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By Polo Field on November 7, 2013 - 22:11

Hello Penguins!

We're going to make a behind the scenes video about the making of the Gold Puffle. We'd like your help to come up with some questions to ask the team!

Here are a few sample questions to get you started:

1. Where did the idea for the Gold Puffle come from?

2. What makes the Gold Puffle unique?

3. How long does it take to create a new puffle?

Now it's your turn! Comment below with your question. We'll pick a few of our favorites to ask the team when we interview them. 

Until then... Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team



The new myth should be there was once a penguin girl who has been online Forever!She has disappeared suddenly and now she is coming back on! U should make happy77 come back! And I could be the next happy77 as a secret. So u could write blog by the next happy77. I am old enough to write and so Is my friend samah (alyssa2119) we are the best in the class! So maybe that could be the next legend. Maybe...


I just wrote about the happy77 legend on sparkly218 srry!!!! So please make sure the story gives this account credit


Where do you get the golden puffle.


You'll get them at the mine after you find 9 golden nuggets.


No, you get one at the mine after you've collected 15 gold nuggets


I think a unique feature of a golden Puffle is the he finds very rare treasures and every two hours your Puffle gives you 100 coins
Hope you could these suggestions for the golden Puffle
Luv brookelyn968
Waddle on cp


Is this gold puffle being released to make it easier for the EPF to capture Herbert and Klutzy?


Why did you finaly decide to make the gold puffle?


Why wait so long to bring the LEGENDARY GOLD PUFFLE . ;)


I have only 3 questions, I hope your answer :)

1. because until now opens the golden puffle?
2. because the golden color in this puffle?
3. the golden puffle will be for all penguins?


I know the golden puffle could be in the mine and we have to like go threw the mazes to get to it!The golden puffle is unique way cause its GOLDEN!It might take 2 hours or 2 days to make a brand new puffle


I have a question for the moderators.
When will the EPF be fixed?


I don't know...


Did the idea for the Gold Puffle come from Quest For The Golden Puffle???


Dear CP, what is the best part of having a golden puffle ?! From Cecelia1211


I don't know yet! But I'm SUPER excited to find out :) What do you think it will be?

-Club Penguin Team

Mighty Pant:

Hey, if Garianna maybe had a golden puffle and knows how to care for them, why didn't we discover golden puffles earlier?

Mighty Pant:

Does the gold puffle toot sparkles like the rainbow puffle?

Dude Guy Wie:

I have to say what that ice jet pop guy said: if the gold puffle comes out, will the play no longer exist?!?!
Also, why did you decide to put this in November? It's basically a puffle party, so why not do it in march next year ? It has nothing to do with the EPF or Herbert, so why in November? Ok, last thing my real question: how do you decide the origin for puffles? What started the tradition of a new puffle every year? Can you answer these questions? Thanks!
-Dude Guy Wie
Waddle On!!!!!!!!

Mighty Pant:

Who's idea was it to make the puffle pure gold? I find it hard to believe!

Enb 11:

How much time takes for creating not only the puffles but the quests too?


i have an idea mane garland could be making them in a secure lab

Dash Flyer:

1. can i send you some new myths me and my friends think of through ask AA/ send riddles and jokes in the newspaper?
2. why are you letting so many hints about the parties out? it just makes us more impatiant.
3. why do you wait 2 weeks in between every party?
4. how does the puffle get its gold fur?
5. where does Herbert come in all this? why is he going to hypnotize all the puffles? and on that why are we going into the wilderness?


You'll find out why Herbert's involved sooner or later. Check your EPF spy phone as to why we are heading to the wilderness.


What makes the golden puffle so special and the other puffles not?


what is the golden puffles action for coins and items?


Where did it come from?


How is it different from the yellow puffle?

Manuel Jimmy:

What items will the Golden puffle be able to dig?
Who had the idea for the creation of the Golden puffle?
What's the special ability of this puffle?


did the puffle get dipped in gold and is now called a gold puffle ?


Hello club penguin! I have a question about the golden puffle well its about all puffles but.Where did you get the idea of Puffle's?


Well, I think that the idea of the Gold Puffle actually came from the players of Club Penguin because we wanted a Golden Puffle from the beginning of Club Penguin!

The Gold Puffle is unique cause it can help us dig rare items!

In my opinion it takes almost some months to make and design a new Puffle!

Dj Craxx:

Will the puffle be able to find rare items like blue lei,red lei,red ski googles,scarfs... or just gold items? Thanks for your time :)


Why was the Golden Puffle rumours for so long?
How long were you planning to do the Golden Puffle as a real Puffle?
Can the Golden Puffle really dig up golden treasures?


1. It Came From Ph's Aunt (She's An Explorer)

2. It Has Powers To Turn Stuff Gold(Dont Let Herbert Get It he'll Turn The Island Gold)

3. Just Feed it The GoldenBerry O's

Flappy Scoot:

Will the Golden Puffle become a Elite Puffle?


Hey cp team im a big big fan of cp and i want to ask a question well here it goes:who got an idea of makeing the magical and mistacal golden puffle? Btw im like a green puffle!


After the gold puffle will you be making anymore puffles?


They Made The Golden Puffle? I Thought It Was A Fake!


We should have a lot of action adventures to find the golden puffle.


Question 1: How long have you been thinking about making a golden puffle?

Question 2: Will we have to go on a quest for it, or will we just be able to buy it?

Question 3: How long does it take to come up with, and make, a puffle?

Waddle On CP!


Does the making or background of the golden puffle have any relationship with the backgrounds of the puffles we have today?


If the gold puffle here, non-members can adopt an other puffle?

Frozen Pink1:

Because the gold puffles is SO different did it take longer to design and test it?


U should make like a backstory for the golden puffle .sort of like what happened to the puffle .
what happened so that we have to go on a quest to find him

Big red rock:

I guess the Golden puffle came from a land not so far away from club penguin......a land of GOLD and magic golden puffle rule the Golden land! That would be awesome if they came from a place like that:)


What happened to the gold puffle that makes so special

Big red rock:

I can hardly wait to adopt a Golden puffle!! waddle on:)


Can golden puffles do things that other puffle species can't?


The gold puffle comes November 14.


1. Why is the Gold Puffle awesome?
2.Will it be boring?
3.Why am I asking these questions?


Does Puffles get drawn by pencil or computer?


Here is my questions.

1: How did you make the Golden Puffle "Gold"?

2: What where the steps you had to take to make the Puffle?

3: Was this the hardest Puffle to make?

Hope you guys like my questions! :)



Who haved the idea for the gold puffle? If the CP Community never haved the idea for a golden puffle, the golden puffle will never be real? Thanks!


1. The idea of the Gold Puffle came from the stage play, Quest of the Golden Puffle!
2. Finding secret items!
3. A couple of hours!


What gave you the inspiration to make the Golden Puffle into a reality on Club Penguin?
- Snowglobe136


I made up a story for the goden puffle
The golden puffle was from a temple under the town of cp a miner named Martyn found the temple it said on the wall of the temple it took years (7year) to creat the gold puffle slowly the puffle came alive as he Martyn read the text of the wall and now from this day they are best frends -Cystal a.k.a Darkdragon


What do you prefer: the gold puffle or the rainbow puffle?


My question ideas:
1. Will the gold puffle be useable in any games?
2. This is more a request. Please can you make the golden and rainbow puffles work in pufflescape/launch?
3. How long have you been thinking about making the golden puffle?
4. Is the golden puffle actually gold, or is it just coloured gold?

P.S. please make the rainbow and golden puffles have more than on toy! My rainbow puffle, Pizza, is getting really bored with its cloud.



Plz changethe gold puffle to non member is so unfair for Non Members


it is unfair. if you make it member only, can you make another puffle be non member? I would really like to have a purple puffle.

Waddle on! -Happyface270!
Meet me!

Air Raider:

I believe the gold puffle tells us about why Gary had a gold o'berry in the medieval party because when i saw it , the o'berry looked very odd.


Where do you come up with ideas for information about new puffles? Favorite Snack, Super Toys, Actions, etc.
I've heard that people have asked for a gold puffle since Club Penguin started! Why release it now?
What color puffle could be next?


I know the answers to those. where did u get the idea from? the golden puffle play, and the rainbow puffle. What makes it unique? It's gold, and it was just a myth at first. (just like the rainbow Puffle) How long does it take to make a Puffle? When you want to appearantly

Pin Aranha:

What is the personality of the golden puffle

Noisy Honey:

Here are my questions,
What is a golden puffles favourite food?
Why do golden puffles dig up rare gold items?
How long does it take you to make a puffle?
I know there is a "Quest for the Golden Puffle" but why did you make a golden puffle?
That's all I got to say :D
Waddle on CP!


What encouraged you to make a gold puffle?


Are there going to be more metallic puffles ? And how long did it you guys to create all of the puffles?

candy pom13:

1.Will the golden puffle be always avalible and not just for the party?
2.What made you think lets make the ultra rare golden puffle?
3.Can you pleeease revamp the puffle catalog?
I have a idea is..PUFFLE DAYCAREI know it sounds odd but its just when you need to do something and you cant afford to miss it cos your puffle wants to play it would just be connected to the petshop tell me if you want more info and i'll reply OK.

Waddle oooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


candy i blevlive no to ur 1. question cause the rainbow puffle is here to stay so it should stay to


Hello clubpenguin!!!! This relates to the golden puffle but as children in need is happening I was thinking about having a pudsy bear outfit and A GOLDEN puffle!!! I would be happy if this happened but I really don't mind if it doesn't happen.

Thanks! Bobby1619 Keep on Waddling


Golden Puffles can change the color of regular Puffles
It takes a week to create new Puffles
Sometimes it will dig NM items up
Puffles personality is play with rock.


How will the gold puffle think?


Does the gold puffle do anything different to the other puffle?

Violet Wulf:

i think the gold puffle should just dig up golden items. :D It would make it more unique so more people want to quest for it.

16 PIrate:

Hey, what awesome dance can the GOLD puffle do? Thanks Waddle On :)

Footy man 9:

Polo field what does a golden puffle find in puffle dig will it be golden items or normal items?


the gear of this operation is for members?


What personality will the golden puffle have?

What is the golden puffle's favorite food?

What toy will the golden puffle use for playing?


So it`s coming out! I`m glad that we get to explore tunnels of the Golden Puffle`s Lair! Imagine a cave of gold! Golden Puffles sleeping in gold! Fountains of gold! So, I believe we can find it in a Ancient Tunnel! It`ll be unique because of it`s ability of Digging for Rare Items! Maybe when it has a bath, it could swin in a pool of Gold? And play with a Gold block? You know, like jumping over it? Okay, maybe my ideas arent that good, but it could be useful!

- Teggs

Nikki J:

Where did the Golden Puffle come from?
I am very curious about that.

Nikki J:

I know it came from the mine, or did it. There must have been more to it than that. It couldn't have just suddenly evolved so how was it created?
Waddle On CP. :)


1. The gold puffle was a legend and he has been present in the all history of Club Penguin.
2. Gold puffle its unique because he is GOLD and he can find epic items!
3. I think that takes maybe 3/4 weeks?

Dash Flyer:

the myths don't have to be about puffles! what about if there a merkingdom under the iceberg that connects the bottom of the iceberg to the sea bottom! thats why its so hard to tip! its connected to the bottom!

or maybe theres a portal underneath the iceberg that leads to another dimension like the box dimension but its the PUFFLE DIMENSION!!


1)The idea of ​​the golden puffle is a long time, since the stage had the part in'' search'' golden puffle, and since then he has been idealized.
2)What makes it unique is by their color. Strong and Bright being the first Club Penguin Puffle with a vibrant color, spectacular in which draws the attention of the Penguins.
3)To create a puffle have to take time, calm, and patience. Do not have an exact time, and most importantly: A color that everyone likes and that catches attention.


How long will the excavation last?
How many people does it take to create a puffle?

I wonder what the gold puffle's personality will be like. Will he be outgoing or shy? I think, since it's so rare, he will be somewhat shy, but when he gets to know you, he's super loyal.
I think the next puffle should be silver or grey, but I don't know how that would work, because it might be too close in color to white or black...


Will there be a silver puffle too? And what toys will the golden puffle have? What kind of personality? Will non members be able to participate during the quest? Also, will the golden puffle be members-only?


When the gold puffle comes out will the limet to how many puffles you can have still be 20 ? Because I already have twenty and I really don't want to have to delete one.

Mr Ayub:

Which personality does it have? Like the rainbow one was majestic.


good point dude

My nickname:

Cave mine in club penguin got jammed . Herbert must have heard about gold puffle found in cave mine.
Will it be easier than puffle rescue in finding. Puffle must have turned puffle due to shiny heart and generosity existing in club penguin .
Gold powder must have been found and turned luckiest puffle golden .
Oops it's not to late in commenting.

Gelo Picado2:

How did it feel to know that you would be giving players a myth, something that everyone thought was only a legend?

Gelo Picado2:

I realized that this year was the year of the puffles and year of'' legends'', as we had several updates related to puffles puffle and find the multicolor, beyond the golden days 14.Now we'll find out which players received all this , will continue to unravel the mysteries of the island, like what's underneath the iceberg, or go back to doing normal parties?

Gelo Picado2:

I noticed that in the GameOn of golden puffle, the symbol of the rebel alliance at the top of the screen, which means that at that time the puffle was already being planned, and GameOn of StarWars party a penguin with a yellow puffle / Gold .'s new puffle began to be planned during the party StarWars or had that in mind well before?


How do you make a new puffle? Thanks, Blue1814

Gelo Picado2:

Already had two puffles'' legendary'' this year.Very penguins also expect a pink-shock puffle .You know that already or is it a new idea? She is already being planned?


1. Will the gold puffle only dig golden stuff?
2. What makes the gold puffle so special?
3. Is the gold puffle more special than the Rainbow puffle?
4. What will be the gold puffle's favorite food?
5. What toys does the gold puffle play with?
6. Will there be any new puffles after the gold puffle?


i can't wait for the golden puffle it sounds awesome

Puffle Pal26:

What would be the coolest Puffle to have that hasn't released yet?


Will it be available for non members?
Also what will make it unique?
What game will it appear in?
How long have you been thinking about this?
Will it also dig up old items like the pink toque?
Thank you for you time. :)



Will you extend the puffle limit from 20 to 22?


It will be really cool to have a rare puffle, I thought the rainbow puffle will be rare puffle meaning that you can't get the puffle after the party so it would be rare after a few months. Will the Gold Puffle be rare/like this?


(where did the golden puffle come from?-the golden puffle came from the underground mine


I've heard rumors that the Cave Mine is getting RENOVATED into the Gold Puffle Cavern? Is this true?

P.S. not a bad thing


It's so awesome that the golden puffle myth is finally coming true! The rainbow puffle myth, the gold puffle myth, the ninja myth, the directors identity.. So many amazing secrets have been revealed in the past years. Only two left: card jitsu shadow and the tipping of the iceberg!

Mixi 28:

When did you decide that this november would be the month when we discover the golden puffle? Earlier this year? What month?


Well the gold puffle dig differnet items. then other puffles


maybe it could be stong and nice ans shy and it came from garina garina had it but i went missing and the missing puffle started breading other gold piffles

Lola 834:

Hi, will Herbert be on this party? , since on the halloween party video at the 0:07 seconds it appears Herbert behind a tree, does he will try to steal the golden puffles?, since in one of the EPF misions we captured him because of that , what wiil happen to the secret EPF rooms?, Does we will discover a new awesome room, with an update of the subterranian places we discovered?, Why this year we discovered 2 new puffles ,since last year there was no new puffles discovered ? , please answer, Bye!


How long does it take to create a puffle?


1.who's in the team
2.why a gold puffle
3. Do u think its going to be a hit
4. Will non member be able to buy it
5. Do you need to win it to receive it
6. What type of features will it have
That's all of my questions I hope u pick these


Will Golden Puffles still be available after the party?


Can you give some examples of what items the golden puffle digs up?

Gary Louis 9:

Does the gold puffle have to do with Herbert, or Operation Puffle?

Maybe, its what i think:

In my ledgend it does


1. the legend
2. how rare they are
3. a year
gold p
gold pu
gold puf
gold puff
gold puffl
gold puffle


What are a few Golden Puffle legends?


How will the Golden Puffle play an enormous role in Club Penguin history?


Will the Golden puffle dig up "rare" items (not golden items I mean rare like as in the old items rare) and if not i think it should!


on cp you know the map where the puffle hotel is.y doesnt it have it showing the puffle hotel?plz tell me if u added it thx bye :D


can non members get the golden puffle as well


How about a question like this- " what made you think of making puffles and such in the first place?" And " what inspired you to make a gold puffle?"


Yeah, why?


who thought of the golden puffel?

Anpenguin04 i think that:

Herbert accidentally did when he was only nine hes 62 now. He wanted it gone but brought it to life(he was naughty in my world of old cp)


Wait, don't you already have the file?
Can't you just get the golden puffle right now?
Why do you have to wait?
Why can't we have beta quest for the gold puffle?
WHY CP!?!?!? WHY????????????


when did you started making the Gold Puffle


Who created him? What is his or her trait?


well I think the golden puffle also came from Rockhopper island like the red puffle.


What are the the features that make the golde puffle unique?


What are the golden puffles favourite food and thing to play?


What kind of personality will it have? Goofy, funny, know it all, emo, disco dynamite, awesome, outgoing etc...


How did you come up with the idea for a gold puffle?


How hard is it thinking of a new puffle and a different personality, and how long does the process usually take you?


Will it appear in a game?


he is unique because he is my favorite color and he has a cool personality


What other puffle colours do you have in mind?

18 Polly 18:

Why did you tease it for so long?


What is the special thing about the golden puffle?


1. Are do golden puffles have chocolate inside?
2. What do they eat?
3. Where are they found?
4. Who/What created them?
5. Can I adopt one?
6. Are they all statues or are they living creatures?
7. Are they made of real gold?
8. Can golden puffles find TONS of more gold than other puffles?
9. Do you have to be a member to see one?
10. Are there any other "secret" types of puffles out there????


will golden puffles be harder to get than rainbow puffles?


NOVEMBER 14th to get your gold puffle go to membership and ask your mum or dad or mom


wht does the golden puffle dig up gold stuff?


How long have they ACTUALLY been in Club Penguin?


you can check for yourself in the year book


the puffle should take a while to make
it was from a mine that penguin used to dig up gold in and there puffles turned into gold puffles
the gold puffle digs up gold items and it can turn itself into a golden statue when you play with it
the ideas here are my ideas please consider any part of mine and if you don't I'm just honored that you let us give are opions thank you!!!


and in addition to my last comment I think it should be available to nonmembers too and hopefully you can also make the rain bow puffle for non members to if not it is ok


1. Where did the idea for the Gold Puffle come from?

From the Cave Mine

2. What makes the Gold Puffle unique?

It is gold and he digs up gold items.

3. How long does it take to create a new puffle?

Like 30 seconds if U know the name U will going to put, but 5 minutes if U R thinking in the name.

Zoe Beth52:

My myth:

Once, at the beginning of CP, Gary created a machine that would go into the future. He eventually abandoned the project, and by mistake, it was moved into the game room. To this day, it is the mysterious, unplugged fourth game machine. As it sat for so long, it turned into a time machine to the past. Every week, it will bring a penguin to a random month of Club Penguin past. You can explore the island, but items from the catalog, see the party(ies) that happened, ect.


1. it probably came from deep inside a secret cavern in the mine that one penguin discovered when he was mining and found the first ever gold puffle. then a rumor spread around about it. 2. maybe because of its shininess and difference between other puffles, in that case probably because its so majestic. 3. it takes a long time to create a new puffle (at least from what I know), you have to create the template and think of a color, shape/size, favorite food and personality so im guessing lots.


ok guys CALM DOWN there will be A roumor to replace the gold puffle! has anyone seen the roumor of the shadow card-jitsu??? hopefully in march 2014 or further down the road!


Will this be the last of the new puffles, or are there more to come yet? Or Are you not sure?

Prince Gassy :

When did people start asking about the golden puffle!!!!!!!???????????


will you make anymore puffles? (good question)


Why did the CP Team decide to inform us that a new Puffle species was coming before we even enter the Cave Mine to see the Gold Puffle?

~Perapin :)


I am wondering...will the Gold Puffle be for non-members too? :)


What will the gold puffle like to eat and play with?


Hmmm, will golden puffles b @ the Pet Shop, or do u have 2 find it? :)

Enter nickname:

1. The SUN!!! 2. He can make money and coins 3.1-3 weeks


When did the rumor start?


The SUN!!! 2. He can make money and coins 3. 1-3 weeks

Kaikinho 4:

Why you decided to finish with the legends just because of the rumors?
Then't you think will make all the legends of the island into reality, wouldn't end the grace of CP?


so i think the golden puffles came from the gold in the mine they where so deep that no one found them. the gold pufffles are unique because they shine with their gold and if their owner is felling sad the gold puffle can cheer the owner up. thanks Waddle on

Tell a story:

Once upon a time
There was a gold statue of a puffle on club penguin
One day
Lighting struck the island
Somebody wanted the gold puffle gone herbert p bear as a kid of course! Then one time the puffle got struck
When he got struck he came to life! He never died his weakness was jackhammers and he lived in a world
Covered in gold and had a girl and kids and is underground even today! Living and living _cutiepie the


1. why did you wait until just now
we have wanted them for years? they look gold or just look like a pretend gold?
3/ thanks cp I have always wanted one


Well the idea of the gold puffle came from many penguin on cp and of course cp thought of it to
It's unique cause it has something what everyone wanted in it and most people want gold puffles and no other puffle and never been this rare
The gold puffle might take a week cause first they will have to create the features for the gold puffle which might take 3 days to make and the other four days wold be on making the puffle
Thanks if you think I am right please reply, from AvaZCoOLLL


do you think you will make more puffles in the future?


are puffles fun to make?


1. How will we be able to quest for it?
2. Will it have a special habitat like the rainbow puffle?
3. Will the golden puffle be in an all new game of its own?
4. Finally, will the golden puffle be available to CP non-members as well as CP members?

THX Waddle On LOL From Alyakkayla
( P.S. When I'm older I want to be a journalist so I'm practicing!!!!)

caleb calo:

1. underground

2. Ultra rare gold items

3.1 or 2 days


1. Where did the idea for the Gold Puffle come from?
- From last page of Garianna's Book

2. What makes the Gold Puffle unique?
- Gold puffle is only metal puffle and there are many stories about Gold puffle Ex. Quest for the Golden puffle

3. How long does it take to create a new puffle?
- Maybe, it would take 2/3 weeks or even A month to create new puffle


1 Where did the idea for the Gold Puffle come from?
A. First time the idea of Golden Puffle was in 'The Legend of Golden Puffle' Story

2 What makes the Gold Puffle unique?
A. Rainbow and Golden puffles were two mythical puffles. But the golden puffle is unique because, it known to be mythical creature from long ago in stories, missions, stage plays

3 How long does it take to create a new puffle?
A. New puffle is now relesed after 8 months. Hence, it takes 8 months to create a new puffle

Beanie55555: long were you planning to create the golden puffle?
2.did you take sugguestions from fans for the golden puffle quest?
3.why did you release TWO puffles in ONE year? Isn't it always one or two years?
4.why would this puffle be so important to club penguin?




will we actually be in quest for the golden puffle?


1. From Club penguin
2. Because It Digs Golden Items
3. 2 Months its hard to think of a new puffle details like what does it do? how does it and stuff


A. Which Celeb On Cp Likes The Golden Puffle?
Example: Rockhopper Likes The Red Puffle

B. How did you think of a making puffles on cp?

Wreck Ralph:

Hi CP! My question is this: Are the golden Puffles buyable for non-members and can they dig for golden items? Andare they cheaper than other puffles?


will there be a special room for the gold puffle?what is its favorite food? plz reply!


Has the gold puffle been in Club Penguin a long time?


3 Myths - 1 Year
MYTH 1: Rainbow Puffles
I believe they were first rumored back in 2009 - we got them in March 2013
MYTH 2: Gold Puffles
Rumored since the start of Puffles
MYTH 3: Operation Puffle
Rumored in a CP Mag Comic

Heres my questions:
If you were to create a new puffle, what colour will be next?
Is there a Secret Puffle Island where the Puffles have their own parties?
Will there be Puffle Glasses?

Go CP for releasing 2 Puffles in one year!! Amazing Puffle Myth Madness!!!


Hello, I was just wondering why you guys decided to name it the Gold Puffle instead of the Golden Puffle. (^:


how long does it take to create a puffle and what do you have to do to make it? :)
waddle on cp!!!!!!!!


What made you want to do this?


Kc Sunshine1:

What is the Gold Puffle's hobby and favorite food?


1.well the idea kinda officially came from herbert in the PSA missions but in all lots of penguins wanted one too
2.well it is unique because its been wanted for a long time and that it can dig rare items
3.well much around 6 months because the rainbow puffle came out in march


Whats hes personality?

Deco Souza:

Make the Golden Puffle's favorite food Kalamari!

Kibbles rocks:

1:They are the rainbow puffles moms and dads
2:They can shapeshift into different colored puffles by giving it 1,000 coins each (1,500 for rainbow puffles)
3:8-10 hours


it takes about 2 years to find a new puffle but ever since the rainbow puffle was discovered this year and the golden puffle discovered thos year as well it might be 8 months now


Hey Polo! Here is my golden Puffle question!
Whats the golden Puffles epic talent?
That was my question. WADDLE ON!


HERE IS A QUESTION The gold puffle has been alusive for 8 years why now why 2013 why not 2015 your tenth aniversary


1. Where did the idea of ​​the Golden Puffle?

Answer: Of Penguins.

2. What makes the Golden Puffle unique?
Answer: The Golden Puffle becomes only why he thinks Rare Items.

3. How long does it take to create a new puffle?
Answer: Anytime. Because it has no date ... I know! The brown puffle was created a few years ago, the puffle multicolor too ... After the Golden Puffle ...


Thumbs up!!! (thumbs up is this): <-------------------------------- Or Thumbs down (thumbs down is this): ---------------------------> I chose thumbs up <----------------------------------------------------------!


Hey CP team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooooo EXITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM GONNA GET A GOLD PUFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Cutemasariah~


i have one
What will the gold puffle eat?


sorry its its taken........if it is:
Will there be a big celebration after it releases?


I have one question:
How did Garianna get a golden puffle? I'm just curious...
Waddle on CP!


Have you guys talked about having a gold puffle in the past(before now)? If so when?


Will we be able to play puffle launch and pufflescape with the Gold puffle because when the rainbow puffle came out we could int use it.


I know the rumor about the Golden Puffle had to come from somewhere so... How did Club Penguin come up with the Golden Puffle rumor?


What will be the game that it can play with penguins?


Why are the gold puffles hidden? Don't they want to be loved by all penguins? Also, how did gold puffles get created? Did they start out as regular puffles, or were they gold puffles all their lives? If they weren't always gold puffles, how did they become so golden and majestic? These questions deserve answers!!!


hmm I think that:
1.from the mine
2.the golden skin
3.the new puffle party


I think there are tonnes of new and rare species of puffle on the other side of the island. I have a question-what's on the other side of the island?!


Why the golden puffles are so awsome?

Shannon 8:

Will the golden puffle be the last puffle?

Morton jr3:

Make a silver puffle CP team


When you run out of puffle Ideas, what do you do?


How do you guys decide what color puffles you do? Why brown instead of grey, for example? (I love em' all!)


Does this mean the stage play ''Quest for the Golden Puffle'' will be finished?


Are there going to be new species other than puffles because you're running out of colors!


When did you come up with the idea for a Golden Puffle?
Will mummies and giant boulders be involved in the Golden Puffle Expedition?
When did you decide to add the Golden Puffle to the game?


what items can a gold puffle dig?


what is a golden piffles favorite toy to play with

Red cherry83:

Will there be a new contest where you have to find the golden ticket to get a golden puffle like Charlie and the chocolate factory but in Pizza?!
Yummy pizza I <3 pizza yummy!

Kiki Iceburg:

How long have you been sitting on this idea and when did you start desighning it? And y'know how the rumors have been going aroud before you announced this well how did the rumors start?

The Wonder:

Hi there, just wondering. How can you get into the mine now that it's crashed?


Will Garianna be part of the story line since she had the first hint of the coming of the golden puffle, not to mention the very first (probably) golden puffle?


What date will the chance to walk a golden puffle end?




will the gold puffle be a puffle us penguins can keep even after the party?


The Golden Puffle Myth started around a year after puffles were discovered. Penguins have claimed to have one, but it always turned out to be a lie. We then thought we found a gold puffle in the play, Quest for the Golden Puffle, but it turned out it was a yellow puffle! Now, after many years of reasearching, PH has discovered the first real golden puffles, and we get to adopt them! That is my theory of the gold puffle myth :)


does it have friends/family like a silver bronze and platinum puffle


How rare Are the Gold Nuggets to get a gold puffle?


1. Is it true that gold puffles can break?
2. How long has the gold puffle been in planning?
3. Will this be the last new puffle?
4. is the gold puffle truly the raddest puffle
i can only hope that my questions are answered


What type of personality does the Gold puffle have?


Whats the golden puffles activity? Is it mining for gold?


I have got amazing ideas.A golden penguin colour.And maybe if Herbert takes over the island again,His failed plan makes golden puffles,OR his plan tips the iceberg and then penguins find a secret place and it is FILLED with golden items and coins and gold puffles!


p.s Dash flyer my idea is almost the same. i did not steal ur idea, i did not know you had the same idea.

Enter nickname:

p.p.s puffle atlantis.

selina storm :

1.Does the gold puffle have any ancient background? the gold puffle quest just for this party or is it like the rainbow puffle?


I can't believe the Gold Puffle's real. What if we went on the quest and just found another statue? :•


Why did you choose to make the Gold puffle real and not a myth? Why didn't you make a Grey puffle?


Considering every Puffle has a favorite food that you can dig for, What will the Golden Puffles' favorite snack be?

Tuna Sashimi:

Good question! I haven't heard anything about this yet. Can you think of any favorite foods for a golden puffle?!

- Club Penguin Team


a new card jitsu card! when the card is played, the gold puffle will come and turn the penguin to solid gold.


Green Puffles like to play with a propeller cap and a Unicycle. What does the Gold Puffle like to play with?


How long has the Golden Puffle been existed for before Club Penguin found it? Did Herbert sneak into the Cave Mine and block the entrances just to get a glimpse and steal the extrodainary Puffle? How many Golden Puffles are there exactly on Club Penguin? What do you think it's personality will be? Hopefully these answers are good enough!


1. Where did the idea for the Gold Puffle come from?
Puffle comes from ancient egyptian times. Herbnubius was jealous about the attention the golden puffle was getting so he actually freezed him into real gold.
Gery travells back in time with his time machine and takes the golden puffle and uses machine to bring it back to life.

2. What makes the Gold Puffle unique?
As egyptian puffle he can detect special golden or rare items underground.

3. It takes about 1 month to make puffle ;)


How do you design these Puffles? :)


Does the Gold Puffle prefer fancy stuff over normal stuff? Like Caviar over Cabbage? Classic music over pop? A bed over a kennel? Etc?

Tuna Sashimi:

These are very good questions! Hopefully we'll find out the answers soon... 

-Club Penguin Team


Was the gold puffle vanished in the mine until it collapsed?

Sweet Tyler:

How do you come up with the hair styles and the puffles fav toys?

Loyal blue2 and fluffy air:

we think the gold puffle came from the last and lost city of the puffle temple. The gold puffle would be the first puffle to be created, since it is made out of gold. During that time, a large snow and ice covered asteroid hit club penguin causing a huge earthquake sending the temples and dinosaurs to get buried and sooner or later the club penguin caved in and the temples disappeared and puffles were scattered all over the world. That is our theory. Waddle On!


I think I know how the cave got jammed cause when HERBET heard about it he got puffles to dig for gold nuggets and then he jammed the mine to get a gold puffle private


When did the idea of a gold puffle first come around?
What talent/personality does the gold puffle have?
Does the gold puffle has it's own super toy thing or whatever it's called???


And also, will non members also get the gold puffle?


hi club penguin team! here is my golden puffle question:

does the golden puffle dig up rare items but gold?


Will Hebert be back when the Golden Puffle comes to CP?

Waddle On!


I think this is my theory of the gold puffle
The miners are digging but suddenly they are tired,then they went to the hidden lake their one penguin sat on the treasures and while he sat he fell inside of the treasure.The other penguins went him to rescue but suddenly they found now a new place that full of gold then they see a puffle that color is gold and found they are digging and what they dig is always gold.So this is the story of the "Discovery of the Golden Puffle".


1. Does a golden puffle has chocolate inside it?
2. Are they expensive because they are made up of gold?
3. Is the golden puffle real or its a myth?
4. Is the golden puffle made by Goldsmith Force?


was it hard not to tell everyone about the gold puffle before its unveiling?

Waddle on! ;)

Enter nickname:

will the gold puffle be in the puffle hotel


will the gold puffle be in the hotel


The golden puffle started long ago in Club Penguin there was one tribe called the Hullda, and worshiped the golden puffle as a god at that time the golden puffle was alive. They where like a good luck charm, but other penguins started to come to club penguin and take the golden puffle. So what the tribe did was hiding them in a cave, but started to become the mine so they never came out until this day the golden puffle lives after thousand os years.


PH discovered the golden puffle


How long does it take to make a puffle?


What is the Golden Puffle's personality?


Where did you get the idea from?

Katie Roxie:

Do you have any other ideas for puffles in the future?

snowball poo:

this will be good party in club penguin image you have gold glasses so cool :D CANT WAIT


1. Will Golden Puffles be able to find things made of bronze and/or silver too?
2. Can there be a Zebra Puffle soon?
3. The items Golden Puffle digs isn't rare. They are just golden!
Noodle on!


How do u guys come up with these ideas?


Can this quest go on forever like the rainbow puffles?


What special thing that the Golden Puffle can do?

Mr Smart 333 :

where did the gold puffle come from?


Hi y'all penguins!

Here are my questions:
1 What's the background story for the gold puffle (like where did it come from; who found it)?
2 Will both members & non-members be able to buy the gold puffle?

Can't wait to see if my questions are picked!
-Alanastar ;)


Where did the idea for a Golden Puffle Come From?
Why Isn't There Another Island Near CP?

Jackjoe05 (Add me via Freinds list > Search > Jackjoe05


what happens when you wash it?


how hard will it be to get the golden puffle?


My myth would be that Herbert's latest invention trapped all of the penguin's and it was up to the piffles to learn the elements and destroy Herbert once and for all.


1. How did Club Penguin come up with a golden puffle?
2. Will there be any more puffles after this one?
3. In the past, was the gold puffle stored for future parties?
4. Like the last puffle party, will there be a costume for the gold puffle?
5. Can any puffle eat the gold o' berry besides the gold puffle?
6. Will it have a special food?
7. Will this puffle go to the pet shop or be like the rainbow puffle by next month?
8. Does this puffle have more abilities than finding rare items?


will herbert go after the golden puffle? rest is top secret -RP77


What will be the most spectacular thing about this puffle?


What is the difference between the gold and yellow?


1. How can I get the golden puffle?
2. How much time will it take to make a golden puffle?
3. Can non-members get a golden puffle?
4. If you walk a golden puffle, Will it dig up golden items?
Well these are my questions! Please respond Polo Field or Daffodaily. Waddle on!


Here are my answers. 1: The idea from the golden puffle probebly came from the play about the golden puffle! 2: because........ It's golden! And very rare! 3: I don't know about a couple of months maybe a year or so......... Any way I've also seen some gold puffle appearances around the island too....... On the PSA misson waddle squad Herbert is stealing the golden puffle and in the medival party and the play! I'm exited waddle on! PS: I've heard that you guys are doing card jitsu shadow soon...


How easy is it going to be to find the golden nuggets?


Here are my questions!
What might the abilities the golden puffle have?
Why did you consider to make the golden puffle?
those are mine! hope I'm picked! waddle on!

Arana P:

How do you draw the Golden Puffle (Animated)?


these are my questions,
1.what is the golden puffle's favorite toy to play with?
2.what is going to be the next puffle? long did it take for you to think of making the golden puffle?
here is my secert to you...
I think your idea is AWESOME!!!
Waddle On!!!


Why did you not decide to put the golden puffle in another dimension?


How much gold nuggets will it take?? And will you be making a bronze and silver puffle?


where is the rainbow puffle from is he mean like black puffle or nice like the green puffle or eaty like orange puffle


What is the midival party please answer plz. :) -erinkat5


What's the secret with the gold puffle? And why a gold puffle? Why not something else like a silver puffle?


Why did you want to make a golden puffle?
Are golden puffles most valuable?
What date did you release the golden puffle?
What date did you think of the golden puffle?

please write back!!!!!

-DVX100 P.S. Friend me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. Waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


what will other surprises will happen at the part?


How Many Rare Items will the Golden Puffle be able to dig Out?
How many gold Nuggets do you need to get it?
Where did it come From?
Is it from the Future?

Zuri A:

I have two questions.
1. How long will the Gold Puffle quest be?
2. Can nonmembers get a Gold Puffle?


Which is better, the golden Puffle or the RAINBOW PUFFLE?????

Waddle on!


Why make a gold piffle when you could make a silver or bronze puffle.
As well could you friend me my name is Dolezal1
one more, could you make a new thing available for members like being a puffle!
that would be awesome!!!!!!!!




Do we need to quests for the Golden Puffle like the Rainbow Puffle?

Enter nickname:

Is it going to be there forever?

Enter nickname:

The legend says that : Years ago in a huuuuge mine a little penguin and it's tiny puffle we're enjoying a beautiful winter day. Sadly a earthquake destroyed the mine and the puffle felt into a hidden mystic majestic cauldron filled with golden nuggets which were MAGIC and turned the puffle into a shiny yellow majestic goldenfull creature ...... The puffle found also some friends buuuut another earthquake scared them and they used they're superpowers to turn into a stone . And now we found them


I think the Gold Puffle came from the Cave Mine. Because in the Party info Picture shows the Girl and the boy found the Gold Puffle in the Cave Mine, it was not very hard to think. How did i know? Because their was this time happend to the Cave Mine where Rocks fall all over so maybe i think it was there and my second clue is i think the Cave Mine is full of Gold and must be very Heavy so it colapsed so, how does the gold puffle become unique? Well, because it's Gold and.........................


it can find you rare Items and its just so nice too look it with your eyes and the final question is... How do you even make a Puffle? And how many days could it take for you to finish it? Well, this is kind of very hard to answer well, making a puffle is very hard and impossible to make and if i was just a Club penguin Staff, it could take me to make a puffle a long time and that's about all. I am really excited for the Puffle Party! and


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