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By Daffodaily5 on November 13, 2013 - 08:38


I have a long list of reasons why Artemis4567 is so amazing, are you ready? She’s super friendly, a brill buddy, funny, smart, has a good heart, she cares for others' feelings, has epic iggys, loves to joke around AND she’s the bestest friend, like, ever! 

Do you feel the same way about your pal? Contact Us and tell us all about it! 


-Club Penguin Team 


Green N Cool:

Awesome Post again, Daffodaily5! Congratulations, Artemis4567!






Whoa! Awesome way to make the Death Star into a house!


THAT'S GREAT! congrats!


You should have Maddielayne as penguin of the day. She has amazing style choices, she loves puffles, has amzing igloos, and she celebrates every party!


Congrats Artemis 4567
U have an awsom igloo and deserve this.
Could u come to my iggy and give me some style tips ( for my igloo) and maybe we could be buddy's!
Can we trade style tips u give me style iggy tips and I'll give u fashion style tips then we we could search for famous penguins (-:
By the way I like the way u used greek culture to style your name
My penguin name is my nickname bye


Congratulations Artemis4567

Twilight Sea:

OMG!!! I know her! Me and her are Friends! P.s Guys if u want to add me im Twilight Sea and ill tell her if she can add you!


omg congratulations art btw its me genie ik hope so happy u penguin of the day its awesome to know the penguin whos potd well i think 8hope8 should be next she is the best friend ever and is awesome shes nice shes talented shes amazing at everything and has a wicked igloo so congratulations art plz make 8hope8 potd next shes the best friend u could ever want or need waddle on!


Congrats on winning Artemis4567! Epic iggy BTW :D:D:D:D^^

Coil penguin:

Awesome congrats! <3


wow nice job!


Good job, Artemis4546! U sound amazing! I luv ur iggy, & ur outfit! I hope I meet u, add u, & maybe attend 1 of ur epic iggy parties! :)


I think Ivints should be the next potd because he is nice and helpful!!


icecream should!!!


Well I don't know about Icecream the penguin, but I'd be game to give the delicious dessert icecream a special feature! Who doesn't love icecream??

-Club Penguin Team 


He's just plain lovable......and he's talented and very generous.


My star is. Amilia55190

Well done. XXX


My favorite holiday is christmas. That is my favorite holiday because you get to go and spend holiday times with your family and friends plus on cp you get to decorate your IGGI however you want with holiday decorations. I really hope christmas this year at cp is going to be epicly awesome.
From linda12865




Sup love the hair is great love the iggy love every thing about you Love Aliviax2!!,

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