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By Daffodaily5 on October 30, 2013 - 04:48


Bigpengui, the dragon, really has the best time on Club Penguin! Whether they're playing in band at the Lighthouse, surfing at The Cove or decorating their igloo for special occasions they are always having epic fun!

Does your friend deserve to be Penguin of the Day? Contact us and tell us!


-Club Penguin Team


Green N Cool:

Awesome post like always, Daffodaily5! Congratulations on becoming today's penguin of the day, Bigpengui ! Waddle on!


so cool I think the dragon is really a swampmoster not a dragon but I like it. anyways CAN YOU FRIEND ME PLZ I LOVE HOW YOU DID THE HALLOWEEN TRICK IT WAS SOOOOOO FUNNY CAN YOU GIVE ME TIPS HOW TO DO IT??? PLZ???????????? oh and plus make me penguin of the day I allways wanted that it soo cool and plus can you like my iggy its cool you sould check it out it got a lot of puffles and if you see me make sure to say hi cuz im always in the mood! oh and by the way what is the new puffle ? I need to s


wow i just love how we have penguin of the day now!


hi daffodaily5 i really come back with a message says oh pick me for the penguin of the day!!! come to the party in November Saturday 2 2013 in the club penguin standard time 2:30 pm or look the club penguin standard time if you don't know so meet me at the server snow angel to get this and go to my igloo is the party Standard Time Club Penguin 2:30 - 4:00 to start i really like your shirt and really like your hair! so great job daffodaily5 give me 500000 coins!!!!!! Waddle In The Penguin Team!


its good to be penguin of the day


Well done bigpengui! :) Please feature Me Me Ma1?


Hi's name is cool!! It's a realy good igloo... and I like your style!! Like dragon costume and like HALLOWEEN!! I'd be happy if I could be PENGUIN OF THE DAY! :DD


Well done


Good job, Bigpengui! U seem like a rlly good friend, & I like ur iggy & outfit! :)

king 687:

Hi guys what's up






im a purple dragon!!!

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