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By Daffodaily5 on September 23, 2013 - 01:53


Spaceship? Check. Shark head on the wall? Check. Perfect recipe for an epic igloo? CHECK! Kittypaws101 has even got a random outfit on her penguin to match! A perfect mix of brill and silly. It’s brilly. :D

Contact us if you think you know who the next Penguin of the Day should be.


-Club Penguin Team



Fablous costume and iggy, Kittypaws01


could Biggiesmall3 the penguin of the day please if you do ill tell all my friends about club penguin byeee!


good job


Can I please be the next penguin of the week!?


i think i should be penguin of the day but i am not only saying that my friend canyrocks500 is so nice my igloo and her igloo rocks i hope u guys read this comment oh and kittypaws101 YOUR IGLOO ROCKS plus me and my friend are so nice to everone once a fairy came up to me and she got sucked in a vacum and i freed her she said she will grant me a wish but i said helping a friend is the best of all :)


Congrats your igloo is AWESOME!!!!


:O EPIC!! He is my Friend :D
Hey Kittypaws101 :D


I think you should look at my freind as a penguin of the day his name is ninjaferno40
P.S. Just so you know he is a member


Hey can enyone tell me how to play this


J, if you are looking for helpful tips and tutorials for Club Penguin click here. Or if you would like to write to the Club Penguin Team for help click here.



Hi CP Team! I'm Cutiepie2333 and I have a friend that I think should be Penguin of the Week. Her name is Dimond, she's hilarious and makes amazing iggys and we always have fun together! Thank you for reading and please pick Dimond for Penguin of the Week.


Heya! Great Igloo Kittypaws101 congrats!! Add me! Bye!!!
Waddle on!!


Hi Club Penguin team.

I nominate my friend Erik8099 ... He'd very much like to be the Penguin of the day! He always comes to nag you Daffo, I hope you like it and publish it to make him happy!

Waddle On!



Hey Sophie14449, 

If you'd like to nominate a friend for POTD, write us at support! You can contact us here

- The Club Penguin Team



Sensei 333:

I think eliahubond should be penguin of the day because when he is on he always cheers me up(:


Plz add me!!!


I wish I could be POTD just once please!


Mabye I'm going to be POTD just once please!


Congrats! Kittypaws


Good job. Kittypaws101! I luv ur iggy & ur outfit!


i dont know how can i plz be the penguin of the day byye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can I please be on the penguin of the day because I never got to be a penguin of the day. My only wish is to be on penguin of the day once. Just once. If u can do that 4 me, that will be swell! :)


I really like the penguin of the day updates. I agree, Kittypaws does look very brilly! That iggy looks like it took ALOT of work!
Waddle On!!!


Hey I want to be penguin of the day omg must be amazing

Mr dinla:

hi i am mr dinla

I thing the penguin of the day should be sammy5007 he never gives up on throwing parties at his iggy ysterday he kept on asking people to go even the day before i nearly see him everyday!!!!


I love your iggy and your outfit Kittypaws101!


I would like to be penguin of the day of meieval party and every body to see me and and I hope every one on clubpenguin and I hope you like my iggy and what I am wearing!


awesome iggy!!! xD


Nice! =D I wish I had the squid suit though. =l


Pick Blakerman02 he is awesome.

Draak Skale:

IF you want to nominate your penguin pal for Penguin of the Day, email Club Penguin support here and tell them why you think they should be PotD!

Lovley2234 is my name on cp:

Can you be my friend I need more friends

Nanner Fairy:

I'd love to be your friend!

- Club Penguin Team



Roxy Famous:

Hi guys! Kittycat looks like an awesome penguin! Love the outfit by the way.

Shrub Shrub:

It's great to see so many positive comments! If you'd like to nominate someone for Penguin of the Day, contact our support team here.

- The Club Penguin Team

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