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By Polo Field on October 23, 2013 - 15:56

Hey Penguins!

Earlier this week we told you about a brand new song that we're working on called "It's Your Birthday!" We asked our friend Jordan Fisher to sing lead vocals on the new track in honor of Club Penguin's 8th anniversary!

We spoke with Jordan about making music, his favorite Club Penguin memories, and his upcoming volunteer trip to Ecuador.

What are your favorite things about Club Penguin?
Personally…I love the social aspect of the game. The fact that it's truly such a safe way for friends to meet up and play some games together after school is way cool.

How did you get to where you are? 
To shorten a VERY long story…I fell in love with theatre first. It was something brand new and exciting to me growing up as a gymnast…that was all I knew. As much as I love the sport, I could quickly tell that I was more passionate about performing. Started acting, singing, and dancing simultaneously…met my eventual manager at a workshop in Birmingham, AL (my hometown)…started making trips back and forth between AL and LA auditioning for TV/Film…fell in love with TV/Film…eventually started working on TV/Film…eventually started writing and recording music…bada-bing bada-boom…I now reside in Los Angeles full-time as an actor/artist! Love it dearly. :)

What cool projects are you working on now?
Well, lately, music has been a huge part of my life. I've been in the studio heaps over the last year, writing and recording with some incredible producers.

My debut single "By Your Side" will actually be played for the first time on Radio Disney this Friday! Look out for it. ;)

We hear you're going on a volunteer trip to Ecuador. Could you tell us more about it and how you got involved?
I sure am! I'm SO excited about it. We'll be in Ecuador for eight days working with a beautiful community to help build classrooms, tend to farms, and workshop with artisan groups among many other things. Words can't express how humbled and overjoyed I am to be a part of this experience. My flight couldn't come any sooner!

1999bloo asks: What was your penguin name? 
To be honest…I can't remember my old Penguin's name. Although, my NEW Penguin's name is Soraxas! It's a fusion of two characters from my all-time favorite game, Kingdom Hearts. :) Also...just a little dog's name is Sora as well!

Srijanrocks2 asks: What was your first ever Club Penguin party?
The Christmas Party in 2005 was my very first party on Club Penguin! It's my favorite Holiday of the year. I actually start listening to Christmas music on Nov. 1st every year to get amped up and in the spirit. :)

Lorenzo31178 asks: What was your favorite party on Club Penguin?
The Teen Beach Summer Jam was super cool to me for obvious reasons. The fact that I played Club Penguin close to the very beginning and then had costumes modeled after my character in "Teen Beach Movie" some years later is still wonderfully strange. Haha :)

Boba 126 asks: What was it like creating the birthday track for Club Penguin?
It was AWESOME! I got to meet a few kids that day that all play Club Penguin as well. Had a blast!

Tech70 asks: What is your favorite Club Penguin mascot? 
SENSEI. My friends and I played this ninja game that we made up pretty frequently. Being the smallest and youngest of my friends at the time, we all thought it would be funny to make me the "ninja master", so I would always walk around with my hands behind my back or with a cool walking stick that I would find calling everyone "grasshopper"…so when I met Sensei in CP for the first time when he was digging out the Dojo, I flipped out!

Ds Fan13 asks: If you could become one of the main Club Penguin characters, who would it be and why?
Jet Pack Guy for a few reasons..
A) He has a jetpack.
B) He ALWAYS has his jetpack (and shades, of course).
C) He seems like a pretty cool guy, but can also take care of business when he needs to.
D) My mode of transportation is my car…his is…A JETPACK!!!

Thanks for answering our questions, Jordan! 

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



Hi CP whats up Polo


Hi Antalia2! How's it going? What did you think of Jordan's interview?




that song is AOSOME


I thought it was awesome. I heard you're song and I would like to say happy B-day to CP. Congratulations!


I don't know about Antalia2 but i thought it was AWESOME


the video was ASOME OFF THE HOOK!!

Hobo Joey:



Wow! Cool! I will try to send a friend request to Soraxas

Iron Man1210:

You guys are AMAZING!This is so cool!


Hobo Joey :

waddle on forever,watching a weird movie!


Cool, Jordan! I've posted you on my CP webpage! (It's private :)


OMG you sure love jetpack guy I LO0VE rookie :D


I love Rookie and Gary so much that I have their plushies!


Nanner Fairy:


-Club Penguin Team


I love em too!

Ladybug Lis:

My favourite party was the summer jam too! Mainly because it started on my birthday!! Haha lolz

Hanna Fatah:

Me too

Amythyst Kat:

haha i love the Jetpack too!!!


So epic and AWESOME!


hey is that the place where you live and is that cat yours?


LOL! JETPACK! And by the way, when is the music video coming out? :)


Fun Feathers:

Hey Peach48522,
The awesome new track will be released soon! Stay tuned and let us know what you think.

-Club Penguin Team


Hey I like your comment it is awesome
I'm new here and im desperate
to find a new friend
I just want hello


Hey Polofield! Did you end up meeting Jordan?




Hey Polo and Jordan this question is for both of you: Who is your favourite Penguin Band member?


Hi Jordan! Thanks for answering some questions from the CP community including me! Have a great time in Ecuador! Maybe you can bring me some Ecuadorian food? Lol!


Hi polo how are you ?


Thanks for answering my question :D

Shadow Kat:

You're quite the lucky penguin for getting your question chosen!

- Club Penguin Team


Wish you could have answerd my question


Congragulations CP!


Today is my birthday like in cp that is crazy when I heard that I was so happy
so happy birthday cp how old r u turning

Chill Nye:

Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, penguin pal! We're turning 8 years old today. How about you?

- Club Penguin Team

zoom zoom103:

i have no idea who that guy is


oh my fav is summer \jam beacause mckinsey and brady is so good at singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naruto Fox 9:

Wow today is my birthday to XD pretty big coincidence

Chill Nye:

Happy birthday, Naruto Fox 9! Come on down to the Coffee Shop and have some cake with us :D

- Club Penguin Team


I listened to the song, and I Love it! Sadly I can't download it because I lost my iPod.:( Can you guys(and gals) make a 78 RPM or several 33 RPM Vinyl/Wax records of the CP songs? That would be soooooo cool!!!!

Nanner Fairy:

Ooooooh that would sound sooo good!

-Club Penguin Team


Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE kingdom hearts! Can I be your Freind! I like sora too! I'm always saying can cp make a kingdom hearts party! With Donald Duck and goofy! And Micky mouse and Aladdin and the little mermaid! My favorite world is torn and pirates of the Caribbean! I love kh! LOVE IT! My favorite villain is Pete from Micky mouse! And other fav villain is Xenmas! And master Xenanhort! Tell SORAXAS/ Jordan that Kingdom hearts 3 is coming in a year or so! My friends are my power! Waddle on!

Nanner Fairy:

That sounds like a really awesome suggestion!! Make sure all suggestions are sent to us at 


you mean u COULD have a kingdom hearts party? and a cp programer just spoke to me? AWSOME! sorry i get exited a lot! try adding keyblades to the party if u can! waddle on


If there was a Kingdom Hearts CP party, then that would be honestly the most awesome thing EVER! My two favourite games, Kingdom Hearts and Club Penguin, would be combined and I would just faint in happiness! :D

Jenx17 :

Hey Jordan what was you favorite place to habg out

Flowers 5:

Jordan, you look like G Billy in that photo XD


Hey Polo,
One question, will Jetpack Guy become a mascot in cp? Would be epic to meet him! :D
Happy 8 years cp!

Chill Nye:

Oh, man! I totally agree. Jet Pack Guy is the COOLEST!

- Club Penguin Team


Hey! I've heard of him before!! Oh and hi daffo and ninja and polo and nanner! :D


Wow I'm so happy for him but I have a question when you finish your membership you can't keep your stuff!! Please answer me bye.

Loft er t:

I agree emma43561

victoary 22:

I LOVE KINGDOM HEARTS!!!!! What are your two favorite charters in Kingdom Hearts? Waddle on! ;)

Glitter Roll:

I have a hunch that it's Sora and Roxas! XD


So do I! xD


Hi club penguin OMG club penguins birthday was awesomeeee :D

Chill Nye:

So glad you liked it! Did you remember to pick up your party hat and the sweet "This Old Town" background?

- Club Penguin Team


I love music and I'm writing songs so your....


I love gary and rookie, polo plz add me I met rookie and I love the old club penguin u guys in the club penguin team should make a time travel party and the penguins can time travel to the old club penguin and we can buy old stuff like the old furniture and old clothes and the PSA and I love club penguin I have always wanted to play the old club penguin my penguin's name is jayden1104 Happy Birthday Club penguin


wooow welcome Jordan Fisher to Club Penguin, awesome too love it song birthday!!

An Engineer:

I think the song is awesome, too! It was cool to learn about Jordan from this intervew.

- Club Penguin Team


Haha! U seem like a rlly cool guy! :)


I love the famous people plz add guys! I am so proud I am going to celebrate all month long. I am proud to be a member on club penguin. I love you cp. You guys did a great job on the music videos I am so happy that it is 8 years. Happy birthday club penguin!. I lllllllllooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeee Club penguin so much. Thank you everyone for everything for club penguin I am so happy. Yay ! Thank you club penguin my penguin name is xolivia0926 .I try to buy everything I can thanks:) !!


I never knew you know Kingdom Hearts! I would love to see your dog so I can pet him. You kinda remind me of someone who used to play club penguin and plays kingdom hearts now. I hope I find you on club penguin so I can add you and stuff but I'm pretty sure you have a lot of friend requests. Well cya!


Can you be my club penguin friend plz my penguin name is fluffy2840 plz ps: this is my first anniversary on club penguin my brother had his penguin first

E sunshine2:

Ok, so I found you ( Soraxas) and I added you, but it did not work ( it would go back to the place I was at) what should I do???
~ E sunshine2~
P.S I like your name for. Your penguin!! WADDLE ON!!!!!!


oh i listened to the music video and it is AWESOME!!! this is my first anniversary on cp and LOVIN' IT! (oh, by the way can you friend me? it would mean so much to me!) you are a true inspiration i really want to be a ballerina when i grow up and auditions for the nutcracker are this week at my ballet school, sincerely karina127.

Chilly Wonka:

It's so cool to know that you've been waddling around for an entire year, Karina127!! Glad you're having fun!

P.S. good luck on your ballet auditions :D 

- Club Penguin Team


I sent you a friend's request for cp


who the heck is jordan fisher
Plus im older than club penguin


Heya! Jordan Fisher is the one who sang It's your birthday and he is one of the actor in Teen Beach Movie make sure you watch it and I love leila from Teen beach movie :D hey polo whats up!?


im one year older than club penguin and that was the best song than the songs


Hey polo field add me dark titan1


Thanks so sweet Uv You. Because tomaraw. Is my birth day. I will be 9


That song "it's your birthday" is the best song amomong all the igloo songs it gave me a wicked amazement waddle along :)


this is my favorite and 7 songs in cp


maybe club penguin should have a kingdom hearts takeover! its would be waddleicious. :)

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