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By Polo Field on December 12, 2013 - 16:39
Hi Penguins!
It's here -- the Club Penguin app for iPad! It's available in the Apple App Store and free to download. 
For those of you that have the app...we'd like your feedback! Let us know what you like best about Club Penguin for iPad in the comments below.  
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team




when will the update come ??


The 1.3 update is already here :)

~Perapin :)


Is this the same my Penguin app. Is it different or did the name just change

Mr werdy:

Same. Just new update but same name :-)


It's a name change : )


It's a name change but they also added the town so they renamed it club penguin because they just added the town to the my penguin app. :D!


What is it called and how do you get to the town??????

gold mercy:

i want it for ipod


Can anyone tell me how to get to the plaza? Or is it still locked? I can see it on the Map but there's pretty much no way to get there... Help please!


can you make the club penguin app on a tablet please

jordy100 :

The update has all ready come and it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love how we can now visit the Town, Gift Shop, Coffee Shop and Dance Club! I'd like to see the Dance Lounge and the Book room be released next with us being able to play the Arcade games sometime soon!

I wonder what it'd be like though to hang out on the Book Room and Dance Lounge on the Club Penguin app! Could you give us an approximate timespan as to when the next update will occur? Oh and any news on what's coming next? Can't wait for the next update!

Waddle On!


Isn't the update icy cool? I am not sure when there will be another update, but keep your flippers crossed that it will be soon! Waddle on! :)

- Club Penguin Team

Hippydoo 7:

U mean fingers crossed :)


No, it is the way some penguins talk!


there should be a plaza next.

Rock Love:

How do u get the app!? I looked for it on the app store but I can't find it!

iPhone club penguin:

Hi guys I have a question when will you release the iphone club penguin because I really want to play with my friends on an iPhone version I love the online one but I really want a iphone one to play with my friends I hope you install the iphone one soon


Can you play the club penguin app on tablets?


Fantastic work Club Penguin <3



I like the game but it needs more features so open up the whole town!add more games! And everyone will want the app!


We are working very hard! Keep  your eyes peeled for updates :)

- Club Penguin Team

jenaaa00 :

love it but how do you get from one server to a different one?

Sparkle moo:

I love club penguin but how come I can not go to the pizza parlor and get pets like we can in the computers ?


I have always loved club penguin! Only one thing I really miss the pet shop because I can't buy puffles and that is really sad :( I hope you guys could soon fix that. But club penguin will always be wonderful :)

John 12347:

Hey can you be on computer and be on the mobile device thing and still see eachother??


Can you make this for I pod touches with an IOS or OS of 4? And how come I can't see people on mobile?!?!?! -_- Thanks!
Waddle on : /!


I was just hanging out at the Town on the Club Penguin app and needless to say it was busy with excited penguins! I'm seeing people jump to their friends, even if they're in the same room as them already.

Everyone's so egar to find out and use all of the new features in this MASSIVE update by you guys! A massive job well done, Club Penguin is going through the roof!

Waddle On!




Hmmmmmmmmmmm cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kozy Kat:





Hey Club Penguin, Will penguins online ever see penguins that are using the App in the online part. Like will they combine? And when will Friend jumping be online?


That would be so awesome if we could!


The Town, Coffee Shop and the Clothes Shop should be made to look more 3D :)

~Perapin :)


Have you found out any more news about MyPenguin app on Microsoft devices and ipods and iphones?


Are you almost done wit the iPod Touch Version?

Luismi C3a:

Are you, CP?


Matchip the iPhone and iPod Touch version is coming out next year.



I know everyone is anxious to hear news about what is coming next for the App! The What's New Blog is the best place for the newest freshest Club Penguin information! Keep checking in, and as soon as we know, you guys will know too :)

Steve banks:

When will the app be available for iPhone? i really want to be able to use it, but i don't have an ipad.


When will this app come out for other Apple devices? (ipods, iphones)


Next year Cupcakecutie.


rainbow fan:

well I have a iphone (That's my moms..) and I ipad and I will get that app on my moms iphone!

-rainbow fan

Spy P 123:

Hey will ya'll do it on the Kindal Fire?


I'm getting a kindle fire HDR


I'm getting a kindle fire HDX




Puffepal929 next year the app will be available for iPod and iPod Touch.


7 Fairy 7:

I really want the app but I don't have an iPad so I can't wait till it comes out on iPod coz I have one. ;)


By the way could IPod,Iphone,and Android beta test?


I LOVE THID APP!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!! ROCK ON CP!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait untill they relese the whole island and the IPod touch version too!


Dear CP,
Can u pleez make Club Penguin available to Kindle Fire HDX? I got 1 recently and i really want club penguin.
P.S. can u make it free?

Rockyy 1c:

Their working on the Android and all the other devices , plus the app is obviously free, it says so on the blog

Mr werdy:

Can you please make it on android I really want to play it thank you guys:-)


is it avalble on iphone?


Makayla the Club Penguin App will become available on the App Store the first quarter next year. So nope you can't get it on your iPhone yet.



OH MY GOSH TEAM! YOU ARE AMAZING! Keep breaking the fourth wall! :D


Splendid job Club Penguin! I was just on the app today! I saw a lot of happy penguins at the town also seeing penguins using the new jump to your friends feature you created. I can't wait to see you guys improving and making Club Penguin a better place!



Good vid, CP Team! My fav thing abt the "My Penguin" app is being able 2 c other penguins! =)

23 Kitty:

So cool! I'm going to go on my iPad and try it out as soon as my brother gets off of it!



Love your name


have you started working on the ipod for my penguin app? i cant wait! it just looks awesome!


Yea! (Commenting from ipad ) ;)


It is good but it is a bit glitchy and I would like to see more rooms and games and the puffles and are you almost done with other versons.


Hello legomanjdb, I think the Club Penguin Team focussed on getting the rooms out with very few glitches, there will be some odd glitches. As the app is server side some of those bugs can be fixed without having to send an update via the Apple App Store.



Hey! Yes,its glitchy but I am sure club penguin will fix this and its new now so it might have some glitches and bugs anyways
Waddle On!


WOW! I am SO going to update it! I am such a big fan of the app!

x liger zero:

put the missions back


Hey x liger zero The missions can't be played in the game but if you go to the home page and click the fun stuff then scroll down and you can see the picture of Jet pack guy and it's written PSA missions click it then you might be able to play hope it helps you
Waddle On!


The new update for the my penguin app is rock'n! I love how now you can play more games, visit the coffe shop, clothing store, and dance club. It's awesome , now we can go into the town and have fun with other penguins. Please keep it up!

Waddle On!

Chill Nye:

We're so glad you like it, Ice959!

- Club Penguin Team


I love that you allowed us to access the penguin town, wished you would allow us to access more parts and buy puffle so for pets on the app.. Extremely love that you added way much more games which I do enjoy very much.


Dear Club Penguin,
On my iPad I can't visit the Town or my igloo, it says "Sorry, we had a problem. Please try again."
I tryed over again and i still wouldn't work.
Please fix this.


Hey guys! Dear tad05 you should try again and if it doesn't work go on After going there click contact us and club penguin might be happy to help you out :) hope this helps (when you get to visit the town enjoy its cool.)
Waddle On!


Hi Tad05, have you tried to delete the Club Penguin App and re-download?


PLEASE! When the next update comes, please make people with I phones and I pods and other devices able to play. I have an I pod, and I'm getting an I phone for Christmas. I want this app to be the first app on my I phone! Thanks Club Penguin! Keep Waddling On!!!


Same with me.


As so many people want the Club Penguin App to be available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, I can see that the app will be fully compatible with all iOS devices, iPad iPhone and iPod Touch.



I love the new update because now we can play in the towns square and play the new mini games

Cp lover:

How do u go to the town? Anyone????

Chill Nye:

Make sure you've updated the app first, and then you should see a new Map icon where the Joystick icon used to be. Click this, and you should see the Town on the Map. Hope this helps!

- Club Penguin Team

Enter nickname:

Enjoy exploring the new rooms on the Club Penguin app.



For the next update can you put puffles (and the app cover would be a puffle). :P


This is awesome


Hey guys! I love the app more and more nowadays I love the town and hope you open the dance lounge and the book room soon cuz dance lounge and book room are my favorite rooms and I need to tell you that my brother's birthday is on December 18 and I am commenting from my iPad :) and Happy Birthday bro ;) you are the best! So Waddle On!

Chill Nye:

Aw, that's so nice of you. Happy Birthday, Sweety45's bro!

- Club Penguin Team


when will it come out for Samsung Galaxy 3?


Will it be available for android? Please tell when? Pls make it for android.


The video is supercool, Club penguin makes the best videos. A big hello from Chile
America375 aut


Hey! I have just finished playing club penguin on iPad . It's just awesome! Now we can visit town and the shops there, please add the plaza too. The CP Next needs a little bit improvement, I wish that we can see our penguin going in and coming out from the magic box.


I don't have an iPad, so I can't use MyPenguin. Could you guys please make the app available on Samsung devices?



Hi Club Penguin Team,

Will you be coming out with the My Penguin App for other devices, such as iPhones, Kindles, Tablets, etc. because I don't have an iPad D:

Chill Nye:

We want as many penguins to have access to the app as possible, so we're definitely working on releasing it on more devices. Stay tuned!

- Club Penguin Team


Hello Penguins! Snowy Bear here xD ! I thought that this (AMAZING!) app was coming on other devices, not just the I Pad ! What about people who can't afford them?
I mean my parents can't! Please get it on Tablets I mean if you can get the I Pad App store to put it on I'm sure they will let you put it on Tablets such as Samsung (HINT HINT!) -Snowy Bear xD


When will the app be available in Egypt . Why will they not be christmas presents this year?


i just downloaded it to my moms iPad and its awesome i want an iPad mini for christmas that will be the first app i download

waddle on


I wish I was able to download it on my mom's iPad. I don't have any Apple devices though. But when it comes out for iPod Touch my brother might get it for me on his iPod (hopefully)!


Hey CP,
I love the new app i love how we can go to the town please can you add the rest of the places.
I mostly play on Club Penguin please one day make me penguin of the week my username is jakepeng9.
Thank you for making the app keep it up!!

Nomnom Bacon:

Thanks for the info!!

The Guy:

Humm when will the app be available on Iceland and more??


I think the update is awsome i love the fact you put in the Room Jumping Feature and i cant wait for server jumping on the real thing


Can you please put My Penguin and the Club Penguin app on other devices? I don't have and iPad. I only have an iPod. Thanks!

Chill Nye:

We're definitely working on it, so keep your eye on the blog for updates!

- Club Penguin Team


Put it on android please!


Hi Chill Nye!
Didnt you arleady mention in a post about releasing it on other devices than rather just on iOS?

Dreams to be cp worker or intern in UK.


I have the I pad app club penguin but I can't get to the pet shop or any thing how can I get there


will you ever be able to get my penguin on the android app store.thaks


Hi domino0110, yes the Club Penguin app will be available on Android from around springtime next year.



Is there going to be a club penguin app for Ipod?


Yes Mega7000 you will be able to get the Club Penguin App for both the iPod Touch and iPhone.

Check out this post for some concepts



I want to know if the app will be supported for iPod Touch 4th Generation. I'm already upset that most 3-D apps that seem really cool aren't supported for iPod Touch 4. Thanks in advanced, and Merry Christmas!


Is there going to be a club penguin app for Ipod?


Awesome! I love the game it's so fun.


Plz how to dawonlod club penguin in app stor


Please add the app to kindle.

mr smarty co:

can you put the game on the Nokia or IPhone?


Mr Smarty Co from next year, you'll be able to get the Club Penguin app on the iPod Touch and iPhone.


Paint blue:

In the next update or any update can you add servers? I would like to choose from popular servers to empty servers instead of everyone on one server.


If you are playing club penguin on the computer and someone on the app joins in can you see them and talk to them and go to their igloo?



Are you referring to CP Next?



I love the new update! It is soooooooo fun! I have questions. When will puffles come out on my penguin and when will the non members catalog be updated. Please update them! ~Discotic

7 Fairy 7:

Thanks for making CP on the iPad too! I can't wait till it comes out on the iPod next year! Thanks Club Penguin Team! You Rock! ;)

- 7 Fairy 7


Thats cool!. I was wondering if you can put the penguin app on my Ipod touch because i don't have an i pad at that game sound epic awesome! i seen kots of people dont have an i pad. Mostly have iphones or ipod touchs. And i really want to play,chat with friends,throw partys, tell them how epic Mascots are, and chill around. So can you please reply back.


Can you guys make make this app also for android and put is in Google Play store? Please... I really like CP and i don't have a iPad, but i still want to play this game. Thanks in advance!


very good game.


Would I be able to play on the app on my iPod

Cheerful P:

I hope to play it on iPod too, and I even hope that it can be played on iPhone! ;)


From next year you will Poog961.




Cheerful P:

Please also do it for Samsung Apps! Thank you!


The Android version is coming out next year Flufflepuf15. I think it will be coming out after it has been released on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It depends what the Club Penguin Team have planned though.



I love the music in the dance club :D


Yay i have ipad!


When will this app be avalible on android systems?


is my penguin app on Kindle??? cause I want to play it on there I only have a kindle. Thanks alot


Next year milly1612.





I can't wait to get a new penguin app on my iPad! Totally cool! :-)


I really love the new update to the app, I love the clothes shop, town etc. KEEP THE GOODNESS UP!

Waddle On!


when are you gonna make it for ipod touch?


Danielle0716 it will be be available for iPod Touch and the iPhone next year. No doubt in the next update of the Club Penguin app.



Hmm, I tried the update, and when i went to the town, it was SOOO slow. Will CP work on that?


As the town, coffee shop, the night club and the clothes shop are new out, you will experience some slowness. It also depends on how fast your internet connection is at home and having loads of apps open will cause slowness. Behind the scenes I'm sure the Club Penguin Team are making ways for it to load faster.



Best update so far! I love going to town, it feels like the real game! Can't wait till you bring out more places and games. I enjoy Club Penguin so much now thanks to the Club Penguin app! When will you be releasing it onto other devices?

Mr perk 3:

I know people are all posting it but Please put it on android asap maybe an xmas gift?


Hi Dadapetpet, the Club Penguin app is coming to Android next year.


Enter nickname:

when is the app going to be on android? my sister wants to play the app and so do I please let us know p.s. waddle on = ]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Next year.



The cp app is AWESOME! I saw billybob on it and not to be rude but I actually have some points for improvement. As others have said, it is a bit glitchy and often really slow loading when your in the town. But to be honest my biggest complaint is that the blog is barely EVER up to date on the app. I always have to go onto safari to get it (which is what I'm doing now). But anyways the app is still awesome!!


Umm... CP Team I need some help on the My Penguin App, how do I go to the Town??


To get to the town you have to:
Go into the App Store and update the app to version 1.3
Once it has loaded go into the new app called club penguin, login
Click on the map icon in the bottom left hand corner where the gaming stick used to be
You should see a cp map on the screen
Click on the place marked town

If you are still having problems, go to the help page on the cp website.
Click contact us
Chose technical questions and explain your problem to the cp team I'm sure they'll help!




I wish we could be able to purchase for things for non members like myself on the app and purchase puffle a as pets for the app


Hello,I have an iPad but cannot find it in the AppStore. Could you tell me as to why I cannot do so?


What version of iOS are you using? under account and about you can find the version of iOS you are running.



when i login to the app i cant see any of my puffles
please fix this


Puffles will come in a future version of the app. I would say around the time of the Puffle Party next year.


Cheerful P:

I think Club Penguin should share this app to other people in the world by adding this app to App Stores of other places, for example, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Korea, Italy, etc.


What is the app called and how do get to town??????? & did I mention you can go to town


It sounds awesome but can I download it on my tablet? It's the Samsung Galaxy 3. If not are you working on it? Or could you try to make it? Hope so :P


I think its very much cool


I think it should be available for kindle fire!

Penn Girl:

Will the town be updated for parties? Thanks!


I think that the new update is AWESOME!!! The town is very cool. I think it would be great if the next update could include the costume trunk catalog. I also can't wait to see the rest of club penguin on the app!
Waddle on!


My friend is having trouble with her friends list. Every time she tries to add someone, it won't work. Plz fix for her! Thanks for listening! Waddle On!!!


Hello Peanut3030 has she closed the Club Penguin app and re-started it?



I know someone probably asked this question. I have two! Um,Is it going to be available for other things like tablets or phones? And how long does it take to update and make an app for entire table (I pad)? Please answer anyone. Thank you.
~Chave6~ Waddle on my fellow penguins! And Keep your head up high! :)

Hq sy ruru:

@cheerful :P this app IS in china,hong kong,malaysia etc.

Hq sy ruru:

@francesco43 puffles arent here yet! The club penguin team is working on it! Btw nice name tought! ;-)


What is the next big update for the Club Penguin app?


i live in the U.A.E , and whenever i try to download the club penguin app it says : this app is not available in the emarati store . please help i really love club penguin and want to download the app!! :'(


The game is great hopefully water and fire card Jitsu can come into the app, just wish the non members got a little more features like furniture and clothing.

Ece Yenice:

Thanks You
Club Penguin Team


I live in Mauritius and I wanted to download the app but it was not available on app store


I love how you can go to the town and have some coffee or dance in the dance club also how you can browse items in the clothes shop. It was a update worth waiting for


OMG CP! I LOVE the new update. My favorite part of "My Penguin" is how the penguins look so 3D. And they have all the animations. You guys are amazing!

It's Fantabulous!

Waltz Step:

woah cool but i don't have an Ipad
i do have an ipod touch but it's not available on that yet i was wondering when it will be available on the ipod touch?

Enter nickname:

Waltz Step the iPod Touch version and iPhone version are coming out next year. Not too much longer to wait now.



What about on android? When will that be out and you didn't enter your nickname.

Balla 99828:

I like every thing I also like how all the penguins are 3D. Can we hav that on the computer sone. Until then ... WADDLE ON ;).


love the app


I like going to the Town, Coffee shop, dance club and the clothes shop!! One question, are all the penguins on the app on the same server??


Will it be compatible with the fourth generation iPod Touch? Most new apps nowadays don't support it :-(
(Basically will it work for iOS 6.1.5?)


my sister plays my penguin app how do i switch users


Cool! I cant belive its going to be out on android soon. Good idea changing the name to Club Penguin!

Which of these is not a new place in the cp app. a)Plaza b)Gift shop c)Town




My family just received an iPad as a family present and I want to download the app. However, it says to play the game, you need a recurring subscription after I guess a period of time. Does it mean a membership? I don't really know, and I can't get the app until I've figured out what it exactly is. Please answer, thank you.


Hello, why can't I get the Christmas version of club penguin on my I pad


I have a iPad but my sister is usually on it so I can't really play on the club penguin app but my family has 3 iPhones so I kinda wish the app was on iPhone too!


I'm glad the update came because I can actually go in my igloo because before even though I had safe chat it said that I need safe chat to access my igloo then my cousin came to my house and he went on his account and he got into his igloo and it looked so cool that I got mad that I couldn't go in to my igloo :) hehe


it is great fun although i don't have the free chat how do i get it
but i like it i go on it every day.


Can you please release the Android app? When will it come? Next year, if next year, when next year, i mean what month? Thank you! I am a huge fan of CP and I have been craving for this app! Sadly, I don't have an Ipad, so I can't play it :( I kept watching reviews and I was seriously feeling jealous of all the lucky people who have the app. It's not fair! Ipad users get to use it but Andrioid users don't! Doesn't matter I am just happy it's coming soon! :D

Waddle On CP!


Will you guys be putting it on Google Play soon...? Please say yes. XD


Hi My Name is Ben4815 I love Club Penguin But Could We Please Have Club Penguin On Android and Tablets accept iPad 2. As the Club Penguin Team Said they're working on it, but there has been no reply from the team in a long time. So please could we have Club Penguin on other devices



Waddle On!


My younger brother has club penguin on his iPad mini and boy does he love it! However he saw there were no puffles and he doesn't know why. Do you have to get membership or do they just don't have them on iPad?


When we get more games in the pizza place also can we get jobs on. Club penguin Thanks :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)!!!!


Hiya Club penguin team! The app sounds amazing, but can you download it on your Kindle Tablet? I was just wondering cause i love club penguin so much and it would make it so much easier if I could download it on my Tablet!


Can anyone tell me how to get to the plaza x


Me too , no plaza in my map it is the apple app . I want puffles . Pls help!!?!


i cant find it on the app store

Enter nickname:

whats da app called......i cant find it

Rocky The8th:

why cant it be on ipod because I love club penguin soooooooooo much. and what is it called.


Wanna know my day in club penguin? It's a blast i get to hang out with my sister mermaid!!!! I go to the fair with Elly58 and this is my day in club penguin! What's yours?


Will the My Penguin app be available on other devices in the future or only the iPad?


The club penguin app looks so cool! But I wish they put the app for the iPhone


This is a great game


How do I get to the plaza

albert 006:

Tablet Allview 3 speed quad - android. Thanks you.


Is the dojo or the mine shack open?


Hey is the Pizza Parlor open?


love penguin:

is the club penguin app going to be on iphone


It is really annoying because I can't get to the pet shop!!!why is this?


i cant seem to get it on my iPod touch what is the app called and what does it look like?


When I played clubpenguin on me ipad mini, it was the games that were amazing! It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How do you change servers on ios?

April Lilly1:

what is it called?


How about an android version of this epic app too? Do I hear a Kindle Fire HD amazon appstore My Penguin App CP? ;p


How can I download it


When I try to get the AWESOME app,I cant find it


This gets me mad that I can't see my cp friends that play on the computer on My Penguin. I think if they would do that then everybody would be happy.


Why cant i download the app on my i pad?

Tin again:

Are we allowed to put clothes on our puffles

Glitterbug K:

Here's a great link with more information about the Club Penguin App, including details about the latest updates:
- The Club Penguin Team

Snoopy 825:

What server is the mobile app on? I wanna play with my friends not on the app.


When will the mine shack be open?

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