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By Daffodaily5 on October 11, 2013 - 03:43


Super-stylish Frosting222 is so bang on trend that she often runs out of coins because she spends them all on fashion! I LOVE the fairy outfit. Wings are the ultimate accessory don’t you think?

All winners get 5000 coins so don’t forget to contact us and nominate your pals!


-Club Penguin Team



By the way where can you get those glasses

Notch Of Minecraftia:

How do she get those glasses??????????????????


The glasses Frosting222  is wearing are not currently available in the catalogs, but you never know when they might become available again.  Keep your penguin peepers open for them in the future!

-The Club Penguin Team


Good job Frosting222! and HI SWEATY! YOU REMEMBER ME? :D


Hi Maxi49117!  

I absolutely do remember you!  Even though we didn't tip the Iceberg yesterday, it was sure fun trying, wasn't it!?  Waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team


Hey Dude!

I totally agree! IT WAS E P I C !!!!!! So I hope we can do it again :D really, thanks so much for give us fun guys, I know that you only work, but I feel that you put a special felling when you live with us, and WE REALLY APPRECIATE THAT! THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!


I have those glasses and the outfit and the wings and the hair. Congratulations.


It isn't that scary to me, but I still like the glasses


no no you cant get them in the catalog you get them with puffle tresure.


can you list times for every mascot who comes on clubpenguin


Well, the glass was in Costume Trunk April 2013 on Marvel Superhero takeover....I don't know that that costume trunk returns to the stage


Wow, Where she get those glasses so i can wear glasses when i have


you get those glasses with a membership and puffle tresure!!!

Ana Taylor :

Those glasses look cool


I think the umm shop

Hey hey cowgirl :

Super super cute!!!

keara 13:

you rock


I love those glasses




I love those glasses


I think the next penguin of the day should be wwe diva22 she loyal and kind and has great sense of humor. She greeted me when I was new she deserves it. She also gives ppl tours and tell them where places are. She is a good friend and penguin.


Hey cp!!!!!! I was thinking that if you do POTD you could do QOTD (question of the day) and if you say yes, I HAVE A QUESTION!

The question is....... I got a geopalz reward about a week ago. Why did I get that and what is Geopalz????

master mike4:

really? I was wondering that too! I have two or three.

Dyno Soar:

What a great question! Have you tried contacting our Support Team? We'd be happy to help!

- Club Penguin Team


Also I know you I've seen u in the town and in the gift shop


it's called the clothes shop now the old name is gift shop


wow nice coustume


cool girl!
and i also like her iggy!!!
though i am a boy i still some sort f trust in fairies!!!


Fairies are awesome right!?  Even Gary likes fairies, and at the Medieval Party he needed some fairy dust to make some of his potions, so it's cool you like them too Moshiling and Frosting222!

-The Club Penguin Team


Good Job Frosting222! Just some advice: Don't Spend All your coins! Lol!

Cool Beans:

That's some good advice, Need4speed67. It's hard not to spend all my coins with the new Furniture Catalog.

-Club Penguin Team


Congrats! I'm sure your super happy! Woddle on!


I think tazboi should be penguin of the day he is really super awesome!


nice igloo.i know some good penguins...ok,bye.

Dane T:

Hi do you want to be my friend?


Congrats on becoming POTD!




Congrats Frosting222! I hope best fishes for you!

Waddle on,


First! :D


cool page its the best ever

Polly Page:



wow congrats!


awesome igloo!


noahsponge is super nice and he aways helping people

Blue Liquid :

I love your igloo because it's so colourful and definately a Halloween Igloo !!!

Blue Liquid:

Hey Club Penguin Team ,

Is it possible to tip the Iceberg and when will the EPF Missions be back ?


Hey Blue Liquid!

Those are great questions to send Club Penguin Support.  I'm sure they would love to lend you a helping flipper with those, dude!

-The Club Penguin Team

Blue Liquid:

Hey Club Penguin Team ,

When is the 2013 Halloween Party coming to Club Penguin and will there be any Halloween Costumes for NON-MEMBERS ?


The party comes on October 17.


Hi Blue Liquid,

These are some more great questins for Club Penguin Support!  They'd love to answer these for you!

-The Club Penguin Team


first comment and she sure loves fashion congrats frosting222

Le ia:

Congrats Frosting222!I love that dress.

sonic stricks:

hey your lucky i never get too be penguin of the day


Hi Sonic Stricks!  

It's awesome to hear you want to be nominated as the Penguin of the Day!  I encourage you to keep those flippers crossed, and maybe one day you'll be nominated by some of your penguin friends!

Keep your chin up!

-The Club Penguin Team


I would like to say Yellowspeed1 is a really great penguin because she loves to go and work at the pizza parlour and cheer up upset penguins with free pizza which is why shes kind and she always has time to cheer up penguins whens shes waddling around! I also like her fashion sense because its different and trendy!! I LOVE HER IGLOO TOO!!


Bramblelove should be penguin of the day! He is super nice

Musheycloud :

I totally agree he's so nice and sweet when I was getting bullied at the school by the mine he stood up for me thanks bramble


Good job, Frosting222! Ur outfit & iggy is awesome! U sound like am awesome penguin, & I hope 2 c u sometime, so I can add u! :)


Keep it up


I have all those igloo items and clothes items too! :) Waddle on!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOUR IGLOO IS SO COOL AND YOU ARE SO COOL WITH YOUR GLASSES AND DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


frosting222 can you please be my friend im iceberg 2565 and amazing wings I would LOVE to have them but sadly im not a member=(
please add me please!!!


LOVE your outfit, girl!


How do we nominate a penguin for penguin of the day


i think kateybabby would be a great penguin of the because ahe always has a costume on for halloween all was the best igloos and is helping my out when im sad or don't know what to do she is my best friend and she would be a great penguin of the day.

Dyno Soar:

You can nominate your penguin pals by sending an email to our Support Team. Flippers crossed that your friend is featured!

- Club Penguin Team


PLZ NOMINATE MY FRIEND PURPLEX12 one reason is because awesome style second when I'm blue she makes be feel better third awesome iggy fourth a great friend and congrats Frosting222


nominate purplex12 plz!!


i love her wings!!!!!!!!1

Nanner Fairy:

I DO TOO!!!! I might have to change mine up!

-Club Penguin Team




hello my name is zockett and like partys. So bring you self on by an have some funnnnnn


Congrats , Frosty! I hope you be the penguin of the day again . XOXO Kitty3000


Daffodaily5 I have one penguin that is awesome! Her name is Jessie 4141 ! She loves to dance, make everyone laugh , she is very athletic , she loves fashion,helps all penguins (if they are sad, lonely, hurt). She is also the best friend you could ever have and she is very very very very kind to people ! I think this penguin should be penguin of the day ! Once again her name is Jessie 4141 !


Saltypinky7 is so kind and loves to give brill tours! Ask her now!
She loves!


I nominate Dumpling10.He is such an amzing penguin,and has nothing against anyone


I would like to enter Sirene72! She's a fun penguin! She likes to hang around and be so funny! I heard she was doing a report on Club Penguin for school. Shes so inspiring! She loves making new friends everyday! She loves hanging around with anyone. She'll ask "What do you want to do?"


LOVE THE WINGS!And the dress.


I nominate cancel84 for POTD. He has a creepy vampire survival igloo and is a wonderful friend!

Draak Skale:

It's best to contact support to nominate your penguin pal! You can contact us here!

-Club Penguin Team


I would like to enter Turtletom. He is a loving penguin and a great friend. Whenever I was stuck or lost at a new party he will help and show me around. He will show me the secrets in the catalogs and more! I hope you will see the greatness in his like I do. WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN


i think jujugins should be POTD. she is kind, loving and has a really cool igloo!


I think eliahubond should be the penguin of the day because he always cheers me I hope you read this message and by the way I think you should add him to cheer you up if youre sad.

-waddle on!


Well..... I'm starting to think that POTD is getting kinda boring because...
1. It sometimes makes other penguins very sad.
2.It takes over the blog and there's too much.
3.Everybody is a good friend so what's the difference?

Anyway I think they should do penguin of the WEEK so it does not take a ton of space.

Waddle on! :)


Are you playing in the computer.can you help me cause I can't play in computer:(!?,.

Light Petal:

Hi Sssundae6,

Please email us here and tell us what happens when you try to log in.  We'll be happy to help!

- Club Penguin Team


I nominate myself and natbathat


I think my friend SnowPatrol13 should be penguin of the day because she always decorates her igloo to go with holidays and parties! She even makes her own music! She also is a good friend!

Waddle On!


You should choose my friend ninja jack40 he is a vary good sport he plays with me all the time and he try's to nice to every one


I nominate Sousie2! She has awesome style!


OMG congrats!! :)


really nice wings where did you get that igloo


I agree!  Those wings are AWESOME!

-Club Penguin Team


Whats an geo pals because i got a postcard onjmy penguin saying you got an geo pals award

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