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By Daffodaily5 on October 15, 2013 - 01:43


Cadence super-fan, Donna Jo 45, looks up to her idol so much that she’s always on the lookout for her in the Night Club! Check out her glam outfit too, I’d love to know her style tips!

If you think your buddy should be Penguin of the Day, please contact us and tell us why! You never know, they might be featured and receive 5000 coins!


-Club Penguin Team



She takes very good care of her puffles.I just discovered that when you feed a puffle its favorite food it regains everything!

Fun Feathers:

Isn't that awesome?! Saves a lot of time when you have collected your puffles favorite food - it makes them so happy too!

-Club Penguin Team


it is awesome! i love that you can do that!


Yeah and when you feed them super foods, they dig up way more stuff!


Good Job Donna Jo 45. You are a cool penguin!


I mean puffle


I would like t nominate Kiki Iceburg she is my sister. She is really nice she helps me find hidden stuff. She loves to dance and just say random stuff.She hates it when someone is mean or lying.She loves to waddle around the island and dress up. She loves to hang out at the cove and stage.She loves to act at the stage.Sometimes she even does something completely random! PS first comment!

Fun Feathers:

Hey Galixie222!

You can conact us here to submit your nomination to Penguin of the Day:

-Club Penguin Team


I'm also a huge fan of Cadence! The igloo looks like a perfect puffle-sitting area.
I love the outfit combo! Totally fab!

Fun Feathers:

It really is a cool outfit! I love the pink hat with the floral dress- super stylish.

-Club Penguin Team


oh my wow! That Iggy is a uppie paradise! Woof, I know because I am a uppie woof! #WoofOn

Green N Cool:

Correction = Dance-Club* :D

Hey Daffodaily5!

waddle On!


wow so cool that she has a lots of puffles.


Congrats Donna Jo 45!
I waiting to be POTD and you know why!

Puffle 109:

Great Job Donna Jo 45! P.S I WANT TO BE POTD!

Le ia:

Congrats Donna Jo 45!I luv ur outfit.


Hey Club Penguin!!! Just wanted to nominate someone for the penguin of the day!! His name is Dr pepper341. He always has awesome outfits on and his igloo partys are awesome!!! He is a huge Gary and Rockhopper fan!!

See ya around the island Club Penguin!!

Fun Feathers:

We would love to receive your submission to Penguin of the Day. Send it along to us here:

-Club Penguin Team


i would like to nominate dantetthebea for penguin of the day.He has an amazing halloween spirit if you check out his igloo he has many halloween things i hope he becomes penguin of the day! thanks for taking your time to read this. :D

stand chat31:

my friend made non members feel welcome


I would like to nominate my brother 'Shubbs03' POTD he should win because he has this really awesome igloo and he helps new penguins by telling the secrets about where pins are and how to get backgrounds!


Wow I like her she is awsome and I like her igloo it rocks!!!!


it looks like she loves puffles, good job. And just to say Georgiabug would make a great pengiun of the day/ igloo because this penguin has one cool house and personality! XD


I love that outfit. She probably has a lot of puffles . She probably takes good care of them , too. Bye!!!

Lilly Apple3:

I would like to nominate Kiki Iceburg. She is really nice she helps me with codes and secrets.She likes to sing for bands,and dress up! She really likes to dress up as Taylor Swift. She really deserves to be penguin of the day.She loves to hang around with her friends at the university and the nightclub, she also loves to keep in style! She is just a good friend that is really nice!


(I put her username for the nickname :D )
So, Lilly1089 Is the best friend ever!
When me and her are on we both either go to school or just wander around clubpenguin!
I visited her igloo...
And she was ready for the clubpenguin Party! :D
She even had the candy pumpkin!
Im looking forward to seeing her Halloween party at her igloo
And the HUGE ONE we will be having :D
Waddle On :)


sorry wrong username :P
for the earlier comment


can i nominate yoohoojosh for being nices and careing

Cheese Tree:

Absolutely!  You just need to email us with your nomination!

- Club Penguin Team


I think so because only there buddies would nominate them for Penguin of the day!!!
Waddle on Club penguin!!!


Can u b my bff


Love teen beach movie


Can non-members be penguin of the day?


Hey Brooke, non-members can totally become Penguin of the Day! Feel free to nominate a really great friend of yours at

-Club Penguin Team


can i nominate kneemai64 for being a nice, friendly friend. She checks on every update on club penguin. She is amazing!!!


Awesome puffle stuff donna jo 45,

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