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By Daffodaily5 on December 3, 2013 - 08:39


Do you sometimes wonder what happens in the UK Club Penguin office in Brighton? As well as working super hard looking after Club Penguin, we also do other stuff to help make the world a better place! So I thought it would be a brill idea to share some of the cool things that the UK team's been up to recently! 

Love In A Box
Each year, when the festive season is approaching, the whole team goes on an outing to purchase lots of small gifts and supplies, which we then put in empty shoe boxes and send out to deprived children in Europe. This year’s event was a huge success as we filled and wrapped 53 boxes!! Everybody had such a brill time knowing we were donating to such a worthy cause. You can see my box below!

Donating Blood
5 brave members of the team did a very honourable deed last week and donated blood! I went too, even though I don’t like needles (I hope you're proud of me)! It was totally worth it though, because as well as us potentially saving a person’s life, they gave us tea and BISCUITS afterwards! :D

Preparing for Christmas
Tree? CHECK! Decorations? CHECK! A giant fake snow machine??? I wish! ;)  To get us all in the seasonal sprit, the whole team gathered to decorate the office in twinkling lights, tinsel and other sparkly things! Not long till Christmas now, right?

That’s all for this month’s UK news, I hope you enjoyed it! I'll do another update next month. :)


-Club Penguin Team



Im Decoration my House too !

Shadow Kat:

I love decorating for the holidays. So does my cat, as she always ends up in the tree!!! D:

- Club Penguin Team


My cat always ends up under the tree! lol!

zoom zoom103:

mine climbs to the top of ours :)

Shadow Kat:

Silly cats! What are they thinking?!

- Club Penguin Team


Ha! I know right! (our cats aren't that interesting, they usually just crawl over all the presents looking for a good spot ;)


My cats tipped the tree over once, hahah


I have silly cats too! I just got new kittens. We're really worried about Christmas decorations because my cats like to knock down stuff and give it to our dog who then chews it up. We've already lost some good decorations for different holidays :( This Christmas should be interesting :D
Waddle On!

zoom zoom103:

I think mine will do it now to get away from our dog (he bites her tail and eats her food) but I think before she liked the view :)


mine doesn't go in the tree he just hides behinds it like he hides behind everything else in my house


LOL... now I want a cat! <3


My cat, Wanda also climbs up christmas trees!! Then we have to sweep the floor like 6 times a day!!! :O
but she looks cute on trees :D XD


In the night, my cat plays with balls Christmas trees D:

Shadow Kat:

Oh my gosh all your cat stories are hilarious! Cats are just so curious and silly!

- Club Penguin Team


Dogs are even worse. My cousin's dog knocked down there tree last year and it nearly hit the TV and smashed the packet of KitKats someone left on the coffee table!!


20 more days for Xmas!!! Btw cp do you like Nintendo ( i LOVE MARIO) :D

Moo mui:

My cat always Rolls in the wrapping paper at christmas!

Moo mui:

My Little Boy Cat ALWAYS Ends Up In the tree too!


Christmas decorations are beautiful!

Note to CP Team: Making boxes of love and donating blood is very kind. Giving is always more sweeter than getting! :)

-Perapin :)


Amazing blog post.



Awesome! You guys are awesome!


Wow Great!!!! Hahaha Happy Christmas!!! :)


It looks like you're having some festive fun Daffo! I'll have to visit you guys some time...


Woow!, AMAZING!!!!!


Cool Christmas tree!!!


I can understand how you don't like needles, Daffo. I had one in October, one only yesterday AND I'm having one in April next year! However, I think it's awesome how the CP Team are so kind to the least fortunate! Waddle On!


cool!!!!!!!! =D mmmm biscuits!!!!!! Its really good that you donated blood!!


Loving those Christmas decorations!


Hi Daffo! Well done on donating blood it takes a lot of courage to do that! And where i live i'm a girl guide and we also made a couple of love boxes for children in Europe, and we are going Christmas caroling to raise money to donate to charity! And at school we are making Christmas hampers for people on the streets and people who are maybe a little ill and old that need help. So in my community we are doing a lot of things to help people who need it! Well done to everyone in the UK office too!

Shadow Kat:

Wow, that is extremely admirable Kimberlee476! We are truly impressed. Keep up the great work and keep on giving; it's rewarding!

- Club Penguin Team


Thank you! :)


u r soooooo sweet can we be friends on cp my name for cp abby3894 u kimberlee476 or is kimberlee476 your name for cp raply me
And do u watch kickin'it and Disney xd and Disney raply me coz I watch Disney xd and Disney raply me


Sure i will add you now! And i don't watch kicking it on Disney XD but i have heard f it, you sound really sweet too! I would like to be friends on club penguin! :)

Dariel pingu:

I like club penguin and here are 3 reasons:
1. The game is so cool, meet new friends, decorate igloos etc...
2. The staff is cool and friendly
3. It is on ipad and has some really cool games on Wii and DS
Waddle on
P.S You guys should make a game on 3DS or on Wii U


First comet cool


I did that this year too in america, its called opperation christmas child. I put in my box (for a girl) watercolors, colored pencils, notepad, two bracelets that I made, a pink hair bow, ponytail holders, a toothbrush, and a little white teddy bear ;)

Shadow Kat:

I am sure they will be beyond excited to get these amazing presents. You are such an awesome penguin, Brownie875!

- Club Penguin Team

Rico 7817:

We did operation Christmas child at our school! ;D
It was great, we managed to get over 100 boxes :D

Shadow Kat:

100?! :O WOW!

- Club Penguin Team


What a funny reaction. But that is a really great thing.


We do that too xxx


Where I live (Hawaii), We also do Operation Christmas child. Me and my family filled about 4-6 boxes. I really hope it helps a child.



I love Operation Christmas Child!!! My church packed over 600 boxes this year!


That is soooo nice! ( the first and the second things!)

tesco george:

daffodaily what is the club penguin address for brighton please tell love you tesco george


That's so cool! It's so awesome how you do great things for people in need. Donating blood is a really good cause! And I LOVE what you did with your office! You sure are getting into the holiday spirit!
Great job!


u guys are doing an great job


That's so nice of you!!!! I hope to work with clubpenguin one day so I can help with this too! Have a Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow Cool :)


I WAS ON THE RADIO!!!!!! I had to sing traditional jingle bells i was soo shy. YOU ARE MY ROLE MODELS Club Penguin I WANNA BE LIKE you WHEN I GROW UP EVEN MORE

zoom zoom:

my sunday thing (not breaking a rule) does a shoe box thing every year and I think they usally get 100 boxes - 150 boxes :D


Great job done and we are all proud of you daffo! Btw i like in Berkshire which is not far away from brighton. I have even been to the sealife center in brighton

Waddle on!


Our cat goes under the tree!


My school does the Love in a Box too, but we call it the Shoebox Appeal, everyone in our class has to bring in something to fill our class shoebox and we send it off to children in Europe, I am glad we are all making a difference



Woah Daffodaily5 you are so BRAVE!! to give some of your blood, I would be to scared lol I hope you reply

Waddle On!



Cool! Our school does hampers during the time of Christmas so the people who are less unfortunate can enjoy a merry Christmas as everyone else! :D


Merry Christmas everybody

kat cp1:

I wish you a great Christmas ! - Greetings


Hi Club Penguin,

This post is one of the reasons why I love club penguin! It is truly amazing to me that you take your time to do things for a great cause. Such as Coins for Change and all of the other things that you mentioned in this blog post. Donating blood?? WOW Daffodaily5 you are so brave!! I despise needles, so therefore I would have screamed the entire time!! LOL Club Penguin will always be my favorite website. :) Waddle On!

- Lilly89769


As they say, "a little goes a long way"! Usually around Christmas I try to donate as much as I can, no matter how small the donation is, it all counts. I would love to help put a smile on somebodys face...
Cya later


Shadowkat do you know me? 0_0


Incredible Daffodaily5 are doing a great job, the christmas decoration is great looks good offices and donations are a great gift for people who need it most!

Arctic594 :

You guys are so considerate! I love the decorations! :)
Our school donates either food, clothes, cards, and more every month to charities. It's awesome to bring in the items and know you've made a difference in somebody's life.
(Sorry for the other submission I forgot to put my penguin name lol ;)
Waddle On!


Thats so awesome that you give things to the children in Europe! Waddle ON CP :)


Tht's sooo cool! U guys r awesome! =)


I want to work there! With your little accents! I love them. Anyway, the decorations look amazing. That's great you are giving.

Sammy 38401:

My church does something a lot like the shoe box thing. We call it Operation Christmas Child. And we Packed and Delivered 503 boxes!


Thats AWESOME!!! Every box is another child!


My cat was born in April but he is a HUGE trouble maker i can't wait to see what he does to my tree XD


Well done donating blood ☺ really brave!!!


Hi, Daffo. The UK team is doing great! But, too bad I don't live in the UK.


my cat opens our presents for us even the stocking it knocks them down and stuff comes out!!!!!


I love giving coins to the world, that's why Coins for change is my favorite thing, I spent 3 hours or more on puffle rescue and got over 58,000 coins! I will donate all these to help!


I have about 60,000 coins and I'm gonna give ALL of them to Coins For Change.

- Rj56273
PS-I'm decorating my house this too!


I'm so proud of everybody on Club Penguin. I've been here for Experimental Penguins (for those who don't know what that is, it's the first Club Penguin in 2000.) I'm sorta crying right now. I love spreading Christmas spirit. To those who can't afford Christmas stuff, to every single penguin pal out there, bless you all! My penguin pals haven't just changed me, but they gave me a new look to the world!

Bigfoot42972 (Antonio)

P.S= I would love to add you all! Make sure to send one!


I for one loved this post. But the only problem is that I couldn't see it until today. For days the latest blog post I saw was the CPNext one! Well anyways, back to what I was saying. I thought the Love in a Box was a great idea, I DO think you were brave to donate your blood (I don't know if I would be brave enough to do that!), and from the picture the decorations looked beautiful!
P.S. I need to start playing games more to get coins for CFC. I don't have many after the new catalogs.


hi! I love all the cat stories my cats are going to knock over one of our trees sometime I know it


'Love in a box' sounds a lot like 'Operation Christmas Child'. It's exactly the same thing only that Operation Christmas Child goes all over the world. Its great that you guys are doing that! Keep up the great work. And I don't know about everyone else but I'm definitely proud of you! You are very brave by donating some blood! Great Job. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Why can't new cloths come out every week can you try and make this happen please from well :/ me


Shadow Kat, please tell daffo and the team, I am very proud of them. Even daffo. She hates needles and she decided to help kids. Also please ask daffo, polo, ninja, chattabox and you to add me as a friend on club penguin. I love helping kids in need. Add me! Discotic


And I have been to the Brighton offices……. I met the two people in the photo and stood against the wall with Cadence on it. :D


This post made me smile. :)


My dog gets wrapped up in the lights ! XD Probably havn't heard that one yet!

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