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By Daffodaily5 on October 8, 2013 - 10:03


When I received a nomination saying that Purpur5675 has awesome style, I thought to myself, "I just have to check it out!". And you know what? I wasn’t disappointed! She just oozes classic fashion style. Love it!

If your super stylish buddy should be Penguin of the Day then contact us!


-Club Penguin Team


Green N Cool:

Awesome Post Daffo! Well done Purpur5675!




can we have a lightning mc queen bash on club penguin

Cool at:

Love. I can't
Wait till I'm


yeah. i have two friends that have great styles and igloos and happily were my first two friends on club penguin AND in real life. their penguin names are Alaska4414 and Awesome452. They helped me on club penguin by getting my account up and overall are the greatestfriends ANY penguin and person could have. -Starworksrly : )

Fun Feathers:

Sounds like you have some awesome feathered friends on the Island Starworkrly. Great to hear about them.

-Club Penguin Team

Cool kids:

Hi cp team I was wondering if u could checkout Dogs rule 1. She LOVES birds and dogs (and puffles of corse)she has a brad outfit to !!
Plz check her out ur going to be AMZAZED


actually, its Alaska4414 and Awesome4983. SORRY.

Ewan 45645:



I know cooooooooooooooooooool
See ya some time


Awesome! Congrats! (:


Hey! GOOD JOB FRIEND! CONGRATS! How can I nominate a penguin pal for the penguin of the day?


It's easy! All you need to do is say who you want to nominate and why ;)


Dear cp administrators,
I think you should make a new game on the my penguin app you should make a EPF game
so we can earn medals to bye gear. I also think you should make pants/shorts for you penguin.
From a cp player


may I be penguin of the day? or do I have to be nominated by a friend? good job anyway potd winner!!!

Dondo 987:

I would like to nominate my best buddy dj poppy3 for penguin of the day because she is super stylish, really creative and her iggy's are always awesome! Congrats to the latest pots too!


can I be penguin of the day tomorrow PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

love cp,,:


Tree Rex 925:

Can I be penguin of the day tomorow, I don't know if I just ask or not so I will just try here

i love taylor swift:

pick pinky 41304 she is always helping people out and making them laugh and she throws amazing parties

Boostar 10:

hi!! I would like to nominate my best friend, she is kind loyal and amazing! We always hang around in our igloos! She is called MickyPeng she is really kind when im down and she has awesome style. She has been a member of the community for years! And im very sure she will be very happy if she was penguin of the week!

Le ia:



I wanted to say hi to everyone! Hi Navtron, Nanner Fairy, Fun Feathers, An Engineer, Cheese Tree and everyone else, you RULE!!

Cool Beans:

Hi, Freezepop!

-Club Penguin Team


Hello CP team! Hello Chesse Tree can you guys add me King15199


hey everybody congrats on winning anyway i want to tell the club penguin team about my friend lourdes60 she's super nice and she helps everyone.She just lost her membership which she's really bummed out about because she loves to explore and check out the cool stuff for members im not asking to give her the penguin of the the award im just asking you to give her a free member ship

Thanks -


can I nominate my best buddy bankiebell? She has always been a great friend and helps me when I need help.


Pookie pinke:

I have this best friend called poppy is me, she is very loyal and friendly, Shes also a guru in fashion shes mixes and maxes and by the way above if u beg they wont choose u


Hey, I have a friend named Iceyace11 could you nominate her ?


Well done! I would like to nominate Fuzzywuzzy61 because she makes the most of safe chat and is really kind! :)


!! You did great. I'm so happy for you


E973 has to be POTD because his scary iggy will win first place in a scary iggy competition!!!!

Puffle 109 :

i'm really want to be POTD *crys!* Please? Good job Purpur5675!


Hey guys and cp adminastraters. Im pumpkin4052. so i want princess1 01 to be potd too... creamy voted for princess and i recently dded princess and she is super nice. thank u!

Hello0004 :

I agree with everyone who says princess1 01 sghould be penguin of the day. i mean she has been spotted... by me! :) :) :) and she has awesome iggy's and im not a member. the first thing she said was. i would so lend u my membership! please let her be the special penguin! i really hope she wins! either way is fine though.


Good job, Purpur5675! I luv ur iggy, & ur outfit!


ME 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats how do u become the penguin of the day?!?



Happy Ashley :

Great job !!!!!!!

Happy Ashley:

I would like to nominate my best friend ever happy ash she is really nice and fun and tries to help all her friends thanks for the consideration also good job to everyone who got nominated xoxoxoxoxoxo happy Ashley


Good job


Hey Daffodaily5 and Club Penguin.
Awesome work Purpur5675 for Being Penguin Of The Day!
Also awesome igloo and coat!
Waddle on!


yes! great job gal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! could u friend me? I would love 2 be ur friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


Yes poppy39608 I will be your friend


i have another bff named Bubblingcola. She is VERY rare! My other friend in Milopladey. He Is Super Rare! They both were very elpfull to me when they where online. i was down in the dumps one day, and Bubblingcola came next to me and was SO nice to me. Milopladey was at the town a year ago, he was having a rare party at the town and i joined. Milopladey was the only one who added me in all of the 10 penguins there.



My friend hailey26237 is really awesome with kindness and most of all style! Could u plz check her out?!?



How do you become penguin of the day? Because I have always wanted to be but, I don't know if you like do good things on cp or, you enter some contest thingy??!!
Cherry6315 plz add me, if you see me plz say hello!
P.s Love the nerd glasses!!

Bobs Friend:

Hi guys! Good job. I want to nominate Poppy39608. She is the best friend you could ever have! One day I was upset about something, she got us icecream and we talked about it. She loves her puffles, and every one on cp. she donated 4,000 coins for coins for change last year. she would be great to do!


Please can I nominate slushykk? She is a brill friend and always looks out for me. She never lets her puffles go hungry and loves everyone! She is always happy and never ever ,Mean to ANYONE.
Thank You


Erm...I have been playing Club Penguin for zero years (LOL, I made an account Feb. 29th and it has to be four years before it's the anniversary LOLOL) and I would like to be nominated for Penguin of the Day. I can help other penguins and introduce people and throw parties at my igloo!
Waddle on!
P.S. any chance of a My Little Pony party for the bronies and pegasisters?!


can you be my friend? please if you do i well add you to my best friends list untell then waddle on from your pal polly41912

an an:



ya i have 1 freind with a awsome igloo her name is pinktumbiler4 her iggy is awsome every nitght i go there becuase its awsome i dance there a lot i have a awsome igloo to my name is joey john 1 check ot both of are igloos write me back bye wait i almost for got she you for halloween happy halloween get alot of candy to watch out for gost on halloween night happy trick or treat justs kiding but really watch out for gost i cant wait for halloween see you on halloween im done for now so see ya by


Nice igloo! I love the way you designed it!!


Totes amazing:)




Hey guys! I'm purpur5675 thank you I love club penguin!
I love being the penguin of the day it feels awesome!
I know it's late but I have not been on this app in days.
Happy Halloween,


Pick me for igloo of week

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