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By Daffodaily5 on November 29, 2013 - 07:11


As promised, here is the brand-new super-epic Penguin of the Week! Not only does it look totally brill, but I'm giving away some seriously exciting stuff too!

Congratulations to our first POTW Sir Sillines (ace name btw!) He is one loyal EPF Agent, always preparing fellow agents for upcoming operations and briefing everyone on the latest EPF news. I've no doubt he's been a star puffle-rescuer this week! EPIC agent!

I'm really happy to give Sir Sillines the awesome Green Viking Helmet and a whopping 10,000 coins! Mega!

If you think your buddy should be Penguin of the Week, leave a comment below with their username and why you think they should be featured! :)


-Club Penguin Team



I think Apple15370 should be POTW because he is loving and caring and he's a great friend and we are bffs on Space Heroes too!


Fishy62690 is an amazing person! She is so nice to me and other penguins.

Popular aw:

I think popjck should be POTW becuase she is accountable and makes you laugh she will always cheer you up that's who should be penguin of the week


I Think Tysonr149 Becuase He Is Helpful,He Never Gives Up And He Is Really Nice. Waddle on!


Sounds like a great penguin pal! Be sure to send your submission to the CP Team by email. You can do that here!

-Club Penguin Team


My brother camculler isa epic penguin pal and thorws an SUPER AWSOME EPIC IGGY PARTY




I thought the blog spot said you could send in submissions by commenting, though!


I have the perfect friend, and not only (perfect), he is the best friend you could have (ever)! He is always friendly, helpful, kind, etc...
I think he is worthy of being POTW! And his penguin name is " Coolerus "!


Wow sounds like a great friend to have!!!! Lol c:

pugs are N1:

i think Fluffy 1305 should be POTW cause she is a amazing friend she is kind and caring she always helps everyone and cares for everyone she likes to participate in everything and she throws these epic party's with all different themes like prom, costume and a lot more so please let her be POTW


Hi,I think the penguin christinaf24 should be penguin of week because... she is such a loyal friend gives tours to all the new penguins who you know just need a tour! Also she has igloo party's every single week with all fun games. Plus she loves helping and giving out tips to all penguins and is polite to members and not members! Also since she has such asweome igloo ideas she just adores to gives great tips to others to decorate there iggys!!! Pleas Pleas choose Her for POTW


I think my friend cubhug should be potw because he helps me find mascots, he throws brill parties and helped me get 99 stamps. Cubhug sends holiday postcards with the gifts to any penguin who asks him WADDLE ON


Ok she is not a member but loyal to her best friend she is like the best penguin she always serves me smoothie and lattes. Please choose her


My penguin buddy is kind nice and wonderful if you even ask Santa that i'm on the nice list i have many friends because i am heart full of joy if you pick me to be penguin of the week i will scream the club penguin team is the best in the entire world but if you pick someone else i will understand also club penguin is the best computer game i have ever played in my life if name weren't club penguin king but its not mt real name is Bigone82028 I really hope you pick me and this is a good message.

Bree XD:

I think my best friend Ivy7777 should be featured. She is always cheering me up, she has a great personality, and she loves fashion and designing. She throws the best parties and she always cares about everyone's feelings. I think she is the greatest. She loves to paint, write songs, make fun videos with her friends. Her = FUN!!!!!!!!!! Please feature her as penguin of the week I know it would mean a lot to her. She does not know I am doing this and I think it would be a great holiday surprise.


I nominate schoenertag


i think jeanitha should be penguin of the week because she is so nice and helps others. She gave ma a tour too. She is so fun and funny.
Jeanitha is always happy and respects her other players. If there are any more awesome things you could be, she probably has that. I hope you choose her.

Waddle puff:

Every week are their new exiting prizes?!

girlsonicfan :):

Manespenguin should be because she is a nice friend to people in real life too not just computer life! (Plus she has a great sense of humor!). :)

Bella :):

I think that my friend Izzee Blue should be the next POTW because she is a good friend to everyone and makes everyone smile. And she has a cool iggy!!


Someone pick me as penguin of the week please! P.S. My name is Hannah28476


Please chose ME as peguin of the week! P.S. My name is rosebud7305.

Selena g 93:

I think my friend yobbe1367 should be the potd because he never ever gives up is nice

The donater:

I think AKajellybean or lorddave because they care for people when I needed a friend the became mine and that's what the
Do they give people friends when they need them or want them . Waddle on

zezo 1 2001:

plz club penguin team i want to be penguin of the week! im biggest fan!


I can not nominate on the penguin for the week because I do not know my email adress help!


you can ask your parents if they make your penguin


Can I please be penguin of the week


Hey CP I really think my friend Jamin2001 should be penguin of the week. He's always helping new penguins out when they need help. Whenever a penguin is feeling down he loves to cheer them up. Also he throws some epic igloo partys. Epic penguin


He DOES sound epic! Just write to us at Club Penguin Support telling us all about why your friend deserves Penguin of The Week, and we will tell Daffodaily5! :)

-Club Penguin Team

mick soccer:

I think my friend Dgarcia800 because he helps people out when they are having a tough day


He loves to help out EPF.
He loves to take care of his puffles.
He admires all his friends like Trucky2.
Enter comments


I will do that ChillyFlippers


cool penguin!


I think that chloe120 should be the penguin of the week she is nice and plays clubpenguin a lot,also she loves to have fun please oh please make her clubpenguin of the week.It would be very nice if you did. :)


Oops instead of chloe120 I meant chlo120 sorry.


You said that we could nominate in the comments! Are you lying, or what?


He should be since you gave a good description of him. He sounds cool to hang out with too.

Puff Barros:

Hiya Daffodaily5 , I wanted to name my friend Barcoterror1 because he is the best friend anyone can have! When I see others sad Penguins, after a few seconds it is comforting other penguins and is also an agent of very well trained and epf also has a Large Igloo Style and Lovely. Every time someone looks at it Waddle on the island, will already running to him, to hug him, ask for advice ...... It needs to be stated, would be a surprise to him, since his birthday is coming up ....


I Really Like How Our Players Nominate Their Friends.Barcoterror May Be The Penguin Of The Week Next Time!Good Luck!
ClubPenguin Team,Justin


If you are a Mod, or part of the Club Penguin Team, your comment should be in a blue box, not a white one. People who are Mods know that you don't have to put a capital letter for the first letter of every single word, and the also know that they have to put a space after EVERY punctuation. Plus, they make an extra paragraph and say "-Club Penguin Team" at the end of their comment.

Coco puffs:

Dancer1215... Because she is pretty and a kind person to everyone and a great agent!!!!

The beast 2853:

Can I add you coco puffs


i think that munda1 shude win because he is kind


I think Pinkyminky40 should be nominated for the Penguin of the Week next, because when I first arrived in Club Penguin, she showed me around, she showed me how to play the games, about the parties, about the blog. She has soooo much friends! She always helps me on something when I'm stuck, like the missions, if there's a special quest on a party and even more! Please nominate her next she's such a good friend!!!


WOW she sounds like a Club Penguin expert! What a great friend.

-Club Penguin Team


this is a random question when does the rink come out cause I really like the rink






Whenever the soccer field freezes I suppose:)

You'll just have to wait and see! And get those skates sharpened...

-Club Penguin Team 


i think kadencegirl she nice to others and is on a lot and she likes to have fun!
she lkes to take care of her puffles she a friend of mine and i see her alot with her puffles!
she like to hang out with her friends!


Hi! I am requesting that you would nominate my BFF, Luckycharm34 for penguin of the week:). She is loyal to everyone around her. She also tells people how good of a friend they are. When she is up and around in club penguin, she says sweet, thoughtful, and kind words. She respects every penguin near and far no matter if she is in a bad mood. And if i could meet her in real life, i bet she would be even kinder then she is on club penguin:). P.S. her birthday is coming up:)!


I think pinky 221 should be penguin of the week because she is kind, loving, and she helps penguins out

Lip Gloss509:

I think my friend Pineapple345 should be Penguin of the Week because she is SUPER nice, helps me find the pins, and tells me what to do if I'm confused. We always play games together and make a whopping number of friends, too. And sometimes we have fun costume parties at her igloo!


Princess074 She should deserve this prize because she's the one who told me about club penguin!she also told me all about club penguin like memberships,epf agents,and other cool stuff.If you can please pick her.shes m best friend

Ballie Jr:

I think peace95389 should be the POTW because she is always helping me out on where to find stuff and she is a good agent. She one time helped me decorate my igloo and is always the first one to my parties. She was the first one to like my igloo and she tells me secrets she knows about games that help me get more coins or just make it more fun! She invited me to become an agent and a told me about being a tour guide, she also is a true friend that will just about anything so peace95389 for POTW!


I think the next Penguin Of The Week should be Lucianandi9. He's a good friend to everyone , he's a Club Penguin veteran , he's been with the island for four years now. He always helps new comers to get guided and teach them everything but mostly on the ancient art of Card-Jitsu.


Awesome! Congrats!

Chris Hanku5:

Tommy74205 I haven't met him much yet but he's loyal to all new penguins And shows them around lHe showed me around and This was bout 2 Minutes ago Hes very nice u should pick him


He sounds great! Just remember, you need to send us an email if you wish to submit someone for Penguin of the Day. You can do it here!

-Club Penguin Team

Rockyy 1c:

My tour guide job failed but im trying again but later , btw you mean penguin of WEEK not day and my penguin was created by my sister's email! so im gonna work hard to earn coins and items

whoa this blogpost is cool!
At fun stuff page
dude s check it out!
dudes click blog on fun stuff page
like awesome penguins
eat pie!

on fun stuff page its found
need to learn something? check the blog or ask a tour guide!


Puffle 109:

i think my Buddy Airplanem should be it cause he Helps anybody in need Also He my bro! So let He be Penguin of the week give he a Girly dress it will freak him out!!!!! and Good Job Sir Sillines!!!


Hey CP!
I know a penguin called Ocean6100! He is ALWAYS kind and helpful! It would be amazing if he was Penguin Of The Week!


YODAMOOSE!!!! Yodamoose has always wanted the green viking helmet, as my little brother… I know him! He always sticks up for me when I am sad, and cares for our pet hedgehog, Zeek. For yodamoose being in the hospital right now, ): ): ): ): i know he would love the viking helmet. PLEASE RESPOND! WADDLE ON CP!


I think Aadamali should be Penguin Of The Week as he is a brill friend shows people around the island and reports people breaking the rules and he makes awesome igloo designs.


I hope he gets better


Aww that's sad. I hope he gets it! -Sisalou


I think dooblepurple should be penguin of the week because she is a great friend and she started the elite puffles




He is so cool!!!


I think coolguy1518 should be POTW when I started Club Penguin he told me everything about Club Penguin and he was very nice and now he's told me so much that I know everything about Club Penguin so make him POTW



Anthony 2010:

I think Nay Nay286 should be penguin of the week because he loves to take care of his puffles he is always walking them feeding them playing with them and he even wears everything his gold puffle finds him he is a great pet owner and should be penguin of the week

hollwood 10:

good job on ur igloo Sir Sillines and i want to be penguin of the week too!


I think Sirunicorn should be POTW because he's always helps people get stamps and pins and if someones lonely he becomes their friend and hangs out.


i think nasa778 should be penguin of the week because he loves helping out in the mineshaft if i can not figure out how to do something like getting the gold puffle or saving the puffles he helps me do that and got me into the hidden cave the EPF and a tour guide that is why nasa778 should be the POTW


A Green Viking Helmet?! That's like, totally rare!! So cool and lucky! :0

Amy 66:

I would like to nominate Blue Liquid as a POTW because he always looks out for other penguins and he is really caring , plus it is his birthday next week and he would love to be POTW because he is a massive fan of Club Penguin .


Great job!


I think Kimberlee476 should be penguin of the week because she is a loyal EPF agent and is always willing to lend a hand with other players, I hope you pick her! :)

Jumbo Wario1:

I think my friend Powder Ball should be the Penguin of the Week. He is really big on the community of Club Penguin and is throwing parties and helping others out! He's a good friend and should be Penguin of the Week.


I think Cooldude1218 should be the penguin of the week because she is very involved and up to date all the time.


i agree that cooldude1218 should be featured


I just want some shoes and I am a good friend.every time I go to an igloo I ALWAYS put a like on it


I also have over 500 friends

Rockyy 1c:

So do I

Xmas spirt:

I Think Haryhill should be the penguin of the week cause she is a great friend ,she likes my igloo every day and she gave me a tour when I first started CP!


I think my brother "Shubbs03" should win POTW because he has a rocking igloo and he likes to throw parties all through the island also he cheers penguins up when they are feeling down by playing games with them or just sending them a postcard!

Waddle on!

Enter nickname:

I think Polly56 should be Penguin of the Week because she always does her best, and trys her best to help others. She joins in on every spy mission, and loves penguins (and their puffles too!). She would make a good Penguin o the Week!


Although i can't acces my penguin anymore, i still check out this Blog :D

@Sir Sillines You got a VERY AWESOME Igloo and Outfit! :D

PS : congratz with being POTW! :)


i think my friend Nicole585 should be penguin of to week because she is nice to all her friends, takes good care of all her puffles, and when ever i see her, shes walking a different puffle every time. please pick Nicole585 to be penguin of the week? :D WADDLE ON CP :D


CP User Name: Goodgirl29
Im nice to all penguins and I love to make new friends and join bands in the lighthouse. I enjoy working at the Coffee Shop or Pizza Parlor. When a penguin gives me a compliment I compliment them back. And I think I should be Penguin of the Week.


I think Panguini should be Penguin of the Week because she is very funny and creative.

Maxey 12:

I think Bosswip should be on penguin of the week because he is a great friend, for example he always helps me meet mascots which i really cool please make him penguin of the week it will make his day! Waddle On Club Penguin


Congrats Sir Sillines!

Icey Icette:

I love how her style is and how sweet is to me!!!!!!!! She is my BFF on CP and in The real world

Manuel Jimmy:


I would like to leave my friend's username to have a chance to be the Penguin Of The Week! My friend 'Jericv' has been online since 2006. He's touring the new penguins with his tour hat and he enjoys doing epf missions. He's always happy to help a friend to solve his problem. He's a pro pizza parlor player and he enjoys playing the game even after years! He's also a very funny person and he tells jokes all the time making everyone's mood! 'Jericv' IS THE BEST PERSON EVER! ;)

Waddle on!


Hey! It's awesome!!! I nominate Sweety45 for POTW she is a kind sweet and friendly She is my BFF I really like her she is really nice I am new to cp but she made me more familiar with cp gave me a tour and in my opinion she is the best penguin in cp hope she is the POTW!!!!
Waddle On!


I think that a penguin named Secret Minto should be chosen for once. He was trying to become Penguin of the week for a LONG time. He is truly a loyal friend. Helping out agents in any way is his speciality. He loves puffles. And he's funny. I think he should be chosen, because a) he is the most friendliest penguin i've ever met, b)his membership may have already run out, but he knows style! Thank you very much for Operation Puffle and everything else, i hope you will consider it.


congratulations sir silliness!!!


first comment yay! great job Sir Sillines! you did a great job! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lee the cool:

congrats to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would like my buddy sms8 to be penguin of the day. Cause he is friendly, he Is really nice :) he even plays a lot of games with everyone and helps other penguins who are new to club penguin!!!

P.s can you plz tell me what items are you going to give out!!!
Waddle on


i would like my buddy shinystar to be penguin of the week, she is a nice friend to me and others and me her friend i help people who are sad or angry . P.s GIMME THE COINS XD jk!
Waddle on!


I think Thumpback351, a good friend of mine, should be POTW. He's loyal, sweet, cool,and he's my friend at school. PLZ PLZ PLZ make him POTW!
Waddle on,


Nice but you should add a little more muscle


good gob sir sillines and waddle on

Ocean Misty:

I think Joshiebunny should be penguin of the week because she is a great friend she showed me around when I was new and helps the epf especially when Herbert tried to melt the island and is always rescuing puffles. She always says "if I could trade with you I would give you my crab costume". Ps maybe you should add trading!


ScarletFire6 is a great friend of mine, she is a lot fun and always includes others in games. She also has fun style and enjoys the CP party's with all her friends and others! Tha'ts why i think she should be penguin of the week. Waddle On CP!


Have fun.


pinkdance49 should be penguin of the week because she gives awesome tours has an epic iggy and is very nice.She is a very friendly penguin and she is friends with a lots of people please make her penguin of the wek


I think it should be cp world because he is a nice guy or penguin and he shows us around club penguin update


Cool I think Jormy1223 should be the next penguin of the week

Emperor pegi:

WHOA! Will every penguin of the week get a green helmet?


The prize isn't everything that matters. It's your personality and kindness to others that counts. Just so you know, I don't think every Penguin of the Week gets the same prize.


No its about getting really rare items. lol Just kidding. Kinda


always looking out for everyone and ready for action!


I think cutie87618 should be the penguin of the week! She's friendly, nice,creative and most of all her life is puffles!

Waddle On! lilycpfan


hmm the most penguin i want to be the penguin of the week is cutie87618 too. She's my bff! I totally agree with lilycpfan! Waddle on CP!


i want my friend sallyab to be penguin of the week! she is so nice to me and her friends! she also is really funny! please make her penguin of the week!


I don't think it is fair to give out the Emerald Viking Helmet. The purpose of that item was for penguins who got a chance to visit CP HQ. I don't think it is right to just hand it out.


Rosa Iceberg:

Hiya! I would like to nominate my friend Tubbbi for penguin of the week! She's such a lovely penguin! When we met at the medieval party 2012, she helped me find Gary and she always goes out of her way to help! Please pick her for penguin of the week!
Rosa :D

Rockn Ryan 4:

I think my best friend Taryn Rose should be the penguin of the week, because she has been on club penguin for 2421days and all that time has been such a kind and helpful person. She creates new and fantastic iggys every week and usually invites everyone over for a huge party. I really thinks she deserves to be the penguin of the week and that's all I can say!

Clothes Shop:

I think my friend Ashley34276 should be penguin of the week. She is very friendly and a good helper! She loves to play games an has always been there for me.


I think waddeler6 should be penguin of the week because he a best friend a good secret agent and loves puffles.


if u have read the comic on this site where that guy is playing mancala with rockhopper,i am acting like him :0


ben6257 should be the penguin of the week because he's friendly nice and a serious agent


master mini3:

I might be voted I really really really want to be penguin of the week so please. I've been working for years

master mini3:



ben6257 should be the penguin of the week because he's friendly,nice,kind,a serious agent,he's funny,awsome,and a good player


master dewy:

I think master mini3

master dewy:

I think him because he has been working very hard all the time he has an amazing igloo and penguin


I think Dahlia Moon should be Penguin of the Week. She is sweet and the best friend I could ever have! She always helps me when I need help, and so much more! Thats why I choose Dahlia Moon as Penguin of the Week!!! :D


I think my firend c1997j should be penguin of the week shes super friendly she is awesome agent she loves club penguin she will never let Herbert win :) shes so ready to face him and I think that's awesome and she always tells me the news on whats going on and she was the one who told me about club penguin :)


My best friend is Mepauset, it deserves to be the next Penguin of the Week because he loves helping penguins, acting and go to Hotel Puffle :) He is friendly and loves all parties, there always something to do with this great penguin. He is creative and funny as well :D He loves to give all his money to Coins For Change, and he loves to dress in perfect harmony with its puffles and the current event, there is so much to say about Mepauset, the best ^ ^


Maybe i should be Penguin Of The Week Because i dec my iggy for halloween and giving tours and making music and the band Im so friendly plz do this and give me the green viking helmet Thanks! ~Sashaboo12


I really really really think I should be penguin of the week as I am a loyal agent and I have never cheat aswell as help people. :)


Come on cp! I was never in penguin of the day! And now I'm never going to be in penguin of the week?
! Ps: I love to be dressing like I'm a skylander penguin!


Wow, congrats Sir Sillines! Oh, and I think 0 Berry should be the next POTW because he is an EPF Agent (Shh! Don't tell anybody!) and he always puts others before himself. For example, he gives people tours and saves puffles from evil polar bears. What a great guy! :)
Waddle on!


I nominate the penguin of the week to my super friend E25005, always attentive to help the penguins when they need a tour, watch for puffles and to save the island, especially at Christmas, always saves money for Coins For Change, and ultra-mega makes a great holiday in your igloo party in your igloo! xD. I hope it's the penguin of the week, has always been his dream: ') Thanks Daffodaily.


My friends never really hang out with me, and I bet only 5 of 500 friends of mine read the blog. Not to be greedy but I kind of think I should be penguin of the day. No greed. Maybe almost a year ago, a dude was saying Save the puffles! Leave the pookies! ( something like that) I tried to tell him why leave the pookies? And anyways, puffles don't need saving at this point of time. I am a trustworthy girl/penguin so please believe me. No greedyness, Kowlski2


I think my friend Blacky720 should be penguin of the week some day! One time, I came online and wasn't feeling that great but Blacky720 came along and cheered me up! She always helps me when I need it, and is a great friend to have on the island with me. We even go Puffle digging together on the weekends, she really wants the "Queen's Crown." I hope she can be penguin of the week soon because she really deserves it after all she's done for her friends on the island! Waddle on! :)

Boo Green 3:

Hi CP! I would really like if my buddy Yayxiamon45 was penguin of the week. He gave me a tour of Club Penguin when I first started, and we've been friends ever since! He gives me great tips for games, and we have awesome parties on Fridays! We invite everyone in town for some cool dance parties. He always makes me happy when I'm feeling sad, so I think he really deserves to be penguin of the week! Also, he really wants the "Life Vest" item. (I think he deserves it!)

Waddle on! :D


I know her! :))

She really is a great friend!!


Whoops in my other comment, I put penguin of the day. I ment Penguin Of The Week. No greed, Kowlski2


In my other thing, I left out the part where at Operation Blackout I was begging Herbert to switch Gary out of the ice, and put me in. I hated seeing Gary stuck like that. I wished I could do something quicker than it was going. But I'm glad we DID get him out.


Congrats sir silliness waddle on!

The jid:

you should use black31484 he is very friendly and helped me find my way a long time ago he helps other people new to cp too


I think 0 Berry should be POTW, hes always helping his friends, throwing parties and having fun with everyone. Hes so nice to everyone!


I think C H U N K Y should Penguin Of The Week because he is a kind person and a great friend!


I think Sammy45 would make a really nice POTW, because he is always sticking up for people. He can make his igloos look really cool when he has parties for his friends. Sammy45 is an EPF agent and has collected all of the pins with five on each so far (you know what I mean). I think Sammy45 would make an awesome POTW, he is always super sweet to everyone, even if they're not his buddy (they will immediately be his buddy)! I hope Sammy45 will make it to POTW. Peace!


I think Penguin of the Week should go to Xjust Dancex because she is the best friend ever! We always work together finding items with our gold puffles, and she's got a fab iggy!


I think LUSHIA shoud be penguin of the week because she is a good friend and likes every bodys iggy.


I Think Ad0304 Should be Penguin of the week,Cause he's a good tour guide and loyal member of CP and has been on CP for nearly 4 years.
He always is a good Friend and is always doing the right thing at the right time! He always Directed me where to go and what to do and gives me the latest updates on CP!
So Please Choose him, He's been my Best Friends And This is How i'll gift him!


Another Friend Of Ad0304
Great Friend and cool ,a Good Tour guide,he's also never been a CP Member.......


I think Lukeleia75 should be the Penguin of the Week because he's an awesome friend and when he sees any puffles who need help, he gears up and saves them! He also preserves the nature and helps his friends in problematic situations. He's also an epic Jet Pack Adventure player and masters the rails on Cart Surfer!



I think i should be Penguin of the week (POFTW) Because i am always a friendly penguin and cheer up the penguins who feel sad and i also do my best to help the EPF when they most needed agents are wanted My Penguin name is Greedybaby P.S Your awesome Daffo

Missy Coolio:

Congrats! Sir Sillines sounds like a great penguin!

South Pool:

I think Agent Hush should be the penguin of the week because he's my older brother and I watch him play Club Penguin. He's always trying to make his igloo perfect for parties. He designs his igloo like a real house and he put a dance floor in the middle and everything. His igloo is cool and he thorws fun parties every month or so so I think he should be penguin of the week! Thanks!


Hi club penguin team!
My friend Panda81605 would be a great penguin of the week! She's such a great friend! She's really friendly, nice, and funny! She also has a great sense of style and has an EPIC igloo! She's always stopping any online bullying she sees on CP! How awesome is that? Please make her penguin of the week!

Melvin 505:

Awesome! I love active agents ;D.

I just wanted to ask, are you giving the Green Viking hat to everyone?


I think Flipper11402 should be POTW not only because one of my best freinds. He's smart funny and really fun to be with so is my other best freind Sky95402 their both really great freinds! soo PLZZ vote one of the two for the POTW for next week!



I think BabyCrier should be penguin of the week because he got in the thanksgiving spirit by making a big feast and I could tell he put a lot of time in it so he should


I know right!! He's ready for every holiday!! He's super awesome!!


Always want's to help penguins.It's ready for action.He want to have more than 100 friends.Everyday want's to get more stamps.
(Sorry for bad english.My language is ROMANIAN.)


I think my good friend cdiddy7 should be the next penguin of the week.I think this because he is kind, funny ,caring, safe, respectful, and responsible.This is why I think my awsome friend cdiddy7 should be the next penguin of the week!!!!!


I think my friend Mario Rk should be the next Penguin of the Week. He's an awesome friend and is fun to hang out with. He's also really funny and his outfit is awesome!


my friend 1aaron1 is epic he loves playing with his friends and me and helping penguins who are new to cp
and helps penguins to find the hidden pin and hidden items he's my bff


he's sounds awesome and a good friend good luck!

Uzair Q:

I think Zxz12zxz should be penguin of the week because he was a really good friend and was really supportive!


Please check my penguin and igloo please


I truly think Crashhelmet1 should be next. If you feeling down hes there. You just wanna hang hes there. I wish him the best of luck. Bye!




My best friend chuey900 because he is loyal, nice, best EPF agent, and he told me about club penguin. He was on before me and, even though not always the first to be online, he was my first friend. Even though I have many other friends, chuey900 will always be my best friend.
P.S. Will every penguin of the week get the same things he got, or will every penguin get different items?
Waddle On


All penguins who win Penguin of the Week get 5000 coins. Cool huh?

-Club Penguin Team


My cuz Ella42502 because she's a loyal EPF agent, a cool friend, and she showed me club penguin during operation blackout and helped make me my account!

Yours truly,



I think that Ser Yes Ser (Yes, his name is spelled that way) should be on Penguin of the Week. He's quiet, but he's extremely friendly and easy to get along with.

Waddle on!


That viking helmet is so rare, I didn't even know it was on Club Penguin!!


I think Banyjuju4 should be nominated penguin of the week because he saves tons of puffles from Herbert and puts them to a safe shelter in his igloo! He is also very friendly to penguins!


My friend Iceberg should be the penguin of the week, he looks like a Christmas tree!


I think twlight2891 can be featured. She has integrity,honesty, and courage.


I think that my friend waddles4236 should be the next penguin of the week she's sweet caring and is always looking out for me!

Maria Chemin:

My friend Slippy should be the penguin of the week, he's already dressed for Christmas, he looks like Santa.


i think my friend David 9998 should be penguin of the week because he taught me how to use club penguin he taught me how to make my iggy he showed me the non member items in the catlog and showed me all the secrets he knows.

Waddle On- Alore9999


I think purdledrop shoud win because she's always been there for me:):)


I think my friend Waddles4236 should be penguin of the day she's sweet caring and is anxious for the 2013 friends for change to help donate.


I would like to nominate my cousin and best friend, Atm40 to be the Penguin of The Week.He helped me create my account, and he showed me around CP and all of the fun games! He even donated socks for #Socktober. He is a very nice penguin!



I think my buddy lagoona8 should be penguin of the week. She is always helping penguins and showing new penguins around. She also has awesome igloos. One of her best ones are the be weird at my igloo party. There really fun!


I want to nominate my friend, Atm40 because he is nice and he has a cool igloo. His style is cool. He is very friendly and reaches out to people.

- Fudgemoose


There is this penguin that I am friends with and her name is lagoona8. she is always very stylish and throws awesome and strange parties. One of her best ones are the be weird at my igloo party. Those are always very fun! Plus, when I first started she showed me around CP and told me some secrets!

bella 02130:

I think my buddy Kaily54 should be penguin of the week. She is a great friend, helps other-offline and online-, and lastly, she tries really hard in school and is always nice to everyone. She is also my friend offline, so I know all this, and she is part of group rasing money for homeless people by having races, bake sails, and much more. For Christmas she gives all of her presents to people who's parents can't afford to give their children gifts, and she keeps 1 or 2 things. Pick her!!

Little Br2:

I think my friend Twizzlers4 should be penguin of the week, because of his super sweet igloo he advertises that helps victims that are bullied in club penguin or in the real world. I think he has a super sweet heart and because of that I would like him to be penguin of the week. Waddle on Little Br2


I would like to nominate Lo Mejor 619 always helping me and his igloo of hairs a mixture grandiose by the way they like to dress up the gold

Lo Mejor 619:

I want to nominate Redchampion1 a great friend willing to help you ;)


I think my friend Chakee should be Penguin Of The Week because she is helpful, kind and funny! She is the best penguin I've ever met on CP!

negl about that:

she is quite nice!


WOW! A green viking helmet :O
I hope I am nominated.. Someday xD

Bella Gold16:

Me too... I wish to be nominated..
Hint. Hint XD

Liam Finn:

So cool! I think sonicmanx should be penguin of the week, they're really cool and I just like how loyal he is to his friends, plus his bowtie is really cool :)


I think my buddy Endermissmc should be the next POTW! She has a real knack for meeting famous penguins and mascots and will help ANYpenguin when tracking down on mascots. Also, even though she is only 1 year old (penguin age) she is a real pro! She has found even type of puffle foods and knows some great knowledge about the island! How brill is that?

Over and out,


Wow! Your buddy sounds really nice! I would love to meet them(on club penguin)! I think they could really be nominated for POTW.


Hey there Daffodaily5!! I want to nominate Chinamo for the next Penguin Of The Week. He's very funny and like's to meet new friends all day and chat with them. He also like to add moderators to he's friend list. Chinamo has an awesome iggy two. So, I think that he can be a great Penguin of The week. Greetings!!!


Thank you! For you and a little luck I could be the next POTW :D


I have said this before and I will do it again. My little brother Mrwiggles5 is the best penguin ever he always helps me win coins ever though I've played this game longer than him, he's better than me! Now this might not do anything to help him but he has epilepsy and he is really shy but CP is the only thing that opened him up. He is good all the games, helps penguins who make a :( face and, he's just the best friend anyone can have. Thanks!


Tell your little brother that he is special, and that he is best brother you have ever had. He sounds amazing! :)

Mr Sitrus:

Your little brother sounds like the greatest friend ever!!! I wish I could know him:) Bye.

Xmas spirt:

Why are you featuring ur Bro in this


I think you should do my friend Stefine1234 because she has an awsome igloo and I love how she dresses up

Xmas spirt:

Haryhill should be POTW because she is kind and caring , A loyal friend , celebrates everyones Bdays and makes every penguin warm and relaxed when that are new


Redchampion1: A red and very funny penguin! He's a great friend and has helped me a lot!


I want to nominate Rocks74! He is a great friend and super cool!


I think that you should do my sister Thirstycamel because she is kind, nice, and the best sister a boy could have.


Redchampion1 is a great penguin! You know him?


My best friend BuddyBro9 is the best: For example once someone was bulling me and he stood up to them and comforted me.
Another example is that is actually a fair player and he is very nice. He frequently sends me postcards and teaches me new things about club penguin. He is the best penguin ever!!! (he doesnt even have a membership) He is constantly telling me about new things and tricks. Hes super fun to play with. Please pick him.
Sincerely WickedWolf

Lol Sheep:

Please elect my bud thistycamel, great puffle rescuer, kind, nice and has an awesome igloo.


please add spy Micah!I have been asking for weeks and weeks on because he is so amazing. He is an awesome card jitsu player and is always willing to play a game. He also friends anyone who asks!

Wicked Wolf:

i nominate BuddyBro9. Hes the best. When i was bulllied he stood up to them and helped me.
He also teaches me about cp. He is a fair player and doesnt have a membership!!
you should pick him.

Lip Gloss509:

My friend Pineapple345 is totally AWESOME! She is supe nice and shows me around, giving tours and such. She is my BFF, so she should be Penguin of the Week!
Waddle on, CP!!!!


i think 1aaron1 should be nominated because he throws cool party's and loves playing with his friends and i
he has cool fashion ideas and most importantly cares for his friends.


Hey Daffodaily5! I would like my buddy Agentjr101 to be Penguin of the Week. Cause he is friendly, he Is really nice. He Helps other penguins who are new to Club Penguin. He like giving hugs to new penguins. Whenever there a penguin sad he makes them happy!=) Username-Agentjr101


If I sound conceited I don't mean to, but I think I should be penguin of the week because I care about all penguins, big or small, and, no lie, I haven't missed a single puffle on operation puffle. I have collected all puffles(except purple of course) and on the excact day too.


my friend thinknoodles should be penguin of the week because he is so nice he likes to show all his friends where the new pin is and he throws awesome parties he likes to play games with everyone he likes to give out postcards to everyone he has ALOT of friends!!!!


That's super cool Daffo!

Would you mind clearing something up for us, quickly?

Will all Penguin of the Weeks receive a Green Viking Helmet?

Waddle On!


my friend thinknoodles should be penguin of the week because he is so nice he likes to show all his friends where the new pin is and he throws awesome parties he likes to play games with everyone he likes to give out postcards to everyone he has ALOT of friends!!!!


Please Nominate Popyb2. He is Always Heping Other Penguins and Visiting all the new CP parties. He wants other players to have fun so he usually plays some card jitzu with his friends.
PLZ PLZ PLZ Nominate Him! :)


CP Friend:

Hello. Please Nominate POPYB2. Today He gave me a great tour and showed me new places. He's a Great tour and i think you should nominate him. He also showed me the new Pin and Showed me how to play Puffle Chase. Pretty Please Nominate him!


Woo hoo!!! :D CONGRATS SIR SILLINES!! I nominated him, he's a super awesome agent and a really good friend!


i think that my friend Ice thepixie should be penguin of the week because she so sweet and she always wears all blue and has a ice background and her igloo is awesome it's all ice she's the ice thepixie she makes her name true. what do you think club penguin support team.


I think my buddy SonicSonic57 should be Penguin of the Week because he always helps out new people to Club Penguin, he always has a smile on his face, puts a smile on OTHER people's faces, and after he's done playing Club Penguin, he goes to the Senior Center to help out. I really hope you feature it. If you do, I will cry.


I think my very best friend Lilkitty124 should be penguin of the week because she is an awesome friend and we always have fun together, sometimes she makes missions in her igloo for both of us to practice fighting Herbert.


I think Cutiebatuti should be penguin of the week because of her sense of fashion and her awesome igloo


I think my good friend Monkey87153 should be POTW! He always helps me when I am confused or sad! Me and him collected 10,025 candies at the Halloween party together! He helped me make a Thanksgiving igloo! He once donated 8000 coins to Coins For Change! He is so generous! He was the onewho told me about Club Penguin! He is a great friend! He also has awesome fashion:) Monkey87153 is the greatest!


i think butternutt22 cause he help me find pins and he is a master of descize with all his offits and he a good friend


Hiya Daffo!
You should defiantly feature my best penguin pal, Gdgzrs! He's funny, he's fun, and he loves to eat pizza!
His igloo is always a party because it always has the latest furniture!
I hope he wins a flipper-tastic prize! Flippers crossed! Once again, his penguin name is Gdgzrs!


I think it should be my best friend papandbuddyb because he is always nice and he helps other penguins and he likes other igloo that he doesn't like and that he douse like and he is a good helper for EPf he is always helping new penguins and showing theme around and adding penguins he he likes changing into differnt clothes that the reson I what papandbuddyb to be penguin of the week. ps he also donates to coins for change every year.


Sir Sillines is a an awesome penguin! I'm so glad he is penguin of the week! :D


I nominate my great CP buddy, Blister1. She had always been there for me when I'm upset. She lets me talk it out, and is caring about it. She doesn't mind if I rant on and on about something. She is such a great CP buddy. She is very nice to her friends and protects them. Even though I just met her a few months ago in April or May, we are best friends! :)


Ziggy4 is a great buddy on club penguin because he cares for his puffles, and likes to have many friends. He likes to update his igloo (Which is really cool btw) and dressing up. And, lastly, he is a great friend to all the other penguins, and loves to explore the island with his brown puffle.


i think my best friend roblox819 because he is super nice plays games with me gives me postcards and hangs out with me he has a awesome igloo and he hangs out with me super nice friend!


i want to see if my awesome friend Billybob can be penguin of the week . its so much fun to hangout. i think he is perfect for penguin of the week! thanks,Waddle on!

Barnery Jr:

I think Super guy657 should be shown as peguin as the week because he is very nice a AWESOME friend and never been meen to anyone

From him friend Barnery Jr


Hello Super Guy657 deserves to be peguin of the week becaus
*He is super nice and adds everyone he meets
*He has been on CP for about two thousand days
*He always trys for the newspaper to make a joke/CP SPIRT!!!!
*He almost write on every blog and does all club peguin Party activities!

He should really be club peguin of the week Im his friend Fancynanc3y


I think my friend sena 7650 because she is always loyal and she loves my iggy she is awesome friend and she stands up for me

Peace out club penguin


I think my friend sena 7650 because she is always loyal and she loves my iggy she is awesome friend and she stands up for me

Peace out club penguin


i think leonrosen shoud be the penguin of the week because hes nice kind helpful and gives tours to new penguins


I think Kitty7780 should be the Penguin of the Week! She is very helpful and is always doing the right things on Club Penguin! She loves every single party there is! She LOVES to meet new friends and help everyone. And she loves every fashion on the new catalogs!

Waddle on!


i would like my best friend Spike48993 to be peguin of the week she is really nice and has alot clothes! anyway,i think she should be peguin of the week because she is a good friend and is really random and silly and is kind to others.

A Penguin:

I think you should nominate my buddy Macguy1 because he is very epic and is creative.


I would like to nominate Waddles 5555 Because she really nice, has the best parties and really helpful and also i would to nominate DaffoDaily5 for doing penguin of the day :)

bye CP!!!!


I think you should put my friend Pollito2008 because he helps everyone in club penguin and he has an awesome igloo so please put him on the penguin of week

pollito2008 :

put my best friend cesarrapalo

Ace 1995:

My friend jojo2266 because she goes to a lot of homeless shelters with her old Club Penguin accounts to give to children that don't have Club Penguin the chance to play

master mike4:

can I be penguin of the week please? its my new dream

Flower Apple:

I think you should nominate Fruity Bomb because he often helps people in Club Penguin when he needs help and he have plenty of likes in his igloo! He also often play games with friends


I think Chili Man should be penguin of the week because he is funny and has fun with his friends. He doesn't dress like anybody else---Chili rocks his own style! He is fun to hang out with and never says anything mean.

Magnet Mario:

I think you should pick Rosytilly for being a good friend and making awesome, creative igloos!

-Ⓜⓐⓖⓝⓔⓣ Ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓞ

Kc Sunshine1:

Agreed she is SUPER nice! Some of the featuring igloos she's made before are Grammy awards, a waterpark, a tropical Resturant, and a medival kingdom. She is also watching out for everyone and has a lot of knowledge about cp. I nominate Rosytilly for POTW.m
~Kc Sunshine1

Cool Joe Joe:

This penguin seems like an awesome EPF agent! My friend, from school, Icey Jot Pop is a big fan of Jet Pack Guy and all the EPF agents out there. He is an EPF agent, as well. He loves defeating the evil Herbert P. Bear in each operation, and hopes that Herbert will NEVER win. He is also a big fan of puffles and will never miss a mission in Operation Puffle, and neither will I. I hope you pick him for POTW! Maybe even me too? Just kidding. That is up to you!
Waddle On Club Penguin,
Cool Joe Joe


You guys should totally nominate my pal Poonchee. He's such an awesome guy!


I want to nominate my friend Omega4000,he helps me school to plant trees with other students,btw,he invited me to join CP and gave me tours when i was a new penguin.


i think my friend Zu Zu Rocks should be nominated for POTW since she's always friendly, she always wants to play games with me, and she always cheers me up.


i think my buddy joshs999 should be him he loves epf he wants to save the puffles and he loves hanging out with friends he is an old penguin from 2005 i belive and he loves dressing up and showing other penguins around.

waddle on !!!!!!! tanner51


Hey , I want to nominate My Good Friend : sergiocow , He do your Best to Help Others Penguins , Please Choose Him .

Tree Cheez:

Hey Club Penguin I wanna nominate to Sergiocow like penguin of the week. Is my Best Friend he help to all penguins. And he love the Works of the CP Team. He love too help to people wit Coins For Change. The best person with a big heart!
I hope him can be the penguin of the week!

Chili man:

I think my friend pheonixling should be penguin of the-- is it day or week? anyway, she makes people feeling good feel more good. we are best buddies and she never says anything mean or make anyone feel bad.

man 123:

please pick x droid x he is my best buddy and always is trying to make his friends feel better
I know he loves EPF missions and is a brill (as you say) puffle rescue player
P.S please tell me what your going to give him I think he"ll like an igloo item if you could give him one
your friend penguin 9641


I think it should be think noodles because he is nice and gives us a code think noodles go


I want to nominate a Barcoterror1 a great friend willing to help you ;)


Hello friends today I come to tell you that if they could choose Segiocows as Penguin of the week is a great friend always helping us and making it even better the island so I want that appears here I hope you take into account that comment and I hope you fulfill your dream and his friends to be the Penguin of the week


Wow he sounds awesome! I nominated my sister


Hey! I want to nominate Carnotauro 2. He is a good person, a good blogger, and a good friend.


Andybillson has a great outdoor adventure type outfit and a fort igloo! Plus he is totally silly, and nice! He helps out new AND old penguins that have not been online for awhile! He totally deserves it!


I think sergiocow because he is a great friend, I like to play with besides siemopre I have fun when I'm with has told me new things about club penguin as party start wars among other things, thanks to Club penguin being able to choose the best penguin of all that for me is sergiocow


I think Broke808 Should be Penguin of the week, because he is kind, and always makes sure to take care of his puffles. He plays CP when he doesn't have a membership, and Still knows how to Dress!

To onix:

I want to nominate my friend Humb3r, he is the best penguin of all club penguin because he always donates thousands of coins for coins for change, try to help everyone attending any party to do... The penguin should be next week! also in a few days will be a birthday and I want this to be your gift :) thanks

Cartoons rule:

It think Back55555 should be POTW because he is a great friend of mine and he would always stick up for me and I will do the same. P.S - Your cool Club penguin team! Waddle on!


I think you should pick Back55555 as the next Penguin of the Week because he has a cool name and he is a great friend in Club Penguin. Waddle on!


I think that Sergiocow is the besta firend of the world, he always help his friends and he like to eat pizzas with peperoni.PLZ! DO SERGIOCOW THE NEW PENGUIN OF THE WEEK!


I think that my friend upinz have to be the penguin of the week because he is funny, he have a great igloo and when he convert his igloo on a party is awesome!!!! Then we can do much stamps in a day like dance and all things like that!!!!! He is very old on CP and he has a great igloo to be whit his puffles. Waddle on!!!! ;)


My buddy Timbo310 would be a great Penguin of the Week. He is always helping work on my surfing skills and is a loyal friend. Timbo310 has been a long time player and is always showing new penguins around the island. Timbo310 is the nicest and kindest penguin ever and that is why I think Timbo310 should be Penguin of the Week!
Thank you!


thank you for working with us Sir Sillines ,you are an awesome EPF agent ,stay sharp.


Epf is sad


its my birthday!!!

Bowser Jr 50:

That's awesome! Happy birthday and waddle on!


charsya has to be penguin of the week she has deticated her intire igloo as a puffle shelter.
awesome right so make her penguin of the week please
from a club p fan soffsya


I want a green Viking helmet!


If you want a green viking helmet, get someone, who is not yourself, to nominate you and you could get a viking helmet soon.


You should DEFINITELY put my very good friend Ultraman721 on the player of the week card. He is always so caring for other penguins. Whenever anybody, even penguins he doesn't know, makes a :( face, he will ALWAYS say "What's the matter?" and he will make them feel better. He has bought pizza for penguins and played card-jitsu with penguins, and just go totally out of the way to care for others. And all of this goes for both on and offline. He will always make penguins and people feel better.

a nice friend:

Hello Club Penguin!

When I first came to Club Penguin, I asked lots of questions because I did not know much about this awesome new place! Penguins bullied me, but my best friend helped me answer them. By the time, he was not even a tour guide yet, but even though he was facing with his own troubles, he still helped me learn things like the mysteries of the dojo to the moves of the dance club. What he needs people to know he is a good friend if someone is depressed.

His name is ULT CHAOS

Lil Yakster:

I think I should be the POTW... I'm trying to sound bad it's just that well : (1) I'm a very friendly penguin always trying to make friends (2) I'm very loyal to the EPF either staying up all night or just waking up SUPER early just trying to finish a mission (3) In the future after collage I'm going to work for CP (4) I love being that penguin that always stands out for example "WOW look at that girl" "I know right she's like the popular penguin here" I like that even in real life. That's it


You sound like an AMAZING penguin! Remember though, you need to have a penguin pal nominate you, and they need to email the CP Team here.

-Club Penguin Team

Xmas spirt:

You cant be POTW because u are voting for yourself


Isn't it the moderators job


2 is sad


good job penguin and waddle on


Hey! I like the POTW thing cuz we can get exciting stuffs too!!! :D I nominate Sweety45 for POTW because she is such a caring girl and loving too she always cheers up penguins who feel down she is a huge fan of clubpenguin and loves cp she is very friendly and AWESOME She has tons of friends she loves friends everyday i see her cheering people up and making friends also a secret agent who has completed all the missions and tour guide and loves environment hope you make her the POTW!!!
Waddle On

Lovely 4466:

Hiya! I nominate my best friend Sweety45 cuz she is an really AWESOME buddy ever!!! She always makes friends and loves clubpenguin a lot She is friendly and really nice, Every year I and Sweety45 go together for coins for change and also go together to take Rockhopper's rare items she loves friends she comforts people who are feeling blue she is the best friend ever!! Please make her the POTW,
Waddle On!


Hiya! Congrats Sir Sillines!! POTW is AWESOME!!! Hope I could be one! Waddle On! :D


I think you should nominate Icy 500. He is always showing people where the pin is, helping out at the Pizza Parlor and the Puffle Hotel. He also is a great, loyle friend. :)

P.S. The green Viking helmet is super rare!


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