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By Daffodaily5 on September 18, 2013 - 02:16


If you hang out at the Lighthouse you might have seen the super talented Topaz2D9907 jamming with her band and telling jokes! Uh-oh, I feel another Daffo joke coming on… Q: What’s the difference between a fish and a guitar? A: You can’t tuna fish! XD

Penguin of the Day nominations can be sent via the Contact Us page!


-Club Penguin Team


mr dinla:

even though i have never been penguin of the day i have seen some very nice people in cp also talented can their be a penguin of the week with extra money and make it a boy and a girl


Cool I can't wait for penguin of the day yay how cool I love that day I just can't wait

Thanks for reading and join me at my Halloween party


Wow she is a amazing penguin.Cool band , music and iggy.Well done Topaz2D9907


Can I please be the next penguin of the day :) <3 my user is Cookie5696. Waddle On! :) :)


First comment!

Dome C:

Hey Guys! I'm serious, Daffo, I LOVE your jokes. Made my morning! And Keep rocking on Topaz!

/Dome C\


I just wanted to say,I made up a character im always dressed as and his is named "The Funny Polar Bear"so if you wanna look at what he looks like look at my account!


I think being penguin of the day is so cool!

Greenie G :

Nice joke Daffo! My dad says the same one!:)


my friend, lilipi08 deserves the penguin Day


Thats funny, can't tuna fish. How about... What do you call a snail on a sailboat? SNAILBOAT! AHAHAHAHAH.....


Cool! I wish I was Penguin of the day


I have always wanted to be penguin of the day I have a really cool style for the medieval party that I would like everyone to see




Good job Topaz2D9907! ;) Funny joke Daffo! ;) I got a joke, What does Captain Rockhopper never want to see on his ship?
A sink and Yarr eating a leek! xD (a leak is a type of vegetable that smells weird)

Cheese Tree:

Hahahaha good one!

- Club Penguin Team


I want to be the penguin of the day please.


can i be the penguin of the week?!?!


Hello topaz2D9907! Your a very pretty penguin your igloo designs are better than mine! LOL. I hope to see you around club penguin I will send a postcard and like ur iggy! Good luck and Waddle on!


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your igloo is awesome!!!!!!!!


My friend lucie1313 would be a great penguin of the day she always is nice to people on CP please make her penguin of the day


Send us an email to our Support Department  here and tell us more about why you think your friend is so awesome. We'll send your nomination along to Daffodaily5!

- Club Penguin Team


Keep doin your best


Love ur iggy and outfit girl!


Come and look at my igloo


I Love It It's Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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