at my house.
And remember penguins WADDLE ON!!!!!!!

Fun Feathers:

Sounds like you and Rockhopper had an amazing time together! It's always a blast when he waddles on through.

-Club Penguin Team


Well, I Totally loved the medieval party because Gary appeared again. Mostly from this month I loved making a different potion each day like in the 28th we got to make the dragon potion which is pretty fun for me! And after the potions you get a wizard hat,wand, and shirt its thee (noticed how i used a medieval word?) best party so far from this year I hope the medieval party comes around again! I loved dressing my penguin,lionmena02 as a fairy,princess and a wizard its so fun!
waddle on!

Fun Feathers:

Thou hast made some good points about Ye Olde Medieval Party. I too had quite the joyous time! Sounds like ye became quite the masterful wizard.

-Club Penguin Team.


My favorite parts were when Rockhopper arrived. Also the medieval party and I got Gary's stamp. I didn't meet Rockhopper but I went on his ship. I hope we get to turn into vampire Puffles during the Halloween party. That would be so cool! Also it could be for non members! Waddle on!

St Michael3:

My favorite parts of September were seeing all the new furniture items to decorate my igloo to look AWESOME and to see the new clothes in the clothing catalog, but my favorite part was seeing Rockhopper again and getting his background! I also enjoyed getting his rare items that he brought back from his adventures! Bye!!


I think that September was awesome! All of the medieval stuff, Penguin Style, and lots more! Back-to-school means a lot to me. I want to meet new friends, play with my friends, and of course, learn! I think my teacher is really nice, funny, and cool! All of my friends are back too, which means I can still hang out with them! I love school a lot, and I really like Club Penguin. Club Penguin is so epic! I love Club Penguin so much! I got a membership for christmas, so I can get tons of cool stuff!


September has been another epic month on Club Penguin! My favorite event this month with no doubt is the Medieval Party, although the return of Rockhopper has been great fun too. I would REALLY like to see a new Treasure Book and the My Penguin app being available on other Apple devices and Android. I can't wait for the next upcoming months. I am already preparing my CP Halloween costume!

Mr. wonderful:

What I really liked about this month was all the cool medieval themed places and i thought those where pretty cool,but what i really liked is when rockhopper brought all of these rare that was cool,but overall I thought everything was cool!


I can't wait for the Halloween Party. I also can't wait to dress up as something and throw Halloween parties at my igloo! It's gonna be so awesome!!!!!

Fun Feathers:

Great to hear you are so excited for the Halloween party to arrive. It's the most spook-tacular time of the year! :D

-Club Penguin Team.


wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :)

JJ 41:

Yup wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww:)


I REALLY liked the Penguin Style because it is one of my most favourite part in the WHOLE world! This October 2013, can we please bring the Festival of Flight back? Because its been a while since I was still there in Club Penguin.


My highlight was seeing the new Cove revamp! It looks much more awesome than ever before!

~Perapin :)


Hey Club penguin team and players!

I have to say going back to school was fun. But I think I spent a lot of time with my family and I feel good! And that's my highlight of September! I can't wait for Halloween and the Halloween party online! I love Turing into ghost, scaring my buddies, and go trick-or-treating! Thanks for reading!


* *. + +. ^ ^
U. U. U

Fun Feathers:

Spending time with family is so important and it's great that you enjoy doing so! Glad to hear you had such a great September. October promises to be frightfully good!

-Club Penguin Team


Hey, Polo Field! My favorite part of September was meeting Rockhopper and Gary the Gadget Guy! I really like the system where on the blog, you guy put up meet times! That is SUPER handy and please keep continuing to do that! I also liked the Furniture Catalog! Such cool stuff! Waddle On!


Hi Polo Field! Two of my favourite highlights were the Star Wars takeover and the Teen Beach Movie summer jam. The Star wars party really fun considering you got to battle Herbert in another galaxy which was EPIC!! I also enjoyed the TBM party since you got to meet Mackenzie and Brady. I also can't wait until the Halloween party in October! That is all I have to say for now.
WAddLe ON!!!!!


This September was my birthday im 9 and i loved my birthday and i also got my club penguin membership this september........Ah the next september i would get a cake and get a Club penguin Puffle for my birthday:D


I really loved when Gary came to the medieval party! I was having a great time mixing potions but when I went to the town, Gary was there!
There were not many penguins that realized he was there... but I saw him at the well! I said "hello Gary!" and Gary replied, "why hello there!"
I could not believe it, Gary talked to me! That was my favorite part of September! In the future of Club penguin I would like to see more characters at more parties, other then that keep up the good work!


wow Shadowcat1! hope you have a nice day at school!!


My favorite thing about this month,is Rockhopper's return to the island,because I never met him,until he came this month,and I've being waiting to see Yarr with a better design,just like our puffles(If u didn't know,Yarr has been with an old look almost the whole time).That's
all what I liked about this month,and I can't wait for the new way to take care of ur puffle which will be launch this thursday.
Waddle on! :D

harry gray:

gary definitely. Even though i already met him.


I really enjoyed meeting not one , but two famous penguins! Gary and Rockhopper are my idols and I also loved what the rooms had transformed into.Fairy land in the forest and a castle to create magic spells. Everything a medieval party needed. In the future I hope to see some more heroic battles between penguin and dragonkind! Charrgggge!

Fun Feathers:

Greetings kind knight! Sounds like ye had quite a good time meeting Gary and Rockhopper both in one month. Did you go on some epic adventures with either of them?

-Club Penguin Team


September was a good month! Here are my comments for all of the events in September:
Penguin Style: it was good. I liked all the Back to School clothes!
Furniture Catalog: It was okay, not the best. Some of it was good though!
Rockhopper Returning: I loved it! I was so happy to have him back.
Medieval Party and Gary appearance: The medieval party cool! I REALLY liked how we have an original party back!!!


Hey there anyone reading this on CP! I think this month has been the best month of CP this year. When the Card-Jistu Snow party in May news was spread, I was horrified the island wouldn't go Medieval this year! Medieval is the BEST PARTY!I hope in the future I will be listening to music ( that plays while you create a potion) in my igloo! I also really like to say my two top favorite things were meeting Gary, ( FOR THE SECOND TIME!) and only getting the potions wrong a few times. TTYL CP!


loved the Medieval Party! so cool we can be dragons and become a huge size! in the future i would love if we can trade furniture and clothes with other penguins or have the choice of buying a store on the igloo catalog to put on sale! and maybe we can make clothes and sell them with our own personal and unique designs or keep them for ourselves,and maybe members can get new things to design each month! this month was so cool and mind blowing i hopefully will find this again in the future !


My favorite part of September was when the medieval party started. I think it's cool haw you added potions and let us become wizards/witches. Some thing i would like to see in the future is some of the things we saw in the last few years, and of course another STAR WARS party and for the My Penguin app to be released for android devices. Thanks for all you have done for us CP!

U don't know me:

I would Love for a card-jitsu party for- card jitsu shadow!


i really liked this party because it was a great party and i had fun meeting new creature friends and also that rockhopper got to meet him and gray also the new igloo got to give it a like for that :D love ya CP BYE



i like to see my friends at clubpenguin and i am rockhoppers friend and i always play with my friends waddle on penguins!



We'll seeing RockHopper was pretty cool but Club Penguin Rocks!

Fun Feathers:


-Club Penguin team


The medieval party! This year, you guys went all out with wizardry! I did miss the Ye Knight Quests, though. I would like to have the fair in November because I love the fair!



this september was arggtastic rockhopper came online and i met him finally! penguin style gone so good,the style was too good!
the medieval Party was cooler than ever. Gary was so cool with all his gadgets he finally came online for me it was hard for me to find him.


Cheese Tree:

Agreed!  Now it's time for a spook-tacular October!

-Club Penguin Team


Some of my favorite parts of September were seeing all the different colors of the leaves and meeting Gary during the medieval party. And next time I just want to see even more exciting Fall stuff!


Gary and Rockhopper came to the island and could Aunt Arctic come in the future please.


when will rockhopper be back and what will he bring give us a hint and will the migrator be upgraded?

Balla 99828:

I really liked wen rockhopper can to vist especially since it is he's first time this year. I hope in the future that the fule island can change at party's not just some parts.

ms faith:

OMG I LOVE THIS PARTY!!!! I finally got a chance to meet Gary and I even got a stamp for it! My favorite part about September was this months Penguin Style catalog there was a lot of cool things. Cant wait for the Halloween party its my favorite! WADDLE ON CP!

Fun Feathers:

So cool! Did you help Gary make some of his potions? I tried to impress him with my potion skills but turned into a chicken instead. Funny thing was he was still pretty impressed - haha.

-Club Penguin Team


my favorite parts were waiting for rockhopper and gary I met alot of friendly penguins and how they were so patient in waiting, and lastly mixing all potions ang finding out how'd I look like, my favorite was the Dragon potion by the way :D

I'm looking forward to more fun and exciting club penguin events, The Medieval Party was soooo Awsome!



Hey Club Penguin.
I would love to see the Fall fair then after that the Halloween Party!
I know all the new people who just joined Club Penguin will love my idea!
Trust me!

Enter nickname:



I wish that there could be a Journey to the West Takeover with monkey king


I was so happy that Rockhopper has come to the island once again! He always brings us something interesting when he arrives. In the future, I would love to have the Holiday Party like we always do! :D


I think the best part about september, was how Gary, and Rockhopper came to the island, and i got to meet both of them. all in all
this month was great.


I love Club penguin it is so fun.I love hanging out with my friends.But nobody talks to me so I get left out:(


what i like was that penguins could go on the migrator to treasure hunt and meet rockhopper.and it is cool that the medieval patry is back i like that penguins can mix potions,it is cool that penugins could dress up and look medieval, and make your igloo look medieval and have patrys.
waddle on cp ;)

Arana P:

The most exiting thing I think happened on September was Rockhopper's return. After a little less than 9 months he came back so we could meet him.


My Favourite part was the Medival Party with Gary appearences beacause Its like just a whole bunch of fun, and you can change into ogres, fairies, invisibility and a whole bunch of other stuff Its so cool!


My favorite parts of September were Rockhopper and Gary coming because it's fun to meet all the cool Mascots. I also enjoyed the new furniture catalog with the medieval theme but what I think was the most fun was the potion I couldn't stop turning into Ogres and Dragons. What I think in the future Club Penguin should add is a Toy Story Party that would be very funny and cool or a Cars or Cars 2.
Waddle On Cp!

Flowers 5:



My favorite parts of September were when rockhopper came and I got his stmp and then the medival party were i got gary's stamp but if you asked me i liked last years party the best but this years one is good

waddle on

Enter nickname:

pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie

Fun Feathers:


-Club Penguin Team


What I like adout September is the hollowing catalogs. I love the new items and to decorate my igloo with them. What I would like to see is a igloo contest like the tropical one.


Definatly the Medieval Party! I love the puffle chicken!

zoom zoom103:

well the styles r a little over doing it
the furniture is good
rockhopper was good I would like him to stay more and bring his game on cp for good its fun and a good money maker
medival party I like it but I haven't found gary yet
my fav parts for September? well maybe the medival party and also I would like to see a music player fuzzy pink and blue wall paper a disco ball a flat screen tv and also stand up cardboards of your favorite cp caraters like dot gary jet pack guy aunt arctic more


what i really loved about September was the medievel party.
it was so funny to see you penguin turn into a puffle chicken when you messed up the potion recipe
what i look forward to in the near future is an AWESOME halloween party with lots of witches and witch ghosts


My favorite part of September was having fun in the Medieval Party with Gary appearance and having fun in The Migrator. :)

Ninja Cheen:

My favorite part of September is the change in weather. I get to wear all my warm sweaters and fly kites.


My Username is Hayley12503 and my favorite part was when Captain Rockhopper came and he told us stories of him on his ship with Yarr. I like the book of potions he brought. Especially the dragon potion. I can't wait for the Halloween party!





I think my favorite part of september was when we were making potions everyday and I even met G! In the future, I'd want to see Herbert again. I think he's been far to quiet. Waddle on!


i <3 the monsters university party and the teen beach! those were OFF THE HOOK FUN!!! can u please make more takeovers? i also loved the star wars party-nathano2426 #waddle on!


My favorite part was when i met Gary the Gadget Guy today at 4:00 PST. For certain, I didn't know if I was going to meet him because you know how much the penguins desperately stand over the mascots so you can't assess their player card. I was very lucky because I went into Gary's room early and I immediately clicked on his player card when he entered the potion room. So I got his background and added him to my friends. Im very grateful that i got to do this stuff! You rock, Club Penguin!

Cheese Tree:

I'm so glad to hear that you got to meet Gary, System1500!  He's pretty awesome, isn't he?

- Club Penguin Team


I loved that you brought back an original Club Penguin party! There were so many takeovers that I missed the original parties. Rockhopper's visit was also really cool and I liked the items in the catalog there. Now for in the future, i wanna see more original parties without any transformations. So that when you bring them back they will be exciting and special. and the original parties should be something new with special rooms only accessible for that event and cool costumes!


My favorite part about September? Hmm. My birthday of course! Going back to school is awesome too!! I got to see my friends again! My friends are everything to me almost! I also enjoyed the Medevial party! Meeting Gary and seeing Rockhopper to get backgrounds! The September 2013 style catalog was awesome! Halloween is coming and I'm so excited! Yayy!


WOW my b-day was in September too! I turned 11 :D but I'm still as funny as when I was 9 lol. See ya in CP!

Fun Feathers:

Eeek! Oh goodness you startled me.

Sounds like September was an epic month for you! Happy belated birthday from all of us :D Wooo!!

-Club Penguin Team

Mr dinla:

i loved the new furniture catalog i really reminded me of the Hollywood party cause of all the items GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and in igloo contest can u judge the best one not the one with most likes


Its great to see Rockhopper back again ever since and the potion making but can you guys return knights quest, scorn battle, more non member items and decorate the other rooms next Medieval party please it would make it better!

Kc Sunshine1:

I liked that Rockhopper returned to the island because I always love going down to the "Captains Quarters" and playing treasure hunt with a friend and he hasn't visited the island since the holiday party--and that was 9 months ago! I also always love going on top in the crows nest and shooting the cannon, FIRE!!! Rockhopper's Rare Items ROCK. I always love seeing the cool Pirate items and to stock my penguin up with pirate gear. See yee in the Migrator me hearties!

Baby Mario13:

Wow, this was a BIG
month for CP! With the Medieval Party and Rockhopper returning from his latest journey,and his stories and adventures were amazing!Let's not forget all the beautifully drawn furniture items drawn by the art team!(Thank you art team :) The best part this month was the Medieval Party and transforming into creatures with the potion book that Rochopper brought back.The puffle chicken is so awesome! But, don't eat him! LOL. Well anyway, Waddle On Polo and the rest of the CP team!

Fun Feathers:

Totally agreed! This was a big month, full of so many exciting things. Glad to hear that you took full advantage of all of the fun. Bok bok!

-Club Penguin Team


my favorite part of September was the Medieval party. because of all the spells and potions. especially the ultimate mega dragon potion because it reminded me of the dinosaur party. i really want to see a party where the EPF teams up with the O.W.C.A to stop the team up of Herbert and Dr.D.


I loved how Rockhopper came because I was thinking that he would come in Dec. next not Sept.! I can't wait for he halloween party because I have never been to one.
Waddle on CP!!!


I liked Rockhopper coming back to Club Penguin and in the future I'd like to see the time trekker come back and this time we go to the FUTURE!! But in the future Herbert takes over Club Penguin again So the EPF goes back into the past to make sure Herbert's future doesn't happen!

I hope this will happen in the future!
Until then WADDLE ON!


My favorite parts of September are being able to meet rockhopper and Gary for my first time! And the clothing catalog, awesome! So many clothes and I love all the secrets! I'm very exited for the Halloween party and meeting more mascot, especially cadence!


I wil like to meet Aunt Arctic .


my favorite part about september is tied between gary because he is my favorite famous penguin and rockhopper coming to the island again because i earned all the stamps in treasure hunt and i like his outfit. plus i like all the backgrounds.

waddle on! : )

Meep 599:

I really loved all of this September!!! The Medieval Party was probably the best because of all the cool potions and costumes. I definitely want to see more epic costumes. Also, some more interactive things like the potions would be awesome. I'm really looking forward to see what you guys have in store for the next party! Waddle On!


I really like the medieval party I mean like changing into all those different things it was awesome

Kibbles rocks:

Well...TURNING INTO AWESOME CRAZY THINGS like fairy,(I call it Navi) dragons ,unicorns and more.The things that you can do with your new powers.And can you please make one party about animals or resent Disney movie like Planes or Cloudy with a chance of meatballs!

#Waddle On!

Fun Feathers:

Cute! The fairy transformations really DID look like Navi from The Legend of Zelda. Cool observation :D Keep up the creativity.

-Club Penguin Team.


My favorite parts of September was just....well, everything! I had so much fun making new potions and turning into something new every day. I was also super excited when I met Gary for the first time, and got a new stamp! Something I would also love to see in the future is an extra-spooky Halloween Party. I would go trick-or-treating, hang with friends, and probably dress up as a puffle!


My favorie part of september was the amount of events leading up to the free items, and waht I waould like to see is a new ninja party like a Ninjago party for the new lego sets with sensei as senei wu, and HERBERT as the main bad guy, hope you guys enjoyed!


I liked meeting Rockhopper and it was so fun to see the big crowd around him i thought it was really fun.


My fav thing ant this month was prob when Rockhopper came. I hope 2 c in the future less parties, & just regular Club Penguin!


my favorite part of September was going back to school, making my igloo into a magical castle, and meeting my old pals Gary and Rock hopper!


I loved turning into faries and dragons and all that cool stuff and i love this months dresses and hair . I love to mix and match! i hope the other partys you come up with will be awsome!


My favorite part of september on club penguin was when rockhopper came to deliver the book of potion spells to gary that was fun meeting a mascot a week before the medieval party started it would of been more fun if rockhopper stayed for the medieval party along with gary and I hope to see the fair come back in the future maybe next september?


I've only recently joined Club Penguin, but within minutes the neat features and the enthusiasm of my fellow penguins had me all riled up! A torrent of speech bubbles exclaiming, "Gary!" caught my attention over at the Wizard School. Curious, I stayed to chat and wait for the mysterious penguin. We joked and conversed in the crowded room, filling the air with a flurry of emoticons. When I finally met Gary, I was ecstatic! We definitely need more "guest appearances" in future parties.


I thought Rockhopper coming back was a joy! He last been here when the holiday party! I also liked how the furniture catalog had a bunch of good items. Gary coming back was super amazing! If gary didn't come, who would? I liked how you could turn into a dragon. So cool. My favorite potion was Ultimate Mega Dragon. What I want to see in the future is an April Fools party because there wasn't one this year.


Pro Josh1234:







Fun Feathers:

Aw, it's nice that you let your brother play on your laptop sometimes - sharing is caring :D.

-Club Penguin Team.


nice one


This party was awesome! I really enjoyed collecting potions and buying new costumes. I am super excited for the Halloween Party coming up, and I hope some rare, old, and new items will be featured in the catalogue. I also hope that more secrets will appear in the catalogue for us item collectors :)
Waddle On!
~ Adventuremas


I really liked to meet Rockhopper and Gary because I am new on the island and I had no idea what people were talking about and then I met some friends and they told me all about Rockhopper and everybody else. I loved becoming a tour guide in August and I gave some tours this month also. I got my membership this month also and I got to do all sorts of things around the island. It was just really fun and I enjoyed this month real well and I hope to do stuff like this in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite thing in September was the medieval party. It was a new twist on one of my favorite parties of all time! What I want to see in the future is: I would like to see the carnival again. Those are always fun!

Fun Feathers:

Sweet that you had such a blast at the Medieval Party. I think it was one of my favorite parties of the year. We were not able to fit in the Fall Fair this year, but anything is possible for the future. Did you get a chance to meet Rockhopper?

-Club Penguin Team

Le ia:

my fave part of September was when rockhopper came to visit! I'm hoping that the agent hideout will be complete and that non members will be able to do more things.


Man im loving this stuff/parties you guys do but for halloween i would reasly love to see the halloween scarf come back & the pumpkin trick or treat basket for non members so if you read this here is a heads up on what i have heard some people say on club penguin and along with the christmas scarf at the christmas party. But besides that you guys keep being great at the ideas you come up with! :D


I LOVED the medieval party and clothing catalog! I'm looking forward to maybe the Halloween party, and CP's anniversary party! Or a new party, You guys always bring new exciting parties! Can't wait to see what's next in store for us!

Flash 790:

I liked The Medieval Party. But I also liked The Surfs Up Party. I thought I wouldnt like it, but being able to surf with your friends was fantastic! What I would like to see in the future is another Rockhopper's Quest! Waddle on! : ) -FlashBeard


I in my opinion they do a party in November in a submarine aquatic thank you very much bye club penguin team.

apolo 125:

this is a very cool party but rockhopper's gone how sad


Hmm...My favorite parts of September? Well, I have a lot of them! First of all, I had my birthday, and got my very first issue of the Club Penguin magazine! I also loved when Rockhopper came, he's my all time favorite mascot and when I first saw his ship through the binoculars I was all like, "OMG ROCKHOPPER IS COMING BACK!!!! YAAY!!!"

I also loved the Medieval Party! It is my all time favorite holiday, and I loved making potions and turning into magical creatures!

-Waddle On!

Fun Feathers:

Sounds like this was an awesome month for you Artistgirl55 (love your name btw). Happy belated birthday!

-Club Penguin Team


My favorite part of September was meeting Rockhopper again! I was so excited to see him! He told us a bunch of new, interesting stories! I also loved the party rooms for the Medieval Party, they were so cool! What I would like to see in the future is a big celebration for the Anniversary party, maybe there could be decorations outside the Coffee Shop? I also would LOVE to transform into a jack-o-lantern puffle at the Halloween party!


I think my fave part was meeting Gary and making potions. I met Gary on the 30th of September. My fave potion was the dragon transformation. I look forward to Halloween and meeting other mascots. I hope Aunt Arctic will be there. I wonder what the costumes will be.
Thank you for asking for our opinion and WADDLE ON CP!


Every month I can't wait for the Catalogs I'm all ways on on the second I'm up to check what's new on the island. As for Rockhopper I met him and he was so funny as he told jokes all day.

Over And Out



there are so many people writing comments to this question.

Flip Flap:

My favourite thing in September was how the medival theme was everywhere you would walk around and see unicorn puffles or knights even dragons. Also all the destinations were medival like the town even the pizza parlor.
I would love too see the EPF finished and maybe a good theme could be outerspace like the moon, Mars, Martians and astronauts.

Tuesday , 1 October, 2013, 1:00 pm

Pinky Spoty:

I liked it when Rockhopper returned because I got a new background and he told us stories. I also liked the medieval party because I got to create potions and I mixed up them and turned into something cool. I got to see Gary and it was totally awesome because I had never seen him before.

Thank you Club Penguin for all the hard work you do to make this website special. YOU GUYS ROCK! I LUV YOU GUYS! YOU'RE AWESOME!


Honestly, I really like all parts of September. I love the new styles in the clothing catalog, the furniture items to spark up my igloo, Rockhopper coming back to the island and getting some items from his catalog, the medieval party, everything. This September has been a blast! I can't wait for October! Can't wait for Clubpenguin's 8th anniversary, really looking forward to that party hat and spooky decorations for the Halloween Party!


Hi Polo Field.I loved the catolog at the migrator and all of the other catologs.I cant wait for halloween catologs and who is coming on.My guess is The Penguin band.I think i still have my membership so il still be able to buy the catolog items.Im going to request some items for the f and clothing items.the skull trick or treet bag and a ghost jumper.Congratulations on your app beacoming in the top 20. thnksn for reading remember waddle on :)


Polo and spike for visiting


The most favorite thing I loved in September was the penguin style and the furniture.I really loved the way you did with the penguin style in September now there are more clothing and you are bringing back the clothing that were out months ago and about the furniture catalog there were so MANY items to buy I would like to say thank you and please use the same techniqe you did with the oth catalogs for the next ones and the thing I would want in the future is to release both at same time BYEE


My favorite part was the Medieval Party because I got to make potions, earn prize, and meet Gary!
Waddle on, CP!


My favorite part of September is the Medieval Party because you could turn into dragons! And in the future I would like to see a Coins for Change Party because I love donating and thats why I'm getting a lot of coins!

Fun Feathers:

You'll be happy to know that Coins for Change will be returning for the Holiday Party! Woot!!

-Club Penguin Team

artkid01 :

my favorite part os september was probably the medieval 'caus i got to meet gary, my favorite mascot and using the potions was fun too. my favorite is either the potion of fey or the potion of invisibility.

WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!


I like the Medival party because my favorite mascot is he is coming to CP that is Gary. He makes me more smarter.

Waddle on ,Gary:)


Oh, September was awesome! I loved the Medieval Party with all of its new surprises and twists! My favorite part of the party was teaching in the wizard school as "Glandorf the White". It was a blast getting new apprentices (daily) and teaching them all the spells that I knew (or the ones that was in the book Gary gave me). Thanks CP for keeping the parties so much fun and with new things included!

Waddle on CP!


My name is my nickname. My fav part was meeting and showing gary all the potions! He also liked the pizza I made him a lot!


Takeover parties are amazing. In the future I want to see more penguins dressed as characters from the popular series from Disney. <3


September was awesome, but I can't wait to see the newly repaired Elite Penguin Force Command Room and the TraceTracker3000 working again!
I feel it... October is gonna be AWESOME!


Dear CP team.
I reallly REALLY would love this again! The Medieval Party was AWESOMELY awesome!
Its kinda sad there wasn't any quests to do ,and what about Herbert?
Being dressed up as a wizard was cool but i'm kinda also sad that the full wizard suit wasn't for all.But IT WAS GREAT!!!!!
Thanks for being thoughtful


From,Drbn P.S i'm a girl....


I know this might not mean much, but medieval party was so far the best, you can pretend ur at a wizard school as a teacher, student
and a clucking chicken. Its epic how there are epic potions my fav is the potion of fleet and it come's in handy in chair games XD,
But the best was all the penguins who were on i saw so many dragons i lost count, they were zooming all over the place flying over there and over here roaring fire, with speed and hovering potions those dragons are fast
waddle on cp


I have liked this month. Its been awesome! Rockhoppers been YAY! My highlights this month are Rockhopper I love treasure hunt game and I like the igloo catalogue. Great rooms. I would like to see Halloween party and coins for change with maybe something to do with fireworks in November.


when rockhopper returns because he hasen't been on the island for ages untill Medieval Party 2013 so we need more rockhopper!


my favorite thing about september in club penguin was the medieval party, i just started playing and this was my first cp party! it was just awsome! i loved turning into different creatures, making potions, and being a royal night. All the potions were so cool, but my favorite one was the faery potion. You can also mix different potions for some funny turnouts. i chased my friends around as a giant puffle unicorn! This party was awesome, and i cant wait to see whats next!
waddle on!


Welcome to CP!!! I'm kinda new; I started playing in early April this year. Hope you have fun on CP!!!


I wanna see if The Fair is coming back to Club Penguin.


Dear CP team,
I loved September! my favorite part is when Rockhopper arrived. i love going in his ship every year in excitment to see what is in the catalog in his ship. I also liked meeting my friends up at the ship to dig for treasure! Although i REALLY wanted to meet him,I could'nt. But I still had a lot of fun when he was here. I also loved the Medieval Party. I liked all of the potions that we could turn into.I hope the Medieval party will be back next year! WADDLE ON


My favorite things from september is the Medieval party,because of the cool potions!My favorite potion was "Ultimate mega dragon"(nice name!) :P It was absolutely FABULOUS!!! :P but i also loved rockhopper's ship! it has been a great month on clubpenguin, and i can't wait for whats coming up next! I really hope a new EPF mission is coming soon.
I can't wait for the Halloween costumes that are coming up! BOO! :P this is gonna be great!
Waddle on!


I want to see something for October, like Herbert coming to club penguin and trying to take over

St Michael3:

My favorite parts of September were seeing all the new furniture items to decorate my igloo to look AWESOME and to see the new clothes in the clothing catalog, but my favorite part was seeing Rockhopper again and getting his background! I also enjoyed getting his rare items that he brought back from his adventures! What I can't wait to see in the future is all the new items that will be available in October. Especially the new machine for puffles, the Halloween Party, and the anniversary!


My Favorite part of Sept. is when we turn into magical fairies. Also I just saw Rockhopper for the first time he was very nice. But my favorite thing is that I'm so excited of what going to do in Oct. I can't wait Later


hey polo field!!!!!!!!! my favorite part in September was rockhopper coming to the island i would like to see him come back in a few months! i am hopping that he will come back in the Christmas party like he does all the time!


My favorite thing is transforming into a dragon and protecting the puffle unicorns!!!


I look forward to having the fall fair next year but I had a lot of fun this year.


My favorite part of September was when I met Gary for the first time, I attended the Medieval Party for the first time, and EVERYTHING!
I don't really want anything in the future, only to see what Club Penguin has planned for us! :D


I loved seeing Gary and I think the Medieval Party should of had a princess saving game were your a knight and you save a princess
waddle o
waddle on


hi club penguin! how are you guys doing? my favorite part of september was when rockhopper came and brought us awesome items! my other favorite part is that when the medival party was released on the 19th! i was so exited to see the stuff from medival party! and i loved the potions thanks for adding that part too! and since halloween is coming i want it to be super duper scary! i want to get super scared from you guys! i want zombies walking around in the haunted house i want a grave yard too!


September was great! I liked Gary coming because I met him!This month I am hopeing there is a halloween party and I become a member again!
Waddle On Penguins!

Fria 269:

My favorite part of this September is when the Medieval party was on. Everything about the party was cool, from the brill costumes at the gift shop to the awesome potions that were released everyday. Gary was the highlight of the party and I hope he returns to club penguin in the near future!

Waddle ON!!!


My favorite part of September was the Medieval party because i like becoming a unicorn or a dragon or a faerie. My favorite potion was the ultra mega dragon especially when you use ogre size!

Enter nickname:

Woa September was so fun! Even though I didn't see rockhopper or Gary, I liked turning into a chicken! I did it on purpose...Alot!
I loved decorating my igloo like a castle! I love all of the things in the party! Why did it have to so soon? Can it come back I like the potions!

Waddle On CP!

Gator W.

Pink lemon09:

October is one of my fave mounths and this why... I get to usually throw awsome parties in my iggy, go Trick Or Treating with my best friends, and of course the Halloaween party its self! I loved last years party because we got to meet one of Gary's ansesters and transfourm into gousts.I also loved getting a slice of cake and a hat at the anniversary.This year I think it would be really fun to be able to create your very own monster! Just think of having a pal that could go through walls!:D


September: My favorite part of Sept. was the migrator visiting!! It was really fun playing treasure hunt with my friends. I also liked turning into different things with all the spells. October: I'm always excited to see whats in the new catalogs! Also sooo excited for the Halloween party, and the anniversary. I'm wondering what the new puffle thing is gonna be!


I loved the Teen Beach Summer Party. Especially if I got to meet my favorite mascot, Cadence.
I hope one of the future party's to be back will be the Fair.


September in CP was great!!! I loved how I got to meet a character for the first time, in my case, Gary! Becoming a giant dragon was also pretty epic too. Though September is over, October is here, which means one VERY fun thing.... HALLOWEEN!!!! I can't wait to see what CP does for the Big party! ~waddle on!


my favrout part had to be meeting rockhopper and gary chaters are the best part allways is the best part ofthe partay c u laters

Cassidy 6635:

That is a great answer! It shows great attitude, a great personality, and creative!


I liked it when RH came to the island. It was the 1st time I met him! I also am glad that you listened to us and brought the Penguin Style secrets back. :) But I want the EPF to be finished already! It's been FOREVER. I also want you to have some sorta 'Go Green' party since the Recycling Center is gone. And maybe build the Recycling Center somewhere else? Oh, and more EPF MISSIONS! I LOVED Operation: Hot Sauce. I would go CRAY if you made a TV show on Disney Channel (Plz in U.S.!). Waddle On!


ho my gosh I have so much to tell. First I love the costumes also the forest it was so cool. So I hope to see this in October is the costumes, and the background. I can't wait!


How about a 50's Prime Time Party? Rookie, Cadence and her band, and Herbert could show up.


I really loved the Midieval Party, I really can't wait until the Halloween Party!! Also, in October it's my birthday!!!

by ellieb2003


I can't wait for the Halloween party! Will there be new missions? I'm just so exited for the new features added to Club Penguin!


My faviorite party of September was when Captian Rockhopper came!


I hope you make a new party! I REALLY like all these new features in party's!

Aqua Dude4:

I loved the medieval party this year, but not quite as much as last year. The transformations were great, and I'd love it if you brought it back next year, just with more. But I'd like to see the ye knight's quests 1, 2, & 3 return, and it would be great to add a fourth one too! And please celebrate it in more rooms also (like the past few years). Otherwise, you're doing great!
See ya!


My favorite part of September was the Medieval Party. I loved being able to create potions and transform into bizarre creatures and have mythical powers. I hope that we will be able to turn into a puffle chicken again. Sometimes I hoped I would mess up on a potion just to turn into one. But the first time I turned into one I didn't know what had happened to my penguin!


I REALLY liked the medievel party and when Rockhopper came to the island.When is the fall fair?

Spygirl 66:

Hi everyone!

My favorite parts of September were when RockHopper came to CP with all his fantastic new items! I also REALLY enjoyed the Medieval Party! It was the highlight! It was fun having to create the different potions and transform (If you were a member). I wasn't a member unfortunately. I think the Potion of Ultimate Mega Dragon was the best. When we had to create it we got to use a special Golden O'Berry!

Waddle on Club Penguin! Spygirl 66


I think so far in September I liked the igloo catalog. The new tree igloo was awesome! My friends and I got on club penguin together and pretended it was a tree house. And in the future, i'd like the fall fair to return. It was one of my favorite parties. Waddle on!

6671 Penguin:

Well my favorite part of September was the Medieval Party. I loved the potions you could transform into. They were really cool. But It would be even better If you make new cool rooms like you should add like a new quest for the Medieval Party.


I like how Rockhopper comes over occasionally and how he brought the Medieval party. Next time he comes though, I hope he can bring a pirate party where we can go on the Migrator, buy cool pirate costumes that have special actions, be able to buy a boat igloo and have the whole of CP turned into a pirate ship!


I agree. AWESOME!!!

Fun Feathers:

Rockhopper certainly is an awesome pirate pal! It's always a blast when he waddles on through. It would be epic if he brought a whole pirate party to the Island! YO HO HO.

-Club Penguin Team


My favorite thing was that medievel party i loved how there was potion making and unicorn puffles it was really cool.


My favorite part in September was well...everything!!!


Hey Polo Field And Club Penguin.
I liked a bunch of stuff in september like when gary comes And rockhopper.I I Want to see a lot of stuff in the future like new partys And i saw i picture some thing about a new night club in Club Penguin but i will keep it a secert.Also i heared you guys are making A card jistu shadow i can't wait!
Waddle on!


Card-Jitsu Shadow?! Sounds sweet but I have not heard about this yet? Did you hear about this on Club Penguin from one of our team members? I would love to know more it sounds really cool!

- Club Penguin Team


Well, I liked when Rockhopper gave a 1 week visit. It was the 1st time he came since December 2012!


i'm so happy to get back to school. ill meet new friends,meet new teachers,nice subjects.and most subjects that i like are science, geography,maths.after all i'm so happy to get back to school



This is my first time to use My Penguin on the iPad
I can NOT see what is so different about it yet
Can't wait to download this app on my i pod YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY

Fun Feathers:

Awesome! Waddle on by and let us know what you think.

-Club Penguin Team.


I've love every thing about September but most of all is the catalog.


i love when rockhopper coming and when coming the dragon potion and ultmate wizard prizes


Hey CP! i just realized that the Midievel party did not end yet T_T and its already October 2!! Please Remove the party! thanks!


The best highlights I think:
Clothing Catalog: Very welldone, thanks for Secrets back!
Furniture Catalog: Very intresting Igloos!
Migrator: Wow! And FREE item for Non-member's too.
Medieval Party: Loved it! Potions are great! Unicorn Puffles!!!

Overall rating: I loved it! Migrator, Furniture, Clothing, Medieval all great! I enjoyed it all. I was kinda dissapointed about the Fall Fair (Just being honest, sorry if thats offensive) And I can't wait for Treat or Treating! Save ya lollies!


I would like to see the completed EPF HQ and can the team add some igloo items for everyone?


This month I loved when Gary came in servers


My favorite thing was that rockhopper came back because he's been gone for so long and I'd like to see the rest of the rooms get new looks waddle on everyone


Well I would like to see club penguin in a new style with a new take over on. The thing I like the most is club penguin gives us surprising us by new takeovers and parties so I hope they will continue this and thing I like the most about CP is they always teach us something and help us meet new friends. so I hope I see the same things in the month of September next year. Till then G'Bye

Your friend


I loved when Gary visited for the medieval party and i hope that the penguin band visits this year and rookie could maybe visit or maybe even you could update the epf


this summer or winter where I live was the best time in club penguin over the last 5 years. There was so much excitement with rockhopper coming and then a magic potion book I cant wait for next summer/winter.

Dyno Soar:

If you thought the last few months were fun, wait till you see what's coming in the next few months!

- Club Penguin Team


sorry forgot to put nick name i talked about the trading thing

Ninjapro 800:

My favorite parts of this Semptember was Rockhopper came to see us and that you could turn into a actual dragon it feels like I actually really am one when i am on CP and the work of penguins as a community this was great this month we showed that we care and love each other and that CPs main mission!!!!! One of the things i want to see in the future is to make the coffee shop how u did in 2010 when u made it look like a diner at the holiday party! Thankyou and BYE! -Ninjapro 800


I want to see more rockhopper



I really liked Rockhopper coming. I got countless coins in treasure Hunt, and THY MEDIEVAL PARTY STARTED!! FORSOOTH!


My favorite part of September is ........ well everything! I liked the Teen Beach party and The Medieval Party here on Club Penguin and all the things that happened to me in real life. In the future i want to see myself on the penguin of the day place and i want to be a part of the club penguin staff even though i am only in High school. I also wan to see more free items and more clothing and items for non-members like myself. Please add me if you want! Also i liked seeing Rock Hopper and Yar!


My favorite part of September was seeing Rockhopper return to the island but most of all meeting new friends around Clubpenguin. I would like to see new puffle hats, or maybe make a new place like Statue of penguin! That would be awesome I hope you like my ideas!


I can't wait to find out what parties are in store for November and much more. And I'd like to see us do the Fair party next September. I was happy with the Medieval party and all, but I didn't like that the fair was being cancelled. I wanted to see what the rainbow puffle would do in the circus. :(


I liked the Medievel party because there was lots of cool potions I really like the white unicorn puffle.btw


Hi Club Penguin,

What I would like to see in the future is much more games and a new update every day!

I did like the Medieval party and how it was potion themed. It was an excellent party and I loved it

Thanks Club Penguin.

Waddle On, Geronimo8213


Being back in school was fun. I loved that Rockhopper and Gary came to the island to see us and have fun with us, it was very cool! Knights, maidens, fairies, dragons, and other magical creatures to turn into. The Medieval party I went to. :)


My favorite parts of September is before my penguin log in , I got Gary's stamp . Also, I got Gary's background and he has became my friend during his meeting time . Furthermore , I like Medieval Party this year for the first time because I learned about wizard and learning to make the magic potion .
I like to see in the future is I heard that Halloween Party will be held in this October . Also , I hope the party will be very fun though I'm very busy at the same time .
Thanks and waddle on !

Christy Jade:

I think the Halloween party this year should be a haunted ship!!! I also think that you should do a quest everyday on the ship then you can find out who Garianna really is!!! Maybe you should also make a new music video with Garianna and the golden puffle in it!!!

tippyippy tom:

can't wait till cristmas to raise money i'm so sorry for por people and i'm going to play games with my freinds to save money.

toeseys :

i loved turning in to the ultimate mega dragon because it reminded me of the Dino party. i want to see a party where the EPF teams up with the O.W.C.A to stop the ultimate team up of Herbert and Dr.Doof. waddle on CP!


The best part about this month was spending time exploring the medieval party and trying to find Gary! Awesome month and something I would like to see in the future is having more decorated rooms! WADDLE ON!!!!


My favorite part in September was hanging out with my friends and meet Gary and rockhopper together.the future for me in cp is having a friendship with my best friends and trick or treat with them.

alisha 123:

my favorite part in September was seeing Rockhopper and Gary and hagging out with them. what I want to see in the future is an awesome Halloween party and seeing all the characters PH to Herbert all of them. thanks for reading WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!


September was awesome, I was excited that Rockhopper returned to the Island after 10 months! I really enjoyed seeing adorable little dragon and unicorn puffles and giant red dragons! I love dragons! I also met Gary and had a lot of fun. I heard a Halloween party is coming next! Awesome, but I really want to see something about the EPF these days because they are going low the radar for 7 months!I hope I see some action!


I loved the magical potions we got to make in the medieval party. They were so amazing!

Enter nickname:

This past September has been perfect! Along with the leaves falling, hot chocolate, and family time, Club Penguin has had some amazing themes! Most if all, I really enjoyed seeing Rockhopper again! I hope everyone else had a fun time this month too :) . Waddle on!

Katie Roxie:

My favorite part of september was the medieval party. It was so much fun making the the potions and transforming! Also,I think that for the future, you should have more than one mascot come to the party.... THEY COULD LOG IN TOGETHER AND WE WOULD COMPLETE OUR STAMP COLLECTION QUICKER! I have one more thing to add..... WE NEED MORE MEETUP TIMES WITH U! I am super excited for the Halloween Party and i cant wait to see what u have up your sleeves this time... Waddle on!

Fun Feathers:

That would be a fun time! Which famous penguins would you like to see team up for parties?

-Club Penguin Team


There is so many things in the month September like Rockhopper and the medieval party!
My favorite part was when me and my friends went against each other in the medieval party!
It was so fun and I could not ask for a better day!!


i realy liked the leaf statue of a knight


I think that for Halloween you need to add ghost costumes and oh! You can't forget about dressing up as candy!!!!! There should be different colors! That would be perfect!


One thing I love about September is that MY BIRTHDAY IS IN SEPTEMBER! I would like to see herbert again to get to beat him. It's super fun to see that look on his face. He never sees it coming!


My favourite parts of September were in the medieval party with all the potions you could make! The things I'd like to see would be a Harry Potter party! How awesome would that be?


My favourite part of September was seeing Rockhopper! I've always liked it when you can go to his ship and play Treasure Hunt, it's really fun to earn some stamps for digging the treasure! What l would like to see in the future is the Holiday Party, since it's my favourite party of all! I really like when you donate your coins like last year, I had so much fun that year, I hope that I'll have more fun this year!


I really enjoy the medieval party, when you can make and mix potions.
And i really want to see more world-wide missions.


My user name is doga500
I really can't wait for the missions to come back because I enjoy figuring it out after a few gos, and I would also look forward to having the hollywood party again because..well... It's just so fun driving around in the limo! AND HALLOWEEN PARTY! I'm going to be a fairy on cp xx
Love from doga500

Mr Funny29:

I loved everything this month on Club Penguin, but the highlight for me was the Medieval Party with Gary appearance. In the future, I would love to see a bus driving around Club Penguin and you can go on it. Just like in the Hollywood Party, there was a limousine.

-Mr Funny29


September was the best because the medieval party and the magical potions we got to make in it. Also, it was fun and challenging to find
Gary and get his epic background. What I see in the future is that we will be able to get a golden puffle in the play The Quest for the Golden Puffle.


I liked the Medieval Party, meeting Rockhopper and Gary.... And everything! I liked the Medieval Party because I think it's really interesting especially creating potions. It's also kinda the first Medieval Party experience for me... I sort of expect how the new Epf would look like and what other changes there will be on Club Penguin. :)


My favorite part of September was waiting for Rockhopper to arrive on the server as I built up with excitement knowing that I was going to see Rockhopper for the first time! It was so fun as everyone gathered together on Club Penguin from across the world to wait for Rockhopper with the dancing,smiling and everyone's excitement that he was coming! Most of all, I enjoyed adding Rockhopper as a friend and collecting stamps from the Medieval Party!! WADDLE ON!! :)

Jammer 7193:

Yeah, Yellowspeed 1, when I met Rockhopper, everyone was like," Clear room for RH!" " Smile for RH!" It was awesome at that time.

Waddle On,
Jammer 7193


I explored the entire ship of Rockhopper (including the Captain's Headquarters) which was really cool! During the Medieval Party, I met Gary and became friends with him. I created all of the potions and it was really fun to bounce the ingredients. The only recommendation that I have is if Rockhopper came online more often. Other than that, September was really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jammer 7193:

What I really liked this year:

I loved that Rockhopper came and I got to meet him! I also met Gary at the medieval party, and I look forward to meet The penguin band, Cadence, Herbert, Rookie, Aunt Arctic, Sensei, and I want every penguin to have a chance to meet everyone. Waddle On!!

Jammer 7193.


Hey guys i like this party but i miss old Halloween plz bring it back Thx :D


Happy Ashley:

Hi, my penguins name is happy Ashley my absolute favorite thing about September was all the fun activities and seeing all my friends.Im happy summer is over, because I was so bored but now that school is back I'm so happy!!!!!!!!! And that was my favorite thing about September xoxoxoxoxoxo Ashley


Hiya, Club penguin. I haven't really been on club penguin many times but here's what I like the most: Rockhopper, It would be so cool if we can see the ship everyday plus He is so cool!!! Anyway I would like to bring back a puffle festival, Yeah I don't know if there's any but it would be great! And all penguins can buy puffle costumes and pretend to be a puffle :)



i think this years Halloween party will be great hope to see ya their bye!


I enjoyed the medieval party. Seeing all those potions made me think: wow, I'm in for a treat. Also, I'm super exited about the Halloween party.
From, your old
Pal, Blacktack951
P.S. Can u make the Halloween party be extra scary?


fall is my favorite season because my birthday is in fall and I LOVE jumping in the leaves with my friends and because Halloween is in fall I like to go trick or treating and seeing all the people in their costumes


Heya CP team!
I liked most about September is Teen Beach Movie party PLUS, the actual movie! I also like the Medeivel party! it was fun when gary came : 0 ) but to be honest, i think i like October better beacause more school and Halloween.CP did a good job on all of the parties. Ecpecialy the Halloween party! very very nice job CP

-Izzychill05 P.S. Whats the next party after the Halloween Party?


I really liked the medival party and rockhopper. I really hope for a wreck it ralph party in the future but with items for non members too. :)

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