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By Polo Field on December 30, 2013 - 11:14

Wow Penguins!  You've worked together to donate over 23 billion coins through Coins For Change this year!

We are SO amazed by your generosity that we are going to fund ADDITIONAL projects... over and above the projects you've unlocked!

Thanks to you, we are now also able to:

  • Help save the home of the Lowland Tapir in Brazil through Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative
  • Fund a Group Home for homeless kids and a kindergarten for kids in foster care in Ethiopia through Partners in the Horn of Africa
  • Protect the home of the endangered Okapi in the Democratic Republic of Congo through Wildlife Conservation Network
  • Build 3 playgrounds for over 6,000 kids who had no place to play in Afghanistan through Playground Builders
  • Save the forest where the endangered Cotton Top Tamarin lives in Colombia through Wildlife Conservation Network

Thanks again, Penguins – you have shown the world how everyone working together can make a huge difference!

We'd love to hear from you – what charitable projects do you like to help in the real world?

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


Venadito 007:



Maybe,helping the poor,or,soup kitchens,and maybe orphanages?



DJ pickles:

Great job evreyone




WOW! I am so amazed on how many coins we donated this year. And the fact that CP is donating money to even MORE projects is epic! :D


Wait does that mean... TAPIR AND OKAPI COSTUMES FOR EARTH DAY 2014 :O


congrations Freezepop! you did it and thanks changing the world for a better place!


I don't know Freezepop


I would like to help donate our virtual coins next year to the Philippines Typhoon

Marc Xd:

Polo field, are so COOL, Club penguin, it's the best GAME EVER! ¿Polo you can add me on Club penguin?


Nice! Glad to see that we made such a good impact on others! :)

Tech Guy:

Always glad to help :)


That is amazing news! I'm so glad to be apart of this amazing community! Together, we're changing the world!

Waddle On!

Shrub Shrub:

Well said, Happyblue128! We're so excited about these extra projects. Way to go guys!

- The Club Penguin Team


Amazing that means new item Thnx Club Penguin
#Waddle On


:') Awesome.!
My great donation meant to help people


In my town I like to help the Salvation Army. People that have no money or little money can go there. I really appreciate the store being in our town. I also go there when I need a couple of things. I donate my unused toys and clothes I have grown out of. I love to help others in need. I always help the Salvation Army because it goes to people in need just like me.

Moo mui:

We have a Salvation Army Too and i really love having it in my town!


So glad that we donated lots of coins :D


What's real world?


I love everything Club Penguin does for charity that is why I buy membership to support charities and the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to get all the parties and updates to amazing standards.



Wow! I love donating! We have gotten so far! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK EVERYONE! WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! - Sisalou


Extra projects! Now the situations for even more people, animals, and environments will be improved! :)


Polo what if somehow we don't reach the new igloo for coins for change? Will it not be released then?

Power club 1:

i loved helping all these charities


Thank you so much CP! So, does that mean CP is donating more that $1 million dollars this year?

Shop Worker:

I love coins for change and this year we really made a change in the world. Congrats club penguin and all the fellow players! We all rock!




awesome I donated all of my coins

Surfa Siss:

That's awesome! What a great idea.


This is Amazing! I Am Happy I Donated! I Could Think Of The Children and Animals That Would Not Have Any Playgrounds Or Shelter Or Anything Else. I Would Also Like To Donate Our Virtual Coins To The Filipino (Philippines) Typhoon Next Year Because My Parents Are From The Philippines And I Have Relatives There.


Wow!! I can't believe we donated 23 billion coins

Waddle on!


In my town, I like to help the orphans. I always go to the orphan home and I will give some of my unused toys and clothes to them. I am happy that they have an orphan home near where I live. I love helping others in need as we are fortunate enough to get more new ones. They are unfortunate and have no money and can't buy anything. That is why I want to help them.

Waddle on CP!!!



Amazing! I'm glad we're helping others in need! Waddle on!

Enter nickname:

Wow. That really put a smile on my face to hear all those wonderful things! I'm happy to make other people happy, wildlife, etc ., etc. :D I am so happy that people in Ethiopia, Afghanistan, etc.! That's AMAZING! :) Wow. Club penguin, you rock!! :D
Stay Epic,

Cyclones 20:

I'm so glad we could help so much this year and we've donated a ton! I think we donated so much from last year at one time at the party I ran out of coins and had to get more. :)


OMG! I am definitely going to donate as much as I can to the new projects. Fantastic job everyone on CP who donated, it is unbelievable that we already reached over 23 billion coins being donated, and still rising! This is why I truly enjoy visiting Club Penguin, because we always make a difference in the lives of those who need help, which ALWAYS makes me feel good when I donate! So far, I've donated over 100,000 coins to CFC! That makes me feel good about myself. Keep staying amazing CP. ;)


My friend goes to Mexico to build water towers to help them out. Before he goes, I donate my clothes that do not fit me anymore to help the ones that are too poor to get clothes.


I think that the new Coins For Change is awesome! We finally get to see what the new projects are and get items for donating! And the train idea is the reason why we have extra projects and coins!!! Club Penguin has made a big difference in the world! Maybe you will find a greater idea and we will donate more coins. WADDLE ON!!!

ella yards:

WOW Keep up the good work guys we are really making a difference in the world. I have a idea for next years coins for change we could build wells or fresh water streams in countries that need it most


I did a presentation based on Okapis! Every time when I go to my mom and dad's hometown, I see people asking for money. I give them money, but when I was a little kid and see people that are in need, I think of me in the future rich and giving my money to people that are in need.


Fantastic, after all these years I've realized that not only Coins For Change helps others, it changes the world. To do that we have all worked as a team. It's nice to help people that need the things to survive. Not only people but animals too. Just by donating 100 coins or more helps. I'm glad the Club penguin team takes the time to set up Coins For Change.

Waddle On!


I'm so exited even though I donated only 300 coins. But I'm so proud of this website for helping the less fortunate people and everything else. I am no longer calling club penguin a website, I'm calling it a miracle! :'D CP you have changed the world and I'm inspired to start a fundraiser for the same cause as you

7 Fairy 7:

Yay! I'm so excited to help other Charities!
I actually suggested to add more projects!!!!!! :)

Waddle on!
- 7 Fairy 7


A cause I would like is homeless dogs and cats. A lot of animals are abandoned by their owners. And you could do it through the litter box my local resale store that is a non-profit organization that donates all the Monet they make to animal shelters and other organizations.


How about we donate to the Salvation Army, everyday when I exit Walmart I make sure to give them my change.


I'm so glad we can help protect endangered species.


Do you think next year you can help the ASPCA, and the animal shelters?

Shrub Shrub:


That's a great suggestion!

- The Club Penguin Team


Yeah, you should do Angels Among Us Pet Rescue! I work there and I think they do great things for pets ;) I think that it would be great if the CP community helped the dogs and cats in need!


Yes! :') :'D


why can't i use the sweet swirl igloo?!?!


Great!!!Concern About the people affected by Typhoon Haiyan Hope you help them.......


I am so glad we could help people! I was crying because its so touching we can save many lives and help helpful programs. :'-)



Shrub Shrub:


:'-) You're right! Coins for Change can be an emotional time. It's amazing to know how many people and animals we can help. All thanks to you guys and your generous donations!

- The Club Penguin Team


I think that you should fund something to do with Make-A-Wish. It is REALLY a great cause.


I love helping people, it always makes me feel good, and sometimes it's a lot if fun. I'm always willing to help out the environment, even if it's not with an organization. One of the funnest places I volunteered was at my old Elementary school. It's not in the best neighborhood, and was during summer. It was a free 4 hour program that gave kids a place to have fun and get free breakfast and lunch. The class I volunteered with was with preschoolers. It was a great experience!


I'm happy to help others. its a great and powerful achievement by 23 billion! hope you guys change the world to a better place! :)


Coins For Change Thanks You
Waddle On!

Marian Stoia:

Awesome CFC 2013 :)


Yay please make them more iggys


Well done my penguin peoples! I am just as impressed as the Club Penguin team by your unbelievable generosity! In the real world, I am donating money to charity soon and one of the charities that might get my money is WaterAid. But I could change my mind, but that I think is an excellent charity to donate to. Thank you once again all penguins, and waddle on!


You guys are awesome! I feel great helping change the world with change!! :D


The more the merrier! It makes me feel awesome knowing that donating my coins are helping people and making their holidays brighter!

cute nanny:

wow , that's AWESOME. I would like to donate in real life as well : )


Wow that's great!


Wow! Excellent work, everyone! This is our best year yet (IF I'm correct XD)! It's nice to see people from every corner of the globe come together to save their friends, family, neighbors, and people that they, and we, all care about. Excellent job, penguins!
Waddle On!


First of all, WOW THAT'S A LOT COINS!!! I two things to help the world, I give my old clothes away that don't fit me, My church has this little bucket and we put quarters in it, and when we fill it up they give to world wide places. I LOVE giving to people that don't have, much
Waddle on! paintball302



Cool girl540:

Wow! It is amazing that we did all that and more! I tried to donate lots of coins this year. next year I will go for an even bigger goal!
In 2013, I helped pack up bags with Christmas decorations and lights to go to people who have a tree but no decorations or lights.
Helping out is one of the things that we should all do more of.
-Cool girl540


In my town, we have a pet shelter that I volunteer at on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after school. At first, I was like Dove Cameron in the new Disney channel movie Cloud 9 where she cares more for styling outfits then caring for pets. I was like that but now I love taking care of all the pet shelter pets. The owner even sometimes lets me dress some of the puppies up when they get some. :D

Shrub Shrub:


I think it's really cool that you volunteer at your local shelter! Caring for pets is a great way to give back to the community. I bet the animals are happy to see you on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!

- The Club Penguin Team

Moo mui:

Woah We did lots together
Sorry im nearly crying i love helping pepole all over the world and to know that we are so lucky and have so much and to know they have some things at least its just nice!


Wow, this's great! In my community I send old clothes, toys, & underwear 2 the Salvation Army! =)

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