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By Daffodaily5 on September 11, 2013 - 05:48
I think it's brill when penguins share mini game tips with their friends! Just like Bruins1000, who's also an ace pal to his buddies and teaches them all about CP. Keep it up! (smile)
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-Club Penguin Team



Wow! Bruins1000 is a cool looking penguin! Love your igloo too!
Waddle On Club Penguin! :)

Green N Cool:

That's Awesome Daffodaily5! Well done Bruins1000!


ok so I want to be a penguin of the day to


I wish cp would make this thing where you create your own sunglasses for everyone

matheus trut:

Hello , my friend girimu birthday is tomorrow and I want Him to be indicating penguin day, He has great style and is very radical


Hey Daffodaily5 and Club Penguin.
Awesome work Bruins1000 for Being Penguin Of The Day!
Epic sruf iggy!
Waddle on!


: D


About the last comment about the takeover I have one thing to say NOT! It totally rocked I loved it

ninja fan!:

i think you should put in my buddy he got me hooked on cp! his user wallie5252

matheus trut:

Hello , my friend girimu birthday is tomorrow and I want Him to be indicating penguin day, He has great style and is very radical


cool igloo



Enter nickname:

I think that Madelyn90479 should be the next POTD. She is just starting Club Penguin and has already made lots of friends! We love to give tours together and she is always helping other penguins in need! Madelyn is an awesome friend and should totally be POTD!!




cool cool but how do i contact club penguin?


My good friend, Angila928 is a sweet fun penguin who is always helping her friends. She met all the mascots and helps people meet them, and she is REALLY looking forward to the Medieval party! I hope you get to read this...
Thanks SOO much (this is my favorite game EVER by the way),


I am asome


i think that club penguin should have something where you can make your own outfit or shoes or hairstyle(: ^_^


That is a really cool idea! That would be awesome!


I think that is a super mega cool iggy! I would think their would be a lot of pool party's their :D


Dude can you put Avacourtney1 on the blog thanks


I like your house!!!


Hey guys! Make sure to check out my cousin's amazing iggy! Her user is Ballet5, and her iggy is teen beach movie themed. She is the best cousin a person could have! Oh! and make sure you check out Operation Puffle. Those Graphics are AMAZING! P.S you should meet Herbert while you've got the chance he's leaving super soon! : ) :) :) :) ;) ;)
Good luck and Waddle On!


Hey guys! Epicpenguin here, any ppl need help? PROBABLY! Ok, here is some news for you only! Members, if you click on the G-Tech glasses, you get a Herbert disguise! And, if you want a Klutzy outfit, click on the Penguin Brain box to get it! Sorry, this function is members only, : |
Post other comments on what you want to know next!
Thanks guys and remember to. . . Waddle On!

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