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By Polo Field on October 8, 2013 - 16:33

Hello Penguins!

Last Reviewed by You we wanted to know, your highlights from September.

I really liked Kooldude233 answer:

My favorite thing in september was Rockhopper returning he is my favorite mascot and im so happy he returned for another week every penguin was soo happy and no one should ever forget that cream soda loving pirate i mean...he DID find the red puffle and what i would like to see in the future is even more happy penguins waddling around and having fun!
Waddle On Club Penguin

Great answer Kooldude233, we would like to see that as well!

For this week's Reviewed by You, we'd like to know... what's your favorite season (winter, spring, summer, or autumn) and why?

We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team


Mr Napo:



L love club penguin it is so creative. i love when the club penguin team throws parties. I love the halloween parties that club penguin team. I also love club penguin's parties. I think kids will have a lot of fun with club penguin because all the games , parties , and the places


I love summer because the island is so colorful and unique, I also love all the party decorations and the new items that come to the catalogs. I love hearing new ideas that come from the club penguin team, you guys are so creative! Waddle on!


I like Spring because the Easter egg hunt but why did they not do one this year???


I do not know I wish they did


I agree I think we should have an Easter egg hunt with new clothes and furniture in the catalogs. But I love all the other parties we do too!!!!!!!!!!




My favorite time of year...probably winter! I get to get in the festive spirit in Real Life, and on ClubPenguin! I help around volunteering, and just around the house. On CP I can donate lots of coins to help people in need. Then you can't forget: Hot Cocoa, Cookies, Snow, Santa, Carols, Warm Sweaters, Sledding and more. Winter is the "Most wonderful time of the year!"


My favorite season is summer. I like it because there is no school so I get to play games (like club penguin) and relax with my family! Also you get to eat ice cream in summer! Yummy right?
your biggest fan
~ YellowPenny1


I love winter too, its so festive. I mean you can donate coins on Coins For Change. I just love the snow, as well as the hot chocolate and the christmas trees, it makes everywhere look so festive and happy I love it!


@Pokemon  It really is a happy time on Club Penguin during the winter and the holidays!  Sounds to me like you are pretty generous too during Coins for Change, so on behalf of everyone here at Club Penguin, thanks.

- The Club Penguin Team


I absolutely LOVE winter!! because, that is when you get all the nice, warm cookies, presents, and cool igloo upgrades/furniture on club penguin; and the style catalogs are really good to, and the games and partys are awesome. i also love that on club penguin you can donate coins to charities, and you can donate how much you want, too, which is great!! Autumn in cool to, because thats when halloween is, and halloween is sooo fun!!:-)


I'm glad someone finally relized that winter beats summer hands down.


YAY! It is great to hear you are loving our Parties and Club Penguin in general! But remember, it is amazing players like YOU that make it so awesome! Waddle on :)

- Club Penguin Team


My favorite season is Summer because there is no school that can get in the way of relaxing and you can play with friends,go to a pool or have a water balloon fight! (My favorite :D).


Sounds like fun, Ryan45043!  Keep up the practice of water balloon fighting by having snowball fights with your feathered friends in the Snow Forts this winter.

- The Club Penguin Team


I like autumn because, where I live, it's not only cool, sometimes it can be warm! Another thing is that I just love Halloween and also, the Club Penguin Halloween parties are pretty awsome too! When it is nice outside, I like to throw the leaves up in the air and make sketchings. When it's Thanksgiving, I like to make hand turkeys. I also like when we have our Thanksgiving feast. After we eat, my brother and I see who gets the wishbone peice. Well, that's all. WADDLE ON

Cheese Tree:

Those sound like great autumn activities!

- Club Penguin Team


i like autumn because of HALOWEEN


@Colin9277  You're going to REALLY enjoy this year's Halloween Party, I just know it.  I hope you have your costume picked out!

- The Club Penguin Team 


My favorite season is spring. Not just beacause I was born in spring. I love The birds and animals. It truly is amazing.The green grass. Also the blue sky. It makes me so happy. I want to see a cool spring party. From:SEanPaul


I like autumn


Halloween in autumn whoooooooooooooooooooooo!


Autumn is awesome!


My favorite season is winter because its by Christmas and pretty close to Halloween! The parties Club Penguin throw are amazing and I can't wait to go trick or treating!

Waddle on CP !!!

Fun Feathers:

Winter is such a nice time of year! I love how everything smells so fresh and clean.

Glad to hear you are having a blast at the parties!

-Club Penguin Team


i definitely love summer and winter becuase i love to shovel snow on winter and she snow flakes rain a also like summer becuase i get to go to the pool and the beach i am mostly a summer person and i like to build sandcastles and find treasure there is only one i found a 10 dollar coin it was amazing and i love fall i once made a fall slide i builded a slide and covered it with leafs and i love the new leaves note thank you club penguin we all love you and thank you guys i like to send emails


My favorite time of year...probably winter! I get to get in the festive spirit in Real Life, and on ClubPenguin! I help around volunteering, and just around the house. On CP I can donate lots of coins to help people in need. Then you can't forget: Hot Cocoa, Cookies, Snow, Santa, Carols, Warm Sweaters, Sledding and more. Winter is the "Most wonderful time of the year!"

Fun Feathers:

Sounds like you are very kind and caring to volunteering and helping around your house and help out during the holidays. Mmm, and those tasty holiday treats are my faaaaavorite!

-Club Penguin Team


October because its about candy and happy time's with friends your friend - zimmer24


I personally love autum and spring becase it is not cold or too hot it is perfect and I really like that also I love the parties in those seasons


I agree I also love Autumn and Spring. But I love Spring the best because it's my birthday on November 3rd.


AND Autumn has beautiful colors! Pretty pretty!

- Club Penguin Team


My favorite season is summer because you get to go free go surfing with your puffle new clothes and get to go to the DJ to make your own songs that is what I do in the summer


Wow u did good on it jk that was AWSOME


Well, I actually like all the seasons equally but the one season that I really love the most is autumn. One reason is that autumn is where my birthday is. The other reasons is that I love the weather is autumn: not that hot; not that cold. I wish that weather is like it everyday is the USA. I also am looking forward for all the new stuff and parties that is coming CP!

P.S. Don't forget to WADDLE ON!!!!


My favourite season is summer because there isn't any school so I can have fun and hang out with my friends online and in the real world.
Hi Emi712!


I agree, summer is my fave. So much time to see friends and have fun in the sun!

- Club Penguin Team


Winter because, it is a penguins favorite season right? Also because I think cp does the most AMAZING parties for Christmas. Penguins getting the spirit and helping the coins for change together is just so awesome to see. I'm not saying the other parties don't bring penguins together, this just does the best!!! (:

Fun Feathers:

Winter IS a penguins favorite season. Glad to hear you really enjoy the wintertime parties that are creating for the icy Island. Coins for change is an amazing time of year - so many giving penguins.

-Club Penguin Team


My total favorite holiday is winter! Not only is it a penguins favorite holiday :) , but its also when cp has their AMAZING Christmas parties!!! Penguins getting together giving "Christmas gifts" and of course - coins for change!!! Penguins getting together spending coins! its soo cool going in the streets of cp and starting "coins for change clubs" Love it!!!!! (: (: (: (:




I love fall for its beautiful scenery. The leaves are so colorful this time of year and it's not to cold or to hot. But most importantly.....HALLOWEEN!!!! I hope every penguin a happy Halloween and Waddle On!

Selena Fan21:

I like autum because it's close to halloween because. It involves having fun on club penguin! Also eating candy and having a fright night with my friends! Happy halloween club penguin! BOO!


Did someone say candy?

I couldn't agree more, Selena Fan21. This year's Halloween Party is going to rock!

- Club Penguin Team

Cp player:

I am not very found of Holoween

mr. bananas :

hey polo my favorite season is summer because you get summer vacation and the beach I love the beach : ) surfing swimming and the best part is NO HOMEWORK and club penguin is throwing cool partys like this year they did star wars and teen beach movie p.s. I <3 pizza


My favorite season is Autumn because I can wear brown clothes, play on leaves and drink hot chocolate! Also Halloween comes during that time!



-Club Penguin Team


i agree with freeze pop autumn is my fave season i love to play in leaves but drinking hot chocolate i think its a little early for that.


club penguin is awesome

Fun Feathers:

I love all of the layers that come with fall. Boots and scarves and vests and sweates - so cosy and stylish!

-Club Penguin Team

Kato Yee:

My favorite Holiday,just has to be Fall! Halloween,Thanksgiving! I love Halloween,Candy,Trick or Treating and Spooky things to see! I also like thanksgiving,cause you have a feast with your family! It's great! I love to eat the Cranberry Sauce at Thanksgiving! It's cool to see people on Halloween,trick or treating with friends and feasting with your relatives! :)


So much fun! We can't wait to see all of the creative costumes around the island.

- Club Penguin Team


Summer because there is NO SCHOOL!

Emraldz 1:

The best season is definitely Autumn. It's so pretty and nice out and also it's when CP has the best parties. :D
Waddle On!

-Emraldz 1

Carnotauro 2:

My favorite season is winter.
One of the main reasons is the Holiday Party! I LOVE that party! :)

Kallie Jo:

I love the winter the most! It's so fun when there's a ton of snow, and we can make snowmen, make our own snow forts, have a snowball fight, and more. It may be cold, but it doesn't matter because of how much fun you're having! Another thing I love about the winter is how you can feel warm and cozy inside, drinking Hot Chocolate. One more thing; my birthday's in the winter!


My favorite season is winter because it has Christmas in it and I love Christmas !


My favorite season is..... SUMMER! Summer is my favorite season because I can eat ice cream and snow cones.
I also love Summer because there is no school and I get more time to play Club Penguin! Waddle On Cp! :D


My favorite season would have to be Summer ! I love summer because it gives us a chance to hang out with friends and go on clubpenguin more often but occasionally going outside and throwing a ball or a snowball around a couple of times


This party will be better than before! Greetings to all the team of Club Penguin! They are amazing.And thanks for adding moderators .. I am a fan of them I want to add all ..


We're all super stoked we get to help out too!

- Club Penguin Team


I wanted to say hi to some CP workers I met today, including: Nanner Fairy, Cheese tree, Light Petal and Kozy cat! I had TONS of fun with you in Abominable!
Also hi to these workers: Navtron, Aquarium Bob, An Engineer, Fun Feathers, and all the rest! Hope I can see you soon! :)
Waddle On!

Aquarium Bob:

Glad to hear you met some of us today Freezepop!

We love hanging out and seeing all the awesome activities our community get up to!

Have a great day,

-The Club Penguin Team


My favorite season has got to be winter, by far. You can do so much, like cuddle with friends and drink hot chocolate! It's also a time of kindness and giving, so what's not to love? Plus, it's easier to stay warm than to keep cool. I love winter!


My favorite season is Autumn. It's nice being able to have nice, warm hot chocolate and look outside at the leaves falling outside. It's nice to get fall sweaters and mittens and see your breath. It's cozy and when you walk into a building the warm air feels relieving. It's nice to be able to see the frost on the grass and on other places like the metal stairs. The wind makes my hair go crazy! I like apples, especially in Autumn because they seem like a good snack then. That's why I like Autumn!


my favorite season has to be autumn, i choose autumn because i get so exited when i here the halloween party is coming, i love to decorate my igloo and send it for the contest, the halloween part on club penguin makes me like autumn the most!!!! Waddle On CP!


I Really Love Winter I Love The Christmas Party In Winter. Penguins Helping Good Causes.Building Homes,Saving Animals,Helping Disabled Kids.It Really Is A True Happy Christmas Helping Others, Giving Money To Others. That's Why I Like Winter Waddle On And Help Good Causes This Christmas.

Fun Feathers:

It is a very special time of year isn't it?

-Club Penguin Team


I totally agree with you becuase giving money to others is kind and asoume!


I like Summer and Winter, but I don't know what I like the best!

mrs popper39 :

My favorite season is fall, because that's when the fall fair and the halloween party comes. Those are my favorite partys of the whole year. So thats why fall is my favorite seasons.

Kato Yee:

My favorite season,just has to be Fall! Halloween,Thanksgiving! I love Halloween,Candy,Trick or Treating and Spooky things to see! I also like thanksgiving,cause you have a feast with your family! It's great! I love to eat the Cranberry Sauce at Thanksgiving! It's cool to see people on Halloween,trick or treating with friends and feasting with your relatives on Thanksgiving! It's fun to jump into the piles of leaves! :)

stefano mil:

summer because we are all free to play and is very very cute


I really like autumn because the halloween party is in autumn and that is my fav cp party! I think that it is very well thought out and
I just really like it so I'm looking forward to this years halloween party and seeing whats new every year.
Waddle On!

Aquarium Bob:

What an awesome fish-related name!

I'm a big fan of Halloween too!

I will be digging out my fish costume again for the party this year, what costume are you going to wear?

-The Club Penguin Team


For this years party I will either be an ice princess, an angel, or a raven... I can't decide! I'm too excited!!!

P.S Thank you! I really like your fishy name as well! :)

Waddle On!



My favorite season is Summer! I like Summer because first of all, NO SCHOOL! :D So I have more time to hang with my friends and play Club Penguin! Also because my Birthday is in the Summer! That's why Summer is my favorite season!

User: Peace1546ko


My favorite season is Winter because you get presents from Santa clause (or saint nick if you will).Plus spending time with family and friends is always the best thing to do,and you get to bake yummy gingerbread houses and other spectacular winter treats.Decorating my tree is the best winter tradition i have ever done,all that fun decorating a chritstmas tree in shiny and sparkly ornaments and popcorn garlands.But waking up on christmas morning is the best part of all I love opeing my presents!!


my favorite season is autumn because is so color full my favorite thing to do in the is JUMP in those leafs and roll ! that why its my favorite season


Wooh !!! my favorite season is winter because , that's when Rockhopper comes to visit Club Penguin and I get get candy canes from my sweet "Grandma ."


My favorite season is winter because there is white know coming down and making us get to school late amd some times miss school but also because my i get to see my friends at school and invite my friend over. In only love school because i get to be with my 4 bff and have fun with them


My favourite season out of the four has to be autumn. I like the others but autumn is a very beautiful season were the leaves turn into beautiful colours. There are also many great holidays in Autumn, like Thanksgiving and who can forget Halloween. FInally, the best about autumn are the awesome parties. like the fair, halloween parties and many more. That is why i like... no LOVE autumn

Waddle On!


i like winter because i like to play in the snow


I would like to add on of what i wrote is that in winter there are cool outfits here in club penguin but i can't buy it because i am not a member but there are cool outfit for not member kind of and for members


My favorite season is autumn because I absolutely love the color of the leaves and the cool themes during this time like the Halloween party!


My favourite season is winter, because it's when the Holiday Party and some other parties come; and I like it because I can drink a good hot chocolate at the Coffee Shop while reading the Club Penguin Times - see penguins wearing nice winter outfits and playing snowballs fights is really nice.

Waddle On!

Cheese Tree:

That sums up a great winter day perfectly!

- Club Penguin Team


I really like all the seasons. I love the summer because its the time to swim and its my birthday, I love the winter because I get to play in the snow also I like x-mas, Fall for me is a time to eat pumpkin pie and the weather is nice to jump in the leaves,The spring is nice because all the flowers come out. Until next time Club Penguin, Waddle on.


My favorite season is winter I love all of the snow, and the fun of making a snowman! I also love it because club penguin has snow too. I love that winter feeling giving me that nice cool feeling!

See you this winter!



I love spring becouse all the trees are caming back in to flower and new baby animals are born and the love flowers and it get wormer as will that's why I like spring and the session next is summer means swimming time is nere :-)

lisa <3 :

i like fall and spring there not to hot and not to cold but i like all 4 but those 2 are my fav because its a good to get outside and play be actice xoxo -Lisa


AUTUMN,AUTUMN,AUTUMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE HALLOWEEN MY BDAY ,SCHOOL AND THE COLOURS! Oh, the colours of the leaves!
Everything is just beautiful about autumn!




My favorite season is Winter, because it is cool as ice, and sometimes, I could go to Flagstaff and play in the snow. I also like Winter because its kind of like being a penguin on Club Penguin! My favorite thing of Winter is feeling that fresh air and having lots of fun!


My favorite season so far is Winter. Most people would prefer summer because you can laugh and play around all day, but that's not me. Winter may not be everyone's favorite season, but it's mine. I like Winter because you get to sit inside over the holiday and drink hot cocoa while watching a funny movie. That's my idea of the perfect season. Waddle on, CP!


My favorite season is fall. I love all the Halloween festivities, the beautiful fallen leaves, the crispness to the air, and more. It's my favorite season because of the wonderful feeling I get when I'm outside. It's truly a time to take advantage of!


My favorite season is fall because I just love to see the colors on the leaves change, and I am a HUGE halloween fan - I can't even tell you how much I love it! I also love fall because my birthday is in November!! I love spending time with my family on that special day and of course... getting presents!! :P On Club Penguin I love to see my great penguin friends waddling around at the halloween party and having a great time - it makes me really happy inside :) Happy Halloween!
Waddle On CP!

Chill Nye:

Oh man, Halloween is my favourite holiday too AND my birthday is also in November! High five!

- Club Penguin Team


My favorite season is winter because I can play with my friends snowball wars, build snowmans, snowangels and eat cookies with hot chocolate : ).I like this season to because there are many parties at this season, my favorite is Chistmas. This season remember me Club Penguin because there always is winter.

Until when

Waddle On!


I like winter because people are so happy for the season and the giving and I am looking forward for Coins for Change ! Also in winter everyone is happy and it seems everyone is one big family.


Summer because I can relax, go on vacation, go to the pool, the beach, hang out with friends, eat and drink cold food and refreshments, and best of all, NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!

E Pinguinn:

My favorite season is Summer! It is lots of fun and we get a break from school to hang with our friends, go on vacations, and have fun!


I really like winter because even though it is cold you can go sledding and do all kinds of stuff with snow. another reason is that winter is also club penguins season most of the time.


My favorite season is fall, because of a few things. A) there's my birthday, B) there's Halloween, and C) it rains. I love to have a book that I'm in the middle of, and sit on the couch, and listen to the rain. It gives me time to read, and once they canceled school because of flooding. *Fingers crossed*

Waddle On!


I envy the season Summer because every party that takes place during the summer is totally more epic than any other parties! Like the Tropical Party, Star Wars Takeover, Marvel Takeover, and so on! But what I am wondering is what'll be next summer's parties??

puingui 3d:



I like Spring because it can still snow, and it can be warm like summer. And not to mention there's some pretty cool holidays :D


I love winter because you can snuggle up near the fire place w/ a good book and enjoy hot cocoa. It doesn't snow where I live, but if it did I would play in the snow everyday. I love the snow more than my penguin! :)


Luckily there's tons of snow for you on Club Penguin!

- Club Penguin Team

Kc Sunshine1:

Summer, I like Summer the best because first of all I have no school (yay!) and where I live its always hot but in summer its really hot so I get to swim in my pool almost everyday! My third reason will be my Birthday, because its in July so its always so hot like I mentioned so for my party's I usually like to have pool party's because my pool and the heat also my most recent party in July was themed Club Penguin. My last reason is that I get to play Club Penguin for hours and hours! Waddle on!

Kallie 5269:

Winter HAS to be my favorite season! I'm really good at ice skating in the winter, I love to have snow ball fights, I love sledding with my friends and my sister, and it's always winter on Club Penguin! Plus, Christmas! WHO DOESN'T LIKE SANTA?! And you can eat all of the leftover Christmas cookies and get 2 weeks off of school! So... yeah. Winter!


Hey guys I'm Cookie5695. My favorite season is definitely summer! No school so I get yo have A LOT of sleepovers, I get to go on a bunch of fun vacations and, I get to go to the swim club with my BFFs!
Waddle On!

Pink Paigy:

I like Winter! One of my favorite things about winter is wearing my favorite pair of boots. I love to bundle up in all my winter cloths. I always say that with winter you can keep warm but there is not a lot that you can do to keep cool, especially if you are out side. Even though I love being off school I also like school because I get to see all my friends. Winter is my favorite time of year and I can just tell Club Penguin does too, based on the theme with the penguins. Waddle On!


My favorite season would be winter, because all of the snow, and the merriness, and it was the season I was born in. I also like it because it is mainly what season Club Penguin takes place in.


It's really hard to say but i'm going to go with summer because I can go swimming (which is my favorite sport) and eat ice cream with all my friends. And I like fall also because when my mom cleans up the leaves in our front yard I get to play in the pile ;) Waddle on!


My favorite season would be Autumn. My favorite season is Autumn because in Autumn there is one of my favorite celebrations, Halloween, meaning I get to dress up in a scary costume and get FREE CANDY. I also like Autumn because of one of my favorite party's in Club Penguin, the Halloween Party, and also that excited unknown party in November. In Autumn the weather is sometimes hot, and some times cool from where I live, and I love that! Those are reasons on why Autumn is my favorite season!


Free candy is pretty much the best!

- Club Penguin Team


My favourite season is summer, because I love to swim, and I love the hot weather. It's also really fun because it's the ideal time to have BBQ's and outdoor parties! I love to have water fights with my friends in the summer!


I love summer! I have a summer b-day, but its when everyone goes on vacation and can't come. i still enjoy summer. WADDLE ON AWESOME PENGUINS WHO ARE READING THIS!


My favorite season is Winter because Club Penguin does Coins For Change and the Holiday Party which I look forward to EVERY year.
Waddle On CP!


I like summer because my birthday and my coming to my house . My family comes to swim to. That's
why I love summer!


My favorite season is Autumn because it is a very colorful season with the trees and surroundings changing and preparing for winter. Also, it is a time for a lot of holidays and activities, such as apple picking, halloween, thanksgiving, and many other fun stuff to do with your family and friends.

Cheese Tree:

That sounds great!  Do you have any fun Halloween traditions? 


I Yes!!! Share gifts with my family in October why is to month special for we. :D and you have? :P greetings friend!


My favorite season is Fall! Fall is a VERY important season for me, its my most favorite because we get to go Trick-Or-Treating, my birthday is in October, on the Halloween month, and my 2 kittens birthday is on the first day of Fall, and I get less homework (I don't know why)! Also its my favorite season because we get to have the Halloween Party! Halloween Party is my favorite party on Club Penguin! I also get free time in the Fall to play Club Penguin so it is very very fun. Thanks, Waddle On


My favorite season is spring because my birthday is in the spring, and the flowers begin! And we have so much fun with the heat! It's hard to choose.


I prefer the Summer... In Summer i can play Tenis ALL the day; i can play CP,and in Summer everything is better for one reason... ¡NO SCHOOL! And becouse i can meet Rockhopper of course. :P


My favorite season is summer because my birthday is in july and my dad is always grilling stake or ribs on my birthday. I also get to vist my grandma and grampa in Palm Springs and I get to swim in there pools and I can envite my friends over to have a fight with water ballons and water guns.But my favorite part of summer is I get to play my favorite sport Baseball its always a compation to me and I always have fun and the best part is I get to play with all of my friends.
Waddle om CP

Luca max :

Favorite sesion fall


I like all the seasons! They are all great in different ways! My favourite is Summer though because I get to swim have fun with friends all day, go bike riding, rollerblading, go to the park, and go to BBQs. I also like Summer because on Club Penguin there is usually the Summer Jam! CP has a party every month! Which makes every season fun!!!!!!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!! :)


I really like summer because not only is it summer break but my family always goes on a summer trip and we always have a whole bunch of fun.


my fav season is spring because the weather is warm but not to warm.also easter is in spring which means MORE FREE CANDY!Another reson is school is almost out and in may a lot of cool scince stuff in school last reson is on easter my family gets together for a BIG EASTER DINNER!!!!:D
from Eleanorewolf


My favorite season is SUMMER, because that is when my favorite party (on club penguin) is on (summer party) and because its pool season, surf season, sun season and DA DA DAAAAAA holiday SEASON.




It's hard to say... I like Summer because I get to go swimming and because I can make so much money selling lemonade! I also like Summer because of my birthday and NO SCHOOL! But I like Winter because I can have hot chocolate and sometimes I get to go up North and play in the snow! Plus CHRISTMAS!!!!! Hmmm I still can't decide... Maybe Fall is the best because of Halloween! I mean who doesn't love dressing up and getting FREE CANDY!?!? Well waddle on Club Penguin!!!


Hi Artichokes!It's nice to meet a new mod!! Good luck and if you can add me! Waddle on!! :D


I love winter!I also have heard about the ClubPenguin coins for change!I jut cant wait for my birthday its cold so i can go to disney or islands of adventure,cant wait to ride ripe saw falls again! I hope i would be here for all the party's.All you can wish for is a good winter,summer or Autumn! Waddle On!


My favorite season is spring and summer because in May its my B-day and in the summer because there is NO SCHOOL!!!!

Catlin star:

Hi my favorite seasonis fall because you get a almost all seasons combined in one season because, spring has the rainy days and the cold days are winter and the warm days are summer. It's also Great when you pile of leaves and jump in them and wearing costumes for Halloween in real life and in club penguin.
Thanks so much for creating the game from,
Catlin star


My fav session is spring bcuz in spring my penguin for android is coming otherwise its winter bcuz in winter clubpenguin alway start my fav party thats y spring n winter cp how do u guys get to know wht we want haha

Cpworld2001 here
Cp fan


My favorite season is the Winter. It's one of the most coldest seasons out of the four and I just love how the snow falls down gently. It practically reminds me of the White Puffle. So small and gentle. Isn't that funny?



My favorite is all of them because in Spring we had the Monster's University Party and in Summer we had the Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Party. In Fall we had the Medieval Party & Winter I am sure we will have a Christmas Party. That is why I like all four seasons.


I've always loved autumn because of the leaves. Me and my family can take walks through forests and look at the colors of leaves. I can jump in leaf piles with all my friends and hang out. I've always loved the fall with my family and friends. I'm sure this year will be even better!


My favorite season is winter because I love the snow and the Holiday party on Club Penguin. I also love it because when I donate for coins for change, I donate as much as possible because it makes me feel good that I'm donating for a good cause and making people and animals happier and healthier. I think everyone should donate because it really makes a difference.

Waddle on :)


I LOVE AUTOM! I just love the style and clothes plus fashion that comes out! They are very trendy like plaid shirts with tights and uggs! They look great plus no mosquitoes I just hate them! Plus it's not to hot and not to cold, just right tempeture is just the best and the trees look beautifully red orange and yellow! And you get to drink how chocolate and marshmallows.its really fun in AUTOM and I hope I g et picked! -love Bowie201 xox.
Waddle On Club Penguiun and have a nice day!

Chill Nye:

Fall fashions are definitely one of my top reasons I love autumn! And now I'm craving some hot cocoa :)

- Club Penguin Team


my favorite season is winter because I love playing in the snow plus It comes after my favorite holiday... Halloween! Also winter is my favorite season because my mom was born in winter. I wish I was too but I was born in spring. But I think my penguin was created in winter.


My favorite season is Winter.I have tons of reasons why.Here's a few:It is the season I was born in.I love to get under a blanket with some hot chocolate with my laptop playing Club Penguin.It snows, my favorite reason.I go outside with my family and play.We have a huge yard so we can do TONS of things.Those are some reasons why Winter is my favorite season.Until Later,Waddle On!


I really love WINTER! Because i love the snow. And i like the cold frost and how snow cubes just stay. And sometimes our family would go skiing and l\making snowmen. The best pard is touching the snow flakes and tasting it. Its like rain drops frosted in the cold chill. Its so awesome. :)game on!

Jessie a k a Kerepe:

Cant wait for halloween! its gonna be EPIC! and winter is AWESOME cant wait for BOTH!




Hey Polo Field and Club Penguin!
My favorite season is...SUMMER!!! I like summer cause its really fun because i go to brasil every summer and see me dad and do alot of fun stuff like Riding motercycles,Fishing,Visting new places,and Going to soccer games but it is more fun hanging with my dad.And i don't see him that much.My second favorite Season is winter i like winter cause it snow like alot you can make snowmans and drink a nice cup of hot chocolate in home while it is snowing outside.Bye!


My favorite season is Winter because of Christmas and the Club penguin Christmas parties are always the best!

jessiekk kerepe:

Game on gamers of cp!


To be completely honest, I like winter because I was born in February, when there was a giant blizzard!
I also like the winter because of it's coldness- you can snuggle by the fire with some hot coco.
I love when it snows! I like to go sledding with my little brother and with my friends. Sometimes we have snowball fights. Maybe built a fort?
Penguins, my favorite animals, love the snow! They live and breathe the Antarctic air.I guess that's why I also love the snow!


Hey Greenncool I was born in February what a coinsidence! Well 15 of February 2002. I like Winter too!



Hello, Ila174
I'm February 16! What a small world! :)


Sup, guys. My favorite season on club penguin is winter. But, in real life it is summer. I like winter because of COINS FOR CHANGE and for the holiday party! Waddle On Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!

Le ia:

My favorite season is summer cuz it's warmer we get off of school an I can hang wit my friends more.


My favorite season is definetly summer! You can go have a water balloon fight with you friends, chill out at the beach and catch some waves, you can also have one of my favorite treats..ICE CREAM! Waddle On Club Penguin! :)


YO your awesome

St Michael3:

My favorite season is winter because it is always the happiest and jolliest time of the year! I get to see all my family and the Christmas party is on club penguin!! I love seeing everyone be nice to each other, and all the wonderful items and decorated igloos. My favorite part is I can donate to coins for change and help the environment and all those who are less fortunate! Waddle On!


My favourite season is winter because its a jolly season in Club Penguin with all the festivity going on. I like Winter because that's when the Christmas party .I also like it because that's when the most fashionable winter jackets and hats are in. Its so much fun during Winter, which is why its my favourite season!


My favorite season is autumn because my birthday is in November and my favorite holiday and time of the year is in autumn Halloween Ijust love Halloween because of the candy costumes and decorations


Well, my favorite season is Autumn because of Thanksgiving, Halloween, and because my birthday is in Autumn. In Thanksgiving you get to have a great big feast with your relatives and family and getting together to play some family football. I love Halloween because of trick or treating, dressing up in fun costumes, and hanging out with family and friends. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love my birthday because of getting presents and hanging out with family and friends! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!


My favorite season is summer because it has awesome party themes like Shake it Up or a carnival. I think Club Penguin can make things that are great and turn them into AWSOME things! Like for example you guys made my favorite TV show, Shake it Up into some thing I could never think of. Keep up the good work guys!


Well my favorite season is Winter because there is snow that you can play with , either you can play with your friends .The best thing about Winter is that we have Christmas day I love that day. We are going to share things and give us presents etc ,we most have fun in Winter.Waiting til Christmas Cub Penguin

Waddle On


My favorite season is summer. Summer is one the best seasons ever, because of vacations and more time for parties, and more time for fun. You can also spend more time at the beach, pool, and Big Momma's (lol). I love summer with my friends, and to quoting from the Summer song from Phineas and Ferb: The Movie: Across the Second Dimension, "Summer, where do we begin?"


I love the season Summer because of that Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam and other stuff where you can chill and do anything you want! Waddle on Club Penguin!


My favorite seasons are summer and fall. I like these seasons because summer is perfect for swimming and playing, and fall has perfect weather for going out on walks and throwing leaves around! Club Penguin always has some suprise for me throughout the year, but the fall is awesome because I love the Halloween party! In the summer, I have more time to to play.



I love winter because it's cold, like my heart. No just kidding! I like it because I was born Three days before Christmas, New year's eave, the other time of the year I can set something off without the fire chief yelling at me, and winter break! I also love snow, although where I'm growing up, it's hot all year round so it's a real treat to play in the snow!


I really like winter so much goes on and the Christmas party goes on for days and all the penguins look extremely happy buying all the outfits and things so winter is my season


My favorite season is winter because Christmas is in winter and I love Christmas. With all the food, presents, and family I love winter since you can snuggle up in a blanket near a fireplace and drink hot chocolate! :)


It's hard to choose between the seasons! I love fall because of all the beautiful colors and Halloween of course. I love winter because of Christmas and the pretty snowflakes (also my birthday) and even though winter is cold it seams like such a fun and jolly season. Spring is great because of the flowers and the happiness of a cheery season. Summer is warm and full of fun and the feeling of freedom! I
Can't pick a favorite season, when I love them all!


Spring is my favorite season of all. The flowers are blooming and the world is coming out of it's gloomy state once again. It is near the end of the school year and we can reflect on all of the things we have accomplished. The weather is perfect and you just can't stay inside! This is why spring is the most exciting season of all!


My favorite season is winter because we get to play in fluffy, white SNOW!! I like to drink hot chocolate by the warm fireplace after I play in the snow. I love ice skating too, IT IS SO FUN! My birthday is in winter also! I love winter on Club Penguin too, one of my most favorite parties is the Holiday Party! I love to celebrate Christmas!


COME ON GUYS! i can't just choose 1!!! all seasons have all of there natural beauties and all of the fun stuff each season have like winter=snowball fights fall=jumping in leaves spring=rain p.s. i like rain thats why i but it has one of springs fun things summer=MY BIRTHDAY!! ok probably summer is my favorite cuz of my b-day!


I love Summer because you get to hang out with your friends like in a pool party, no school, vacay every day, and just living wild and free! It's your call and since there's no one stopping you, you can just.........GO CRAZY!!! ;)


My favorite season is winter because rockhopper comes and also the holiday everyone loves and it is my favorite holiday. It's christmas I really like the decorations and everything so yeah :D


I have to favorites Autumn and Summer.Autumn because of the Halloween Party and the leaves change colors and Summer because there is no school,there are awesome parties for Summer,My b-day is in Summer,and you can swim and have a lot of times with freinds,and party on CP!
Waddle On!


i like the season winter because everyone gets to dress up and bunndle up together. And on december 31, we get to watch the fireworks at the ski hill. Anyways, winter is my favorite season. WADDLE ON CP!


Yoshi Taco 1:

My favorite season is Summer because its when there is no school and you can do what you want like go to the beach, go to the water park also when there is no school there is more time to go to Disney land. I also like winter on club penguin because it is the holiday party and you can do coins for change to change the world. I really enjoy the summer though because you can hang out and relax and can do what ever you want like go to a different state on vacation and not worrying about school


One word.... WINTER!! First of all, it's obviously a penguins favorite season 'cause PENGUINS LOVE THE SNOW!! Who doesn't!? Second, you can build snowmen, go sledding, skiing, snowboarding, and so much more!!! And at night you can have some hot cocoa and watch the sunset! You can also roast fish like a penguin! Also Christmas is in winter and it's my FAVORITE holiday! Everyone loves Christmas! You get presents, eat warm cookies, decorate the tree, and more! Winters the best season EVA!! :D


I'd have to say...Autumn!Because I love how the leafs just look like its a painting!I also love is when u breathe smoke comes out!most of the time i like when leafs pile up is when i get on a high area and jump off!And land!So much fun. ;)


My Absolute FAVE Season Is Summer! Its Always So Warm And I LOVE Swimming!!
My Birthday Is Also In Summer!!!!!!



I don't have a favourite season because I LOVE them all! I love Autumn because of the AMAZING Halloween Party that CP throws, and it's fun watching the leaves change colour and fall to the ground. I love Winter because it's my birthday and its such fun to play in the snow. I love spring because it's the time of year where the flowers blossom and there are new born all around. And last but not least, I love Summer because I get to go to the beach for AGES and there are always BBQ's. Waddle on CP!


My favourite one is spring I love the hot weather it's cool and nice a hot my name is popstar27231


i love spring! because my birthday is in that season and i love baby animals!


My favorite season is definitely winter! I love Christmas, and like how people are always friendlier to each other during the winter season! I also absolutely LOVE COINS FOR CHANGE! It makes me feel like a superhero when I donate my coins to special causes! One of our family traditions in the wintertime is every Christmas Eve we leave cookie and milk out for Santa and carrots out for his reindeer! LOL! I also like going shopping and get Christmas presents for my family! :D


Cheese Tree:

Those are great points!  And I love the tradition of leaving milk, cookies and carrots out on Christmas Eve!

- Club Penguin Team


I think it's a good idea but I've never left carrots out for reindeer!!! In preschool we used to make special reindeer food, I THINK we did at least!


Ooh we made rain deer food, too!! XD


My favorite season is spring and winter because in spring it's my birthday and I get to go to the pool in that season. Winter because Christmas! And I get to hang out with my friends in the snow and go skiing!
Xx ~Elise190 Waddle On Club Penguin!

Jilly Can101:

I honestly can't really choose! All four seasons are great for different reasons. Autumn because I LOVE Halloween, my birthday is in it, and I absolutely love the fashion! Winter because I love snow and Christmas, not to mention hot chocoloate. Summer cause of WATER AND SWIMMING! And finally spring, because of all the pretty flowers and plants!




My Favorite Season would have to be Summer.I pick summer for a couple reasons.One is My Birthday Is During the summer.Second reason is that anyone that is in school is on summer break.Third Reason is that most of the time everyone sometimes gets to go on a trip during the summer.So That Is Why I Pick Summer.


My favourite season is winter, because it has christmas which makes everybody happy with just so many presents that they like.
What could the present be? A robot toy? A dragon plush?
But most of all I love building snowman and using the spare parts as snowball's to fight in a snow war!
It may be easiest to make ice-cream in that season, but not best to eat it.


My favorite season is winter because i always love the sene of snow covering over some parts if the world. It's like a blanket of frosting covering plants, roads, and other parts too. I also love winter time because I like Coins for Change. Giving people help to those in need makes me smile more than them. Not to mention winter is a time for laughter, memories, family, friends, sharing, caring, and fun.

-Waddle On!


Hey CP,

My favourite season is Spring! Me and my friends always have a great time during Spring! Nearly all our birthdays are in Spring including mine which is on the 1st of November! You can't forget it because it's the day after Halloween! Happy Halloween and
Waddle on CP!


I really like Summer because Christmas is on that time where i live which is Australia and i love summer because we can get to go to the pools and the six week holiday.

That is why i love Summer!

And i can not wait till waddle on season 2 and i hope they will bring the fall fair back in November

Waddle on Club penguin!!!

Rockyy 1c:

my favourite season is Winter because thats when my birthday comes and i get to go to the snow in AUSTRALIA can you believe it snow in Australia! In the Snowy Mountains i have so much fun that there was an ice chair which was standing still without breaking and i have so much fun sledding. And finally the best thing about winter the snowy mountain i went to was a club penguin snow play park!


My favorite has to be winter just because of the Christmas time and the new year. It has always been my favorite time of season becaus it is also cold outside. Also all of the parties on CP during the winter are fun like the holiday party and donating our coins for the coins for change.

Enter nickname:

My favourite season is the spring because I really like the "silent" rain and I think it's a really good season to hang out. Spring it's just amazing you can smell flowers, you can do snowball tournaments , you can do everything what's in your mind !!!!!!!! Spring it's just like a party it's crazy but fun . Spring it's spring the only " crazy " season . Sincerely what would you need more ??

With springness Mimi 2431


I like autumn because even though its getting cold its a time to be with my friends and have fun as memories before winter :)


I like winter the best because its usually quite cold and you get to build snowmen and also because of CHRISTMAS!!!!!!


Hard question, but anyways my favourite is Spring because it can be hot or cold, and the Beautyfull flowers that come out!!
Spring is just the best!!


Winter is too cold, summer is too hot but autumn is pretty good because I like the colours of the leaves on the trees and i think spring is also very good and I look forward to seeing the plants after winter and my birthday is in spring. I think that i like spring the best.



My favorite season is winter, I love it because then it's Christmas and we have Christmas break and have time to play Club penguin.Waddle On CP: D


My favourite season is.... WINTER because club penguin has a Christmas party and its so much fun I always give coins for change and I well ,try to meet any mascots that come during that party. I love to see penguin throwing snow balls at each other and I just join in randomly. So that's why I LOVE winter waddle on!


I Etch2 think that my favorite would be winter because the November parties they're all different every year like operation black-out it couldn't be more fun. The December party is the best coins for change and we must remember when we filled the light house with all the coins we donated to change the world and snow throwing snowballs at my friends is a highlight for me. lets see if we can donate all our coins to build safe places, provide medical help and help the environment.

vikyx1 :

i love summer becouse i love the pool and the sun and the sun glassis and i really love the summer hollidays becouse i can squirt my brother with my watergun lol


I really love winter because of the Christmas party and coins for change. I love trying to give as much as I can plus its really fun I cant wait for this years coin for change, I'm going to try and give 10,000 coins to coins for change.
Waddle on club penguin XD


dude its ..... spring were cute little citty cats are born and woolies (sheep)and little moo moos (cows) and lets go awwwwwwwwwwwwww



Summer because there's loads of party's and I can more often than I can usually. I love it and all of club penguin.
Catch you later club penguin ;)


My favorite is summer because you get to go to the swimming pools.


I love winter. I never experienced it before but I love snow and how it makes everything look beutiful and magical. Snow is the best thing about winter which is why I like it. And winter is also the season of Christmas and Christmas is always soooooo awesome even if I'm in a country with no snow.


I like autumn because it was the season when I was born!!!! :3


I LOVE winter.


my favorite season would be summer because its the best season for me because they give off vacation on this season and so it would be fun hanging out with my friends in CP and in real! and the other things i like is we can go to the sea and enjoy playing in the water and sand and i like the ice creams and fruit juices and smoothies they make on summer as they give a taste for sour throat.


Omg great question define toy SUMMER


I think winter is the best season because its a season of giving and a very peaceful season and also coins for change which is one of the best things in winter so we can help the poor and cheer them up.


I like sumer time!


My favourite season is Summer because its the best season to go swimming. And its the summer holidays witch is the longest holidays!

eco green2:

my favorite season has to be winter because at my place all my family members come together to celebrate christmas and we holidays to come online and play club penguin. My favorite mascot rochopper too comes at that time. i could not meet him this time but i am definitely
going to meet him in December. I can also donate money and i always donate at least 5000 to help the poor. i will be waiting for the fun i am going to have during that time. Waddle on Club Penguin !


It definitely has to be winter. I get to have fun with all my friends in the snow, like making snow angels and snowmans. Club Penguin's season is also winter, that makes it even more special ! Waddle on Club Penguin! :)

Sunny Ann:

My favorite season is summer because it is my birthday and I love swimming!!!!

Duncan 8114:

Coins for change is the best party i love it back in 2011 i gave other 15000 coins to save wild life hopefully i can beet that this year!!!
i want the light house to fill up with coins and see Rockhopper!!!

Waddle on cp!!


I love Summer because its nice and warm. The flowers and plants and trees are at their fullest, the grass is green,the skies are mostly clear. And when it rains its refreshing. The sunsets are beautiful.And I get to eat ice cream . And there is no school. And the Club Penguin Parties are EPIC during summer. And that is why I like summer the best.


I just love Summer! Going to the pools is really fun! I can now swim its really fun! I really enjoy Summer! You can have tasty treats like Icecream! And with Summer school holidays, You don't do any work! But I still like school. Not saying I don't. I love school and learning because you will be clever! It will make lots of help in High School and University! I really like School and Summer! Mostly summer though. No math problems to solve, science projects to work on, or anything like that!


I like Autumn and Winter, but Summer is the best! Do you why? First you get graduated then you don't get much work! Then, we 3 months of holidays!(Summer Vacation!) Then I relax.....and play Club Penguin. Yay!

From, Agent Sajo11


My favourite season is summer! I love it because on hot sunny days we can go to the beach, eat ice cream and it is really fun.
I also love hanging out with my friends and going to birthday parties and christmas is the best!



My favourite season is spring,and not just because my birthday is in it.I's no too hot and not too cold.So you don't have too worry about sweating too much and having lot of cold's.All the plants grow again and they start to thrive again.I like to see the flowers in my garden grow again.
Waddle on!


My favorite season is Fall because the Halloween Party is on Club penguin! And the costumes for the Halloween party every year. Halloween is the best holiday ever, so OF COURSE I love Fall! Happy Halloween, CP and Waddle On!


I LOVE all 4 seasons but i would say my favorite season is summer because I like to be out of school and I LOVED the EPIC Teen Beach Movie summer jam until next response


My favorite season is Summer! I think it's so much fun because there's so much to do!!!! You can have snow cones, go to a carnival, beach, and other types of things! Oh, and don't forget swimming and eating ice cream?!?! Not to mention not only do you have fun in real life but you have fun on Club Penguin as well! With the lots of chilling out with friends and playing in the water you couldn't possibly not have a fun time! Think about it, Club Penguin's Summer Party+ Fun outside= absolute fun!


I love summer because I see lots of my friends and family. Most of all NO SCHOOL! Also I love going to the beach and catching those waves. Oh how can I forget vacation to Disney world! Summer camp is one lots of randomness and playing with my friends.


A lot of penguins enjoy coming to my igloo parties. They're always huge and so fun! The best parties I throw are during the fall, my favorite season. I'm thirteen and I still play CP! Fall is my favorite season because my favorite holiday is in it- Halloween! I can't wait for the party! I also like fall because the leaves on the trees "blush" bright colors and make the landscape much more beautiful. The only bad thing about fall is that I get less time to spend my day on CP :( Waddle On CP! :)


My favorite season is totally Winter! Especially since my birthday is in the Winter! I love the Christmas time! I get to play in the snow and get a lot of great presents! I LOVE wearing sweaters in the Winter time! So fuzzy and warm! Also you can have hot coco! The best part of Winter: Club Penguin's Holiday Party!


Your fellow penguin,


Melvin 505:

Definitely Autumn! I think it has crisp, clear weather, it's not too cold, and it's when my birthday is! To me, it's also the best time for CP parties, because the last ones are usually a load of fun!


my favorite season is the autom!! because my birthday in november. also in israel there are a lot of holidays on the autom. in the autom the weather is nice, sometimes worm and sometimes cool. if there wad snow where i leave in israel i was most like winter :)


My favorite season would be winter. Though I've never experienced it, I think it's really beautiful in the winter - snow, snow and snow everywhere. And that's also one of the season I look forward to experience. During the season, we can built snowmen, snow forts, have a snowball fight - and have my favorite cup of hot chocolate in front of the fire. And it's also that time of year when Santa comes with Rudolph the red nose reindeer to give presents!

Icystorm 9:

My favorite season is Summer. I get to visit my friends a lot plus I go on vacation in that month. I do not go on short vacations either! It is really fun to see my mom and dad and brothers and friends all summer and not have to go to school for 10 hours a day either.


I like fall because my birthday is in fall and it is always beautiful during fall and I love it

Waddle on. :)


I Love Spring! Because You Can See Everything Started To Bloom, And Baby Animals Drinking Milk From Their Moms. So Cute! And I Love Just Wearing A Nice Sweat Shirt, And Taking A Walk On A Nice Spring Day. I ALSO,Like Winter! My Second Favorite Because You And Get Down With Family And Friends,And Watch Christmas Movie,Or Decorate And Christmas Tree! My Third Fall Because You Go Back To School, And Learn! And Hearing The Crunch Of Leaves. Sorry Almost Out Of Words I Will Say Summer Later Bye!


My favourite season is Spring because the weather is really nice but sometimes it can be freezing! Another thing is my birthday is in spring but that's not the main reason....For me Halloween is in spring!! My best friend always has a Halloween party and we dress up! Another reason is that its our school holiday break for 2 weeks! The very very very very best thing about spring is........ All the flowers and plants are beautiful and there is more plants for animals to eat. WADDLE ON!


Okay, Finally Summer Because I Don't Like Getting Hot,But I Love Swimming! When I'm Not I Love Reading A Nice Story On The Beach, It's So Fun! Or Help Make A Sandcastle With My Baby Cousins. Or Just On Cp. Cp Lets Us Enjoy The Seasons! Thats Why We All Have To Say.....



My favorite season is fall, because I just love the feeling of it. I love that crisp, chilly feeling, and the colorful leaves starting to fall off the trees. And everyone knows what that means... JUMPING INTO LEAF PILES!!

Cheese Tree:

Ahh leaf jumping .... just watch out for bugs!

- Club Penguin Team


I also like winter! We have a lodge in the mountains so usually I bring my BFFs and my big sister and we stay there for like 5 or 6 days and my sister makes us some hot coco. We all go skiing and sledding. Sometimes we have Christmas there and we get to open presents and usually we go to a nice restuarant later. It's super fun. I love the ski lodge. It's big so we have extra rooms for my friends.thats all for now!
Waddle On!

posin pup:

I LOVE autmn,
Well first of all I love how beautiful all the trees look with the colours of the leaves changeing, i also like LOVE playing in the leaves with my family and friends.Another thing that I love about autmn is thanksgiving I get to see all my relitives, and near halloween theres the coutumes and decoriteing your house. i also really like the cp halloween party!!! Its so fun going on the misson type things
The Club Penguin Team makes for us

Love Posin Pup =D

quilava 6:

my favorite season is october beacuse its not too cold or not too hot.


I really like autumn because of everything. The clothes in stores, the leaves falling off the trees, Thanksgiving before Halloween (I live in Canada) And Halloween is epic ! The costumes, the decorations, and definitely the candy. Mmmm.. candy. The only thing I don't like is that we have a crab apple tree, and picking all those crab apples off the ground is a real chore! >:(


My favourite season is winter! Its when you sit with your friends and family and have a nice warm time together having the hot chocolate. What's warming us on cold winter night is love! The holiday's party is on winter and its one of my favourite parties on Club Penguin!


My favorite season is winter. It's my favorite season because you can sled with your friends, drink hot cocoa next to the fire, and the holiday party! Waddle on!


SUMMER is my all-time favorite, since there are tons of things you can do! Like going to the beach, doing outdoor activities such as sports, and other productive activities one can have! The sun shines along with the clouds, perfect to explore and have an epic adventure.

Pachi Pachi2:

My favorite season is winter because of the blizzards. Sometimes, the blizzards cut us off from school where I live, and there's no make-up days, so you can enjoy that hot chocolate! Also during this time it's my birthday, and what better way is there to spend a b-day building snowmen?
Waddle On!


My favorite season is winter i like to play in the snow and build snowmen also the anual christmas party and we get to meat aunt artic at the party


My favorite season by far is spring! I love the light pretty colors of green and all the new life. Especially the smell of the buds off the apple trees. The cute little bees bounce around on them and don't mind me at all. Spring also has the perfect temperature for me, not too hot or not too cold! And who doesn't love all those spring club penguin parties! Waddle On!


Oh my puffle! I can't express how much i love the season FALL. For one, my favorite CP party is in the fall (HALLOWEEN PARTY) and halloween is my fave holiday(and it's in the fall!)! also, I love thanksgiving because i get to spend time with my family and eat all sorts of yummy foods! plus, who doesn't like pumpkins?! their great 4 decorations,pumpkin seeds, carving, and..................... PIE!!!!! oh and how could i forget, i love the chilly weather and fall kicks that off too!


my favorite season is winter because my birthday is in winter, I love snow, and it's the opposite of summer my least favorite season because of mosquitoes and I also like fall because of ur anniversary


Of all the seasons, my most favorite of all is Summer because cold drinks and icy poles come in handy! And you can have as much icecream as you want! Along with heading off to the beach or chilling out in your pool or someone's pool party. Summer is summer-tacular!


For me I would have to say... WINTER! I love winter because it's a time where you get to be with family.But Winter is really about having fun in the snow with your friends and having time off of school. It's always nice to have a Christmas dinner. (If you celebrate Christmas) You also get some presents too. Also my birthday is in the winter so that 2x better! Lastly I love winter because of CPs coin for change program where you can donate coins for people all over the world in need
Waddle On CP


My favorite season is Winter. I like it because there's always snow. And there's also Christmas and I get a lot of presents =) And there's no school. But one of the best things about Winter is my birthday. I get TONS of presents for it. And I have a lot of fun at birthday parties with my friends. It's really awesome =D

i dont no:

WINTER,I hav no alerges


I LOVE spring. That's because I love seeing everything blooming. New animals are being born, it starts to get warmer, My friends start coming over more often because it gets warmer. Although I like summer because I can swim, Spring is my season. Now I wonder what my brothers' favorite seasons are...... anyway Waddle On Everyone!!! :)


Wow, thats hard to decide! I think winter. I like how the temperature gets colder with the low preasure system.Also in winter my birthday comes up! But theres one more,Chrismas! My birthday is the day affter Chrismas. I hope you all have fun.



My favorite season is winter! You can sit back,relax, hang out with family, and of course ATTEND THE CHRISTMAS PARTY! You also can play in the snow, and drink hot chocolate! Winter is my favorite season for many reasons but just remember, the club penguin christmas party is the place to be!


my season is autumn is my fav because thars my b day in oct. and cps b day to lol plus halloween partys i loved last years halloween party you could turn into a ghost it was cool everyone could get a like ghost busters costume i love it i have it


My favourite season is Summer because you can do pretty much a lot of stuff like hang out with your friends,play in the sand and run around and obviously because IT'S SO WARM!
Waddle on, Club penguin.


I have two favorite seasons,Fall and Winter, I like Fall because we go back to school, and also because of Thanksgiving, i really like to be with my family and friends during Thanksgiving, because i'm grateful that i have good friends and an awesome family. I like Winter because of Christmas, i enjoy making cards for my friends and family and decorating the Christmas tree, i love to bake cookies, and my favorite part is to give gifts to my friends and my family, giving is better than receiving.

candy pom13:

Hi cp easy choice summer
i think everything about it is perfect but i decided to do a poem for why i love it hope you like it

Summer's hot never cold
its great for swimming so were told
sorry but all the ice cream is sold
not wearing heavy lairs
we can play netball in pairs
we can say see ya!to all are cares
water ballon fights
flying colourful kites
beach is ready just for me
waves are on ashanti ashanti
oh summer makes me happy

waddle on cp!

Cheese Tree:

That's a great summer-time poem!

- Club Penguin Team


Yes it is!

candy pom13:

thank you cheese treee waddle on i wanted to put more in but i used up all my charecters were used up waddle on ;D

Cheese Tree:

You should definitely email us with your full poem; we'd love to hear the rest!

- Club Penguin Team


hi club penguin.Well i all the seasons u get days of school its probably autumn because its hallo ween and my birthday.i loved september rockhopper came on and i meet him and then gary came on my two favourite mascots and i meet new freinds that i still play with now.Rockhopper was awesome he brought new wesome items on the migreator and it was awesome thakns cp and waddle on


I like winter best 'cuz of Christmas/family time and making snowmen/snow-families and snow forts. I love making forts with my friends and brothers. we make cool forts together. we have so many tunnels and passages to crawl thru...... one year my uncle Ross made a HUGE fort out of a pile of snow. is was litteraly the size of 2 of my garages! I love winter! XDXDXD

Epic Ghost:

My favorite season is summer because you can go swimming in the water or chill at the beach and surf, and also relax in the sun and cool down while having fun! Waddle On Club Penguin!

Spooky Girl:

I love winter because of the Club Penguin Christmas parties! They are one of my favorite parties, and I love dressing up as an elf, and using my candy igloo! I especially loved last years party, because we could bake cookies! Or was that the year before?... This Winter I hope that many new penguins can experience the awesome party!!
Waddle on CP!
Spooky Girl ;)


My fave season is autumn, because so many awesome things happen at this time! There's the leaves changing colour and halloween is just around the corner and I love decorating for halloween (especially my iggy). Another thing is the EPIC halloween party's you guys throw, they are spooktacular! Autumn is also one season before Christmas, and the awesome Club Penguin Christmas party!


My favorite season is winter. I just love to be in an epic snowball fight and to make snow men. I also love eating cookies and drink hot chocolate with marshmallows :P Yum! And then there's christmas! The tree, the food, my family and presents. But one of my favorite things to do in christmas time is to log in to Club Penguin and be a part of the most awesome christmas party ever!!!


My favorite season is Winter, no, Summer. ugh, I can't decide! Okay, maybe it's Winter, because you can build snowmen, snowball fights, and enjoy hot chocolate. It's like Club Penguin in live action! Waddle on Club Penguin! ;)

Torres 126:

Ah Winter!

A nice and enjoyable season. Snow on the island. We are rocking on the stage! Were giving Coins For Change! Winters the best because. The Holiday Party is my favourite party. In fact I just CANNOT I repeat CANNOT wait. One thing I love is Rockhopper returns. NO SWIMMING AT SCHOOL (I hate swimming)! Lol. Anyways that kind of sums it up. Also I love winter the most for.....

COINS FOR CHANGE and helping the poor.

-Torres 126 OUT


my fave seson is summer.I like it because theres no school and no work i just think its cool becaues u can hang at the beach with ur friends.Thats why SUMMER is my fave seson.:)

Dome C:

Hey Guys! Here are my reasons I love FALL!: 1. The Weather is Incredible; 2. The CP Fair and Halloween Party; 3. It's beautiful everywhere; 4. School starts (anyone else with me?); 5. It gets colder. #WaddleOn!


My favorite season is the winter!
Because you can go skiing and watch the hockey season/the NHL!!!
Go Toronto Maple Leafs!!!!!!!
Please win the Stanley Cup Toronto!!


Fall because club penguin was created then!!!!!!

Cheese Tree:

That's a great reason!

- Club Penguin Team

Enter nickname:

That's a good reason! WADDLE ON CP!!!!! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!


I love fall, too but I just didn't say it. It's not my MOST favorite season so I didn't put on my comments earlier. But, I love Club Penguin, AND I'M THE MOST HAPPY PENGUIN ON EARTH TO HAVE CLUB PENGUIN INVENTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU CLUB PENGUIN TEAM<3 well, Waddle on!


Club penguin was created in fall , fall is my favorite Cp rocks waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ITS gotta be Autumn/Fall the treats and seeing all the animals awake and collecting food for the winter . The beautiful leaves,yellow,red and brown. Pumpkin carving, gathering treats and costumes the only bad thing for me is some decorations can be a bit TOO scary DX . Cant wait for the Halloween cp waddle on. :)!

Equinox 77:

fall because it's my birthday season and it's always the best Club penguin party trick or treat waddle on!


I like winter because you get to lie in front of the fire (fake) and there are Santana people walking down the street.
waddle on cp !

Jesika Olsan :

My favorite season is the autumn because then we celebrating my favorite holiday Halloween. And in the fall at school are not so difficult the tasks


i say ....spring! its the time for new life,new beginnings . I also love it because its my birthday and Easter.i love seeing penguins costumes and wacky April fools party with awesome box die-mention. Its the time to express yourself with flower power and bright patterns!
waddle on!:)


October is my favorite because my birthday is on the 24th


My favourite season is Winter because on Winter I get this feeling. Its like a warm feeling, decorating the house for Christmas, buying a Christmas tree then decorating it, I love baking gingerbread cookies and I love the snow! Also on Christmas I see the beautiful smiles on everyones faces! Remember Christmas isn't just presents.


I have got to say Winter is the most magical time of the year for me! I love meeting Rockhopper at the holiday party and doing coins for change! Its also because my birthday is in the winter! I Love snow and last year was amazing because penguin got to be WHITE!

vampire sisi:

my favorite season is Winter because its my birthday,and its Christmas and New Year.In the 3 holidays my family is together and we have a lot of presents and we are happy.


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