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By Chattabox on December 16, 2013 - 22:37

G'day Penguins,

WOW – how much fun was the snowball fight?! Thanks to everyone for coming and joining in – it was definitely the most exciting snowball fight I've taken part in. I think it was a pretty even draw between Team Red and Team Green too! See if you can spot yourself in the party picture below.

You know what else is super exciting… It's Christmas next week!! So, how about we all dress up in Santa outfits and take part in the biggest Santa flash mob EVER around Club Penguin island – Ho ho ho! I bet we can create some amazing party pictures in our Santa costumes... I can't wait!

Lets meet in the Forest on the Down Under Server at 4pm (East Australian Standard Time) on Thursday 19th December, which will be 6pm for all of you in New Zealand. Don't forget, this is 9pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 18th December for everyone over in the US and Canada.

Waddle on!

- The Club Penguin Team



Best Pink2:

Chattabox! I'm sure I will come to the party! I really liked your igloo!

Best Pink2:

Yay! I'm in the picture! I'm next to the arrow going to the stadium! Hooray!

Semper5010 :

Nice outfit, Best pink 2!

Best Pink2:

that snowball fight was fun

Alex W:

Do a christmas scene at the ski village where you get a santa and tons of reindeer to make it look like they're pulling his sleigh


Yeah, thanks again for the fun, Chattabox. You're amazing, waddle on! :-)

Grace pie:

Hey thanks I will defonotly dress up as Santa /If I can find one that's not member lol!!!!


I see myself in the picture near the snow puffles! I'm purple with red hair and a red santa dress! I'm so glad I got to see you Chattabox! This was a once in a lifetime moment for me! Thanks Chattabox for this awesome exciting moment! I was so happy I nearly exploded! Next time you have a meeting can you add me to your friends list? Thanks!

Waddle On Cp! Thanks for the great moment!


An question, when is clubpenguin coming to ipod? I have been waiting over 3 months and i am getting upset :(

Shadow Kat:

It's definitely a process, penguin pal. Click here to view a post on it!

- Club Penguin Team


Rolopolo1, its 'a' question.. :)


I love club penguin


I definitely didn't see myself there cuz i wasn't in it. XD


its so nice


for the third time, the UK can't come!


Why can,t the uk come


I SPOTTED MYSELF! Though someone's comment is covering most of me up, lol. Thanks for sparing your time to play with us!


Woah! I can't wait for the santa flash mob! And Merry Christmas!


Cool! I'm in the picture on the snow forts behind the guy saying "This is amazing," all you can see is my hat though.

moo mui:

what time in UK

Best Pink2:

Thursday, December 19. 5A.M.


First Comment! Wow cool Flash Mob!

Katy2732 :

Cool! I will be at the Santa thing . Btw katy2732 is my club penguin name


I would come but I don't have a Santa suit...
Waddle on CP!


I found her! :D


Lucky u! :D


OMG KWL!!!!!1


Chattabox, I am waiting for the santa flash mob , but i'd like that you make a red color flash mob , just becose red rules xD


COOL! I don't want to miss it! (and HURRAY, first comment)!


hi cp! this looks fun! i wasn't able to join you though....maybe next time!!

L O V E Y O U !


I'm the penguin dressed as a bauble


Can you do it earliest? Because in my country at 9:00PM PST it's like 5:00AM in my country, and I really want to go!!


I need to pay more attention, :P.

Best Pink2:

Do you live in UK?


Awesome! How did you find all those Santas, Chattabox? Are you from Australia by any chance?!


hello what is that time in the uk?


I do not have access to anything except from the town, other peoples igloos and my igloo please help me :)


NO! UNFAIR! Whenever you have a party, It's at midnight here in Florida! Now I can't EVER meet you! >:( How about you try one at 3:30 PST On Christmas or on Christmas Eve? >:'(


That sounds awesome! However, it is really late here too so I can't go. :( Is there any way that you can make the party be earlier??


Best Pink2:

That's like about 8:30 for me.


Hi CP!

So excited for the Santa flashmob!!!

See you there!



I didn't make it at least that's what I think but I know it will or was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = ]


I have a statement and then a question. (PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!)
Statement- I have never been to one of your parties Chattabox because their always midnight for me.Boo.
Question-Will the My Penguin APP be coming to Kindle Fire HD?


awwwww i got cut out of the picture i am so sad I was there though, I wanted to be in the picture. I cant go today though because I don't celebrate Christmas so I cant go to a Santa flash mob :(


Hey this is Michael17063 well i just wanted to see if you could post this on the blog. I am having a christmas party December 26th 2013 at 7:00 US eastern time at my igloo.


i wish that i was there.



The snow ball fight was so fun! i have one big question who won


Hi Chattabox! I just want to say i'll try to be there! (also I got first comment at 08:40)!


Hey i have a bug evry time i go to town or my igloo it has the note try again i did it did not work:(


OMG!!! My B-Day is on December 18, 2013!!! My Brithday is Tomarrow and SO,SO,SO Hoping That the Ibitz for Club Penguin has the items ready to be with, So maybe the Ibitz coins are called icoinz? That be so cool! Maybe i'm getting the ibitz I want the items so bad!! December 17, 2013

Enter nickname:

Oh, My GRR!! I Keep Messing Up my Name!! It's Jasmin6327 Now I Got it! HA-HA


Aww sorry I wanted to come but i'll be spending the night at my friends house so can't go on.

Livy Loo2:

THAT WAS AWESOME! I am the penguin with the purple puffle wearing a red hockey t-shirt and with the earmuffs!


Yay! I'll b there! =)

Yoshi Taco 1:

I wish I could come but its right around when I got to sleep


WOW- no telling when you would be on?!? NOT FAIR- IT'S 9:48 PM AND I CAN'T SE CHATTABOX. -TO CHATTABOX- TELL THE NEXT TIME YOU'LL BE ON! -_- some people annoy me -_- >:(


The last party was awesome! There's me, at the bottom right! Can't wait for the mob! :)

Hoyal Saber:

That is a lot of people! When did it happen?


I dressed up as Santa with the beard and the hat and suit at my school.

7 Fairy 7:

Yay! I will definitely come! That is 5.00 PM for me.


For how long will you be there Chattabox?

Will we walk around?

What will we do?

What is a flashmob?


I love to fire snowballs it tests my aiming!


Snow Forts Thanks You

Susie Club:

I can't wait!! I'll be there dressed as the best Santa Claus there EVER WAS! LOL shout out to my friend. HI SHELBY171717!!!


Aww man! I was at school when this happened. ): Will you guys have another party soon please, and can it be at least on Sunday or something like that. I beg i have never went to one of the parties and i get really anticipated. Please reply soon. I really love Club Penguin, oh and i super duper love the new update on the puffle catalog. (:


Woah, that looks fun. Was that on the computer? Not on the I pad, right?


i have a question for you:How o'clock will be on penguin standard time??????????????

Please let me know




I was in that photo in the entrance the one with the alien mask and someone saying wow was next to me

Katie Roxie :

Hey chattakbox! I wish i could join but I live in the US and 9 PST is really late for us... Please more appropriate times for the US!


hey can you have a party at 3:00 cp time on Dec. 20?

macy 393


Hi can you make the time earlier like at 3:00 in NZ and 6:00 in the UK


what i'm thinking is lots of penguins. Celebrating are raising money.


Guys a little help.. what day and time will 6:00pm on 20th December Penguin Standard Time will be in India? Please help :)


This is probably a Bad Idea but can you do like a party like related to the new movie frozen maybe because me and my BFF went to see it and it was amazing and it would be AWESOME if it was on CP but that's just my opinon and By the way it was EPIC

Pixie Pi:

Frozen was totally EPIC! A party with Frozen as a theme would also be epic. Great idea!!

- Club Penguin Team

Cutie Funny:

I can never go because it's to late! I live in Canada and 9pm is way to late!


Ooh, looks like Chattabox is very popular!


Hi CP team can you make it in like 3:00 and can it be on December 20 because I'm in the US ok?
And gess what? I'm going to Florida in 8 days!!! I can't wait any longer!!! :D isn't it exiting???
Waddle on and happy holidays!


Wow!!I was there!!And at the Santa flash mob so fun to see all the Santas!!!We should do another Santa flash mob on the real day of Christmas for all the people who missed out I will be there!!And we can also include some Elfs.It will be at 4:00 on December 25!Please make this possible because my brother wanted to come to the Santa flash mob but he missed out!!!Please,Thanks WADDLE ON! MERRY CHRISTMAS


If I had to make one difference to the CP Clothing Catalogue, I would make the non-member items fit with the party theme so the non-members of CP can still feel like they're in member- type clothes. If you guys could do that, CP would be the best game on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you read this and Merry Christmas!!
Waddle On!

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