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By Daffodaily5 on October 17, 2013 - 03:20


Earthing loves Card-Jitsu so much that he's always trying to arrange parties with his buddies around the island for Snow, Fire and Water! I love seeing the sky change with different ninjas in the room. What's your favourite? Comment below!

Head to the Contact Us page to send your submissions! If your buddy loves helping others, in Club Penguin or IRL, let us know! All successful POTDs get 5000 coins


-Club Penguin Team



ohh i like changing of the sky too!! :D and especialy snowfall by the snow ninjas its pretty beautiful !!! :) :) :)


How do u get penguin of the day please anwser?

Huw burger:

I think they choose random people at a time, so you probably just have to get lucky.
-Huw burger


No they dont, you have to request for a buddy of yours. When there is a penguin of the day, at the bottom it says ''Contact Us''.


Hey Nicky!

One of your penguin pals will have to write in to the Club Penguin Team and nominate you. Good luck!

- Club Penguin Team

Ladybug Lis:

What catagory do you select though to nominate a penguin?

Grand Stand:

You can write to us through either Support or Fan Mail to nominate your pal. We look forward to seeing your message!

- Club Penguin Team


i like earting


I like his name!


I like snow because everyone has been waiting for years and it came for everybody! I also heard that the arrival for snow is a sign of shadow coming soon. : )


YUP im super exitede for shadow too :-P


Same! I like balancing the elements to make the sky purple! :)

~Perapin :)

Shadow Kat:

Wow, that sounds like a sight to see. I definitely have to try this!

- Club Penguin Team


Woo! Go Earthing!!

1st love bug:

I think I will win

Kesha$ lover:

Good luck1 bug:

candy pom13:

Hi CP mine's snow its easy to master and it's perfect for cp snow ninja cp has tons of snow! Waddle on CP or spooky on...


Speaking of "spooky on", what do you think a ninja should wear to the Halloween Party...?

-The Club Penguin Team


A ninja should were a wolf costume. Ninjas have to be fierce fighters and how are wolfs not fierce. WADDLE ON

candy pom13:

Well you could do ghost ninja,hope that helped! -candy pom13


This guy should be a great friend and I also love Card-Jitsu


I love Card-Jitsu too! Awesome!

- Club Penguin Team


I nominate Kiki Iceburg coz she is nice,funny and she loves to party! She loves to dance at the night club! She is a master at the dance competition. We love to go play card jitsu, and sled races. She is a real loyale friend.
~Waddle ON!


Go Earthling Go!Greetings Earthling

Le ia:

Congrats Earthing :) i luv the name xD

Joosy4 :

I love the changing of the sky. So beautiful! The rain is peaceful. The rain is wonderful. The fire makes the sky turn reddish, orange. The fireballs are fantastic. The snow is cold and pretty. The snow is spectacular. I am so excited for Halloween! Football6407 from UK is amazing friend. He has an awesome Iggy. Please POST Football6407 or Tuxedo2674 or Sara73468. Tuxedo2674 is so great. He helps me. He teaches me stuff. Sara73468 is so funny. Always makes his friends and me laugh.


Dear Club Penguin Team, I really like the party's so far but can we have another Hollywood party?

Chill Nye:

The Hollywood Party was just faaaabulous, wasn't it? You never know what might happen, so keep your flippers crossed!

- Club Penguin Team


hai Joosy4 nice Comment BTW nice job and u should nominate my friend also Football6407 cus im friends with him like Joosy is and my friend Pinky4533


If I wanted to submit to POTD, which contact category would it fall under?


Hey there! You can just email the support team and nominate your penguin pal. Make sure you give us some details on why your penguin pal should win!

- Club Penguin Team


Lol I like your name :D


Hi cool your cool

Hi your cool


Hi you're cool too :D

- Club Penguin Team


I like snow cause it's so pretty

Bluet Pingu:

wow friend u win lol




I am awsome. So are you!


Keep it up Earthing!


i love making snow fall with my snow ninja stuff i only need to get my Fire helmet and i've only got my water sandals and snow got my suit but not the other stuff but i think Earthing is an Awsome name 4 a penguin till then WADDLE ON


What are you talking about.

Enter nickname:

Waddle on CP !!!


Forgot to put the name. :l


Good job being penguin of the day!!!!!!!


Hey! So, I have been with club penguin for about 4 or 5 years and the partys are AWESOME!!! And especially this Halloween party! Good job club penguin team! Good luck with the Christmas party!

- Hellochloe


Wow, that's a long time! Awesome! I can't wait for the Holiday Party this year too. It's sure to be EPIC!

- Club Penguin Team


Guys look below the picture so u know how to win the Penguin of the Day


Well done Earthing! Waddle On!


Congratulations Earthling! :) Waddle on everyone!

Enter nickname:

How do I vote for potd?


How do I vote for potd?


Email us at with the name of the penguin you want to nominate and why they should win! We love to hear people bragging about their friends!


Princess fie:

It looks like a lightbulb on a Christmas tree!!!!!

Kam Kam 4:

Snow, Used To Be Water


Mostly i like card jitsu and


I think I shod be the next pengwing of the day coz im so cool and inventiv .


earthing come to my igloo so i can teach you card-jitsu pizza so you can make it rain pizza with a peperoni storm. or a hot sasue explotion


i like card-jitsu fire, pizza and card-jistu ninja


Changing the sky is awesome! All the ninja types are awesome but my fave is snow.

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