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By Polo Field on December 26, 2013 - 09:16
Hello Penguins!
In our last Reviewed by You post, we asked, "what is your all-time favorite food?" 
I really liked Jill56891's answer:
"My all-time favorite food is chicken. There is so many ways you can cook chicken. You can fry it, you can bake it, and many more ways! You can have all kinds of different seasonings on it, so it never gets old.Hands down, chicken is my favorite food. Waddle On!"
So true Jill56891. I don't know about all of you, but this blog post made me hungry!

Now it's time to look back on all the awesome stuff that's happened in December! Here are some highlights:
 * Clothing Catalog
 * Furniture Catalog
 * #WaddleOn - Holiday Special
 * The Spoiler Alert - Holiday Special
 * Holiday Party
 * Coins For Change
What were your favorite parts of December? What would you like to see added to Club Penguin next year? Let us know in the comments below!
We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Just like that. Boom. 
PS: Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team


Tree Cheez:

Cool Information!


The train was fun But I got an iPad mini for Christmas but can't use a pet . Ihope next year you will have pets so I can get a reindeer and sled. I lovvvvve club penguin!

Enter nickname:

My fav. Part was coins for change it's such an amazing thing to do! I thnk we should have a "back to summer" event at the night club to remember all the good times we had in the summer and we can dress like we are going to the beach and at the end we can have a dance party!! Waddle on penguins!!!

123 Zoe 456:

My fav. Part was coins for change it's such an amazing thing to do! I thnk we should have a "back to summer" event at the night club to remember all the good times we had in the summer and we can dress like we are going to the beach and at the end we can have a dance party!! Waddle on penguins!!!


Totally the coins for change party. It helps a lot of people and it feels good to help. Next year I think club penguin should have more games, you shouldbe aleto have more puffles like 50. Just try to make the game more fun by lowering the prices of memberships to $20.


no its going to waste money


My fave part of December was when Rockhopper came to the island, and Coins for Change. I loved helping with all of those causes and I hope to do it again next year! What I would like to see next year is more parties and some more updates on the island, online and on mobile!

Waddle On!


i think they should add more stuff like clothing furniture and puffles in the catlog for those who are not members beacause some penguins want to buy cool stuff like members do



Magic Mia:

COOL!!!! Love it!! Can I share it with my teacher for grade 3 next year Mr Juliff??


Another awesome year! I would like to see more unique experiences.



Tree Cheez:

What were your favorite parts of December?

Rockhopper arrives ARRRR! And help people!

What would you like to see added to Club Penguin next year?

Well,i like the old items,so if you can return that, will be amazing!

Too new mascots, new puffles species, and more CHEEZ! :D


New mascots? That sounds interesting. What kinds of mascots would you like to see?

-Club Penguin Team


More Villains! Like Herbert but then Herbert has competition!


Since all of our super cool mascotts do not have any super powers, maybe we should create a penguin mascott with icy powers that keeps the island from meleting! Waddle on! :D


the new mascots i would like to see is general icecrusher who works for the NPA (national penguin army and otto the octopus and tusk (that you can meet) and the new puffles would be the khaki piffle and the turquoise puffle and the dress as an animal party and the dress up party and the army party so you can meet general ice crusher who is rockhopper's best friend and another mascot called grasshopper who is sensei's apprentice and is rookie's best friend and you can meet jet pack guy .


I would like to have a paradise party or a New Years one!

Happy 25469:

I want to see like parties you through at your igloo and there are party games and sleepover. Also I want to see if you can have games which allow you to do makeup on your friends for girls because honestly to me there are to many games for boys


I hear a rumour a new one called Turbo!


I love the trains in Christmas just wow! too bad I was not a member now I am I love club penguin I can't wait for dino puffle


Polo,you forgot to put the #MeggTakeover in the review :P Lol.


My favourite part of December was "Coins for Change 2013" it was awesome donating coins and riding around the island, Oh and i love Rockhopper's Holiday Outfit, [It suits him =) ].

I can't wait for the Prehistoric Party 2014.

Waddle On



My favourite part is donating to Coins For Change :)


My favorite parts of December are as follows:
1. Winter
2. Christmas
3. Fun with friends and family during Christmas
4. Eating cake for Christmas
5. Last but not the least, New Year's Celebration and deciding my New Year's Resolution
I want to donate more coins for Coins for Change next year and I hope that Club Penguin adds more things. For example more games, new Club Penguin Times Section and a cup of Hot Chocolate(so I can enjoy it and share it with everyone) xD!


LOL! I think its a good idea. hope its a good success


My favorite parts of December were the holiday specials of #Waddleon and the first 4 episodes of The Spoiler Alert! I'd like to see another Rockhopper Quest anytime next year. It would just be fun to do another one sometime!


Wow awesome year



-Club Penguin Team


Mascot that has super powers more villans!

Ken Dodd:

the all time best part of December was the coins for change, we were able to ride trains to earn coins and it is so important we help give coins to who need it more, i have been collecting as much penguins as possible to come riding on my train and myself i've donated right now at December 26th 1996 coins, i play loads of games with friends to help donate, waddle on penguins!


Well two thing well definitely coin for change because it really helps change the world and it help people in hospitals wild life and help people have new homes. And the Spoiler Alert awesome games and special guest I hope i'm the next one! btw you guys are awesome!


My favorite part of december was coins for change because i give many money for the poor people. I like to added club penguin next year a mickey mouse takeover.


A Mickey Mouse Takeover sounds so awesome!!!

-Club Penguin Team


Yeah, that does sound cool!!!


My favorite thing about the year was coins for change because we will be doing a great deal to the world even though we are just donating virtual coins we are saving wildlife and children like building schools.Also for the future i want more penguins helping to save the world in different but simple ways and seeing them waddling around and helping eachother and having fun
Waddle on


My favorite event of the month was probably Coins for Change because I like to donate to others who don't have as much as we do


My top three favorite parts of December are the Holiday Party, Coins for Change, and the Spoiler Alert. In the Holiday Party, penguins can celebrate Christmas and the holidays with their friends! With Coins for Change, we can work together to change the world for good reasons! The Spoiler Alert remains to be my favorite weekly show. It features upcoming events, tons of fun, and lots of laughs, what else could you want? I would like to see a new Card-Jitsu game in 2014!


Hey tech!
I agree, my favorite weekly show would have to be the Spoiler Alert too, only because it makes it way easier to find the pin and because it's nice to get a glimpse of whats new on CP ahead of time, so you can decide just about how many coins to save up for, when the new clothing catalog and igloo catalog come out!

95 spider:

I agree


Next year I would like an awesome Jessie party!!!!!!! My favorite part of December is giving coin for a change It make me feel good helping people!!!! Waddle On and Merry Christmas!


Next year club penguin needs a larger selection of items for non-members and on each event they need more items for non-members aswell. Basically MORE ITEMS FOR NON-MEMBERS!!!!! PLEASE, we're begging you !!!!
All the non-members:)

Dj Master937:

I like this post cp


We'll my favorite part of this month is that I got to donate my coins for coins for change.And the thing I would like to see in the future is that if in January it could be the prestorice party again



My favorite parts were all of them because they are so funny and hilarious , especially The Spoiler Alert - Holiday Special and what I would like to see added to Club Penguin next year is a grocery store because it will be cool to buy food and eat it.


My favorite part of December was Coins for Change! Its amazing. By just donating coins, you can help out so many people in need around the world! Because of Coins for Change, there was an elementary school built in Ethopia, penguin nesting grounds were saved, school libraries were built, more toys were given to toys for tots so kids around the world could have a good Christmas, and many more great projects! Coins for Change was my favorite part of December, nothing can top it! Waddle On!


I like candy canes because it is sweet yummy tasty mouth watering and it is full of joy! Waddle on and Happy Holidays!


My favorite part of December was The Spoiler Alert-Holiday Special! I liked how you guys built your train stations! What I would like to see in Club Penguin next year are new parties, more non-member stuff, and a party that has to do with a few certain upset birds. See you next year and Waddle On!


I liked it all, but especially the waddle on Christmas special, because it was so funny! I loved the rock n roll bit the most! I also really liked coins for change, because of the trains! It was so much fun! And spoiler alert because it started this month and its s funny! I think its been a really good month this month! :)


happy early new year


Happy early New Year to you as well!

-Club Penguin Team


merry Christmas cp! my favorite part in December was the Christmas party and donating lots of coins and next year for club penguin Christmas party i would like to see the cookie workshop like last year i had fun making cookies for causes:]

waddle on and merry Christmas!


My favorite thing this month was Coins For Changes. It was fun earning coins by riding in trains! It's fun, and It's for a good cause! I hope everybody donated a lot of coins! Waddle on!

saloni 7:

My favorite part of December was Coins For Change , cause i had a gooooood feeling spark up inside me when i saw all of those projects to help countries with lots of thing by donating coins. Plus I think the project thing was new cause it wasn't here last year I think. And what would be cool to have added into clubpenguin is all the accomplishments we achieved displayed in the lighthouse or in the Book room.
AND we could have annual battles like Goldsmiths vs Blacksmiths each month! Thanks!!!!


what I liked in December was the item catalog ! what I want to see next year is a awesome new puffle party and updates on club penguin!! please try to make up a brand new party for 2014!! Waddle On Club Penguin!


Wow, there are so many good part's about this December on CP... I'd have to say the most exciting part was the Coins For Change. I love the feeling that I am helping someone, and our world, with its needs- while playing my all time favorite game! Next year, I think the spirit of Christmas will rise, because I know Club Penguin has a surprise for us.
Waddle On ;)


Well i love the month of December because first of all coins for change comes and everybody gets to donate coins, club penguin has already more than a million coins.What makes me love coins for change is that club penguin gives money and helps other nations in need and provides for all sorts of stuff like that and so far i have donated 39,195 coins so i hope that helps club penguin and last but not least christmas igloo's they are just so wonderful to see any ways #WaddleOn


My favorite part of December was the trains, and the Club Penguin App! Something I would like to see in the new year is a fair! Since we didn't have the Fall Fair this year, we could have a February Fair instead! It could kind of be like the Scare Games, but way cooler! There could be a dunk tank, and transformations to turn into clown dolphins! There could be soooo many cool games, like Puffle Paddle! Maybe even Rookie could dress up as a clown and tell jokes and juggle! Waddle On!


My favorite part of December was the trains! To ride on the Trains and going full speed while getting coins for Coins For Change. I'd like to see some more EPF action during 2014 :D

Camcamqt :

Me too


Hi my favorite thing this holiday is playing the piano and singing in front of a lot of people. Sometjing I want to see is more stuff for nonmembers


What I likes about Club penguin this December is that earlier on I asked for a really long Penguin Style. I got one. What I didn't like about December was that the Holiday Party lacked decoration so in the future I would like to see more and also the holiday party isn't or shouldn't be about trains. Next time I would like the holiday party more focused more about coins for change and donating because more than half the island was donating to buy trains and that's it. Thanks. Kate7161


What I want to be added the next year is of course a new puffle ever since the rainbow and golden puffle I've been thinking of new puffles; like a zebra puffle Waddle On.


my favourite part of decembar is Coins For Change.I love it so much.This year I donated 11500 coins,well anyway I dont think I would add anything to this list.It is perfect.Waddle on!
- love4you2


hi my penguin name is polly12282 and i want next year is a new year party and all the famous penguins like aunt artic and rockhopper and cadence and all to be online at different times on new year and december 31 and celebrate club penguin in 2014 and its a new year so lets party on and waddle on thank you


My Favorite Part of the month was the Coins For Change Party, I always enjoy giving my coins to help out the others, I also have a favorite party of the year, The Best Party Of the Year was the Teen Beach Summer Jam, I liked it how you guys added classic parties and brought them together. What I would like to see next year is more amazing parties like the ones you guys keep making! Keep up the great work Club Penguin Team! BTW: When I grow up, I would like to work at Club Penguin myself


I liked the free items the most :P I really miss the old holiday parties' music in CP, and i really miss the epic and authentic decoration at the Ski Lodge and Coffee Shop. But still, you made this party good :) It would also be cool if 2014 will have an April Fools' and Water Parties.
Have a happy new year!


My favorite part of the holiday is playing the pianio and singing in frount of a big crowd. also I would want to see more things for nonmembers in the future.


in my opinion, was the favorite part of Christmas break in December. in Club Penguin, I'd like to see in the new year wechukum time.


in my opinion, was the favorite part of Christmas break in December. in Club Penguin would like to see in the new year wehukum time.


me to.


My favorite part of December this year was definitely Coins for change, it always feels so good to donate all your coins and get rewarded for it , I love to help save endangered animals and give kids education without doing that much! its definitely a cool thing to do during the holiday party, it is a good thing to give back, I hope we can continue to do this every year! waddle on! and happy holidays!


Nice I think the same thing


The best thing of december was Coins for change! Next year i want to see everyone having a great time! Waddle on cp!


The Penguin Band! They haven't visited us at all this entire year!!


Well I always look forward to coins for change. Whenever I log on, and it's the December party the first thing I do is donate. Donating always gives me the best feelings. Knowing that I am helping people, saving endangered animals, or even helping kids like me stay healthy always gives me a warm, happy feeling, just by donating virtual coins, isn't it amazing? for next year maybe you guys could change up the non members catalog choices a bit? Waddle on! :)


I spelled my name wrong!!! the first time The name I use here is the correct way to spell it!!


Hey Penguins!
My Favorite part of December has got to be seeing family and friends from places like: Flordia, California, Bosten, Maine , And More!
You get to eat CrAzY good foods, Sweet activities, Celebrating Holidays, Ice Skating, And MUCH MUCH more! What's your favorite part of December??

• Tvwatcher6 -


Well, if you are so interested, my absolute favorite parts of December were being able to purchase a train in the Coins For Change party, since I am very fascinated with trains, and getting to ride around in them, creating a full train with other penguins, riding around the island! I would like to see some buildings added to the Forest, since it is so barren and desolate. The Forest needs some sprucing up! Adding some buildings would make it super exciting! Waddle On!


My favorite part of december? Well, all the things that happened this month on Club Penguin! The christmas clothes were awesome, we decorated our igloo, laughed in the episode of Waddle On, had some extreme slow motion reading , we can ride trains and especially donated for Coins for Change! What a month! I would like to see on 2014 more awesome parties, make new friends and great stuff like this. Waddle On!


December is one of my fav months in Club Penguin, mainly because of COINS FOR CHANGE. I love donating to it and I have donated over 1 billion coins in all my time in Club Penguin so I can't say I don't care about it. I also love December for the holiday party, the presents and giving are the best, but the food is also good... so December really is one of the most awesome months of the year for me!!


Snowman Blue:

Hey Polo Field!
My favorite part of December was Coins for Change.
It always feels good to help the world. I am a nature guy, and by helping the environment, it makes me feel helpful.
I always donate 10000 coins every year. And I know it will go to a good cause!
Thanks a lot!
Waddle On!

Puffle 109:

If you ask ''What is your Favorite thing that happened This year?'' I have to say COINS FOR CHANGE!it feels so good to Donate once in a Life time!i donated Three 100s one 500 and one 1000.Be a part of Me I'm Puffle us more than Teddy We need you!


I realy liked the train the members could buy. Although it was a sad feeling for non-membes because they can not buy a train, they can still join trains. I also loved the new stage play and coins for change. I wish I had realy had that much coins and gave them to children in africa, for resuing endengered speachies... So fun! Although where I live it never snows (WHY???) the winter is still fun in many ways like:
-X MAS, NEW YEAR, PARTİES and time with my friends!


I really enjoyed the Holiday Party because it was easier to raise coins and earn coins. I've been playing Treasure Hunt and walking my golden puffle around to earn coins! And being able to hop on trains and make new friends has been pretty awesome too! I've been able to lead a couple of trains myself, but I prefer to let other penguins do the work. Waddle on!


Coins for change is so fun! I love helping schools all around the world. Next year for a party have all the mascots log on because it's the time to spend with families and friends.



My favorite part of December is getting to spend time with the family and getting to open presents. My favorite part of the December party was that when we donate coins for change we know we are doing the right thing and we also get all sorts of cool prizes from it. I'd really like that to stay!

Thank you, Kesha2323

Waddle On!


I loved the clothing catalog it was filed with all kinds of holiday costumes my favorite costume was the Santa that was my favorite part of December! : from Sean401


My favorite part of December was going to my Grandma's house on her birthday which is on December 23 and opening presents and playing with their new dog and playing club penguin when all the presents are opened and using Grandma's kindle. My favorite part of December on Club Penguin is Coins for Change! It is so cool how you guys turn virtual coins that we get for free into actual money!


Well for December my favourite part was Coins for change(Holiday party).
Its because you are having fun donating and at the same time you are
helping people around the globe.
Donating to coins for change is When you donate for other people in need.
When you Donate you fell happy because you have helped someone your age or another age.
The Holiday Party was more than awesome it was super duper fun!Thank you cp team for
doing this.Waddle on! And have a great Holiday!

Penn Girl:

I loved that you added rooms like the dock and snow forts to the app. I'm also a fan of pizzatron on the app (I was happy you could play in candy mode). Next year it would be great if you could decorate the rooms, not just the home screen, on the app for parties. I was also kind of disappointed that I couldn't donate coins for change on the app. Maybe next holiday season you could add a donate button to the app. Other than that, there's nothing I would change about club penguin next year! Thanks


My favorite bit of December is when you get to see your presents on Christmas morning and spending time with family.I would like to see an even better prehistoric party.


My favorite part of December is Christmas. I like seeing the happy, surprised faces of my loved ones. Next year, I think penguins should be able to donate items in their inventory or give things to their friends. It would be really fun, and kind!


My favorite part is giving to the poor and helping people have a nice Christmas, and also giving my presents to kids that there parent's don't have that much money. Btw its always nice to give people stuff for Christmas or other things. Waddle On!!


Myn is chicken fajitas because there spicy and have really nice texture

Amy lea:

Hey I think cp. is so cool I Carnot wait for 2014 yay it's going to be soooo cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????? Waddle on guys


I think my favorite part of December was giving gifts to my parents. They may have been little, but they made my parents cry with joy. I think you should add gold, silver, and gray penguin colors and maybe a silver puffle. I also think that the Club Penguin Team should organize a trip to Rockhopper Island for everyone. What about you?


I agree with the Rockhopper island idea sooo much! If that could happen I would really enjoy it. I have been really wanting to see it.


I Loved the coins for change. :3 Maybe Next Year You Could Do Something With Dinosaurs Or Maybe Swimming? PS. I Love Chicken Too. :D ♥.♥ Waddle On


my favorite part of december is coins for change!

Kc Sunshine1:

Hi Club Penguin Team!, My Favorite Part Of December Was The Holiday Party. Why You May Ask? One Of My Reasons Is The Trains, I Loved It Because Along The Way You Get To Shoot At Targets Like A Shooting Gallery But They Stay Up Longer And It Feels Like I'm In A Train While I'm Playing. My Second Reason Is Coins For Change, I Love The Idea That Club Penguin Is Giving Back To Those In Need. In The Future I Would Like The Holiday Party To Be Earlier And End Right After Christmas. See U in 2014!


I like how December in Club Penguin is! And how the fundamental basis is donating but you always know how to switch it up and make it interesting. Next year i would want to see more questioning the players about some items like we had polls for the costumes e.g for the 3 outfits for the Prehistoric party in 2012. Waddle On!

Ffawn 123 ab:

My favorite part of December was Coins for Change. It was my favorite because I love to see that many others are donating for not only humans but animals too. I would love to see other animals besides puffles and an evil crab that's loyal to Herbert, I would like to see fish or cats and dogs. Or a party that took you to the amazon to see other animals! That would be awesome! Waddle On!! :D

Le ia:

All of December was awesome but id have to say the holiday party an coins for change was the best.The holiday party bc Cp looked amazing!And coins for change bc i luved donating an having all r coins goin to ppl in need. Peace out waddle on an happy new year!

Le ia:

All of December was awesome but id have to say the holiday party an coins for change was the best.The holiday party bc Cp looked amazing!And coins for change bc i luved donating an having all r coins goin to ppl in need. Peace out waddle on an happy new year!

Le ia:

Hey Cp can u make frozen inspired costumes for members an non members?Like members can be Elsa,Sven and Kristoff an non members can b Anna an Olaf.If so that would be epic.Peace out waddle on and happy new year!


Hey Penguins!
I think coins for change was the best of December..... And I would love too see some more mascots added next year or more rooms added. That would be cool to have more rooms to Waddle around through. -Susmcd


I liked The train idea. Bug next year your penguin should bake and create toys and stuff I've been playing for 2 years as a ,ember annnd 1 year nonmember


Club penguin should have a Disney's Frozen party

Erin 17:

My favorite part of December was the coins for change because this year it gave us lots of things for each amount of money we donated. It makes you donate more and more so you can get more prizes! What I would like to see next year is a free membership day. I really wanted that to happen but it never came a thing in Club Penguin. I would really like that to happen because some people can't afford enough money to have a Club Penguin membership.

Jenx17 :

Hey CP team! I loved the Holiday party and how we joined trains to collect coins for CFC. I thought the best part of CFC was not knowing what was next to donate to. I would LOVE to see a new Park or Restaurant in Club Penguin and it would bring new Penguins Cp. See you guys in 2014.


In December my favorite part was when Christmas Day came and I was singing Christmas carols at the light house wile everyone was watching. On Club Penguin I would like to change is the clothes for the non members because I keep on looking on Club Penguin that they will almost do anything to get clothes for there penguins and puffles. I also want to see a Snoopy party. I think that would be good bye.


My favorite part of December was the furniture catalog I love all those clothings I love the cozy jackets the best

Waddle on!


Hi Penguins!

The best part about December to me was Coins For Change. It feels great to know that what you do that may seem small actually makes a big difference in communities in all around the world. I also enjoyed riding the holiday train and bursting presents with coins inside to donate.

Next year I would like to see maybe another Star Wars takeover? Also, next year's December I would like to see Santa's Sleigh back for us to ride in and soar through the sky.



Yea I agree with the Santas Sleigh. I missed it this year. Hope it comes back!


Coin for change is the best! and I wish club penguin can turn 3d next year like the club penguin app!



My review does not fit in 500 characters


My favorite part was the coins for change i want to get 10,00 dollars to put for coins for change. i also had enjoined going to the movies and seeing cloudy with a chance of meat balls 2. my best part of my holidays was Christmas!!!!! i enjoyed it so much, For feed back for club penguin could you get money for card-jitsu and could ad the test tube in the epf. i have enjoined being a member also i like how you reply to emails in a day. from BooBoo3104

Cool Joe 180:

Well my favorite part of December was donating 10,000 coins for coins for Change


my favourite part of December is coins for change because in an ordinary online game you change the world and help animals who are in danger like the snow leopard, you help people in need like we raised money to build schools in poor places like Africa and, much much more by just donating in a online game! That is why my favourite part of December is coins for change,

Thank you for reading bye!


Hiya Club Penguin team!
My favorite part of December is probably giving to Coins For Change, I really loved how we could have made trains!!I loved making trains and especially when you get lots of coins to donate!I would love to see a new puffle come out in 2014 available for Members and non members!
Waddle On Penguins ;)


My favourite parts of december this year? It always will be the Coin For Change!

After Playing the Snow Card Jitsu Game and just earned 100000 Coins in several months before december, I donated to the community 60000 coins .. and only 7000 Coins left lol XD


My favorite time of the week was the train station iggloo and the spoiler elert!


What I really enjoyed about December was the time I spent with my family. Christmas in December really brung out the fun out of my family.


So far , my favorite was the CHRISTMAS party. It was so much fun donating coins for change.
Also, a message to the club penguin team, I unfortunately missed the update for the snow forts. Could you please put it out there again? Thanks
- Imjr

Eco Buddie2:

My Favourite Part of December was of course, Coins for change. This year for are efforts and donations we were rewarded with not only just the satisfaction of Donating But we were given prizes for are donations! I hope that we will keep working together to help make the world a better place!
Sincerely Eco Buddie2

Melvin 505:

Wait a minute: penguins don't eat chicken! But all in all, December could have done better. But CP shall always be the journey! I think Spike's first year on the job was just his way of testing out his ideas, and next year he'll definitely do better!




hi everybody and aunt artic,
i really want next year the puffle party again, because it was so funny that every puffle has it owns place.
already thx if its gone to happen,
Waddle on


my favorite part was coins for change from the train! that was really cool. all the costumes are cool also. in this next year i would like to see a winter white out. that would be awesome!


Well... really my favourite part is all you make club Penguin so fun that I think it's really fantastic!! Especially coins for change, because you get free things:-) Anyway thats all I got to say thanks for listening !:-) Have a safe day


Oh wow, where do I start? I loved visiting my friends and family, caroling door to door (very fun), sledding out in the snow, and eating cookies! (Santa barely got any). I even got some of my siblings hooked on Club Penguin when I showed them Coins for Change. Something I would love to see added in 2014 would maybe be a future party? I love the Time Trekker's resemblance to the TARDIS. :) This was one of the best Holiday Seasons ever! :)


This month rocked can't wait for 2014!


One of my fave parts of December was the new puffle hats & Coins for Change. it's great to have an easy way for kids like us to help other animals and kids from all around the world! I loved giving my puffles new hats in the latest styles! Next year, i would like to see even MORE puffle hats. Most important, I want to be able to add more than 500 friends on the friends list, maybe like 700. But overall, I don't want MAJOR changes on CP. It's the most awesome virtual world I've ever played!!!


To improve club penguin you could Maybe for new members to club penguin let them have free membership for a certain amount of months if they are new (E.G 1 month , 2 months maybe even 3) to introduce them to the club penguin world,Because some penguin have said to me they can do hardly anything when they have no membership and it's boring. Some people might love club penguin but might not be able to afford it. This then gives everyone new to club penguin a chance to discover CP.


My favorate parts of December is.... Everything!! :D You have really outdone yourself, Club penguin team! *claps* . So I was thinking for next year that Club Penguin should have another party that penguins could cooperate and learn something from the party, like the "Adventure Party: Temple Of Fruit", man I love that party!


My fav part is most likely coins for change every break.
This is because I get to help the less fortunate in the world, and it makes me feel needed.
Thanks cp for everything!

Waddle on!


My favorite part of December was riding the train with my friends on Club Penguin! For 2014 I would love to see Music Jam, the Fair, and some kind of Expedition party! Overall 2014 will be awesome just like this 2013! Oh and don't forget to donate for CFC everyone. :3 -Firepup16


I agree with you because I miss the music jam and the fall fair but it would be fun if we can have the fiesta party again!

Grenish Tri:

My favorite part of December would be the holiday party because of it's new features of having a train and riding it with your friends . What good way to build good relationship with your friend ! Thumbs Up for the work . Next year I want to see a burger restaurant in the cove , having a burger restaurant next to the shore with lovely wave sounds would be awesome ! maybe we could even have a burger event ! . The title would be "The opening of the burger restaurant" .
Waddle On !


My favourite part about December both on CP and in real life was DEFINITELY donating! I always save up my coins during November and October and then donate them all! In real life, I love having the honour of giving people crops and agricultural goods, not to mention water! With my family, we donated all our Christmas money! Tis' the season of giving! :D
I also loved caroling, conducting trains, sipping cocoa, donating, ice-skating, and skiing on the island! The holiday party is fun!
Waddle on!!


My favorite part of December was definitely Coins for Change I love donating to Coins for Change and changing the community i have already donated over one hundred thousand coins. This is my favorite way to spend the holidays giving to people or animals who need it most.
- Jamc59473


my favourite part is the gifts but I also love coins for change and could you make a penguin santa that would be epic!!


My favorite part in December was donating Coin For Change and feeling that feeling that you feel when you just helped someone. Or something. But my ALL-TIME favorite part of December is opening presents. Toys, games, art supplies, all in one day!!!! Now THAT is awesome. What I would like to see next year on Club Penguin is another Book Writing contest. It would be so awesome to have another book on that shelf! And even better, knowing that it was written by a fellow penguin!!!

Missy coolio:

I really liked coins for change because it helps the community. I was thinking that next year maybe we could have an animal party, with dogs,cats wolfs,horses and other kinds of animals. I suggested this because animals are very helpful, not to mention some make great pets, but also they can make you smile. I'm one of those kinds of penguins that LOVES animals. Waddle on!
-missy coolio


The highlight of December on club penguin was definitely donating to coins for change, so far I have donated of 66,000 coins and plan on finishing with over 200,000 coins donated!!! In the future I would like to see a candy shop and a button on you penguin card that sends a message to all your friends when your throwing a party, that way everyone can come!!! Happy Holidays.


I would like for the non-member items to change monthly. Maybe use the old member items as non-member items? That would be great! Also, a throwback part of the clothing catalog would be soo cool! So would a throwback party!




My favorite parts of December were the Coins for Change and the Spoiler Alert! I loved the EXTREME READING of the spoiler alert, it was hilarious! What I would like to see next year is maybe in January a brand new Club Penguin room and game to celebrate the NEW year?
Waddle On!



My comment did not show about the thing from this month and what would I wanna see


My penguin name is Jordib3, and my favourite parts of December was Coins For Change because I love caring for people and getting them clean water, schools, hospitals and homes. I love animals. I really donate a LOT! I really like to get medicines for people who are ill in poor countries. I also did like the Holiday Party too, because you could buy trains and ride people in them its so fun!!!

Waddle On!

Pinky po 101:

My favorite part of December is CHRISTMAS! Waking up in the morning opening presents, and CHRISTMAS dinner yumm!!


Hey Club Penguin Team!
There are three things that I liked about December the most. Firstly, the new Puffle Catalogue. I absolutely love the modern set-out and the new items. Secondly, the Holiday party. I love how the whole island has been decorated, and the train rides and the different trains. Finally, Coins For Change. I love donating coins and I have gotten the pin for 2011, 2012 and 2013 :) That is my favourite parts of December. Merry Christmas!
Waddle on,


Hello Penguins!
I've thought about that question and thought that my fav part of the Holiday Party was helping other people for Coins For Change! Another thing that I LOVE about December is that I get to sit on the couch, watch movies with my family. I love my family and I will for ever! One thing I want to see next year for everyone to be happy for what they have!



I got a question for you guys!

Q: Whats your favorito holiday and WHY?

My answer is New Years because New friends,New Revelution , New Looks, and many more! And FIREWORKS!


My fav was when we got to donate to coins for change it always feels good to know that you have made a difference





My Favorite part of December is doing all those great winter sport and things! I love skiing,ice skating,snow boarding,and of course sledding
I love spending time with friends and family,celebrating,and eating great food!
And my last reason is all those great things going on CP! I love the winter party and the coins for a change!


In December, I liked the Penguin Style catalog but could be much larger, with old items! Loved build a train station in the igloo. And "The Spoiler Alert" series is awesome! I wish the catalog January was greater with older items,the party is fantastic, perfect! I love riding the train. Thank you!


I would like to see daily time like if its day at your area it would be day and if its night it would be night and i want A Total Drama Party! Please Make It Club Penguin!!!! And Change up that Non Member Catalog Whos with me!!!!!


I am!!!! :)


In December, I liked the Penguin Style catalog but could be much larger, with old items! Loved build a train station in the igloo. And "The Spoiler Alert" series is awesome! I wish the catalog January was greater with older items,the party is fantastic, perfect! I love riding the train. Thank you!


I agree


My favorite part was donating ALL of my coins to Coins For Change because you know your doing good when you donate. If it was up to me i would want the my penguin app finished along with jump to friend and for the mascots i would like the penguin band and sensei to come.


Howdy Penguins!
My favorite part of December was THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! I'm positive some of you agree with me! I was SO excited for the holidays! I don't celebrate Christmas; I celebrate Hanukkah! It already passed, but still, I love new years! I love the warm feeling of celebrating the new year and drinking Apple Cider! Next year in Club Penguin, I'd like to see a bigger variety of rare items you can discover in Puffle Digging!
Yours truly,


Howdy Penguins!
My favorite part of December was THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! I'm positive some of you agree with me! I was SO excited for the holidays! I don't celebrate Christmas; I celebrate Hanukkah! It already passed, but still, I love new years! I love the warm feeling of celebrating the new year and drinking Apple Cider! Next year in Club Penguin, I'd like to see a bigger variety of rare items you can discover in Puffle Digging!
Yours truly,


Coins for Change is the best part of December, hands down! Every year, I think its the one thing I look forward to the most in Club Penguin. It just gives everyone a good feeling by donating their coins to such amazing projects around the world. Happy Holidays everyone and Waddle On!!!!

Blackie ABC:

Hiya Club Penguin. My favorite part of December was definitely Coins For Change! We had donated so many coins, and we also broke last year's record! I love that Club Penguin uses Coins For Change for so many great causes! Great job and keep it up CP! Until then, Waddle On!


My favorite part of December was Coins for Change. I love giving coins every year, and this year I gave almost 100,000 coins!!!!! I love giving to people and it's a great way to celebrate Christmas. I also loved getting new things for my igloo.
Next year I want the EPF missions to come back. I miss doing the missions. I also want to have a game for the golden puffle to play!!!!

Waddle on!!


Hello! It's been a while since I've been on Club Penguin because of my Adobe Flash Player was under the recent, but I'm back! Anyways my fav part of Christmas is when you can get presents and hang out with family


I think the best thing about this month was coins for change! I know we have it every year but I try to donate more coins each year :) This year I gave 20000 coins which is the most I ever have. Next year the team should bring back Santa's sleigh, because it was really fun going on it and dropping gifts to get prizes. I also think that in the next holiday party the team should bring back the advent calendar so everyone gets a chance to get a lot new items :D
Waddle On! :)


11 Rue:

Hi penguin-ers!!
My favorite part of december was sledding with my cousins. There were so many huge hills covered in snow!! The snow itself was up to our knees!!! One time we went sledding on a HUGE hill, but there was a huge pile of snow at the bottom!! We got stuck in the pile for a few minutes but got out quickly! It was awesome!! What was your favorite part of the holidays? Cya waddling around!!
11 Rue :)


My favorite part of December is all the decorations and christmas carols. They always fill me will holiday spirit! I also always enjoy coins for change to make a difference in the world. Waddle on! :)


I like coins for change , it was so fun we got to donate while we ride the rails! Next year I want to see a movie party and you can act in plays then see your movie , plus the awards again from the Hollywood party , that was so much fun! This has been one of the best years in my club penguin history. HAPPY NEW YEAR! - Sophie12678


I join 3 months ago, I hadn't got to say a whole year yet, lol!


the coins for change prize isn't letting me collect it! what do I do!???


If you write into Club Penguin support, they can definitely help you out!

-Club Penguin Team


I really enjoyed the igloo contest last year, it is a great way for kids to make festive and fun igloo!


I really liked everything on December but my most favorite part of December was Coins for Change because it feels good to donate virtual coins just to help everybody around the world :)


Hey Guys!
This month was my favorite month! I got to meet new friends and gets awesome new clothes from the catalog. Also I love to decorate my igloo and do Christmas Party's!!! I love the trains rides . Join or host!! Coins for change is really nice. I love to donate so I can help people or animals .Like we can help kids learn at school or help animals find homes! So donate every time you log in please.

-fufa16 :]


Yeah, it does feel good to donate and help and all of that! Each time I reach at least 100 coins (minimum)! I always get my puffle ready and dig coins! Add me, fufu16! Nathanl9 is me!


my favorite part of December is when it's New Year's Eve . ohh I was thinking about something new on CP, like new ways to play with friends. Thank You!!!!! Clubpenguin your the BEST!!!!

18 Polly 18:

My favourite part was the Holiday party. It is one of the best parties of the year. In the future I would like to see the map decorated for all the parties like it was for this one.

Marble Head:

I think the most important thing in december would be coins for change. I wish it could happen everyday. It deals good to help change the world.


My all time favorite part of December would have to be Christmas break because I get to spend the Holidays on Clubpenguin and also with my family and friends . I would like to see some old things from ClubPenguin brought back like a party dedicated to all that stuff so you can get things like old clothing and items .

As always : WADDLE ON CP


My favorite thing in December is Christmas you can give and share and celebrate Jesus's birthday. On cp I would like to see all if the mascots come on cp and celebrate. They should add just for Christmas a Christmas piffle. Waddle On!



the holiday party!


Add a hardware shop in 2014! It would have different igloo furniture every two weeks and half of it would be for non-members! It would go next to the mine shack and of course, it would be awesome! Waddle on!


My favorite part of December would have to be coins for change I think its very nice to donate coins for people in need. I also like Christmas I like to spend time with my family and even if you don't celebrate Christmas you can always spend time with your family and give stuff to others on December 25th! The things I would really like to see in 2014 would have to be some really new cool clothes for the clothing catalog and also maybe a new building or place on the map! Waddle On!


My favorite part of December was coins for change. It is fun making me happy and other people including endangered species. You can help it too. That was my favorite part about cp. Waddle on!


My favorite part of December was the Coins For Change drive. I particularly like the feature that tells us how many coins we have donated, individually. Also, I think the projects that were selected for support from CP were outstanding. I am going to donate to them in the real world to help them do more.

I would like to see CP bring back some of the old parties so thAt new penguins/members can earn stamps. The parties where we leave the island were wonderful! Climb, sail, swim!


i would add every thing free and have the raindeer puffles frost bite and race cars back!!!!!ALSO i'd put the trains back in it so everyone has fun!!!!! P.S. by everything free you don't need a membership for anything!!!!!


I agree Jam510 ,Just think about the non-members


my favorite food is tacos because it's my chose so I like it cause I like it coin for change is a good way to support the people that live in the world so that's a great way so there waddle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WADDEL ON PEOPLE and good luck penguins getting coins for coin for change. good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think that this month was great! Coins For Change was Awesome! It was so much fun getting the coins! I donated 7,990 coins! The Christmas Clothes Were Awesome! Same With The Igloo Decorations!
Hope you had a good holiday!


My Fav part is coins for change! I love helping the world! I think this years coins for change is going to gives us enough for all three things to give our coins for! Environment, medical, and helping kids learn! It feels great to give money to people around the world who really need it! It makes me smile every time I help someone out! It feels great ! I have one party plans one we can do 2014! An animal party!!we can donate coin for endanger animals! I think it would be fun! Waddle on CP!!!!


My favorite part of December is spending time with my family when it Christmas what i will like to see in 2014 is a new Puffle like Diamond Puffle. #waddle on


My favorite part of December when you can open the gifts from the Coins for Change. I gave so much coins away to help people around the world! Speaking of gifts we could open gifts together! On Christmas Day my friends and I gathered around and opened some presents! That's what I love about December, spending time with your friends and family, :). -Nik74641


All I want for the New Year on Club Penguin is The Penguin Band, some of the older items, and for the EPF command room to be completed! And if its possible bring back the sports shop or maybe even let people build a boat and set sail to Rockhopper island! Because who wouldn't want to explore that island! Make igloos bigger maybe like two stories MAYBE. But any of the ideas will suffice and if you were to add a new resturaunt then make it a sea food place like red lobster!


This month, I got to see one of my FAVORITE parties- The Holiday Party(although I don't celebrate it, Lol)! I love to see how penguins donate so much money to support not 3 this time- but 10 causes to CFC! I donated over 60,000 coins and this is NO LIE (Nothing to do with those coins, even though I'm a member, xD)!! I'd love to see the Penguin Play awards return! I would also like to see the Teen Beach Movie Party, the Music Jam and a new party- An International Friendship Day Party!
Waddle on


My favorite part of December was going on Christmas Break and having fun with the presents I got for Christmas. I would want to see the island expand bigger than this year in 2014 and I would want to see more buildings in The Town or Plaza.


hello guys
l liked a lot of things this December like coins for change and the trains. so next year maybe put two Christmases together 2012 and 2013 like a cookie train ride or maybe a train ride for non members. well that's all for now so
(my penguin name is mariokart478) 'waddle on'


I loved everything that happened in December. My most favorite part was getting on a train to donate for coins for change. In fact I
donated all my money. What I want to see next year is mail that you can type what you write.


I loved everything that happened in December. My most favorite part was getting on a train to donate for coins for change. In fact I
donated all my money. What I want to see next year is mail that you can type what you write.


my favorite december thing was coins for change. I love helping people and every year i cant wait for coins for change! WADDLE ON CP

1118love :

i agree!


I personally liked the Furniture Catalog. I know it's odd but I thought of it as a very peculiar and interesting catalog this month. I mean seriously; TRAIN TRACKS?! I especially loved the tree that could be changed into a gorgeous, decorative, wonderful, and ornament-filled tree! That was my favorite part of this Club Penguin Christmas 2013!

~ Brazilgirl47~


I thought it was odd too. Like what are you supposed to do with train tracks, feed them to your puffles?


Hi Club Penguin team! My favorite thing in club penguin was DEFINITELY the puffle party, and the gold puffle uncovering. Obviously, i LOVE puffles. But, i think it would be Awesome to have more remodeling rooms like the boiler room, the pool, (maybe add that above ground?) and inside the lighthouse. Including every other room that hasnt been remodeled.


OK, i messed up. its actually the coins for change part!


I love coins for change. But maybe we could do it ALL year long. I would also love to see more places to go on the app and puffles put on.


I have been wanting something for a very long time in cp. You know those empty mountains on the background of the map, i would like cp to add some places and shops up there. Like a movie theater that played short cp videos. Cp could also make a bunch of winter shops and its could be considered a mountain village. I also kinda want a server just for members, not to be rude, but it wouldn't be as full. The reason I like cp so much during December is because of coins for change. Thats all!


That is a good idea about the servers but maybe if I can tweak it, maybe separate it by age groups because the littler kids are afraid of the older kids like me so it might be better if they are with kids their age!


Could you also add the giant sleigh back in next year, i think its so fun.


Hey Penguins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My favorite part of December was the Clothing Catalog I loved all of the clothes plus i got to become a member so that's a bonus. My favorite clothing was the highlighted hair with the hat with the puff ball on it, that was with clothes that had a turtle neck and a jacket i thought that was really cute. I also liked the coins for change process. What was your favorite piece of clothing comment back and i will answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Az Pinky Pie:

Hi Club Penguin team!
I think my favorite part of December is coins for change! I love coins for change because it's fun because you get prizes and you get to change the world just playing Club Penguin! And in 2014 I would like to see two story igloos! I think that would be so awesome!

-Az Pinky Pie

Pinkie Puff3:

I liked the Coins for Change the most because even if you didn't have that much money, you could join in a train and help out! Also the fact that the train felt like a game made it more fun to help. And of course it's always nice to pitch in and help! The Coins for Change this year was very fun. Waddle on!

stinky 39675:

i would liked the puffle party the best. Next year, it think we should have a grey puffle that is related to sensei. New boas, so fluffy! This puffle would be special!

stinky 39675:

i would liked the puffle party the best. Next year, it think we should have a grey puffle that is related to sensei. New boas, so fluffy! This puffle would be special!


well i always wonder when you would expand over the dojo

Queen Candy7:

My favorite part of December was the Holiday Party! Coins for Change was back, and we could donate coins and help people all over the world just with a simple click! The items were amazing, including the trains! I loved meeting new friends just clicking their train! Next year I want to see puffle hats that are related to head items to CP mascots! A Cadence hat for your purple puffle, and maybe a Rockhopper hat for your red puffle. Bring back the boas, too! I need to buy some more!
Waddle on!

Cool Pixels:

The best part of Holiday Party 2013 is the Train Rides!
In Holiday Party 2012 the best part was the Transformations!
Then Holiday Party 2014 will be the combination of Train Rides and Transformations and the Best!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....

- Cool Pixels


I liked the coins for change ,the waddle on episodes and i really liked the holiday party catalogs i wish to see the same furniture items of december next year too


My most favorite part was when in December donate coins for causes coins for change .More even when we take aytemite,when we met Rockhopper,When you decorate igloos so that thou,when you put on a great dress in clothes shop.In the new year, I have a time machine to be able to go back in time and travel into the future.Also have shady dojo.


My favourite thing in December was the clothing catalog for Christmas!! The girls' outfits were awesome! (I am a girl!). The hairstyle with the knitted cap was awesome!
The one thing that should be added to Club Penguin in the next year is that.......
Well I am gonna give a list.......
1. The penguins should get a little slimmer!!
2. We should be able to send text messages to our friends that are no visible to others.
3. Some new places should be added like a park, restaurant etc.
Waddle On!!


legendary thing like big foot and unicorn


next year in club penguin i want to put greek language and the holiday party to be with a cristmass task


Hi penguins!
Is that I could interview Polo Field, federflink and Spike Hike?

Here are my questions:

Since when did you start to play club penguin?

What gave you want to play club penguin?

what made ​​you want to become a blogger?

What is your favorite Club Penguin clothing?

What is your favorite Club Penguin party?

A word for your fans?

I look forward to your answers!

Waddle on!


My favorite part of December - Coins For Change, it helps us change the world! I want to see the next party is a Kart Racing Party! It's like there's a game which you have to race other penguins, and you can challenge other teams like in Monster University Takeover! The prize would be a kart-shaped trophy.


My favorite part of December was the #Waddle On ,of course! I also loved the Holiday Party and the Coins for change!!!
Next year in Club Penguin I would like see snow fall everywhere on the island!! and a huge pile of the fallen orange and brown leafs from the trees so that everyone can dive in it and have fun!! There should also be new rooms like a casino, a penguin hotel where all penguins can get a separate room for spending vacations also a there should be a farm.

cielo n 5:

hey my favorite part of 2013 is..... EVERYTHING all year was a big year for club penguin i can say all parties were successful but i never attended the hollywood party yet it look like it was fun it was a terrific year for all this holiday party i saw someone saying dont donate coins BUT i stopped him i said a bunch of stuff like "donate coins prove you have a heart" yeah so expect more non member stuff next year and more parties.

-cielo n 5

cielo n 5:

yeah hey cp my favorite part of December is of course coins for a change i was saving like 100 000 coins and i donated and donated till i was broke lol this proves 2013 is complete for me hope the coins i donated helped every party this year was amazing but the holiday party toped it all off without the holiday party 2013 isint 2013

-cielo n 5


i want clothes ,igloo items and gold and rainbow puffle


The coolest and most awesome thing this year were the trains!!It was so much fun to join a colourful engine and just go on a collection and donation spree!!What I want next year is a fun, amusment park like thing during Christmas along with our puffles digging gifts from underground!!


I'll like to go on Santas sleigh,next year. p.s I hope that rockhopper comes again. :)


Well,of course the best part in December:Donate!Also, Avast!I love it when Rockhopper arrived!
Well,what I am expecting is a new card-Jitsu. Some ideas:
-Card-Jitsu Earth
-Card-Jitsu Shadow


my favorite part of December has to be coins for change. getting all together and helping the world i just love it. i was thinking maybe next year we could have more party's like in summer i like to have a huge beach party or have a tropical island to go to maybe there could be a puffle there and it could be the couler of sand.

waddle on!!!!!!


my favorite part of December was coins for change I think there should be a new stone Puffle


My favorite part of December were to see so many coins being donated . All of our donations help the people and the animals of the world . Besides , December is a month of joy . I would like to see more stamps added to Club penguin and some more games . And the thing I really want for next year is the shadow dojo . We could have new enemies and a new suit . The shadow suit .


MY favorite part of December was the coins for change because I always look forward to donating coins to help the world. Next year I would like to see a party where everything is for non memberships.


I loved The Coins For Change party. I gave up all my coins I had so much fun! you could make a Ninjago or a Pokemon party. Maybe there could be a ninja puffle. Happy early New Year.



Next year you should still have the trains (maybe through the year) and everything from the last few years.


I loved the trains this year! It was so cool! I was a sharp shooter with the snowballs. I also enjoyed watching #WaddleOn the Holiday Special. NO one should be alone on Christmas! And even tho I'm not a member, I did like what I saw in the Catalog. Maybe I'll ask for a membership for Christmas . . . Oh and I can't forget Coins for Change. It gets better every year. We had so many donations on by the SECOND day! Maybe if my comment's picked, I can donate it to Coins for Change! ;)


My favorite part of December was Christmas because you get to see family, see many lights, and exchange gifts! In the next year, I would like to see added to CP is a writing contest in the newspaper. You can put in a topic in the newspaper, then that player (or penguin) can write a story on the topic! Also, I really liked the Holiday party. The trains, and more! My most favorite part was how much coins we earned! I donated a lot because its for a very good cause. Waddle On!
- Gagaguin

Kendall A423:

My favorite thing that happened this December was the CFC! Donating for the 10 projects is awesome, and they were all great causes! I was so happy when we completed the 9th project, because that was my favorite one! I would like to see more CFC buckets around the island! One on the Iceberg, Beach, Cove and other rooms! I'm so happy we're donating at this time of year. We need to make the world better then it ever was before!


I would like a free membership for everyone cuz I feel sorry for those who dont have membership.WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


My favorite part of December was Coins for Change. I felt good that I was helping others. It was my first time, and I hope they keep doing it.
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wont new mascots! Austin and Ally TAKEOVER!!!!!! I SAID THAT YESTERDAY!


Yeah I think there should be a card jitsu shadow. THAT WOULD BE AWSOME! NEW CARDS! although there is a card already. waddle on!!


This year, I loved the Holiday Party! My favorite part about it were the train tracks! It was a very fun game and I loved how you can connect yourself to other trains so your train can get more coins! Also, the Coins For Change this year was cool! I liked how you could unlock each goal! It really made me feel like I was really helping the world! Next year, I would like to see more rare furniture items returned to Club Penguin. Additionally, I would like the Camp Penguin Party to return to CP!

sea star4:

Hi Club Penguin Team! I am not answering a question, I have a question!
So there was a penguin on CP that could use the . and I asked her how she could use it but she didn't answer! So how come the penguin used the . and how? And why can't we use the dot?


Next year rather than using a rain we could use santas sleigh and donate on the way and the chimney will be the thing that you donate your money in.


My favorite part of December was the Coins for Change Train! I love riding around in the trains with my friends... all for a good cause! I think that next year, you guys should improve the player card system - I have so many items!! Happy New Year Club Penguin, and thanks for everything you've done to make Club Penguin the best it can be ;)

Camcamqt :

You should let every body dress up their puffle


Well, what did I like most about December? Well i really like donating to coins for change! Helping kids and animals around the world is what i want to do. Riding around in trains was so fun, Especially sense all the coins you collected were donated! I think donating is so fun,it makes me feel warm inside! What would I want to see changed in CP? We should have a grey puffle, or if that doesn't work, more non-member items! Waddle on CP! ~cupcakejacks


My favourite part of December is coins for change because I want all people to live happy and safe, I donated 2900 coins to poor people. I also like to ride trains, which is my best part of December because you can see all around Club Penguin while you're having a nice, good ride . What I want to see next year is the Shadow Element, I wanted more elements added to the Dojo so I can practise my moves again! Have a happy new year, everyone! Waddle on!


Rudolph Snow:

My favourite part about this years Holiday Party is getting to ride trains with your friends! It's lots of fun, I also love donating coins for Coins For Change, I want to help change the world as much as I can. I'd like to see it snow at next years party, and maybe be able to decorate a Christmas tree? Just a suggestion! Waddle on!
- Rudolph Snow


One of my favorite parts of December was when we were all donateing to coins for change and making big diffrences to the world!


My favorite part of December was the Spoiler Alert because of the funny games. And of course, when you spill some secrets about the following week :D. Next year, you should have a Rare Items party where RH is the mascot since he brings rare items and you can only win the rare items with rare coins handed out when you play rare games :D!!!!!!!!!!! Waddle On CP


The things I liked in December
The trains were an awesome idea you made for donating coins.
The prizes we got were very cool and this year's coins for change interface is cool.
and I am expecting in 2014-
Prehistoric Dino puffles and i want that the limit to have puffles get increased to 23! The Fair may have great prizes and he puffle party would be the coolest one ever with golden puffles! I am really expecting Card Jitsu Shadow to come this year with grey color!

Waddle On!,


I would love to see many things!
I would like to see new penguin animations like penguins having new dances. For example they could be doing Gangnam Style!
You can create games for new puffles! Like a ming game for the GOLDEN PUFFLE!
Waddle ON!


Me my favorite part of December is the Coins For Change because we donated coins for good reasons.
Next year, it will be cool if they were new mascots like another penguin band it could play music or it could dance.
Also, there could be like you did this summer and last summer invite a new disney show like ant farm or jessie.
Waddle on


What were your favorite parts of December?
-My favorite part of December was definitely Coins for Change! It means so much to help and give back during the holidays, and Club Penguin made it all possible. I am thankful for Club Penguin, and Happy Holidays!

What would you like to see added to Club Penguin next year?
-Perhaps, a new mascot could be introduced, maybe like a professional swimmer penguin, and we can take swimming lessons from this penguin..


My favorite part of December was coins for change.I like to team up with my buddies and make a train to earn coins to donate.If I had a million club penguin dollars,i would give it all to coins for change.Next year I would like to be able to go on my IPad My penguin app and be able to go on servers like Zipline or Blizzard.I know club penguin is going to be greater next year.I can feel it.Until next Coins for Change penguins,Donate,AND WADDLE ON!!!!


I loved the Waddle On Christmas special where they were going out caroling because the sketches were hillairious and I'm a big fan of comedy.


Hmmm, well this is hard. What I liked about December was coins for change. You can help donate in a fun way. Its like riding a train while throwing snowballs at the presents. What I would like to see next year is an amazing pirate party. We can make boats and sail to Rockhopper Island. We can get these boats we can wear. I would also want to see old CP. I had an old account but I could never use it! So I want to see what CP looked like back in 2005 and we can get rare things to wear. #WADDLEON

Cutie Funny:

My favourite part of December was the holiday trains and donations. Next year, I'd like more rooms to visit and more games to play on the club penguin app. I love that app, I'm using it right now!


My favorite part of December was Coins For Change because I love helping other people around the world. I also really liked exploring the Migrator and buying some of Rockhopper's rare items. I would like added to Club Penguin a art gallery where you can buy art for your igloo. Waddle On!


My favorite thing about December was going on the railroad and collecting coins to donate. I think there should be another character that would be a basketball player and there would be some sports parties and he will come. Waddle On! Rrmm2


My favorite part of December is when my whole family gathers at my house and we make gingerbread houses! I would like to see that you could change into a reindeer puffel or change into Santa or an elf that would be fun! We'll waddle on!


My favorite part of December would have to be the Holiday Party. To me, the Holiday Party makes me feel happy and festive and makes it feel like the holiday season! Also, I love Coins for Change! Coins for Change is a great way for us to give back to people who don't have as much as we do. I love how you guys added different projects to Coins for Change this year for us to raise coins for! Next year I would love to see more discoveries happen on the island! I can't wait to see what 2014 holds!


My favorite part of December was Coins for Change! By playing games we were donating AND getting items! Next year I really want the Club Penguin app to come to iPod touch. Also, I'd really like the catalogues to update more often!
Waddle on!


What were your favorite parts of December?

The Christmas festivities and the joy of coins for change for which i achieved the Extreme stamp! A great lot of charitable work has been done!

What would you like to see added to Club Penguin next year?

A party for the release of Disney infinity featuring famous/classic Disney mascots giving away backgrounds and being able to buy costumes of the Disney infinity characters!

Thanks to Scott for the support ;)


2013 has been such a good year!
I would like to see more puffle types, more games and maybe even a new area of the island to discover!
I can not wait until 2014!


I really like how this year we celebrate all those fun parties and how really enjoyed with my friends. My favorite party is Holiday and Halloween Party,and there was nothing more fun than Club Penguin.


i find that we should get more stuff for non member clothes. also get a puffle that is for everyone and non members can get more then 2 puffles! please do something more special for non members! like a week of non members being members so then they can see what its like to be a member! please. :) thanks


I think that the whole month was awesome! 1. The Christmas Clothes were lots of fun wearing! Trying new styles on your penguin! The new hats for puffles are awesome! I make sure everyone of my puffles has a hat that makes them look happy! Coins For Change Was Awesome! I donated for the first time all total which was I think 10,090 virtual world coins! Igloo Decorations were awesome! You could make some pretty cool designs with them! I can't wait for more awesome parties for Club Penguin!

G6 07:

I would please like the puffles I this and add more Gomes and buildings in this please. I would like you to add more stuff to the penguins like adopt your own penguin kid and name it because I think I would be cool to have your own penguin kid. Please respond as quick as you can. Thank you if you use my Ideas if you don't it is still fine but thank you once again.


Hello my peoples! Thanks yet again Club Penguin for a wonderful December and year. As always, I am in a cheerful mood, thanks to you guys! My favourite part of December and indeed all year, is Coins For Change. I donate at least 10,000 coins a year, since I was the VIP in the magazine. Anyway, I think... When the EPF enemies attack, it is almost always Herbert causing the trouble. Can we have one or more villains please? Also, can we have the VR Room back?

Yet again, waddle on!

Shao Khan:

My favorite part of December was Rockhopper and the Holiday party! I also really hope the Prehistoric Party returns and make us turn into more species of dinosaurs! And I wish you could bring the Wilderness Expedition back I never saw that party before it sounds so amazing!!! You should do the fair with rollercoasters too! A virtual rollercoaster, ferris wheel, and more prizes! There's a lot going on for CP in the future! :) Waddle on!!!!

Lucky Diver:

In December I like being with my family during Christmas. We have lots of fun. I also have fun donating coins for change. It's super awesome to donate. Next year I would like a extra catalog for hats. More exotic furniture and party variations would be fun too. I think some of the old plays should be brought back to the stage.


Well I always wonder what might happen if the april fools and the teen beach movie were combiend


I loved coins for change because we get to help those in need and I enjoyed the holiday party because most of the club penguin world was changed! I also loved riding the trains to help collect coins. Waddle on club penguin!


i would like a disney takeover with all the classics and disney xd and disney junior and disney channel and LOADZZZZZ of FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Club Penguin, i'd like to see the EPF Spy Phone added to My Penguin in 2014!
I'd also like to see more EPF operations appear on the island!
Cheers, coolgobbo1


My favorite part would be Coins For Change.It was a really nice feeling to donate coins , and to see Rockhopper of course!
I would really like to see some more stuff for penguins who are not members and of course would like to see games as exciting as these!
I am also super excited for the Music Jam coming up in 2014!
Happy New Year to the Club Penguin Team,
A HUGE fan of yours,


Hi Everyone! My favorite part of December was the coins for change. I look forward to it every year since I joined Cp. This was the first year my bro was introduced and he loved it. We had a competition to see who can donate the most coins. He won which was very surprising. What I would love in 2014 is a Hunger Games takeover! It would be so. Cool for Club Penguin made to look like the districts and you can create a train to a arena! Katniss, Peeta, Prim and Gale could be mascots too! Waddle on!


This year was amazing you made the two most asked questions come true (the rainbow and golden puffles). Next year I would like to be able to walk more puffles at the one time, also I would like a ice skating or hockey mini games so you can earn more coins. Happy New Year Everyone , Waddle


We could have a party week andeveryone is invited to it and if people go on before the party you will get a letter saying party week is coming up soon and if u go on in party week and you haven't been informed it could give us a letter saying this is party week. If you don't like ke that idear we could have a competition whoever decorates their igloo the best they get something from the catolouge for free it could be whatever they like


what i like most about December was Christmas and Coins for Change! thanks CP!
Waddle on!!


My favorite was DEFINITLY (is that misspelled?) the train ride! Just like Hallie/Haddie on GAME ON! I mean the targets, the taxi trains, and also on every party, the igloos that are at a place. (The Holiday Party was at the Dock, Halloween Party had the Forest split into 2 parts.) I also had a great feeling finishing each project on CFC. It feels great to help people, endangered animals, and built safe shelters.


My favorite part of December was helping people and getting to ride trains!


This year I definitely liked the coins for change! But next year, since I am a non- member, maybe more clothes and things that non-members could do? That would be super helpful!!! Thanks

- Nuggetts3


I also got a question about CFC! How when you donate virtual coins, you can help around the world with like real money?


Good answer, Jill56891! I luv chicken also! My fav party abt December was the "Holiday Party"! I rlly like traditional parties like this! I also luv the lights & the decorations. 1 thing I would like 2 c next month is the EPF office getting fixed! It's been under construction 4 ever! =)


Polo Field, how about a spolier alert about SPOLIER ALERT! Ep. 3, lol!


I really enjoyed the clothing catalog for December! The clothes were all so unique and stylish. I think next year there should be igloo items for Hanukkah and Kwanza. Waddle on!


Honestly, my favorite food is steak! There is also different ways to cook steak too! Waddle on!


My favorite part of December this year was the Coins For Change. You can donate virtual coins, which is even better because you don't have to pay real money and it's easier to make virtual money. It also helps out the world, and I'd love to see it next year. I can't wait for the events of Club Penguin next year, and would love to see the arrival of more new puffles. I'd like a machine that can make your puffle look like you, too. It would be awesome.

Waddle On!


I want more puffles for nonmembers. I feel bad for them.


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