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By Daffodaily5 on October 7, 2013 - 02:29


Roxie0322 sure sounds like fun to hang out with on the island! She's a loyal friend who loves going swimming at the Beach or Cove, followed by just hangin’ at the CP School. Hope to see ya around!

Don’t forget, all Penguin of the Day winners get 5000 coins! So Contact Us and tell us why your buddy is so awesome!


-Club Penguin Team




Boinkiball because she's loyal, and she's a great friend. She likes hanging out with friends!


Roxie0322 can we be friends and love the top you are wearing


Ikr.Love her top


Aww thx,ill be ur bff instead!


Hey, ur really cool

Kiki Iceburg:

Hey Roxie its Kiki and I am glad u won!


ikr I would looooove to be friends with her she sounds so nice and caring btw love the out fit roxie0322
and please can we be friends please!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


Yeah me too!! I ❤️ the hair and T-shirt
I have started so I don't have anything in my room........ Wish my house looked like yours

Great Girl28:

If she's a great friend I got to friend her. Great friends are the ones you got to keep forever!!!!! They make you feel better when your sad, Great friends are always there for you, They tell you jokes, and more. I want to be a great friend that's why my penguin name is Great Girl. :-)

Cheese Tree:

Couldn't have said it better myself!

- Club Penguin Team


she is sooooo loyal!


Wow, that sounsd like a great reason to nominate someone for Penguin of the Day :)

-Club Penguin Team


Hi navtron! I am your fan, can you request Freezepop when you have a chance? Thanks


Sounds like an amazing penguin pal to me!

-Club Penguin Team


Add me Please Navtron. Im your Fan #1 Please .. I love Nav


i love how u dressed!! it super cute!


u should nomainate my friend Pinky4533 cus she is kind to me and we love to hang out and just have fun


Can pinky4533 be my friend I'm new

Moon Beauty:

Wow! Congrats Roxie0322! I hope to see you round the island!

Moon Beauty


I'm just checking out the blog u know,the old days!


Congrats please nominate Pearl52623 she is a king penguin pal that always has a joke ready to go!


Good job Roxie0322,You sure have a fab igloo and a good style. -Ninjaboy822


Right?? I think she does too. So awesome!

-Club Penguin Team


5000 coins! yeah!


Wow! She sounds like a perfect-o friend to me! :D


Hey Daffodaily5 and Club Penguin.
Epic work Roxie0322 for Being Penguin Of The Day!
Also awesome hair style!
Waddle On!


Hey Fireman1090! Hope you're having a great day!

-Club Penguin Team


Good job

Le ia:



I think Pink Pingu28 should be Penguin of the Day because she's a great friend and she is really kind! Also great job Roxie0322 for getting Penguin of the Day!
By Bellabingdoo


Can I ever be POTD??????
. .

Ghoulia sign:

How did you get picked it should've been me? Also I don't think you can swim at cp beach,so you must mean the Cove only right?


um ghoulia sigh, you should be happy for roxie0322 and if you were kidding im super sorry bout that (weird laugh) hehehehe!!!!! by the way great job ROXIE0322 im very happy for you could you please friend me roxie!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU


Awesome job Roxie! :D


I wish Pepper Dog36 could get pick he is a good friend too if I could help him to get and roxie0233 cool to


Jacknoodles because he likes to hang out and have fun and his igloo is kinda cool. Waddle On


I have to say you are every interesting I love the top and love your style to bad I'm not an awesome member like you are but love you waddle on my penguin

1234 Blue:

Cool! i think my friend Jblover64542 should be picked, she is a great friend! we are sisters in real life! she is a fun and awesome sister, and also is their for me and her friends, until then, waddle on!
-1234 Blue

Soocool :

My friend nycprncs is cool and likes to have party's


Please pick tweeter09 she is an awesome friend, she cares for everyone, she is a big fan to stop cyber bullying. Please pick my friend Tweeter09


Please Pick Orangesherb8 because shes really nice and and loyal.


so Roxie0322 nice igloo and nice items and someday u might see me as penguin of the day i hope u might and its also kinda hard but ill try sometime but u should hope ill be on penguin of the day and u will see my awesome igloos and my penguin so thats all i want to say


I think Badu8 should win POTD Because she is loyal,she goes on CP every day,she will always play with you,plus she throws great parties.
Please choose her. If not that's ok I still think she is a great friend. P.S. This is a surprise for her :) Dont tell please!


Roxie0322, can we be friends? You are awesome! BTW, I <3 your outfit! Amazeballz style!


can you please make the My Penguin App for iTouches, iPhones and other generations of iPads? I don't have a iPad generation 2 so I can't play. I feel left out that all of these people get awesome exclusive stuff and I don't. Please grant my wish and make those who feel left out feel the same!


Hey there! I think I heard a rumor about the My Penguin app being built for iPhones right now and hopefully Andriods next spring. Exciting stuff!

-Club Pengin Team


Can you please nominate my friend Agent5083! She is my sister and she makes some really cool parties! So please search for her and nominate her please! ~Pizza4life13


I think my buddy kojoio2 should be the penguin of the day.He always plays with somebody when he can, even if they're not his friend.sometimes he makes quests that are fun and he invites his friends to quest with him, and when he finishes he throws a party at his igloo for anybody.


Hey guys! I think that Princess1 01 should be Penguin of the day. She is always finding ways to include everyone and throws everything on the bright side! She makes the most epic igloo's and lets ppl who have not met a famous penguin go in before her! Plz let her be potd! THANKS!


Hey, I'm a fan of CP, and I felt like I'm rare and my iggy has so much cool stuff for this month's party! I hope you can nominate me and I'm loyal, I'm always getting stuff for everything, and I completed! Please nominate if you can!


I havent see Roxie on cp ever!


Pick my friend LizzyB she is friendly,nice,kind,and cares about others.


Sounds like a cool penguin!
Kelly should be potd she is so cool and awesome and I like her so much! Hi daffo!


Soccer1467 should be penguin of the day because she is an awesome friend and is stylish and fun loving. She is so amazing.


Good job, Roxie0332! Ur outfit is soooo cute, & ur iggy is so creative! I hope I c u waddling around! I rlly want 2 add u as a buddy! :)


I hope I'm penguin of the day sometime!!! Oh and I think Lillianlilly should be penguin for the day
>:D >:D>:D


You never know when one of your penguin pals might nominate you. Flippers crossed!

-Club Penguin Team


Cool!!! You rock Roxie see you around..... Be my buddy........peace.........bored.........AHHHH...........BYE!!!


She looks like fun to hang out with.


I picked someone else and plus this one is pretty COOL!


okay i think you should pick my friend purplex12 shes and awesome friend very funny
and she is really nice i mean REALLY NICE also if she wins dont say i nominate here ;)

Poonchee :

Sounds fun!


Can I be your friend please


Hi new Club Penguin team mods! It's nice to meet you guys! -Waddle On! :D


My friend Marty 954 is an awesome friend.Her style for the Halloween party is haunted and cool.She makes new friends everyday and be nice. She loves to have a party tries new things everyday with her friends!


I think pinkydapeach is great for penguin of the day because she is very fun,nice,loyal, and a great friend to be around.


Pancakes229 should be the penguin of the day she is new to cp, she is sweet, she is caring, she is funny, she is nice, she is very quiet and a great bff plus I know her


Roxie0032 you are the best and the sweetest !!
I really love sweet people !
That is why my name is sweetgirl516!!!

Enter nickname:

Now that more mods are commenting on the blog, you need to make it so you can tell if are actually staff, for example anyone can comment using the name 'Polo Field' or 'DaffoDaily5'


You will be able to tell that we are part of the Club Penguin Team whenever you see this sigh off "-Club Penguin Team". We know when players are pretending to be moderators and we won't allow those comments, that way there is no confusion. 

-Club Penguin Team

Enter nickname:

Hi luv the hair


Congrats Roxy! I am the former Penguin of the day and I am a girl hey Roxy add me you Sound kinda intresting until then Waddle on
-Yours Penguin pal Sweety45


i think kirsten 6232 should be penguin of the day because she is a great friend and she always beat me in find four shes like a master at that

Like Himself:

Very nice iggy, Roxy 0322, love it.

Like Himself:

I want to nominate Jmbr1. I think he is a very good and trustworthy friend to have around since he has been my first friend in CP. If you make him POTD he would be really happy because he has been wishing for this for a lot of time! :) Thanks Cp!


I think my awesome friend Pofey should be it because he organises epic party's on the island and helping out at the coffee shop!
Please make him it, he deserves it!


I also want to be PENGUIN OF THE DAY! too


Pinkflakes1 for being the most hilarious friend ever and never frowning. She likes hanging out at the pet hotel ( you can tell with all her rainbow puffles ) and wherever there's a party.
But one thing is for sure, with this penguin fun never has an expiry date!


Good Job For Making Penguin Of The Day!


Good job nice awesome


Great job Roxie0322! Nice igloo!


Love your top I have the same one love Iggy.


my best friend zooy9868 loves hanging out with her friends,dancing at the dance club and playing smothie samash! best friend FOREVER!!!


please friend me you seem really fun and i want you to be part of my best friends list waddle on from your pal polly 41912


I wish I can be POTD :( oh well, you never know...


I have that top let me be in next penguin of the day plz.

Kiki Iceburg:

Hey I nominated you Roxie, Thx for being my best friend!


That is so cool.How do you be the penguin of the day


Did you know that I have been penguin of the day as we'll it fun! I got 5000 coins wow! We'll done


Omg how

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