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By Polo Field on November 5, 2013 - 16:15
Hello Penguins!
Here at CP, we believe that education is super-valuable. That's why we hire interns at Club Penguin! 
We want to give up-and-coming superstars the chance to enhance their learning with on-the-job experience. By helping us make awesome stuff for the CP community it helps them and us... a win-win-win! 
Now's your chance to ask a Club Penguin intern about their experience at CP! Megg is working with us for just a short time, so we wanted to give you the chance to ask her a few questions about what she's learned so far. 

Comment below with your question for a chance to have your question answered and shown here on the blog!
Until then... Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team




My question for Megg is: Do you think you'll return to Club Penguin in the future for a full time job and not just an internship?


Hey Megg! My question for you is do you think I would make a great worker in club Penguin? I want to be a famous Penguin that waddle around and meet a lot of penguins and write on the blog sometimes too!! Do you think I can work in the club Penguin team when I'm older? I really want to work there! It would be awesome! Do you think I could be a part of the club Penguin team? Like Polo Field! Do you think I can be part of the club Penguin team when I'm older? Waddle on -Mike8006


Of course you would e a great writer and of course you could a of the club penguin team mike8006 you make a great popular penguin but remember being poplar is not everything,it does not matter what you are on the outside it whats matter on the inside.oh and you will be a great to be in the club penguin team.
Yours truly: celestia4367.


Nice yo or nice sun.just keep farting around today so why don't you add me

Book Read:

My question is can us penguins go to the club penguin HQ for a tour

kam kam:

i think you would make a perfecet one w ith that name but that wont work at all yeah at ALL!


Hey Megg!
My question is Why do you want to work for Club Penguin and How is your experience as a intern?

Raul Escobedo:

Hi it's my first time playin this


well than welcome to club penguin Raul!


Welcome to cp Rual!!!!!


My qustieon for megga:will all be able to be on video on blog?

Dan fil:

Hey meg do you think they will make club peguin game day 2


Hey, Meg I just wanted to know how long you'll be a intern?


Hi um so I just wanted to say you have a good whatever so I was saying oh yah sorry so keep chilling sun ha ha ha ha ha ha.evil laugh happy Halloween for next time for selebrating that for next year if this does not make sence so I am really sorry and I wrote a lot I also talk a lot in school my real name is amaan but just call me a or amaan eather way tou want so plz add me friend I actually like your penguin so bye now have a good day every day. Happy face my mom said to say bye ok bye


What Is the misery puffle


Nice picture it was really cool

Carnotauro 2:

Hello Megg!
Do you have fun at CP offices? :)


Hey Megg!

Few questions.

1: What are you going to school for?

2: What is the most valuable thing you learned at Club Penguin so far?

3: What department are you working in?

Thanks! :)


Yo! I love cp, and I am here with my sister, and I like pie! Adios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am very excited to find out all about the secrets of cp, and I have a question: Is it possible that I can be a member without paying----like, earn it or somethin' ??????????????????????????
*_* []_[] ^_^


First comment! How is it like at CP headquarters? Is it fun? Do you create games and movies? Clothing?


Hey Megg why did the club penguin team choose you?


Dear Megg,

What is the job that you specifically do at Club Penguin? Are you a graphics designer, game tester etc.



Hey Megg! What's your favorite part about working with Club Penguin?



What do you do as an intern?


When did you join Club Penguin?


What was the best part about working and helping Penguins on Club Penguin?


What do you do? What do you want to do?


Can you meet me? My name is Ezrabowman


Do you think that Club Penguin is the best multiplayer online game?


Do you know how long CP will be around?


Hey Megg

It's wonderful to know you are an intern here on Club Penguin. What got you interested in virtual worlds and is this something you want to pursue in your future? I'm joining an internship at my high school next year at my local hospital so maybe you can very briefly describe the process. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us!


What's your favorite thing about working at club penguin?


Megg, what have you enjoyed working on most in club penguin till now?


:O , megg thats beautiful ;)

Flappy Scoot :

Do you like Puffles? And Why?


Dear Megg,
I hope you are having a wonderful time at Club Penguin as an intern, someday I hopefully will be there also helping kids have a fun time and enjoy the site. I have a question specifically for you! "What has been the most exciting thing you have worked on so far?"
Also,"How nice is the job and how have they liked it so far?"


''Megg's working with us for a short time'' So... Is she leaving CP Soon?

Question 1: What has been your favorite part of working with CP?


Who is your favorite Mascot?


Hiya Megg!
A few questions:
1) What do you like best about working as an intern for CP?
2) Did you ever think you were going to be an intern for Cp when you were littler?
3) What do you hope to do to help educate penguins in the future?

I hope my questions will be answered! I hope you are all having a good day-light savings :)
Your pal,
Thruthenite :)

Lenny Thai:

What kind of stuff are you learning at Club Penguin? What are you studying? Have you met Spike Hike yet?


When you create new party have hard is it hard to create ?


Congrats on your internship! how are the other members of the club penguin team? how do you like it there? also, what is your favorite place in club penguin?
waddle on!


How long do interns stay at Club Penguin for?


Have you ever helped making a,post with polo?


Do you wear a special uniform while you work?


Here are my questions to ask Megg:

What has been your favorite job whilst interning at Club Penguin offices?
Have you met some great people while interning at Club Penguin?
Overall, what's been the highlight of interning at Club Penguin?

I hope Megg's having a lot of fun interning at Club Penguin. It's a chance in a million. :)


What do you get to do as an intern and what is your favorite part!


What is your favorite part of being an intern?


When will you make a DVD? That will be SO cool!


Well I would like to know how cool it looks at Club Penguin hq I have heard they have a room with puffle bean bag chairs and looks like the migrator, are there any other super awsome rooms at Club Penguin hq?


So how do the designers get ideas for their designs for the penguins?


I really want to ask a question: Ok. So what is it like to be an intern here on this amazing Club of penguins?!? I really want to know. In fact, I even kind of want to be an intern myself! So yeah... What is it like to help the club penguin team make Club Penguin an even more AWESOME place? I would really love if you could answer my question'S. (the second one is me asking if I could be an intern, too) So, yeah... please answer them and until then... Waddle on!


What is it like working there?


Hi Megg! I think it's so awesome that you are interested in Club Penguin! Club Penguin is so awesome!!
I just want to ask:
What got you interested into Working at Club Penguin and how did you get there??
I hope you like my question!
Waddle On!!


How many belts are there in Card Jitsu?


That sounds like an awesome job! I have a few quick questions:
1. What do you do as an intern?
2. Is it possible for a regular 10 year old like me to work for Club Penguin some day?
3. If I worked at CP Studios, I would want to be a game tester because I can play CP all day and see if anything is wrong with it. What kind of skills would be required for a job like that?
Thanks for reading! I hope these questions can be easily answered.


How did you did you get a job at CP?


What was your favorite thing about working with CP?


What do you think was the most important part about working as an intern at CP?


What do you mainly do working with CP?


Dear Megg I wanted to know if you work all day at Club Penguin or just some days? Please reply to this comment PEACE OUT!


What made you decide to work with CP as an intern?


I like your outfit. So, what's it like being an intern? I wish I could work for Club Penguin...


How fun is it to help create the game?


wow thats amazing my question is..................................whats it like helping cp and doing that stuff i always want to try that


What have you learned about the puffle and the history of it?


How did you get noticed by the Club Penguin team??


dear Megg, is Cp your fav. Site?why?I love it because it's fun


Hi Megg! I have a question. How is it working with the whole club penguin team? must be pretty awesome right? How do you like everyone there? I wish i was old enough to work there. WADDLE ON Megg. : -)


Well, whats it like to work at club penguin? What jobs are there? What jobs did you find the hardest? Who would you recommend the job to? Who is your favorite mascot? Why did you pick a intern job at club penguin? How do they design parties and costumes? you can pick any one of these to feature.


Megg: What made you want to become an intern with Club Penguin?


What's your penguin name?


Her penguin name is the same as her actual name 'Megg'


It's just my penguin name that is Megg, we haven't revealed my actual name ;)

-Club Penguin Team


wow lol


I would like to know if you know more about the new puffle. Or did you learn about operation puffle or about new parties. Or do you know what it is to work at club penguin.

Futbol 962:

I think we should hire her as a teacher or make a game where you can teach and earn coins


What kind of jobs do the CP staff do? And what's your fave part of working at CP?


I like your hair and outfit it is cute

Cyclones 20:

Will there be more games like Club Penguin Gameday Wii, and the EPF Force and Herbert Revenge games on Nintendo DS?


when did gary the gadget guy ever get interested in inventing items??


Love the outfit and hair stile want to be friends


What is your favorite thing to do?


Who's your fav mascot here at CP?


My favorite mc is candence


will we get the wonder puffle or the golden puffle




How is it like to work at Club Penguin?


what would you do for a klondike bar?


Is Club Penguin helping you decide what you want to do in the future?


I would like to ask what the club penguin office looks like

Waddle on!


Would you play cp again sometimes my friend showed me cp and I so love it hope you enjoyed cp because I really did also I think it's cool you wanted to try and play cp for a while cause I know when I'm older I want to work for cp i just love cp so much

Hope you play cp again your friend Sofie717


Is it fun to be a intern at the best virtual world ever?


well do you have to go to a different city?to work as part of the club penguin team?or do we stay where we live and work online?


Hi Megg!! Are you still in High School or College Also Please work for Club Penguin in the future!! PS thanks for adding me!!!


How do you get a puffball


Will card-jistu shadow come out?


What has been your favorite part about working at Club Penguin so far?


What's it like being an intern for Club Penguin? It must be awesome!


What's the next party ?


Wht age do you have to be to be a CP intern


Megg how has your CP intern expierience been im only 10 and i really want to be a CP intern when i grow up I love you CP you guys made the best game ever! waddle on!


Hi, Megg! I was wondering if you help draw or animate penguins! That is something I really like and want to do when I grow up, so I would like to know just what awaits me at Club Penguin. :D


Did you play club penguin when you were younger?


the club penguin job is fun and you can play some time?


Do you have any pets at home?


Hi Megg! What part of your experience as a Club Penguin intern is your favorite? (Examples: Replying to comments on the CP blog, meeting penguins on the Club Penguin island.) I was glad to be able to meet you on the CP island a few times. I hope you had a great time working with CP. :)


Hey, I was wondering if you have learned anything about upcoming superhero activities (P.S I love those times)

Jellymuffinz :

Hi Megg!
What is your responsibility as an intern for Club Penguin? Also, what is your favorite colored puffle?
I'm hoping to meet you on the snow covered island soon! It would be an amazing opportunity for you to share your ideas to penguins who are interested in becoming a Club Penguin intern, just like you, in the future!
Waddle on! :)


What is the first thing you have learned on Club Penguin?


What is the best part of being on the crew?


What's your penguin's name?


It's Megg


The same as her first name - Megg :)


What's the best part of working with Club Penguin?


Do you like club penguin?
Did you play it as a kid?
What have you learned from club penguin?

Black Zoro :

don't u think club penguin would have been fun
and now when she works in it she'll remember all the things that were before and how it all has changed !!
how coooooooooooool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you ever play club penguin or have when you were young

Rf Thomas 9:

Hey Megg! one quick question, what job do you want? thanks and good luck with your internship!


Hope your enjoy your internship at CP, Megg!
Q 1: Will you be in the animation section?
Q 2: Did you play CP at a younger age?
Q 3: What led you to game developing?


Dear Meg,
I have SOO many questions for you, but i am going to ask only 2 questions. How does it feel working in club penguin? And whats the best part of working?


My question: What are your puffles names?


Why did you choose to be an intern at club penguin, and are you enjoying your experience so far?


have you ever played club penguin when you were younger?
have you memorised where everything is?
what is the best memory you have had so far?
would you say it is fun or boring?
would you keep a job like this?
thank you

Apple 1116:

Hello Megg!
So a few questions,
1. Do you think you will return to Clubpenguin to have a full time job?
2. How is it being a intern for CP?
3. What have you learned so far?
Thats all i have to ask.


Why did you choose club penguin? :)


My question. Is it awesome to be a intern for cp and why?


Hi megg. I have only one question for you-how old is your penguin?

Power club1:

What is your penguin name?


Dear Megg, do you wish you could work at CP for a long time?
Dear Megg, whats your favourite thing about clubpenguin


Question for CP office: Is there a Club Penguin HQ in Australia???


There is! Sydney, New South Wales. That is where Chattabox and Lauren work. However the Club Penguin headquarters are located in Kelowna, Canada


What department do you work for?


Megg, I have some questions!
1. How is it as an intern?
2. How long have you played club penguin?
3.Do one of your relatives work for club penguin?


where is herbert?


How did you sign up to be an intern?


My questions for: What's your favourite mascot in Club Penguin? Did you meet some of them? If meet who?

Waltz step:

I would love to work for cp one day what is it like?

Mallory :

I love the game.


Hey megg! When I go to high school can I work at club penguin?


Hey Megg, what was your favorite Club Penguin game?


Whats an Intern?


An Intern is a university or college student that works at a company for on-the-job training in an area that they are studying. This gives them extra experience to help their education.  :)

-Club Penguin Team


Cool! So you are an intern on cp?


I sure am!

-Club Penguin Team


Can I be friends with her?


Dear Megg,
What do you do at CP?


To Megg
1. Do you enjoy working there?
2. On Club Penguin are you rare?


Have you ever made something for CP . Do you go on CP


I hope you have a great time working with Club Penguin.It's awesome you know.XD


hey megg. i also want to work with cp when i grow up. do you have any tips?

Glow 000:

Hi! I have an awesome question:
1. Is club penguin what you imagined?
2. What will you like to see more about cp?
3. What do you usually do on cp?

Bye From Glow 000.


Dear Megg - what addition do you want to see in Club Penguin in the future? :)

~Perapin :)


Is working at club penguin fun or is it difficult


Were you excited for your first day at club penguin?


What do you love most about Club Penguin?


do u have fun at club penguin department and how large it is?


hia megg,do you know about the next party in cp?that party in which puffles are gold puffle is coming or gray or silver or bronze ? tell us we want to know !!!!!!

Black Zoro:

hey Megg !!
which games do u think are the most educative ?
as a teenager myself i would love to know if we could ever work in Club Penguin too !!
Can we ?
pls reply if e can
i'm awesome at computers so it wouldn't be hard ..... or would it ?


Hey Megg how is the work with the team.


Hello Megg! I have only a few questions to ask:

1) What's the most amazing experience you had working with the team?
2) Do you think you'll ever return for a full-time job?
3) What do you usually do everyday?
4) Explain your job with 3 words.


Megg, what is your favorite colored puffle?,what is your favorite game?what do you do as an intern? and can i be the next intern? can we be friends?


Hey Megg, i am Rag & i want to become a Beta Tester at the Club Penguin Studios! Do you have some tips? :P

Melvin 505:


Do you think CP can fulfill it's potential someday?
Are you stoked for the upcoming new puffle?


hi meg what do you do as an intern?


Hi Megg!

My question is "What types of thing are you working on? " Mini games, Penguin Style, or even the news paper!
Please let me know!

• Tvwatcher6 •

Puffle Pal26:

What is a normal day in the life of an intern?


I actually wanna work in club penguin when I grow up, here's my question: is it fun to work in club penguin?


How did you get to work for Club Penguin?


Hello Megg !!!! I'm you biggest fan !!!! Thanks for add me !!!!


What was it like for you on your first day as an intern?


What have you learned about Club Penguin so far?


UGH!!!!!! Just when I thought CP was supposed to be a place to "Waddle Around and Meet New Friends!!!!" Now CP is turning into a learning site?!?!? Am I dreaming???


No, I'm not dreaming. :(


What is your favorite thing to do on club penguin???


Whats your favorite party so far? :)


Being purely passionate with your internship , are you willing to do everything for it?


What do you think that's the most fun thing about Club Penguin? What's the most interesting thing you learned at Club Penguin so far?


Can I have rare items mikmat1 here when did you join cp


Hi Megg, what inspired you to work at CP?


And welcome Megg! :D


Hi Megg! I love CP comunity, what about you? :)



Dear Megg. Do you know anything about the next puffle? Can you give us hints of what's it's going to be?

nick of time:

What is your basic qualification?
where exactly are you living ?
why club penguin need intern for what?moderator?


No, but club penguen is so fun to play. Stormvolk is so funny you should go to his house

Big red rock:

Hi megg! I have only 1 question to ask,What is the most interesting thing that you love in club penguin? I would love you to answer my question so much:)


How long are you going to be staying at Club Penguin for?


Hey megg! Some questions for you:
1.Megg what was your favorite memory with clubpenguin?
2.Do you believe you will return to clubpenguin in future?
3.Do you enjoy working on clubpenguin?
4.Have you made a bestfriend at clubpenguin office and who it is?
5.Since How Many years you are working in clubpenguin?
6.Which was your first party and favorite party?
Thanks Megg for joining with us! Waddle On!
Yours pal

Green N Cool:

Hey Megg! I would like to ask you, What was the best part about working at Club penguin? P.s: I hope you return to Club penguin, You're very kind and an amazing person. Thanks for adding me on club penguin ;D

I hope you have an awesome day, Megg! Waddle on!


Hi Megg I have several of questions for you I am wondering can all penguins get interships and how has it been to be able to have the opportunity to learn from CP. And what does a intern do after the intership do they get jobs? And one last question can I be an intern. :)

Dr Ninja43:

This is my question: Do you think you will continue working here for more time? It would be awesome to see you posting on the blog and doing parties.It would be awesome to have you on the team permanently.Thanks so much for this times i met you. :)


Hello :) How do you find working at CP? Easy hard? Or just soo fun? :)


Hey Meg :) Hi Now My Names Mrbig3 And I Want To Know What's Your Favourite Puffle? And Why Also What's Your Favourite C p Famous Penguin :)

Jake Kimble:

Hey Megg have some questions:

How is work on Club Penguin?

What do you do?

Have you ever helped make a party on the island?

Jake Kimble


Hi Megg you seem like a friendly penguin i have a few questions
1.have you fixed any bugs?
2.Do you want to make any changes to club penguin?(like making a mini party or a little game )
3.If you want to make changes what will they be
4.What is your plan for the future?
5.How does it feel working with Club penguin?
6.Will you stay with club penguin permently?
7.Who is your role model (if all the cp team,then why do you like them)

Thats alll of my questions and i hope you answer them!

*Curious* Gobogo:

Hey Megg,

What are you currently learning at University ? Is it related to Arts or Blogs and Littrature ?


Hey Megg,

Is your job at CP fun?


It's a blast! 

-Club Penguin Team


OMG you answered my question THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! :)


Megg plz answer my question: How do you think it would be if Cp celebrated my B-day. Do you think they would do it? Its on Jan. 24th just incase they do. PLZ ADD ME!! IM Scourge128!!!!!!


my penguin name is hashaam12345 and i want to be a famous penguin because i have good ideas for a club penguin partys like a racing car party and a fire ninja only water ninja only ninja party in the future shadow ninja only party and a good idea every hour is a 15 tiny partying place


Hey Megg,

Can you give us a sneak peek on whats going to be happening in CP this month?




1. What are you tring to get a degree in?
2. Whats your favorite part of your job?
3. How long have you wanted to work at CP?

I have always wanted to work there, but Im not even close to Canada or any other location :( But, I hope to get a degree in graphic design and become intern too :)


Do you think it's a good thing penguins have alot of freedom in terms of what they can wear and talk about?


How have you joined Club Penguin and why?


Hi Megg

I am a Young Journalist and I want to ask you a few questions:

1. How have you joined club penguin and why?
2. Have you answered a contacts or fixed any bugs?
3. Have you joined in with any upgrades?
4. Do you like being with Club Penguin
5. What are you learning at university and what are you studying?
6. Are you a temporary moderator on Club Penguin?
7. Can you be my friend!

Nice to be talking to you Megg!



I have a few
1: Will The Golden Puffle Dig The Beta Hat
2: How Long Will The Golden Puffle Dig Items
3: Are You Planning On Making Quest To The Golden Puffle 2
4: I Heard Server Jumping Is Coming. Do You Have Intell?


The Beta Hat was only for the penguins who played when club penguin went beta, so I don't think so.


I have a few
1: Will The Golden Puffle Dig The Beta Hat
2: How Long Will The Golden Puffle Dig Items
3: Are You Planning On Making Quest To The Golden Puffle 2
4: I Heard Server Jumping Is Coming. Do You Have Intell?


make me partner


make me partner my penguin name is dlm51


Hi Megg! I have a few questions for you :
Is it fun working with Club Penguin and making all of CP'S amazing things happen?
What is one of the most valuable things you have learned about Club Penguin?
If you get to be have a permenate job with CP, what would you do? Draw the animations? Support? Or any other job!
Wanna be friends?



candy pom13:

Hello Megg!I would like to ask yoooooou!

Do you think that if you have an account on CP next time you log on to CP do you think you feel you know lots more about CP?


Hi Meg!
Whats it like being an intern for clubpenguin?
Is it fun? what do you do?

Friend Pingu:

Hiya Megg
Do you like working with the club penguin team. I think they are doing a wonderful job and you are really lucky to go there.
So my question to you is that
Did you ever play Club Penguin while you were little?
So I hope you answer my question
Thank you
Friend Pingu

Blue Liquid:

Hello Megg, you have an awesome name that's really original , right back to my oringinal post ! I have a few questions for you , I hope you can answer them all !

Q1- Will there be any more clothing for NON-MEMBERS ?

Q2 - What will be the future of the E.P.F ?

Q3 - What is an Intern ?

Q4 - How can I get a job at Club Penguin ?


hey megg! what did it feel like when you got hired for club penguin?


What is a person's day like if they work at Club penguin?

P.s : Can you give me the link to Megg's blog?


What is the best thing you've learned about Moderators and the Artists at the CP HQ?


1. Did you play club penguin when you where younger?
2. How long have you been a intern?
3. What do you in club penguin? ( like art, game tester, moderator, and so on )
4. If you could change anything in club penguin what would it be?


What's your favorite puffle, Megg?


Green! It's my favorite color and I am also a lot like the green puffle. :)

-Club Penguin Team


me too megg but i can't have a green puffel because i am not a member


Hi Megg
I would like to ask you the following question:
How has been your experience in Club Penguin?
because .... would one day work in Club Penguin Spanish


Ok hi meg I wanna be friends with cool people like you so I I'll send you a friend request.
p.s my penguin's name is nitrosaur. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!


Hi Megg :) What's your favorite part about working with the CP team?


I hope I become an intern in ether Lego or in CP.


What has been the BEST CP experience you have had so far? I mean, in the office


What is your job on club penguin?


Have the team sorted the My Penguin app on android? if yes when will it be released?
and also are the team going to make a Talking Friends Takeover?

Rubik Fruit:

How does It fell Being in a Club Penguin Office? I would think It would be a BLAST!!


My questions:
1. Have you ever played Club Penguin as a child?
2. Do you get to see everything in the Club Penguin Team's Office?
3. Are you going to suggest some new ideas for Club Penguin?
4. Are you going to stay full time with the Club Penguin Team?
5. Do you like/love Club Penguin?
6. Would you be a full-time member on Club Penguin?
7. Why are you studying with Club Penguin? (Similar to Question #4... Can you answer both of them??)
So much questions! No need to answer all of them


Hi Megg, I have a few questions! Do you love cp? Do you know when the my Penguin app is being released for iPod touch? Will you or would you like to stay working at cp? Did you like cp as a child? What's your favourite thing or things on cp? What have you enjoyed most about working there? Thanks Megg! Blue1814


Hi Megg! It must be soooo cool that you're an intern at Club Penguin. I have two questions: First, on a scale 1-10, how fun is it at Club Penguin? (Probably an 11!) And two, What's your favorite kind of puffle?


can i be an intern


hi megg! so do you what is your favorite thing about club penguin? and what made you interested in becoming a club penguin intern?


Hey Megg! I was wondering what courses you are taking in college to be able to intern at CP and also how long you're going to stay here at CP. Thanks! ~Stevie3105


Why did you want to work for club penguin?


Hi there Megg!It must be totally awesome to work with the AMAZING cp team!I have,like,a gazillion questions I could ask you,but there's one that intrigues me the most...
Why did you choose to be an intern at Club Penguin?


Wow, tht's sooo cool! I was wondering, "Why r u choosing 2 study CP?". I think u should answer this question b/c I might want 2 someday also! Bye! :)


My 3 questions
1. Do you still play club penguin
2. How do you like working for club penguin
3. Do you like to play club penguin all the time

Kc Sunshine1:

Do you enjoy it over at the HQ and what's the most exciting things that youv'e did at the HQ?
Your fellow penguin friend,
Kc Sunshine1


Hi Megg! So, you're an intern for CP? BEST JOB EVER!!! I've seen the employees in videos doing all kinds of fun stuff! Is everyday at CP offices like that? Also since you're a part of the Club Penguin, do you have your own penguin? I would love to see you waddling around the island!

nickname :

How do you become a CP intern ?


Hey Meg! My question is
What is your favorite igloo? and do you have it?


Hey Megg, did you play cp when you were little?


can you tell us a little on upcoming parties?


will their be a phineas and ferb takeover?


Hi Megg,
Here is my question:
Does anyone gets to deside what to do for a party, or is it just a few people?


Hi Megg,
Do you play CP? If you do would you ever make meeting times to meet you, because I would love to friend you if you did play?!


I was wondering, will you ever make a Club Penguin cartoon series please? I saw your video "Never Wake A Sleeping Sensei" and I LOVED it! That would be AWESOME if you made a Club Penguin cartoon series so please answer my question and think about my idea. bye, Waddle On!


Hello! Welcome to Club Penguin! Here is a question for you: What has been the most exciting thing you've been able to help work on with Club Penguin so far? Waddle On! -Sophiekate8


Hi Megg! I think it's really cool that you got to work at Club Penguin for a little while, it's great to be able to get temporary jobs to try out your studies at school in a real life career path! I also believe that it is a great thing to be passionate about a certain career! My questions are: How was your job experience like at CP? Did you enjoy meeting new people and trying the kind of job your interested in? If so, what was the most interesting part of it? - pengy3427


Hey Megg! I wanted to know what do you do as an intern?


question for megg: i was wondering if you like pizza and ice cream :D ;D


Dear Megg/ will cp ever bring back old items like black hoodie,and black sunglasses?


Hi Megg! My questions for you: Are you enjoying your internship at Club Penguin so far? Would you get a full time job in the future?

Epic Ghost:

Hi Megg! How do you like it working for Club Penguin?


Dear Megg

What do you like to do best. Editing, Drawing, Or giving IDEAS to people

Waddle on Megg

-Gloria 21211


Dear Megg,
What is your favourite thing to do on club penguin?


when will CeCe and Rocky come back to the island?


Dear Megg

What have you learn from cp?Please write back.

From Hello704


Hi megg
I had 3 questions you play on cp?
2.what department do you work in? being an intern for cp fun?

Thanks for reading and until next time waddle on!


Hello Megg!

What's your favourite thing on Club Penguin? What's your work? You draw or reply to the mails or something else?


Are you good at drawing penguins?


hi megg
what is it like in the cp office
are you an intern in the uk or kelowana
what is your favorite party
who is your favorite mascot
what are your puffles names


Hey Megg!

Few Questions here:

1:Who is the person most funny at the CP Team? XD

2: What is the most valuable thing you learned at Club Penguin so far?

3: What department are you working in?

If you can anwer my questions, I'll so happy for it! thanks so much, kisses and Blessings for your family!


Hey Megg,
Why did you decide to intern at Club Penguin? What is your branch? Game tester, Help Desk, Game or character designer? I would love to work with the CP team when I am much older. What is the experience like?

sea star4:

Have you ever played Club Penguin?
What was your funniest moment in the Club Penguin Team?
What would you describe Club Penguin?


Is it cool working at Club Penguin?


hi megg im flafy i wanted to know

im a BIG fan of cp i just wanted to be a cp blogger or anything im 9 years old and im dying to help !!
i speak english and spanish im from alaska but at the moment iam living in argentina my question isss

can i be a cp helper!!!


hi Meg,
is it fun working there and what do you do there?

Timothystamb :

Hello Megg I Was Asking What Is A Itern? and how is it?


Hey Megg my question is how long have you been part of the cp team?


dear megg ,what do you do as a CP and also do you think if their were a lot of people who want to be a CP for club penguin do you think it will help make club penguin a better place yes or no!


Hi megg when did you join cp ; )


do you love your job and why if so


hey megg are u havin fun at cp? are u enjoying it?


Hey Megg, What is it like being a intern , is it fun, is is not fun, or is it amazing!!!!

Btw:I love your out fit! ;)


whats it like to have the most AWESOME job in the world


Hey Megg!
Here's my question:
Do you ever log on to Club Penguin? If you do, please add me as a friend. Penguin name: Sonic6351

Thanks a lot.

Warm regards,


What is it like to be an intern and how do you become an intern


You are so lucky your an interm!!!!! I wish i was one

alpha wolf:

why cant everyone get everything but its not fair to let memebers get all the cool stuff and one day make every one adopt a puffle so everyone could get the golden puffle please and you did make clubpenguin better. it just the cool stuff is for membership .


Do like to play club penguin ?


Why do you have to do that thing on Unlock Items Online to be locked out for 45 minutes?

Zuri A:

I have a few questions.
1.What is your fave puffle?
2.Do you like having an internship?
3.Do you get to design clothing?

Brookie :

It's a secret


Hi Megg!
Of all jobs in Club Penguin, why did you choose to be an intern? and what do you do while you're still employed in Club Penguin?

AF Cutie 123:

Dear Megg,
When you are an intern do you still get to play CP?

AF Cutie 123


How do you get to be a Member????????????:):):):)please tell me or I might get Mad:(


Dear Megg,
since u are an intern, do u still get play on CP and how old do u have to be to be an intern????????? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW!!!




How do u chat by typing in what u want to say


u have to be in colledge to be a intern


Amazing,how are you doing? My fav

Brookie :

Hey Megg love it!


i want to know what you guys are doing for december i know its gonna be chirstmas but why dont we make it about singing chirstmas songs and finding santa with the singing you can make up your own songs and there can be a quest for finding santa if you find santa you get a santa hat and a santa hat for your puffle's and get free coins and you get to adopt a new puffle


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