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By Polo Field on September 10, 2013 - 11:46

Hello Penguins!

Last Reviewed by You we wanted to know your thoughts on the month of August.

I really liked 08sunlight's  answer:

I enjoyed the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Party the most because of how much it reminded me of the Water Party in 2007. The Water Slides were my favorite, I went down them a few times with penguin friends. Puffle Digging some food for my Puffle saved me lots of coins, plus the food is very different from what you can buy in the Puffle Catalog. This month's clothing were fantastic! Great summer styles to wear when you waddle out to the cove to meet your friends.

Well done,  08sunlight,  that's awesome!

For this week's Reviewed by You, we'd like to know... for those of you going back to school, what do you look forward to most and why? Even if you aren't heading back to school this month, we still want your input!

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



I look forward to see my friends. I hardly get to play with some of my friends. I usually spend most of my time playing with penguin friends. Some of my friends play club penguin. If anything I am most excited about talking about CP with my friends at lunch. We talk a lot about it. Im also looking forward to seeing my teachers. They are so nice like the CP moderators.

Waddle On CP!


I like going back to school, because I can see all my friends and make new friends. Also, I get a whole new experience with teachers and classes. And don't forget accessories and outfits! You get a good excuse to go on a shopping spree and buy outfits,pencils,books, bags, and any other thing you can think of! Then once I finish for the day I can come and play Club Penguin and make even MORE friends! :)


I'm most looking forward to the Halloween party so I can get new costumes then mash them together to make an even scarier monster.


When I go back to school, I look forward to reading, writing, and drawing. Another thing I look forward to in school is doing art projects. Near the end of the year, we get to make missions! It sounds really fun! Also, I miss all my friends and sometimes you can see your old teachers if you're lucky enough. Plus, I've forgotten a lot of things over break. WADDLE ON

Chocchip 25:

I'm looking forward to....
A lot of things actually! But I cant wait to see all of my friends. Yes, mostly everyone is looking forward to that, but for me its more than just looking forward to, its more like not seeing your family for like, forever and then finally getting to see them. Without friends in life, you wouldn't be as happy. You have memories, fun times, funny times and even some bad times with friends, but trust me they will always be there for you! ;) Well, remember to waddle on!


I look forward to seeing my friends too. i usually play with penguin friends, but now i can do stuff with real friends. im going 2 my friends house tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


school is so much fun, we do a lot of stuff I<3 SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know right girlygirl356 SCHOOL ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enter nickname:

Welt I'm homeshcooled but I am looking froward to math,science,History,and just seeing homeschool friends!!:)


goodluck on the studys WADDLE ON


I look forward to having a good grade at school.It makes you feel glad because your parents/siblings or relatives support you.You do your best to make your mark at the top 10 list at school.It makes you dream like you already had a successful job.Do your best to make your mark.



I look forward to having a simple life and a good grade to amaze my friends,parents,relatives,and even penguin friends!The best part of it is the supports.You've always dreamed for example,a engineer!If it comes true then you'll be happy like your friends and parents support you



Im looking forward to school because i get to meet my brand new teacher! I want to find out who he is and if hes cool or not!


I am looking forward to going back to school because I get to see my friends again. We have a teacher that we had 2 years ago! She's really nice and we are going on some exiting trips too.
Waddle On!


my teacher who im getting is sooooooo nice she lets us bring in sweets every day and gives us cinema time and also she is going to give us projects she even has her own penguin and she wants us to let us do a project about club penguin


I am looking forward to going back because I am now in year six and I get to look after the school bunny bart LOTS OF NEW AND EXITING THINGS! will happen too
We Allready know that we are getting fresh new toilets to help us because they are very smelly at the moment *Pew Eeee*


lol thats good your toilets must really smell

cutepie teal:

LOL ikr


Dude, that's awesome news about your new school toilets! I can't imagine anything smelling as bad as my gym socks though...

Tell Bart I say hi!



hi guys when i go back to school im just thinking about Club penguin but i didnt have assignment soo ill go back home and sleep ill go back to desktop or computer and play again and thats only byee. - for the making of this game


I look forward to seeing my friends which are going to the same school as me because I havent seen them for ages, and I look forward to learning again because I know learning is really good! Also I look forward to making new friends, because I'm going to a new school. Its good to have new friends, so you don't have to be sad about having new friends, and then it's easier to learn!

Waddle On!


i most look forward to playing with my friends and going on the computers. i play club penguin on the computers at school with my best friends and we usually play dance contest on our favorite server mountain =D


same here and i mix tracks


I've already started school and I'm enjoying it! We did a back to school party and it was amazing, cant wait to see you guys on ClubPenguin! Waddle on!


I look forward to new clothes and new shoes!!! I have always loved those two things because when you go back to school you can show them off and also because that's the first thing people look at on the first day of school!


I look forward to new clothes and new shoes!!! I have always loved those two things because when you go back to school you can show them off and also because that's the first thing people look at on the first day of school!

Kendall A423:

I look forward to meeting new friends! It's always nice to have a friend around to have your back. I my best friend is in my class and shes so funny! I like all my teachers too. They make my class and I laugh but make us work hard. Homework is a handful but me and my best friend enjoy going to our local library so we can study and do homework. Lastly, I look forward to being a great student with a great teacher who teaches me well.

Nolla6 68:

I REALLY look forward to math, because I love recess and we have math right before recess! I am only in 2nd grade and my favorite subject is geography. I go to Stella Brockman School. I am in Mrs. Allen's class.


I cant wait until the Night of the living sled coming to the stage:) Also the new catalogs on October 3rd! I just want to get new clothing and some rare items. then mix them together and create my own outfit!


I can't wait to start learning science, math, and... just everything! I can't wait to meet all my friends, and new teachers. I enjoyed summer, but I can't wait to go. See you in school!


love your answer. I cant wait to learn that to


I am looking forward to recces because I can play with my friends and run around and to have fun at the school playground


hi i went back to school this month! i was excited to go back because i got to meet my new teacher! and see ALL of my best friends!!! and also NEW friends!!!! well ill see you in school!


I love to run out side to. but sadly I broke my 2 toes so I have to wear a cast for 6 weeks. and I cant run or do any sports. cant wait to get this thing of!


Even though I started last month, I'm enjoying it! I have fun learning and hanging out with friends.


Dude, learning stuff and hanging out with friends are definitely the raddest two best things about school! I hope this is your best year yet!

- Sweatyjimsoc


What Im looking forward to is starting a new grade and diffrent classes than before, Also i am really looking forward to see my friends!I miss them so much! ALso i cant wait for computers! me and my best friend always play club penguin whenever we get the chance! last year my teacher took over my computer while i was racing on the ski hill! and when he took my friends computer and i used the ice to speed up he said i cheated that i teleported it was really funny i had lots of fun! School rocks!


what I look forward to is the musical I want to get a speaking role but not the lead role I want to do this because I LOVE music I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the club penguin app one more thing I love CP so much that I drew Rockhopper ,Sensei ,Gary ,Cadence ,Aunt Arctic ,Stompin' Bob , Petey K ,Franky ,and G Billy


I look forward to meeting new friends and singing in chorus


i love school because of its teachers and its atmosphere is so comforting. every day when i wake up it think of how much fun i will have at school. me and my friends talk about games and other stuff. when i look at my school i don't see bricks and windows i see a fun loving place to go to learn. waddle on!


I'm looking forward to,hmmmm..........
EVERYTHING! Especially the club penguin parties.
My first party was the medival party from 2009.
And hey, I wish we had a club penguin lesson instead of (actually its interesting!) boring maths!


School isn't really that great, but it's fun when we do science experiments and stuff because its so fun :D

ghost town1:

Hi CP Team, I look forward for my friends, math, reading and other stuff! And I have a bus that I ride, and I have friends on that bus. I just really really really really really really really like school! Bye CP Team!


I love back to school its awesome and the back to school on ClubPenguin is mostly the best idea you guys thought of and the clothes are awesome too!!!




What I am most looking forward to when I go back to school is meeting lots of new friends! I am changing to a different school this year, so everything will be new. Including the people! It will be a chance for me to have a real BFF. I'll also have a bunch of other new experiences too. For example: a new locker, teachers, and many more surprises. I can't wait for school!

1817 Bubble:

I'm looking forward to seeing all of my friends and learning new things every day!


yea same lol


yeah same! i think I'm excited for every thing, especially because I am in 6th grade and were i come from that means next year i will be in high school so i want to make every moment last of my primary school years. Yes even the excruciating math tests (maybe not the math tests sooooo much) but any way the point is I AM SO EXCITED FOR SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm looking forward to seeing my friends again. A whole summer without seeing them! I can't wait to go back on the computers- I play CP on them! I go on Blizzard with my mates, our favourite server.


ive been in school since august 8th

T Puff:

I've ben in school since august 4th

Ather 100:

I look forward to being with my friends, it feels like I have not seen them for years. It is also fun messing around and playing on computers with them and lunch times.


I cant wait for the Medevil party because, this is my first year on Club Penguin, and I have had a great expirence! Kepp it up you guys! You guys offer the best place for child fun! I am 13 and find awesome joy with your guys parties, and great amount of clothing for penguin. I love you guys work, and wish you all the best! Waddle on!

lynn le:

I look forward to LEARNING because I'm kind of a smarty pants so I just can't wait to learn and meet my friends and teacher!


i'm excited about school because i get 4-8 teachers since i'm in middle school and i love seeing my friends because some of them went on vaction in the summer. Cp is the best way to relieve myself of stressful work or even homework. The university is awesome because my friends and me get to role play like its our actual school. waddle on guys


I look forward to see my friends. I hardly get to play with some of my friends. I usually spend most of my time playing with penguin friends. Some of my friends play club penguin. I always play sled racing with my penguin friends. I always go to a server big surf. when its full i randomly choose other servers like blizzard, zipline and icicle.

waddle on!
and have fun!!!

user : bababoo2004 or dadbababoo

tesco george:

meeting new friends school helping each other and i like pe, ict , pshce and science


I do my school work from home I dont go to school my mom teaches me. so I can see my friends when im free as most of them are home schooled to! and I enjoy having the free time like school lunch breack as I can do whatever I want!

Best Fishes



I started this school year on September 3rd. A week ago. My teacher is really nice! I really wanted summer to end! Because I llove going back to school and seeing my friends! I am so happy to be back in school!!! it is so awesome to be back in school and learn more things!



My favorite thing about school is all my friends and teachers. The teachers are really nice. My tech teacher is hilarious. He tells very funny jokes! Waddle on, and I will see you soon!


I am looking forward to have new friends and also do challenging things. and because i like having friends im really social and trying challenging things


I look forward to doing different fun subjects, and having my own locker. It kind of reminds me of the CP university and the lockers how penguins Roleplay and be the teacher and be a student. So that's what I think about when I'm at school.


I look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones! I also like meeting all the teachers :D The thing I don't like about going back to school is not be able to play Club Penguin all day. :(


What I like about back to school is seeing your friends and meeting new friends. We eat our lunch, talk, and tell funny jokes! I also remind my school about the environment and what fun activities we do to keep the Earth nice and clean. Also during computer class my friends and I play CP and dig for coins or rare items for our accounts. My friends reminds everybody on CP about cyber safety as I remind people about the environment. I feel that back to school is great.

Waddle on LiliRocks17

Kk Kylee:

Well, that question is pretty hard because I love all of the different subjects in school! But most of all I really like art! All of my friends and teachers say I'm good at it and I think I'm getting better and better every day! I like art because, well, think about it! There's no rules while you're drawing and you can do just about anything you want! Waddle On CP!


Hi Club Penguin Crew! I started school last week on my birthday. I LUV all of my teachers and the new people I'm meeting. Last year, one of my best friends in the world moved away to the other side of the country. We keep in touch by playing cp together on our favorite server, Christmas. School isn't as fun without her, but I'm meeting a lot of really friendly people. They love cp too! We talk about it during lunch and agree to meet up after school sometimes. I love art too! Waddle on cp!


I look forward to going to school because all the things I do there are memories to me and hard to let go. So its great to be on school with friends, teachers even school mates you don't really know that well and try to make memories with them until you finish your school years.
Waddle On!



I look forward to school because of all the happy memories I can make there. I get to meet new friends and make memories with them, even teachers and staff of the school. All I know is that I should make my school days last as long as I can cause when we all grow older, we will separate from each other and go live our future.
Waddle on CP.


Hey Polo Field and Club Penguin.
Im looking forward for my new teacher!
I can't wait to see who my theacher i hope she will cool and it truns out she is really fun!
When we do good in line she gives us a letter like C -O -O -K -I -E and it was really fun and yummy cause it was Sugar Cookies!
And i am really reading alot since it is really fun!
That's what im looking forward for!
Waddle on!

Melvin 505:

School has already started for me 5 weeks ago! If I were going back, I would be happy for something to DO because sitting around is..kinda boring. So yeah, Waddle on!


what i'm looking forward to is hanging out with my friends because i really miss them and we used to hang out a lot at recess and when ever one of us needed ell we would help each other and i also like hanging out because we all are in boy scouts so we can see how far we have gotten and how many patches, belt loops, pins we have gotten so we can catch up hand ho to earn them.


well, i'm doing band this year and soccer and choir so I'm looking forward to that! Also, Social Studies and science are really what i hope i have the best time with! Oh and of course READING!! :)


I'm looking forward to science because I always get hundreds and it is also really fun. My dad is a scientist so it is also really easy.


If I weren't home schooled I would have said hanging out with friends but again I'm home schooled. So the next best thing is art I've always loved showing my feelings through creating and showing my ideas through paint and drawing I have always love doing art It's shows my personality, But I still wish to see my friends :( nothing is as fun as spending time with them they just make me happy!!!! So that's what I look forward to!! :)

Dano pengo:

I look forward to see some of my friends and new friends. I also look forward too having a nice teacher. A teacher so nice that i will love school! i hope the teachers favorite subject is math because math is my favorite subject. 12x12=144 9x9=81 and 24x2=48! That is proof that i like math A LOT. so remeber WADDLE ON!!!!!!

AF Cutie 123:

This year I am going into 4th grade and wow the first few weeks have been the best weeks I have ever gone to school! I am really looking forword to the iPad program. This year 4th and 5th graders are only using iPads no textbooks! This year I am going to work extra hard to make sure that next year 4th and 5th will get to do it again. I hope you have a great school year, and I wish you a great day!


I am Really Excited this year. You Get to join Many Things now. Drama Club, Chorus, Instrument Practice, Yoga, Sports, And Most Of All, You Get to do this with Friends!! It's Just Wonderful having a feeling My Friends and Teacher are there to cheer me on no matter what I do. I Love that feeling! You Feel Good, knowing that school is a place where learning is Fun. I Feel Good To Start this Brand New Year. I Feel this Year has had good changes.. I Think this year will be the best of all!!


The best part is just friends, art and science! AKA catalogs are awesome!!! p.s. thanks for bringing back secrets!!!




Hey there CP! I've been in school for about a month so far ( I started August 8th, early huh? ) and when I started I looked forward to learning about all new things, meeting with old friends, making new friends, having class parties, going to the school library and starting some new book sets, and lastly I'm doing reading buddies with my kindergarten teacher's class at some time of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fun right? ( I'm in fourth grade this year. Woo Hoo! ) Waddle On!


my favorite part is recess because i can play with my friends, run around or play on the jungle gym


I ment looking forward to recess


I think my math teacher is super funny! He is nice and smart too! I also have lots of friends. I am in middle school now, so i am looking forward to new friends and a locker! I also have a lot of teachers. And in the end, I get to play club penguin!


Hi, I am looking forward to making new friends this school year, and spending time with friends this school year. I have so many friends, I can't even count how many I have! But it is better to have more friends than less, right? I also love to learn, read, and have fun in school!


I'd say I'm looking forward to almost everything going back to school. It'll be fun to have new teachers, hopefully some of which are very nice! It's also going to be good to get back to work after a long, rewarding vacation. Personally, my favorite part of getting back to school is seeing friends again. Friends are one of the most important parts of school to help you get going and not be completely bored out of your mind. Who knows, I might even get to meet some new friends!


Hi I am penguin36692.Iwant to go to school because i really want to meet my teacher and talk and have fun!

Until Then.......
Waddle On!


I started school last month, and I'm loving it so far! I have a lot of friends, and I love talking and hanging out with them! I also get really good grades. But the teachers can be annoying, though.


Gosh, School can be tough, but I'm pretty excited!
I'm really excited about seeing my best friend, Alex, again.
I met him in the 5th grade. I was scared seeing everyone and then he came up to me and introduced himself.\
Ever since, me and him have been friends!
I'm happy I have good friends.


I am going to a new school. But I met lots of different people. That's what I'm looking forward to making friends! I made so many. I look forward to hanging with them and there super funny! Fingers crossed I'll make more!


My favorite things to do is to see my friends and laugh with them at eachothers jokes or have a drawing contest!Or like if my arch nemesis tries to spread my secrets they always stand up for me but also sometimes my favorite thing is to watch my friends gloat about their awesome grades (NOT!) I actually like it vice versa (ROFL) or if my teacher gives me ring pops for staying after school and they get jealous(but usually i get a punishment from one of my friends for eating it:)


I'm most looking forward to volunteering this year... I really enjoy people. Also, seeing friends... I love hanging out with friends, And I'm really looking forward to just getting back in routine, even though it's been a good summer, Last thing, I would have to say, the medieval party, it was my very first party on club penguin in 2008 so it's special to me...


I think that I am very exited about going back to see my teacher and friends. I am also exited about learning different things. I love going to the computer corner and playing club penguin in free time. I miss my friends so much it's like I haven't seen them for years. It is so exiting to go back to school and 40 minute lunch time love you club penguin can't wait. Hope I win PS hope I win

Choc Is Fun:

For me, it's almost school holidays. But when I come back, I will %100 be ready! I can't wait to play with my bet friends and ask them what the did on the holidays!

Kiely 1:

Well, I really like school and... I'm looking forward to seeing my friends again and learning new things! Learning is very important and that's why they invented school. School could be fun sometimes and sometimes not fun. Every Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday and Friday... All the kids go back to school and it's really exiting! Sometimes your not exited but I'm always exited to go back to learning more things and doing what you love!


Welcome to me pizzeria

Penn Girl:

I'm going into middle school yay! 3 other elementary schools merge at this place! I can't wait to meet the 3/4 of the school I never knew and make some new friends. Also, this means I can do stage crew, photography club, and join in with an even bigger girl scout troop! Too bad nothing on that list starts for 3 weeks :(. But I can wait.
-Penn Girl


Well im most excited about.... EVERYTHING!! I love school and I love learning. I also love being with my friends and reading new books from the library! I also like meeting my new teacher, this year my teacher is a boy for the very first time! Im so excited! I love all school subjects such as reading , social studies,and my person favorite language arts! I love writing stories and making things up! So to sum it all up Im excited for everything there is in school! ( except math! )


Well, I Travel a lot in the summer, I live in Florida then I drive to North Carolina then to Canada to my grandparents! So when i go back to Florida i look forward to seeing my friends and hoping to see if they are in the same class (my best friend is in mine! :D ) Also, I Like the season, The leaves turn colors, and sports seasons start! And in club penguin my penguin (Wiggly11) can head over to the school house with my friends! Ahhh, I Love the Fall!


I started last week and I love it! I love that I get to switch classes every hour! I have lots of nice teachers and nice friends! Also I have almost all my classes with my friends Abby, Marly and Catherine! I also am looking forward to orchestra and learning how to play violin. Also, MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Waddle on CP!


I really look forward to school because I get to see my friends we hang out do homework and just chill I also like school because well it's pretty awesome with TAG and everything I just look forward to school because well I just like to chill with my friends, puffles, and penguin buds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really look forward to seeing friends, trying out for the team, having a new nice teacher, it's pretty fun!
Discussing your vacation with your friends is fun too! And taking that one last trip to the pool before it closes up for the fall.
I'm sad that summer is ending, but I'm also excited for the fall! Guess what, my birthday is the same day the Medieval Party starts! Funny!

Waddle on!


what I love most about the start of the school year is to see all of my friends and learn new things.everybody in my school is always psyched to hang out with each other again.over the summer everybody forgets some of their lessons so it's good to get a refresher.Also,it's good to get active again in gym class.summers great but you have to go to school sometimes and I try to make the best out of it and it's really fun.waddle on!


Well, I get to play with my friends, do fun projects, and learning! You can learn new things at school and win pizza parties or root beer float parties by doing a funraiser! At my school you run and for each round, you donate 100 dollars to the school! Then you can earn a prize of a popsicle party! I love how there is activities you can sign up for if your so bored like the music band sign up. I really love the computer lab and the library at my school! But the thing I love most is, my friends!!


This new school year I'm looking forward to a fresh new start. Why? Well because I love the feeling of going into a new class room, seeing old faces and new faces, learning new exciting and not so exciting :) things, and also being able to join new clubs and groups I couldn't before. I also can't wait to see my friends again and hang out with them after school on Club Penguin :D. Waddle On!


Glad you asked! Where do I begin?
School has been REALLY fun! My teacher is nice! (I get a lot of homework though) haha!
I'm in 4th grade now! In class I learn a lot of stuff like science and social studies and math and SO MUCH MORE!! My friends are in other classes but I play with them at recess and we have so much fun! I also see my 3rd grade teacher whenever I walk to recess and I always say hi! I really, really, REALLY wanna learn about penguins! I'm looking forward to a great school year!

sea star4:

I am looking forward to seeing my friends. And learning from my favorite subject, Science. I like science because you get to learn more about the environment. Some of my friends are on CP so SOMETIMES I get to hang out with them. I am also looking forward to playing with my friends when we go outside and meeting new students. A tip for new students at school: Don't be nervous,and don't be fooled by math, sometimes math is easy to start out but then it gets harder!!!!

Cyclones 20:

There are a ton of things to look forward to, Test, Homework, Classes, but I look forward to seeing my friends. My friends are always there for me and we always have a good time together. The best part of having friends is that you can make more and more of them which makes everything so much fun. So I look forward to meeting my friends and making new ones.


Well I love school it's great


Well, my new school started in August, so its been a HUGE change for me. so what i am looking forward to is all my brand new classes like music, poetry and best of all, Art! I want to be artist when I grow up so it will be a big help!


I am really excited about 4th grade and up getting Chrome Books. And I'm in 4th grade!!!! I'm also excited about my teacher this year. She does ALOT of science expiriments!!! We get lockers too!!! Have a good school year Club Penguin!!!


I will be moving to a brand new building this year and I cannot WAIT to meet everyone and explore!!


I dont like school that much, beacause of homework , getting up early...BUT!I am looking forward to getting friends, And of course, THE HOLIDAYS!!


I am looking forward to school so much! I have always loved school, but what I am most looking forward to is, seeing all my teachers and being able to make new friends and new fun memories.
Waddle On!


i look forward to learning cool things in class and also meeting new friends like i do on club penguin
i like doing science projects in school too and the assemblies.

Waddle On

- mom2468


I'm looking forward 2 cing my friends. My school already started. 2nd month already!


I am looking forward to graduation because I am in sixth grade an also I have a new teacher and I always love that about a new school year and to see my friends and to say hi to my kinder-fifth grade teachers and I hope everyone else has a good year at school !!!




I love school! Its so much fun! I missed my friends and couldn't wait to hang out with them once again!! I'm going to be a 6th grades which means more classes!!! Yay! I don't have to stick around in 1 classroom anymore. I get to waddle around some more and have my very own locker! You get to start fresh and buy new supplies and new backpack and so much more!!! I love it everyday!! Plus we have study hall, so that's good for homework finish!! Can't wait to review and learn more of every subject!


Well I'm finally going into 5th grade! It may not seem like much to other people, but in my district 5th grade is considered middle school. I'm excited about going back to school now because I get to go to a new school and learn new things along with my friends. 5th grade is a pretty big deal for me since I can only remember my years in elementary school. But now I finally get to move on and start the bigger years in my life! ;D WADDLE ON!!!!!


I look forward to getting to read all the new books in the school library. I love reading and there are so many awesome books out there! I really want to encourage other kids to read. It's good for your brain and you never know, you might like to read!


I can't wait for school because i'm starting 6th grade and I want to see my friends and get back to learning because I just like learning and I want to use a locker. But it is yet hard because I don't want to be tardy like I am for Clubpenguin University. D:


I am really looking foward to be with my friends and learning a lot of new thing is math and science and social studies and reading ect. My teacher seems super nice and I love learning new things so then I can teach new people in school and sometimes on cp I loved the back to school outfit in the clothing catalog it looks really similar to what kids in my grade would wear back to school and I really like school so I am also just looking forward to starting a new year. I❤the school on cp.


I am excited to see my teachers and my friends. I also can't wait to learn new things in all subjects. I love learning and I love the school games we play!


I look forward to Fridays, because after school, there's 2 days of being able to play CP! Waddle on!


Well school has already started but I look forward to making new friends, learning my multiplication tables and to learn a little division so I can go to gate again this year because in normal class they are teaching stuff I already know like place value and rounding. So basically I want to learn and have fun. #waddle on!


I am really looking forward to learning new things! I am also excited to learn about the world around us. It's a pretty interesting place!


I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends and the colder weather as it gets closer to winter, and I can do fun stuff with my friends, like tag or hide and seek at recess, or make paper snowflakes when it's closer to winter!


I just love to type!!! I learned how to type very early before I had to start doing it for grades! This year, I get to type like crazy with my new and exciting school subject! my fastest record is 58WPM!

Lily Miles:

I personally think school is pretty cool. I love when you get an answer right that no other student knows and you feel special. I also love learning about new things! Math is my favorite subject because sometimes it can be easy and sometimes it can be hard. You also solve so many problems in Math, even problems you use everyday! No matter what grade you're in school can always be exciting


Well I am super happy I am finally back in school because we get new pencils and new erasers, plus we get our new teacher and a few new students, but mostly the best part is that I finally get to meet all of my friends and hang out with them, and tell new students about club penguin how good it is and that they should make an account.


Man, school is so hard... Yet that's what I like about it, as well as catching up with the things I missed. As well as finding new friends, like on the Club Penguin motto.


I know everyone's favorite part of school is seeing their friends. Well I am home schooled so I don't get to see my friends every part of the day. Because of this I would say that art is the thing I am most looking forward to this year. It is where I can be my most creative and express myself.


This year I'm looking forward to a great year with my teacher. On the second day of school my teacher had us write down what we are nervous about. Then she said crumple them up and she flung her arms out in the sky and said..."throw them at me"! Then she said now they are my problem. That time I will never forget!


when i went to school i was really happy to see my friends. When i got to met my teacher and my class i was looking the room i. Saw my friend and i was not nervous i told are we doing volcano she said yes in spring. I was really happy i like school really really much and the teacher i think i will have fun in school.

White fun:

I can't wait to go back to school because I want to figure out my teachers and see who is in my class. I also want to make new friends and have a happy classroom environment.


Hi! I go to an awesome school with my sis. I was sad to miss the first day of school that I did extra work but I was proud! I want to keep getting As because I have never got any other grade, EVER! I love my school like I like Club Penguin. I do remember that school comes first. Although this is my first year I am already a member. This is the best computer game in the history of computer games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TTYL : ]


I'm looking forward to learning math and science! Science is awsome, and doing experiments is super fun, and I want to be a scientist, so I have to learn Science! Math is super cool because you need for everything! Every job needs math, and math is in your everyday life. Scientists need math so I have to study. Also my math teacher's always make math fun! I can't wait!

Suha H1:

I am really looking forward to seeing my friends again! I have told my friends about club penguin many times and they finally made an account and even bought a membership! So we always look forward to talking about club penguin at lunch time ;) I also really enjoy learning new things and my I love all the subjects, but if I had to choose a favorite it would definitely be Language Arts. I also love sketching some penguins on club penguin like Rookie and Rockhopper during my free time

23nicky :

I love school! I cannot believe I missed the first day of school because I was working on a movie project. Also I am a A plus student so its pretty cool. I have all my supplies needed I week before. I like the awesome back to school outfits ! Nice to talk u guys. Thanks!

6671 Penguin:

Well I love school and so exited to learn new stuff and meet new friends just like the logo waddle on and meet new friends.Im so exited to see my friends again. I love school, you meet new friends and learn really cool new things to learn that's why they made school to learn and have fun.


I'm looking forward to seeing my friends because even though we live in the same area I don't know exactly where they live. Also my teacher who taught me last in grade six decided to teach grade seven she's my home room teacher. I like that we get more opportunities to try out for sports and get lockers because in my old school we didn't have lockers. I have a few friends from last year, their still my friends this year too, but I also made new friends this year.


(giggles) There's lots of thing's i love to do in school! i started in August it was awesome i got got to see my friends, fun stuff and lots of other thing's! I love school! it's so fun> but homework sucks lol. but the best part is when i got home! i'm gone for 7 hours and 10 mins. i'm glad to share this with you :) WADDLE ON! :D


WHat i really look forward to school is meeting new friends and learning more than what we did last year and doing good grades and spending time learning and having fun!


What I've been looking forward to at school is my friends and classes. Especially my new teachers since I'm going into middle school. I haven't seen my friends since last school year! It's hard to live without them. I Iove all my classes so far. But now that I have school, I barely have time to play Club Penguin. :( But I sometimes get to go on. My summer rocked and I hope others did too! Until then, Waddle On! :)


Today was my first day of school and what i'm looking foward to do is art i love art so much i cant show my love for it.

I am also looking forward to the Medevil party its one of my fave parties

there's a lot to look foward in life


I look forward the most to seeing my friends at school. A lot of my buddies were traveling, or just really busy over the summer, so It will be awesome to see them again! It also is great meeting all of the new students. I love making them feel welcome and showing them around. It's also fun introducing them to my other friends!


Well that's tough, I'm going to middle school now but I'm looking forward to make new friends and meet my teachers! To me Learning can be awesome and cool sometimes!


i really i am not looking forward to this year but next year i am my old art teacher is coming back she left because she had a baby :D


I like school because I get to learn new things,helping out in class,playing with my friends,writing stories about this game and...going for recess!For me,one of my favorite subjects is Science.Science is a life long subject we learn.We learn how things are useful/not useful for a reason,why things do these things and...ok, maybe that's all I have to say...but I'm excited about going back to school next week!I know my friends find me weird because they say our Science teacher is not nice.Bye


I look forward to seeing all my friends of course, but also learning. I love learning about new things, and my favorite subject is math. Seeing my friends every day, playing sports on the school teams, and learning new things is so fun! Waddle on!


I cant wait to do science and hang out with my BFF Julia (she is my cousin we are 16 days apart) I am a home schooler I cant wait to do a foot ball game boys vs. girls!!! LOL PETS WADDLE ON CP PS. I am 16 days older then julia


What I would enjoy about going back to school are seeing my friends, learning new things, making new friends. I would also enjoy helping the teachers however much they need so.

Leila Jang:

I'm mostly looking forward seeing my BEST buddies! And I miss them so much. I'm also excited which class I'll be in, who will be my teacher!!


I am eager to get back to studies, except this time in a higher level. I am eager to meet some of my friends and get into the magic of learning. My penguin studies at the CPU in the mine and he is looking forward to studying about puffles. GO CPU!


What's awesome about back to school is the fact that you get to meet your friends again after a long summer. You get to know each other again and and stuff and its cool. You also get to meet new teachers and that's cool too. You will be with them all year so you may as well get used to them. Well that's all I've got to say about this, so waddle on peeps.


i am really looking forward for the medieval party in cp . Last year cp came up with an amazing medieval party, and that's the reason i became a member, the medieval party was so interesting that i forced my mom to buy me membership!! Now i'm enjoying my 2nd year of membership . I wish this year's medieval party is way better than last year's, i liked the dragons the most of the last year. i wonder what i'm going to like this year. And Rockhopper is coming too. I just can't wait.

Jilly Can101:

Well, I'm in seventh grade, and my homeroom is grade six/seven split. One of my best friends from elementary, who is a new sixth grader at school, is in my homeroom. So I'm looking forward to helping her around the school, introducing her to my grade eight and other grade seven friends, and showing her everything about my school. Also, I'm looking forward to translating for foreign students, because I do a lot of that as well!


I can't wait to go to school and see my friend and my new teacher and learn lots and lots


I really cannot Wait! I really wanna meet my teacher and also my classmates! I heard that we are really gonna be learning a lot! Thats What I like! Club penguin really inspires me! I am gonna be dressed exactlly like my pengui! Learning is really important. That's why I always Go to the club penguin university Daily! I Miss the Teen beach movie summer Jam, but now it's Time to get serious cuz I'm going to middle school and it's not gonna be so easy like in Elementary! I wish everyone Good luck!


Although I'm going back to school, I'll always find time to play on Club Penguin! Alot of people would say they hate school but I rather enjoy it! I love talking to my friends and working with them to get a task done.


I started school because I miss my friends and the fun really like the school and I have no patience and renovated school.


I'm looking forward to the medieval party coming up because I love dressing up as knights and princess's and play about with my friends!


I can't wait to get back with my friends. I can tell them about my cool summer adventures and how I really enjoyed the Summer Jam at Club Penguin with my CP friends. I especially can't wait to get back to learning. Learning is very important and some lessons can be fun and some not so much. I am really excited because when I get back to school I can volunteer some help. Schools give you opportunities to meet interesting and friendly people and that is my favorite thing about schools.


I'm not going back to school...
I'm home-schooled!


I'd like when we gonna back to school , Well I really missed my teacher and my friends It's so exited
I'm glad when I'll learn different things , not only that we'll have fun times in school like play with my friends and the most of fun is I'll have NEW FRIENDS It's make me can't wait , Some times your not exited but i'm always exited when i go to back to learning more thing , I Hope You'll exited too
See ya


I am on school break now and I'm totally enjoying myself! I am NOT looking forward for getting back to school BUT, there are a few reasons I wanna get back to school! Number one: getting rid of my two younger siblings, number two: talking to friends and that's like, all. My examinations are in October and I haven't even revised anything ! Looking forward to the medieval party! :D!

Blake Cool:

I think to that going back to school is awesom when I get to see my friends teachers to talk about stuff but mostly CLUB PENGUIN cause I got 7 bff's that play CLUB PENGUIN too.


I love going back to school. 2 New kids came to our class and I have a great time with them. In the morning before school starts, my mates and me talk about club penguin. We usually meat each of us on cp at certain time. I also look forward to going back to school and learning about new things. Its so exiting, we learn about new things everyday! Have a great term :)!

And as always... Waddle on!


I am love school. After last holiday, I looking forward for all my teacher and my best friend. I am bored when Saturday because you know Saturday is not school day. School is fun because my teacher always choose me to write something in whiteboard. Even my friend, who always play with me. When my teacher is go to teacher office for a while, we are all playing so sometimes we all make noisy. LOL. That's why i love school.


I love to go to school because I see friends, learn new things and the first thing I notice is my best friend, which is registered in club Penguin.

leo peace:

What I really look forward is to have a fun school year.Summer is boring without your friends [real friends, not virtual friends] so I get very excited about going there.


I really am looking forward to some parties I never seen or did before. You guys could bring back some old parties to remind some of the folks here in club penguin.i really enjoyed all the parties you have done so far and I hope to do some more.


i just started 5th grade imts really cool brand new stuff and i get lockers!!

Sally Ice123:

I love when it's time to go back to school! This year I'm in a new class and will have new teachers. I'm excited, because I get to meet new kids, will make new friends and learn many new things. But I will never forget my best friend! What that we have already in schools? This will not stop us forever to remain best friends!

Evie McPhey:

I'm in my third week of school, and I was looking forward to learning about history again! It's AWESOME!!! One time, in Humanities, our teacher asked us why Anne Boleyn was prosecuted, and I practically leapt out of my seat raising my hand! Oh, who am I kidding, I DID leap out of my seat! He asked on me why, and I told him! Another thing I was looking forward too was the new kids!


I am looking forward to seeing my friends! I invited some over to my house a couple times, but I was on vacation too long! I am looking forward to get to know my teacher better and see what I will be doing in which classes! Also, I really want to get into math so I can hopefully get a higher math class next year! I am excited this year to get back and start learning! I started getting bored over the summer, so I knew then it was time to get back! Finally, I want to see how much we all changed!!!


I look forward going back to school to see my friends and talk to them so we can talk about CP because half of my class play CP... So yeah that's awesome!! I also look forward going back to school so I can learn new things too! :) I really love the September catalog .. There are loads of cool clothings you can chose from! But it's a pity for some penguins that aren't members. :( so yeah.. Have a great month!

~Waddle on, Lola31752




Going back to school for me is and was a great experience. Every year I always met new people in my classes, each with their own special personality, and although I loved these friendships, I truly wanted them to become stronger. As time went on I enjoyed most that I would get to see one of my best friends another year, someone I treasured very much. Going back to school however isn't just about the strong bonds you entitle, but also a time to learn new things! Have confidence and you'll succeed


I look forward to seeing my awesome friends and art class. I love to doodle, it's my way of expressing myself. And sometimes I draw penguins, and I must say, I'm pretty good. Anyways I loved that question, WADDLE ON CP!!


I Am Super Looking Forward To Going Back To School Because I Haven't Seen My Friends In A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG Time and the weather right now reminds me of school.Also Because I Love To Do Some School Work And School Trips And Stuff Like That Which is Fun And Also What Some People Dont Understand Is That We Go To School Not For Fun Of Course But To Learn New Things Which I LOVE To Do.And Thats Why I Cant Wait For School To Start!


I already started school 3 weeks ago.


i really like science and math. My friends are really nice to protect others. I have so much friends I got in Student Council! Thank you everyone who voted for me. Plus on the voting I didn't vote for myself for others to have a chance. I play with my friends every recess. I love Yoshies. I LOVe school!


I really like school because i get to see my friends and having fun. I like to learn new stuff every monday, tuesday wednesday, thursday and friday School is very fun and im really happy that we are going back to school and we have to do lots of stuff im always exited to go to school and have fun i will make more friends this year.
Waddle On CP!

Bernardo P14:

I love my school and my theachers are amazing so my back to school gonna be cool.

Bernardo P14

Goodbye and good year of styudies.


I like going back to school because I get to see all my friends and catch up with the latest gossip !!!!


When I was going back to school this year, I was super excited to see my mates! Though they don't like cp and we don't have many things in common, they are brill to hang around with and are kind and helpful. I also was excited about learning German which we'd never done before!


I look forward for learning About penguins I learned About penguins last year I hope I do again And sharing it with cp is better
Waddle on Cp


I love club penguin it's fun and my parents approve it

Arty Girl1:

I am looking forward to school because I get to see all my friends and I get to learn something new every day. I also look forward to my after-school classes of art class. I also look forward to story-writing and computers. I am also looking forward to my term with my teacher because she is nice and she won't yell at you. I also am looking forward to Halloween. At my school they throw the best parties.
See you on the weekends!


I like the school and sure I am going to like the new party and I even like the lunch in club penguin school. My favorite food is the Wednesday Hot day. I like being a student as much as being teacher. But I really the summer jam party. But my favorite out of all of them is just hanging out with my friends. and play games with them.


I look forward to going back to school, because I am starting a new one, I hope I might find a new friend who plays club penguin to so I can enjoy to play with him on club penguin, also, so I can learn more about art, you never know, If I get top marks in Art, I might want to have a go at going in the CP mag! I also might have adventures in school along the way to friendship...

Prince Gassy:

I look forward to learning music.Music really speaks to us.My favorite type of songs are curch songs.When I sing I feel like I belong.Everyone at school is mean to me.But when I sing it all disappears.My best friend also likes music.My second favorite type is rap.Sometimes I write my own rap I sing it to my family and they applaud.I also sing it to my friends.I also want to learn sience.I was told are teacher for sience was Ms.Bowl.They said we would disect a squids and frogs.


Hi! I am looking forward to the Medieval party, and all the great penguins all in costume! i am the elf princess, with elf hair and elf dress. But one more thing... ROCKHOPPER'S COMING!!!!!!!! :D :D :D I have never been on his ship before, and if i meet him, it would be AWESOME! I also can't wait for "Rockhopper's rare items"! I bet this will be the best Clubpenguin month EVER!!! :D :D :D and P.S. YARR!
Waddle on!!!


Hi! I am probably looking forward to meeting new friends! Almost ALL my friends play Cp, so even if they can't come over or can't go to school, I can still talk to them through Cp! Plus, I signed up for Art club, which is my FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD! I love drawing. I am also looking forward to all the field trips they have! The field trips are always the best part. :D And, rumor has it, we are going to six flags! This will be the best school year ever!
Waddle on!!!
P.S I am in 4th grade


well I just started secondary school for Americans "high school" and so far its been great but it was sad leaving my old school but I enjoy meeting new teachers its a great experience for me


I want to come back to school,because I was into another City this summer.I want to see all my friends.Isn't very easy when you change all the teachers.I want to come back because i will can to see what can i to do :) the school is fun only if you find any way to be.If isn't you won't want to come back.I want to be happy when i am small one.To be a kid is a Great!I hope the other ones to think that too ♥♥♥


Im really excited for learning about different types of people like for e.g Tudors or like viking... I CANT WAIT :D


Im looking forward to get back to school to see my friends and make new friends and also the classes because some are ok but some are boring however.Im looking forward to school because when its the summer holidays you miss that routine you have and all the people there even the ones who are crazy and thats what im looking forward to :)


I would like to waddle around my new school and meet some new friends! Im also excited about the new teachers and new subjects! I hope its gonna be fun! ;3


I'm a homeschooler so I don't have many friends, but during the fall season me and my best friend go on CP after school!
I love my new school supplies and my teacher (my Mom)! I also love learning about history and literature!:)

Waddle On CP,


I love going back to school because I can meet new friends and hang out with my old ones! I like meeting my new teachers!


I'm looking forward to math class this year at school. For me, math gets better and better each year. But I'm also looking forward to the new Reader's Workshop program in reading class. It's really exciting to be back in school!


well school is not relay my favorite thing so i am really looking forward to making new friends seeing my cousin gteen5

curly que4:

Hi everyone! I hope everyone LOVED the Teen Beach Summer Jam Party as much as I did! Hm... Good question! I think the thing I'm most excited about in school is to make new friends! Everyone liked to make new friends! So, this year, make all the friends you can! I know I will! Waddle on Club Penguin! :)

princess1 01:

I am mostly looking forward to music! Music has been the highlight of my life and it has always been there! When I am upset I sing songs that are happy to cheer me up and when I am happy I sing really high! If school did not introduce me to music with the kindergarten age I would not sing as well as I do today and would not have the strengths I have today! Music has made an impact on my daily life. Learning new things about music makes me and my music a better thing too!


Hi Club Penguin Team! :) What I'm most looking forward to about school is seeing my best mates! I also can't wait to learn French, learn how to draw really good in Art class, make new friends, and see all my ace teachers! I can't wait for these things because Seeing my best friends is awesome! Learning a new language is very important, and learning to draw really good is a great skill, and again seeing all the great teachers that teach you these things :)

WADDLE ON- Jacob16189

Short Leaf:

I'm looking forward to playing Club Penguin because it's the Medieval Party of course! I've been looking forward to this my whole, entire penguin life! I made an account right after the 2011 Medieval Party ended. I was very sad. But now 1 year has passed and it's coming again! Also I'm excited for my birthday. IT'S ON September 23! I'm so excited for all of that to happen! September rules!!!


I'm looking forward to spending time with my friends and get to know some of the new kids. I'm really looking forward going back to school.


What luck well come, good or bad


well back to school i am exicted because i get to see my friends and also make new ones and learn new things every week somthing new ts a joy new teachers new everything i LOVE school its the best place i can ever be! WADDLE ON!!!!


I'm looking forward to seeing my friends because I've only seen them once this summer and I'm looking
forward to finding out who my teacher is. I'm also excited about medieval party for club penguin and to meeting rockhopper!


I'm already have started the 7th grade last mont, but I'm looking forward to using iPads for school this year!


i am looking forward to of course...... LEARNING!!! learning makes you go to other grades like 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th and then... Middle School High School and last but not least COLLAGE! you need to go to collage it is the most fun and learning thing in the world!!! but i really looking forward to is still LEARNING! Math Words Health and more!! :D i love school!! just love it!!


I'm Excited About School I Can Not Wait To See My 5th Grade Teacher , Friends,and Science! 5th Grade Is Going To Be Amazing! I Love Learning Especially With Mr. Smith The Thing That Is So Odd Is That He Was My First Grade Teacher Also My 4th Grade Teacher And Now My 5th Grade Teacher! I Have Learned A Lot About Kindness On Club penguin Because Sometimes I'm Not Nice But Thanks To Club penguin I'm Nicer Now Thank You Club penguin! Have A Great School Year Everyone And Waddle On!


Over the summer, i got bored. At school i felt challenged.
I Missed my friends so much!
Now i get to seem them almost everyday!


EVERYTHING! Actually, i dont know what to look forward to! I just moved an hour and a half away from where i used to live, so im going to a different school! I dont know what to expect! New friends and new teachers, new EVERYTHING! wish me luck. i hope i make new friendssoon but i will never forget my old friends from my old school!


I`m realy excited to learn new things,hang out whith friends and have fun I love school but I do love summer.School this year will be the best beacause my teacher is awsome


I'm looking forward to seeing my friends, they always make me laugh! Also, I like to talk about all the Club Penguin parties that happened over the summer! When I see my friends I'm going to go talk about the medieval party and how much fun it's going to be!


I look forward to seeing my friends again because I haven't seen them for the entire summer. Another thing is meeting my new teacher shes really nice. Also I`m exited because were going to be doing so much math ya I love math. Learning is really important without learning we would invented technology and we wouldn't be typing on this right now! Some kids ma not like to learn but hint, hint its really impotent that you do.

Tom Tom5150:

Well, I think school is a bit cool! My brother is in K1 and i"m in B4 . Learning is fun also I don"t go to school on saturdays and sundays. I started on August 5th and my brother started on August 12th. i am looking forward to it and i go to a+. PS: My first party was the water party 2008 and my membership was the Adveture Party 2011.
WADDLE ON! Tom Tom5150


As a student going back to school, I am looking forward to playing Club Penguin with my friends Friday afternoon at the library. We gang up on the computers and try finding the newest pin, or finding all the free items at the party. At school, we talk about our plan for the next week, and what we are going to do. Racing each other, several people surfing at the same time to see who can get the most points and who can wipe out at the last minute to get the maximum points. Fun times after school.


I just started school this month, and the best part is science. It's my favorite subject, and I love to read about the fantastic facts to learn in science. Also, I do homework on my computer.

Waddle on!


I love school as much as I love Club Penguin, so there are many things I am excited for! I love meeting my new teachers because with each one comes a new personality and new ways of teaching that I may or may not have seen before. I also enjoy going back to school for the classes. Each class is always so informative and fun! I'm really excited that school is starting up again and I want to wish everyone a good school year!


The reason I look forward to going to school is that I get to meet all of my BFF's again! And going to school is heaps of fun and I really enjoy schoolwork and I really like my teacher! Sometimes school can be hard but there's heaps of fun in school you don't really need to worry about anything. I really love the incursions and excursions because we learn and have LOADS of fun at e same time. There is nothing I don't like about school and I am really excited for my first day back from holidays!


What I'm looking forward to is the Medieval Party! I can hardly wait for the classic party to even start! I'm saving up alot of coins to buy myself a few medieval igloo's and furniture. But the most exciting part, is that Rockhopper is coming back! I really missed him while he was gone. Well, Rockhopper, when you come back, we'll have a HUGE party to throw just for you!

Waddle on CP!!


I look forward most to hanging out with my friends, having fun and learning new things. I also enjoying learning about new people and making new friends. I most enjoy Library lessons because you get to read and discover new words. I also enjoy maths because it's one of my best subjects so I get to help my friends and they appreciate that very much. I like showing my friends new things and telling them about my holidays. Most of all I like seeing how people have changed over the holidays!


I'm really looking forward to seeing my friends and meeting new people too! I can't wait to find out what we're going to do, since I'll move up a grade.
I'm a bit sad that I'll get less time to play Club Penguin. :( But I'm trying to look on the bright side. ;)
I'm excited to get smarter!!!! XD



school is too cool but sometimes boring,
it is fun but sometimes a ton of work,
we get to hangout with friends and teachers sometime scold us!!
i think that the club penguin school outfits make me feel that its groovy being in school and it makes me study more,
i think that the school outfits rock cause now i feel more interested in school than before,
Thursday,September 12,2013-5:00 pm


I love school and this year I got many surprises! I got many friends and got more time for chatting, especially about how to help the children around the world! We got our labs and library changed beautifully! and I got better teachers and better marks! I was hanging out with my friends everyday.I got many prizes this year and I am very happy in school. What else I need more than this? I am very satisfied with my school and I have became a part of it, but the best part is my friends!

A Class Star:

School is one of the places I feel like I have wings and can fly as far and wide as I want to. Some children would prefer to stay at home and play video games to going to school. However, they will not only spoil their eye sight, but also miss schooling. Schooling is needed not only to ace in examinations, but also for the future as the skills you hone in school will stay with you for life. In other words, I love school! Everyday you can discover new things via learning, only in schools.....


What I like about school is that we actually get to learn the things we don't and the teachers can be strict at times, but they are actually really nice and funny. I also like hanging out with my friends (if we have time). But the best thing I look forward to going to school most is learning. I cannot wait to learn new things about the world and especially learning with my friends. It's always great to have some company in learning. :)


What I look forward to for back to school is you get sweaters. You also get backpacks........ At least I thought you did.



I look forward to school because, it will be fun to see my friends and I love to learn!
Some people may think I am weird but they won't stand in my way!
It is a bummer though, that summer is over, but when we learn we will be will be filled with knowledge!

Waddle On
From: Rocky73413 :)


What I look forward to in school is when I get to see certain friends more and school means Halloween is coming up and Thanksgiving and a bunch of other holidays! not to mention how many birthdays are in the school year!! another thing awesome about the school year is my science class!! I love science and I hope to become a science teacher when I grow up so I am extremely excited for that!! There are a lot more activities with my friends in the school year too!!


I'm looking forward to going back to school because my friends are doing drama class with me. I also look forward to Spanish. I hope my teacher has some good stories to tell about traveling! I also am looking forward to chatting with my cousin at lunch! Plus, all of my friends and classmates will be trending new outfits! I'm so excited I can't wait!


im mostly looking forward to see my friends, learn new stuff, make NEW friends and see my new teachers (not so new my spanish and english teachers are the same, yay!) and i learn new stuff, im also looking forward to math and cience and hebrew! i love school and i also hate it (ain't i weird) everyone seems exited in my school but the BEST thing (and i mean it) is that this year i finally get to go to the big lab in my school I am worked up about school bye
Waddle on CP -Daniel47142.
Cya! cp..


I look forward to school because of all the clubs I join! I am in many, many clubs! My favorite is drama club. I've starred in many fun plays. But the best, and my most favorite part, about drama club is the friends I've made there. My friends are like my family. And drama club is our 'home away from home'. I hope this school year is as magical as the plays we perform and the memories we made! Waddle on, Club Penguin!


i am looking forward to seeing all my friends and since i am going to be in fourth grade we are learning much more math and i am excited to see all those great teachers i get and plus upgraded art classes! i love art so much that one day i hope to work for club penguin animating!
that is really what i am looking forward too!


I can't wait to meet my new teacher and my new classmates! I hope my worksheets aren't too hard though.


This year I look forward to seeing my friends,and seeing if school has changed or even
New teachers!I also look forward to seeing and meeting new friends and getting
Higher reading levels,higher grades and most important,seeing my best friend!
She Is also on CP and we are best friends,in the online world and outside world.


What I look forward to are meeting my friends & graduating. I met most of my friends from school, great ones in fact, we all trust one another, we have fun with each other, and we always work together with each other. I want to graduate because I hope to work at Club Penguin one day. It must be fun to test unreleased parties and new features, Write for the blog and inform a lot of people about what's going on in Club Penguin, do artwork for parties and rooms, & meeting friends (you guys)


Well I already went back to school on July 30th..... /: But what I was looking forward to was seeing all my friends again and making new friends. Also seeing my new teacher and learning the new stuff I was going to learn. I like school so far but I am still kinda not used to my new grade /:


I'm Back to school already and I kinda miss that I can't play Club Penguin as often as I usually do. :d It stinks but I am exited that finally i'm back in school and I get to play on the playground with my friends and its awesome to get to see everybody again on Club Penguin and the real world! I get to learn and play games And i'm a few days smarter that I used to be And I'm so exited about the new party SO exiting! Anyways Waddle On Cp!


I wanna go back to school to meet new friends and new teachers for the new year to start!

Power club 1:

I most look forward to meeting new friends and getting into food fights with them. 5 of my friends play club penguin. i cant wait to cheat of my friends card jitsu cards back at school. I can't wait to get back to school and see my friends again.

Waddle On!
Power club 1

Penny Cute3:

I can't wait to hang out with my bff and play CP with her . She runs the pizza parlor and I am the chef, we have so much fun. It's too bad our homework isn't play CP because I would get extra credit . I couldn't play with her this summer because she was at sleepaway camp so now were playing none stop. School is good but CP is way better. Rock on club penguin players!


Well, as much as it seems to you...
Here in Australia, Sydney school is just ending (Litterally) !
Well, in a week. Close enough though! I enjoy school so much!
Its great to learn more things! I won a Spelling Bee going into next round!
I'm proud but nervous! Today it was announced to my entire school!
I hope, someday, i'll win a Spelling Bee completely!
Who knows? Maybe i'll win this one!


I've started school already, but I don't go to a normal school cuz, I'm Homeschooled!
And the cool part is I get teachers because I watch my lessons on CD's the teachers are recorded
at an normal school and sent to me! I may not have lots of friends but I get to go to school in my PJ's!!!
But I do get a lot of homework like everyone else! ;D So I can't wait for school to begin, exsept for the homework!!


I'm really enjoying all the clubs!Especially computer club!Because I go on Club Penguin!Plus science!Waddles on cp!

Corn pops8:

What I am really excited for at school is seeing my friends again and learning new things. I don't know about other countries but in Canada when kids get into 6th and 7th grade they get laptops! This year I'm going into 6th grade and I'm getting a laptop. The cool thing is we get to take them home! Also recess and lunch I get to hang out with my friends and talk. School is important because we learn things and get smart and if were not smart we wont do so good in life. That's why I love school!


Im looking forward to learning new things its hard at first but you get the hang of what your
learning and it becomes easier and easier. Also on CP the medieval party is coming out soon
I`m into stuff like that so ITS GONNA BE EPIC!!!

Waddle on CP! ~julie59693

cutepie teal:

i am very nervous because i have to meet new friends and travel from class to class. but i am looking forward to the after school programs and meeting my new math teacher i hope she is nice!!!! I LOVE MATH AND Writing ! its a chance to learn more and become more focused . I KNOW MY SCHOOL IS AWESOME AND I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO IT

Waddle on ; D


aww school stinks its fun seeing my best freinds atleast im in 5th grade so almost there #Waddle On


At school I absolutely love science and spelling and going back to school means that learn more things. PLUS I GET TO CHILL WITH MA FRIENDS!!!!!! And my teacher is really nice so I can't wait to see her again!


I'm looking forward to seeing all of my amazing friends again. I haven't seen some of then for ages and just want to have the opportunity to muck around and have fun with them again. I can't wait to get into music class aswell seeing as music is my fave subject of all time! I don't like to say it but I am missing my teachers aswell.


I'm currently in school, but what I was looking forward to was seeing my old teachers in the hallway on my way to my new teachers and classes! Also my brother is going to school with me now- although he's been ignoring me in the hallways as if I wasn't his sister. I don't get it! His friends know I'm his sister, there's nothing to hide! Lol. Anyway, although I am upset most of my friends aren't in my class, I can still see 'em around and we can still txt and join clubs together!!!


I'm not gonna go back to school....Because in a few days it's gonna be the SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! But I actually do love school. If I were going back, I can't wait to read my books and learn very interesting things. Since I'm homeschooled there are very, very few students (which is only my sister and brothers). So I don't really have that much friends in school. I especially love school if I do some work in the computer. Learning is really fun, learning could really help people in the future!

Waddles Jr7:

Well, I am looking forward to seeing the teachers,desks,friends, and getting up ear.y to see the sunrise! I am looking forward to everything... Well.....except one thing I'm sure most kids are NOT looking forward to. It's called Math... -.- Anyways I got a igloo to make! Bye!!!!!!!!

Waddles jr7


The thing in school that I'm looking most forward to is getting smart because nobody can get a job if they can't learn. Also if one works they will get money.


I am looking forward to attending 4th Grade at my school because I want to learn so much and to be in GATE program. I want to be in GATE program so badly because I didn't make it last year and I am hoping to make a difference. Plus, I want to see all my friends again since I barely got to see them all summer long. I'm also going to work hard, study before tests, do my homework, and being myself! I'm really happy school is about to start and to enjoy! Have fun at school everybody!!!!!!!!!!


I'm really enjoying school because I have the same teacher as I started with! ALSO SHE GOT MARRIED! I was really hoping I got in her class. I love my old/new teacher. Also.. Rock on buddies ;) Hope u guys are enjoying the new school year 2 xx

Loyal Blue2:

I am really excited for being fifth grade! I am in fifth grade and I and I'm glad to see my friends after this summer. My favorite subjects are science, history, math, writing, reading, and many more! Here's the BEST PART ( Drum-roll please)..................I GET TO CHOOSE AN INSTRUMENT FOR FIFTH GRADE!!!!!!! I chose the cello! One of my fourth grade teachers retired but, now I get to see her at my school's 5th grade folk fest! I hope you will be excited for school too! Waddle On Cp!!!


I want to see my friends and I want to learn again due to I been having to much bored time at my house during summer after 10 days of no school I got bored and I want to learn some stuff. I want to get back to my lockers and It will be really fun for me.


I'm REALLY looking forward to going back to school, I'm a total book-worm and I have the nicest teacher! On the last day of school my friend asked me if I was excited about the holidays, but I actually said I would miss school XD (I'm SUCH a teacher's pet!)


My favorite part about back-to-school are meeing my freinds & graduating. I want to meet my freinds because we do EVERYTHING together. We play together, try to partner with each other, hang out with each other, and we play CP together. Sadly they grew up from CP but I haven't. I wan't to gradate because I want to grow up to be one of you guys, a blog writer, CP artist, CP tester, and I also want to be an animator for CP. Anyways, Waddle On!

Wreck Ralph:

I usually look forward to studying Math and seeing my friends again. I have started going to school in the first time since Grade 1 and had mean friends during Grade 2 but became nice to me later on. I am really much more impressed with making friends more than studying. Although I don't have many friends in school because some of them are bullies but me and my friends are protecting each other from bullies and stays friendly. Waddle on!


I'm really looking forward to learning lots of new things like math, Science,Socail Study's, and Writing. I would love to be smart and sificticated and knowing lots of new things. And School isn't a place to play with your friends, it's a place where you learn and become smart and clever. And the most 4 important things in school you should do are, Respectful, Responsibal,Ready to Learn, and Safe.

i luv paris:

I enjoy going back to school because I get to see my friends and meet my new teacher


I've recently started at my new secondary school, and I absolutely love it! I'm really excited about all the exciting things to come and making new friends in my class!

Katie Roxie :

One thing that I am looking forward for the school year is to see all my classmates from last year. I haven't seen a lot of schoolmates from over the summer. It's fun to see my classmates again from 3 months. I also am excited for the new students. Even though there is one in my class and I already knew him, it's still fun. Hopefully everybody enjoys there new class!

Waddle On,
Katie Roxie


When i go to school im really looking forward to see my best buds and meet my new classmates. When i see my besties all i want to do is give them a big giant BEAR HUG! Also i cant wait to see who is gonna be in my class. Thats the exciting part for me! I dont care who's going to be in my class i love everyone! And i cant wait to learn new things too. Yay school rah rah rah! XP ~ WADDLE ON GUYS!


Hi I really love school, so it isn't a really big deal. I'm going for my last year in elementary school and I know I'm gonna have a blast. I'm really excited to start because its my first month already! Time passes by so fast. Trust me, if you're thinking about wanting to be big, don't, it isn't easy being grown up! Live the perfect childhood you're having right now and don't forget it.


Going back to school is exciting but you get get a little nerves... I always get shy on the first day of school. and i always feel better when me and my BFFS talk about Club Penguin. until then! waddle on CP team. :D #Ibbysue# ;)


I don't know where to start! I really loved the Teen Beach Movie Theme. It was very intersting with all the surfing areas and , the biker areas. I think you guys really nailed that theme. I also loved Big Mommas and the costumes. Really amazing. Any way i'm looking foward to go to the school by the mine! I went already and I cant wait to go again. The clothing last month was AMAZING! I bought every single outfit. My favorite was the t-shirt with shorts and sandals. Cool. Well got to go play C.P.


Well honestly, I am looking foward to being with my friends. I also want to stop by my last grade teachers. I already started school and so far so good. I love all the tests. I love studying very much. These things were what I was looking foward to do at school the first day I started. Now I have been a month at school and I already did these and I really enjoyed it. Well, I have to go! I'm going to play Club Penguin!!!


Im looking forwards to meeting my friends

Cold Guy56:

I'm super exited because I am starting middle school and i have my neigbors, some of my best freinds and a freind from church in my new school!!!!! Oh and waddle on Polo!


I AM SO EXCITED!! I'm starting late French immersion and I hear I'm gonna get a locker! I already made a friend from summer school and can't wait to meet him again. I also wanna check who came from my school, my new classmates and the school itself! I know it'll be hard but I still think it'll be a lot fun!
Waddle on!!!!! :)


I am super excited for just school I love school its the funnest thing I do in winter! what I'm super excited for? well i'm excited to see my friend i'm excited to continue learning awesome stuff and i'm just excited for school!

vanilla16064 out!


ım lookng forward cus ıts a new school cus i moved and a really bıg private school and ı can wait to make new friends and meet new teachers learn germen and turkish cus i moved to turkey my class mates are turkish ım american and turkish ı have famıly here so ıt wıll help me settle


I like going to school.
I'm in 5th grade now.


I would love too see The fall fair for like 10 days than in 3 days the Halloween party and trust me new comers you will love how we celabrate Club penguin


Loved it it was awsome loved the slides and food in 2007

Sharps3 :

Hello Everyone. School Is OK I May Not Like it,BUT Its For My Education. I Am Proud Of All Of The Nice Comments . I love to do Art,spelling(sorta),Language,Sience,And To Hang Out With All My Friends. And Thanks For All The Hard Work You Put Into This Game(Cp Team). Well Intill Next Time,WADDLE ON PENGUINS! ;D


I love my school teacher he is soo cool and he is legit radical. I have my friends to look foreword to seeing. I like learning and sometimes I just like school because it is fun and there is lots to do.


I really liked, well, the whole year! I would like to have a Winter Snowed In party. The party would give away stuff each week for doing cool stuff. Well, thanks for the year!

Pinky Spoty:

I was really excited for this school year to start because I was gonna be in MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!!!!! Most of you would be like omg.


Dear blog,
I just got a new look plz look on club penguin my username is sierria123 look on that I am the dragon.


in 2 days just 2 days i will come back so will others :( it was so relaxing well what im looking forward to school is, seeing all of my friends again.


furniture catollog I say


I can't wait for the Halloween Party. No really I can't wait another minute HELP!!!!!!!


Wow that nice Of you Merry chirstmas :)


and my comment again my mom is mad at me so ill sleep in night and then go to school,go to sleep,and back again but this is the rule for the players and the making of this game to take care of your eyes:
-just play one hour
-if you play forever your eyes will be blind
-and last dont follow things that was bad
So thats it so becareful of your eyes cause that was IMPORTANT to us. so thats my comment byee -the makers of this game and the players who play this game

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