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By Daffodaily5 on November 29, 2013 - 07:11


As promised, here is the brand-new super-epic Penguin of the Week! Not only does it look totally brill, but I'm giving away some seriously exciting stuff too!

Congratulations to our first POTW Sir Sillines (ace name btw!) He is one loyal EPF Agent, always preparing fellow agents for upcoming operations and briefing everyone on the latest EPF news. I've no doubt he's been a star puffle-rescuer this week! EPIC agent!

I'm really happy to give Sir Sillines the awesome Green Viking Helmet and a whopping 10,000 coins! Mega!

If you think your buddy should be Penguin of the Week, leave a comment below with their username and why you think they should be featured! :)


-Club Penguin Team



Hey Club Penguin,

my penguin name is honeysingh61. He is very helpful and he done all the missions in all the parties and collect all items for everyone. He also sends a report to the modertor when a penguin makes him/her behaviour like rude,dirty,unfriendly,etc. When a new penguin is play with me a card-jitsu game,I lost ourself because i think the new penguins also become a ninja. So,I think that the penguin honeysingh61 is awarded as the Penguin Of The Week's Award.

jeza pankake:

I think Monkster2 should win penguin of the week because he gives great tips fro my favourite games such as jetpack adventure and astro barrier, and he will always find the pin first then help other penguins find it with him. He deserves penguin of the week every week!


Hopelove4 is sooooooooooooooo Awesome she's a great friend and very loyal to me and cp . She loves to help new penguins around the island and is so nice. And as what u would say she's so brill!!!!!!:)

Xmas spirt:

I think Haryhill should be POTW because she always is everyone's friend , likes my Iggy , plays manacla with me and cheers up any penguin that needs cheering up! That's Why Haryhill Should Be POTW

Xmas spirt:

My name is Xmas spirt

Dragons3478 :

12345ify should be the Penguin of the week. He has a really awesome site which has taught me about CP.


i think it should be philipski as he is a great freind and always helps me


my friend Gabriel40852 makes a party for each party them this party he made a epf place in this igloo


Can i do my self? Or just a friend of mine?


You need to be nominated by one of your penguin pals. Also, in order for you to nominate someone, you need to contact the Club Penguin Team here.

-Club Penguin Team


I think Druid1964 because he helps out with anything missions,games and secrets
P.S plz vote Druid1964 hes an awsome freind
waddle on club penguin team


I think AbsoluteTen should be POTW. He is super fun, and he keeps track about what goes on in CP! Also, he helps me with my minigame problems like Pufflescape and he cares for puffles as if they were his own little penguin brothers! One more thing: He is the top at being an EPF!!!!


I think Ninjaboy822 should be penguin of the week because he is always willing to help a friend in need and loves to throw great igloo parties for others

Chris Colfer:

I think my friend, Neil2002 should be Penguin of the Week because he is very active and friendly. He also makes friends easily and helps out other penguins.


I think you should do my friend Vincefasirt


I think you should do my friend bende702


I think you should do fatiedog1 because he always helping out new penguins and helps people learn about older items. Plus, he always helps those who are sad or angry have a good time. Plus, he cares for ALL puffles and would help anyone in need


Hello. I would like to nominate my friend The Shy Guy. When I was asking penguins to be my buddy they didn't reply, this made me upset. Then The Shy Guy suddenly added me and we had a party at my igloo! It was so fun when we played hide and seek as well! He is a very skilled hider!


If I could choose a winner it would be the shy guy. He helped me find PH on a server. It took ages to find her but it was worth it. Such a helpful penguin. Thanks for reading! - Best Fishes!


Wow congrats! And I think you should pick my friend kimberlee476, she is really kind to all players on club penguin and is always willing to lend a hand when someone needs it, i hope you pick her. c:


Hey CP, I would like to nominate my friend Venky k for Penguin of the week. He is a helpful penguin with many cool items. When I first joined CP he gave me a tour of the island and helped me play games like aqua grabber. He also taught me to play Card Jitsu! I think he totally deserves it!


I think Venky k should be the next Penguin of the week. He is a great friend and very entertaining!


Hi I Think My Buddy Floppyrosie Should Be Featured Because When I'm Sad She Cheers Me Up And If I'm Lonely She Will Play With Me! Thank You For Being a Great Buddy Floppyrosie!! Shes Also Kind To Others Not Just Me And Shes The Bestest Freind To Talk To If Ur Alone


floppyrosie and I just had an EPIC party and she also made cookies and milk (christmas igloo catalog decoration) Which was EPIC!
Shes An Awesome Pal And I Just wanted to say Thx!

Thx For Listening!
Ella xxxx

Waddle On Cp!


i think tastics should be penguin of the week because she is so rare and so friendly


Hey daffo I have a really good friend named 10pillow. She is allways on te look out for penguins to make friends with and allways gives people a helping hand with things such as helping people win coins telling people how to enjoy cp to the maximum and allways try's making great igloos. Good luck nominees!

Cool Dud9:

I think you should do AVAANDANNA because she is always loyal to friends and she works hard no matter what (fun fact when she jumps up and down she toots) -Cool Dud9


I would like to nominate my friend, Dupple, as penguin of the week! He is such a caring penguin, whether it is with his friends or his Puffles! He will always do something to make your day that bit better, by either playing a game of Card-Jitsu with you or helping you collect a new stamp (which he has every single one!). He is an awesome player and a pleasure to have to the community! Thanks Club Penguin :)


Hey! I have said this for weeks on and i will say it again because he is so special to me. My little brother spymicah is amazing.He friends anyone and everyone who asks and is an awesome decorator.Please pick him it would mean a lot.Waddle on,


i think you should pick my friend because he is super loyal and funny. he loves cp. he is even a mamber. also, he is great at the puffle rescuing. his name is legotommy06 and his other account is called epfagent345. please friend him and select him as penguin of the eek

kind regards nathan


I think that DJ Cool 11 should be penguin of the week as he is always a good friend and when I was new (im not anymore as im 1390 days old) he guided me about and helped me gain more clothes and coins he hosts great parties and encourages people to go on cp and to vote on BAFTA :)


I think that my friend indy 123 potw because he is always a great friend and helps me out when I do not understand something. He takes great care of his puffles and he is a great agent. He also makes cool partys and dresses up cool.


I nominate Redchampion1, for being a great friend and helps me a lot, is very supportive of the other penguins! Know make great parties, tour guide and is an excellent ninja! It is also a good player in Find Four!




I think my penguin Loo Loo 2667 should because she helps others and shes VERY friendly! And funny:)


I think my buddy penny15234 should be penguin of the week


I think Thinknoodles should be POTW because he makes awesome party walkthroughs to help everyone, throws EPIC igloo parties, and is just a good friend! Please make Thinknoodles POTW

Life 2014:

I think my friend Penguin 4867 should be the POTW becouse he has an AWESOME IGLOO, he likes to cheer people up when they are sad and he helpes others almost everytime. AND HE IS GOLDEN!! NO JOKE HE HAS TONS OF GOLDEN ITEMS AND A GOLDEN PUFFLE I SAW THAT! And he also loves to earn stamps and donate almost every coin he has at COINS FOR CHANGE. Thanks to his donations he has the TOP VOLUNTEER stamp and the EPIC VOLUNTEER stamp!


Hi, I Would Like To Nominate Floppyrosie For The POTW Because She Always Cheers Me Up And Brightens My Day And When ever Im Around She Will Meet Me And Have A Great Time. Her Friends List Is Uncount Able! She Will Make About 17 Friends A Day. She Is A Awesome Friend And I'm So Grateful For It! Thx Club Penguin! Waddle On!

coke c cola:

I think that my friend skipper789 should be potw he is always very nice and careing to his friends. he is also very good at helping penguins out. and the one last thing nomatter what a penguins igloo looks like if he go's there he always always clicks like


I think Pacman3214 should be penguin of the week because he is a terrific friend. Together we have spent about 200 coins in postcards.


I think you should do my friend Foster9880 because he is creative, he never gives up, and he is an awesome friend.


hi I have seen you around CP and I think you are amazing and smart even though you are a Pookie or a big sis or a middle or a mom waddle on!

Lord Cookie:

I think my friend Carlin125 should be penguin of the week, he helps other penguins, cheers them up when they're feeling down, chats with a lot of people all day and he's really funny!

Waddle on my penguin friends and i hope Carlin125 will be next penguin of the week!


I think Olinek22 should be it. He has been my best friend ever since the 3rd grade and he assists me and winning Card-Jitsu matches and I try to help him find mascots, though I usually fail. We have both been on Club Penguin a long time and I just think he deserves a chance in the spotlight. We're an inseparable team.


I think my friend Sharkman253 should be the next penguin of the week because he totally rocks! He throws awesome igloo parties and is a good friend when you need him. He will pick you up when your feeling down. His igloo is amazing! CP pick Sharkman253 for penguin of the week , he's an totally awesome penguin!


I think Auwdwee242 should be penguin of the week because she always helps me with how to do games and she makes great igloos and outfits! She's very sweet and helpful, so definitely choose her!!


Hi, I think my best friend Joey67548 should be the Penguin of the Day. I think he should be penguin of the day because he is very generous and if someone needs help or if someone is feeling sad, he is there to cheer them up and because he throws AWESOME parties in his iggy.


pls post my friend Tymek2002! he helped me save the puffles and tried to repair the EPF command room!!!!!!

wege pants:

yeah pick my friend Tymek2002 for the POTW! he helped me with my puffles when they were ill :D


Yep everyone Pick the nicest person called Tymek2002 he also helped me out when i couldnt do a EPF mission!!!! :D hope he wins


I think Diamondk2 should be penguin of the week for being an AWESOME friend who loves to make penguins smile.

Lavender6351 :

I think it should be Diamondk2 who is always happy and loves to make new friends.


i think Shyguyööööö should be next penguin of the week cuz he is a very good friend and he hangs out with me every time he is online so he deserves the Beta Hat (if you not allow the beta hat choose the black sunglasses instead) and 10,000 coins and if you shyguyööööö watch this and im quiting this game one time (or not) i,we are always best friends! By Skipper70277


Like your igloo


I also think it should be Ice Burg 77 because she is always helping me and I am helping her she is a good friend.


I think Jdknoebel should be a penguin of the week for being an AWESOME friend.


I think Auwdwee242 should be Penguin Of The Week because she's played Club Penguin for a long time, she's always been really nice to others (especially her friends), and she's still really enthusiastic about the game! (she's also rlly cool c'mon guys)


i think you should make my good friend joeypengie potw because he is so AWESOME!!!!!! his iggy is always so epic so please make him potw because he is so awesome and he means a lot to me so please


I think the next POTW should be Btrlover8572. I think she deserves this, because she is such a good friend, and an amazing roll model. For example, when she was new, I help her around, but when one HER friends were new, SHE would show them around. (Plus she has 20 puffles to take care for!)

Waddle on, and have a safe and jolly Christmas!


I think my freind Stylish100 beacause she shares her CP knowledge,she always cheers penguins up when they are feeling down,AND she is a very good freind!


if you don't pick saimia101 please pick Lara. Lara has been a wonderful friend too. On cp we have a group its Lara ,Saima101,pearpup,jamie,amber,ninapo, and out of all of them Lara and samia101 have been the best friends you could have on cp. if you run into any of them say hi! they are awesome pick one of them

Mr Bubb:

I think you choose Mr Sitrus because he's a very loyal friend. He has this super-fantabulous igloo from when had the star wars takeover and i know you'll love it Daffo. He's also a great EPF agent, he helps me with spy drills, he loves the EPF operations, and he's very content on getting the latest gear to be prepped for missions. Lastly he helps people when they're down :(. He's always cheerful and doing as much as he can to help out.

The culprit:

I think Horsegirl573 should be penguin of the day because she has helped people around and showed them the ropes. She also is super friendly and will do anything for a puffle. please please let her be penguin of the day


I think Teart should be the next POTW because she is always helping new penguins by giving them tours. She also shows her club penguin spirit by throwing tipping parties at the iceberg or organizing a concert at the lighthouse. Waddle on club penguin! :)


My best friend tenderheart4 should be penguin of the week because she is really nice to everyone on the island and never tries to hurt their feelings by saying things like 'i'm going to report you'. It's also her birthday next week so please make her birthday wish come true!!
I really want her to get this as she absolutely LOVES cp!
waddle on!
(p.s) PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think you should have my friend, 2012crd, be POTW because she is a kind penguin who always gives coins to coins for change. She has the most creative igloos and is always looking for new friends. She has only been on Club Penguin one year, but she has loved it since the first day. She loves being an EPF agent and going on missions. Well, hope you chose her and until then........Waddle On!


wow thats realy great but if you also try like him then now you can also be a rescuer and a great agent like i have also rescued all five puffles of each colour.


I think Gatorfan999. He is an expert agent. And is friendly to everyone!!!


I would like to nominate my buddy, Been08, for POTW. She always cheers me or anyone up when they are sad. She has the best fashion in my opinion. And she always gives me tips on games and missions! :)


I Think you should have HazelGirl my friend for penguin of the week shes got an amazing animal habitat for rescued puffles! and she has a bow and arrows for defense against Herbert!


My best penguin buddy Auroracow deserves next weeks POTW award because of how generous and kind he is! Not only does he help penguins out, he answers any questions that they have. His igloos are also AMAZING for every party! You should really check out his Operation puffle igloo it's super cool.


He sounds so awesome just let him be penguin of the week


Hello, I think that my best friend Extreme37387 should be Penguin of the Week! Let me explain why, he is the kind of person that will be their for you when you need him most, he is the kind of person that will take his time to help others like find an item or guide you somewhere you want to be! That is why I think Extreme37387 should be Penguin of the Week!

jo girl12:

i think sweetlove43 should be penguin of the week because she is very creative and whenever someone throws a party she goes so no one feels like they dont matter she can be very dramatic but in a great way! she deserves to be penguin of the week more then anyone!!!!!


My brother Shubbs03 should win POTW because he likes to cheer up penguins when they are feeling down and he has a awesome style! Plus he always likes to play games with penguins all around the island!


I think my friend Po100 should be POTW because she is a great friend and she is always on clubpenguin and is very fun nd will always lend a helping hand!


I think you should check my igloo out cause well it is really epic, you need to check it out. It is perfect for my puffles, they love living there.


My Cousin Yayxiamon45 had an extra account so he gave me it! He Showed Me Around And Played Missions With Me! And He Even Helps Me Get Items I At Partys And When Ever hes on we play hide and seek together and not only with me he even asks random people to play with us and In multiplayer games!!! He even downloaded this app for me called the penguin app and i check out the blog everyday! This is why yayxiamon45 .my cousin. should be penguin of the day!

Bella Gold16:

Well done! Anyway could I please nominate my BFF Pocoyo111. I want to nominate her because when i was new to club penguin and had no friends( and was not a member) She still stood up for me and showed me around around and gave me all the information about club penguin. We have been BFFs since the day I was on club penguin and she is always so kind to me and is a great example of how people should be like on club penguin! That's why I nominate Pocoyo111 for Penguin of the week. ♥Bella Gold♥


That Sounds like a Awesome BFF to have! Anyways, You can nominate Pocoyo111 at I would love to see Pocoyo111 as POTW myself!

CP Player.


WOW!Your friend sounds like an awesome penguin!We will think about it.OK?


I think pingu23240 is a nice penguin because when he sees someone sad he go's over to them and asks them if there okay then he be's friends with them to make them happy if that does not work then he sends them a postcard!he takes his time and skills to make people happy!When he has the time he likes to show penguins costumes and places he has two accounts so he gave me one he has so many friends[shows that he cares for penguins]about 111,983 friends so thats why i think he should be p of week!


I think it would be awsome to be penguin of the day cause I would like people from club penguin see how creative I am with my Igloo and my profile that is inspired in "Operation Black out" and "Operation Puffle" cause I take my Secret Agent job really serious and allways on the lookout for Herbert and his evil schemes. I have allways wanted to meet Herbert but I never find him in time even though I´m in the same server at the same standerd time he is. I hope you choose me! Wadle on!


i would like to be the POTW because i saved up 40,000+ coins to donate to coins for change

Bubbles 115:

I think my friend Bobson28287 should be penguin of the week because when penguins can't find something like a pin he will help those penguins find it.That's why I want him to be penguin of the week.


I think my friend SwaggerLord9 should be penguin of the week because he loves to help other penguins,every time he tries to meet a mascot he is so loyal and patient that he doesn't leave the room when other people are,He loves to take care of puffles and last he LOVES club penguin operations every day when i log on it says he's online and when i am in the same server I always see him trying to save the island




Hey CP Team! I think Bmont5 should become POTW because he made me my account, gave me membership, has awesome parties, is a friend to every penguin no matter who they are, and loves to play CP! He are a great example of how you should play and behave online because he always follows the rules applied. He also knows alot about CP! (Was a tour guide) Please nominate him for POTW! (P.S. The reason our in game names are similar is because we are very good friends in real life and in CP)


I think Buddy4338 might be a good candidate for Penguin of the Week because of his "golden" personality! He loves helping others and hopes players ask if they are new and need a tour. He'd be happy to help. I think he is good for this because he is a loyal companion and loves to play. He loves to care for his puffles, and likes to walk them around the island. He has a LOT! He invites his friends to check out his EPIC igloo. Also, congratulations to Sir Sillines! Thanks CP, and WADDLE ON!!!!! :-)


Sophie669 she is my best friend in the whole world she deserves it so please choose her please





I think my friend, Tymek2002 should be POTW because he's very helpful and he offers a lot to new penguins!


Hey the next POTW should be Tymek2002 because he so nice,fun,and a really good friend!He should be the next POTV :D!!
Everyone choose POTV :3!


My friend uncle ross is cool he is nice and the best penguin ever you should pick him, I wish Id get picked but uncle ross is the one to beat


you should pick uncle ross he knows everything and super nice


I think my friend Fitz1209 should be penguin of the week because he is very nice to penguins and is never mean he always is happy to help one time he told a penguin how to add music he is a very helpful penguin and very nice to so that's who I think the penguin of the week bye now.


i think 1aaron1 should be penguin of the week he is nice to other penguins and i he has fab fashion ideas
has igloo party's with his buddies and he says a lot of nice things to say to everyone and likes there iggy everyday
so i wanna nominate 1aaron1


pick uncle ross search him up he's great everything about him is penguin of the week worthy! Not to mention he is an awesome agent and a incredible ninja fighting herbert and enemy ninjas heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhya


I think Bubblefun600 should be penguin of the week because #1 shes my sister, and #2 she is SUCH a good player and says yes to every buddy request! that is why i think she should be penguin of the week! :)


and 1aaron1 i met him when i first time i started in 2010 he showed me everything about cp he's awesome and he thinks the same about his friends he likes all his friends cause he plays with them all the time I'm nominating 1aaron1 -snowflake


Stellar! I think that Lucasstar 1 should be nominated because without him I wouldn't have even known about Club Penguin. He showed me how to get around, the main functions, how to play games, and about the blog too. He also loves helping others on Club Penguin. He also throws great parties in his Party-themed igloos.


Hiya CP, I think that my friend Neil2002 should be Penguin Of The Week... he's really nice and friendly with everyone, and is there to help others. He's a really kind person :).


I think willruk12 should be POTW because he is such a good friend and helps me a lot around the island and well done sir sillines have fun with ur green Viking helmet!


Hi There! Kileyiceburg Should Be POTW because she is really nice,and rare! She is a EPF agent and a tour guide! She answers and asks questions and has creative ideas and igloos! Pool Parties,beach parties,halloween parties,Christmas parties and more! She is a member too! She helps me out too if I need something or can't find the new pin! She also supports Pookies and pets! She also adopts Pookies so they can't be lonely! Isn't that nice?i hope her Christmas party is awesome!!


Puffball7890 is awesome! She's a non-member and she helps out people! She tours people around club penguin,and saves the island from Herbert! She dresses up and re-arranges her igloo to show her style! Vote her or your crazy!! She's awesome and so nice!! :)


I really think Icerey123 should be POTW because he's kind, fun, and a really great EPF agent who gives me tips on System Defender and Spy Drills. He also has a great imagination because he makes up things like blue Puffles with red spots.P.S.He's also my brother and I don't know what I would do without him!!! #Waddle on CP! ;)


I think jayray22 should get it she is always looking around to see if anyone is being left out or bullied if she sees it she reports the person being mean she is very caring


Alice53823 is my best friend ever!! She has reported anyone and is always honest. It's been really bad for her because her grandpa just died, and she is constantly on club penguin. I think it would make her feel better if she was the penguin if the week so she has something to be happy about. She's my best friend and is always caring. Honestly I think it would make her week if you made her lengthiness of the week please I really care about her and want her to be happy. Until then waddle on cp!!


Superb! I think Alice53823 should be penguin of the week. I'm a non member and she always dresses like me so I don't have to feel bad about not being able to wear all those cool clothes. She is a honest and loyal friend who takes the epf seriously, and she likes to give me tips on how to be a better on. She always dresses for the time of the season, and there's not ones day that her house isn't rocking with parties. She always reports people of she sees them being bullies. She is my best friend!


Hey cp team! I nominate Alice53823 for penguin of the week. She's my sister and she's saving up 60,000 dollars for coineds for change so she can put 20,000 in each of the slots. When I fist came to cp she showed my around,everyplace(even the hidden ones), every game,and basically everything! She is the best epf agent, tour guide, and without her you would loose one of your best cp tour guides, and epf event. I'm not saying this because she's my sister I'm saying because she cares about everyone.


I think my friend Caroline869 should be penguin of the week. I think this because when we meet with my friends in real life on Club Penguin, if a few don't show up she worries and hopes that they are okay.


I think my friend, Ozzy Scab should be Penguin of the week because he is was so helpful to me and other new penguins when we first started playing. He's been having fun and sharing joy on club penguin since 2007 and still considers himself to be a PSA agent meaning he looks out for bullies so he can report them to a moderator and help keep clubpenguin safe and fun for everyone. I think it would mean a lot to him if he was selected for penguin of the week, thank you.


Hi Club Penguin Team!

I think my friend Stravent should make a great POTW!
Personalities about him:
-Stands up to people being cyber-bullied
-never got banned
-shows respect towards others
-follows rules
-Has Fun!

So I really hope you choose Stravent as POTW! He would be really excited!



I think chicklett1 should be potw because I know she just wrote about me but she I kind caring and the best big sis I could ever have!
Rock on chicklett1!


i think khadeejaha1 because she is kind,helpful , very caring and fun


I saved all 5 puffles for each color

Melanie's BFF:

I think my friend Mell18 should be penguin of the week because she has been playing CP for almost 6 years now! When I first joined she taught me all about the EPF, how to play games, and become friends. She's always helping other penguins out too. Whenever someone asks a question she'll always be one of the first to answer. I also know her in real life and she is always doing volunteer service on the weekends, serving food to the homeless or reading books to younger kids at the library.


I think Daisy36436 should be Penguin Of The Week because she is caring, honest, reports bad people, and is noble. She Is also my sister! :O


I think that klairecasl should get POTW because she's always caring, and she doesn't leave anyone out, or bystands. She includes anyone and everyone to her parties!! Also, she lets anyone be her friend. She also is kind towards puffles as well. If someone is being mean, she will report them to a moderator. She is also an active EPF agnet, seeking to ruin Herbert's plans, and convert him into a nice polar bear.


Hi, I really think my friend Red Flame28 should be POTW. I met him a year ago and he helps me a lot of things from that moment. He always try's to make a little sketch out of everything. And he cares so good for his puffles, if one of the stats isn't full, he makes sure they're all full again so his puffle is happy. And even when he's covered in homework, he'll always make time to play Club Penguin. That's why i think he should be POTW.


I love Club Penguin!!! I know someone who loves Club Penguin ,and the planet. Her name is Rainbow71109. She is always so kind and always caring for our planet!!

patrick 39:

i think sbob04 should be penguin of the week he just is a great friend always got my back makes me feel better when im sad he is just cool he throws partys just hes just epic


Hi CP! I think Ranibow71109 should be penguin of the week. She is always so sweet to me and really cares about the planet!


please make me penguin of the week this week


I think that my brother's penguin Coolmario867 should be penguin of the week not because of promoting to save the world or have friends or parties I think that because I think he would be because whenever he's with me we have cool parties save the world and have new friends! All in one together who is with me about their brother or sister anyone because theres no need to be alone when you got friends and family around right who is with me?! We can change the world by peace and not war CP rules!


Hi guys! I just wanted to nominate my best friend called Alien X 1 he is a GREAT penguin! When I log first ever he helped me a lot! He likes to help penguins,make cakes, take care of my puffles, he likes to say something good to penguins to make them happy and he likes to dance and sing thank you guys for listening! :)


I think Orange614 should be PTOW because he is kind, helpful, and recommends Club Penguin to many of his friends.

Hq sy ruru:

Can i be the POTW this week?plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz

Hq sy ruru:

Could my friend CELEBCALO be the POTW next week?he always gives a hand!(not litterally)plz plz plz.he's veeeery nice

Waddle on club penguin!


good guy.

Pink Power3:

Hey cp! The next POTW Should be Blue secret! Shes funny, and always hangs out with me. Plus Christmas is coming and I want to surprise her :) She always makes me smile when im blue.

Dippity Dog:

I think powercards50


Lovebrunomar, because hes super funny and very caring and thoughtful,


I think Kupcake48 should be penguin of the day! Bye, Cutiekemp124


I think Cutiekemp124 should be penguin of the day.
Bye ,Bye!


i think buddy14402 should be the penguin of the week becuase he is loyal , he helps others , he's friendly and it will mean alot to him =)


Hia Daffo! I'd like my friend Kcmv, to be penguin of the week because she always helps me around all though the island! She sticks up for all penguins and also helps them too! The last thing is that she makes everyone smile,laugh and feel like home. Thank you for your support! Peanybird2


I think maimai2 should be penguin of the week she nice always there when you need her she never mean she is nice to everyone she is nice kind and amazing and she's the best friend anyone could ask for she's there when your lonely when ever somebody's upset she's the first one when she sees a penguin in need she goes there right away she is equal to everyone and deserves to be penguin of the week maimai2 is never mean to non-members to like me best nicest penguin ever please pick her :) !!!!!!!


I think my sister cuty5003 should be penguin of the week because she is always nice to other penguins and when ever somebody's sad she makes them smile :) she is always there for everyone is club penguin she never has been banned or rude to other penguins she loves this game it would mean so much to her to be penguin of the week she doesn't care if someone's a member or not she's friends with everyone I cant remember one time she's been mean she's amazing please pick her for penguin of the week


I think LegoVictor Is really nice and his house looks awesome Also Toylomy Hes super nice and is house and costume are so awesome


my friend bellae7 should be penguin of the week, she is my best friend but i deleted her by acciedent and i can't find her anywhere! She would probably be really pleased to be penguin of the week! she is funny and loves to dress up as funny people. and she has an awesome zombie survival it is cool! she is the best friend i had!


I think you should chose takeway as penguin of the week. He was the one who told me too join club penguin. he inspired me to join. he told me how club penguin was like how parties were like. when i joined he helped me a lot of club penguin. He would show me the places on club penguin. We both even went searching for pins together. He is a friendly penguin. He showed me everything in club penguin. even tho i wasnt a memeber he was. he helped me a lot. He should be penguin of the day! he is great.


I think my friend Bigmail should be POTW because he helped me with the Puffle Rescue, and was being a great help to me, without him, I could've never figured it out! Plus he was being very nice to me, and other penguins, he's a very good friend.


Hey CP team. I think my buddy Mqueen95 should be POTW because he's the best tour guide you will ever meet. When I first discovered club penguin back in 2007, he showed me all around the island . He showed me the Plaza and the Town and even the Iceberg. Another reason is he's the most friendliest friend you'll ever have . You can play games with him all day! . You can dance in the dance club or sip cups of coffee in the coffee shop or just eat a slice of pizza in the parlor. He is my best friend.


My friend Eesca is a good friend because most of the time he sees me he helps me in what I need help with.

-Waddle on

King Mondo:

I think that my friend Burst Flame should be nominated for the Penguin of the Week next because he is very kind to the penguins that need help with something such as finding mascots, finding pins, hidden items, and quests or missions during parties. Almost everyday i see one penguin ask for a postcard from him and i believe it's because of his great personality and friendliness towards not only me, but new penguins as well. Please consider nominating my friend, i really think he deserves it.


Please make my brother, Boobear790, Penguin of the Week, he raises money for charity and always donates coins for Coins for Change to all of the catagories every year, every single coin. I would also like to surprise him with the Green Viking Helmet because he has helped me alot. Thank You CP, Waddle On



i think all of us for being who we are


I think that Anoymous01 should be penguin of the week


I think my friend Xender5 should get POTW Because He helps me and is nice and we always wait for the awesome partys and he is my best bro and he helps me if I find bugs and im always online my best server me and my bro is on Big Foot :D I hope he wins!


I think my friend Xender5 should get POTW Because He helps me and is nice and we always wait for the awesome partys and he is my best bro and he helps me if I find bugs and im always online my best server me and my bro is on Big Foot :D I hope he wins!


It's not about this but why is there no Advent calenders come on Clubpenguin,make one!Please.

blu lu:

HEY cp team!
There is this persons igloo which has a box portal in it.
I am sooooo jealous and want you to bring back the box dimension portal as soon as possible as a secret item in the next igloo catalog.
PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ! I LOVE THIS ITEM! it lets you access the room before the april fools party!

Penguin oak:

Hello! my brother plays club penguin his cp name is blu lu and i love him so much so i would like to give POTW to him cause he dosnt have any friends on cp but he has been on for 3 years now. his friend button dosnt work anymore and he cant recive friend requests. I would like to make him feel better with this nomination. also he is nice to other penguins and trys to help out whenever he can.


I think that the penguin of the week should be raptor116 because he is playful, tells great jokes to make you laugh and is an active and encouraging EPF Agent. He should be the penguin of the week or at lest day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Aww, now I really want to be Penguin of the Week. :(
What kind of other items will you give away?

Mr Black 12:

Can you please post my best friend Bazooka35? He is a loyal dedicated penguin and wishes to help everyone he can! He also gives a TON of coins to "Coins for Change" and is very nice to everyone he meets! PLEASE post him before he heads to college!


Daffo can you next year work on Operation SANTA!


After you give away a head, shoe, clothing item or something, you should give the next POTW a rare igloo item or igloo! It would be really cool!


Hello I am the Pairuus
and wish my friend Leopingsouto
is the penguin of the week!
he loves the CP, adventurous and have a great
I like to decorate your igloo!
would be so cool if it would be the penguin of the week!


Hy club penguin team. I think my friend indy 123 would be a great POTW. He takes great care of his puffles and he always helps me when i don't understand something. He is a great and loyal agent. If somebody would deserve to be the penguin of the week he would. Lol scheichi


I think Storm169 is a good friend.He always help people.Last week, a penguin don't know how to drill(at the berg:P) and he teach the penguin how! He is so cool,awesome and...what's the word?...Oh yeah, A good friend!He should be a POTW!!!


hi cp
please post pingpolo1 as penguin of the week as he is very kind just like you busy penguins in the USA
pingpolo 1 is just a really kind penguin and can help out with any problems
he really deserves to be penguin of the week


I think Snozone1 should be POTW because he is nice to his friends and he is great at touring new penguins around the wonderful island of Club Penguin


No offense but I can't see the igloo! Can you move the penguin photo please? Thanks!
Waddle on!

P.S I don't think you should do exclusive items for POTW, it wouldn't be fair i think you should only do rare items.


my pal evieM2 should be penguin of the week cause when ever a penguin admits they are not good at something she says they are terrific.She helped me turn on the laser lights in my igloo.She is such a good friend and I think she should get to be penguin of the week.


I think my sis Oreo06543 should be penguin of the day because, she is a very kind person and helps others. She even taught me how to beat Herbert. I hope you understand why Oreo06543 should be penguin of the day.


I think my sis Oreo06543 should be penguin of the day because, she is a very kind person and helps others. She even taught me how to beat Herbert. I hope you understand why Oreo06543 should be penguin of the day.


i think my friend Leopard676 should be POTW(penguin of the week),because she is a hardworking EPF agent and she saved all the puffles and she,s such a great friend!You should meet her!


i think my friend Leopard676 should be POTW(penguin of the week),because she is a hardworking EPF agent and she saved all the puffles and she,s such a great friend!You should meet her!


I want my buddy, Agent Lexie, to be penguin of the week, the reason that I think he would make an excellent choice. Here are my reasons

1. He never gets late to a party and does the job, and helps other penguins enjoy the party too!
2. He helps members of club penguin know where they are, what to do, is very kind to everyone and helps people in general.
3. He throws the most epic party's at his igloo and he deserves a real big achievement for the latest one he has thrown.
4. He is awesome


My pal Pritiksha should be the penguin of the week! She is a member and a popstar! She could even invite the club penguin team to her home! She is my best friend in real life too. You guys can come to her house every day! She is online a lot!

Thanks, Shan2e


I know a guy named Freenk. He cant play online cuz his computer is broken but he is vary nice to penguins on the Ipad!


I think that maile7 should be penguin of the week because she is always playing on club penguin. she enjoys helping out at the EPF. She loves puffles and is an awesome friend (and penguin)!


please let my bud milabluered be penguin of the week when someone is feeling super sad he cheers them up by friending them and he saved a lot of puffles in operation puffle he warns penguins about operations he is good!!!!!


I think my friend Cutiegirl111 should be POTW, because she helps me with a lot. She is also really nice and if you have a problem, she'll always be their for you!


let my bud milabluered be penguin of the week he is the best he helped me defeat Herbert it was awesome he cheers me up when I am sad and everybody else so let him be penguin of the week please!!!!!!!!


I vote my buddy big feet 859 she's one super penguin pal she's kind and helpful!


I would like to vote my awesome pal Waddles4236 just today we ran into each other and she was so happy to see me!


I know I already voted Waddles4236 but she just helped me save my puffles and return peace to Clubpenguin


Dear CP,
My BFF Waddles4236 should be the next POTW because she hunts for pins, is a hard working tourist, and THROWS AWESOME IGLOO PARTIES! Her igloo parties are out of this world! She gives a friend a helping hand when they need it. She is so sweet and after each tour she gives you 1 postcard! CP team you need to vote for Waddles4236 because she the best penguin in the whole WORLD!


i was penguin of the week before i got a week membership!

Dj Stores:

Wow! It's great to see everyone have so many great friends! I have a friend to nominate myself, their penguin name is Pengiunepic. They've always been a great help to me in real life when I've ever been upset, since we've both switched schools now, I only see him on CP. He's just an absolutely lovely, down to earth, genuinely nice person.


I think Hip Hop 794 should be penguin of the week. He helps a lot of penguins along the island giving them tours! Plus since he was so helpful donating his money to the poor and he has time to play club penguin!


I think my best buddy Sammy720 should be the next penguin of the week! he is very kind and also he NEVER says no to a friend request, so pleeeaase let him be the next penguin of the week :D!


I think SillySara77 should be POTD because she is nice and caring for others and loves Puffles and she is my7 BFF she is awesome and lives in my same state and loves CP! waddle on cp!


I think Taylor67255 should be POTD because she respects EPF and is loyal and kind sometimes medium and she is my BFF and loves CP! Have fun on deciding on that lucky winner and I would be voting on myself but that would be cheating and waddle on!


hiya everyone I think llattitude10 should get POTW as soon as he allways plays games with me hes the most friendliest friend I have so please give him POTW please club penguin give him POTW!!!!!!!!!!!


I think Blacky720 is the best friend and best penguin ever! She always helps me with games and tells me how to defeat Herbert's horrible plans! She is nice to everyone and you can count on her for help! Thats why I think Blacky720 should be penguin of the day! :)



Hi Cp! I think Blacky720 should be penguin of the week! She's a great friend! She's nice to everyone! She always makes everyones day brighter. She really wants the Queens Crown. I think she deserves it for being such a great penguin and being such a nice friend! She always makes my day brighter when im down! I think Blacky720 should definently be penguin of the week! Waddle on!(:


I think my best friend Sandyus should be penguin of the week! Shes so caring, never gives up and is determined to help others :). She always makes me feel happy when I'm feeling down and tells some pretty funny jokes. She loves to help others and is a very nice friend! She also helps me earn some coins. That's why I think Sandyus should be Penguin of the week.

PS. Not to mention, you should be her friend, too!


Hello! I think that Kotek123 should be penguin of the day! Shes awesome! Shes a great friend and shes very caring! She makes everyones day brighter! She really really wants the queens crown and the purple sparkly shoes! She should get it and she should be penguin of the week! Waddle on!! (:


I think my friend Blacky720 should be penguin of the week. Shes super nice and will help anyone! She helps me all the time and is super funny! :) Shes a trustworthy person and you can trust her with anything. She should totally be penguin of the week! :) She helps me when I'm sad, shes caring, respectful and a wonderful penguin.

Waddle on!


Why hello there cp! I think Kotek123 should be penguin of the day! She great, shes helpful, and shes an awesome sport! She makes new friends everyday! She adds anyone she meets! Kotek123 is awesome! She really wants queens crown and sparkly purple shoes! P.s! I think everyone should add her! Waddle on!


I should be the next penguin of the week! Because I have been playing club penguin since 2010 and have always wanted to help everyone as much as I can. (I dont actually think self-promoting is allowed but its worth a shot)


Congratulations! :D

Daisy cx:

Hey there! I think Kotek123 is a great sport! She should be penguin of the week! Shes great shes fun shes caring shes awesome! We are good friends! Shes amazinnnnng! She should totes be penguin of the week!

Waddle onn! :D


I think the POTW should my buddy, Samantha3124. She is a great friend and has THE COOLEST IGLOOS! Can't wait to see what's next for CP.
But for now... WADDLE ON!


The next POTW should be my brill penguin pal, David 3436. He nominated me for POTW and that just shows how great he is! What a brill buddy! Anyways, Can't wait to see what the future has in store for Cp! Waddle on!


I think frizz3 should be the POTW because always buys the BEST costumes and goes by theme.


i think my best friend mickxmickey3 could have a chance to be penguin of the day because she can make you feel comfortable when your lonely and have nothing to do on club penguin and has a cool igloo and can make a cool party in club penguin


i think my best friend mickxmickey3 could have a chance to be penguin of the day because she can make you feel comfortable when your lonely and have nothing to do on club penguin and has a cool igloo and can make a cool party in club penguin


I think my friends Kdl322 should be POTW. She is a loyal friend. She helped a kid when they were getting bullied and she makes everyone feel better when they are down. She also hangs out with people that are lonley and she helps everyone out telling where things are and how to get something. She visits igloos a lot and she likes every single one of them. She always plays with me when she knows I'm online. She helps me decorate my igloo. She wishes she could have a old sweatshirt.Pick Kdl322


I think you should choose my friend Jellopets . She tells lots of riddles and loves all of her puffles. She make me feel better and we hang out a lot. She also is a tour guide and helps people who are new and shows them all the hotspots on club penguin. She is a very social butterfly


I think 1019c should be penguin of the week because he is a good friend and he throws awesome parties


i think Niki210 should be the penguin of the week because she is very nice ,she cares about other people,and she is mybff.Thanks


I think Nl75180 should get it becuase he has cool stuff in his house.

Kai Ninjazx:

To me that should be Yeins 44100, is very friendly and I was taught not to give up because I thought I never would win a stamp though once quize not be your friend, then decided acerlo and it was my best choice and has treated me well worth the penguin of the week. Please put it deserves.

Enter nickname:

I think my friend kampingo should be the penguin of the week because my friend kampingo is very friendly



Can you somehow make me Penguin Of The Week?

P.S. Congrats!!!! ;)

The Disco123:

I think KuteKrazee should be POTW. She's awesome, energetic, cool, caring, creative, nice, and has an awesome sense of humor! She's always there for me and always laughs at my jokes! Please make her POTW!


I think hailey3561 should be it because she's really nices she's a good friend


I think abby3894 should be the penguin of the week coz she's a awesome friend and she's really nices


I think nemachu is a very brill penguin!! He is always there for me! :D


can we nomanmate are selfs


I think you should do my friend morgan33223 because when I asked her to be my friend she was exited and she didn't say no because I'm not a member and my penguin isn't cool. She also never gives up and she didn't be my friend just cause


I think that kannoo would be a great choice. He throws awesome igloo parties, does giveaways for codes, gives tours to new penguins online, and is a great contributor to the community. When I first joined Club Penguin, he was the one who helped me get to know the area and layout better. He was my first friend, and he really helped me get a hold of Club Penguin. It was a great welcome to have someone like that to be there helping penguins.


I think my friend Sandyus should be nominated for POTW because shes an AMAZING friend. We've been friends since we started cp which was a very long time ago. She is fun, and helps everyone around the island. She loves to make others laugh and is very nice! She likes to make cool igloos and invite her friends over to have fun! Shes a amazing puffle hero and stopped Herbert from his evil plans! She should be penguin of the week!

Waddle on!


I think 4bubba1, he is a loyal friend and plays with anyone who wants to play. He should be POTW!


My friend widdison should be penguin of the week for helping me and my friends he is nice. He thinks about working for club penguin.

LA DE DA7277:

I think that lyda2303 should be penguin of the week because she works in the coffee shop 24/7 and is a great boss and is really fair!




i think you should do my friend zcat1006 because she is the bestest friend i have ever had we have been friends since we were babies! she helps if i am sad, she is super funny, she makes me feel so lucky to have a friend like her,and if someone asks to be her friend she will always say yes! i hope you pick her because i love to see her happy! =)


I think my BFF Bunny26889 should be the POTW because she always makes me laugh,she showed me around when i was new,
and she cheers me up when I'm blue!


I think that Gary should be penguin of the week because he is helpful to club penguin he makes inventions and he makes people laugh and exited so that's why Gary should be penguin of the week waddle on!


Hey guys! As Poilkoi said I am friend with "Alien X 1" too and he is right he likes to help others and he is a great penguin and he likes to make laugh other penguin so I think he would be the POTW :)


chat2menow1 because she had been a member for over 2300 days thats over 6 years and shes STILL ACTIVE!! She has a really kind heart and is amazing at making friends!!! She's always telling jokes to make everyone happy!


I think cali702 should win because she is loving and careing on clubpenguin. She is always helping other penguins out! She loves to make new penguin friends! Cali702 should win a prize and 10,000 coins!! :)


My amazing friend, Goldenkate07, is the best! POTW her please! And she's new and pretty cool, always helps, So if you do, I WILL GIVE A WHOPPING THANK YOU!


My best friend , Littlegiant6 deserves potw because he is always online, and is willing to play with anyone. He always donates coins for change and is always caring for friends


I think cheukki123 should be potw because he is caring and loves puffles.
He's an great friend and he's nice to people too!YEP LOL XD ID ;) :) HAHA


i think that Letka111 should be the POTW.She is amazing.She likes animals, but mostly penguins!Shes loving,caring,encouraging and super fun!

Bill BG:

I think you will like my friend Vladitor35. He isn't a member, but he has amazing style and very cool outfits! His house is cool, too. You must check him :) He gives maximal help to everyone and he likes to help. I know, he can be Penguin of the week, because he's very cool and lovely. Thank you! Waddle on.

banter man:

I think johnaspa must be the penguin of the week.When I used to be sad and dissapointed,johnaspa was helping me with my problem.He is awesome.


I think ianito66 is a great penguin! She has style and she is very polite! I love her! She is one of all sweet penguins! Please do her the penguin of the week! I will be very happy!

123 abv 123:

Hey Club Penguin I really think my friend gadge123 should be POTW because he loves his puffles. He is my best friend and he always sends me postcards. He says me that my penguin looks awesome.!!! His iggy is awesome


Hi Daffodaily5!I have a great penguin .Nickname:yoshko
I like Club Penguin-the best game ever.Your penguin is very funny.My penguin is old member.You too.


I think Zichal should be penguin of the week because he is loyal and respects everyone so it would make my day if you would make him it.


Penguin Krisi3 is very suitable to be penguin of the week. He is a very good friend and ask you to select a penguin of the week.


Hi Club Penguin!
I think Dream Waters should be Penguin of the week because she has the most epic igloos, she helps new penguins, she is a loyal and true friend, and she likes to make others laugh and be happy!

Waddle on!


Whoa everybody wants their friends to get nominated..


Please nominate snuggpuppy, he loves puffles and is a team player


Brady148 because he is nice, helpful, he never misses ANY parties, he walks his puffles, he has some plush toys like the mummy, and frankenstein, he is creative, he comments on the blog saying his opinion, he is an AWESOME friend, he is creative, and other things like that. W
THANK YOU FOR READING THIS COMMENT AND THE OTHER COMMENTS. and other people that work here. :) :) :) :) :)


Pitdrakon because he is nice, awesome, cool, i see him a lot, we are best friends.

waddle on cp


I vote for snuggpuppy because his igloo partys are EPIC


I'm nominating Chillin43 because he makes me laugh and is a really awesome guy! He really deserves those coins and that hat!


i think redlightin12 should be nominated for potw because he is nice and fun and he loves playing with evoryone and above all he is AWESOME!


I'll like to nominate Zefs. Check his style , its not very fashionable but its strange ?.. Never mind check his style ;)

Po Po Jo:

I think Cutie Bibby should be penguin of the week. She's an amazing friend and when I first joined CP she gave me a tour of the island and showed me a great game called 'Mancala.' She's really good at it!


I hope i will get penguin of the week someday... ive been doing good things on the blizzard server but it seems you never see me... Well congrats for the other penguin W
Adle on!


i would like to nominate Bobob24 Even that he has safe chat... He is still nice he helps me out and he tells me the secrets to the missions in real life


I think 1aaron1 should be penguin of the week my friend 1aaron1 is epic he cares for all his buddies
he cares about them having fun with friends and he has awesome fashion ideas that he shares with
buddies and me i wanna nominate 1aaron1 cause he's really kind to me and all his buddies


Pinc45445 is a lovely person and he helped me around club penguin! be sure to suggest him! :) He's also very loyal and he always wanted a green viking helmet! He is currently teaching me how to make a great igloo! He helped me meet alot of mascots aswell!


I think you should pick legomario8 becouse he is
Awsome, cool,nice, and has lots of frends!

His name is legomario8


How about Richardc2003 he is really fun penguin


I think my buddy codo green should be penguin of the week because he has a funny name,an awesome igloo,really good at playing the games and has a big score,he plays with other penguins in card jitsu so they can get the suit,and is a really good friend!


Hey cp! My friends have been voting me nonstop and I want to return them the favor! I would like to vote cimchy2 Lenilee and my super penguin pal Bigfeet859 they are penguins!

Waddles4236 :

I nominate every awesome penguinriffic pal! For penguin of the week that's right you rock CP!


I think flipper4229 would be a good nominee so I nominate flipper4229

Tour Guide66:

I think Tour Guide64 should be penguin of the week because, he has given me tours around CP without myself even asking. He also makes me cheer up when I am feeling down. And his igloo is totally awesome!


I think Rockgirl2022 should be the next epic penguin because she is a wonderful friend and can't wait until her friend and cousin, Roxie84862, is also the next epic penguin. Also, congrats to Sir Siliness. Great job on being a great penguin!


Hi there! I think my penguin pal Michele50 should be penguin of the week because she the most helpful, fun, and loving penguin i know! She always has the coolest igloo parties and and she always helps penguins out who are new to the island or anything penguin that needs help. She is the best penguin pal i know and i know she would be a great penguin of the week! :)


I nominate my friend spitsberge to be penguin of the week because he's the guy who loves to party, loves puffles and games. He help's other penguin with their problems, help penguins feel better and an excellent club penguin agent.




please nominate me for POTW


Dance Pengy9:

I think Cam25407 should be Penguin of the Week because of these reasons.
He is fantastic.
He is helpful to all penguins. He shows great penguinship and has a fantastic attitude. He's cool, funny, sweet, and loyal. He is straight up amazing.
He is fun to hang around, and will stick up for his friends.
I can tell he loves collecting stamps! (as you might see in his Stampbook)
He says his favorite game is Surf's Up!
That's who I think should be penguin of the week.
Hearts and Fishes, CP!


I think Kupcake48 should be penguin of the week. She throws REALLY awesome igloo parties. When I'm sad she cheers me up!

Poppy Noppy:

come on that prize is nothing


I think Kupcake48 should be penguin of the week. She throws REALLY awesome igloo parties. When I'm sad she cheers me up!


Trixeis should be POTW because he is a very good friend. When we see each other online, he always says hello and hangs out with me. Since he is a member not so much, he should get an award for not complaining (green Viking helmet). Happy thanksgiving club penguin team!

Poppy Noppy:

i think Tulip5 should be next penguin of the week she helps me on lots of games when i am stuck she will give tours if there is one new penguin she has a cool igloo she opens it for everyone she battles snow guys such as tank sly and i forgot but i think she should be the penguin of the week
ps i am in the usa so i cant meet you :( cry!!!


I think orangy heart is great!!! She has every color puffle. She is an epf agent and completed all missions she is also a tour guide. She has been on club penguin for 6 years. She always donates to coins for change and is a really great friend and very nice. Her igloo is amazing.
So I think my friend orangy heart should be penguin of the week


I think orangy heart should be penguin of the week she is very kind and loves club penguin. Her igloo is cool. She is an epf agent and tour guide and had her account for lots of years


Are you going to give prizes to every POTW?

Daffo Daily 5:

I think that Pokemon25 is a great friend, who always is saying "yes" to friend requests, ever since he started Club Penguin! His friends list is massive. One time he got on and someone he didn't even know was online! He didn't reconize the username. He said I should only show him 1 CP video...but then he stayed for 8 more... He always gives 10,000 coins to each cause during Friends for Change--if he can.

Wadle-oddle o-on C-CP


I think Roxy7205 should be penguin of the week cause he is very artistic in fact he/she told me he saved up to 30,500 coins to coins for change to help help club penguin roxy has a cool sense of style he is all ways happy each December for coins for change roxy makes good igloos and he is my nicest friend and he is all ways online with me so that is why I think roxy7205 should be penguin of the week.


I really have a reason i should be penguin of the week and i been helping out penguins and really this army name the rebel penguin fedration we had a parade to support thanksgiving and to tell how important thanks giving and i really like this but still do you only elect members you should elect non members too! :)


i think kadencegirl shes sweet,shes a buddy to every one i know becuse when we hang out (witch we do alot me and her are on alot!)me and her are sending requsts like ccrazy!,she takes care of her puffles,she likes to chat,helpm other penguins out when they need it,in all shes super nice and sweet and loves to have friends she loves to hang out with her friends!


Hey cp! I would like to nominate my bud Rockstar4180. She is awesome! Shes always up for a game of mancala and connect 4 (even if i win).
Shes really good at acting because when we go to the stage she gets in it! Shes an awesome epf agent! Her iggy looks like a real house. She always invites people to play games! She doesnt care if your a member or not! I would really be happy if she won this! P.S. dont tell her i nominated her. JK! Waddle on CP!


My best buddy Carson4376 should TOTALLY BE Penguin of The Week . He is a super nice friend

I Im Pingy dianas friend:

Dear club penguin I have the best friend ever!She is the best in the world!Her iggy is awsome , and she will always be there for you!

I really want to make a suprise for her name is pingy diana 9. I would really apriciate for you to make her penguin of the week! She would really like it I bet you1 thnx kitty kate 12


I think tactics should because she is soooo nice

long odds:

I think friedsquid1 should be penguin of the week. he is a good friend and always plays games with anyone who asks him to. he guides new penguins around that need help and tells them what's really cool and new

Annie Lynn:

I want to nominate my bestie on cp Pandabear191! panda is so nice! She is always being a friend. She likes to stop other mean penguins too! Even though reporting penguins is easy, Panda knows that ignoring them is better! Pandabear191 would make the BEST POTW! Pandabear has played since she cp was at its 4th anniversary! (just a different penguin but the same person) Please please make her the POTW! It would mean the world to her!


I think that melonchops should be POTW because he is old, funny, has lots of coins, is a cool igloo designer AND is a realy good friend


Maxmax7890 is a great friend and loves playing with anyone and thinks that every single igloo in all of club penguin is epic!!!!!! :D

Ballet 17:

I would like my friend 18 Polly 18 to be penguin of the week. He is a really good friend, ninja, and EPF agent. He always help new penguins who come to the island. He is also the best Mascot tracker I know. He helps people find mascots be going on to servers to see if they are there. He always has a lot of coins that he always donates to coins for change. That is why 18 Polly 18 should be penguin of the week.


I'd like to be Penguin of the Week too, though! I can't choose between me and Xjust Dancex. I think I should be POTW because I like everyone's igloo, I join a game if someone is alone (especially Mancala and Sled Racing), and I like making friends! I think you should make an invisible penguin color so you can only see your eyes beak and feet! Oh, and can u make separate room igloos? They should cost 2500 coins 1 floor and 3000 coins for 2 floors. Waddle On Club Penguin Fans!

By Bellabingdoo!!

Harry Stiles:

My best friend in the whole entire world Matt Green should be penguin of the week because he has been an awesome friend to me and can cheer me up even when something sad happens like when my hamster Hammy went to hamster heaven :( , and he is a very honest person because once he found a wallet with four 20 dollar bills at school and he gave the money to the principle

-Waddle on


My brother Sonicthefox2 joins in to help others with igloo ideas and somethings they dont know so what im saying My Brother is great Username:Sonicthefox2


Hi CP! So I think that the next penguin of the week should be Ninjabocaj! He is super nice, ALWAYS donates to Coins For Change (Which I'm really excited for!) and he LOVES his 12 puffles! He also "Likes" every igloo that he goes to and he tells people when he likes their stuff by sending postcards! That is why I think Ninjabocaj should be Penguin of the week! WADDLE ON CLUB PENUGIN! ~Swimmy130 :D


well I think Waltz step shuold be POTD because she's so funny nice and so so so sweet oh and did I say funny!


CRAZY! Rink is returning in December! Sharpen those skates, it's time to get "Cool in the Cold!" I'm reading to glide ppls and now with our new catalog I'm all set! Yup, I saw the spoiler alert great job BTW. We are gonna see Hockey players everywhere there and we will see our GOOD friend Rockhopper! Cheerleaders everywhere! I'm a girl and a cheerleader don't judge me we rule! Every penguin rocks though,
Merry Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanzaa!


And now a word from our sponser...
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you can find it in the the isle with the Taylor Swiffer!
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WARNING#2: Blue ringed octopuses are extremely poisonous
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Please forgive us, we got it wrong. Epicpenguin has NO sponser
Waddle On
-Epicpenguin :)

Epicpenguin :

That was just for humor! I have no sponser! The Taylor Swiffer doesn't exist! Neither does the Squid Vacuum!
Hope I got YOU!


Now we hear the story of Rudoplh...........
Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, had a peculiar shiny nose. And anyone who ever saw him, used to even say "It glows!" All of the other Reindeer,used to laugh and call him names (one of them was Pinocchio!) They never let poor rudolph, join in any reindeer games (like monopoly) one christmas eve santa said "Rudolph I can't see can your nose guide me?" Rudolph said "Ok!" All of the other reindeer loved him
The End
tell a story tuesday!

Epic Penguin:

Who wants free pie?
*hands pie*
Yup! You got pie! I gave YOU pie, which Santa gave to me!
Thanks Santa!
Santa: "Ho Ho Ho! No problem Epicpenguin!"
Ok, well WHY he gave me pie I don't know.
What do YOU want for Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa?
I know I want a Android slide touch screen phone and the new tablet computer!
What do YOU want though?
Club penguin tean rocks!
I hope one say to be a part of them
Merry Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa

Epicpenguin :

I meant day not say! I hope one DAY to be a part of them!


When I'm on the computer it won't allow me to say anything. I want to have an iggy party but I can't tell anyone. Could I have been baned I know I haven't said bad. PLZ HELP ME
P.S. I allows me to talk when I'm on my iPad


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