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By Daffodaily5 on September 30, 2013 - 03:31


When they’re not being a life guard at the Cove, Stinky8080 is often seen helping out at the Puffle Hotel and the Pizza Parlour! Their extra-friendly attitude is why they deserve to be today’s Penguin of the Day and receive 5000 coins! 

Contact us with your nominations!


-Club Penguin Team


Queen Candy7:

i like his iggy


I would love to be penguin of the day! Please reconize me!


Cool igloo dude loving the black puffle poster


will u have the time to nominate EVERYONE as Potd if so could u post my best friend Molly7424


Congrats, Stinky8080! I like that you are super friendly!


can u make 3d penguin after the party! plz (:


Wow, that's working penguin!
hope i see him around!
Waddle on!



Dome C:

Hey Guys! Awesome, Stinky8080! I love helping out at the Pizza Parlor, so we might have to meet up sometime and work together! And then, off subject again: Daffo, your puffle (I think her name is Blossom?) is hungry... just wanted to let you know!

/Dome C\


Love it wish I could be up there


I will nominate my friend Superoo13 because he is funny and he wears cool non member outfits.


I think that you should make my friend Cob Penguin1 penguin of the day, because he is really friendly and he loves jokes!


Stinky8080 sounds like a wonderful penguin!( The iggy is totally brill too) I like helping at the pizza parlor too, so maybe, we'd
run into each other! I like the outfit! It's so unique. Waddle On! :D

rejna agent0:

am not a member stinky8080 you are cool .how can ay do this like you

Millie 68:

I would like to nominate myself as penguin of the day. I usually am on as much as I can get on the computer! My user name is Millie 68

Like Himself:

I would like to make a nomination for my very good friend Jmbr1, who is a very loyal and trustworthy friend, since he was my first friend in CP.


Plz nomnaite MY friend Ash Kid413 hes a Great friend He Helped me With Potions And He Takes my Place IN the Pizza parlor when im sick (:


I would really love to be penguin of the week please choose me


i think the potd should be 8hope8 shes my best friend and she never lets me down she always the for me she has a job like everywhere and she has a great igloo is funny and really the best friend u can ask for so u should make her the potd


I wish I was penguin of the day but eh i don't care but good luck to everyone else and bye



Please let my nominee be POTD.


I luv ur iggy, & ur ghost outfit, Stinky8080.


I hope to see this working penguin around.


I would love to be penguin of the day plz

grey 222:

its cool and i wish i had one like it in case you don't know what im talking about its the iggy


I would love yo be a penguin of the day I helped my friend once when she was new to CP

megan 5634:

I woud love to be penguin of the day

Don Don1107:

His gigs is awesome


I like your name Stinky8080. Your costume as a ghost is very awesome and all your puffle play ground and stuff that you have.


Yah I like your igg

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