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By Polo Field on November 12, 2013 - 15:17
Hello Penguins!
Here's Green N Cool's answer:
Well, my favourite part of October was the start of Club Penguins 8th anniversary party because it was the start of a special event in Club Penguins history and we could read the new yearbook and obtain the new party hat. Also a lot of Club Penguin moderators/bloggers came online to celebrate as well as Aunt Arctic!
In the future, I would probably want some more Elite Penguin Force events such as Operation hot sauce because that event was more involved in Club Penguin.
Waddle on!
Thanks Green N Cool, November is definitely the month for you!

For this Reviewed by You, we'd like to know...what is your favorite holiday and why?
We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team


Jumbo Wario1:


18 Polly 18:

You forgot to add why! LOL!




You need to tell them why


Christmas cause of presents!! ;)

molly 2323:

i agree


I like Christmas the most because there are decorations put everywhere around.Santa Clauses are featured everywhere&are found everywhere saying ,"Merry Christmas!ho!ho!ho!" I've become a penguin this year in February.I was very unhappy as i just missed the Christmas party 2012 in club penguin.I expect Club Penguin to be very nicely decorated for this Christmas.Christmas always becomes theme for games, stories,parties,competitions&it'd be my greatest mistake if i don't mention Club Penguin Party.


Nice I joined in 2011.


I think I joined in 2012 or 2011.


I joined 2005/2006 and the Christmas parties are awesome!


same here i missed las chrismas because i became a penguin this year in March


Christmas because Santa comes and in cp it's the holiday party -waddle on cp


I love Christmas


What is Christmas like here in Club Penguin?


in club penguin Christmas is fun you can hang things up in your house you can were cool stuff and some times Rookcooper comes
:) :(


My favorite holiday is Earth day cause i love helping out the enviorment with my friends dancing on all of the servers, I also do like Christmas for charity, and trading gifts with my puffles! Club Penguins parties for the holidays each month are so awesome! I cant wait to see the next!

#WaddleOn! -Froinyocup


ok why do you pick? cf


Do you like other things,also you did not put why?

pinky 221:

My favorite holiday is Christmas because this is a family time to spend time with your family, open your gifts, and show love to your mom and dad.


I like Christmas because I like to spend time with my family and have a great time. I also like to bake cookies at home it one of my favorite things to do I love Christmas it is my fav holiday

dscm 777:

the holidays are really all my favorite but charm me most was the star of the show of the year 2012 was extreme. the penguin band present, cadence and two guests that was what gave him the musical touch! and especially the song and the party starts now. I never tire of hearing.

Tree Cheez:

Xmas!!! Hope you answer :333


u forgot to tell why XD


I think the best Holiday Are The Christmas Because all the Family (Penguins Too) are Happy and this assembled eat lots of pieces of Turkey! All the Community Sing Carols and the best part are to receive the gifts of Santa Claus! And do not forget the Overheated and some more days comes.... The new Year!. I hope Rockhopper are plaining a super Gift for the penguins.
This is my Favorite Holiday!
Waddle On!

Chai Cookie:

Christmas meals are always the yummiest!

-Club Penguin Team


My favorite holiday is Christmas, its my favorite because you cm be around family and get to spend time with one another.


my favorite is halloween its because you get to walk around your neighborhood and knock on peoples door and get candy its awesome .plus you get to dress up as your favorite thing or monster .


My favorite holiday is christmas cause i like family love santa and gifts and also hope. :)


Is Christmas.Because it has a lot of snow on Club Penguin, and we can go sledding christmas
and donate to coins for change! I love helping others around Christmas!


That's easy! My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving! Of course, I love other holidays like Christmas or the Fourth of July, but Thanksgiving stands out the most to me because of all the family feasts! I have a very big family, so it is very hard to get all of us together at once, but on Thanksgiving, we all come together and say what we're thankful for! And who doesn't love turkey?


I LOVE thanksgiving! <3

mr fluffy25:

Cristmas all the way its the best u get presents spend time with family and clubp fun


my favorite holiday is christmas because of all of the presents and i love to go look out at the christmas lights!

Lenny Thai:

My favorite holiday is Christmas. Why you ask? Well I get to receive and give gifts! I have a lot of friends and family who play Club Penguin so, I usually give them memberships, or CP video games or maybe even a CP magazine! When I get gifts from friends and family, I get a great opportunity to ask for some Club Penguin merchandise. Every year, we make a Club Penguin Cake at my aunts house 2 days before Christmas...Basically, we're a Club Penguin loving family! I love how my family celebrates.

Chai Cookie:

It sounds like you really get into the spirit of the season, Club Penguin style! :)

-Club Penguin Team


How do you get CP magazines?!?!? :O


U have to be in the uk my grandma sends them to me there really good

Waddle on cp

Kc Sunshine1:

For Christmas last year I was really into club penguin so I got a pink and purple puffle, 1 month membership, club penguin puzzle globe, and shadow guy and gamma gal action figures!


I really enjoy Christmas because I love snow and I like making cookies also I like listening to Christmas music! So that's why my favorite holiday is Christmas!

Penguin name: Shubbs03

Waddle on!


My favourite holiday is Halloween because I LOVE to dress up as something wacky and wild and go trick or treating! I get more quality time with my friends, I LOVE to see all the fun decorated houses and the best thing is.... CANDY! My friends and I have a tradition that after trick or treating we all go into my room, dump out our candy and trade! That's my fave part about Halloween! It gives you a chance to be who you really are :)


My favorite holiday has got to be spring because it where my birthday is and the flowers are shining and the bees humming. Also, it is known as Marvel Season when all the cool Marvel movies come out like The Avengers!


Holiday, not season :)


My favorite holiday is Christmas because on Club Penguin you get to donate coins to charity and I love to hear that there are more houses and schools being built so that kids and adults can learn and have a roof to sleep under. I also love that Club Penguin is helping to save the Earth and wildlife.
Waddle on!


Hey CP team! I'm joefan68, and i cant just pick ONE holiday! But if i had to pick ONE, i would pick Christmas. Even though i'm more of a Hallowe'en gal, i LOOOVE Christmas! I dont love it for presents, I love how we get to see family, and our tradition is to go to my Aunt and Uncle's house and have a HUGE breakfast! (and maybye some presents XD) That is my favourite holiday, Waddle On CP! :)


Christmas, because buying gifts for others is soooo much fun! Church services are also cool. My most favorite part of Christmas? Decorating! I love to show off all the awesome decorations we have to the world. Putting them up is a lot of work, but it's totally worth it! I hope you like Christmas as much as I do. Giving feels so good!


my favorite holiday christmas because its the time to be with friends and family and obious, penguin,every year your getting better but not the land, the community, you ve helped alot to kids, thanks club penguin you are awsome,and always waddle on:}


Christmas is my favorite holiday because the holiday season. the cold air, the Christmas lights, and the presents under the tree, the decorations, and the Club Penguin Christmas party and catalogs, the tree, the lights, the igloos, and more, it puts me in a real good mood! I am always jolly on Christmas, its my absolute favorite time of year!
waddle on club penguin! happy holidays!

Chai Cookie:

That's what I love about Christmas too!

-Club Penguin Team


Right back at ya Chal Cookle!


I like halloween because people dress up and the wind feels crisp and get candy!


My favorite is christmas because the holiday spirits are up and everybody is merry! Everybody is excited to see what they are going to find underneath the Christmas tree, and for club penguin, I want to see every year how the penguin team decorates the icy island, along with the other penguins decking their igloos out in flashing lights!


I feel that Christmas is my favorite holiday because of the gifts that are given and received. I sure do like getting presents, but I also love giving them as well. Giving gifts makes me feel wam inside, and that's what I think Christmas is all about. Another thing that I love about Christmas is the way Club Penguin gets ready for it. There's so many fun decorations to explore, I can't think of a better time of the year, in Club Penguin or the world around me.


My favorite holiday is Christmas because you get to open presents and spend time with you friends and family and it is really, really great : )


I would say that Christmas is my favorite holiday. Its the time when everyone gathers to give , and that's what makes it so special. I like it because its so beautiful with all of the Christmas lights and giving ! My absolute favorite part is putting up the Christmas tree with my family and hanging out with family and friends!
-<3 Beachgirl804-


Christmas is my favorite holiday because on club penguin we can donate coins to countries that need help.

Chai Cookie:

Have you started saving up for Coins For Change yet?

-Club Penguin Team


A bit.


Yes, a lot!!!

man 123:

I have been doing it alot my secret is play puffle rescue


Not so secret anymore. LOL! Thanks for the tip, dude!




You bet i am!


I already have almost 100,000c! I am soooo donating like half of it! XD


I saved over ten thousand coins im going to donate lots of coins i have about one hundred thousand right now can't wait :D


my favorite holiday is christmas because you celebrate with you family,friends and obious, had the best party ever and not by makeing it, its by the community of penguin and every year penguins donate coins for change and many people survive but can you make one thing,can you do a system to donate money in the year for coins for change please just that and a super mario party or a gravity falls party please,and always waddle on and p.s can you do a Little game center to be friend


No way no gravity falls I cant watch that but i would like Super mario Or wait for it... Sonic the hedgehog party im the #1Fan!


My favorite holidays Christmas and New Years Day! On Christmas, you give and receive gifts. Some money you may have you can donate, or save up to lots of money! New Year's Celebrates a New year! This has Fireworks, which are entertaining to view. I'm so excited for next year, it could be AMAZING!


I love the holidays


My favorite holiday would have to be Christmas! Its so fun and you can get gifts from Santa! One of the best things about Club Penguin on holidays, is that there is always a special party the team comes up with!

Ocean Misty :

I think that it's Christmas


I love Christmas because I love cuddling up with a nice cup of hot chocolate, skiing, sledding, the Christmas party in club penguin with coins for change, on Christmas Eve getting to eat Christmas dinner with friends and family, Santa waking me up in the middle of the night, opening my presents, and giving thanks. :D


Christmas because I have little to know idea about how Holidays work... but this is the biggest reason. I love Christmas because it's time for my family to gather and love each other, and that is what Christmas is really about. Thats why Christmas is my favorite Holiday! Hmm... Something tells me every other Holiday is just like that :P


I like it when you guys do coins for change so on club penguin my favorite holiday is christmas and my second is the anniversy. WADDLE ON CP


My favorite holiday is Christmas because it's SOO much fun and you get A LOT of presents! I'm totally looking forward to this year's Holiday party here in club penguin! I bet it will be EPICLY fun! And, of course, don't forget the AWESOME decorations! I hope this year's holiday party will be a BLAST! Waddle on! :)


This is hard,what abbout.......!New years or Christmas??
Because there fun!


Christmas I like the party at club penguin its really cool I like to give coins in the campaign and the furniture and outfits are the best in all the season. And the decorations are very bright. I like to go watch my friends igloos in christmas because their decorations are awsome. So my favorite is christmas.
penguin name: moma123

18 Polly 18:

My favourite is Christmas. It is my favourite because you get to see your family and you also get some presents. I love Christmas the most though because you get to give gifts to people which is a good feeling.
Waddle On Club Penguin.


Christmas because everyone is joyful and everyone put a lot of effort in decorating and free gifts.


All of them were my fav every single one was so fun It was just crazy!


My favorite holiday is Christmas because it is just the one time of year where, (in specific CP.) everyone is giving to each other. I also get to spend time with my family, and there's just something about drinking egg nog by the fireplace that says Christmas to me.

Tuna Sashimi:

Yum, eggnog by the fireplace sounds super cozy and fun! Thanks for sharing, Orangey9108 :D


I have to say Christmas is my favorite holiday! I just love to get under a warm fluffy blanket, sitting by the fire, watching Christmas specials, snowing outside, Santa coming soon, so cozy! It just makes me feel so good... and jolly, the most wonderful time of the year!


My favorite parties of the year are when a new puffle gets discovered. I really like Puffles And I think it is always AWESOME when you go on a quest for them. I still have my brown and rainbow puffle from Parties and I cant wait for the gold one! I would really like more puffles to come out soon, aand the limit of puffles should be raised. Puffle Discoveries are personally my favorite! WADDLE ON!

Chai Cookie:

Oooooh, that paints a really pretty picture of the Christmas holiday!

-Club Penguin Team


My Faverite Holiday is christmas because lots of presents come.


My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get to go to church and get presents! Lots and lots! I get to go online with everyone on Club
Penguin and say my favorite words.... Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas. I like the songs that come on the radio. It is really fun to see friends and family. Plus no school!


I love Christmas, because the Holiday party is the best giving to coins for change! (i like giving to medical help and to build homes ;) another thing i love about Christmas and December is just having the decorations up, and spending time with my family, Because every time i walk down the stairs and see the Christmas tree i just feel so happy!


chistmas eve,chistmas and new year


My fav holiday is Christmas b/c it is such a holly jolly time of year! Good job, Green N Cool! Ur answer was great! :)


Christmas, because it's fun to spend time with friends and family. I like to bake cookies with my mom, and decorate the Christmas tree with my dad. I like to craft cards for my Friends and Family, and I also like to craft their gifts, but one of my favorite parts is the party at CP, I like to send my friends "Merry Christmas", "Happy Holidays", and "Happy New Year" postcards, I also like to decorate my igloo and invite my friends over to drink hot cocoa and tell stories :).


I like Christmas because of all the celebration during December. I love staying up late reading the night before Christmas and sleeping on the couch to try and find Santa.


That would spoil ur presents.

Icey Jot Pop:

I love Christmas the most. I love that feeling you get when it is stormy outside, your Christmas tree is glowing, your sitting by the fire, and just enjoying the days of Winter with your family. I really enjoy the Holiday Party every year on Club Penguin. I expect a lot every year and can't wait from January first! I also love decorating my house for the holidays :)
Waddle on Club Penguin!
Icey Jot Pop

Albert The 3:

I can't wait for Christmas on club penguin. Next year I hope to see more EPF missions as well.


My favorite holiday is Christmas because I love waking up on Christmas morning and finding presents under the Christmas Tree. Not just presents for me, but presents that I bought for my whole family. I love the feeling of giving gifts to people, it feels amazing. I love decorating the Christmas Tree, it starts the holiday. It feels so good to give gifts to people and also donate to charity to people who don't have some things that you have. You need to think about other people and not just you.


My favourite holiday is Christmas because there is a magical feeling in the air and that is when people give and are not selfish.


my favorite holiday would have to be Christmas because every ones so happy and cheerful and I see penguins dressing up as elf's and reindeer to get in spirit and you can see all the bright lights and yummy digital cookies! lol! waddle on!

Sweetsassy J:



Well my favorite is Christmas because you can give gift to your friends on club penguin and your friends can give you a free Christmas hat every December. You can ride on santa's Sleigh and at the end you get a special only for members only. You can decorate your igloo with sparkling lights and a Christmas tree and put gifts around. One more thing Rockhopper comes and we do The Coin for Change for supporting the kids and animals. I hope our next Christmas party will be a blast. Waddle On!


My favorite holiday is Christmas because your friends give you a free Christmas gift and it has a different Christmas hat on December. Rockhopper comes and we do a coins for change to help kids and animals with wilderness, medical and shelter. If we raise a lot of money to the kids and animals they will say thank you to club penguin for helping them support there life's. We also can decorate our igloo with sparkling lights. I hope this Christmas party will be a blast so Waddle On!

Albert The 3:

I like Christmas best because there are gifts, trees, trains, and fires in fireplaces. Christmas is a time for giving. I know I am a little early, but it is just around the corner! Waddle On!


My favorite holiday is Christmas. I like it best because it is very fun sharing and giving on that day. It is a time where me and my family can celebrate the joy of caring and sharing. Also the pretty decorations are so cool! On Christmas day I like to bring my toy reindeer named Cupid, down to the Christmas tree. But my favorite part is decorating the tree. It's so much fun! That's why I like Christmas.


I like Christmas too. I love Christmas because I love to get into the spirit of the season and it just gives me a chance to be close to my family and have beautiful times with them. I love smelling pine tree and different smells of Christmas. Santa visits me too and thats fun! Being off of school too. My mom's birthday is very near Christmas. I have a good time in November too. It's my parent's 20th Anniversary ! Waddle On!


My favorite holiday is Christmas because it is a time of year where you can spread cheer and do holiday activities together with your family and friends. I really like when we pick out our tree and decorate it, while there is holiday music playing. Also, it is when coins for change and other holiday fundraisers are taking place. I think it is very cool to be able to help others that are in need and improve the community.


I love Christmas the giving of gifts the bonding of families and also logging on to Club Penguin to donate to coins for change!Anyone can donate for what they choose medicine research environment and building homes.

molly 2323:

Christmas is the best holiday i think cause of all the presents , Christmas cheer and all the SNOW


I am a huge Christmas fan because I have become obsessed with the music I have been randomly signin jingle bell rock for the past two months! And on Christmas Eve my family all gathers at my aunts house and we exchange gifts. And my family always watches our favorite Christmas movies together! Christmas isn't always about the gifts, it's about the time with family.


And giving!

Leila Jang:

My favorite holiday is Christmas because there are snow, presents, parties, lights, cakes, candies and EVERYTHING!! But the best part of Christmas is.. the coin donations on Club Penguin! We also want other poor kids to have fun right? I would donate ALLLLL my coins to them! :)


Well i think Christmas because it a time when almost all of the the people in my family tree and a time when i see them.


I am going to visit my Grandma and big brother for Christmas because he is in a different state then me and to be together for Christmas, ahh just like the Christmas i got Sonic colors.


My favorite holiday is Christmas because you get to show everyone ho much you care by giving, while having snowy days spent around the campfire with family and friends.


My favorite holiday is Christmas because you get to spend time with family and you get to sing songs and even make some Christmas cookies. You also get to decorate the house in nice bright colors. We get a Christmas tree and decorate it with a lot of ornaments and we put a star on top. Each year on Christmas we all come downstairs and open presents and have a special Christmas breakfast. This is why Christmas is my favorite holiday.


Christmas because you can get presents from your grandma, grandpa or anyone you know. Also because you have new stuff that you either want to play with or wear! Most of all because you can be at your grandma's and grandpa's and just spend time with then OPEN PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Christmas is my favorite holiday for several reasons. Besides wonderful gifts, I get to see family that I rarely see and everyone is so happy! Everywhere you go, Christmas music plays and lifts your spirit. Bright trees are all over and help you see through the darkness. Like snow, all sadness melts away. I could go on and on about the movies and events, but you get the idea. Christmas just makes me feel like a little kid again- happy and carefree.


Plus, Coins For Change makes me feel good when I donate. :D


One word…. Christmas!!
I love to sit near the fireplace, tell stories, and drink hot cocoa! But my favorite part is the PRESENTS!! It's fun opening the box and finding out what it is! Last year, ALL my presents were Club Penguin related! Santa sure knows what I want! I got TONS of puffle toys, those little penguin figures, and best of all.. MEMBERSHIP!! Santa got me many one month memberships! The next day, I started playing Club Penguin THE WHOLE DAY!! I'm really looking forward to the party!


For Christmas 2011 I got a six month membership!


My favorite is Christmas because you always have such good clothing in the clothing catalog! Christmas is also my favorite because the WHOLE club penguin is decked for the holidays! Christmas is also my favorite on club penguin because you guys have good igloos and awesome furniture to go in them! And everyone is sure to decorate! I remember that one Christmas you got to dress up like Santa clause. I also LOVE the freezing cold (not like it's already cold enough) but I do love the freezing cold!


Well, My favorite Holiday would be Christmas because you get to spend time with your family and I love the Holiday's colors. I also like Club Penguin's Holiday Party because in club penguin, You get to got to places like the Coffee shop is decorated for the Holidays and I love Coins For Change when you donate coins.


My favorite holiday is Christmas because it's the time of year when we throw the most amazing party of the year rockhopper comes over and aunt artic . Also it's time of year when we help children or animals all around the world with coins for change . Also like last year we have some awesome transformation frost bites,raindeer puffles, toy cars , and we also help Santa.


My favourite holiday is Christmas because its the one time of the year I can see all my family at once.
I also enjoy giving and getting gifts from everyone. I really like Christmas dinner, and all the desserts too. Don't forget about those gingerbread cookies! I like to decorate our house with lights, and putting up our tree too. I love singing Christmas carols and my choir is performing at a hospital. I'm really excited about that.
My most favouritest part of the Christmas season is snow!


My favorite holiday is Valentines day because everyone shares love and care around the city. Every year on Valentines Day, I go on Club Penguin and friend everyone online and share care to everyone, and help others. Valentines day is a lovely Holiday that everyone needs a hug on. Every one is always kind to one another and gives hugs and spreads love to everyone. It's a great way to get together and have a celebration. Waddle On!

Pink Bunny10:

My favorite holiday is Christmas of course! Coins for Change is very important, because you can make nice schools and playgrounds and help protect the forests and plants of the world! I think it is also very fun to give each other presents! There are pretty Christmas trees and everyone is singing Christmas carols and everyone is just happy!
Waddle on CP!


Wow! hard to pick when thare are so many holidays. so why not pick all!


My favorite holiday is Christmas because of the joy and cheer it brings to people. Christmas brings families closer together with all the happiness and warm feelings that it brings. Something about the holidays just brings everone closer together and makes everyone love and caring for one another. Around Christmas I take the time to be happy for what i have and what some people in the world dont, like a loving family, crazy friends, and a home to keep me warm.


My favorite holiday day is Cristmas because you get to travel for Cristmas break and see all your family. The most fun part about Cristmas is opening presents and looking into your stockings! This year I am going to New York City with my family and go see my cousins.I also go to see my grandma for Cristmas dinner! That is why I really like Cristmas!


No way! New York City! I have not ever been there in my life!


Christmas is definitely my favourite holiday. I love all the joy and cheer that happens when the world gets together to celebrate. I also love CP at Christmas time because the island gets decked out and we all work together to give money to organizations. My favourite part of Christmas on Club Penguin is actually coins for change. It's always such a blast whopping people and CP always comes up with an awesome way to get people involved.
Love you Club Penguin!Waddle On!


my favourite holiday is Christmas because you can wake up in the morning open up the present go somewhere with your family have a great Christmas meal and there's always a great Christmas party at club penguin.


I love CP at Christmas time because the island gets decked out and we all work together to give money to organizations. My favourite part of Christmas on Club Penguin is actually coins for change. It's always such a blast helping people and CP always comes up with an awesome way to get people involved. We also get together to be happy and get into the spirit of Christmas! I love Christmas so much! Everyone is happy.

Kk Kylee:

So you ask that! I think I'd have to choose Christmas because I get to spend lots of my time with my family having fun, Christmas Caroling, Making Christmas cookies, and Hot chocolate! But in Club Penguin I like Christmas because its always better than all of the parties in the year combined! Plus, Last year in Club Penguin's Christmas party, we could transform into a race car, a puffle reindeer, and last but not least, the ice monster! So who knows what could happen this year!


Hanukkah because it's fun and I get presents for 8 nights! Also this year Hanukkah is one day before Thanksgiving and ends on Dec. 4!


Wow! That sounds fun! Maybe they will have a manora for Hanukkah celebrators during the Holiday Party!


I want a menorah for my igloo! Please, Please, PLEASE put Hanukkah decorations on Cp!!


Hi! Yes, I love Hanukkah too! I don't celebrate Christmas, but my parents do allow me to decorate my igloo anyways. I really want CP to put Hanukkah decorations!


Well it's very hard to chose just one! All holidays have awesome stuff in store but if I had to chose one it would Chirstmas because it's a time of year where you spend time with your family&friends :-)


My favorite holiday is thanksgiving because that's when I am reminded what great things I have.

Le ia:

Christmas is my favorite time cuz I get to see more of my family that I don't rly see and I get to give gifts to my friends and that's wen I joined cp :)waddle on!!


Christmas because I love to donate to coins for change and I get presents like puffles and it's a happy day

Lily Reeds:

My fave holiday is my birthday, and I know you're probably thinking "We can't celebrate b-days on club penguin, every penguin has a different bday,etc.", I thought that maybe on player/penguins bday, they could create a special bday hat (using the create your own hoodie format) and it would have a special dance move with it and maybe some bday gift coins (100-1000 I suggest). There would also be a slice of cake (change annually) that the player would receive in their inventory.

-Itsma B. Day


The zombies are coming.... To Cp! Hi cp! I will be posting a the zombies are coming saying every month! Here's this months In November! The zombies are giving and saying thanks! Next month! Santa zombie brings brains instead of presents! Waddle on!


That's cool!


My favorite holiday is christmas, because it is so amazing how snow falls down from the sky and I like it when my families gather around and my mom makes hot chocolate. I like it when christmas gets celebrated in clubpenguin too, because it is so wonderful. waddle on


My favorite holiday is Christmas.Why?Because 1 you get to spend time with friends and family.2 you guys have the best holiday parties every year.3 you get to donate coins for change so you can help save animals,you can help make enough money to make hospitals for kids in need and you can help rase money to help both animals and kids so they can have nice worm homes. 5 you get to decorate your house(or igloos) with lights and stuff. The last reason i like Christmas is because you tons of presents


I like Christmas cause you get to have presents and hang out with family and loved ones and friends and go on vaction!Also u can decorate your house with awesome decerations and help poor people from severe storms with coins for change!

Your Awesome fan,
Waddle On!


All holidays are very nice to me,I don't which one would be my favorite.But my birthday is a fun holiday.(PS If birthdays don't count let me know)


My favorite holiday is Christmas. It's my favorite because I get to spend time with my family and get to know more about them, and get presents or give presents.


Christmas is my favorite holiday because it teaches good things and it has a magical feeling to it. Christmas is about giving and getting so it teaches people to share and be merry. Also it has a magical feeling about it to hear carols on the streets and think of Santa coming down the chimney to give you presents. Christmas let's everyone in the family have a good time together. It's full of delicious food, pretty decorations, carols, and smiles! Christmas can be fun for anyone!


CHRISTMAS!!!!!! the party for it should be SPECTACULAR!! you should turn on deck the halls when you go into the town and plaza. and " oh christmas tree " in the coffee or pizza parlor! and please this time decorate the pizza and coffee shop. and the WHOLE place. you really don't pay attention to the main hang out places. like the iceberg, coffeeshop, giftshop,and pizza parlor. dont forget the pool! i am very excited for the results: D

Yoshi Taco 1:

My favorite holiday is Christmas because You get to see and hang out with your friends and family. It is also the time of year where everyone is nice and friendly to everyone. n the club penguin island I like to donate coins for coins for change and have fun with friends and be respectful to other people. This year for coins for change I will donate lots and lots of coins not just because I like it, to help people in need. I can't wait for Christmas to come around again. I am already countingday


I think my favorite holiday is Christmas because, I get to be with my family, I like giving preasents to my family and cousins, and I get to be with the people that I really love

Orquidea 123:

I have a lot of holidays but nothing like Christmas. Because I believe is a time to spend with family and friends, also is a time to help others and to give love.So my favorite part of the christmas party is Coins for Change, because you get to help other people without leaving your house, thats great and I love it so much because of that
Waddle on and make a change
Orquidea 123 ~ -W-

Piggy Brodie:


Because you get presents


Hmmm... I think that Christmas is my favorite holiday. Why? Because I get to enjoy being with my family, and eating a big Christmas meal. Plus, you get to give and receive gifts from others that you love. One of my favorite parts of this holiday is being able to give back to others in activities such as "Adopt-a-Family" this is an activity where you can get Christmas gifts for others that can't afford it. When I participate in this, it makes me feel really good to help other people.


I agree u should read my comment I wrote


Me too.


I just love Christmas. Gifts are passed around, you know? It's just that jolly feeling. We bake fresh cookies, and my school choir (which I'm in) sings at a breakfast with Santa, plus I get to visit friends I have in other places!


I would have to say that my favorite holiday would have to be New years Eve because you get to celebrate the ending of a old year and start a new year from scratch. Its also fun to watch the New Years Ball drop at the stroke of midnight(depending on where you live, its different). Its even great to celebrate New Years on Club Penguin becuase you get to have fun with your friends and celebrate with all of our favorite Club Penguin Support Team. I want to work with CPHQ in canada one day! Waddleon


Watching the ball drop is just beautiful! I love to count down for each time zone in the world because New Years is the day is a holiday for everyone!


My favorite holiday is Hanukkah! I love Hanukkah because my family comes to my house and we eat chocolate coins! I get lots of presents during 8 days! Also, Hanukkah is in the winter and the snow is fun. I also enjoy decorating my house. Me and my cousins take turns on Club Penguin! :) Waddle On!


My favorite holiday is a American holiday called Veterans day which celebrates the brave soldiers that fight for our freedom because, freedom isn't free. Our veterans don't always come home so its the day we can remember their lives and honor the ones that are still here. This is my favorite holiday of the year. -Sisalou


I agree.

Ocean Wave09:

My favorite holiday is Christmas. The Club Penguin Christmas is always super fun! One of my favorite parts is donating coins for coins for change! Last year i was able to donate 10,000 coins! I felt so great when i was able to do that! Also, the party is always amazing and i love exploring the newly decorated rooms!
Waddle on!


Every holiday has something I love however I would have to choose Christmas. I love when the snow comes down and the streets are filled with everyone having fun celebrating Christmas cheer! Another thing about Christmas I love is that during the holidays my family gets together have a good time :)


I love Christmas just because I love the food, getting presents, the cold weather, and spending time with my family


Well my favorite holiday is my Birthday because you get to have presents, cake, party games etc.


My birthday party is this saturday.


Honestly I know i won't get chosen but i'm just commenting. Anyways my Favorite Holiday is Christmas! Especially on CP! I love christmas because I love presents and presents isn't the important thing. I also love christmas because it's the time of giving and spending time with your family! I love christmas on CP because CP looks so beautiful and the northern lights! I also love christmas on CP because we can donate to children and hospitals! WADDLE ON!

- Mylops


ikr Coins for Change is awesome!!


I also can't wait for christmas because on Disney channel the new movie Good Luck Jessie!


Also! Christmas is so close to the last day of the year so you can look back to the year and see what happened through-out the year!


Christmas! I love Christmas because I have done the same thing every year to give to others: I go down to the local homeless shelter and help serve a Christmas dinner for those who are less fortunate than me. I also donate treats for the animals at the animal shelter because I just love animals!

Epic Ghost:

My favorite Holiday is definitely Christmas because I love how everyone comes and gives you presents, including Santa Claus. Santa is a very nice guy. I also love how I get to hang out with my family. It's so cool. I love Coins for Change too!


My favorite holiday would defiantly be Halloween! It's really awesome because you get lots of candy. But candy isn't the only reason. Just the whole experience of trick-or-treating with your friends is always just so fun! In my opinion, what makes Halloween so special is because you make splendid memories with your friends that last forever :)


christmas is always the best cp party and the catalogs are awesome i can't wait for december to come but best of all i like coins for change I like to help and and the cp decorations are so bright and so beautiful
. SO KEEP WORKING CP GROUP! your doing a great job.
penguin: moma123


i like christmas because its a great holiday but sometimes i kinda feel bad because everyone is only worried about the gifts and then there is lots of people that need a home and need food but one thing i really love about christmas is that every year club penguin does coins for change and its great to know that other people care about others :)

Waddle on



I love Christmas because I get to see my family that I only see once in a month.I get to see my cousin who is in a different state right now and he comes over just to spend time with us. Also one of my Uncles comes in from his job in Korea just to spend time with us. Also because at my school we do a can food drive where we can donate a bunch of cans for the families in need of food for Christmas.Finally I enjoy this holiday because on Club Penguin penguins donate as many coins as posible.


I like Christmas because I can read Christmas stories and donate coins on club penguin!!!!! :)


I really like christmas because the awesome friends for change, And Rockhopper. And also i really like to get presents and christmas is very special!


I like Christmas because everyone is happy and cheerful. Plus, the Holiday Party is on!

Power club 1:

i like Christmas because you get to spend time with family and ...

Waddle on!


My favorite holiday is the one that is on December to the end of January because its when Christmas is here and we get heaps of presents.
Also its on Summer which is when i play club penguin a lot and its when the most amazing music or summer jams is on.
And we go to the beach a lot and its so fun its like Club penguin!


Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday for lots of reasons! Not because of the gifts or anything ( well partly because of the gifts... Santa always gives the best ones! ) but because it's the season of giving! I always donate a bunch of coins to Coins for Change! I also love decorating my house and the awesome Christmas party on Club Penguin! Then only a few day's after is New Years! That's why Christmas is my favorite holiday! Merry Christmas Club Penguin! ( and a happy New Years! )


My favorite holiday is Christmas because its when everything is happy, cheery, and everyone is always just happiest as they could be and I get to see all of my family and everything is so positive and we go to special places, and of course, I LUV CPS WINTER PARTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your TRUE Club Penguin Fan, Behappypink :D
WADDLE ON!!!!!! :D :)


I love Christmas. My fav time of the year


I would say Christmas because during Christmas in 2012, my dad gave me a furby and I am getting a 3rd one this Christmas.


T0404 =D

Frozen Pink1:

X-mas Eve (A.K.A my b-day!) 2 full present days IS EPIC!!


Lucky you!


Happy early birthday! You share it with Louis Tomlinson, the famous member of One Direction! Lucky!


I think Christmas is The best All my Family go to one house and we stay there for Christmas. My Mum and Dad don't want us to celebrate Christmas without our Family. This Year I think It's at my House. We Get AWESOME Presents. Last year I got a Camera from Santa for my Videoing. But one of the Best things is that I can log onto Club Penguin And donate Coins For Coins For Change (CFC) And I can Celebrate with my Penguin Family thats what I love.



Me too! This year I am going to my Grandmas house.

Ken Dodd:

Christmas the best holiday ever because we get to donate millions of coins for change to people around the world also we love enjoying riding on Santa's sleigh during the past we have helped kids but we want to raise more coins this year and think about others i'm already saving up coins and spending them little so I can make a difference!


My favourite party is CHRISTMAS! its not just about gifts and food, its one of the only times my family get together (big family ;) )i just love the mood! i love singing carols and decorating! i love cp at xmas too, makes christmas the BEST!!!

Waddle on! :D


My favourite holiday is probably Easter, since you get to eat chocolate all day!


I love Christmas because you get wonderful presents like a membership card, a lovely Christmas dinner ( who likes sprouts?), you get to play with your new toys and of course the popular bit Santa and his reindeer


I love the winter holidays! I love being able to give to Coins for Change and giving presents to all my penguin pals! It is also the time of my friend's birthday too! I love seeing the cold snow outside too, it looks so utterly pretty! WADDLE ON!


My favorite holiday is Christmas because it's so much fun spending time with your family's and then going on club penguin to see the holiday party and I love riding on santas slay.


My favorite holiday is....... BAM BAM BAM my birthday! Who hoo lol anyway I like my birthday because I'm getting older and I love the cake! Also I like it because your parents are super kind to you and so is everyone else btw one more thing on club penguin I have a big dance party for my birthday lol anyway waddle on!


Trisher2: Without a doubt my favourite holiday is Halloween, because you get to dress up in lots of crazy, interesting costumes and get to become someone you're usually not. Another plus is obviously you get FREE candy just by walking to houses in costumes and saying Trick or Treat! And this is me personally but it's my birthday on Halloween, so its even better for me, I get presents and candy. Also everywhere is decorated to look cool and creepy! Also you can tell scary ghost stories! BOOOOOOOO


My little brother(AKA Ironman97445)does not like Halloween.

Kaelyn Sky:

Christmas is my favorite holiday!I like it so much because of chrstmas and colors...
I mean it is betiful!I cant wait the Holiday party in Clup Peunguin!

rockyy 1c:

My favourite holiday is CHRISTMAS because we get gifts decorate your house and on club penguin coins for change is happening which means i can get my latest stamp i wanna get the most extreme coins for change stamp because i have over 10,000 coins and also

Wreck Ralph:

Hi Penguins! I'm happy to tell you that my favorite holiday is Christmas. The reason why I like Christmas is because of the Coins for Change. Well the best for me is coins for change because it helps children and other people around the world just like in one place of our country. There was a very strong storm that destroyed everything in that place. There is no food, no water, many people died, and they lost everything. Even the schools were destroyed. So with Coins for Change happy peeps! :)


Hi, I am RedAceSpade and I love the Diwali Holidays most [mostly countries in and around Indian subcontinent celebrate this festival].Five days with different festival each day ,houses decorated with diyas[earthen oil lamps] and lightings, sweets, fire crackers ,gifts and new clothes all this makes Diwali special to me.All the relatives and friends visit each others' houses and wish them. And thanks for the firecrackers on the occasion of Diwali it made my Diwali more special.
Waddle on!


I love coins for change I have done it for the two years I have been on CP and andone year I have all my coins and I was really happy for the rest of the night.I <3 the party you do for X mas and I think the party gets beter every year and its so cool to "dress up" my igloo.

Enter nickname:

Christmas, because I love snow and I love to be with my family at this season, all togheter :)


Christmas, because I love snow and I love to be with my family at this season, all togheter :)


Hey CP! Honestly I love every holidays especially Halloween and Christmas My favorite holidays are of Christmas because we get to see our friends,Relatives,Families and We get gifts and the season is also cold and nice I really love winter and My favorite party of club penguin will come The Holiday Party and the music is so pleasant and most importantly we get to change the world and donate to coins for change. Well I love CP!
-Waddle On! ;)


Cool Christmas.I like the Holiday Party every year. It's a party of complete fun and entertainment. Especially becoming Frost Bite, which I enjoyed last year a lot. I wish Club Penguin Team has this party once again with a new twist and new party costumes. I want this party to be cool this year with the winter season coming soon. I also like to donate Coins in the Coins for Exchange and to help a lot of people in the world, who are not able to get proper food and clothes. Thank You !


Well, My favorite holiday would have to be The 4th of July! Because I watch the fireworks go off with my family and friends on a golf course.
before that, everyone celebrates with a face paint/pool party! And that's my favorite holiday!
~ Tvwatcher6 ~


My favorite holiday is Christmas! I love it, because it's special and you get and give presents. Also,in Club penguin, I can donate Coins For Change and help people who need it! I can't wait for this Holiday Party, it's going to be the best party ever! I collected coins all year and I'm going to donate ALL of them! :)

Waddle On!

Liamcp :

I love Christmas, Christmas is the best because you get presents and it's a big celebration. I also love Christmas because it's on Club Penguin and honestly the celebrations on Club Penguin are amazing and I really enjoy them, you can have Christmas fun on Club Penguin and in real life.


My favorite holiday would have to be Christmas. I love giving and receiving presents, playing in the snow, and giving coins for change! I love Christmas music, and Christmas decorations. I like Christmas, because I get to hangout with my cousins that I'd don't see much. And I love Christmas cookies!!

- Atm40


My favorite holaday is Christams because (like any other kid) Christmas gives us a chance to get anything that may cost $100 for free! I mean, we could get to own club penguin if we wanted to!


My favorite holiday is Christmas because there will be a party at Club Penguin and will be able to enjoy the snow that we will visit for sure.


SANTA!!! Is coming soon!


Hehe! No, the Hanukkah Elf is coming also! Maybe your Santa and The Hanukkah Elf are friends!


My favorite holiday would be Thanksgiving or Christmas because you get to celebrate it with your family or friends! Plus you can donate coins to people you need them :)!


My favorite holiday is Christmas, because everyone's happy, there's "cool" music, the sparkling lights hanging on every house, all of your relatives getting together having a great time, and don't forget COOKIES!!!! Club Penguin is no different then that when it comes to Christmas...


I like Hanukkah because not everyone celebrates it, so I feel special already. Then my whole family comes to celebrate! Sometimes I get to do special stuff like tell the story oh Hanukkah, its so fun! I also like how I dont have to wait until December to celebrate it! I also get to spend it with my friends. Thats why I like Hanukkah!


Christmas is my favorite holiday because you get to be with your family


I like Christmas because get to give presents to my family, and because it means a CP Christmas party! And I can give all of my coins to Coins for Change!!!


My favorite holiday has always been christmas! not only because of the presents but its the time of year where me and my family always spend time with my grandparents i never see anymore. we always talk about our goals and what awesome things have happened over the year. christmas is always a special time for me and my family because of the great family members we have. Also one weird thing we do during christmas is open our presents Christmas eve night :P


I think October was a spectacular month. I would like you if you would do more for club penguins anniversary. You should put more towards the anniversary its a big deal for club penguin. Do more that will be have a all puffles and clothing out to nonmembers and members on the anniversary day so every people will look stylish and feel like club penguin could be their second home.


My faveorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I like Thanksgiving because it's in between winter and fall so the colors mix in to winter too! Also because I get to see my family all together at one big table.Some of my cousins are in college, so that's the time I can see them. I can't forget the Macy's day parade ;)!I love watching the parade on Thanksgiving day while peeling bristle sprouts and potatoes with my mom! Basicly I love Thanksgiving because it's a time when I can see the people I love!


My favorite holiday is Christmas. This is because I like sending my friends on CP holiday postcards. I also have lots of fun Christmas parties at my igloo. So I can make other people happy while having fun too.


My favorite Holiday Party is Holiday Party 2012. This Holiday is so nice! I like to join at Club Penguin, have fun with my friends and be one Frost Bite and freeze my friends and every penguin in the island. I like to be an Road Racer, to funny at Gift Shop and, be a Reindeer Puffle, that's funny. But, I like very much to meet the Captain Rockhopper. He's super cool and we meet with Yarr too. And, I donated 10.000 coins to help the world be better, that's it.


I have all coins for change stamps.


My favorite Holiday is Halloween. I love Trick-or-Treating and wearing spooky costumes!


Christmas,i love every single second of it, the cold wind,the Glamorous white snow,Its the time when everyone cuddles up and finds time for each other like me and my family my family is very busy and christmas brings us together and the pretty trees look so nice when they are covered in snow and to make christmas even more better club penguin puts the magical season into a online computer game for me not a computer game, for me a real life fun snowy world



I would say Christmas Time. I love that time of year when it gets cold outside and the grass and trees have frost on them. My birthday is also near christmas so thats double the presents in the same month! But I also LOVE to see my cousins and grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles. The last thing I love is coins for change. I think it's awesome how CP donates money for all of the coins we Donate!
Waddle on CP!

man 123:

Xmas of course i love doing coins for change




like i said before COINS FOR CHANGE!I love it because its nice to help other countries last year i mostly donated coins for people to have a safe place to live i wish we had it all year round!this year can you add some brand new things to give donations to my penguins name is
x droid x and i loved the t-shirts from last year.
your friend man 123


I donated for all purposes.


I love Christmas! All the cheer, festivity, it's so nice! On Club Penguin, I love it because we have coins for change! I really like the idea to help make a difference on one of my favorite sites- Club Penguin!! Thanks CP!! WADDLE ON! :)


my favorite holiday is christmas. because i can see snow on club penguin! where i live it doesn't snow for christmas and i also love baking cookies, hanging out with my friends on club penguin ( and my family too) and my most favorite thing of all......... HELPING OTHERS!!! i have heard of coins for change and now i'm really starting to fill up on coins!


My favorite holiday is christmas because its way close to my birthday and club penguin always throws an awesome holiday party and...*Drumroll* COINS FOR CHANGE! Its nice to just donate a few spare coins and know that its helping other people. Waddle on cp



My Favorite Is Christmas.I Have my Birthday Right Next To Christmas!I Love The Smell Of Christmas Tree In The Air.Hot Choclate And Blankets!OH MY! I've Saved Up 10,400 Coins!10,000 For Coins For Change.400 For A Birthday Gift!A GOLD PUFFLE! YIPEE!


I love Christmas because everyone is so cheerful and kind! WADDLE ON CP!


My favourite holiday is Christmas!!! Christmas is always so awesome, and this Christmas, being my first Christmas on cp, im gonna try out the Coins for Change. ive heard so much about it!!! ive already started saving up and im planning to donate all my coins to Coins for Change!!!


my favorie is christmas because then there are many gifts


My favourite holiday is Christmas because it's always fun on CP! You can get cool items and transform into lots of different things! My favourite part of Christmas is when we all sit round the tree and open our presents! It's always fun to see another persons face when they love their present! I enjoy Christmas because we can donate to charities that need help with Coins for Change! Thank you for bringing Christmas to club penguin! Merry Christmas everyone!
Waddle on CP!

- By Zac22458!


I like chrismas because of all the presents and because like crackers and chrismas dinner


My Favorite Holiday is Christmas because it is fun with all the presents. Also you get to be with family and see people you only see one a Year. I just enjoy the game and legos. One of my favorite presents from last year was a Club Penguin membership! It was so much fun. That's way Christmas is my favorite holiday.


Christmas is my favorite Holiday. On Xmas we all celebrate the day with out family and friends! It's awesome to spend time with my family enjoying delicious cake which is made on Xmas eve! Xmas is really fun specially when we make our Snow Man and slide on an ice slope with friends! I hope this year Club Penguin's Holiday Party will be bit different from the previous years and I hope that everyone will enjoy the Holiday Party which is coming soon on the next month! Waddle on!


My favorite holiday well I have 2. Christmas and Thanksgiving because I get to spend time with my family! Spending time with my family is probably the best gift of all anyway yeah that is my favorite holiday! thanksgiving I get free food too haha. aw man now I am hungry just thinking of the food and stuff and OMG maybe I should stop talking about that. Anyway that is my answer!


I love Christmas holidays because you get a lovely meal, and loads of presents!
I can`t wait to see what CP has in store for us this Christmas....

Mss Pucca:

My Favorite Holiday is Christmas!
Why and a year-end party, and a great holiday.I know mine will not be chosen. I love christmas.  Because I love presents but not present and the most important thing of Christmas as we know.
I love the christmas party in CP is pretty much the party and always has lots of things to fazer.E I also really like the Coins for Change, and an epoch done to help the world.

space 124:

i love Christmas. the only problem is that all the adverts start in early November! I get to open a load of presents in the morning,open a load of presents over lunch,and then open some more after dinner. My aunt once gave me a large bundle of CP stuff,including a puffle cushion,the 2012 official annual,and the Waddle On comic book,and i still read the latter regularly!


My favorite Holiday is probably Christmas! I can play CP for a looong time while donating my coins to Coins for Change for good causes. Then I can go out and play with my friends in the snow, like live sled races and stuff! Then we get Hot Cocoa and Cookies and get to be with all our Family and friends. :)


christmas is my favorite because i get to spend time with all my family from texas and chicago i love to make cooks the day before they get there and we have drink egg nog and they stay in till christmas day and me and my cousins race to are parents room and wake them up and then we race down stairs to up presents and we give them i gifts to them and then we eat a big breakfast and we watch movies for the rest of the day!!!!!!!!! that is why i love christmas .


My favorite holiday is Christmas. He's my favorite because get Gifts.Then is winter and we can have fun out!


I love the 4 th of july because there is fireworks and you are celebrating the Independence day it is really fun we get to admire the country
that we live in me and my family always celebrate it and its really fun to see the flag of my country the day the it got independent it was i big move for the country and i love the flag colores Blue,Red and white Waddle On Cp!!!


christmas because you get to have presents and you get to have lots of fun with friends and family. Also it is a great time to spend time with your friends in cp and we could have a brilliant christmas party too!


christams beacuse of the meals and presents


I have two favorite holidays christmas and easter because when its christmas i can spend time with family and not to mention open presents and i like easter because we usually have easter egg hunts and we get eat the eggs and the chocolate bunnys and thanks


My favorite holiday is Christmas! I love all of the decorations, the lights, and everyone sounds so happy! I love getting gifts but I love giving gifts more!!! I think it is important that everyone can have a happy holiday.
Waddle on and HAPPY HOLIDAYS


I like Christmas, because we get to see our family, the house always feels cosy, everyone is jolly and happy, loads of presents, the joy of seeing the presents you've given to your family...

Waddle On!


I like the Valentines Day midterm break because my birthday is the day after Valentines day and I get loads of presents and another reason, I absolutely love SNOW!!!!!!!

verdy um:

chritsmas cuz is family time and is so fun!! apart from the presents :D,


Christmas is my favourite holiday for it's calm, warm and happy feeling! Setting up the Christmas tree and opening up mysterious presents and playing with the toys or games that I get. The Christmas meals are also awesome! In fact... Christmas was the day I joined Club Penguin!

Waddle On!


Dear Daffo
WINTER, because i love snow iTS SO FLUFFY and sometimes if you're lucky u can miss school because of heavy snow! Halloween, Christmas thanksgiving, my birthday AND club penguins anniversary ALL IN ONE SEASON its awesome and the EPIC partys that happen! Cant wait for the christmas party!!


winter isnt a season


My favorite holiday at Club Penguin's Christmas because there are always interesting things items trains even beard of Santa Claus was once Gog my eyes lit up was the most beautiful holiday in Club Penguin.


My favorite holiday is Christmas. I like to get with my family and play with my cousins. I also like to get presents, but I Love giving to kids who don't have any. Another thing is that coins for change on club penguin, and I plan on giving a lot of coins, and breaking the machine on the first week (I'm talking about last year, which was cool). The climate is nice, because it's so cold, and I get to drink Hot Chocolate!
That's why Christmas is my favorite.


this question is very difficult actually my favorite holiday is Christmas and the new year for my family meets together and celebrate, play with my cousins ​​and friends both in real life and in cp!


Hi Its Lilyluke1 I Love WINTER! its really cool and its around christmas and november october and december aremy fav months because octber its halloween november the partys are great themed and its my birthday and december because club penguin cant help themselves and just have to go a throw a really realy great party for us penguin thats why i still play cp i would of quit if it wasnt for the really cool partys u rock cp so keep on rocking cus i love you so mutch

Wadddle on Fellow Penguins!


Hello, My favourite holiday is Christmas not just cause of the presents its because of the songs, snow and joy in people and I like the party on cp at that time as well.
Waddle on dudes,


Well, my favorite holiday is...Christmas! Why you ask? ''It's the most wonderful time of the year" ! You get to spend happy times with your family and friends , eat the delicious Christmas dinner, decorate the tree with BEAUTIFUL ornaments , and opening the amazing presents you get! Oh and how could anyone forget the Club Penguin Coins for Change event! I mean saving wild life, building medical buildings and even houses for the ones who cant afford it! Wow! How generous can Club Penguin get!


My favorite holiday is definitely Halloween. I love Halloween because my family all gets together at my grandparents house. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. Even my Uncle Jim comes all the way down from Michigan to Delaware! In my grandparents backyard we always do a haunted trail. I think every Halloween Clubpenguin should do a haunted trail. Oh! And of course, I love, love, love, the candy!


I LOVE christmas because its full of holiday spirit, laughter and presents! I always love the epic christmas parties you guys throw, I save up LOADS of coins and then donate the majority of it to the three charities, before then buying the decorations for my igloo. I then invite all my friends (and others) to a fab christmas party in my igloo.


Oh my gosh by far in my eyes Christmas is my favourite holiday because all the family come together even ones that live in another country
then there is the excitement like the excitement on Christmas Eve, everyone's sneaking around, trying to find a private place to wrap presents for the next day. Of course then there's Christmas Day [YAY] presents, family reunions and a big Christmas party in my case.
finally there's the stories, sit down and gather round to hear it, just chill


My favorite holiday has to be Christmas! I love getting to be with my family and I LOVE getting to watch people open gifts that you give them! It makes me SOO happy to see them be happy! :) I love the yummy food and the parties on club penguin are always AMAZING! I get up really early the morning the Christmas party starts on cp and run downstairs to get online! It is always just sooo exciting! Plus, everyone is nicer to each other at that time of the year!


My favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving because I LOVE food.
And I like it because Its kinda close to Christmas.
And I like it because The Indians celebrated it and I think the Indians were AWESOME!!!
Keep Following your Imagination.

Mtr Tiny:

My favorite holiday is definitely Christmas! Eggnog, hot cocoa, decorating the tree (which we can't do as much of this year because of our mischievous little kitten :3) sitting by the fireplace, snow, getting presents, and even better than that giving them! I cannot wait until Christmas! and I also can't wait until the Club Penguin Christmas party! I'm gonna try to beat my record from last year of donating 200,000 coins! (which will be very difficult)

Christmas on CP!!!


I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Chirstmas because you get to give presents, donate coins for change and saving rainforests, and I ALWAYS write a letter for Macy's so I can help sick children. You know, Chirstmas isn't just about receiving presents. It's about friendship, happiness, love, and spending time with your family. Have a AWESOME, I mean TOTALLY AWESOME Merry Chirstmas!


My favorite Holiday is Christmas, because then we get to give presents, and make other people smile. We get to also sing cool songs, and do some cool stuff. That's why Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, if not my absolute favorite
You rock CP, Waddle on!!


Christmas because it celebrate's God and Jesus and presents are fun too. But the main reason I like Christmas is because it celebrates god.

Waddle ON!!!!



I totally agree with you!!! I <3 JESUS!!!


My favourite holiday is Christmas because it is a time for family and friend. It is also a great time to give to others. Also, Christmas is a great holiday because Club Penguin's Holiday Party happens, which is an amazing party.

Merry Christmas everyone!! And waddle on :)


I would say my birthday,but sadly that is not a national I'll pick the next best thing!My favorite holiday is Christmas because it's a chance to get together with family members and have an amazing time!Also,Christmas is a time where everyone is in a good mood,and..oh whats that thing I love so much..PRESENTS!!Who doesn't enjoy laying out cookies and milk,taking forever to fall asleep,and waking up at 6:00 a.m to find presents wrapped neatly under the Christmas tree?!Thx for reading!


This is the holiday that popped right in my head: CHRISTMAS!!! I know I love summer, but that doesn't mean my fave holiday is Father's Day! Christmas is all about the snow. Snowmen, snowballs, even snowflakes! This special holiday lets you dream. Watch laughter of the kids playing outside, or just unwind in your house for a cup of hot chocolate! Or listen to the Carole's that the people sing. Btw, I love Coins For Change! The point is that Christmas is really, really special. That's my point. :D

Kendall A423:

I love Christmas because its a time where you can celebrate the Holidays with friends and family. It's a time where you can all get together and spend time with some relatives that you may haven't seen in a long time. Its always nice on Christmas Eve to sit by a cozy fire and listen to Holiday stories with your family. Christmas day is where you give and receive presents and it always feels great to do something for others. It's the time where there is peace, joy and happiness everywhere!

Big Igloos:

I like New Years which kind of falls in with Christmas! I like it because you can spend time with your family and also get and give presents to one another! Also, when it is New Years the Ball Drop happens! New Years is also my favorite because you start off with a new, fresh year with some new resolutions to make! Merry Christmas Everyone and Watch The Balldrop!


Hi club penguin team lilylila908 here! I'd have to say my favorite holiday would have to be Christmas (not like I don't like all the other holidays)!!!!!!!! It would have to be Xmas because cp does coins for a change and when we donate we fell good. I also LOVE Xmas because we get PRESENTS!!!!!! I also love Xmas because we get to dress up with the AMAZING clothes from the clothing catalog! I also LOVE Xmas cause we get to deck our iggys with all new decorations! Waddle on cp team!!! -lilylila908


Hi club penguin team lilylila908 here! I'd have to say my favorite holiday would have to be Christmas (not like I don't like all the other holidays)!!!!!!!! It would have to be Xmas because cp does coins for a change and when we donate we fell good. I also LOVE Xmas because we get PRESENTS!!!!!! I also love Xmas because we get to dress up with the AMAZING clothes from the clothing catalog! I also LOVE Xmas cause we get to deck our iggys with all new decorations! Waddle on cp team!!! -lilylila908

Flash 790:

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I like it because the island always has decorations and jolly music. And Coins For Change gives it all a very happy feel. I also like singing carols around the island with my friend, Lilly.


Anniversary party on cp because if that day didn't happen what would I be writing now.But really how can pick one when I like them all Christmas, Halloween, April fools no holiday is best it's just holidays and they all mean the same good will friendship and a few pranks here and then. CO WADDLE ON.


I love christmas because it's so fun to put up decorations and make christmas cookies. I also love how everyone is really happy and festive and nice to each other. It's also awesome because of giving and getting presents! I also love how everyone makes a bunch of weird, cool, and awesome christmas traditions! Mine is to have cinnamon rolls on christmas morning. It's fun to listen to christmas carols and sing them too! Waddle on and Merry Christmas!


If I had to choose just one holiday it's probably be Christmas or Halloween. I enjoy them both for very different reasons. During Halloween it's a really fun time for the entire group because me, my family, and some friends will go trick-or-treating all together and we have a great time. On the other hand, I really enjoy the Christmas season. The Christmas season is a time for family and bundling up against the cold. I enjoy most holidays, but those two are my favorites.


My favorite holiday is Christmas because Santa comes and leaves gifts over night and we can relax by the fireplace and we can make cookies with frosting and decorate them with sprinkles and I see christmas lights everywhere in the neighborhood and we can have hot chocolate if we are cold! And we can make cinnamon rolls on Christmas Day or muffins! And we can make cookies for Santa! And some milk!


My favorite holiday is Easter because my whole family comes over and celebrates! We always have amazing Easter baskets that take a LONG time to eat, my siblings and I trade candy and laugh a lot too! Add CP and you have the perfect day! I have a whole week off school and get to be lazy and have fun with penguins and family, it's awesome! And after Easter the weather warms up, I love the snow but I also love the sun! P.S. sometimes if you sit down in snow your pants get wet and soggy. Waddle on!


my favorite holiday is Christmas because on club penguin they have the thing that at each day u get a item, I also like Christmas because o how much fun u can have during the day.

Handsome Hal:

My favorite holiday is Christmas because its the time of the year to be nice! I also like that you get to see and get together with your family!
I like listening to Christmas songs on the radio. On Club Penguin I LOVE donating coins for Coins For Change! If I could say my most favorite thing to do around the Holidays is decorate the Christmas Tree!
Club Penguin what's your favorite holiday?
-Handsome Hal


I like the Christmas holiday because I like to wrap up and hand out presents to my friends and family and open mine on Christmas morning. Where I live it usually snows from Christmas morning to the end of January so I have fun making igloos and snowmen. And online I like buying Christmas items from penguin style and meeting rockhopper.


My most favorite holiday is Christmas, because we get presents and we can give other people presents. Club Penguin makes Christmas more fun because of the Christmas Party! Since I am from the Chinese heritage, we also get money in these red envelopes. This is why Christmas is my most FAVORITE holiday!


Christmas because it is time for family and joy don't forget tree decorating caroling and making ginger bread cookies you see Christmas is not all about presents its to spend time with all the people you love.


Christmas is my favorite holiday because there's presents, cookies and milk for santa,decking the halls, and dressing festive. Let's not forget about coins for change! That's my favorite part of Christmas. My family and I donate money to help the less fortunate and we volunteer to help others each year. Of course let's not forget the snow and the snowmen and snow angels! I'll probably try to donate 700,000 this year for coins for change. It's so heart warming to see joy everywhere.
Waddle on!


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