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By Daffodaily5 on November 7, 2013 - 02:56


Apart from a hot cup of tea, there’s nothing I love more in the world than hearing stories of kindness. It made my day to hear Chilldude1’s friend describe them as being the most kind, polite and amazing friend they ever met on CP. How amazing is that?!

Do you have a story of kindness to share? Visit the Contact Us page and tell us why your pal is so brill!


-Club Penguin Team


Sasuke Jyts:



I was a member seriously I really wanted to be one then I would be penguin of the day


i nominate slleli09 because he is kind nicee and he is the best friend in the world friendly helping and funny so pleaase i nominate slleli09


Cool! ill be sure to add him as my friend! first comment yay a!




WOW!! I love the earth on his or her head!


congradulations!! dude. how are you going to celebrate? have fun.


Hi cp! It's me brownie! On my last comment I made an ad about a party u could make! And u could add sora , Donald Duck, and goofy to the party! I got a perfect party name: KINGDOM HEARTS TAkEOVER! I bet soraxas would love the party! But u would need to add battles to it! For example: u should program heartless ( creatures without hearts) in the town, and a penguin would have to fight it! That would be awesome! Plus add bosses! Like jafar and Ursula and lots of disny villains! Add Herbert too! By


Sorry ran out of room! Anyways, u should add Herbert to be helping maleficent and jafar and ursala and Captain Hook! But u also need to add bosses to fight in the worlds! Maybe like jafar, and maybe Captain Hook! And other disny villains! And cp I got another idea! Add a space ship to travel to other Disney worlds! Like 1 world would be Alice in wonderland, and the name for it would be wonderland! And other Disney favorites! Remember.Your heart may be darkness but there will always be a light!


I would love to see that party! Awsome Idea.

By the way, Awsome chilldude1! Keep it up


I heard theres going to be gold puffles PLEASE let people who dont have membership PLEASE hunt for rare items too??? Or at least let us have one gold puffle??? :-)

Uh ha:

Your so kind.And will you PLEASE be my friend?




We'll done brilliant I want you to win


this has nothing to do with this but when is the ice rink coming back


It is???????????? Where is it reopening at????????????????


hey everyone! please make summerstar00 penguin of the day. she's always so nice and helpful. she's a great friend and she's someone you can rely on. she will make your heart burst out with joy! she

Blue Liquid :

Hello Club Penguin Team ,

Were any Penguins or Puffles hurt in the collapse of the Mine Shack ?

- Blue Liquid


Thankfully no one was in there during the collapse, a few heard the commotion while Cart Surfing though! Thanks for the concern!

-Club Penguin Team 

Blue Liquid:

Where can I submit a P.O.T.D ?


Can u nominate katie rose 7 because she is always kind


Good job, Chilldude1! I luv ur outfit, & ur iggy! I hope I meet u, add u, & become ur. Buddy! Bye! :)


OMG! Thanks so much yall! This is awesome. #WaddleOn !!!!! And thanks you Zingerloo for nominating me!!!! :)




Well done, Chilldude1 :)


cool i love it


Good job, I'll friend you!!!!!


That's so funny!!!!!!! What are you doing post next???? Do you want to to friend you????


Hey Daffodaily5! As I told you that my friend Goodyshoes1 is very kind and helping, please make him the penguin of the day ( reminding you one more time ). Thanks! See ya around Daffodaily5!

Mystery guy :

You should make Jorge2538 penguin of the day! He's a very kind penguin and likes to throw parties :)


I nominate AA Rocks 1 because he is a really nice friend and he was the first one i got.

DJ Cool 11 :

I nominate Archiyoso because he is the most AWESOME penguin ever!!!




When my Birth Bay is here it will be so fun


I like his earth hat


Congrats!i feel so happy for u!


Love your style also the lights

lego land2014:

be my friend

Luxivia :

Please nominate tuskeegee as penguin as the day

Waltz Step:

My featered friend Coolkoool is so sweet i'm funny and weird but she doesnt care she and i love llamas and mustaches it's nice to know that a friend like her will be there for me!


Love it lol see you on cp


Love every thing lol meet all of you guys !! have a awesome iggy

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