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By Daffodaily5 on September 10, 2013 - 02:42
Spending time with my puffle is one of my fave things to do, and it seems that Sugar Cake3 loves it too! She’s always caring for her furry pets and they just love to explore the island together! (smile)
Don’t forget to tell us why your friend deserves to be Penguin of the Day. Contact us! Every successful POTD gets 5000 coins!
-Club Penguin Team



Wow nice igloo and shes a really sweet penguin when it comes to puffle queston Daffodaily5 What subject do I do to contact you for POTD please? Because I have so many nominations to send and I dont know which subject please tell me I want to know!!!!


Hey, Daffodaily!!!! Sugar Cake 3 sounds like a spectacular friend! I have some recommendations for some Penguins Of The Day! One of my friends on here is Reeses27611. She is kind, caring, and always reports penguins who aren't following the Club Penguin Rules. Another one on here is Rainbow20764. She is kind, caring, and reports unsafe penguins, and always has AWESOME igloos! Be sure to check her out sometime soon!!!!!!! Thanks, Daffo for having the POTD!!!! Waddle on, Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!


when can we start doing missions to get meddels again and start doing paint letters again in the library


hey congrats hope you are exited for the medieval party!!!! i am


Can the penguin of the day be my friend Pinksy W? She is always so creative with her igloos.


Liamaevemoi should be the penguin of the day because he is so caring


WOOHOO Sugar Cake 3! You TOTES deserve POTD! Oh yeah.... your iggy is BRILL!!!!! A perfect beach hangout if you ask me! ;D
Thruthenite :)


How to be the penguin of the day?

Glitter Roll:

Heya! If you Contact Us you can send in your nominations. Don't forget to include why you'd like to be POTD too!!

*Glitter Roll*


Congratulations Suger Cake 3, your iggy looks great!


Congrats love your iggy


Congrats love your igloo


she is cute lots of hearts

blue 431:

Lol she is prob trying to look like katnis from the hunger games


No i am her best friend shes not trying to be katniss, i am! She is really awesome by the way! I WAS THE ONE WHO NOMINATED HER!!!


woohoo celebrate good times come on its a celebriation congrats everyone


Well Done and Congrats to DaffoDail5! It would be so cool if 1 of my buddies showed up! My buddy called J Tango is super freindly! Elle1111 was at my school but she moved so she has been super friendly to! J Tango has to be a brilliant buddy.


Sorry! I meant Sugar Cake3!

matheus trut:

my friend girimu deserves the Day Penguin as He is . very cool and has a radical style , igloo it is all music I have and He ate a band , the name of the band is united Cp .


Love your iggy!!!!!


I think JCLLH1722 should be POTD because when I was new she gave me a tour and became my first friend I think shes really thoughtful and caring


JCLLH1722 should be POTD because shes so nice and never says no to a friend request

matheus trut:

my friend girimu deserves the Day Penguin as He is . very cool and has a radical style , igloo it is all music I have and He ate a band , the name of the band is united Cp .


Hey daffodaily5 and Club Penguin.
Good job Sugar Cake3 for being Penguin Of The Day!
Also epic iggy!
And nice job for caring your puffles!
Waddle on!

Love bug 341:

I think she would be a good , great , awesome ,and fun friend


I nominate JCLLH1722 on my first day she gave me a tour and became my first friend shes loyal honest generous kind and the kind of penguin who always has a good joke shes thoughtful caring and her igloo is so original I also know she loves Club Penguin those are reasons why I think she should be POTD or Penguin Of The Day hope you consider it:)
Waddle on CP;)


Good job Sugar Cake 3! Ur iggy is so cool!


I have 4 suggestions for POTD. My first suggestion is me (Boom625) because I am very friendly and nice. My second suggestion is Coach Red because he his amazing at playing Smoothie Smash. My third suggestion is Gohan1305. Like me (Boom625) very nice and has a great igloo. My fourth and final suggestion is Meme The Kid. Last time I saw him he had over 30,000 likes on his igloo. Please summit my suggestions but you do not have to.




I think my egloo is


I love it! Spending time with your puffle is always great!



she kind of looks like katniss from hunger games


I just want to share about Pennypop789. She's my best friend in real life. She's not a member. But being a member isn't everything. She makes the best of her nm-ness every time. We talk about everything and CP is our new way of talking when were apart. Couldn't ask for a better friend. Thanks for being awesome! Stay cool Sincerly, Beakbop1


Cool and congrats!!!!!!! Peace

Paint 17:

Dear , Sugar Cake3 Luv Your Igloo! You The Best it looks so fun!


Hey daffo, I think you should nominate bigfoot42972. he is caring, has awesome igloos, always follows CP's rules, and loves helping people! He truly deserves this! He also loves raising pookie families and always includes anyone who is left out


Waddle On CP!


I think that Madelyn90479 should be the next POTD. even though she is not a member, she does everything she can to help out around Club Penguin! We work together to give tours and she is always making penguins laugh. She just started out and has already made her mark off Club Penguin! Luv ya sista! ;D

Mimy 23:

Dear CP team!For October we can have the Harry Potter party!I think that is good idea becouse the halloween coming


Spending time with puffles is great

Bobo Fred2:

I know this amazing girl who is just in love with club penguin and her puffles. Her name is sara40158. She is a loving penguin who loves visiting igloos and just loves to get dressed up in style


I think my friend herberta123 deserved to be POTD because she's kind and funny, and MAN SHE'S HILARIOUS! We met in a kingdom and I was magical talking kitty while she was an outlaw. I became her pet and from then on we became best friends on cp!


Your igloo is so awesome I wish I had a igloo that awesome but I like house but not as much as I like yours I always wanted a swimming pool in my igloo.

One more thing sugar cake3 you want to be my friend.


I think it was right for her to penguin of the day

Musheycloud :

I think kloko should be penguin of the day but your igloo looking great sugar cake 3


WELL DONE!! Your iggy is BRILL! You totally deserve Penguin of the day and plz be my friend! ;D


I love my puffles too! Awesome

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