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By Megg on November 7, 2013 - 11:49
Hi Penguins!
Thanks for all the great questions on our last post, "Ask a Club Penguin Intern." 
Although I would love to answer all of your questions, I've gotta go home at some point haha. I did however try and draw a picture of my penguin! I'm still curious as to why I'm not on the artist team... ;)

Now on to the questions!
Riyita: "What are you going to school for?"
I am going to school for my Bachelor of Business Degree, focusing on Branding and Entrepreneurship. Fun fact: Up until right before I applied for my internship with Club Penguin, I was originally set on being an Accountant. I realized after a few accounting courses that it was not my passion, so I quickly changed paths.
Goldblue1: "How did you sign up to be an intern?"
Signing up to be an intern is much like applying for any other job. I sent in my resume through my University and went through the same interview process other team members do. Although an internship isn't mandatory for some Universities and Colleges, it's extremely helpful when figuring out what you want to do for a career. 
Semper5010: "What department do you work for?"
I work with the Community team, so I get to work in an office with Polo Field and Ninja! Community isn't the only team in Club Penguin that offers internship positions, either. Teams such as: Project Management, Programming, and Art sometimes offer internships as well.
Xela424: "What's your favorite thing about working at Club Penguin?"
It's hard to choose just one thing, so I'll give you a few! My favorite things about working at Club Penguin are the opportunities available to enhance your learning, as well as the amazing people you get to work and interact with. I work with some incredibly talented people that never cease to amaze me. I also never thought how much interacting with you guys could be so rewarding! Being in contact with the community on a daily basis is what makes this job worthwhile. I have seen what many of you are capable of and what you are striving for -- it absolutely blows me away. 
Surgex10: "How long do interns stay at Club Penguin for?"
Interns usually stay a minimum of 4 months but some can get extended longer.
Trainman1405: "Do you think you'll return to Club Penguin in the future for a full time job and not just an internship?"
I would love to if I had the chance! I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity to work with a company that promotes values that align so close with my own. I only have one year left towards my degree, so we'll see how it goes!
Whaddya think? Are there any other departments you'd like to know about next?
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team



Thanks for answering my question! :) What you are going to school for sounds very interesting. It is important to do what you want to do, so good thinking on changing paths. I wish you good luck Megg!

I would like to hear about the Video making department, or the programming department next, as I have interest in those.



hello how are u


will there be someplace on the CP website where you can make your own penguin like your own penguin in the game?


What November party is Club Penguin going to have?


Riyita did you draw that cause if you did it is the best panting i ever seen from someone young


Will u add the hair style aller the befluttered in the next catalogue July 2014 as the secrets cause I really really really want it please please please add it. -sophia9017


my penguin name is Bwsamfay and what is it like to be famous can you add as much penguins as you like or is there a max?

Bwsamfay :

oh yes and... Waddle on!

Bwsamfay :

cool pic megg Waddle on!


I forget to ask you something, can you please tell me this? Whats the felling of being a part of CP Team?


I have a question for Megg: What is it like to be an intern on such a popular game?

Puffle Pal26:

Wow, Megg! You are a great artist! Thanks for adding me on Club Penguin and sending me a postcard. Thank you for telling us what you do and describing your schooling. NINJA ON!


Hi, Megg! Can you tell us a little more about the art department? :)


The legend of the golden piffle is true isn't it. I can't wait for November's party!!!!!:)


I mean puffle


OMG! That is the best drawing of a penguin EVER!!!!!!!! Megg, you are so cool!


I think when im older i might get a internship at club penguin. It sounds like allot of fun to work there.


Thats a really good drawing! im pretty good but, not THAT good


hi I am derby48117 I just wanted to make a shout out to all my penguin friends. lets see there is Luna, KK3539la, Goop, Redy, Pizza man, and tons more but these are my besties! shout out to all of u! XD


Cool, & I luv the drawing! :)


Wow that's a cool drawing! :) :D

23 Kitty:

I would like to know more about the art and stuff. It's my favorite thing ever(besides Club Penguin)!



Question: what do you do as a intern?




It's not a nice drawing, it's an awesome drawing! I could never draw a penguin as good as that! And believe me, I spend a lot of my spare time trying to draw Club Penguin penguins!
Waddle on CP!


Is it fun to work with the members?


Will kingdom hearts come to clubpenguin? It sounds like a good idea so we can fight the heartless together! Time to team up with the EPF.we can't let herbert and Pete take over the island with Heartless!


WOW U R AN AMAZIG ARTIST your drawing is amazing

Luigi Squege:

im 12 and when im older i want to apply for a job at cp but i live n the USA and i know that cp is n the UK so how would i do that if im asking n the right place plz answer i no im only 12 but i would like to no i dont know if i would still want 2 do this in the future but if i do i would like 2 no als, if i do somehow get a job for you (i probably wont but) if i do would i have 2 move 2 the uk or would there b a way 2 work here n the usa if im asking n the rite place plz answer


Where is the cheerleader's place and haveing a party tonight hope you can make it. Where is the krate place please

HP Fan1225:

Wow! I really love how you draw! I tried drawing something like that and I totally failed. XD


AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also why did the cave mine get destroyed? i don't get it


I am a huge artist and I really want to be in graphic designing!! What is the best tool for drawing on a computer. I've heard of tablet things that you draw on and it transfers to the PC, but I want to hear CP's opinion. What do y'all use for the artists of club penguin?? Please respond! :)


Also do you have to have an original name to be on the Club Penguin team?? My name has numbers behind it and idk if that is "legal" (using the term 'legal' loosely ;))

Pixie Pi:

Good question!  You don't have to have an "original" name, but we like to choose names that are easier to remember for our penguin pals.

Remember, Daffodaily5 has a number in her name!  Numbers are totally cool!!

- Club Penguin Team

Albert The 3:

I agree! Numbers can express individuality. Just like my penguin name is Albert The 3. Anyone can remember Albert, but if you add the 3, it makes it more individual.


thx u !!!! im not the only one that thinks that yus !!!! im howls11 and im proud !!!!


I always wondered that, too! But Daffo has a 5, so that encourages me.


Hi Megg! I really liked your should draw more often sometimes you can become a great artist! I have a question for you Megg... what do you do on CP if you ever go online? Plus, is it hard whenever Club penguin is thinking of new ideas for parties, clothing, styles, or anything? Do you help them get ideas? I have a bunch more to ask you! But ill leave you with just these questions. Waddle on!


wow OMG cool drawing Megg how to u draw like that?


Please add me as a friend meg.


I hope to see in future club penguin megg and eventually you from working full time , you is Great !


Hi Megg! I honestly think that you are amazing and I would LOVE for to add me on your buddy list.

Ya know, a wannabe you, Pochi5555


Yay! I made it :D Thanks Club Penguin Team and you too Megg!


it is going to be coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool


Yo!!!! I just want to ask you this question, why did you sign up for this job??


I think I can do that too cause I'm doing that kind of things in my school




Awesome pic if u sold it I would buy it the second it came out

Btw add me my penguin name is rdashfan1


I'm 13, but I'd really like to be web designer when I'm older. I taught myself web languages, and I love practicing them!
I just want to tell everyone here that they're never too young to learn something you've always wanted to learn. Explore!
Waddle on!


I'm 16 and I would love to work at CP when I turn 18. I know you have a CP office in UK, but what city is it in?


It's rad to hear you'd like to join the Club Penguin Team one day Sommfi! Our UK office is located in Brighton.

Hamster out!

- Club Penguin Team

Albert The 3:

do you have any in Pennsylvania, USA?


Count me in !


Hi Club Penguin team look at my things at the bottom!


Nice pic :)


i like that picter! can you draw one for mew?!


That's an amazing drawing Megg, I wish I could draw that good. Your so lucky to be an intern for Club penguin! I would love to work with club penguin when I'm 18, but im only 11 , so I still have a long time to wait. I live in Florida, I wonder where the closest office is to me?


u are good at drawing how did u become an intern and how did u draw that?


Hey Megg! I wanted to say i love your picture! Your a amazing drawler! I hope you have fun being a intern!!!!!!!

Mixi 28:

Can you do "ask an intern" at the art team?


what do interns do on clubpenguin anything special?


you are a amazing drawler


hey megg I wish I could draw like that because that was AWSOME you should make the artist team I like how you added a lot of details I wish I lived in Canada my brother is doing a report on Canada waddle on.

Littledupers :

OMG YOU'RE AN AMAZING ARTIST!my favorite animal is penguins and when i see it animated or drawn that's why i love CP!


I'm eleven and I would really like to have an internship to be a club penguin computer graphics designer when I'm sixteen (for my gap year). Is that allowed? Thank you from geepeach. Can you give some megg meeting times?


It is so cool ! I wish that i can do that.


I could never do that even if I tried one million times! The point is....... HOW DO U DO THAT!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!!

rossy jannel:

how did you do that? please teach me because i don't know how to do that.

rossy jannel:

i do in school is math reading and writing. sometimes i go to P.E fine arts and libary. we don't do science. this week we have a half day because it is conference. and no school. we do a lot of work. at fine arts we do drawings and acting and singing. at libary we check out books we sometimes do fun activites. at P.E we do jogs and games and we do sit ups. what grade are you in because im in second grade. are in a higher grade? how old are you? im 8 years old . waddle on club penguin.


OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! That drawing is AMAZING!!! I wish I was that good a drawer. Your AWESOME!


Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!


I love art but I wish I can draw like that maybe I will i submitted art but didn't come in the gallery amazing job megg

Claudia 2:

Did you Dow that it looks so cool I wish I cod do that sum day I may do a pitcher like that but it won't be nelly as good as that.


that is great i have a master painting like that i could paint a lot.


Megg u look awesome as can we be friends?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Please have Rocky and Cece come back!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I'm the #1 club penguin fan so I will help you with ideas. I've got a bunch!


Please have Rocky and Cece come back I'm a big Club Penguin fan!!!! P.S. Please reply club penguin team!


P.P.S Club Penguin please reply to the Rocky & Cece thing.


Yeah I did it again to make sure it doesn't erase.


Hey guyz

I have not been playing club penguin for years!
I played club penguin when i was 8 years old and now i stopped playing.
Now i'm 14 years old!
Well its time for me to play Club penguin

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