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By Polo Field on October 28, 2013 - 08:56

Hello Penguins!

In our last Reviewed by You we asked: "What's your favorite season (winter, spring, summer, or autumn) and why?" 

I really liked Elizabeth465's answer:

"My favorite season is winter because its by Christmas and pretty close to Halloween! The parties Club Penguin throw are amazing and I can't wait to go trick or treating!"

Great answer Elizabeth465! I love Christmas and Halloween, too!

Now it's time to look back on what happened in October on Club Penguin! Here are some highlights:

  • Clothing Catalog
  • Furniture Catalog
  • #Waddle On - Best of Season 1
  • Halloween Party with Rookie appearance
  • Anniversary Party with Aunt Arctic appearance
  • Happy Birthday music video

What were your favorite parts of October, and what would you like to see in the future?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team





I would like to see balloons and beds and pillows for the next furniture and my favorite thing in October was when Aunt Arctic came for the 8th birthday of club penguin.


I loved when Aunt Arctic came she so nice. I loved Anniversary Party with Aunt Arctic appearance I was so excited when i saw here!


All the sneak peaks we were given for november leads up to 1 event (Operation Puffle)



Snuffelpeach :

I loved when Rookie came I GOT A NEW BACKROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

G Billy One:

I think October was GREAT!!!
First, the New Puffle Pizza Feeding Station was a great idea,
The Halloween Party. I don't even know what so say about it!
Two words. Spooky and Majestic.
The transformations are awesome too!
I hope that November will be awesome too with Operation Puffle!
Waddle On,CP!

Icy 500:

spooky and majestic are 3 words (well if you count the word and.)


He means spooky and majestic don't put and in it.


So many amazing things have happened in October. My favorite part of October is with no doubt the Halloween Party, but I also enjoyed celebrating Club Penguin's birthday in the Coffee Shop. I suggest taking a look at the exhibits there. The Happy Birthday music video was awesome to watch and the best music video CP has ever made! I hope to see more music videos and Season 2 of #Waddle On sometime soon (especially the Statue Roommates)!


i loved the birthday song!!! I just felt like dancing to that song all day. I loved the hallween party. I liked going trick or treating on club peguin
thank u cp for a great mounth!!


Wow, October sure has been a busy month! My favorite highlight is celebrating the 8th Anniversary Party and the Halloween Party. CP is never dull with all you guys around. Let's make a big effort and turn CP a fabulous 14!

Waddle on! :)


My favorite part is the Happy Birthday Music Vidéo !!!!


IKR!! I Just Love The Birthday Song!! I tried to get my grandpa to listen to it, but he wasn't in the mood. :)


I enjoyed meeting Aunt Arctic at the Anniversary party the most because everywhere was still looking spooky but there was also a fun party feel about it when the Coffee shop was decorated and Aunt Arctic came. I've also never met Aunt Arctic, so that was a bonus! :D

Cant Wait until the Winter Season in Club Penguin,


Light Petal:

It's so cool that you got to meet Aunt Arctic!  Next time you're in the Coffee Shop, remember to snap a photo in front of the old Town picture.  It makes a great background!

- Club Penguin Team

Syed 370:

Hi Light Petal. I just joined Club Penguin and play it on my I-pad and I have not found it so interesting. Is it more interesting on the computer ? What can I do on club penguin. Thanks


Dear Syed,
It is so much better on the computer don't give up on CP inless you try it on the computer first! You will love it!
P.S. u can do more on the computer
Love, Qinny13

Princess1 01:

Dear Qinny13,
You can type faster and easier on a computer. You need to be a member to make the experience a little better though! But you have some GREAT advice!


my faviorte parts of october was the new igloo items and the new furniture items and the halloween party!

waddle on cp! :~)


hi 1234piey here. I want the birthday song. ITS SO COOL!!
thank you,
(my member account)




hi Light Petal,do you think on the iPad app on CP there is going to be a map and puffles soon?CP is more fun on the computer right now- and my mum's computer froze so I can't even play on it on there.Also my dad is doing really important work on his,and if me or my sisters play on it the laptop might get a virus and I really wouldn't want that to happen....Making the most of anyway!

Manuel Jimmy:

My favorite part of October is the Anniversary Party with Aunt Arctic appearance because I loved the rainbow party hat and I met Aunt Arctic which is my favorite mascot! In the future, I would like to see more items to return like Inflatable Duck or Blue Lei etc.

Waddle On!!
Manuel Jimmy


I loved it all especially the anniversary party because of the new hat and the new music video its your birthday! I also loved the trick or treating because its like Halloween in real life but different i also liked the clothing catalog because the costumes are new and really good and the best of waddle on season 1 because it was so funny in all episodes . I also loved the furniture catalog with the new furniture, if i had to pick one thing i liked best it would be the anniversary party.


My favorite part of October was the Happy Birthday music video and the #Waddle On Best of Season 1! It was great! Before the #Waddle On Best of Season 1 came out you got to actually meet some of the penguins from Waddle On episodes. You also got to be featured in the last episode! I loved the Happy Birthday music video because It was so awesome! It showed all the years Club Penguin was around! There were so many penguins in the video too! I loved it! See you later cp team! Waddle on!


October my favorite parts were, # Waddle On - Best of Season 1 and the same music video Happy Birthday, the song and the video was epic Happy Birthday to me in the month of October.


October was so cool this year on Club Penguin! My favorite part was definitely the Halloween party, and dressing up spooky (or silly)! Waddle On!

Verde Coco:

What I liked most about October is Halloween Scare We Out to Our Friends and Order Sweets All Day To Fill Our Bags, something that I also like is the Anniversary of Club Penguin is a Great Season to celebrate with our friends of Club Penguin.

Green N Cool:

Well, my favourite part of October was the start of club penguins 8th anniversary party because it was the start of a special event in club penguins history and we could read the new yearbook and obtain the new party hat. Also a lot of club penguin moderators/bloggers came online to celebrate as well as aunt Arctic!
In the future, I would probably want some more Elite Penguin Force events such as Operation hot sauce because that event was more involved in club penguin.

Waddle on!


The Halloween party was ok but I think the past ones were better. The clothing catalog was awesome so was the furniture. Overall October was pretty cool! Hoping for something really fun in November!


All of the October stuff was awesome! It's one of my favorite months of Club Penguin, we have the Spooktacular Halloween Party, and the one in a year, THE CLUB PENGUIN ANNIVERSARY!
The Happy Birthday Music Video was just awesome, I keep listening to it everyday, and i'm alredy addicted to it! Got the music donwloaded, and immediately imported it on my Phone!
Catalogs were Super-Dooper stylish and Colorful, I decorated my igloo and penguin really cool!
It's just, ohh... The Awesome October!


I hope for a new music party with costumes that let u dress up as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, or even new artists like imagine dragons or 1D!


Jordan Fisher!




my favorite parts of October was the Happy Birthday video and Aunt Arctic and Rookie appearance what i would like to see in the future is happy penguins with Aunt Arctic and Rookies background.


Oh,All the October Events are cool,And I want to see the fair and a Halloween Scavenger Hunt in the future.


The best part of October has to be THE 8TH ANNIVERSARY! And the Happy Birthday song! The video was so awesome, made by talented people! Waddle On!


Hey! I loved the Waddle On season, so the 'Best Of' was AWESOME! All together, October was an epic month for CP! And, of course, WADDLE ON!!!!


Ooh! So much to choose from! My favorite thing about this month was the anniversary and the song! I can't believe it's been 8 years since Club Penguin launched! Great job CP!!


I would like to see more decorated party rooms. You can't have a party without party rooms right?


hey why not put on your page or blog magazine online club penguin because I love to have it, and even a month to miss it because I am in El Salvador please


I think it was waddle on but just about all of them where the best! I always have a great time on club penguin and ill also never forget the one time I logged on an almost empty server and then, all of the sudden, almost all the famous penguins logged on fog! that was the server I was in and they came right into the room I was in, the iceberg! I just love club penguin so much! I am club penguins biggest fan! I wish we got club penguin magazines here in the united states!


The best thing that was in October was the Club Penguin's 8 year anniversary because we got to were rainbow party hats and tell the new penguins what happened in the history of CP. My penguin is old but not so old like the first penguins because the first party that I can clearly remember was the Festival of Flight. In the future I would like to see some cruise liners to get to the other islands like in 2011 but we used The Migorater. Also I would like club penguin to have a day and night cycle.


I loved all of them! but if I just HAD to pick one it would be #waddle on! it was hilarious although I didn't get the pookie parts! oh I think in the future you should have a pookie party and most importantly, a card jitsu shadow! we all know its coming soon so why not!


I didn't see Aunt Arctic >:(


My favorite part of October were the trick or treat igloos! I think it was a great idea of bringing that up! Not only could we trick or treat, but meet new friends, too! Awesome experience, waddle on CP!


Enter comments cp is cool for this years Halloween!


Enter comments I love this years Halloween because of the candy an rookie an the werewolves zombies an vampires to an I love every party an everthing about cp!!


I love x mas an Halloween too!


I loved the anniversary party of cp because the coffee shop turned into a museum and also I liked the halloween party because of the cursed sweets! Night of the living sled is always good at this time of year as all parties on cp are. I really hope the Christmas party will have some new features added to it :)


My favourite part of October was the Anniversary Party, because I had the chance to get the stamp for celebrating, pick up a rare free hat, and get a new free background, all in my third favourite Club Penguin room! In the future I hope that they sort of mix this year's Halloween Party with last year's, so there's a quest-like thing again. (If you were wondering, my favourite CP room is the Pizza Parlour , because it makes me hungry and I love the game, and my igloo when I'm a member!) WaddleOn!


My favorit season is Winter and Sommer. Winter because of the snow and Sommer because its my Birthday!!!


I loved the Happy Birthday music video and how Rookie was in the Halloween party :) but #Waddle on - Best of Season 1 was the best #Waddle on episode ever :). I also really love the 8th anniversary party hat and how Aunt Arctic showed up there. This was the best Halloween party EVER!! :) #Waddle on


Hey guys!

You guys are awesome! you are the best team of the world and the nicest people that I could meet! You always will be my role model!! I hope one day be like you guys! really, GOOD JOB CP TEAM!

Regards, Maxi......


Well I think the best thing that happened in the year October was turning into a werewolf and going to the Forest and howling at the moon!!! And probably what I would want to see next time is probably what the new anniversary party hat looks like cause the anniversary party hat this year was so cool!!! Pink0318


I love summer bec. in summer we have very funny time and I is a good time.

Epic Ghost:

My favorite parts about October were how the Coffee Shop was a museum and how you could see all the very old rare items and get a background of the old Town. I also liked how you could actually Trick-or-Treat and get the candies which transform you. I would also like to see More of Herbert in the future cause he is a funny character!


October was one of the best months this year because Club Penguin had the Halloween party And the Anniversary party i met Aunt Arctic and Rookie. i got the new party hat which was awesome .Best party hat of them all except the beta hat. THANK YOU CLUBPPENGUIN FOR A REALLY GOOD OCTOBER AND I HOPE MANY MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye and waddle on. p.s you rock.


The anniversary was my favorite part because i always love meeting moderators and getting that special hat!

Waddle on!


Pizza for Puffles(awesome), New birthday song(awesome), Ice cool games(still!), Cool songs(still!)....basically, everything about Club Penguin, new or old, is one word; awesome!!


My favorite parts of October was all of it because i enjoyed every minute of it and what i would like to see in the future is when on the Anniversary party you could be able to see what club penguin setting you would like for example for town it could be the old town,the present town and a futuristic town and it could be for every place on the map.


My favorite part of October was how you got to go trick or treating and how the light house transformed into a horror movie film. What I would like to see more of in the future is more appearances by Aunt Arctic, Sensei, Rookie, Rock hopper and other club penguin friends. I also think there should be more things a nonmember should be able to do such as by more different clothes and furniture plus some more pets. I also think penguins should be able to eat and sleep and have jobs like waitress...

Le ia:

Thats a good idea :)


or a dj at the night club or cook/waitress at the pizza parlor or coffee shop and maybe work at club penguin times it would make the island much more interesting
waddle on


Where do i start? October has been a blast! I loved the Halloween Party and the Anniversary. I think this years party has been one of the best, i loved decorating my igloo in a spooky way!! I am really hoping the Christmas party is just as good and i cannot wait until Coins For Change!!

Le ia:

I luved goin trick or treating and the anniversary party :) I loved getting the old town background and the new hat :).I can't w8 to see what's in store next :).


I thought everything about the Halloween party was cool. Turning into zombies, vamps and werwolves is so awesome! I would like to see a Tron Legacy party because the costumes would rock. And Tron's disney, right?



My favorite parts of October was when the Halloween and CP's 8th Anniversary came! The Halloween party is awesome and extraordinary, same as the anniversary. The Halloween costumes from other penguins look ScareTastic! Also, the anniversary cake was awesome and the hats were so cool. I wonder if we can have those hats for rainbow puffles??? :D. I am looking forward to Christmas and I can't wait to deck the halls with boughs of holly! -Alpl1


i relly like the its your birthday song i looked at it like 20000000 times! i like it because it has ALL the great memmmores of CP its awsome
waddle on


Hey penguins and pookies! I'd LOVE to share my favorite things about the month! First, We all celebrated Halloween with Rookie (Name and ranking) and got to collect TONS of candy to collect rare Halloween items! Rookie also got us into BIG trouble because we got cursed by some of the candy! Oh well, At least we found a way to undo it... Next, We had a blast with Aunt Arctic and celebrated 8 I MEAN 8 WHOLE YEARS OF FLIPPER-FLAPPING FUN! (Don't forget the hat!) This was a good year!


(If you look closely at the end of "ZOMG ZOMBIE PENGUINS!" video, PAUSE at the end. Look closely, And figure out what is coming next month... (HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH PUFFLES.)

Mr Black 12:

My favorite part of October is well, everything! I got to meet Aunt Arctic and Rookie in the same month! I also broke my record with 10000 coins that I'm giving all away for Coins for Change! The Halloween Party is ace! It's probably the best one ever! The last thing is that is great is the Anniversary Party! The "It's your Birthday" song was great (Soraxas is my friend now too)! I look forward to next month with the rumors of a Operation Puffle? Waddle on!


I liked September- Medievil Party. I Liked The Effects and Creatures. i also liked the birthday party music video. it was very beautiful! :D
I would also like to see the return of herbert.. like operation puffle? Anyways, Waddle On!


Good idea! Herbert has returned to steal all the puffles so that there will be no puffles in club Penguin! :O OH NO!!! ITS UP TO EPF TO SAVE PUFFLES!! good idea Mickeyrocks4!!


The birthday music video is my favourite part because I love music. Also you guys have done a song for so long.

pingpolo2 :

the music that club penguin make is really cool and is popular. I loved the birthday music video too.


I really enjoyed the Halloween Party! :D I'd like to see the coming back of the EPF soon! Operation: Puffle?


I totally LOOOOOOOOVED October!!! I have to say my real FAVORITE part of it would have to be Club Penguin's 8th Anniversary and meeting Aunt Arctic for the FIRST time!! I mean ... how could anyone not love her???? She's SO SWEET AND NICE !!! Also if it wasn't for her.. How would anyone know all the fun things that goes on in Club Penguin?? Also it was so special that it was my FAVORITE web site's birthday now how cool is that?!?! - Puppy32202


aunt artic is really lovely she is one of my favourite penguins




I liked the trick or treating and the igloos


I thought that rookie coming to the Halloween party was the best part and transforming into monsters was also a great thing
about the party rookie is so cool and so is every penguin out there

this has been the best Halloween party ever!!!!!!!!!!


I loved October it was awesome and was really fun I hope
the best part was trick or treating at everyone igloo that was awesome

Flappy Scoot:

Well, I liked all of it! But my favorite was meeting Rookie! He's very silly and he's a fun guy to meet. Although, I know he works hard and tries to keep the EPF a secret, he's still a good friend anyone could ask for!


I think that trick or treating everyone igloos because you got to see how everyone on the island decorated
there igloos for Halloween. I saw loads of igloos and they were all awesome and spooky


October was one of the best months of Club Penguin as we got to feed our puffles using the pizza machine at the pizza parlor and I got to go trick or treating with my friends and we celebrated 8 years of awesomeness. I remember my first anniversary party attended which was the 5th anniversary party back in 2010 good times. keep up the good work CP and also excited for what November holds us. Waddle On!!! :)


I play CP all the time it is so much fun I have friends from school that play to I have so many friends on CP it's the best game ever!
Waddle on now you will love it!

Qinny13 :

I lovvvvvvve all of the seasons on CP but my favorite is I guess spring because it is so pretty and so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I found that machine to feed puffles with pizza just amazing and I would like to see what's coming at this year's Holiday party. Throwing cookies , Climbing down chimneys , freezing others or maybe giving away coins to other penguins?



I think I like the birthday party because I am eight too and i met Aunt Arctic, in the future I want a party it will be like if you have a rainbow puffle you can get a rainbow penguin.
from Clovey212


I'd like to see the TV series of Club Penguin in the future. I think it would be cool if that would happen. Also, my favorite part of October is the birthday music video.


My favorite event that took place on October, was the Anniversary Party! Club Penguin's Anniversary is something I always look forward to, not only do we get an amazing party hat, but the Coffee Shop gets remodeled for a short time, and it all looks spectacular! I am looking forward to the month of December. Club Penguin always impresses me with their Holiday Party, and I cannot wait to check out this years. :-)

Shadow Kat:

Aw, thanks for the kind words! We are really impressed how far along Club Penguin has com. :D

- Club Penguin Team


I think this month was the best of 2013! Why? THE ANNIVERSARY!! It's so flipperific, and the museum is cool too! I also like the "Happy Birthday" video was SUPER!! I loved trick-or-treating too! I had a great month on Club Penguin. I think you should add a mode that says 3D-2D and you can choose if you would like it in 3D or 2D!!! Also we should have notifications in the My Penguin App that pop-up if your puffle is hungry, sleepy, or wants to play!! Thank you for the amazing month cp!!

Cyclones 20:

Aunt Arctic Coming, because it's always crazy meeting her and she always talks about Club Penguin from the past. What I want to see in the furniture is the old Party Sign. It brings back old parties and the party dose not stop with Club Penguin, because theres always new ones!

Icy 500:

My favorite parts of October were the Halloween Party and the 8th anniversary party. In November what I would like to see is that at the beginning of the month there will be a turkey ingredient hunt and your reward would be a turkey costume. Then leading up to Operation Puffle all of the puffles would go missing and Puffle Launch,Pufflescape will be closed unless you bring your puffle. Operation Puffle should be like Operation Blackout where you had to come back everyday for more mission parts.


October was GREAT! I love all of them, but i will choose Halloween with Rookie, It was COOL because my favorite holiday is Halloween and I like Rookie, October was AWESOME.


My favorite part was going to go trick or treating it was really FUN!!! I like October a lot because its my birthday and I can go on club penguin to have even MORE fun.


I think that October was great because of 1.the exclusive items on the iPad
2.puffle feeding station
3.trick or treating
ive also heard rumors and seen videos that there will be server switching i also love the songs i love clubpenguin!!!!!!


Here's my idea:
You can turn into Brown and Green gremlins , but Members an get hormones
such as a brain hormone, spider hormone, and bat hormone.
We would have a Gremlin party,
, to transform into a Gremlin, you have to trick Billy by doing tasks like gnawing on the clock wires and making it look early. Then you go crazy for food,('cause you're a Mogwai),
, and he'll realize it's not after midnight.
So then you hatch from cocoons and transform into Gremlins!

sgt tyfry:

club penguin should make a dc superhero party


Well in my opinion October was the best moth this year so far. The cursed candys are awesome! I mean curses are not cool, but these were great! Who dosen't like transforming into vampires and zombies? Also this was the first time penguins have gotten to trick or treat! If you ask me it's the next best thing to real candy! I can't wait to see what happens next year!


THIS OCTOBER WAS ONE OF THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had so much fun at the anniversary and the Halloween party. The anniversary was amazing, I loved how Club Penguin put up the old stuff from years ago. The Halloween party was just eye blowing for me. I liked the idea of the cursed candy so you could turn into scary stuff. I liked how the rooms changed from regular to spooky. I also liked meeting Rookie. HE IS SO FUN TO HANG OUT WITH!!!!!!!!!! He is just hallarious. Waddle on!


My favorite part was when I get to met Rookie and had a conversation with him! I just can't believe on myself, I was like "I GET TO TALK TO HIM!!!" IT WAS SO FANTASTIC!!! With Club Penguin turning EIGHT, I am so looking forward to a new operation with PUFFLES soon! :O :D

Shadow Kat:

WOAH! You are such a lucky penguin. What was he like? I bet he was silly.

- Club Penguin Team

Red cherry83:

pIs it already nearly Novemeber?Well Cp it has been brilliant!I loved seeing both Rookie and Aunt Artic!(Woohoo!)And loved the awesome halloween costumes!I think I should give you howl of thank you's with the candy collecting ;) .Even though zombies are lazy we are dancing in the spooky parties!However my favourite was the night of the living sled at the Stage.You know what club penguin you have done good ;D

Flowers 5:

I think the best of october was the music video, because that song is...SUPER, I love that song, super cool, an excellent work, a super cool voice (obviously, because Jordan sings super!!!).


October 2013 was a very good month. The year has gone by so much. I have had my account for about a year and a half, and October 2013 has been one of the best months
1. Clothing Catalog- Nice costumes.
2. Furniture Catalog- Very good. I liked the 10-pack. It was a good catalog.
3. #Waddle On- Best of Season 1- I didn't really like how the episode was all re-runs.
4. Halloween Party With Rookie Appearance- AWESOME
5. Anniversary Party- VERY GOOD!
6. Music Video, Very good, BTW: Nice job.


My favorite part of the halloween party is that i finally met rookie. Also could their be an april fools party.


I like the anniversary party because you get the party hats and that only happens once a year and like EVRY mascots has one and you could trick your friends thinking your a mascot mwahahahaha


I though that October was THE BEST MONTH EVER!!! The Halloween Party was absolutely spectacular and it was so fun to trick-or-treat in other peoples' igloos! I loved the Anniversary Party too, because I really liked how the coffee shop was decorated as a museum! HOORAY TO EIGHT YEARS OF FLIPPER-FLAPPING FUN!!!


Ok, I LOVED the 8th anniversary hat, I'm sure it was based off of the rainbow puffle. I also loved the best of #waddleon season 1! Also, I think next month there'll be an adventure party BECAUSE 1) The quest for the golden puffle, 2) adventure/camping themed clothing catalog, and 3) those underground tremors...
Waddle on CP!


i think the best thing about october was the halloween party where the best part was meeting rookie i was surprised hes pretty funny and the clothing catalog it was the best one yet and waddle on i lauphed until i was out of breath october was a great month


My fav thing about Oct. was the "Aniversery Party"! I like tht b/c it's CP's b-day, & Aunt Arctic came, which is my fav CP mascot! I hope in the future 2 c more rare items, & old things coming back! :)


As a puffle lover that snack station was great!The Halloween party was ok but maybe next year make a halloween quest for more excitement.And also the 8 anniversary party was epic! I think Gary should let everyone have access to the Time Trekker so we can go back and see Cp in the past! Thanks for the 8 great years, which I've only been in 3 !


Hey Polo Field and Club Penguin!
This month has been awesome Trick or Treating,Meeting Aunt Arctic,Meeting Rookie and truning into Zombies,Werewolf,and VAMPIERS!!!
In the future i will like to see #Waddle On!Season 2!I also know what november party is i can't hold but it's OPERATION PUFFLE!!!Just like Operation Blackout i think.
That is what i liked about this month and what i Want to see in the future!
Waddle On!


I really liked the idea of the "Waddle On" videos. They're are so funny!!! ;) ;) Everyone loves those funny episodes of aliens, puffles and more!!!!!!!!!!! And so do I. AND that's not all. I also loved the "Birthday" song. It made me feel special especially since, it was true! We should be proud of ourselves when we turn older. It means in the future we could be somebody and the birthdays will pass on and say how specail it is to be ourselves. ;) :)


My favorite part of october was the halloween party! I loved the halloween party because you could go trick or treating with friends, transform into monsters , or just hang out. I also liked the anniversary and I hope Club Penguin is here for many years to come. In the future I would like to see contests that would be really cool.


Where do I begin? I loved all of it, but if I had to choose one, I have to choose the Halloween Party! This year CP went all out! Definitely my favorite Halloween Party yet! I hope CP gets even spookier next year! Waddle On CP!


My favorite parts of October were probably the Trick or Treating candy pumpkins around the island and at people's igloos, the Halloween Party, and the 8th anniversary party was the best on yet!!!

Waddle On and Happy 8th Birthday CP!


Definitely the Happy Birthday Music Video!!We got to rock out in the video,and I've got that AMAZING song stuck in my head! "It's your birthday...lalala....gonna have more fun,more cake....friends for life!!!!!"Lol...waddle on!


Probably my favorite part of October was the Anniversary Party. That was amazing. We were eligible for a new party hat, heard Jordan Fisher sing, got to see Businesmoose, rsnail and Billybob again... it was a really amazing time. That was definitely my favorite part of the month.


I loved October! The Club Penguin Party this year was great!But I wished we had more on the anniversary part because it seemed left out and hidden.Trick or treating was awesome finding evil candies that turned me into a werewolf and zombie. The place I most loved was the Cove it looked spooky and scary.Thanks CP!

Dr Freddie P:

I loved turning into a werewolves and vampires and zombies in halloween party. My favourite so far. The best part is I got to meet my favourite mascots aunt attic and rookie. P.s
Looking forward to our November party :)


October is amazing for a couple of reasons.One is that its Halloween and its one of my favorite holidays! Two, I love the new puffle feeder at the pizza parlor! I like that idea because i didn't like that I had to buy food for them when you can just get puffle food free? Three, I LOVE Halloween fests and Halloween parties! And finally four, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the club penguin Halloween parties!


i like fall because my birthday is in fall and i have fall brake!


My favorite part was when i met rookie because he is one of my top five favorite mascots.In the future can you please do the carnival party for this year because last year i was a non member or a stop bullying parade that would be nice.Oh ya the other thing that i like about October is that it is gonna be the anninveasy because i missed the last one. hello704 saying bye!


My favorite part is meeting aunt artic for the first time or any mascot for the first time, plus love the SPOOKY decorations! :) p.s my name is ruby10888 or ruby 1088


My favorite part of october was Halloween and Rookie's meetings.I had the oportunity to be her friend and I liked Halloween because we did trick or treating but I will really like that in the future there are more clothing for non members (like me) I will like that the epf reconstructs because I miss to stay in that place. :-(


The best part was the annavirsity because there was a song and party hats. In the future, I think that we should have more rare/secret/free items, so we can remember that year.!


Hiya CP! October was really great! My favorite part is when the halloween party started. Its was so much fun seeing everyone trick or treating! I also loved turning into were wolfs and vampires and zombies! I'm really excited for November cuz soon, I think there's something special that includes Herbert and puffles! October has been a great month, I can't wait for November! Waddle On CP!


The Is Your Birthday song.

Mr Awesome M:

I think the Rookie coming for Halloween was a big surprise and thus was my favorite part! Its nice to have something new :)! I would love to have more surprises ahead! Perhaps Penguin Band coming for Christmas Party?

Puffle lover:

I liked it when Aunt Arctic came and rookie because it was really hard to get into the same room as her. It was cool meeting Rookie because me and Rookie dance and turned into werewolfs

Mr Funny29:

October has been an excellent month. The 8th Anniversary Party was a really special day to me, and I really enjoy the Halloween Party. Season 1's #WaddleOn was really epic! I also like the Happy Birthday video. In the future, I would LOVE to see a bus driving around Club Penguin, just like the limousine in February at the Hollywood Party.

Rockyy 1c:

The best thing I ever enjoyed is CLUB PENGUIN'S 8TH ANNIVERSARY it has to be the best because I finally got my first party hat there and I got the background of the old town so i can remember it I also was interested in the jackhammers through the ages that was the best party of the year! I met Aunt Arctic alot of times through the year and even during this party!

Danis 126:

everything I love about this party for meetings with Rookie of birthday because the game was all right super.


My favorite part of October was the yearbook! In the future, maybe you could add a nice surprise at the end of the book, like in Rockhopper's journal! But this time, maybe it could be balloons or the beta shirt?
*Information from this point on is for agents' eyes only*
Did you know that is you mouse over the word "Aunt" in Aunt Arctic, you'll find a nice surprise!


I really love the Halloween party because it was super fun going trick-or-treating and all the spooky costumes.It is even more fun with the appearence of AA(Aunt Artic) to celebrate Club Penguin`s 8th birthday in the coffee was a really an amazing time getting to meet her.Well I gotta say that October is the best month I could`ve ever ask in CP.~air125


The best part about October is the Halloween party! You get to turn into actual vampire, zombies, werewolves, and other creatures, and collecting the most candy is my favorite too. And yeah, the Waddle On! Best of season 1 was epic! It brought back hilarious memories!


The one thing I LOVED about October was the Halloween party. It was totally EPIC!! I LOVED seeing all the awesome costumes the other penguins did and the super creative igloos for Halloween. I would LOVE to see more awesome costumes for our penguins for any occasion and to be able to see more awesome parties in the future! That's the one thing I LOVE the most! All the awesome parties that happen during the year!

Kc Subnshine1:

My favorite moments in October probably was the Halloween Party and what I like most about it? Well it's that the candy pumpkins to get candy from were pretty cool, also when you could see movies 1,2,3 of Night Of The Living Sled at the lighthouse. Also I Really liked getting to meet Aunt Arctic at the Coffee Shop and getting the 8th anniversary hat and taking a look at the new yearbook. What I would like to see in the future, hmm Probably next Halloween Haunted House,Candy Pumpkins and Gariwald

Kc Sunshine1:

My User Is Acctually Kc Sunshine1 not Kc SubnshIne1.


Oh... XD


This October, I find the Anniversary Party really enjoyable. Partially because it's a big day of Club Penguin! It's 8! The delicious cake and beautiful Rainbow party hat is part of the party's highlight too! The "It's Your Birthday" music video was a huge success! The team made two big leaps - one for featuring penguins, many penguins in the video, and two for the first lyric video produced. The lyric video was really great! Thank you Jordan Fisher for such an amazing song! "Its Your Birthday!"

Luther H2o:

Well trying to decide just for this month is HARD! This year has been incredible. I think my favorite was the Anniversery party though, I love seeing older penguins (like me!) gather to show off their party hats. I've seen 1st anniversery penguins there! It was epic! My penguin joined in 08, and I've had a great 5 years! I love you guys and what you're doing.

~Luther H2o


Halloween and piles of leaf's! I love to make a pile of leaf's and jump in them! And putting on a SCARY costumes on Halloween night! And taking walks looking at trees all the beautiful leaf's. And smelling the fall air! Makes a bad day into a great day! I didn't get a chance to go trick or treating in peoples igloos yet. I cant wait to see peoples igloos! I bet your igloos will be awesome! I'm gonna open my igloo for people to go trick or treating there! It might not be much but cya there!!


I think October was spooker! Or super if u don't understand me! Remember the interview with Jordan fisher? I was thinking sence he mentioned kingdom hearts, you should make a kingdom hearts party! With Donald Duck, goofy, Micky mouse, Aladdin, and lots of disny characters! If u ever do that, go ask Tetsuya Nomura creator of kingdom hearts! U probably don't understand his name though. But he is from Japan anyway! But make sure the party's in English ok? LOL! Make sure keyblades are in it! Bye!


i love October because it is very spooky and it is Haloween and very near Christmas and you get to make punk ins and most people have costumes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think October was a grate month because of the Halloween party so far its amazing!!!!!! I also like going trick or treating with my friends and i have most of the costumes. the new pizza thing for puffles in the parlor its so COOL!!!!!. and the anniversary party was epic i got to meat my 4th mascot aunt arctic!!!!!!!
[club penguin name is epicness1242 so if you want you can add me!!!!!!!!!!] [PS CLUB PENGUIN IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!]


I think October was a grate month because of the Halloween party so far its amazing!!!!!! I also like going trick or treating with my friends and i have most of the costumes. the new pizza thing for puffles in the parlor its so COOL!!!!!. and the anniversary party was epic i got to meat my 4th mascot aunt arctic!!!!!!!
[club penguin name is epicness1242 so if you want you can add me!!!!!!!!!!] [PS CLUB PENGUIN IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!]


I had a lot of fun looking at the past with the new yearbook! I always love looking back at the fun parties and events that Club Penguin had the previous year! Also, every October, I love waddling over to the Lighthouse to serve some steaming, buttery popcorn and sit down with my penguin buddies to watch Night of the Living Sled!!! These things always make October awesome in Club Penguin! Waddle On, and Happy Birthday Club Penguin!


My favorite parts of October were meeting Rookie and Aunt Arctic. Not only was it awesome to interact with them and get their backrounds, I also love the festivity of these events. I love how many penguins turn out to meet the mascots hours before they even get on.
It's so much fun to get everyone to shout out cheers or do Heart or Smile emotes to celebrate.

The Dodger:

October was a fantastic month and I loved the Clothing Catalog, Furniture Catalog, Anniversary Party with Aunt Arctic appearance and MOST OF ALL - the fix of the frustrating carpet bug which allows you to put furniture on top of a carpet again! In the future I'd love to see a return of the Haunted Mansion as it is basis of many of my proudest memories and I would love see a party introduced as part of the anniversary which involves Club Penguin turning back to it's former self before the update!


I think that there should be more costumes to get and that you should be able to make your own candy bag. (or even your own costume!!!) I also think that more items should be available to non-members. Also, you could make it so that people can transform into things (non-members too!!!) that still include werewolf and other scary things but also people should be able to create their own things to transform into, and there should be the option of being something not scary, like a cupcake. Thanks


I love your post!


Hey CP! I think October was spooktacular this year!!! The clothes catalog had lots of ghoultastic costumes and i loved the update for halloween on my penguin!!! The furniture catalog was epic too!!! I like the spectral sweets furniture item and the Halloween Party pack!!! I just remembered when are you gonna make waddle on season 2?? I think you made a great halloween party this year but i wanted Gariwald's masion. I love the new birthday music video too it was awesome i cant wait for next BDay!


Well,My favorite part on October was The Halloween party hosting ROOKIE!
Which was Awesome!he told us funny jokes and We enjoyed it Alot!
Trick or treating was fun and we dressed up as clowns,ghosts,witches,ect. And i got to hang out with my Friends!
Then the furniture and Penguin Style catalog were AWESOME!!Meeting Rookie was fun and it was the best Party ever!
I'm glad that There are Halloween parties ere because its fun!i can't wait what fill happen next in CP!
Waddle on!! bye!


ooh and auto corrects: will not Fill..
and i'll add this:How bout an EPF party celebrating the repair for EPF headquarters?coz that would be cool!


Another great year in Club Penguin! Year 8 was probably one of the best years yet! Can't wait for the Holiday Party and the new party coming in november! (I think it's going to be Operation Puffle)


October was amazing! Although, my favorite part of this month was the Halloween party because you could become monsters instead of just wearing a costume.; also because you didn't need coins to get items in the party catalog, you just needed to go trick-or-treating! I got so much candy that my penguin will have a permanent sugar rush! All the other things that happened in October were pretty awesome too, but the Halloween party was the best!

Wreck Ralph:

Hi Club Penguin! I am happy to tell you that my favorite is Best of Waddle On Season#1 and the Happy Birthday music video. The reason why I like Best of Waddle On is because it made me laugh so hard during Goldsmith Force and Blacksmith Force. Statue Roommates isn't funny but the rest are very funny. I was even so happy when Goldsmith Force won. I also like Jordan Fisher's music video is because it gave me the old CP memories by the past 8 years! I really love it! Waddle on CP for Waddle on 2!!!


Hi penguins and pookies big shout out to hayleyworld


The costumes were awsome and meeting aunt arctic too. But the best part was the anniversary, I started cp at the 4th one but I didn't know about the hat :(. Hope we have another great year!


October was a blast! Trick-or-Treating in those creepy igloos were awes-mazing! (get it?) I went to the graveyard and saw a horde of Zombies! I think a Vampire just flew over me! And I saw a bunch of werewolves howling! I joined them too but I wasn't good as they were! Celebrating 8 years ..Ahem, 8 wonderful years was awesome! I met aunt arctic and Daffodaily5! I heard, in November, There is a new EPF mission! Is this true?


I`d really like Octomber beause there Halloween party but I could not see Aunt Artic and ask you to do more meetings whit her


My favorite part of Oct. is The spooky Halloween party with the Music vid And I hope to see The Holiday party this year cause I missed it so much.


my favorite part of october is... EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! i liked the trick or treating the creepy costumes the anniversary party and most of all hanging out with my friends.


My favorite part of October was CP's anniversary!!! I loved the museum & party hat (my rainbow puffle liked the hat, too). I can't beleive it's been 8 years! I also LOVE the Happy Birthday music video & can't get it out of my head! Trick-or-treating around the island is pretty SWEET :P Waddle on & have another great year CP!


my favourite things are halloween party and new items for the iglооs.i realy like items for members,but i am not member.i have trick or treat parties with my friends!now i have halloween party at home!

Power club 1:

I Loved October because you could go trick or treating and even better the new Puffle feeding station came out. I also liked Club penguin's 8th Anniversary museum ( you can bet my rainbow puffle likes the hat ) I also got to meet aunt arctic two times. And i really liked Jordan Fisher's music video for club penguin's 8th anniversary. October has so far been the best month of the year.

Waddle On Club Penguin!


In the future I would like to see a future party where you can get puffle robot armor. The puffle hotel would be the puffle dome and you can get a future igloo. Also it would be cool to have snowball war where you get in four teams like in MU and you can play multi-player snowball battles with snowball blasters and the team with the most points at the end wins!


My favorite part of October was......CP's Halloween Party! Next time I hope there's an even bigger party!

Princess1 01:

I loved the Halloween party! It was super fun and I loved the snow forts! The stadium with the extra houses! I loved the Halloween party!


My favorite part is Halloween Party, go trick-or-treat on Snow Fort, and transform! I love the blue werewolf! I hope next month we can adopt Golden Puffle! Waddle On!


My favorite was waddle on best of Season 1 because it was so cool.


I like the Halloween party at club penguin because you buy some things with candy and also the costumes and the igloo items are so cool!!
In future on club penguin i would love if Rockhopper,Aunt Arctic,Rookie and herbert would come to club penguin on the same server and in the same place all at the same time and i would also like It's your birthday to be on the igloo songs. If you can I would Love if cp could make some of thier songs be possible to make on DJ3K. THE ANNIVERSARY WAS GREAT

candy pom13:

I wouldn't like a old party i'd like a new but old party!A party when we have a taste of old cp!It would be like a HUUUGE cp museum (and I mean huge) put in the old better igloos catalog put back the penguin style even make cp like it is old again.



My favriout thing about October is....THE ANIVERSERY! that's when i realised i'm growing up with cp my favriout website!


I really like the part when we can see the movie called "The Night of the Living Sled". It looks like a real movie till i am really feared when I'mm alone at my iggy. I saw a shooting star that time so I wish that i can see Spaceships and Aliens in the future. Waddle on CP!


happy Halloween club penguin I love you site I hope November will be awesome with operation puffle

David 9998:

I like the annversery with Aunt Artic because she was on almost every server i walked into the coffe shop she was there i also liked the party hat was like a ranbow and also the selection of the other anneverserys and the first items of club penguin

WADDLE ON-David 9998


Hi it's diamond7086 my favourite thing was the clothing and next time I would like to see some balloons


My favorite was the anniversary party. The team made the coffee shop look so cool! Can't wait until the next anniversary to see how they decorate it next!

Mano Ash:

my favorite parts in October were the awesome Halloween party in which there were tons of fun and i loved the spooky clothes in the clothes catalog and the anniversary party was just awesome and i got to see Aunt Artic!! i also got to meet rookie and we had a great time....the waddle on season one ended and it was really funny and i enjoyed it. i would like to see in the future more cool ideas in the decorations because this Halloween party went really great......Waddle On!!


I loved it when Rookie came I met him to times!


My favourite parts of October was the Halloween party and the Club Penguin anniversary! I loved to go hunt for sweets and eat my cursed candy and scare my friend :D . I also loved to participate in the anniversary and wish Club Penguin a happy birthday! In the future I hope Club Penguin will stay as awsome and friendly as it is. I hope and know you will keep up with your great work. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


i think you should add even more parties like an election party to have a clubpenguin president


i loved october! i loved going trick or treating with my friends, dressing up and going on club penguin! for the awesome halloween party!!
i would really love to see having a halloween trick or treating game on club penguin like monsters university did!
but club penguin can only get BETTER!


My favorite season is winter ! Because I can make : Snowman , and I can play with my friends in the snow ....and .... I can play CP warm :)

Poupou20020 - The French Player :D


My favorite parts of October was the Halloween party and even when we said Trick or treat in front of the doors,it felt so real!
And i loved turning into wolf it was soo fun! Also the Anniversary was great i liked the hat too i wish CP a very happy b'day!In the future i hope all the clothing of old CP will come back and i want cp to stay as friendly the way it was it does really help! Keep up the good work disney! -Waddle On!


I loved the cursed candied during October. You should do a Music Jam again OR you could do a going back to school party ( not like monsters university). Waddle on! :D


I love the happy birthday video!!!!!! its so cool.


I want to go back the previous island, becouse now the game is too modern, but the previous island was more fun there.


i liked them all because they are all funny and fun :D!


My favorite part of October are many things. I love the cooler weather and the changing of the leaves. I like to build up the leaves and jump into them. I also like Halloween. To me it is a chance to express yourself about what you like and an awesome way to get some walking in.Those are my favorite things about October. WADDLE ON CP


My favorite part about this October is probably the Halloween party with Rookie! What I would like to see in the future is in the clothing catalogs keep bringing back old stuff in it and maybe even throw in some old hoodies too because I really want one :P

Kibbles rocks:

THE B-DAY VIDEO WAS THE BEST OF ALL TIME CELEBRATIONS 8 YEARS OMG,but can you guys please show more mascots or hide more secrets that would be awesome!

Jarduday :

I would like to see everything again that happened this year and maybe a portal that will take you to Halloween world.


I loved the birthday video and you cand improve on anything it was perfect and fun because of the special appearance overall amazing

Pinky Spoty:

My favorite part of October was the Halloween party even though I lost my membership during it. :( But it was still super cool! I also love the Happy Birthday song. I listen to it a lot and I really want to download it to my iPod! That's how much I love the song. I also hope that it will be a song that you can put in your igloo!


I like the Anniversary Party. We could meet Aunt Arctic and Rookie. Rookie is funny and weird while Aunt Arctic is ready to celebrate. I tried meeting them but I failed. I really wish to see what is in stock for us on the next anniversary or the 9th Anniversary! YIPPEE! What a hit it was!


I like the Anniversary party and the Halloween party. There was excitement everywhere. I tried to find Aunt Arctic and Rookie but failed. The Birthday song was cool too! When will we be able to blast the song in our igloo? I like October as both Halloween and the Anniversary is on October. YIPPEE! Hope that there will be more awesome stuff you have in stock for us!


I like the Anniversary party and the Halloween party. There was excitement everywhere. I tried to find Aunt Arctic and Rookie but failed. The Birthday song was cool too! When will we be able to blast the song in our igloo? I like October as both Halloween and the Anniversary is on October. YIPPEE! Hope that there will be more awesome stuff you have in stock for us!


hey cp the partys are awesome can u hide more secrets though?


My favorite part of October was the Halloween Party because I loooooved the trick-or-treating and I would love to see that new puffle coming in the future! I think it will be gray or gold!


Short Leaf:

I loved everything of course! But my favorite was the Anniversary Party with the fireworks! I just loved the new hat, took a video of the fireworks at the Ski Hill on my camera, and hung out at the Iceberg FOREVER watching the fireworks ( the Iceberg is my favorite place to watch them)! And what I would love love LOVE is decorations, igloo furnature and parties all around the island, all for the amazing ANNIVERSARY PARTY!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really liked the 8th anniversary for club penguin because it was very exciting . I liked when teen beach movie and and when candence came because they are both very good singers and they are most liked in club penguin plus I got to add all of them and when can you put the birthday song in the igloo and make some items not member though I lost a lot of my clothes

messy molly:

I love summer... i love summer because i get to go on holiday EVERY year...


An science invention area the golden puffle the whole island changed cats dogs parrots mouses. different funrnncher new igloos !!!!!!!


My favorite part of October was the Halloween Party, and I would like to see a brand new EPF mission with Herbert and all the other famous EPF agent penguins to make an appearance in it. Until next time, Waddle On!


Umm no offense but I didn't like the Halloween party.My friend said that you guys had a haunted house last year and turned to ghosts.No offense! I just want Opperation Puffle. it makes sense,gold puffle,in the Halloween trailer,Herbert was in the background. Is the Opperation puffle thing TRUE? I wanna know if it is because ppl kept saying it is. I hope you guys say yes,if you don't know,think about it plz.Thanks! Btw cp rocks! Good luck on the gold puffle. P.S. I like you guys


My favorite part of October is the message of the new surprise. I thought like, " I know it's a new puffle,but there's gotta be a reason or something!" A part or other favorite part is the Halloween party.nice job by the way.


hi cp first ever comment,my favorite part of it was the Halloween part and btw nice job but my future dream on cp in operation puffle.that would be epic,nah AWESOME thanks for the question i always wanted to tell thank cp, WADDLE ON :D


my favorite part of October was the Halloween party cause we saw rookie and the curse candy it was so fun! i love all the detail to the island i really liked the wolfs cruse candy and i loved the Anniversary cause it reminded me off the old times until next time, Waddle on!


my favorite part of October was the Halloween party cause we saw rookie and the curse candy it was so fun! i love all the detail to the island i really liked the wolfs cruse candy and i loved the Anniversary cause it reminded me off the old times until next time, Waddle on!




whoa cooool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar Agua A:

Waddle on:)


my favorite part of october was when we trick or treated in the snow forts and the stadium i think in the future the penguins are gonna turn 3D like in my penguin app


I love the 8th anniversary party because Aunt Arctic was there and since i'm not a member, I still love the Penguin Style Catalog!!


I liked the 8th party on club penguin because it shows a time in the history on club penguin. Also I liked the party because it shows some items when club penguin just started. In the future I would like a party that shows what it was like when club penguin just started like when the beta tester penguins were around. For me that would be quite interesting.


The summer Is my favorite season


My favourite part of October was when we got to trick or treat and go around all the houses to collect candy and become scary monsters!
In the future I'd like Club penguin to make costume that all the famous penguins use to wear.


my favorite part was TRICKOR TREATING!!!! who doesn't like too yell TRICK OR TREAT I especially liked the trick or treat things that you put in your igloo {genius}
in the future I would like more candy too trick or treat with,
thanks eroby0236


Hey, While that post is old new's, i LOVED the 8th Aniversery party. Also, in the future, I'll ask you this. Remember amy (from
The book shadow guy and gamma gal?) she probably lost her
Superpower and made club penguin city and updated everything

Mar Agua A:

well i really liked halloween party with rookie appearance, beacuse i really liked when you can change into a wearwolf, vampire and a zombie and i really liked when the zombie danced. I really liked the trick or treat part. I hope to see that again.

Waddle on:)

Mar Agua A:

i l
i lo
i lov
i love
i love c
ilove cl
i love clu
i love club
i love club p
i love club pe
i love club pen
i love club peng
i love club pengu
i love club pengui
i love club penguin


So I think it would be awesome If the non members could still have costumes to that would be sweet





My Favourite Penguin is Aunt Arctic

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