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By Polo Field on November 26, 2013 - 09:37
Hello Penguins!
In our last Reviewed by You post, we asked, "what's your favorite holiday and why?" 
I really liked Rockey11224's answer:
"Christmas is my favorite holiday because the holiday season. the cold air, the Christmas lights, and the presents under the tree, the decorations, and the Club Penguin Christmas party and catalogs, the tree, the lights, the igloos, and more, it puts me in a real good mood! I am always jolly on Christmas, its my absolute favorite time of year!
Waddle on Club Penguin! happy holidays!"
Great answer Rockey11224! I love going around and looking at all the amazing Christmas lights.

Now it's time to look back on all the awesome stuff that's happened in November! Here are some highlights:
 * Clothing Catalog
 * Furniture Catalog
 * Gold Puffle Quest
 * Operation Puffle
 * Gold Puffle - Behind the Scenes - New Horizons Video
What were your favorite parts of November? What would you like to see added to Club Penguin the future to make it even more awesome? Let us know in the comments below!
We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Just like that. Boom. 
PS: Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team



I would like too see the black hoodie too. And I enjoy the holidays! I'm so happy around this time! And I LOVE puffles! I have 16 puffles in all! Maybe I'll get more! But the one question I'm wondering about where will I keep all these puffles! Wish me luck! Waddle on! ;)


i would like to see more things availible to players who are not players some people cannot afford membership and are lucky to have a place to play clubpenguin like me and some pople parents dont care or dont pay attention please consider this also my penguin name is cheerlittle1


I like operation puffle because it prity epic and the room they look so awsome and I want more of the EFP
Waddle on


I liked operation black out better and and i want the epf to be fixed thanks and alaso better igloos furniture and more parties and i want them to come faster. :) Thanks!

Normal Bird2:

Hey there!
I don't really have a particular favorite season but I do love them all. I'm not sure if the awesome parties you guys come up with count as a season, but if they do then they would be my favorite. I love the parties because they are so cheery and everyone is always happy and they're just super fun! I also love them because old items come back to CP! Some items i'd like to see come back are the pink and black hoodie and the befluttered.
Thanks again,
Waddle on CP. :p

Geez us:



Hello! I would love to see Hanukkah decorations. I always hate it when I see my friend feel bad because there is no Hanukkah decorations. A Menorah would be just wonderful, and could you make it light up for each day?
Thank you and Lihiam!


Christmas is my favorite holiday because the presents underneath the Christmas trees, the holiday
lights,The food it taste good,Family cause thay love us kids. Waddle on!

Luna love100:

I love cristmas becouse of the presents i love playing with my gift i have not gone to the coins for change this year i will i also like it becouse of the cookies that you get to eat and make and puting ornaments on the tree waddle on


i would like to see the diva glasses (purple) and all the rare items in all the clothing catalog and rare iggy items too! and my fave holiday is Christmas and Thanksgiving Thx CP







Mano Ash:

In November my favorite parts were the Operation Puffle games and missions because they were soo much fun and the Gold Puffle Quest in which i named my puffle sparkles. The Clothing Catalog had all of my fav clothes. i would like to see that the christmas party would more awesome than last year's party until then.........waddle on!!!


MANO ASH!!!!!!


I would like to see a second floor added to the cloth shop.The second floor would be used for finding stuff for a quest.Once those quests are over Club Penguin would change them into holiday themed room such as a Turkey room or a Bunny room.Another thing I would like to see is more Famous Character sightings such as going to the rainbow puffle hotel and seeing PH or going to the light house and seeing rockhopper.Thats all I wanted to say so WADDLE ON!


I love november, because of Thanksgiving,when I could talk,play,and have many other ways of fun with my family. I also enjoy the delicious food on the table such as cooked turkey with mash potatoes with gravy. I also enjoy playing club penguin on Thanksgiving,because I dress up as either a pilgrim or indian to to celebrate the holiday with my friends. I also wish there will be a futuristic party,because we already had a prehistoric party last January.

Kingsqueaky :

and next january 2013 can we get a new puffle too a dinosaur puffle please make it so.So I can adopt one.OH can you also throw in a present puffle it can turn itself into a present box and unwraps and it's favorite toy is tape so it can tape it self.Although a furturistic party will be cool so we can dress as old men and women and dress as a robot and drive flying cars!AND YOU CAN PUT A FURTURE SPIDERMAN please use these suggestions please THX WADDLE ON CP!


I love December 26 because it is my birthday! My birthday is fun! LUCKY ME!!!!

. .
U <--- Smile!

Waddleon! -cutemasariah


your birthdays the day after Christmas!?


Hmm... For me i'd like to see some of the "old" club penguin items come back and some of the "old themes" come back to club penguin,it would be great to have old club penguin back for at least 1 month!

waddle on :D


Maybe we could have an old club penguin party! Have the old club penguin back and everything! There should be like a quest to go back in time and find the old club penguin because one of the famous penguins should like lose something there or something! Kinda like the dinosaur party thing! I liked November because of Thanksgiving. I get to spend time with family and best of all, I get to eat turkey! This year's food was great!





I would like to see a room on top of the cloth shop.This room would be used for quests.Once the quests are done club penguin could change the room to be a holiday room.I would also like to see reindeer puffles and moon Puffles.Another thing I would like to see is more famous character sightings like finding PH at the rainbow puffle hotel or finding Rockhopper at the lighthouse.That was all I want to say so WADDLE ON!:)


I liked operation puffle because we got to stop Herbert. Also because we got our furry little puffles back, and that's all that matters!
:-)! I love my puffle too much! You do too! :-D! ~Shaughn.


I have a question.... Will we be able to go to the town and stuff for the thing? Please answer!


operation poler bears there is a lot of poler bears to distroy the world


my name in club penguin is dany02918 and you should put Santa as a mascot so he could bring us a present in Dec 24 but not mascot just like the summer jam that they weren't mascots just robbots ps I wish you luck ho ever is entering


Boy you've got a lot of puffles


Halloween yes put a hanted house next


it takes so long to put a suit on like the water suit or fire suit we should be able to put a suit on quickly just press a button and the whole suit goes on


I really loved the operation puffle party also I hoped to see in the future a hotel for penguins and a new restaurant also a new shop
Like a fashion design store also some new things for non memebers.


Hi guys!
Are you enjoying Operation Puffle? Its just AWESOME! This month is being fantastic, the new clothes are very cool, like the new hoodies, all of us loved it. The Gold Puffle its awesome, his items are EPIC! I liked everything, this month was one of my favourites, waddle on! Hugz

Az Pinky Pie:

Hey CP team!
I would have to say that my favorite part of this month is the golden puffle release! It was so awesome! I have wanted one ever since my first time logging on in 2010 and saw the set of the Quest for the Golden Puffle I just knew I had to have one! I loved the myth of the golden puffle because it was just so strange and fun to dream of having one someday! But I guess it's way better to have one dig up rare gold items for you than to just dream about it! - Az Pinky Pie


a new ninja elament like air thats a cool idea.blackbeltx


I loved questing for a golden puffle and starting operation puffle.In the future I think there should be silver puffles.


card Justus shadow

Water Fall13:

i would like if they brought back all the old hoodies and that igloo that has grass outside like the snow one


I really love how you made a brand new puffle and a quest. It is a bit more entertaining and exciting than the rainbow puffle quest, but that is cool too since you get to go to the cloud forest. I really like the sparkles! And it was great that they dig you up golden stuff and not just normal stuff. I named mine King! I suggest that next time you could make it fall themed. And have scarecrows and maybe a new game like bobbing for apples! I also suggest a Olympian gods sort of theme. Cool, right?


Yes i am enjoying operation puffle.It is totaly awesome.........


I would love if non-members could get more stuff. Not all the new stuff but like clothing from a previous year.I would also like a new puffle. The puffle could be two colors that you can choose and you can create the personality . Last a place where you meet new buddyes and play games with them. I would be greatful if you add this.Hope you hear my voice speak out. Continue your great day and waddle on fellow penguin friends.


I am so excited for the Golden puffle! I want to name one Golden Presley , because I think they are like Elvis in a way! :)
Anyone else have good ideas for names? I also really like Operation Puffle! I earn TONS of coins playing and rescuing puffles over ands over again. Like right now I have earned 31,596 coins by rescuing puffles. I am ready for the Christmas party!


I do actually, ahem, KING MIDAS, because Midas had the golden touch and they are GOLDEN puffles, makes sense, right!


That actually is an Epic name, Karly7190!


I think the best parts of Club Penguin were that everyone was helping each other find the gold puffle and the rockin clothes catalog.
The furniture was also pretty cool with some major landmarks from Operation Puffle ! I'm a member, but I also have a nonmember penguin so I agree that they should have a new nonmember outfit at least every year. I hope this inspired you , CP Team!


Me like!

Lil Yakster:

Dear CPG (club penguin group),
I would love to see Klutzy in his very own game. Here me out ,the video game in the arcade that's unplugged? Well Gary doesn't no how to make it work so he calls the EPF to capture Klutzy to figure out how to fix the machine work and maybe make crabs pets in CP when Klutzy tells the EPF about his home which is underground you know with the treasure and stuff through those huge doors. So Klutzy discovers CP a little bit more and the works for the EPF for next time


One thing I would like to have back is the recycling center after you built the college I have really wanted it back but this time I want it even better!You should be able to give your penguin food after theres trash if you have too much you ht shirts \ave to throw it away or recycle it you can turn your recycling stuff into very cool t shirts or items.Second of all in coins for change you should be able to donate anytime anywhere.Third thing there should be sports or something like that.


Club penguin thank you soo much for making the club penguin app and keepping the puffle hotel


Some things I'm enjoying is operation puffle, so far my friend has caught 5 puffles! I've only played on the app though so I cant... And some things I'd like to see in the future is maybe being able to access puffles on the app, oh also maybe you could let us enter rooms that are on the computer, like the dance club, and the ski hill! And I would like to see another party involving Gery. Thanks for listening,and remember, Waddle On!!!

Waddle puff:

I liked the gold puffle quest because it was fun and exiting I also liked the operation puffle party because I liked the mini-games and the river rescue!!


a hoodie?


Hmmmm my favorite holiday I can't choose actrually I can its Christmas cause you get to give your stuff to other people and also Thanksgiving is too cause you are with your family and its a time of giving this thanksgiving I'm going to Colorado to be with my nana and grandpa also my father also hey G I know where Herbert is I found out where he is when I was meeting him you now where the purple puffle is found you go under the water and that is where he is also



I would like to see a new sports catalog
A flight/ air party
A new card-Jitsu game
A new cat or dog puffle anyone will be epic
A new room / place.
I would like a club penguin times room
And a Xbox one game

Zeeba 65:

To add to your list Guppyfishbob, I think that adding another book room would be nice. CP times is important too but I still think that there should be a place where you cam read in peace comfortably. Maybe a library! Got to promote reading!


zeeba 65 Your so right ! they should do a library!


we have a library with all of the CP year books thats the library

X Treme Snow:

Hello did you know there is a club penguin times
just go to the coffee shop the club penguin times upstairs
I hope I helped.


The Epik Duk:

I heard they might be making a Card-Jitsu Shadow in 2014 and the gem would be in the middle of the amulet.


Hi CP team my penguin name is Jordib3 and I loved when you can first ever adopt a gold puffle I walked around with my friends finding super rare items! And I absolutely loved Operation Puffle trying to find the puffles and search for the tremendous polar bear Herbert! and I love the game what you play to get the puffles and I always bring my gold puffle called Gold Nugget. I found all the items in the party catolog I bought them all! I REALLY REALLY LOVE THE NEW PUFFLE HOTEL UPDATE Waddle On!


My favorite part of November was finding the golden puffle! It has been such a big part in Club Penguin over the years and I can't believe that it is actually real!! November has been full of adventures!! In the future I would really like to see places like the Pizza Parlor and The Coffee Shop decorated on the inside during the parties like they used to be. It really makes the parties even more fun when you're surrounded by decorations in every room you visit! Keep up the good work CP!


My penguin name is Bob99878. I liked everything! Operation Puffle, you guys liked made the best about it like you rescue the puffles and you also defeat Herbert and the puffles run over him XD LOL. So im Bob99878, bringing you live on


I want the EXCHANGE items ! :D My favourite part is the Gold Puffle ! Because it's awesome ! Polo You are the BEST blogger ever of CP! Poupou20020 The French xD


Hey Club Penguin blog! My favorite parts of November were the Operation Puffle and the Gold Puffle Quest.I really liked them because in Operation Puffle we get to explore a whole new part of the island! And not to mention that we could also play a game over there and get gold items, but we could also save a new puffle everyday! And for the Gold Puffle Quest we got to experience something new and find the legdendary gold puffle! And if we could add something I think that a new resturaunt is cool!

Kallie Jo:

My favorite part of this month was definitely the Gold Puffle Behind The Scenes New Horizons video and Operation: Puffle! In the future I would like to see A). New puffles (dragon, cat puffles, etc.) B). My Penguin with all the rooms as seen in Club Penguin C). More missions (or more stuff happening with the EPF in general).


All of the events in November were super cool, but Operation Puffle is my personal favorite. It is so fun chasing all of the puffles in that puffle chase game! Riding on the pontoon on the river in the Operation Puffle rooms was a really fantastic idea. It brings me nostalgia. I remember playing a similar river expedition in a very old computer game. In the future, I would like to see more party mini-games! Keep up the great work! CP always has awesome ideas for a party. :)


I'd love to see new room decorations or new rooms added because that would make Club Penguin really cool!!!!!!!!!! Not that it's very possible because CP is already REALLY popular and the parties you guys throw are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I LOVE CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would like to see different puffles, like cat puffles or dinosaur puffles in the New Horizons video. I'd also like to adopt a reindeer puffle at this year's Holiday Party.


yeah! me too! i wish to have a reindeer puffle


i think that's a perfect idea they should do that for all holidays love it Chilly573


Thank you Club Penguin for making this month fun. I'm looking forward to the December updates.



November was quite awesome,since 1: We finally found the Gold Puffle after the mine collapsed again. 2: The new adventurous clothing we got. 3: We found out how you guys made the Golden Puffle behind the scenes. And 4: Operation:Puffle, since we got to have fun and rescue hypnotized puffles from Herbert's evil clutches!
Waddle on guys!


WOW! November has been a great month for me! GOLD PUFFLE!!!!
I would LOVE to see more Puffles! The gold Puffle video was so cool! I would like to see move videos too!
I seriously cant wait for Coins For Chnage this year!
Its gonna be a good one!


a time mechine so we can see the events we missed,aslo,a new series of puffles!(like tye-dye)waddle on!!!!!!!!!!


I know i have already left a comment but i love this amazing idea for a time machine and the other ideas for diffrent breeds of puffles too!WADDLE ON!- LiL,Busa123


I really like the Gold Puffle Quest because the puffles are so shine and the way they dig the golden item's also Operation Puffle the game is so fun i love it! penguin name Bwsamfay


What I want to see in cp is the hobbit as like a mini adventure party or a doctor who adventure party,but what I really want to see in club penguin is a pokemon party or a super party where everyone all over the world get to play together,like if a canadian person was playing with a japaneese person if the japan person was talk it would be english for canadian and japaneese for he japan person.Waddle On CP.......
Happy Early Christmas And A Happy New Year

From Lilly19600


Woah! Great idea! :) That would be amazing!


Omg that would be awesome! Then different people all over the world could communicate! Your a genius! ;)


I would say the gold puffle quest because , just when i heard about it i got so excited , you get to have so many gold unique items and you get to meet PH .this is why i love the gold puffle quest. WADDLE ON


I really liked the Quest for the Golden Puffle!! I like how instead of just buying the Puffle. It made it so much more interesting. I really liked the clothing catalog too! It had so many cool clothes! But I think the furniture catalog barely had any new stuff in it. It had a few new things and then a bunch of stuff for lost year. I don't like how y'all bring the stuff back from last year because I already had all of that stuff


I totally love everything! But best is gold puffle with all gold items!

- Bosschubby

P.S.: Why have Gary on picture only half body? :-P

zoom zoom103:

clothes: I think u got a little lazy cause its mostly hoodies or outfits from Disney channel or nickolodion
furniture: I thought it was pretty good but most of it was from the past not a lot of new
gold puffle quest: pretty good but its harder when u get 1 gold puffle and try to get another
operation puffle: SUPER! BEST THING OF THE ENTIRE MONTH SO COOL!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
gold puffle behind the senses: very interesting :)
waddle on


I talked a lot with my project team club penguin French (since I'm French) I would like there is on club penguin in the future:
A port with a building or happen a bi-monthly concour.In the port of boat with a captain on board. And in this great building that happen a concour animated by bloggers, there would be a huge scene or the winner would have his pinguoin gold!
Or a hospital or there would be a ground floor of the first floor is devoted to penguins and puffles for the second treatment.


That's a tough one! November has been such an awesome month here on the Club Penguin island, what with the Gold Puffle being released, Operation: Puffle being set and so, so much more! I'd love to see us be able to meet more mascots on the island on the build up to parties (like the Penguin Band did to the 2012 Ultimate Jam Party). I'd also like to see the Penguin Band on the island more so we can rock on together!

Waddle on!

Blue Liquid :

Party of Colour is coming soon , here's all the information you will need !

Server : Oyster
Date : 29th of November 2013
Time : 18.00 UK TIME
Place : Stadium

Any other questions please ask !

- Blue Liquid


My bday is Nov 29th! =)

Blue Liquid:

Hello Puppywuppy4 ,

Hope you can come along to the Party of Colour ! But if your not able to come , Happy Birthday

- Blue Liquid

princess ban:

What time is that in US time?


Yeah, what time is the party in US time??? I want to know so I can be there with my puffle!!!


Yeah, what is that in US time? I'm sorry I don't want to do math right now, and you did say if there were any other questions please ask.


I'll come, ITS TODAY :D


I think the potion to frozen penguin have to be for non membars too and air ninja or earth why not.


It would be cool if Club Penguin had an airport that we could all switch servers from! We could ride the planes just like Santa's Sleigh, and we get transported to servers. The gate for a server could be closed when the server is full, and there could be a member section for getting on full servers! Wouldn't that be cool? Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, CP!


Wow that would be a great idea!!!! The CP team should definately consider that because it would come in handy when you don't want to log in when meeting up with a buddy penguin when your already playing.


Or maybe the airport could take us to different islands like rockhopper island so we can visit different places beside club penguin island

Dr Freddie P:




Dr Freddie P:

Sorry next time i will go no caps


The end of November becuse it is closee to crismise
Love girl56786




There should be a time machine where you can travel back to the past and visit parties and maybe even watch a video of you and your friends! I think it would be cool because you can meet the mascots you haven't met and get the free items you didn't get.


I'd like to see several things including-an updated Gift Shop, a new puffle care item-called the "UltraCare"-, and a party called the "Winter Wonderland". In the Winter Wonderland party, the island is completely covered in snow (even up to the top of the buildings), and there should be an updated version of the Stadium for the party-specifically the Hockey Rink variant. Also, maybe the next EPF operation could be called "Operation Igloo". Won't go too much into detail about it, all hush-hush.


Yeah that sounds good,it would be cool if you did a Winter Wonderland party it would be like the Snow Party but much better

big ki:

Snow puffles, snowball forts and Herbert and Klutzy targets!


My favorite parts of November were the Gold Puffle Quest and Operation Puffle!I was thrilled about just having a awesome new puffle.But when I found out it could dig gold items it became my favorite thing since I joined Club Penguin.Operation Puffle is my favorite party because it involves three special elements;Puffles,Gold Puffles/Gold Items,and EPF!!!

I'd like to see more parties in Club Penguin to have a special part for your puffles!


I would want to see a new threat to the epf teams up with Herbert and rebuild protobot.


I think the best part about November was of course getting the Golden Pufle and it's not just the fact that we git the Golden Puffle it's the fact that we went on an epic quest for the Golden puffle and it has been a myth for YEARS on Club Penguin. I think to make Club Penguin better we need to do more parties like Coinfs For Change so that we have more chances to make the world a better place, I mean isn't that what Club Penguin is ALL about?


I think Club Penguin will be awsome when the APP (My Penguin) comes to Android !!!


Club Penguin is expanding! Slowly, but surely!


X Treme Snow:

My favorite awesome events that happened in Nov
would have to be finding my Gold Puffle. I journeyed to the depths of the mine, and at the end of my journey I found a gold Puffle
and named him Midas. We had great time searching for gold items, after that Herbert took control of the Puffles, I got to meet him well not the cuddliest bear : / The best part of the month was seeing how the club penguin made a puffle I thank them for all the hard work they go thru to make a Puffle
-X Treme Snow

Le ia:

My fave part of November was the golden puffle finally being found and operation puffle!I luv how u can help all kinds of the puffles :)


I wonder what other puffles are out there, waiting to be discovered. Do you think Gary could make a device which allows other puffles to communicate with penguins?



So i have a question in the Club Penguin Guide AWESOME edition that there was a new area with a fish fountain a notice board and finally the tour guide booth is this going to happen?


My penguin name is 57teenybounc and I would like to see: Some new rooms, a cool new friends list, some new mascots like Jet Pack Guy and Dot, maybe there could be a christmas countdown next to the Snow Forts Clock Tower, that Server Jumping thing I read about online, some new igloos, a new phone hand item, some new games, virtual lotto tickets to win coins and items and even igloos, virtual computers where you can buy new computer games with coins. I hope I didn't sound too greedy. WADDLE ON!!!


Hey Legitlove!

Yes, that was indeed in the book. However, Club Penguin scrapped the idea for that new area awhile back.


jerry dos:

is my favorite party is hollywood party


My favorite event from November was the Gold Puffle Quest because everyone was saying that the majestic gold pufffles were a myth and it was an amazing feeling when we found out that it was no myth. Thanks to the Club Penguin Team, we got to go on a really fun quest for the gold puffle! I always love seeing happy penguins waddling around with their gold puffle, or just going on the great quest for the gold puffle! Waddle On! And happy gold puffle questing


dear cp. could you come to my igloo its awesome for agents to train and figure out plans. oh ya are the frostbites coming back I love being one. thx.


The game will be better with a second island that has new rooms and games :)


My favourite part of november is adopting the Gold Puffle and I would like to see the Penguin Band in the future!


My penguin name is Sean893.I would like TRADING to be in the future of club penguin.


Im just saying i think you should make the number of puffles you can have bigger because now theres 12 puffle colours so it would be good if you could adopt 24 (2 of each colour)


I loved Operation Puffle and the new gold puffle! The clothes catalog is really cool too =D I liked Aces84311's idea, too. Waddle On :) And HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


In my opinion November has been the best month yet!!! I got to adopt my adorable golden puffle and then ,with his help, go around and save other puffles from that evil Herbert. One thing I would like to see however, is a thanksgiving party for us in the U.S. During which we might get to dress up like Native Americans and Pioneers, and maybe club penguin would become an old west town. Thanks for listening to my ideas!!!


my favorite things that were in November were finding the Gold puffle, and operation puffle. What I think that will make CP better is having weapons! Some weapons like machine guns, buzookas, dynamite, and shotguns!!!!!!!!!



Add more golden items, launch My Penguin (Club Penguin :3) for other devices and we actually want to see something.. (Op3r4t10n N1nj4). Stay awesome and Waddle On!


I would love for their to be a button that allows you to add a penguin to your friends list without having to wait for them to accept it!

Have a happy Thanksgiving Club Penguin!


This month was amazing! In the future, I would love to see a party only about pins! Or, maybe a party all about a new card jitsu element like, a wind element and there would be a wind dojo in the sky and you would need all of the ninja crystals to get to it! There would be new cards, a new suit, and a new gem! Well, I hope my comment helped!


I would like a kingdom hearts takeover party in the future! I was reading articles about kingdom hearts 3 and they said it's not coming until like 2014 December! U gotta be kidding me?!?! I want it so bad! So I think it would cheer me up if u made a kingdom hearts party! Remember! Add key blades! And maybe Jordan fisher (aka soraxas) would like it too! And add Donald and goofy and Aladdin and final fantasy to it! Those are all part of KH! Also, the villain is malicefieint from sleeping beauty!


yeah and maybe heartless costumes!


I loved all the new rooms of Lost in the Wilderness,playing around rooms with nature,trees,rivers and Puffles has been my favorite part of November... Of course i have to incluide the Quest for Golden Puffle! :)


My favourite event that happened in November was that we finally found the golden puffle, and I named mine Butter. I also love Operation Puffle, since we get to rescue the innocent little puffles from Herbert and Klutzy.


I think the best part of November is ALL the Puffle things! It was like November was national Puffle month! I love taking care of Puffles!
The gold puffles are so adorable! I am also glad that we are fighting to make Herbert stop taking advantage of Puffles! Thank you CP for this great experience in November... with still more to come!! I am looking forward to December too, you guys make ever month awesome! Waddle On!
Emilyj553 :)


OperationPuffle was the best part of this month but..... you need to add some new items or another puffle i think it would be nice

OPERATION GOLD?!?! :D -Aman0708


In the CP future to have old CP back. I used to have an account but it never worked! This would be new penguins and old penguins get rare things! Member penguin could get rare igloos, rare furniture, even rare clothing items! We could also get back old parties too like Festival of Flight, Easter party, St. Patty's day party and more. It would mean a lot to me and maybe even other penguins who want the old CP back! I would be so happy if you guys could do that! #WaddleOn!

Zeeba 65:

That would be awesome! But keep in mind that if everyone has something Rare then it's no longer Rare. Just pointing out :)
Great idea though, it would be neat if everyone knew what old CP was like. I remember my first year on cp in 2007!
Sure was awesome. Im sure the cp team will benefit from your ideas! keep on being creative ;)

Gazer 138:

I agree about the parties, completely though some of the new ones are nice to, so if they took a vote on which parties to bring back and which ones to loose, I would vote on it.


I'd love to see new items regarding Club Penguin. Ipad + Ipod cases, Laptop Skins, and more! Also, make some new rooms regarding parties.
Like a Cool Beach whenever a summer party comes, a cool party room for whatever the theme is they have in there, and most of all, HAVE MORE FUN. You guys are making us happy, so you should also be happy. We have to give back, you know?

See ya,

Melvin 505:

So on official count, how many people have said the gold puffle was their favorite? ;P

Also, I think the best part of November was... well, I'm not sure. BTW I want to know whatever happened to the ANIMATED HOMESCREENS? Kinda been missing out on those.


my fave was when we got are puffles to dig up the nuggets and bring them to the jackhamer to dig for the gold puffle i named mine budder P.S whats that big drill thing with the white sheet over it waddle on club penguins

Puffle 109:

To make Cp more awesome We always Had Coins for change I saving some Money up for Schools and Animals Like Indangered Spices Like a Bald eagle And A good point be the best! That you Can too! Waddle on Cp Happy thanksgiving!


thats awesome


the bald eagle is no longer endangered


I loved November, and I couldn't wait for the events coming! I enjoyed getting a golden puffle, which was a rumor for years! I walk him A LOT and I feed him. He's really happy with me and I named him Goldy, which might be a common name XD. I dig up treasure with him and he's been helping me save some puffles! In speaking of that, I also loved Operation Puffle! I'm glad puffles are safe now that everyone is saving them, but what would Herbert be up to next time? That Herbert!



I liked the Gold Puffle - Behind the Scenes - New Horizons Video I like seeing how and what you guys do in the background of Club Penguin. Ever since the EPF was destroyed there (as I have been told by my friend who has played Club Penguin for a long time) Haven't been as many missions. I was hoping you could make those more common instead of popping up during parties and such. Maybe you could also change the things in the catalog for nonmembers once in a while.


I have an idea for an aqua puffle and will send u pics of it and a few more puffle ideas

dazzle 210:

dear club penguin this November i had so much fun but the best parts for me were: tracking down Herbert and helping the puffles but what i would really like to happen in club penguin future is that : a new type of creature enters the Island and we have to go to a new island while some of us battle for club penguins freedom maybe we would have to go to the moon with astronaut suits

dazzle 210:

dear club penguin this November i had so much fun but the best parts for me were: tracking down Herbert and helping the puffles but what i would really like to happen in club penguin future is that : a new type of creature enters the Island and we have to go to a new island while some of us battle for club penguins freedom maybe we would have to go to the moon with astronaut suits


yeah that would be so awesome!


She is my best freind! We, always share laughs! She is a great freind. ;)
Waddle on CP team!

Sunny Ann:

My favorite part of November was finding golden puffles. They are very cool and I love puffles( I have every color one!) I think it is amazing that they can find different things made out of gold. My golden puffle's name is Goldie. I also thank Club Penguin for adding a new puffle to the collection of amazing,awesome, and superlative puffles.


I like the golden puffle but I want it to be for non-members!


I would love to see more fun. More friends and penguin pals gathering together! It would be awesome to see more and more penguins playing in this safe environment so that their creative skills can be put to the test! Thinking outside the box to make awesome adventures!


November was a month to remember! we started with PH discovering a new puffle, then all the puffles vanishingin Operation Puffle! We ended up in a totaly awesome adventure in Operation Puffle! Some of us even got to meet Herbert!

As a HUGE CP fan I am mainly looking forward for the "Club Penguin" app for all Apple devices! Beian't ng able to meet friends on the go will be amazing! On the REAL website, I can't wait for the next pet. Will it be a puffle? Or something else? Hmm...


can you see your own comments on the blog?
i think i would like a daring penguin to plug in that arcade game!


Phew! I had exactly 500 Charictars! :D


I would like to see a gray puffle because they are unique and a color that you don't have yet. An asteroid could fall on club penguin and the gray puffles could be inside.


my favorite part of november is operation puffle. i remember last year operation blackout and i love efp partys i hope y'all guys make lots more


My favorite parts of November were adopting my Gold Puffle, Striker, and Operation: Puffle. My Striker has dug up so many cool gold items and I think it's a really cool feature that Gold Puffles can dig up cool gold items like the Gold Lei! My second favorite part was Operation Puffle! The Puffle Chase mini game is really fun to play. STOP HERBERT!! Can't wait to see what's in store for next month!

Waddle on,


Well my penguin is dressed up for my b-day! Its on 11/28/13! Sooo I'm exsied! Thanks cp! I've been here for three years!

ice thepixie:

i think it would be cool to turn one of your puffles in a turkey on thanksgiving and have like a little turkey following you around.
PS: my penguin name is ice thepixie


The most favorite thing I liked in November was the release of the Gold Puffle! I love it when Club Penguin brings new puffles! I remember I couldn't wait to see how the Gold Puffle eats, sleeps, and dances! What I would like to see in the future is saved outfits. I wish we were able to save outfits! That would be awesome! I would also like to know more info about the Shadow Ninja. It has been a legend in Club Penguin for quit a while now! I can't wait till it comes in 2014! Waddle on CP team!

Sweetsassy J:

My favorite part of November was the release of the gold puffle. I think its great we can get cool gold items. I think Operation : Puffle is a great way to end the year (before Christmas )! I think to make Club Penguin more awesome ( it already is!) we could make a customized cake for the Holiday Party and feed it to our puffles!

Waddle on,
Sweetsassy J


hey cp can you put a cp history bar to go back in time and get stuff because I hear people struggling about not going back to get furniture do it plase


happy holidays cp


Waiting for FLOYD ' adventures the green puffle, what will happen to gold items won by gold puffles? Are they safe in igloos? Insecure.
I wish there is a seperate catalog of treasures dug by puffles instead of player card. Maybe player card may become mini ipad in future.
Mini ipad with lots of icons Clothing catalog can be used as a set other than mix match style
You already created dragon puffles which must be on the way to release.


What did I liked from November? I liked the arrival of the legendary gold puffle,which PH came to celebrate its discovery and I liked too,Operation Puffle,I specially enjoyed Operation Puffle,because we went to the wilderness and explored beyond where we never knew about it,in fact,I'm a loyal member of the EPF and I'm always ready for duty!

Over and out!


Kibbles rock:

My favorite was Gold Puffle - Behind the Scenes - New Horizons Video because it show us how much work it takes to make one little puffle.And I would like to see more igloo contests please.


Hello all of clubpenguin I love you. Here are the ideas I am stating
New cat or dog puffles or a pet like a cat, dog, parrot, even a fish
Make a new permanent place in cp like a new store or game
Mabey new clothe or more types of clothe
New penguin design
New igloos
New parties -holiday parties, mascot celebration party, super fun time ultra mega party, bring back old parties
New music
Make rockhopper island a REAL and current island in clubpenguin
Thank you clubpenguin for listening.


rockhopper island would awesome!!! great idea magIcalCat66!!!

Cyclones 20:

I would like to see the return of the Penguin Band. We haven't seen the Penguin Band since 2012 and would be amazing to see them again. Maybe at an old party like the St. Patricks Party ,Western Party, even the Music Jam it would be amazing to see the Penguin Band come back to Club Penguin.


I would like to see...
- a new wii u game
- new disney channel/xd parties
- new puffle species
- club penguin parks/areas at disney parks
- that news room that was seen in the awesome official guide to club penguin
- and finally, an actual area that shows everyone's igloos.
Waddle On!


my favorite part of november was the gold puffle. to make club penguin better, i suggest that the team put back the winter sports shop, and also the old rare items. not all of them at once, maybe a few every month to remind the older players of what club penguin was all about many years ago.


I loved what happened in November! I cant wait for December to come!
By the way,i do have an idea! we should add a trading option so you can trade coins,items,and more!
you can even put settings to toggle which penguin can/can't trade them!
Like friends only,N/A, and for trading rate low,medium, and high!
Waddle on!


My favorite event of the year was Operation puffle, of course! I was also inspired to create a new word: Herberty ( something herbert-ish). The EPF is one of my favorite things. I was devastated after Operation Blackout. I became super excited for every Thursday, when the messages would be sent on my spy phone. The EPF has inspired me to write fan fiction, and I'm even planning on devoting my bedroom desk into an EPF headquarters! Now can you see why this is my favorite event of November?


I also want to be able to access the box dimension within the next couple months.


I Absolutely LOVE The Gold Puffle Expedition Of This November! Why? Because, It Allowed Members As Well As Non - Members To Get Involved In Operation Puffle! Everyone Was Able To Contribute In The Search Of The Golden Puffle, And Then Help Save The Others!
I Can Agree With Those Who Believe Club Penguin Is Perfect The Way It Is Now. However, Does Anyone Else Think That A New Mascot Would Be Interesting To Include? I Sure Do!
Waddle On!

Moar Krabs50:

In the kitchen at the pizza place there could be a kitchen with the pizzatron game.
- Moar Krabs50


I think it would be a good idea if there was silver puffles because it could match the gold puffle and you could get it at a place where it would be underground {not the mine}.

Faísca M 95:

Hmm ...
Let me think ...
Now I know!!
My favorite holiday is Christmas because I love to see the presents under the tree, I love the sound of bells ringing, love making snowmen, love helping people by "Coins For Change", I love watching the snow fall, I love Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas to all penguins!!!

- Faísca M 95


Dear Club Penguin,
I would like you to add maybe only 1 of the following:

A New Famous Penguin

Some igloos for non-members

A new room

And I don't want to bother you anymore so I wont print anymore ideas.
Waddle On!!! -Gollum (Penguins name)

Faísca M 95:

Hmm ...
Let me think ...
Now I know!!
My favorite holiday is Christmas because I love to see the presents under the tree, I love the sound of bells ringing, love making snowmen, love helping people by "Coins For Change", I love watching the snow fall, I love Christmas!!!
Merry Christmas to all penguins!!!

- Faísca M 95


There is 1 thing I want o change that would make me really happy. Every time there is a new clothing catalog, I wish there are 1 to 2 pages with non-member items that go along with what is happening in clubpenguin.
By Waddles16840

The Dog was here or was he?:

I am having a party hope to see you there U.S don't forget to bring your puffles!!!

Where? Beach (if towns full go to plaza if plaza is full go to town or your out of luck )

Time 9:00am-12:00pm

Why? to have a good time

When? Saturday November 30, 2013



Quick question, Is this time you have Pacific, Eastern, or Central.

Your friend, BabydaisyLVR


Oh yeah, and what time would this be? Pacific, Eastern, Central, or Club Penguin?
If not any above reply to me. And remember my "Remember Tips" for your party!

Your secret helper, Coolgal43 ;)


What I'd most like to see added to CP are new puffles! Silver, bronze, dog, cat...The list is endless! Who knows where we might go to next? Maybe moon puffles? Puffles are a penguin's best friends. We couldn't get as far as we are without them. So I'm strapping myself in. The more puffles the merrier. If new puffles keep coming like this, I'm sure we ae all in for a ride. Thanks CP! WADDLE ON!


In the future I would like to see more original parties. I also think that you need to hold off on the parties and just have normal old Club Penguin for a while. I enjoy that the most. Also, if you do a party please do am original party like the "Puffle Party", the "Christmas Party", and maybe you could also do the "Fair Party" even though it isn't in season! :)


I would like to see the sun striker and the other red hair to return,also the 3d glasses should make a return or the red and blue. these would be great things to put back in catalog for whenever the right time comes


November was a great month because of all the fun I had searching for gold items with my new gold puffles. I like Operation Puffle, but I miss the fall fair.


I would like to see a club penguin back to past party to see what everything looked like and stuff! We could see like the old version of club penguin!
Secondly, I would like to see like all the coolest partys come back like water party, festival of snow, festival of air and winter festival!
Finally, everyone may agree on this, I would like the old club penguin items like 3d glasses, Hawaiian lei and the bell!
Waddle on!


OMG yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree with you maybe an party to go to the old club penguin and a way to the new club penguin


That sounds awesome. I would love seeing what the old parties looked like.


I loved November, It was great because of the brand new gold puffle! In the future I'd like to see new places, access to the rainbow puffle cloud just for fun. But you would have to be a member and complete the tasks to get the rainbow puffles. I actually would like to see moon puffles, and maybe even penguins on the moon! Anyway, let's all just sit back, play Club Penguin, and wait for the future!

Penguin Name: Andrea694


I've enjoyed this November. With Thanksgiving, coming up, I think CP will be the greatest virtual world in the season! Christmas is my favorite. The cold wind, and the warm hot chocolate that is waiting for you. Snowflakes, Santa, and all those great gifts that you receive! I love Christmas. Especially, when its Club Penguin! I can't wait for Holiday Party 2013. I hope we will have a great time on CP and the Holiday Party! Club Penguin is very awesome! This November was awesome! Now December!!


Dear cp i had so much fun this november! I would really like the outpost with all the other áreas to stay and the gray puffle that looks like sensei and is great at card jitsu and i would also like game day every 4 years with tema pink and team purple and the color gray for penguins and a mascot named Santa!


Hey CP, ok so what I would like to see in the future would probably be more pet furniture a bunch of new cool parties some new clothes for non members because you can't forget about them..and last but not least a new puffle! The puffle I would totally buy would probably be a fairy puffle! Ok and about the pet furniture...I would TOTALLY get would be a food machine 3000 (I added the 3000 because it sounds cool) the food machine would probably be made by Gary and it feeds puffles all by itself!


Oh I almost forgot! So the thing I liked best was the adventure for the GOLDEN PUFFLE! It was SO AWESOME! Thanks, Pink0318


I loved November sooo much! It's soo fun rescuing puffles! And getting gold ones that can dig up golden items? BEYOND AMAZING!! In the future I would love to see more arcade games. Also I'd like to see... drumroll please... a hotel for PENGUINS! It's awesome that there's a puffle hotel but to have a penguin hotel would be awesomer! Even though that isn't a word. Also dorm rooms fr the college! And lastly, a movie theater!!! I hope I get to see these all. Oh! also! A GIANT CHRISTMAS TREE! PLEASE!


I'd also like a water party and another Fall Fair! y'd we skip this years?

Zeeba 65:

This november was another success cp. It was crazy to have my own gold puffle and watch how the island architects created it! I loved the river and the upgrades you added to the puffle hotel. The medical centre was also one of my favourite parts. I would like to see more of the EPF even not during a party. I kind of think that the EPF is being forgotten during those times. (really when are you going to fix that screen?)
Anyways keep up the awesome work! You always have so Waddle On ;)


In the future of club penguin I would really like you to add a gray puffle because well gray is a color you did not add yet. I would also like you to bring coins for change back as well. Thank you club penguin! My username is Princepablo


I know I already wrote a comment earlier but besides a resturaunt I think that a two story igloo would be awesome! And maybe bring back some of the rare items like the old hoodies and hair styles for those who didn't play the game in 2007. And maybe for the puffle hotel let penguins stay there as guests? Maybe? Well I certainly cant wait for new clothes catalog and for Christmas party!




I think you should add some clothes from the beta times catalog, also with the furniture one so many penguins can have a little bit of of club penguin in 2005! My favorite part of November was the golden puffle, it was a really fun event!

sea star4:

Club Penguin is REALLY AWESOME right now, but I bet it can get better, with the help of the Club Penguin Team! I would like to see in the future maybe more variety of puffles. But maybe in the Puffle Shop there could be a Puffle-Maker where you could make your own puffle, maybe mix potions to make an exotic color for your puffle! And maybe you can make your own clothing catalog and whenever a penguin went to your igloo they could buy items, and you would get their coins!



hi club penguin! my favorite part about November was discovering the rare golden puffle! also i loved being a secret agent and saving puffles from the evil herbert! in the future club penguin should have a throw-back party! bring back some old clothing and furniture items, and make the rooms like they used to be!


I would like to see more EPF missions. I really like to go on adventures and save penguins and puffles. I hope the EPF headquarters will be fixed soon. When it is fixed, I hope there will be daily but exciting missions. I also like the major missions like Operation Hot Sauce and Operation Puffle. I hope there are more missions like that because they have great decorations. I also like the really cool missions. This November was way too cool, and hope for more cool updates.


I would like new rooms to be added & a polka dot puffle and of course new mascots!!!!!!


There should be like, a puffle maker, like you can choose the eyes, the accessories, the mouth, the color, and more!

Nick Is Coo:

Operation puffle rocks. Its a perfect time to happen too, right after the discovery of the golden puffle.(gold puffles rock too!)
I do have some ideas for club penguin though. The first one is that club penguin sould have blizzards. I think it would be pretty cool to log onto the blizzard server or something and actually have a blizzard! That would be AWESOME!!!!
My other idea is an anneversery party, a party with a mix of old club penguin, like the super old dojo.. And these are my ideas.


My favorite part of November on Club Penguin was the Gold Puffle Quest. You can't go wrong with a new puffle. I loved discovering the gold puffle's personality. It was great digging with my new buddy. In the future I would love to have a Turkey Party! It would be great seeing penguins dressed as turkeys supporting that we watch out for turkeys. Waddle On, and Happy Holidays!


I liked many things about November, but the changes and updates on CP were my favorite! The gold puffle coming out was really exciting, even if I had to send my puffle back to the wild. I also like Operation Puffle because I got to meet Herbert and get the background! I like anything that is related to puffles. I would like CP to make a silver puffle in the future, and for some more famous penguins to visit the island. Better igloos would also be nice. November is an awesome month. Waddle on CP!


Plz like my comment so i can win the contest.


In the future I would love to see if in your clothing inventory how you could be able to save outfits! That would be really helpful if you were at a buddy's igloo and you wanted to dress up in say all green, you could dress up and the outfit for later uses! Or if you wanted to be a chef at the pizza parlor you could put it on any time you wanted to! Thanks for reading!
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've also always wanted that! It would be really useful!! Thanx for reading
Waddle o
Waddle on
Waddle on c
Waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!

-Ringo2478 :D


Other Things For The Future:

More puffles and raise the limit to 25
More stamps
More things for nonmembers
Add the element: Earth, to the dojo (friends idea)

Thats about it. Waddle on!


I liked getting the golden puffle, because it's so awesome and it digs more faster!And i would want to see a Atlantis Party like a city under the sea.Kind of like that Underwater party 2012


It would be cool if CP have an ocean adventure party where we can swim, go on a boat, or fish (or might meet mermaids?) or a blast from the past party where there is a time machine that you cant travel in to see the parties we've missed. There should also be new plays at the stage.

Waddle On CP


for next time maybe add a stage party like add drama masks everywhere and for the quest you have to find drama masks and if u collect them all u get to star in a play the dock can be a play which you have to collect all of the masks to star in it and every hour a plays goes on that would be an awesome party for everyone!


I would like to see maybe an EPIC new island Rookie discovered and have it flowing with water parks all around, for the next water party. It would be filled with slides, pools and more just like 2007 and 2008 water parties. I would also like maybe a new mission soon for agents to explore that deals with buildings being destroyed mysteriously. I would be called: OPERATION- BREAK BUILD. For the puffles to stay in, maybe there could be another cave next to the golden puffle cave with all puffles!:)


My favorite part of November is that there is a new gold puffle! I love that we have to dig for the golden nuggets and earn the puffle ourselves. My penguin: Hundreds1


hi im jayda289 i think a adventure will be awesome by the way wadle on


I like the gold puffle quest it was a myth for so long players have always wanted 1 and even players that haven't played for years login for the gold puffle quest and I'm really happy.


What i like about November is that we did alot of things at once and we got too find a new puffle and rescue the others from mind control I really hope we can do more stuff like this!

Rock on penguins!



I would like to see postcards you could type in for the future.


I would like to see postcards you could type in or even a waddle on party and the waddle on team members can visit the island!


thank you club penguin! that meant a lot to be chosen for the favorite holiday, thanks again! waddle on!


Wow!, november was EPIC!, I like everything we do this month, but realy I like more Operation Puffle, trying to catch that puffles I gain many puffle teasures and coins.Also gold puffles was nice!

I have great plans for Club Penguin in the future, starting with new parties and takeovers, I will realy like that Club Penguin repeat Star Wars takeover, but about episode V. Also I will like a travel party and a Walt Disney World takeover.

Also I will like a gray puffle that come from space!

Princess Ban:

I am looking forward to a new Sports Catalog and maybe a way to trade with other penguins! Maybe even a new penguin room too! I also hope that if you have ever been a member you could stay a member for like a year longer or even forever and you could wear your member items forever! I wish that we could add more ways to buy member items without coins so non members could buy member items too! Club Penguin should add houses that non members can buy. Once penguins are 2years or older they should be

Cool Dud9:

I want a bigger and better pet shop it would be so cool because the puffles will have more space to play and a really cool forest because it is just plain trees I think you should add a big house with a new game in it.It will be awesome. Until then -waddle on


I'd like Gary to make a machine were penguins can turn into animals like wolves and foxes and a two story igloo and lots of cool new puffle hats and you can sell your stuff on club penguin and make stuff for penguins to bye avaandanna out!


My favorite thing about november is the aromas wafting about in the air of apple pie, turkey, gravy, and non-food things like the chills of the frost in my nostrils, the smoke drifting from the chimneys, and the fresh pine as Christmas trees are already being sold in last week of November. And of course decorating my house on Club Penguin for the season. One thing though that would be so rad to have on Club Penguin would be puffle obstacle courses and competitions that everyone wins! WADDLE ON!


I like november because of the cool parties! I think that club penguin should have a day and night corresponding with the area in which the person lives and so that it feels more natural. Thats it.
Keep rocking


My favorite part of november was actuly Operation Puffle because I noticed (not sure what realy happened) my puffles ACTULY went missing too, so as i saved the other puffles, I made a few comic strips home made with the only TWO puffles that didnt get captured, Magic (rainbow puffle) and Golden Puff (golden puffle) the point is, The party had a LOT of inmagination and creativity. Keep Up The Good Work!
WADDLE ON (_)(_) (_)(_) (_)(_) :-0


Club penguin do you think that you can make the EPF headquarters alot bigger better and more technology advanced.PLEASE :-)

Cool Guy 463:

I loved the gold puffle this November because it was so exiting when I dug up all 15 gold nuggets and when I got my new furry friend. I want to see in the future a new element in card-justsu for example card-jistsu shadow and tusk coming back. I also want to see a silver puffle that you find in the high mountains.
Cool Guy 463


it's hard to choose what i loved most about November, the discovery of the gold Puffle, operation Puffle is a very serious thing that happened, and i couldn't wait until everything was back to normal and Club penguin was back to normal, and i really loved making such kind friends, and now i have penguin camp at my igloo thanks to the new Furniture, so it's really hard to say what i loved most about November but i would like to give a special thanks to club penguin for making this november great


Hi club penguin!
One thing I would LOVE to see in club penguin is more things for nonmembers! Because I think it isn't fair that nonmembers get like 1/10 of all the things members get. Also a new mission like operation blackout & operation puffle. those two were fun. Waddle on cp <3


It would be really nice to see old cp back, or have some old parties, like the water party and things like that! Also maybe a new room or maybe a mall! That would cool for you penguin to chill after school and just to hang out! :)


I think Club Penguin needs stuff like more furniture, new igloos, to be able to adopt more puffles, new colors for penguins and puffles, more clothes and being able to vote to keep things from past parties.

WADDLE ON - Lavender 6351


November was an awesome month for Club Penguin! Congrats guys! I think for future updates, you should include something like a PM (Private message) system on Club Penguin to talk with your friends withought everyone seeing the convo!!! Of course, still include the chat filters and all the rules of chatting on normal CP chat! I think that would be so cool! Thanks guys. Waddle On!

Mini Fry 5:

Hi CP!
November was an exciting month filled with tons of new stuff! My favorite was the gold puffle quest. Gold puffles were always a myth and I always hoped for a real one! It was a great fun addition. I would like to see some new colors for your penguin next month. Maybe a gold to match the gold puffle ;). Thanks for everything CP!
Waddle On!,
Mini Fry 5


Hey Team!Hmm...well,I love the golden puffle event! My new golden puffle,Sparkles,is adorable in his new Pharaoh hat!He's shy,too. So is my brown puffle,Pie! He's always hiding.. you know what's funny about Sparkles?He likes to get in his cage.Anyways,thanks for the event CP!
Also, if we could add anything to club penguin, how about some of these:
-More emotes, like those from the parties? I liked the glasses emote from Monster's University Takeover
-More games
Also,an improved iggy catalog


More furniture, new colors for puffles and penguins, vote for things from past, voting for new parties, new clothes , and new locations.


P Lavender6351


i like the gold puffles best day ever sarah30112


My favorite thing in November was getting the Gold Puffle! I loved that you had to dig it up! In the future I would like to see dinosaur piffles, like in the Gold Behind The Scenes video or a Future party, like the one in that #WaddleOn episode. That would be cool.

18 Polly 18:

My favourite part was Operation Puffle of course.In the future I would like to see a operation test bot party where we could meet and friend the test bots!


I liked operation puffle the thing I want to see in the future is a t-rex puffle.


i love y our gam it is so fun.


I know what you should add! DIAMOND PUFFLE!!!!!! :D


That sound really cool!!


Hey my names Alice53823, and my favorite part of November was the golden puffery quest!!!!:) there were so many things to do, and I LOVE how we had to play the puffle games to get the puffle box from the puffles. I love working with the agents in finding Herbert too!!!:) I think we could of made it better by making missions like they use to be back when Herbert first landed on the island, and when he first threatened us. It couldn't of been better!!i love the epf!:) until next time WADDLE ON!


I would like it also if you could bring back coins for change!!! :) :) waddle on cp!!


I enjoyed finding the golden puffle and Operation: Puffle is fun because it is a quick way to earn coins. What I would like to see is an old school Club Penguin party, where we can go back to our old roots, visit the rooms of old, and teach the newer penguins all about the old days. I would also like to see more color votes.


Hi guys Marcello1006 here so um my favorite holiday is chirstmas because the chilly weather, snow flakes, putting gifts under the tree the joy and everyone has a smile on their face. I just love chirstmas!

Albert The 3:

I would like to see more meetup times in the future, I really want to meet people, but the times are either too early or too late for me.


What I love about November is Thanksgiving because you get to spend time with family and friends from far away to enjoy dinner together and maybe we could have a gold party to celebrate the new gold puffles! Or another movie party fo the movie Frozen? :)


i like opreation puffle because it has gold,cool rides,boats,fun puffle games,and i wish you can get cool stuff and meet herbert and i wish club penguin had a army of penguins and puffles at the forest.!waddle on!!and club penguin gives me more fun than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smiles!


I love Club Penguin and lots of it but what I really want to see added to CP is a free costume for your penguin when 365 or more days old. If you can add this to CP I will be the happiest penguin in Club penguin! Waddle on CP!


My favorite part about this month was..... everything! My birthday was on the 22nd, so I used the new furniture in the igloo catalog and made a birthday party for me and my friends. The music was the birthday song! Afterwards, I saved some Puffles wearing some of the new clothing items from the play, party catalog, and Penguin Style. I got my Gold Puffle, and after I finished the quest, I watched the video on the blog. Everything was awesome! Thanks for making this a great b-day month!


Sorry, I have been commenting a lot, but maybe the Wilderness could be a permanent location. Just thinking something.

Your Friend, BabydaisyLVR


This year's November was a HUGE success! But I have quite few opinions to make CP better. I think is discovering more new puffles that the players would LOVE to have and trading things. I think discovering more new puffles will make CP Island a fun and new place for other new people to discover. The trading system might even work , so other new players could trade with players that had been playing CP for a couple of years. I hope this opinion helps! Waddle On ~ Meridahazel9 :)


We should have a "space puffle"! We could go on quests and fly into outer space to get the "space puffle". We could also have a Music Festival. Penguins could gather and play their instruments at concerts. I also think there should be more tuff for non-members. Like non-members could get the same stuff as members but it just costs more. I ♥ CLUB PENGUIN!!! WADDLE ON!!!


maybe whats better for club penguin in the future is
.you can now travel by cars or put some cool things about the epf the mos better one is to put a herbert detector witch i call the herbert away2000


I started right after the Summer Jam so I missed a LOT of parties. Maybe some more Takeovers like a Frozen or a Wreck-It-Ralph one? Possibly a classic like Fall Fair or Card-Jitsu Party of 2014? Keep an open mind for the new year ok? New Year means new ideas. I think that we should make the next year the best of them all!

Your friend, BabydaisyLVR


I would love to se club penguin have like a boy hangout and a girl hangout you know so the girls can just chill and talk about girl stuff and guys can lay around and talk about guy stuff it also it would be cool to have a puffle were you can drop off your puffle in the morning so during the day if your puffle wants to play or eat it wont run away and then at the end of the day you pick your puffle up i think these are great ideas
Ps my peguin name is cuteybatooty


I like more EPF party mabe go to a island for a EPF party and have to find herbert Evil lab on the island just for EPF agents!!!!!!!!!!

X Mustache X:

I would say my favorite part of November is the catalog i love all the designs on the shirts and the patterns my favorite from the November catalog was the "Black Puffle Don't Care Tee" . Another thing that i liked was the golden piffle expedition great graphics. Anyways something i would like to see more items for non members like more clothes in the catalog, or different igloos. I know that Club Penguin works with members but it would be great is non members could have more items!

cool kid2654:

oh my goodness i love the new golden Puffle IT IS SO AWESOME me and my friend were talking about how awesome club penguin is and we were thinking that there should be a grey Puffle and we were just so excited about it, and we were think there should be the colour grey for a penguin that would be EPIC and we could have the awesomest party we could have so much fun like when we quest for the Puffle it could be like under ground and you dig for the grey Puffle and you could do so much more


I think the WHOLE island should go under water again and you have to go through mazes get Really cool!
stuff. And have a new CHARACTER you know how like Gary,Rockhopper,Cadence, and
Many More! My point is we should get a NEW CHARACTER She should be like A underwater Mermaid! How
cool would that be all we would need is a name for her maybe: Cassidy,Mystical,Harmony,Ruby,Coral, And last but not least!
Glade. Idk about the last one i just thought it would be cool :)


I would really like more action to club penguin c just more missons for the agents and exicitin gthings that would make more people come on to the site the club penguin would be nationa this is what i think club penguin should add.


Hey there! I have to say my favorite parts were discovering the golden puffle and also going out to help troubled puffles that are being controlled by some unknown source. I bet it is Herbert, but it could be someone else... a new villain for the EPF, Some things I'd like to see in the coming months is a new mission in the EPF, awesome clothes and fun parties, such as an Outer Space Party. Also wanted to tell you that I have had fun this month. :D



I would really like to see more exitement and action to club penguin like more games more things to figure out this would make it go national all over the world this is what club penguin should add.


Dragon Puffles are pets
Server Jumping
Cool Transformations like puffles but you can still have head items and face items
New Mascots
A new room with instruments, a dance floor, small coffee shop and new game


Hi Cp this is my first time sending a letter to one of my favorite video game so i might mess up a little, who am i kidding i might mess up a lot. Lets cut to the chase. I would like to see a time machine that goes back to every single party that Cp has ever had. But its a long shot it would maybe crash but you could make more servers and cut the servers limit to stop crashing. Like cut the server in half and add new servers.
Thank you for reading my first post from ninjagoboy56. Ps i am shy


I would love it if you made a party that never ends, like if you had under water party where you go swim under the island, usually you would put it in your year book and move on but what if you kept it there next to the ice burg so we could go in a special under water room.
i`m ok if there`s one room.good luck.


I love club penguin :) Waddle On CP!


Im gonna be honest, i dont really think that club penguin could get any better, since we already have all these cool features, from the standard club penguin all the way to the My penguin app. My favorite thing would be everything. THANKS CLUB PENGUIN FOR GIVING ME SOMETHING FUN TO DO!!!!!!!

Mr Niceberg:

hello, im Mr Niceberg. The thing i wanted to say was to add more mascots that give more than backgrounds. Like, they give out rare items like black sunglasses. Penguin name: Mr Niceberg. WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My penguin name is Champion186.

My favorite part of this month was questing for the new gold puffle! I like how we can dig for gold nuggets when we feed our puffle a gold-O'Berry, and when we have all of them all we have to do is activate the jackhammer in the Mine Cave! This was a great idea to release a new pet puffle right before Operation Puffle! Also, I would love to see night in Club Penguin! For example, every night the sky can turn dark and the stars can come out! :)


hi club penguin team my name is flippy14228 I loved the gold puffle quest and operation puffle I think operation puffle is the best cp party of 2013 so what you should do is make new mini islands to explore make a Cp laboratory so you can research Herbert's evil plans so reply
- flippy14228

Peach Hearts :

My favorite part of this month is operation puffle I like the game when you try to catch the puffles I want it to last longer. It is so cool.

Puffle The 3:

I liked everything about November!

I really want a Robotic Puffle (Gray)

Would say more but don't want to run over word limit again! Waddle on Club Penguin!


I think that one teensy-tinsy thing that would improve Club Penguin is keeping to evolving more ares like the ski hill or the forest. That would turn the game into an unfamiliar world and gets us penguins pumped up and more interested in the game.


I would like to see more cute puffles in many other colours , more surprises to look forward to and more parties of course! My Penguin name is Emily40871


Hello CP team! Without a doubt my favorite part of November would have to be Operation: Puffle! I love the super cool secret agent side of Club Penguin, and any time the EPF get involved, I know I'm up for a treat. Plus, the sliding game for rescuing the puffles is super addicting. As for things to add, I always wanted a way to sell old items you don't want anymore. There's a whole lot of old clothing I have in my inventory that just take up space. Give it thought, maybe? :)

purple flowerz :

Hello Club Penguin!
I just want to say thank you for CP team thank you for all the effort you put in for this!!!!! My favorite parts of November this year would have to be Operation Puffle cuz we havn't had a mission in ages and i love all the new rooms!!! The Golden Puffle was also a great idea!! I love its character!! =D But for some reason my favorite part is the night sky :) it's so wonderful and pretty. ooo i almost forgot the FIREWORKS! they were soo cool!!!!

Thank you CP Team!


find a dimond puffle for December plz its my birthday that month my club penguin name is alex7266

Logan7856 :

The quest for the Golden Puffle,
but i really LOVE CHRISTMAS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! the joy on Christmas Eve looking at the Beautiful lights and on Christmas day seeing all the wonderful gifts under the Christmas tree and having a nice NONE meat dinner,! its just awesome and seeing my Family i just LOVE Christmas :)


What I liked about this month is everything you listed! I love the items gold puffles dig up. Its fun to rescue puffles and get colored chips and of course the clothing and the room decorations! This month was a definite highlight of the year. Waddle on cp!

Gary Louis 9:

Hey Club Penguin!
I have an idea for a party you could do in the future. So here it is. So every room on the island would be decorated as a different city in a different country. If you don't know what I mean by that, it would be like the town maybe would be Tokyo and maybe the plaza could be New York City, and possibly the snow forts be London with the clock. I'm not sure what you could call it maybe like the worldwide party or something? Tell me what you think. Thanks, Gary Louis 9

Snowman blue:

Great idea Gary louls 9!

gary louis 9:

Thanks I can't beileve they used it with the muppets!


Penguin name: Ringo2478

My favorite thing about November on cp is the piffle party because we got to get a golden puffle and even golden items! I also like the mini game u guys added! Waddle on cp

Rockyy 1c:

definetly Operation puffle because by playing puffle chase I have earned tons and tons and tons of coins, currently i have 170,000 coins!
im looking forward for coins for change because of how much coins i have! thank you for making Operation puffle, without it i couldn't have got so much coins to donate. I trully am looking forward for coins for change.


If we had a time machine that will be awesome!


they had one during prehistoric parties!


My favorite parts of November were...
I absolutely loved the new gold puffle and, well, everything about November this year! This November I spent my time chillin' with friends, rescuing puffles, and searching for Herbert! I went to the Clothes Shop and bought some cool outfits, even decorated my igloo with some new items. Honestly, I think it's hard for CP to get any better! It would be really exciting to have a new location- such as a little park. Waddle on! :)


For December, it would be cool if we did a repeat of a party that only happened once [don't tell me, Id like it to be a surprise]!


I agree with you because last years holiday party was epic


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