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By Polo Field on November 7, 2013 - 22:11

Hello Penguins!

We're going to make a behind the scenes video about the making of the Gold Puffle. We'd like your help to come up with some questions to ask the team!

Here are a few sample questions to get you started:

1. Where did the idea for the Gold Puffle come from?

2. What makes the Gold Puffle unique?

3. How long does it take to create a new puffle?

Now it's your turn! Comment below with your question. We'll pick a few of our favorites to ask the team when we interview them. 

Until then... Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team


I Love Mom26:

How long have you been thinking about having the Gold Puffle a official puffle?


Are you going to make i love my puffle and gold puffle suit


That's a good question that would be cool if we got them.


They already made that. They make a yellow shirt with a yellow puffle and saying i love my (puffle pic) And they made a gold puffle armor suite at the medival partay. Havent you ever been to a medival partay?




why do you hmm tell me please i would like your answer after 10mins if you have a problem doing that please write a comment now do you understand me now!


yes it would!

Az Pinky Pie:

How long will the golden puffle stay on the island? Will it stay forever like the rainbow puffle?


Cool puffles


How do you get the gold piffle suit?


1. Underground 2. It's gold!! 3. Maybe a month or two.


Since the party starts now video. At the 1:35 to 1:39 mark you can see the gold Puffle jumping up and down. :D


Can non members have the gold puffles?????

Big Mac9706:

I doubt it


no sorry only members can

Enter nickname:

Only members can get a gold puffle so why don't you get a member ship so you can a gold puffle all I had to ask my parents nicely and they said yes that I can get a member ship.


I never get membership unless my friends get it for me...


where does the golden puffle live or where did you find it


I'm not a puffle aficionado but I'm guessing it lives in the mine where it caved in. But that's just my guess I might be wrong.

forgert love:

what color puffle is next


it is gold , this year Disney has made 2 ' rumours ' real with the rainbow puffle and they newly announced golden puffle , what does 2014 have in its way ? Bat puffle seen in shirts for Halloween party and through out club penguins parties ! maybe silver and bronze ? but how cool would MAKE YOUR OWN puffle be - create colour , tongue colour , personality ?! im not sure what 2014 hold but lets hope its as good as 2013 for puffles !?

- Waddle on


How long have you been thinking about having the Gold Puffle a official puffle?

Club Penguin:



YAY GOLD PUFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Club Penguin Fan1234!:

1.Do you practice drawing your puffle or do just toss around ideas and see what sounds good?

2.If you were one puffle which puffle would you be?

3.What game will the gold puffle be in??

-Club Penguin Fan1234!

Chuck 432:

I've been waiting FOREVER 4 THE GOLDEN (budder :3) PUFFLE!!!!!!!


Gold puffle name popped in my head when I was thinking of mission ten. :)


is the golden puffle going to be available all the time or just for this party?


i hope ALL the time!


It will be forevs

Thunblt :

Maybe operation puffle or operation blackout that was my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Where did you get the idea?

Icey Jot Pop:

When the Gold Puffle comes, does that mean that the Quest for the Golden Puffle, the play, will be over?

Tree Cheez:

1. Where did the idea for the Gold Puffle come from?

2. What makes the Gold Puffle unique?
Find super-rare items

3. How long does it take to create a new puffle?
Like 1 day


It definitely takes longer than a day to make a new puffle! There's actually quite a lot to it... :)


will it be availabe for non memebers?
and what will make it unique?
it will appear in which game?


Then how long does it take? I can't wait! :)


dude ur awesome plz friend me


gold Rainbow puffle


Polo Field I'm a big fan and I love the stuff you guys have been doing! Here's my question! Yesterday I saw on the club Penguin page the Golden puffles dig up ULTIMATE rare stuff is it true? Waddle on! ;D


what is the difference between the gold puffle and the rainbow puffle?

Glitter Roll:

What's the difference between the rainbow and golden puffles? One is more sparkly and one is more shiny! JK, there are probably more differences....I guess we will have to wait until we can discover the golden puffle to see what it'll be like!


Why did you choose to introduce the gold puffle after the rainbow puffle? Also, who came up with the idea of the golden puffle and why did they come up with the idea?


Well glitter roll I cannot wait any longer! for the golden puffle i need one to dig some rare items and btw i love how awesome the color is its so bright and shiny!!! Thanks to Garianna we will soon have golden puffles!!

My name is "CP fan!!":

1.Whichgame will the Golden puffle be in?
2 .Exactly how can penguins geta golden puffle??
with puffles!

3.Can penguins name there Golden puffle??\
Y E P!! ..I think

penguin up45:

1:Where did the idea for the gold puffle come from?
The UnderGround where gold comes from!
2: What Makes The Gold Puffle Unique
Dig's up gold Rare items!
3: How Long Does It Take To Create A New Puffle?
1 Month


like programming?


What do you need to make a new puffle, since you say that it doesn't take a day to make a puffle?

Lil Nisha :

Wow that's cool


It takes a lot of thought and planning! 

-Club Penguin Team 


How can we get our golden puffles too dig up more golden idems?

Pixie Pi:

Gold puffles LOVE gold O'berries, so try feeding yours a few before taking it for a walk!

Best of fishes!!

- Club Penguin Team


It should be found at the mine and dig more stuff than other puffles. It should take about 12 parties. I think the next puffle should be silver.


yeah the next puffle should be silver.

lola :

yep i agreay whith you buddy its tacks agis to mack a new puffle.

Sting 26 10:

Hi Polo You Are Definetely Right It Could Take Up To Two Months For A Brand New Puffle To Be Released


Do you have to be a member to get a gold piffle?If not I'm getting one right away!I hope I can do the next video with you. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well what color will be next? U have used all the colours. Not to be negitave, because I soo LUV PUFFLES!!! Thx Polo field for helping CP!!!!!!!!

I Love CP:

1.Can non members have Gold puffles?
Probaly or not!
2.What made you think about having a new puffle??
Penguinshave been asking sience begging of CP!
3.How long will it take to make a new puffle ??
Probaly 4 days!


so unlike the rainbow puffle the golden puffle will take over a day?
and i have one question. will it be like the rainbow puffle that you have to wait an amount of minutes if it is then how long do you have to wait?

Maxim 92:

Hi PoloField!I want ask you something how did you get kind a famas?BY the way can you add me as a friend?
Waddle On!
From:maxim 92

William E2:

Find super rare items??
you mean like party hats and 2005 to 2009 items


But then the cool people from those times wouldn't have as much honor, since anyone coukd get em' now.


right. It wouldn't be any more fun to the others. U missed out if u went there then.


polo field whatch out for herbert i think he's back to get the golden puffle again he left a mess in the boiler room call gary o fix the boiler it's bad


i think about 2 weeks


that is secret so i cant tell u

Tree Cheez:

This will be amazing! :D


What makes the Golden Puffle different from the other Puffles?


.....its golden

Your Favourate Viking Thing,


Could I try to answer ur question? I think because Well, it is golden, but its REALLY RARE!!!! That's my theory. Btw, Has PH handled them and taken care of them??? :)


Why have you guys decided to release the Gold Puffle at this time? There have been tons of rumours about the release of it, for years! Why is it being released now?!


Lots of people have asked for the gold puffle ever since the beginning of Club Penguin. So we thought... Let's do it! :D


excellent polo and cp team!!!

one time ill be with you

thx BYE!!!


will it be available to non members? I would really like that.

Tech Guy:

yah i agree


I don't think that would be fare because ppl who bought the membership should onley be able to. I think it will be like the rainbow puffle. Members can olney get it.

POPPY39608 :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Mahmood boy:

Will the golden puffle be in the puffle hotel?


no, in the more to say


1. What will the next puffle be?
2. What makes the Gold Puffle gold (in color)
3. What makes the Gold Puffle dig for rare gold items?
4. What's the favorite food of the Gold Puffle


Since quite a lot of rumors have been revealed this year (Rainbow Puffle... Mystery of the Iceberg... Gold Puffle... Card-Jitsu Snow etc.) and there's only Shadow as a myth left. Does this mean the team is going to think up of new secrets and release some new mysteries?


Sounds like the perfect time to create some new stories, Club Penguin Community! 

Here's my big challenge to you, the CP Community:  Reply to this comment with your story ideas! Dream big! Let's see some new myths... 

Taffy Pengi:

I think the golden puffle came from when it was dropped in a pot of melted gold. It then was frozen and left underground in a secret temple. One day, a penguin was digging and accidently picked up a coin that happened to be the button for the temple! The story begins...


Hey Polo:
Although the director was revealed as a certain somebody... What if it turns out Herbert P Bear is the least of our worries, and he is actually working under the control of another villain?
How about this famed myth... Does Rockhopper Island really exist, my bags are packed and ready to leave when you are!!!
PS Will Gary ever invent a portal to the past (aka Old CP; I'm sure we all agree that would be an awesome party!)?


clasiafiad epf only:the director was aunt artic


dude ur awesome u have the coolest ideas ever ATTENTION CP WE HAVE A WINNER!


Thanks for that 517Princess!
BTW Team CP: What about the lake on the map, does the mysterious squid live there? I also saw 3 small islands near the top of the Rockhopper's and the PSA/EPF mission maps, what are these places and can we ever visit them? If everyone sits around the EPF table, a video plays, showing the EPF teleports, when will these be available? Finally, the classic myth, can we tip the iceberg?!?!
I hope you can answer or at least consider these myths!


who was the director????

Enter nickname:

aunt arctic


I would totally love to see old club penguin again. I love the new one but it just isn't quite the same. :) Go old penguins!


BTW Team CP: What about the lake on the map, does the mysterious squid live there? I also saw 3 small islands near the top of the Rockhopper's and the PSA/EPF mission maps, what are these places and can we ever visit them? If everyone sits around the EPF table, a video plays, showing the EPF teleports, when will these be available? Finally, the classic myth, can we tip the iceberg?!?!
I hope you can answer or at least consider these myths!


Shadnow ninjas, Rockhopper island and tiping the iceberg is still here. But what about this new ICE? Is this save in boiler room? And is island full of crabs?


maybe the Card-Jitsu ice ,Ninja puffle ,Agent puffle, and the Ultra Medieval Party myths

Waddle ON polo and the team!!!!!

one day ill be like you and create new things in club penguin!!!

i love you


yes plz!


tusk will make a dark anty ninja force in the island and the ninjas will fight against him!Enter comments

Rockyy 1c:

I got one here is the story of the new myth i made up through a story
Once upon a time before the stone age and egypt age puffles of many types and colours inhabited club penguin.
A few of the types were Golden Zebra stripes puffle, Rainbow Leopard Spots Puffle and the Yellow Lion Fur Puffle.
But 7,000 years later those three puffles combined together to make the ULTRA PUFFLE OF EVERYTHING and dissappeared instantly and same thing happened every year. Waddle On!




Here's my myth! The squid! He shows up in Aqua Grabber, and even a few times in My Penguin sushi drop. Where is he from? Does he pose a threat to the island? (Hopefully not) Does he have any relation to the play at the stage ? (Shadow guy and gamma gal vs squidvoid) Will the cp team elaborate on him, get rid of him, or just leave him alone? Am I saying all these questions wrong and the squid is a she?



Here's my story:
A long time ago, long after Herbert drifted away from his family, Herbert's brother, Sherbert, didn't get as much attention as he used to. His parents were frantically searching for Herbert! At that time, Herbert was nice and young, but nobody paid any attention to him. Everyone was fixed on Sherbert. But now that poor good-hearted Herbert drifted away, he was now an evil mastermind plotting to destroy penguins! His parents are, to this day, still searching for Herbert!


lol sherbet XD


cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!


Have you ever wondered if there were other penguins? We can't be the only island with penguins. So here's the idea. Let's try to make contact.


YES PLEASE CP LISTEN TO ALL THESE PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We think you should do a mystery secret about a baby puffle. It could be the cutest puffle alive and they say there's only one. But no one has ever seen it! Or found it ! Until now because there setting of to find him. Once he is found there will be a competition to see who gets him. some say he has no name yet. But only the smartest and bravest puffles will ever find him.



Arana P:

I think the Card-Jitsu Shadow could be kind of a sequel to Card-Jitsu Snow: Tusk seeks revenge and summons Shadow Minions to battle the ninjas. Sensei is aware of this and tells everyone that a new element will be unleashed. That´s my guess.


I got a lot of ideas (1 is not my best idea)
1.we could explore into the origins of club penguin
2.Maybe there's some sort of yeti, or big foot. Herbert was a bigfoot type legend but we busted him.
3.we could investigate were all the cheese comes from. we don't have cows
4.what is underground? maybe there is a beast of some sort down there
5.what if a alien rock fell to earth and gave everyone strange powers for a short time.


In reply to #3. That's a "gouda" question! We really should get a mooooo-ve on that investigation...

-Club Penguin Team


Hey nice one! LOL I laughed so hard!


Can I steal that pun? LOL


During the 2nd Marvel Superhero takeover, a meteor did fall on the island and did give us powers. There is already an underground and during the medieval party a dragon awaits brave knights!


I thought it was the first one we had, because Protobot returned and wanted the meteor...
Waddle on CP!


You could do the story of the poka dotted puffle! That would be cute. I mean you all ready have all of the soild color puffles and the rainbow puffle, and now the golden puffle. So why not a poka dot?


we don't have a grey or indigo puffle yet!

Ally Light:

Ah, yes. I really want a gray puffle!

Mighty Pant:

That's the sprit! I believe in the dragon puffle.


Keep the belief alive! You never know what undiscovered creature is out there!

-Club Penguin Team 


Well we could definately make a myth about the Magenta Puffle or Grey Puffle. Ohhhh, and what about the mysteries of the Welcome Room? The fourth arcade in the dance lounge? Whatever happened to the Night Club rooftop? Will the PSA ever return? What about the mystery of the Underwater from last year's expedition... What about whatever happened to the Brown Puffle Cave? Or the crab in Puffle Launch... what's its significance? And of course... shadow ninjas

Those are my 2014 myth ideas


wow dude ur awesome


Yeah dude, you ARE awesome!

-Club Penguin Team 


Awwww! Thanks guys! It means a lot! I have a few more: Aqua Puffle, Dark Blue Puffle.

And not really myth related, but new storylines for parties, as well as bringing back the old parties (psst... shouldn't the windows in the Cave be changed soon? I hope another Festival of Flight)...

Also, who provides fireworks? What about whats underneath the mine? Are unicorn puffles real without potions? What about the secrets of the Tallest Mountain?


how did the gold puffle get his color?


I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE PSA COME BACK!!!! I joined in 2008 and the PSA is my favorite team, I like it WAAAAYYY more than the EPF.


There has been one arcade game in the Dance Lounge which is plugged out. Will it EVER be plugged so penguins can play it?


in the newspaper issue 419 it says it was gary's invention but no one is brave enough to turn it on in fear of what it might do

An Engineer:

Great memory! What do you think would happen if we did turn it on, though? What kind of game would it play?

- Club Penguin Team


i think it should be like a game and when you got to a certain level you would ben transported to another world!


OLD CLUB PENGUIN HERE WE COME!!! LOL It would be nice going back. But this club penguin is fun! :)


Maybe the game is an invention gone wrong. What if we plug it in and it causes huge destruction? The EPF would definitely have a huge problem on their hands.

Just a question: what ever happened to those books in the coffee shop where you could create the story? I forgot the name.


I was wondering where Paint by Letters went...
Waddle on CP!

Pixie Pi:

Not many penguins played "Paint by Letters," and it was only in English so penguins who didn't speak English couldn't play it.  That's why it got removed last year.  Do you think it should come back?  Maybe in other languages?

- Club Penguin Team

I think...:

It would probably explode

Or just be really awesome and NOT explode, which would be great!

Cutie Funny:

I know what I would want as a legend!

The Aqua puffle

And the secret of the forest!


Hey everyone! A big new rumour!
further down...
a little more...
nearly there...
so close...
IT IS THAT There is a secret new EPF field-op like thing coming out.
when? I dunno... it's just a rumour...


I made up a story for the goden puffle
The golden puffle was from a temple under the town of cp a miner named Martyn found the temple it said on the wall of the temple it took years (7year) to creat the gold puffle slowly the puffle came alive as he Martyn read the text of the wall and now from this day they are best frends -Cystal a.k.a Darkdragon


I believe the Golden puffles are in the Mine I have been thinking that since…yesterday! I think the Golden Puffles ARE in the Mine. If you look at the club Penguin page when you log out you can see a rocky place behind the penguins isn't it clear? The Golden Puffles are in the Mine! Trapped! Poor Golden Puffles. We need to save them! That means the drillers need to stop on the ice berg and start on the rocks in Hidden Lake or Mine. Cant wait for the Golden puffles! Waddle on! ;D


I have a new myth idea: mer-puffles!

Because the secret underwater cave place that you need the key to unlock has nothing really in it, so it would be a good idea to actually make use of that room! So have maybe a rare sighting by a penguin (eg. Rookie) and have someone investigate it. Then maybe, one day mer-puffles could become reality!

Quiggle24 =]


Maybe an indigo puffle that can breathe underwater!


the story of the shadow puffle the myth is that there is a "shadow puffle" in club penguin somewhere but it has never been seen


On the Club Penguin map there is a small lake/pond. What could this be for? Could this become a new room? Same with the river behind the ski village. Could there be like a summer camp type are with canoeing, etc?


That'd be awesome X>

An Engineer:

I've always wondered what is at that lake, and if we will be able to go there one day. What do you think is there?

- Club Penguin Team

Arana P:

I've made a story called the "Welcome Lake Monster":

A group of penguins realize that penguin eggs are missing, and the Welcome Lake is the place where penguin mothers leave their eggs. Suddenly, one of them disappears in the water, and the other notices a shadow. It's up to the other two to find out what lies below the waters.


Isn't that lake "Welcome Lake" for when you make a new penguin? I always (ever since the update with Welcome Lake) have thought that.

Pin Aranha:

I have a new story \ myth for you! There could be a story of a mysterious side of Club Penguin Island, where there live many strange species of animals!

Glitter Roll:

Oooh! That sounds awesome-sauce! What sorts of strange species of animals do you think we would discover?




totally that would be totes awesome


I think there should be a rumour about tusk being herbert in a suit. That would be funny! Also that psa was still in existenst and that not even epf knew

candy pom13:

heres my myth

Have you ever been to the boiler room?Only the bravest of penguins go into the boiler the actual boiler!To find a new land Club Puffle!A place where puffles enjoy themselves!They go to the puffle paulor to shop for hats and then eats anything from the pink puffle being wet from a watermelon,to a yellow puffle munching on popcorn then going to there puffle den to catch some Z's so.Next time you go to the boiler room with your puffle dont be suprised if it pulls on the leash!


a secret epf entrance to the resistance hq from operation blackout.
if you master all elements in ninja, and stand on the middle gem in the dojo, a shadow comes and swoops you down to the secret cave dojo
senseis beard- where did he make it so fluffy
and finally, maybe a hidden museum every once in awhile at the top of the stage, where people can read about the old secrets and new rumours


PoloField, If there is a card-jitsu shadow, where will it be and when will be released?


I hope that the myth about a puffle with cat ears and tail will come true one day :-)


I think the golden puffle is originated from Ireland. There was one golden puffle in the world and all the penguichauns (penguin leprechauns) always stole it from one another. One day, when a visitor from Club Penguin came to visit Ireland, the golden puffle snuck into the visitor's bag and came back to Club Penguin! Nobody sees the golden puffle because it hides underground so nobpdy can try to steal it.


Hello Club penguin team. do you remember that official guide to club penguin? with the room that would have a fountain and bulletin board? Also, what happened to the room that was located off of the map during the Christmas party. all i was able to find out about it was that it was called "secret room". What was it?


will we ever be able to rebuild the three deleted rooms?? the world will never know...


Please do rockhopper island! :D Or do like a diamond puffle :B (I know I kinda stole it from the golden puffle) or make the iceberg be able to tip and when it does tip there can be a special rare item at the bottom that you can get! :D


OMG make the poor lost in the great beyond sport shop come back. It could like fall out of a black hole that gary descoverd during the star wars party. :P idk just a random thought.


So Herbert Takes over an part of the island and takes all pookies
and tricks them to destroy Club Penguin but the EPF stops them!



My myth would be a maroon puffle from the pond in the middle of the wilderness on the map. It would in the middle of a long maze with puzzles along the way. Then we would find enthusiastic, skillful maroon puffles. It would be epic!!!

2very iced:

My myth:Gary makes a portal that leads to old cp and then their is another portal in their that was made by that girl from the potion book and that portal leads to a place wear all myths and real life legends are and you can get powers and become a god

2very iced:

O ya and in that dimension their would be a spot were you could create your rooms and that room with the fountain from the official guide to cp and another party...their is a tab that says make a server then it lets you name it and you can activate and deactivet it and you could edit/make your own rooms for it and their would be a server like button and you would pick the 5 servers with the most likes and keep them as servers firever and their creator could edit it them whenever...

2very iced:

We'll the party is on the creators of the server could add their own code and scripts...and best of all a jounior mod program you would have an apply page the user would click apply then they they would be given a test all multiple choice you can pick what the quiestions then you would review the test and decide if you would give them jr. Mod you would also decide what they can do with jr. Mod and you would have a log to make sure they are not abusing..,put these all together as

2very iced:

One long name is actuly 2very icey but spell check messes it up


i think there should be a new animal. the animal will be like a real animal. for example PUPPY. they would come in all sorts of colors. Also i think there should be a hidden village that will be discovered. when we find it it will be a knew place on the map.

Power club 1:

Hi Polo Field here is my story.

i think there should be are rumour about are under ground city. i also think it should come out on the 4th of february 2014, and you should be able yo accsess it from the beach. well thats my idea.

Waddle On CP!


A Silver Puffle will be found when digging with a Golden Puffle! Once you have found a Silver Puffle, it could dig up a Bronze Puffle and then the Bronze Puffle could dig up a Grey Puffle!


My brown puffle told me a really cool legend, that in Card Jitsu, all the elements (and shadow!) can form a mysterious element. The only way to find out what that element is, you have to master all 4 elements. No one knows what the mysterious element is or how to find out, but eventually, we could find out for ourselves. :)
Waddle on CP!


Here's another myth...
Soon, Rockhopper will give us a once-in-a-lifetime offer to come aboard the Migrator and set sail with him to a mysterious island. Rockhopper Island! The myth says that to this day, he is preparing the island into a huge party zone, awaiting the perfect time. When? I dunno. We'll just have to wait and find out.


Beware the return of Darth Herbert...


ok so that video game thts unpluged in the dance lounge that is gary's invention should turn out to be a portal to another world where there are all puffles of all kinds tht cp has never seen before. and they could have powers and be able to fly and be all magical. there could be gold gray indigo magenta polka dot and they could look like real animals like tigers lions zebras all sorts of cool things! i think cp could take this farther! :D Waddle on!!!


Durring the cave in at the mine, a construction worker sees the air move(the shadow), he follows the shadow out out the mine and into the dojo. When he walks in, all the senses from fire, water, ect. help the shadow sommon energy from all the elements and make the shadow element. Then in the highest mountain, I think that is where the shadow dojo should be located. Another idea, the dojo is invisible to non-ninjas. Thank you, I know this will take a long time (I also do graphic design) Thanks!


Remember how Herbert drifted away from his homeland in search of paradise? Well his whole tribe gets intel about Herbert and how the EPF has him locked up, but they do not not know about Operation Blackout, so they enter Club Penguin in a giant ship made of ice and destroy the lighthouse, revealing the super secret entrance to the EPF on the command room's screen. They kidnap Gary, Dot, and Director. That leaves rookie in charge to lead the EPF on destroying the ice sip .


Hey Polo,
You know how Arctic was revealed as the director, well I think that we should have Herbert P. Bear along has been a secret agent . Waddle On :D


this is a bit diff than my other one but same plot. so some workers fixing EPF find a mysterious puffle shaped golden item. they take it to G who recites a code engraved on the gold puffle suddenly a huge cauldren of golden liquid appears and the workers puffles(all colors)get splattered with a drop of golden liquid puffles


Here's a myth. I hope could be close to true. So there are miners all around getting coal for fuel because they had just found club penguin island. And blacksmiths were making jackhammers (the yellow one with the spare part and drill on it from the jackhammers through the ages exhibit) the blacksmiths ran out of iron and bronze and paint, so they used some gold. when a penguin tried it out some of the stone turned gold. then eyes popped out. And more, and more, they had discovered gold puffles!


Wow what a cool theory!  

-Club Penguin Team


what about the REVENGE OR HERBERT! the penguins against an evil army run by herbert?!!!!!!!!!!! THE BATTLE OF THE CENTURY!

Cool Dragon:

Maybe the golden puffle was actually a statue until herbert secretly stole it.He made the golden puffle alive with his latest invention.But herbert pushed the wrong button.when the puffle was alive,it had destroyed herbert's invention and ran away to club penguin.and that is why the mine is blocked because the puffle used it's powers to make the rocks fall.

Spider Ray:

What's underneath the iceberg, Shadow Card Jitsu Mystery and The Legend of Rockhopper Island. These three legends/mysteries have yet to be discovered.


How about making places like The Club Penguin Museum or CPM and there all the Club Penguin Relics and pictures about the old parties are there!!! All of penguins(means also for non-members) can buy suvinirs like bone hat,leaf clothes,old fashioned clothes,and antique furnitures.Please Club Penguin can you make CPM,Thank you for your reading :)

Katie Roxie:

You should make new rumors about another mascot! We've gotten new puffles, card jistu games, new rooms, new parties, but the newst returning mascots or PH and Herbert. And hey! It will be a new addition to our stamp collection!


hello polo i have a story idea it is about a new island called puffle island its filled with different types of puffles oh and the title would be legends of club penguin and its filled with journeys like finding a island or finding a secret temple oh and you know what would be cool if club penguin's next book would be filled with pictures that would be fasinating or a long long journey thank you club penguin

Enter nickname:

ok so i think that the unplugged game in the dance lounge should turn out to be a portal to another world where there are all kinds of puffles and even penguins! #WaddleOn


EPF ONLY!Q: When Is Operration Puffle Coming out?
A:November 14 2013
Q:What Is Herbert Doing To The Gold Puffles?
A:I Dont Know!
Q:Where Does The Gold Puffles Live?
Hope Im Correct Polo Field!

Arana P:

Actually Operation: Puffle comes out November 21.


A rainbow puffle went the the mine and digged for a coin then turned gold from heat in the mine!!


there have been many rumors have been released this year. could it all be leading up to one big thing, something that could change club penguin forever? i guess we shall see!


Rockhopper thinks that there's a ghost on Rockhopper Island, He sees treasure floating by and he is hearing bumps, and OOOOOooooOOOOOooo!


ICEBERG OR FREEZE PARTY: Everything is frozen. A great freeze. Lots of ice. Stories may be revealed of the iceberg. Perhaps something new could become of the whole "tipping the iceberg" debate. Will it tip? Maybe. But revealing everything isn't always good. It's cool to keep some things a mystery. But the possibilities with this party are endless.
SENSEI VS. TUSK PARTY: Tusk assembles an army of evil or dark ninjas to try to take over the island and conquer Sensei with good ninjas.

Sweetsassy J:



The gray puffle! I've got one for a milisecond :D


I think you know about sirens and that stuff. Maybe we could do a mythological party?

Pufflehuff Hufflepuff:

There is proof of actual other islands out there, but as far as we know the only penguin who has been actively exploring is Rockhopper.

The box dimension proves that other dimensions exist. Orange puffles prove that these dimensions have similar creatures to the ones we have in this CP dimension. There could be other penguins, for all we know, spelunking around in void space ~

And clearly magic is everywhere, hanging on a cloud with the rainbow puffles, right over our heads.


Steve1395, there is also a rumor about a Hot Pink Puffle. Hopefully that will come out in March 2014.


Earlier today, when I was on CP, I decided to check out the telescope. I saw a red light way off in the distance... And I wondered if maybe one day CP will create some sort of airplane or something and penguins will be able to go on vacations. Not quite a myth, but what if there really are other islands beyond CP?!? Such as rockhopper island or maybe the whole reason we have puffles is because they came from an island of their own!


Now that the Golden Puffle legend is busted, will there be another one to replace it?

How was the idea for the Golden Puffle first approached?


Actually, there's one myth left! Has anyone heard about the Shadow Card-Jitzu myth?

Waddle on!

~Madison0310 (Myth-buster)


1.when the quest of the golden puffle play 1st came out everyone thought it was real!
2.its golden so it should find RARE ,golden ,secret items must take long to come up with a new puffle like 1 to 2 years
idea:since a new puffle was added can you guys make another non member puffle :)
~Waddle on Ernie1500
p.s can i change my name to CPErnestoC?


i definitely agree, increase the amount of puffles non members can have to two as well


me too

Choco Late9:

Are they secretly chocolate on the inside? Kind of like a chocolate coin wrapped up in a golden wrapper lol.


Wow that puffle I want


Why was the puffle created ?

Frosty Badge:

1. Why is a new puffle being released so quickly when the Rainbow Puffle has just been released?

2. How was the characteristics of the Gold Puffle developed?

3. Who created the first design of the Gold Puffle?

4. Who discovered the first Gold Puffle?

5. How have Gold Puffles gone unnoticed for so long?

6. Do Gold Puffles live for the applause, applause, applause?


Garianna probably discovered them.


My questions are:
1) What is the Golden puffle's personality?
2) What kind of toy does it like to play with?
3) What is it's favourite food?


4: A: Garianna 5:A They Are UnderGround ;)

San San 3:

How many people are involved in creating a new puffle, or character or a party?


The idea came from the epf section. It digs golden items!YEARS!

That What I'm thinking...

AND THE EPF WILL RETURN !!!!!!because of many classified clues.....



the golden puffle can come from the mine maybe inside the treasure box in the hidden lake he could be one of the treasures in the treasure box. the golden puffle could be unique because of its real golden fur that can grant wishes and get extra rare items to dig up and it could also be very hard to get maybe it could be a reward for stamps so that way not a lot of people would be carrying it around and that would make it special. well i dont understand what you mean by create a new puffle


What do the Golden Puffles play with?
Are you gonna create a game for the penguins with golden Puffles so that the Pufles are also ging to be in the game?


1.what is the puffles tricks and things that they will do?
2. Are they cute or normal?
3. Is there a mushroom to get it?


1.will puffle do cool tricks and dig for new items
2.will it be it be new or normal?
3.will you get it by mission or by it?


How will we be able to get the golden puffle? Should we be able to go to special place like the Cloud Forest for the rainbow puffle?


I think we have to dig for a gold puffle! That would be awesome


A puffle digging up a puffle. Awkward.


It's in a cave at the mine.


Why does the gold puffle only dig up gold items?


Lego Lane:

Will the gold puffle be open to the public or just members?


Sadly,for members only :(


Just members. I saw something on club penguin's home page.


the golden puffle will only be for members


Well the rumors are true I'm afraid.

WHERE DID THE GOLDEN PUFFLE COME FROM? It first appeared in the quest for the golden puffle than it appeared in MISSON 10 'waddle squad' and this is the first real golden puffle


1. Was it fun to make Gold Puffles?
2. How long does it take to create a new puffle?


what types of items do they dig up


Awesome question! It says on the Club Penguin membership page that it will dig up some amazing items!


Hey there! Some questions I've came up due to curiosity.

1. How was the personality of the Gold Puffle determined?

2. When you first created the play 'Quest for the Golden Puffle', did you think that it will really come to a time that there will be a real Gold puffle?

That's all!


Q: how difficult is it to create a new puffle and what is the process?


Did you get inspiration from the community? Like, when you see those fake puffle pictures?

Glitter Roll:

The Club Penguin community is always an inspiration for us! You guys totally rock!!


@glitter roll,


Then the next thing you know, there would be a gray puffle or something. Really hope to see what is next for CP.


is the quest for the golden puffle gonna stay on club penguin or will it stop
or could there be another way to get it if it stops?


people were lying about a golden puffle but now it has come lol


it should stay cause like the rainbow puffle it stayed


!. What's the thought process to decide what color the next puffle will be
2. how long do usually what before you announce the next puffle.


Well since it is a rumour,it cant be somewhere out in the open.But if you say that it lives in the sky, then wont people who adopted the rainbow puffle seen it?So it may live in a gold mine (underground) because it will be the only the puffle to live underground.And what makes it unique?It is ultra rare and also lives underground so it is familiar with the underground and can dig up gold items or maybe items for your igloos.And maybe we can go on a new puffle expedition every year.Waddle on!


Where did the Gold Puffle come from and who found it?


When did you started to work on Golden Puffle?


Why didn't you make the gold puffle ages ago? Why now?


Golden Puffle? How did it all start?


How Many Of The Team a you Need To Make A Golden Puffle


What will the golden puffles toy and food be?


I heard polo feild needs a myth how about the underwater city of Penglantis:)


How long did it take you to draw the golden puffle?


Why was the golden puffle made?


1. Where did the idea for the Gold Puffle come from?
Ans. Well all of us know that the 'Gold Puffle' idea was seen in a mission of club penguin
2. What makes the Gold Puffle unique?
Ans. A gold puffle is no ordinary puffle as it has not been seen on the island ever!
3. How long does it take to create a new puffle?
Ans. It takes nearly 6 months or something to make a puffle


1. will there be a special place to go to get the gold puffle?
2. will it be non members
3. will you get a badge for getting one?

WADDLE ON!- Happyface270


What were the golden puffles doing underground and how where they able to live there for years before we discovered them?


Hi,I want to ask that what gave you that idea to make golden puffle?As golden puffle coming will there be silver,bronze or crystal puffle?


will it be availabe for non memebers?
and what will make it unique?
it will appear in which game?


polo are you making it non-member? because i wish it to be non-member so everyone can enjoy it!


wouldn't gold puffle be the same as yellow puffle?

Glitter Roll:

Maybe? Definitely more shiny and gold colored though. I can't wait until we can discover them; are you getting excited too?


Hey Polo!
1. Why did you choose a golden puffle out of all the colours?
2. What is the process you go about when creating the design and actions a puffle can do?
3. How do you decide the golden puffles favourite food and toys?
4. Since the golden puffle is meant to be a myth, what is there to make it extra special from the rest?
5. What prompted you to design a golden puffle; Was it already in development or made because of the rumours?
I hope to find out all theses answers soon!


I can answer 4 for u. The golden piffle is more special than the others because if you dig treasure with them they can give u rare items like a golden car, golden shades or a golden cape! Fun right? Well, I hope this helped, although I'm not famous I will still put my name like every famous person does :P
- clu37


Thanks Clu37, but what although it gives us golden items, why should they be considered rare, just because of their colour? What I meant was; What makes this puffle stand out from the rest, after all, they can all pick up different items!


How long it take to creat it n howlong u were thinking to creat it is thrre any silver puffle


I love the new hairstyle of the Gold Puffle when you brush it! It's so shiny!


Omg talking puffle :O


Why did you decide to create the Gold Puffle now in particular? Is there something big about to happen that involves it?


What is his personality??


Can you give a clue where the golden puffle is


What's so special about the golden puffle? What abilities does it have? Does it come with special powers?


I think we should see why you thought about it,why you even made it,and what things it will do. we have to go questing to adopt one,I'd prefer go questing like we did when we added the brown puffle,but then after,it being added to the pet shop.

P.s.s.the super food should be the gold chocolate from the play!

Rockyy 1c:

Here are my questions
1. Are they magical like the only puffles that can dig Gold items?
2.Are they friends with the Rainbow puffles since they were both rumours?
3. Is it's favourite food is the Golden O'berry?
Waddle on!


Maby he could give you a hundred coins every day or one thousand coins a week

Im a Mainer:

Will the Gold Puffle only be available during the party?


What is the process of making a Golden Puffle?
What make the Golden Puffle so special?
When you create the play and the mission about the golden Puffle did you expect it will come true in the future?


Hey Club Penguin Team and players!

How do you make the golden puffle look like it's glowing in the video you posted?
Thanks feathered Friends!
• Tvwatcher6 •


what kind of powers does the golden puffle have?
are there other puffels which have powers like the golden puffle?


1. With all these new member puffles, will a older puffle be unlocked for everyone?
2. With all it's power and coolness, will getting this puffle be hard, easy, or somewhere in between?
3. Does Herbert have something do with this?
4. Rainbow puffle and operation hot sauce, gold puffle and whatever Herbert's up to (operation puffle, I'm guessing). Two new puffles and two new epf missions, and a puffle and a mission appeared around the same time. Any connection?



what will happen to Quest for the golden puffle? Will we see Alaska and Yukon again?


he gold puffle is just about to go to club peunguen help it make a puffle island for all the puffles or
puffle habitat for every puffle then gold puffle comes

Master Flap:

Are you guys thinking of bringing more puffles to Club Penguin? If yes, then how many more?


can non member's buy the gold puffle


What will the next puffle be?
Do you think you're running out of ideads and colors for puffles?
Will this new room in the Mine be connected to the Gold Puffle?


Why did you decide to release the gold puffle the same year as the rainbow puffle?


ikr? i think it's just because the medieval party (the one that took away the Fall Fair and could have waited next year) with the golden O berries, and golden Puffle hints.


How many years/months/days it took the Golden Puffle to be created?




Here are my ideas

1. The idea came from the play "Quest of the Golden Puffle".
2. He/She is generous
3. It takes about 1 month because of the idea sharing and animation.


1. When did you first think of creating the golden puffle?

2. What kind of quest would penguins be on just to get the golden puffle?

3. Will Herbert capture the golden puffles to become rich?


This is an very long question. Is the legend of the golden puffle play related to the coming around of the golden puffle?


Who discovered the golden puffle?


Will Gold Puffles be able to accompany their owners in any mini games?


Good question! What mini-game would the golden puffle like the best?

- Club Penguin Team


Maybe The golden puffle will be in Pufflescape, Cart surfing, or DJ3K? Honestly I can't think of any game.


Maybe do puffle launch and when it shoots it has gold sparkels!!!


Thanks Llamarama! Maybe Gold Puffles would like Pufflescape (since Gold Puffles will probably be found underground and Pufflescape is played underground!)
Oh, and I just thought of something! I wonder if the Goldsmith Force somehow contributed to the Gold Puffle...


why is the golden puffle golden and why did it take so long to make it


1. Are they 100% made out of Gold?
2. Are they More difficult to find than the rainbow puffles?
3. Do we find them? or Do we buy them?
4. Are Golden Puffles heavy?
5. How did they turn Gold?
6. Are they soft? or hard as a real gold?


For 2 and 3 I can answer them.
2.they ARE more difficult to find than any other puffle because you need to do a quest, like the rainbow puffles, except you need to find enough golden nuggets to drill the place to get the golden puffle, and I hope we can get as much puffles as we can!
3.You don't find them, or buy them. Actually you need to do a quest, then drill with a jackhammer to dig up the golden puffle. I hope this helps!
- clu37


1)The golden puffle could be from the play quest 4 the golden puffle and that can be true events and the golden puffle cauldron be hiding
2) What make the golden puffle unique it can dig up super rare items. Also they can get you the items you need or somthin like that.
3) Well I think people can give you ideas and it probably takes a lot of time to make one

penguin67887: came far from the island of club penguin
2.its been rumored for so long THAT IT CAME TRUE takes three days to do it(I would do it like a puzzle and every day add one more peice)


Q.When you walk around with your Gold Puffle, What Type of stuff can it dig up?


I've heard that it can dig up a golden car!


Why did you guys name the pets "Puffles"?


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