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By Daffodaily5 on November 21, 2013 - 05:45


Rlact always stands up for others and does everything he can to make his friends feel happy! He’s always making new friends and includes EVERYONE when he’s having fun online. Brill buddy right here! :-)

Click the Contact us page and submit a form on why your friend should be Penguin of the Day!


-Club Penguin Team


majin buu:

I thought you changed to penguin of week


Me too!@ATL




hey, congrats!


I think Cutiepiess should be penguin of the week or day! She always cheers me up and gets my back! She always thinks she is a real ninja !


can i be your buddy too?


Dear club penguin,

I am writing this to report you about a bug. I am not able to login. Please fix this problem. I would be most thankful if you fix the problem. And also i have downloaded the latest adobe thing still i can login. Please help me!
- Bl0ss0m and A1ice46 -


Dear club penguin,

I am writing this to report you about a bug. I am not able to login. Please fix this problem. I would be most thankful if you fix the problem. And also i have downloaded the latest adobe thing still i can login. Please help me!
- Bl0ss0m and A1ice46 -

Shadow Kat:

Hey there,

Contact us at Support and we will be more than happy to help you from there!

- Club Penguin Team


I thought it was supposed to be penguin of the week!

Rugby101 :

i know right!


ikr that is what they said


dear Bl0ss0m and A1ice46 i really hope this problem will be fixed for you im sure your heart boroken!! many wishes lots of love ellieandme1 xx

sallyab :

i like your igloo its really cool!


Weren't we doing Penguin of the Week?


When will Penguin of the Week commence? I'm looking forward for the changes :)


well done.


Hi CP! I have a question! If I nominated someone for penguin of the week will they still be nominees for next penguin of the week? BTW great job Rlact!:)


Good job, Rlact! U sound like a great buddy! I hope I meet u, add u, & become ur buddy someday! I like ur iggy, & ur outfit! :)

Livy loo2:

Wow thats an awesome house! I just love your jukebox maybe i could come over we'll have a jam at you iggy! I'd like to nominate My BFF Sessiy shes kind and will always be there for anyone!


Hi, I'd like to recommend Poppoppoppop for penguin of the week/day, she is really nice to all penguins, and she transformed her igloo into a puffle care centre! She loves taking care of puffles and helping penguins! When she gets buddy requests she always says "yes"!

Az Pinky Pie:

Hey CP, I would like to recommend Voilet89 for penguin of the week or day. I think she should be penguin of the week or day because she is kind to everyone and loves to help all penguins if they run into trouble! Another reason is because she never lets one of her puffles go hungry. And her iggy is always the best out of all of the ones I've seen all day! One other thing... she will always accept any friend request that she gets!


what about penguin of the week?


I would like to recommend crd2012. She goes on clubpenguin all the time.


One question : I thought it changed to penguin of the week?


I thought it was Penguin Of The Week.....!


Hey! You are one lucky penguin! I am sure you really earned to be penguin of the day! Have Fun and Waddle On!


isn't supposed to be "Penguin of the WEEK"?


Hi Rlact! Your iggy looks great!


Wow!!!!!Your iggy is awesome!!!!!!Keep up the good Rlact!!!


I wanted to say "Keep up the good work Rlact!!!" But I forgot to write "work".


Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Add me as a buddy!!! my penguin name is steele1062


I think lilkitty124 should be Penguin of the Day or the week cuz she's a great friend and we always have fun together, sometimes she makes really fun missions for us to do! Also
she has a great iggy!

E sunshine2:

............ WoW I really don't know what to say... My mind is going to blow up because your igloo is SOOOOOO AMAZING!!! + you are in great stile (wish I could be you!) ~E sunshine2~ ps. Do you want to be friends with me!? Just askin ok bye! WADDLE ON!!!


i can login now Thank You!



Club Penguin has been my favorite game ever since I was 6. I am ten now and I enjoyed making new friends and helping others get togrther. My two best friends on CP is Alice and Olivia517. They entered the game together with me and both helped make my life just wonderful! This year, me and my best friends on CP are going to make a party that will help change their lives. Club Penguin made me feel special not alone and I want The whole CP to feel the same way.


I'm glad Rlact won Penguin Of The Day, I was hoping jcllh1722 could be Penguin Of The Day, even though she's not a member she still loves collecting stamps and pins and is a really great friend, she LOVES club penguin, and will never say no to a friend request and who doesn't like that?Anyway I hope she wins Penguin Of The Day because she's a really good friend who I don't think anyone would want to lose.Anyway...

Waddle on CP!


Hey CP,
I want to recommend my good friend, Samantha3124. She is always up to the latest fashions and gives me tips on hard games. She is a really brill buddy!


Dear Club Penguin,
I have a nomination for penguin of the day: 3coin. He is a great friend and is always cheering me up when I am down. And also, great job rlact on penguin of the day! I like your iggy and your outfit. I hope I can meet you and be your buddy one day! Thank you for the response club penguin, and I will always cherish your rules.
~Bubblesdora and skippygirl17~


Always cheers people up


Thanks! I'll be all of your buddies


Good for him. : . ))


hey club penguin team I think rad boy 8 should be penguin of the day because he is my best friend in real life and online.he has an awesome iggy and he always is a good sport about everything.he helped me earn coins the first day online and introduced me to this marvelous world.


Good for you Rlact! And didn't you guys change it to Penguin Of The Week?


I think swoop027 should be penguin of the week because he always stands up to bullies he lets everyone come to his igloo and he will let anyone play with him that's why swoop027 should be the penguin of the week


Next penguin off the day is jorenbl( i do not wana write why becase there is so meny resons why )


Congrats on winning penguin of the day!!!


Congrats on winning penguin of the day!!!


I Like your igloo


Congrats i think I would make a great penguin of the day because I am very nice and kind I love my life(:

master mini3:

his penguin is amazing his igloo is fantastic


Dear Club Penguin,
I would say that Batpenguin31 is a great friend.He helps me with problems,joins in with games and he has a great style.We share solutions and suggestions.I have a great time hanging out with him,and hope you receive this...Thx


my friend Mr soto500 should be the penguin of the week because he helps people with finding the new pin helps people out for the new E.P.F mission tells people about the blog and its new posts. He did all these things when I first started club penguin


Dear Rlact,

I will send you a friend request, I do need a friend to stick up for me


Alright what ever you need. Just let me know


I think love6157 should be the penguin of the week because she helps people with pins,fights,and does not pick sides she makes great party's and she does not yell
At any one she plays with everbody to make it fair


Be my buddy

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