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By Polo Field on November 7, 2013 - 22:11

Hello Penguins!

We're going to make a behind the scenes video about the making of the Gold Puffle. We'd like your help to come up with some questions to ask the team!

Here are a few sample questions to get you started:

1. Where did the idea for the Gold Puffle come from?

2. What makes the Gold Puffle unique?

3. How long does it take to create a new puffle?

Now it's your turn! Comment below with your question. We'll pick a few of our favorites to ask the team when we interview them. 

Until then... Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team



if the gold puffle has been a legend for years, why is it now you make a gold puffle?


Dear frozen tweety, I am a big fan! You are just A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!! Ok, here's my question, it is nothing about the golden puffle,
But, Is there gonna be a new EPF base? Will we fight Herbert again? Wait do we still have a EPF base? Lol I forgot. Well, Waddle on CP!!!


When you go on it shows the gold puffle digging up some GOLD treasure. Is that really true, because if it is I have some great ideas for new gold items for penguins and puffles. Maybe even a new color for your penguin!

1. Gold mortorcycle
2. Gold headband (for girl golden puffles)
3. Gold penguin color
4. Gold helmet (for boys golden puffles)
5. Golden clothing for penguins

And much more! Please respond back to me Clubpenguin Team if you like my idea!

Master Flap:

Is it likely that Club Penguin may have more puffles for adoption in the future?
Also, will the limit of 20 puffles per player be extended?

Nam The Zombie Hunter:

So... Is Gold Puffle interested in Heavy Metal Music?


Why gold puffle is too AWESOME?


Can u make a gold puffle costume like u did for the other puffles? Btw..the costume would be for penguins!!
Also, what would the gold puffle eat, and play with if u adopt one?
can u make gold igloos or gold furniture?!!!? that would be AWESOME!!
i cant wait till november 14 so i can start the quest for the gold puffle!!
p.s. to all penguins, plzz come to my iggy and like it! my clubpenguin name is amberina02!
i hope u like my iggy!!
thankss!! :) waddle on


Can a nonmember dig for the nuggets?


How exactly are the puffles gold are they like flamingos? (flamingos turn pink because of something in the shrimp they eat without the shrimp they are white)


1. Why did u pick gold?
2. Who created the Idea of a puffle?
3. What does the gold puffle represent to club penguien?


1. Well there have been many rumors about the golden puffle. Long ago a penguin said he saw one but everyone thought he was crazy. She worked hard trying to find them, but she gave up. Her twin sister actually found one and gave a clue at the end of the spell book in the Medieval party.

2. The gold puffle is unique because it been rumored from all the way back when club penguin was still early. Though I'll love a Diamond puffle better.

3. To make an epic puffle it should take 2 months.

Red hut:

How will I be able to find the gold puffle?


why did you diside to make two myths come to gether in one year?


So, the video said that gold puffles can dig up rare items like sunglasses, a coat, and a car, is there anything else they can dig up?


Well, this is gonna be kinda hard to answer but, here I go. The Gold Puffle came from Gold Puffle Cavern. This Puffle is unique because it's made of Pure Gold and they can dig up SUPER RARE ITEMS! To make a new Puffle it probably takes about a couple weeks maybe a month or two or three, well at least a couple of months anyways.

Marble Head:

I saw a video on CP how your going to get the golden puffle and did you use mining in the idea of that.


What will be the Golden Puffles favorite food?


Does the digging puffle get 1 at a time reply


you could make music video and jorden fisher should sing it
sorry i forgot to enter my penguin name


here are my questions :
1 what does the golden puffle likes to eat?
2 what are the things the golden puffle likes the most to do?
3 how many golden puffles can we buy ?
4 can both members and non - members can adopt golden puffle ?

Queen Candy7:

did it take a long time to create and design the gold puffle and its treasure items?


Dear CP team, Out of all the "new puffles"(ninja, silver, ice, ect.) how did you deside on gold?

Finlay Foo 4:

How long did it take you to think of an amazing idea for a gold puffle ?xox

Starfire 777:

1. Is it hard to make a puffle?
2. How did you come up with the name puffle?
3. Who made up the puffle design?


Why a gold puffle?


Where we will adopt the golden puffles once the Operation:Puffle ended? In the Mine Cave? In a new room?

legend billy:

what is the items the gold puffle can dig up?


Why did you decide to bring in a the Golden Puffle?


i have 2 questions 1 how did the gold puffle turn gold and 2 did the gold puffle start out as a normal puffle?


I think if they make another puffle it should be a diamond puffle who digs up rare stuff like diamond necklaces,shoes,or rings.
Questions:Why is the golden puffle golden and how did it become this way?Does anyone know if it has any silver or diamond friends down there or it's personality?
P.S. pufflelord I've always wanted a puffle maker.It'd be awesome!You could even draw designs on your puffle!


will there be a gold puffy afetr dah party?

Loot175 :

The golden puffle started from quest for the golden puffle.its gold. And it probity takes a day or two


what if garys time machine sent everyone back to early club penguin ( beta party not dinosaur) and you could play the dis continued games like the typing game oh and what if everyone was part of a huge race! like that one snow race? well thats my best ideas SEE U





I made an error on trying to create gold mixed with some rubies,and the results of my experiments are KABOOM! :(
I need to study more about gold and rubies to sucess! I know that's imposible to make this real,but I wanna test it out!
Now,more work, I've to clean up the mess on my lab! :(

Waddle on! -Afro10500


Woah woah!

How faster and painfully I cleaned up my lab in just 8 mins with 23 seconds and 58 milliseconds! I know that's imposible to calculate the time it took me,but I used a timer,which I set it up for 30 mins,and when I stoped,that's the result it gave me! :D I'M A GENIUS! :P
Isn't just me or I'm acting like Gary now?

Reply if I'm acting like Gary!

Waddle on! -Afro10500


Are you going to do a whole golden puffle festival?
Is there a specific penguin that discovered this puffle?
Why did you pick golden?
Who picked this idea?
Is there a reason why you liked this puffle?
What does this puffle likes its personality?


Im actualy an actrice so for the first question I know what you should do, you should say ( the golden puffle was in a cave in the mine a 1000 years ago...)and continue to the end il tell you what to write later

Best actrice,


i am making a silver puffle!


How did you get the idea to make a real golden puffle?

Thender No 1:

Can we keep it forever ???


I have been apart of club penguin for awhile now. I was wondering is the gold puffle like just a yellow puffle with a different name? Or does it have some obvious changes, or is it just a little shiny? Thanks!!


What is the ability of the gold puffle.


Can the golden puffles not only dig clothes, but igloo items as well? And how many gold nuggets will we have to find?


When was the golden puffle created?

Sage Jane:

Why it's so hard to get golden nuggets


I just noticed some more puffles grey,bronze, and sliver. grey can be sensei's puffle. i just noticed the puffles are missing? green,yellow,and black

Cool Beans:

I noticed that, too! Where did they go?


-Club Penguin Tea,


I bet Herbert is up to this! I saw his footsteps in the Boiler Room and a broken pipe!!!!


Who was the first gold puffle owner?


I think the gold puffle is really cool but I have some questions. Where did they come from? What is their favorite food? Can you purchase them at the pet shop after the theme end's?


Could you guys make a puffle catalog monthly update LIKE PENGUIN STYLE BUT CALLED PUFFLE STYLE!!!!


are non members allowed to have golden puffles?


How did you get the idea of gold puffles?

Penn Girl:

Will the Gold Puffle cause Herbert to come back, in an attempt to steal it?


i bet, the gold puffle is golden, or is he allergic to dust?


how many more puffles do you think there will be?


how did you get the idea of the puffle?


how can your puffle dig out gold items??!!


1. Will you be able to do more with the new "Gold Puffle" ?
2. Why are you releasing A Gold Puffle when you just released the rainbow puffle?
3. Will the gold puffle have more stuff to do with it?
4. Is this puffle friends with the rainbow puffle becuase they were both rumors?
5. Did you release this puffle becuase of rumors?
6. Will this puffle talk? Have different things to do such as dig up different items or play games with it?
7.Will the gold puffle be the best puffle yet?

Tiara Triva:

Where's the best place for gold puffles to dig for treasure?


will there be a silver piffle on the future?will there be a glass puffle?will there be an Earth puffle?Will there be HORSES? I want horses.


will there be a puffle like bronze of silver coming next in club penguin?

someone who wants grey puffles:

will there be grey puffles? I really want grey puffles!!!!


when did the gold o berries and golden puffle first develop and how?


Will the Golden Puffle stay forever?


I wonder if this Gold Puffle will lead to a diamond Puffle or perhaps a winged Puffle? He might like to play Aquascapes because it has expensive pearls down there. I bet he'd like to be friends with a red puffle and love adventure music.

zuzu gaga10:

I think i have a idea for a new Puffle , it's a half rainbow Puffle and a half gold Puffle


Will there ever be a stone puffle like the ones at the dojo?


How deep can the "Golden Puffle" find golden treasures?


when were puffles officaly the pets ?


Why is the golden puffle great?
How do you start looking for the golden puffle ?
Do you have to be a member to look for the golden puffle?

Those are my questions

Leopard jr 2:

I've been playing club penguin for some time now and many AWSOME! discoveries have been mad e but every new one gets better and better do you have any ideas for what's next?


what are the coins for change used for on club penguin?Are the coins that get donated used for real people. - pinkrose768


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