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By Daffodaily5 on November 12, 2013 - 05:52


Check out Cloi 1’s igloo, it’s so homely and cosy! its making me excited for the festive season (too soon?)! She’s a real fashionista too; I just love the eye make up! 

All winners get 5000 coins so Contact Us and tell us about your amazing buddies!


-Club Penguin Team 



looks like a real house no wonder your penguin of the day

Shadow Kat:

I would definitely live there!

- Club Penguin Team


Congrats! Nice iggy! If it was a real house i would totally live their! I think Cloi1 did a great job! Daffodaily, you always pick great penguins! WADDLE OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNN!


I think everyone should be penguin of day.Everyone has at least one talent there good at.good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i agree with middlekid2 we should have one week about us please! <3


It totally does look like a real house!


nice igloo you found there Daffo! Love her eye make-up!


great job and your igloo looks great its so nice and cosy i love the christmas chimney and one more thing. i love your hair and eye makeup


luv the iggy!


XD Ummm, Club Penguin, looks like you made some spelling mistakes! (cosy should be cozy and its should be It's) not to be a know-it-all or anything! XD


Good job, Clio 1! I luv ur iggy, & ur outfit! I hope 2 meet u, add u, & become ur buddy! :)


dear CP
can u ples nominate me for penguin of the day! i have i great iggy, i always go in the theme every month, even the holiday party! -RP77


nice igloo I want to live there.


wow, that igloo looks almost like a real house! and congrats cloi 1!


NIcki76, Daffodaily is from England. Over here we spell cozy like cosy.


Ooooohhhhh. That makes more sense. I knew she was from across the pond, but I didn't know they spelled it differently. Sorry, Daffo!


When I was a member, I had all sorts of parties. I think I should be penguin of the day. I also had my own dance crew. It was so fun.

Dog lover:

I love your house it's gorgeous
You are awesome I wish I could be you

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