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By Daffodaily5 on November 29, 2013 - 07:11


As promised, here is the brand-new super-epic Penguin of the Week! Not only does it look totally brill, but I'm giving away some seriously exciting stuff too!

Congratulations to our first POTW Sir Sillines (ace name btw!) He is one loyal EPF Agent, always preparing fellow agents for upcoming operations and briefing everyone on the latest EPF news. I've no doubt he's been a star puffle-rescuer this week! EPIC agent!

I'm really happy to give Sir Sillines the awesome Green Viking Helmet and a whopping 10,000 coins! Mega!

If you think your buddy should be Penguin of the Week, leave a comment below with their username and why you think they should be featured! :)


-Club Penguin Team



Hold. Up. A green viking helmet? I need one. They are rare and beauties. <3
~Waddle on~


you should choose my best friend since kindergarden, Sinby, because he is awesome! He is nice, caring, and loves Club Penguin!


I nominate my friend Vladitor35. He is amazing friend and he is very helpful! He helps everyone, who needs help and he gives maximal of him. For example, one guy asked where to buy clothes and Vlad tell him on the second! It's the first help of him. He help me often, too. He isn't member, but he has amazing style and he has very cool outfits and he decorated his igloo very cool. He really likes his puffles and he feeds them everyday! I think, he can be a POTW! Waddle on!


I think Nrgx1 should be Penguin Of The Week because he is a good friend online and in real life.
And he sent me the best postcard ever it said: "Best friends for life" from Nrgx1. on it


Hi Cp!
I Already Sent In An Entry About My Pal Floppyrosie Because She So AWESOME! I Already Have 10 Great Things To Nominate Her For.

1.She Throws EPIC Partys With Others
2.Shes A Great Listener
3.She Always Puts Others First
4.She Protests Against Bullying And Cyber Bullying
5.Were The Best Of Freinds
6. If Im Sad She Will Cheer Me up!
7.We Play Loads Of Dance Contest Together In Multi Player Mode!
8.Her Freinds List Is Uncountable
9.She Is Great To Talk To
20. Shes So Funny Fun!


this isn't about this but... REMOVE THE POOKIES!! THEY ARE RUINING CP!!! COME ON


my buddy RosieBear i know her in real life she has not been on alot but plz do her i will love it if she was the penguin of the week


1aaron1 is my lifelong buddy on cp he is a true friend he is nice to others and me
he is kind loyal and generous and honest and he stands up for me and to others
he gives advice on fashion and designing my iggy he loves playing with his
friends and me i wanna nominate 1aaron1 to penguin of the week.


Hi I would really LOVE if Maddiepinky4 got to be POTW. She totally deserves it because she is always helping other penguins earn stamps and is always up for a game of sled racing or card jitsu! She always likes to volunteer at the pet shop and helps the puffles find good homes! She wants to be a writer when she grows up, so she loves helping write articles for the newspaper! Also, whenever there is a holiday, she gets dressed up for the occasion and tries to spread the spirit!


That's right Lenilee Waddles4236 is amazing! You love Coins for change!


Wow! Love the iggy! Love your outfit too!
You are to cool for school


i think pepperpot100 she is a awsome friend she has really cool parties too.


My best friend hotpretzel should be one the next one of these. She puts up with me being crazy[random] and distracted a lot[awesome], so she has to repeat a question several times before I answer. She also is my best friend in real life and we talk everyday about Club Penguin. Hotpretzel is the best choice for the next person for this.


I think zarastar2 should Be POTW because she is always there when I need her
She has epic iggy parties and is awsome - thanks :p


i think my friend fishie 200 should be penguin of the week because: he is really nice and sporty allways helps penguins to meet famous penguins cares for the environment and has a rocking sense of fashion!


I nominate my friend spitsberge for penguin of the week because:
1.) He's a awesome friend
2.) He cheers up other penguin
3.) Loves to party alot
4.) He tour's club penguin with the new penguins
5.) We been friends since elementary school
6.) He stops penguins from fighting each other
7.) He's kind, loyal and a great best friend ever


hi I think my friend mamarye should be penguin of the week because he is a good friend


I think Sean401 should be penguin of the week and is so cool! and always help[s me in a jam


Please check out 1aaron1


I think adaray should be penguin of the week because he is one of my best friends and is my brother


Club Penguin, I think you should know that lots of people might not be following the rules. Some people might be pretending to be someone else in order to nominate their self. I hope you can fix this.


I think Buddy4338 should be Penguin of the Week because he has a "golden" personality. He always helps people out, and is a very social penguin who likes giving tours. He is always willing to helps me on missions, and told me to ask someone if they needed help. He has TONS of puffles, and a great igloo! He likes to play games with others, and loved doing EPF missions. Thanks, and WADDLE ON, Club Penguin!


I think Sean401 should be penguin of the week because he is realy cool! and always helps me when I need help with finding secrets


I think Cookiefado would be an AWESOME Penguin Of The WEEK (BTW, I love the POTW), because she is super helpful, caring, calm (which can come in handy with me as a friend), and she always thinks of others BEFORE herself! She is my BFF and shes AMAZING!!
PS.She has an awesome igloo!


I recommend Pinky81146 for Penguin of the week again because she is loyal,cool,friendly,caring,loving,and so many more that it would take me YEARS to say it!!!!Anyway,she is the BEST FRIEND EVER and we would be so happy if she got penguin of the week!!!!!If you run into her on Club Penguin you will know that what I say is true!!!!!Pinky81146 is AWESOME and hopes you have a Fabulous day!!!!Waddle on!!!!!


I think it should be my friend Shadow41549 he always listens to what penguins and is trustful he also helps me


I think BUTTERDOLLY should be. She goes on everyday and helps me find the cool items and secrets. She goes on these blogs a lot!!!!! I think she would really appreciate this. I know there are a lot of comments so if you happen to read this please consider her.......PLEASE!!!!!!!


Ivy7777 is the perfect penguin of the week. She is my bestie! She is always cheerful, and she knows what to say if I'm having a bad day. She said cp is her fav site and she always tells everyone to never give up! Please pick her for penguin of the month.

Bree XD:

Pick the best for the job! Ivy7777 is the way to go. All her qualities are good such as beauty, sweetness, great personality, and so much more! She clearly deserves this, don't you think?


I think Picachu10004 should be POTW because he's not only my brother but a great friend. He's always been there for me and my family. My parents have had problems he sorts them out. Also when online someone Is being mean or doing something wrong he reports it. On cp he's a member,EPF,Tour guide and a great friend. He's nice to everyone. He taught me everything I know about cp today. He found cp in our family and the person he told was me.


I think my BSF (best sister forever) A16987 should be POTW. She's always nice and caring. EVEN ON CP!!! She has heaps of friends because she's so nice. If she could have everyone as her best friend she would. We always play RP on CP. She lets me be any character I want! She's just awesome. She showed me all the new things on CP and helped me out with the latest huge mission. She told me how to play the mini game. She's played every game on CP so far. She is already the coolest penguin!
<3 <3 <3


Hey my friend Magnet8824 is really epic, he helps me out alot even though I have been on CP more, he has caught up and even taught me a few tricks. He can't afford a membership, but he still has a good attitude about it, he's one of the best non-members I think I ever know

Cp lover:

I think xbox03 should win penguin of the week because he is always loyal to everyone.he answers everyone who he talks friends with him. He is always kind to me and everyone. Even if he is not a member,he is a great penguin. He is a great card jitsu snow player,too.i hope Xbox 03 wins penguin of the week.


Pen50gi is always helpful and loves to join me on puffle digging adventures! If I go on Club Penguin, he always asks where I am, so we could play the game together! So much fun!


Icepro24 should be the penguin of the week because he gives me a BUNCH of info about CP and he's VERY kind. I don't play CP but I like it


I think famoushope should be it because she is a penguin that's helpful and cheerful that doesn't let you down at all


She should be the penguin of the week, because if she becomes penguin of the week. She might forgive me and talk to me again. I miss her so much. I need her in my life. Please make her the penguin of the week.
ID: hilary


I think " Hilary " should be the penguin of the week, she had got me into playin CP and helped me a lot. I love her and miss her. PLease make her be the penguin of the week.


I think Myth728 should be POTW ,because he is cool .He also has a Awesome igloo. He is friendly and funny.He always play card-jitsu with me.Hope Myth728 would be POTW!


I think Sundaze should be featured because she is such a good fun friend and it is really awesone to make videos with her. She will be anyone's friend and will always like your igloo. thats why she should be the penguin of the week.


If I were on the Club Penguin Team I would have liked to have EVERY penguin nominated! Club Penguin is such a nice and friendly place and its all thanks to the penguins who play. However my favorite penguin is Luigi48327 who is also my brother. We always play together and he loves to help othr penguins. Now that he became a tour guide he is giving out tours left and right even when no one is there to listen. He gives out postcards at random and he helps any penguin who needs it. Could he be PTW?


YEAH..he should be


Hi, Club Penguin Team. I am Googlie12 from India And I'm New here, I think that Me or my friend BarbiePengu2 must be nominated for POTW because we both are big fans of CP though we are not members... We both carry same personalities such as being loyal friends, helping every penguin and being friendly. So please please please Nominate any one of us.

Googlie12 and Barbiepengu2


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