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By Daffodaily5 on September 11, 2013 - 08:34


I'm super excited to share a new video with you all! As part of an online safety campaign that started today in the UK, we put together a short animation about how to stay safe when using the internet. The cool thing about this version of the video is it's introduced by Una Healy from the UK pop group, The Saturdays! Pretty epic, huh? Check it out!


I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did! Let us know what you thought in the comments!


-Club Penguin Team



Cool video, Daffo! Be heard,Be cool! It sure is epic that Una introduced the vid ;)


Cool I am all for internet safety. Keep it up Club penguin. You are so amazing!!! PS can't wait tell the midevil party!!!


We're all for internet safety, too! I hope you're having an awesome time at the Medieval Party now!

- Club Penguin Team

Nanas 940:

Cool video the best one i saw


Awesome vid guys


Nice I like Una and the Saturdays! That is a good video I liked the way you mixed penguins with Una


i like the message they are trying to send


ya awesome vid :)


Great comments guys, you all make Club Penguin a better place to chill out :)

- Club Penguin Team


OMG guess what! When I was eating before I went to school I saw that vid on the TV! Also I thought it was EPIC!!!!

Super News:

OMG! You are so lucky!


good video BE HEARD

sonic xÖÖÖÖ:

what a video


Yeah Una is right Be heard Don't bully Be nice


This was an awesome video, but what about the "Don't give out personal information." parts of the video?




Hey daffo i try being online but since we r on different sides on the world can u go on at night?

mr werdy:

wow i love the animation and how to behave even on the internet and it was cool that Una was in this video also my school talks about that and say stamp out bullying even on the internet!


That's really cool that your school talks about being safe online. It's important to know! 

- Club Penguin Team


the vortex right before the words falling out of the sky was beautiful and i am so proud of this video and club penguin y'all have come so far

Flash 790:



Woohoo thanks so much! Glad everyone likes the video and the message it sends. 

Waddle on :)

- Club Penguin Team


Daffo meet me at Fjord on the Penguin times at the night club at 8:00 pm on stanard penguin times


This shows a really important message for everyone! Stay safe ;)


Well its almost the medevils party and evrbody saying they met rockhopper today but i don't know please leave a answer below


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rockhopper yayyyyyyyyyyy this is gonna be collieo


I enjoy this video


This is an awesome video!


yea im totally with this program people plz be nice if not theres only one solution i dont like it but GET BANNED :(


awesome video daff!! keep up the great work!



Awesome vid its tots cool!


Heya!!! WoW!! Una your really Awesome love the video. Yes its true you should not bully others once a penguin bullied me i reported the penguin. Yep I am kind but if they bully me or my penguin pals i become a ALERT PENGUIN!!! and I also give you a advice penguin if anyone gives you order to bully some one and if the penguin tells or otherwise i will ignore you or do something other that may make you afraid dont be afraid just stand up and say No i will not and I am not afraid to report u bye


just like in the video let's head to the site

Starkid 76:

A important message to everyone! So Listen Up Club Penguin!


You said it! :)

- Club Penguin Team


It's a good thing that they do what they really have to do post me


love the saturdays

KATE 3334:

Bravo bravo


I lov the video it was so awesome I watched over and over and over again.Im speechless its amazing lov it lov it lov it.


I love it


I will follow the Club Penguin Rules forever!

P.S I miss Happy77 please bring Happy77 to Club Penguin


It's great and so helpful

go man 100:

Ok this it's good but a little short


This really helps out safety on CP! I'm glad you guys are aware. Nothing like a safe team protecting you!

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