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By Daffodaily5 on December 20, 2013 - 12:49


How fab is Coins for Change?! So many donations have been made already by amazing penguins like Chloboo1203. She’s been saving up, ready to donate as much as she can during this year’s Holiday Party! This party is one of my faves as I love how we penguins all join together to help make the world a better place. Your generosity is so touching! Keep it up!

If you think your friend deserves the Green Viking Helmet and 10,000 coins then comment below!


-Club Penguin Team


surfa siss:

i think adison619 should be penguin of the week


hi I'm sydneygail (on clubpenguin) and I think lyladaisy16 should be penguin of the week because she is very nice, funny,and helps me find stuff. she donated 1,000 coins to coins for change! she also bought a train! she always wears cool fashion. we are bffs! she is almost on every day! she deserves that hat and coins! waddle on


I think that Ducky Roo1 should be Penguin of the Week because she is a great buddy to have and in her spare time she likes to ring a bell to get penguins to donate to Coins for Change and to dress up in holiday outfits to spread the Christmas spirit. She has also donated a lot of her coins to Coins for Change, over 7,000! Please pick her for Penguin of the Week!!!
Thanks, Waddle On :)


I have 10,000 coins to donate so I hope it helps to change the world!Ihave also been giving train rides.I think pongrev should be penguin of the week .She is so nice we are friends and she deserves the money and the hat.


I've donated over 30,000...

Mermaid life:



I think my brother, Black9704 should earn the prizes. he has been saving up forever. He has donated over 25,000 coins! (I've only donated 5,000) He started in 2010, and loves earning free things! He's an awesome brother, and likes Club Penguin alot. if you could, for Christmas, it would mean alot to me because than i could tell him i did this for him. Thanks, waddle on!


Wow!!!!!!! 25000 is a lot


Not as much as 100,000 coins.


sure I donated 100000000


I think that hazzabazza11 should be penguin of the week because he is nice and very friendly to others, so that's why I think he should be penguin of the week.

Gunther P1:

I think water 0716 should be the penguin of the week. He's been very generous and donated a lot of coins to help raise money.


hi! i think gigi46935 should be the penguin of the week because she has been playing all the games and trying to save money for the coins for change! she donated about nine thousand, seven hundred coins!


I think I should get to be penguin of the week.


I think dany02918 should win because he helps coins for change and he makes me feel better


I think Mr cool2203 should be penguin of the week because he was really nice to me and has been saving up loads of coins for "Coins for a change".


I've only donated 6000 some of these penguins are amazing


I think my freind Charmar4 should be POTW. he is an awesome friend and he is always wearing extremely rare items, like he usually wears a pirate shirt his puffle dug up,also has found some secret items, make him POTW!


Hi club penguin team, I started club penguin during the Star wars takeover and I never got shoes except the dragon shoes and all the card-jitzu shoes but i want some real shoes and I donated over 100,000 coins for coins for change, so please make me penguin of the week?


Hi!! I'm poncara and I think my friend pongrev should be penguin of the week.She is really nice and she visits my house.She has donated 1,000 coins to coins for change so far.She really knows how to get into the Christmas spirit!!!!!


I think I should be Penguin of the Week because I love to hang out with my buddies, walk my puffles (I have 6), play games, and donate my coins to Coins for Change. This year I have already donated over 38,000 coins to Coins for Change! My goal is to donate over 50,000 coins by the end of the 2013 Coins for Change. Please pick me for Penguin of the Week!!! If I do get Penguin of the Week, I plan to donate the 10,000 coins I get to Coins for Change.
Thanks, Waddle On :)


I earned over 42k and got to level 30 on puffle rescue. I want to have donated 67k and plan to


she gets the green thing and 10'000 coins


If by green thing you mean Green Viking Helmet, then yes, she does.

Waddle On!

Green N Cool:

Congratulations, Chloboo1203! Great post like always, Daffodaily5 :D

Waddle on!


Well.. My friend, Thepenguino, Is a really great friend... She's always there for me, and she can cheer anybody up! She always has a smile on her face and laughs way too much too. She's just simply a good, fun, kind person! She has worked hard to donate some coins, too. So, that's all I have to say :) Waddle on! :D


Ur awesome you deserve the prizes. Congrats! :)


I think Markster28 should be penguin of the week because he is the nicest person that u will ever stumble across.He is very generous to donate to coins for change.He never stops playing with me on cp and he always wants to help new people on club penguin! p.s. he is my best friend! WADDLE ON CP!!


Wow! That's so cool, I LOVE Coins For Change and donating to it every year. This year, I've donated 91,000! I set a goal to earn at least 90,00 coins before the party came, but it turns out I donated much more! I hope lots of people are donating, and like Coins For Change as much as I do. ;) W-A-D-D-L-E O-N!

Aqua Beans:

Inpressive Maple2012! 91,000?!?! That is a lot! You are a VERY generous person to donate SO MUCH to a good cause. Well, I vote for YOU! Hope you get it penguin of the week... you deserve it!


Yeah, you definitely do deserve Penguin of the Week! I think 91,000 is my entire wallet of coins! Good job!


I donated all of my coins, and as long as CFC is on I donate what I earn. It makes me feel good :) Don't be afraid to donate all of your coins and be generous :))
Waddle on!


I think we should should win let club penguin because they had give a lot of good party from the 8th birthday to the party right now ps thanks for inventing a good game and waddle on club penguin


That is a lot!!!!!!!


Hi maple2012,
You should definitely get penguin of the week because 91,000 coins is a lot so good luck
Definitely got
My vote

Turkey Mold:

I think my friend Mr D Flipper would be great as penguin of the week.P.S. You rule Daffodaily5!


My friend "Maxi49117" should be the next penguin of the week! he will donate 500.000 to "CFC" also, he is always there for us and he laways helps to his friends!


My friend Jordib3 has helped me ever since I joined Club Penguin, he waddled up to me and said wanna tour and we are now best buddies forever! He is really helpful and kind to others. We tried to puffle dig with each other. He donated 30,000+ coins for Coins For Change!

Waddle On!


I nominate my friend Ertyn3! =D

Segurity Cp:

I have a good friend is the best! and is named Ertyn3! Thanks He loves CFC and he donates lots of coins!!

Aqua Beans :

Wow! This is so cool!! Congratulations, Chloboo1203! Well, I think that Penguin M17 should be penguin of the week. Because he is always helping out and he loves to give to club penguin coins for change. He gave 51,900 coins! That is why he deserves some coins and a green viking helmet since he is always giving himself. Thanks everyone!! (Penguin M17) WADDLE ON

We Have:

Yes I think Penguin M17 sounds like a perfect penguin of the week and cp, it would be quite fair if he got it because even though I've never met him, if he gave 51,900 (if what Aqua Beans is saying this is true which it probably is...) 10,000 coins isn't anywhere near 51,900 he also sounds like a nice penguin btw I have never met him


Hello xd


My friend "Maxi49117" should be the Penguin of the week! He is so nice and awesome!! He needs to win! He is very friendly and i'm sure that if you meet him, you'll like to be friends with him! :)


I think Chinamo should be a great POTW. He is an awesome friend. If you do not understand something, Chinamo explains you! This year, He Ddonated all coins possible. When I met him on the island was very friendly with me, and now, still very friendly hehe.


I think that dipndothorse should be penguin of the week because she is always helping people when they are sad and lonely. Thank you for reading


I think Wonderfeb2200 would be a great penguin of the week


Congrats! I nominate Quack4444 because he is such a cool friend! He looks so cool and is really nice! We hang out a lot and Quack4444 is a really good donator! He tries to donate as much coins as he can1


there's something wrong in cp . when I get coins on the train it plays the last party's song.


Well i know i i m supose to tell my friends name but i think i might deserve it too i m gonna donate 10000 to the thing today:)and maybe more.


My friend, Katsumas would make a great penguin of the week!


That's fabulous! I think Xv9fatevx really deserves to be the penguin of the week! :P She's always thinking of others and helping everyone out! She's honestly the most fabulous person I've ever met! She's the reason I didn't quit cp aha! Her duckie is also very fabulous. We're biffles with puffles LOL



i want to nominate 1aaron1 to be penguin of the week cause of the amazing
friend he is he loves helping friends in need he loves playing with his friends
he is loyal and honest


I think my best good friend Teen Naruto deserves it because he is a real friend so please pick him!


I think he deserves it too.



I think my friend 'Manuel Jimmy' deserves to be the Penguin of the Week! He's so awesome, friendly and he welcomes everyone on Club Penguin island. He loves Club Penguin even though he has been waddling around since 2007. He's a powerful ninja too, and he mastered all the elements with his ninja skills. He tries to help the penguins design their igloos because he's very creative! Moreover, he finds the time to tour the new penguins! He's awesome and he deserves it!

Waddle On!


I think Pokemon10655 should be Penguin of the week. She is so nice and friendly and is so kind to new users! She is even setting up a goal to how many coins she will donate. She is hoping to use the 10k coins you get for being penguin of the week to reach the goal for how many coins she wants to donate! Please pick her! Please :)

Lane Endry:

I think my friend Chinamo would be geat the penguin of the week! :D


I think my brother "Shubbs03" deserves the title of POTW because he know's the name of every party, he gives tours around the island, he cheers any penguin up who are sad or just not happy! Plus he is great at meeting mascots! That's why I think you guys should pick him! Also Good job "Chloboo1203!"

Waddle on and happy holidays!


Hiya Daffodaily5 I will dominate my friend sergiocow i think it's a fabulous nomination, he has been a great friend to me, also has been helping many penguins to donate large amounts of coins, much longs to break last year has proven to be a great friend to me and for all, the would be very happy to be the penguin of the week.


My friend, Filmtraveler is one of the best donaters ever. He has donated over 125,000 coins and says he's not stopping there. He's playing games and riding the train to earn more ad more coins to donate to Coins for Change.


i would like you guys too please give lucypet7 the penguin of the day as she gave postcards to people around club penguin to inspire people to share the holiday spirit! its okay if you don't it is okay but she will still be into the holiday spirit!!!!


Hey Daffo! I've a great nomination for you! A penguin named "Maxi49117" is a great penguin, he love CFC and he' going to donate 500.000 of coins, also, when he looks a penguin sad o a penguin with a problem, he saythat we never must be sad, because God love us and he always will be there for us! is for that I think "Maxi49117" is a great nomination for be the penguin of the week! he will be really greatful too.


Hey! I really want nominate to my true friend Maxi49117 as the next penguin of the week, because, he is really amazing and also, he is going to travel with his family to poor places and they will donate clothes, toys, food to this people and they will make too some fun activities! I think he's the best nomination!


i think K1k6 should be penguin of the week. Ive had him on my buddy list like forever. When ever i log in i always see K1k6 nice to every body and i think he should be penguin of the week.


u rock daffodaily5

I think pingpolo1 should be penguin of the week because it will make his Christmas the best ever. He is a kind a loving person who is always there for a friend in need and he has set a goal to donate over 50,000 coins to coins for change. I love coins for change and so does he please make him penguin of the week


I think my pal Appic will love to be the penguin of the week. His wish was the penguin of the week and please pick him thanks Club Penguin!

Puffle Pal26:

I think Trainman1405 should be Penguin of the Week. He has been in the community for many years. He owns a popular blog that many penguins love. He is so nice and will offer a helping hand to any penguin! Plus, he loves trains, which are the theme of the current party! I hope you consider my nomination. Ninja on!


Thanks for nominating me. :)

Alan n60:

Very Good! Amiga try to give as much as possible until I'm running out of coins, club penguin does not work but I congratulate you!


I think my freind haiqas should get it. she's working hard to donate for cfc!


King15199 should be the Penguin of the Week!
He donates over 1 million coins to change the world.
Thanks and Waddle on!


King15199 is the king of donating for sure I think that he should be penguin of the month


Good job, Chloboo1203! I luv ur iggy, & ur outfit! I hope I get 2 meet u, add u, & become ur buddy! =)


aww thankyou will add you


Congrats this is great and I hope you know how wonderful this is

Not Herbert:

Herbert should be the next Penguin of the week.


I think khadeejaha1 should get it because she told me she donated 10000 coins (in person we go to same school) and i said i only donated 3000 i think she deserves it .


I just want to say I love Coins for Change. Right when the holiday party ends, I save up lots of money and donate it ALL to Coins for Change. My friend, Leg0o0 told me in my igloo that I should be penguin of the day. I asked him why. He said because I'm smart, funny, and I help him whenever I can. This year, I saved 92,473 coins and donated them all to this wonderful cause. A couple days ago I saw a penguin that looked lonely, and I walked over to him and asked if he wanted to play.


I totally agree. You seem amazing. You go. I think I remember that you played with me when I was lonely. Thank you. Shai9999 should totally be Penguin of the Week. You really deserve it.

Im a Penguin! :

I think my friend Cw700 deserves penguin of the day because she is very nice and always is willing to help others out. She is also very fun to play Club Penguin with!


I think my friend HotSauce300 deserves this prize because she is so nice and kind, and funny too! I also know her as my best friend, on this app and in real life.


My Friend who is MAXI49117! The Best penguin of the island xD Thanks so much... :)


I think Kate7161 deserves this green viking hat because through out this whole year she has saved up so many coins like 50,000 close to that and she is probably bankrupted now. I think she also deserves it because she is such a good friend, she helps me get around the island and shows me where the pins are. Also she encourages more people to do things like recycle more or encourages all penguins to donate to coins for change to make a difference in this world. WADDLE ON CP !!!!!!!


Fooofoooboo deserves to be penguin of the week. The greatest friend and great taking care of her puffles. Trust me she has A LOT of puffles.


I think my best friend Coach Red deserves 10,000 coins and a Green Viking Helmet because he is friendly and can help you with Club Penguin missions and games. He also loves puffles his puffle Fluffy is so cute in his pirate hat. He is also a member of the EPF. His favorite thing to do on Club Penguin is practicing in the Dojo. He has his fire and water charm in Card Jitzu. HIs favorite game is DJ3K. His favorite event on Club Penguin is the medieval party, so please pick him!


I nominate Quack4444 because he looks so cool and is really nice! we are really good friends! Quack4444 is so generous, too! He donated over 60,000 coins to Coins For Change!


I think Riley78093 should be penguin of the week because he donated 20,600 coins to coins for change!!!!He is really nice and deserves a green viking hat and now he only has 10 coins left!!!!! When he gets 10,000 coins (If he gets Potw) He will donate the coins to


I would like to nominate my friend Alex Ctl! He helped me and other penguins without many igloo likes by getting a group together and making them go to those igloos on the map and like them. He loves the environment and trees so much that he even has a huge tree in his igloo and always dresses up as a tree playing the keytar! I constantly see him waddling around wishing everyone happy holidays, and he really wants all penguins to have a good holiday season. He definitely deserves to be POTW!


i think my best bud love8304 should be penguin of the week please pick her!
thanks waddle on!!

Ricardo M6:

hi there, i wanna to nominate to Maxi49117 to be the penguin of the week because Maxi49117 is going to donate toys, food and more to poor places. Also, he will donate 500,000 coins to CFC, he's an amazing guy!

Small Fishes:

Today, I entered about the new Penguin of the week but i wanna to nominate to be the next penguin of the week, your name is Maxi49117, and he this year is going to donate many coins to CFC and he is going to help some poor people, he's awesome and speactacular guy.


I wanna to nominate to Maxi49117 to be the penguin of the week, he's an amazing guy with everyone, i vote for his.


i think it should go to crash5858 he donated alot of mony and is a good freind to me thows the coolest partys and is funny


Hi guys, i wanna nominate to the awesome penguin Maxi49117 to be the penguin of the week beacuse he's a great guy with everyone.


I think Thinknoodles deserves to be penguin of the week!

Guitar fun:

So lucky and so pretty I love you background


I really think my brothers penguin, Stewie G, Should be picked. he is a great help to me when we play on CP, on side-by-side computers.


I play sometimes with my brother side by side as well it is awesome like that Waddle on you two!


I have donated 11 thousand coins and more. I will like to have the 10.000 coins to donate more and buy some stuff :). My friend Pingui23004 is also a very good friend... Congratulations to Chloboo1203!


i think my really good friends bunny7778 and p195456368 are great penguins because they are always here for me and are caring for aothers too!

~waddle on


i think my guy best friend p195456368 deserves this because he does so mych for me and our friends!

Happy holidays!


My friend Waddles44905 deserves it, she donated 100,600 coins JUST TODAY!!!

7 Fairy 7:

Well each week it's tough for me to choose one of my BFF's to nominate and I have though hard about this so
This week I am gonna nominate...


I am nominating her because she is honest, her igloo is fabulous, her outfit is great, she helps me whenever I need it, she is very kind, she always plays with me and we have lots of fun, she is an amazing friend! Thanks for being a great buddy Pinkie8976!

BTW If anyone wants to nominate me I am 7 Fairy 7.

Waddle on!!!
7 Fairy 7


i think she deserves to get the 10,000 coins and the viking helmet. i also think she should donate the coins.


I just donated all my coins!!!!


hi i want to nominate Penguin brayan18123 week is very good friend and deserves to donated 96,987 coins for coins for change deserves pleas


I think jessica42551 needs to be penguin of the week because she loves helping other penguins


Hey guys! I wanna nominate to my dude Maxi49117, because, he's amazing and he is going to travel with his family to poor places and they will donate clothes, toys, food and make some fun activities! I think he's an amazing nomination!


Wow that is really kind of them there taking donating to a other level and that is awesome


wow so lucky!! i love her outfit. i wish i could be penguin of the week


I believe my best friend Vicki21952 deserves the coins and hat because she is a loyal, respectful and good friend! If she got the coins, she would donate them to Coins for Change to make a difference!

Waddle on!



I think that my friend krupali sould be penguin of the week
She is my friend in real life
She helps me find pins
She likes my igloo nearly every day
She is loyal
She is a big club penguin fan
She loves the party's
I think she should be penguin of the week
I think we should have a party for her on club penguin
29-31 of march 2014
That is around her birthday
She would love that
Please make it happen don't
Type it on the blog
Send everybody postcards but not here


She seems like a really nice friend finding pins, liking my igloo I would love that!


Hey club penguin
Make zezo 1 2001 penguin of the week! He is awesome and he is helpful!

Gary 1:

can you make my buddy zezo 1 2001 penguin of the week?
Beacuse he helps me and helps everyone and he is friend daffodaily5
And he donate to coins for change! And he send gift item to everyone
Cool huh?
-Gary 1


I would like to be penguin of the week! Also my friend Rookie21369 deserves it also. Until then, Waddle On!

Robin Hood 9:

I think Paperluigi3 should get a green VIking helmet and the coins, because he'd just donate the coins right back! That's the kind of guy he is.


My friend "Maxi49117" should be the Penguin of the week! He is so nice and awesome!!


I've donated over 40,00+!

Baby Cakes26:

I think Abbey1026 should be penguin of the week be because she always saves up her coins and waits till the holiday party on club penguin and she always enjoys it every year as she tells me plus in real life she is a really nice person and she donates a lot of stuff to Salvation Army. So I think you should pick her as your penguin of the week!


My friend Carnotauro 2 deserves to be the Penguin of the Week , he is so nice. He donated all his coins to Coins For Change this year he is respectful and generous with the community please daffo, He will be very happy if he wins. Thank you so much! :)


Penguin of the Week: Chloboo1203 Thanks You


My friend Croboy02 deserves the Green Viking Helmet and 10 000 coins. He's one of the most generous people I know


I think my friend Misspinks3 would be a good penguin to gives coins and the helmet to she's nice and she never give's up! :D


I think that my good friend Flame 52 should be Penguin of the week. He is always willing to help other penguins who need help on activities and he always tells everyone where the latest pins are. For the past few weeks, Flame 52 has been saving up coins to donate. Please pick him!

Amit 1010:

Positively my big brother, Ido1010. Every day he helps new penguin's that came to the island like one of my friends that i met because of him: Guy Modai So i always have a inspiring day and lots of fun!


Well , Im not sure If my penguin will get a chance to be nominate but I want to try
I've been playing the card jitsu snow and earning a lot of coins after Im done with the game. I'm always smiling and giving new penguins the postcard containing the holiday hat. And also I just donated 30000 coins for the coin for change :D

Im glad to help the community :D


I nominate my friend Vladitor35 for Penguin of the week! He is a very helpful penguin and amazing friend. Vlad donated all his coins in Coins for change, because he wants more lives be saved. His favourite party is the Holiday party, because there is so much Chrismas spirit in it... I know, he isn't a member, but he has amazing outfits and a lot of cool items. He plays from two years and he helps everyone who needs help. I think Vladitor35 is amazing for POTW!
Waddle on! :)


Do orangy heart BEST girl to pick she has every colour puffle she is an epf agent and a tour guide she has had club penguin for6 years she is saving up 100 000 coins to coins for change she is an awesome friend with a great igloo she is amazing and super so you should choose her.


I really like this time of the month, that's why I've saved up and donated 70,000 coins+


I think I should be the Penguin of the Week Coz I always cheered people up, I am kind and i want others to ride my train if they tell me too.
I've been cheering people up for 5 months since the Summer Jam. I always add people who are sad. Right now i'm donating money for CFC. :D


I feel that Venky k deserves to be POTW as he is kind and helpful. He helped me get started out on club penguin when I first joined. He also likes to play card jitsu with me!


Thankyou for the Award, Im very Grateful and will carry on giving to the community to make the world a better place!


Just wondering when will I get the Coins so I can donate all of them to coins for change?


Well you deserve it! We need more penguins to be like you!


I think Morganj1 should be penguin of the week as he is a good friend and trys to get people to donate to coins for change and gives people the gift postcard if they do.

Aaron actor:

Hi club penguin,

I think my good pal Luellatrack should be POTW because she is always donating as many coins as she can to coins for change and she is always helping me and her other pals to get stamps,coins and secrets in the catalogue. She is so cool as she has met all the famous penguins and she is always telling me stories about them. Her igloo is warm and welcoming and so is she to any penguin who wants to be her friend.


I think my bestfriend Gelatin20 should be Penguin of the week.Because she helps me and other people alot.The examples of what things she does are : Showing around newbies (Like me),Teaching/Helping others about CJS,Donating alot at Coins for exchange,Cheering up everybody,Being a great friend, and a lot more.Thats why i think Gelatin20 shall be the next Penguin Of the Week!

Cavetrain :

I thin DjaPen99 deserves to be penguin of the week


I think DjaPen99 Should be next penguin of the week


I think DjaPen99 Should be next penguin of the week


I think my friend DjaPen99 should be next penguin of the week he is funny


I think DjaPen99 should be next penguin of the week he is a good he helps epf


DjaPen99 should be next penguin of the week please pick him next he is cool


DjaPen99 should be next penguin of the week please pick him next

Sea King22:

DjaPen99 Should be the next penguin of the week next


Are you making tons of names up for Djapen99


I think beartic03 should be penguin of the week because he is a very nice friend. He also donated at least 30000 coins!!! Beartic is a very good card jitsu player. He is kind to everyone. I think beartic03 smhould be penguin of the week.

P pruebas 4r:

I would like to nominate my friend 4relampago1, he is super cool! also have the best Christmas of all Club Penguin igloos! Besides that is so generous that very many coins donated for Coins For Change!


I would love to nominate my friend 4relampago1, he is very friendly, and her igloo is super! besides that undoubtedly has the Christmas spirit to the fullest! hopefully they choose!

Richi 34:

I would like to nominate my friend 4relampago1, he is very good, has great character and knows how to celebrate the holidays! besides its train station in her igloo is super great! I hope you win!

Blaki 022:

I would like to nominate my friend: 4relampago1, he is very good, has great character and knows how to celebrate the holidays! besides its train station in her igloo is super great! I hope you win!


i think my bff ashleyta1 deserves penguin of the week because she already donaed 10,000 coins, and with those coins she can donate even more!


I Like nominate My friend: 4relampago1, he donated much coins for Coins For Change! besides that always helps her friends, and her igloo is no exception, it is honestly the best I HAVE SEEN IGLOO! CHARMING ME YOUR TRAIN STATION! known since I knew it would be perfect for: Penguin of the Week! honestly, is the best penguin in Club Penguin! and hopefully her wins this great title! :)


I never get to be Penguin Of The Week :( ! I wish I could be it. If u could do that for me I would be very thankful. Hope u guys have a awesome Holidays.


I would like to nominate Thinknoodles because he makes videos to help penguins who are just starting or can't find that pin, sort of like Spoiler Alert. I think he has given coins for change a bunch of coins this year. He would make a perfect POTW because he is always loyal and does a lot to change the world by making videos!


If you nominate me, well what i do is that im a hero, i dress like a hero, i have a lot of coins for coins for change, i have a jail at my igloo, i make sure penguins aren't being inappropriate, if they are, ill report them or bring them to my igloo for jail.

Lets nominate me! -Dadapetpet


I don't think there's anything about putting people in jail in the club penguin book? (Reads club penguin book) Nothing here about it well good for reporting them!


Hey Club Penguin ! I have an Awesome friend named Trufflocks. He is a good friend to everyone he mets. He is very generous too because he always donates a lot of coins during Coins for Change. So I think it will be great if he gets to be Penguin of the week!


do you win a green viking helmet!!!!!!!!!


Yes you do win the green viking helmet it is so cool maybe you will get it!


hi I am lyladaisy16 (on clubpenguin) and I think sydneygail should be penguin of the week because she is nice,cool,and smart. she also takes care of her pets.She donated 1,160 coins so far! she also bought a train. Please pick her!


i think 2013josh should have it cos he is a super friend on club penguin


Third times the charm but club penguin why won't you listen to me rad boy 8 deserves it so bad,he donated all his coins,he even said once he gets more coins he,ll donate it all to c.f.c.!!!!but club penguin rad boy 8 deserves it and all who know him agree with me and if you don't know him send him a friend request he will always accept after that you'll agree with me.


I think clubfun deserve to be he is a kind friend on club penguin. He willing to donate and convince others. He is also really fun to compete with and has good sports man ship


My friend J Tango deserves all of that! We played a bunch of games yesturday and I saved up my 60000 coins to pay off almost 20000 coins now. My target is to reach at least 50000 or maybe 75000 or 100000 coins. J Tango is honest, a great loyal fan to me and we like eachother!
Please do add J Tango. He deserves 10000 coins and a viking helmet. Thanks!

- Georgewh2004


I think that Tylerdad should get it.He is my best friend so PLEASE pick him!


I think my best friend and brother waddle7515 should be penguin of the week because he has donated 40500 coins for coins for change and
is very genorous because he has given me 10 gifts and a code from the 25th issue of the cp magazine


What do you get if you already have the Green Viking Hat?


i think sonicman1001 should be the penguin of the week because he is a great friend and he likes a good game of hide and seek!


I think radish40 should be penguin of the week!


I agree.


I think you should nominate Tamya2u , because she's a good friend and she donated about 7,000 something coins!


Yeah you should vote for Tamya2u because she is a good friend so i agree with you lacey471!


Well done chloboo1203! So far I have donated about 10,000 coins or more and I aim to donate a LOT more! I hope that we all are the difference we want to make in the world!
D. Donate coins
O. Of course you will!
N. Never give up donating!
A. Anything is possible!
T. Thank you for donating
E. Everybody can help!

Shield 779:

OMG I donated over 60,000 coins I swear admins check if you want my user is Shield 779 :)


Wow that's loads more than me shield779 carry on donating try to get to 100,000 well done and waddle on


I think my friend, New Cadence , deserves Penguin of the Week. she is a great friend to me, and other people. Once, when we were walking through the town, she saw someone wondering what the EPF was, so she said, ''brb'' and she went and tought him how to join the EPF. Now, isn't that nice and helpful?


I just wanted to say that ponyodafish is a great penguin
I had an idea and she made it possible
Now, I have been able to donate 20,000 coins
I love that Club Penguin is doing this!


I want to nominate my friend "Maxi49117" because he is very helpful with others penguins and he will go with his family to poor places to donate clothes and toys I hope he win :D


Great Post Daffo, I think the Penguin of the week should be Maxi49117 I know him in the real life and he donate all her toys and clothe to kids that need it. He is a good person and always help all Penguins.


I think that my BFF britneyvel should be potw,! She is always super nice and every year she saves up for making an amazing holiday iggy! She throws the best party's for Christmas! So please please please make her potw it would make her day!


please pick x droid x he is very good and has been on club penguin since 2010!(Long for me because ive been on it since 2013 write now)
anyway he deserves it because he has been verygood at puffle rescue and loves puffles he has ton
s of them

Lidia Luv:

I think my BFF Mell18 should be penguin of the week because for this Christmas she baked over 45 DOZEN cookies to package up and donate to the local homeless shelter so that they could have a sweet Christmas too. She's always doing stuff like that and volunteering.


Thanks Lidia :-) I think you should be POTW too, you helped me with it ;-)


My friend Flash7901, he's kind to everyone and helps out with coins for change


I think Girafficus7 should get 10,000 coins and a viking helmet because...
She has always been loyal to club penguin, she has contributed to every aspect
She has saved up to donate over 40,000 coins for the coins for change charity
She helps anyone in need
She tried to organise a parade to persuade people to donate (although many didn't listen)
She helps people to find pins and hidden secrets without cheating

I love her for what she does for you, please give something back to thank her!


Wow Girafficus7 Really does deserve it and what will she do with it donate?


Could you plz get DavidShadow to be the penguin of the week


I think that Matthew Sky1 should be penguin of the week because he's filled with the festive season and keeps on giving! He loves playing Club Penguin and is on it everyday, and everyday he donates most of what he has. He keeps one hundred or two hundred to look after his puffles and buy food till he has played more games to earn more, than he'll give it to Coins for Change.


I think everyone deserves the money on Club Penguin. Everyone is so generous and help out! And I hope to get lots of coins donated by the time the party is over!


Well that is very nice to say and you are right!


I think it should be my best friend Torri23 because I love to hang out with her in the town and in my igloo


Hi! I think my friend Camernoodle1 should get it!


my friend gwent1 has already donated 240,000 and she plans to donate more, shes also a really great buddy!


i think redmaster17 should be penguin of the week. Or me!!!


I think my friend Cutiez piez should get it becouse she is the bestest person ever!


I think Cutiezpiez should get this because she is the best person ever. If I am upset or need advise then she is the best person to help. She loves animals and donates as much as she cans. I would really love it if she was the one to get penguin of the week. She really deserves it.


well i think i deserv the stuff and so dose evey one eles i mean its the halidays marry christmas!!! :)


I think that too, we have all done so well giving coins it is hard to decide what to choose charity or self but charity the best!

Cool girl540:

I think that Juliann609 should be the POTW because she always takes part in activities around the island, like igloo parties, and mermaid kingdoms. She is a really amazing friend and I am so lucky to know her. she has the BEST igloos I have ever seen in my life! She would be so surprised if she was POTW.

-Cool girl540.


I think Hailstorm907 should get Penguin of the Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is my favorite friend EVER and is so nice to everyone and plays with me a lot!!!

Sandy soul:

I think Tamdry should get the green thing and coins because she's my sister so give it to her


Hailstorm907 also donated about 43000 of his coins and always has barely any coins because of it!




Club penguin i hope to be the next Penguin of the Week because i help new penguins,i saved up and donated a lot of coins,and I am a great friend. Thanks for reading


Drama 527:

My friend Martha 586 is an amazing friend. Her favourite thing to do in the whole world is to help others and what other season is better than the holiday season? She really wants to make a difference. I think she should be penguin of the week. She doesn't have everything but she would do everything to help anyone, no matter who or what they are. She is perfect for penguin of the week!
Merry Christmas!


Ok, so I have someone who is really sweet and determined to change the world. It's Piplup3904 and she has been trying VERY hard to make a huge train by traveling around the island and then collecting coins on the train! Literally every time I see this penguin, she's asking for people to join her train called the donation express! I hope she is able to collect lots of coins for change, and make lots of big trains. Waddle on, CP!


I think penglin8080 should get them because we have made a challenge:
Whoever ends up with the least coins wins


I would pick my BFF paintball302, because she really wants to be it ever since she postcard, Clubpenguin one day. VOTE FOR PAINT BALL!!!

dark bowser8:

preyus7 my best buddy in cp he helps out people who are new to club penguin and most of the time give them tours around the island specially if a party going on! so yeah hes pretty cool and I think that why preyus7 should be on the penguin of the week!
waddle on!


Hello! I think the Penguin of the Week should be Cooligan2! He's really nice and kind, and welcomes all newcomers to Club Penguin! He gives tours and is really dedicated to Club Penguin! His igloo is really cool too!


My friend dwane4 should be penguin of the week, nearly every day he donates 10,000 coins and is pretty nice to everyone who interacts with him, if anyone that I know deserves this, it's dwane4. ;)


I think Savanna3465 should be penguin of the week, because she's always there for me, and she absolutely LOVES donating for Coins for Change, plus she's ALWAYS wanted to be Penguin of the Week, cause' she thought that it would be cool, this is why I think Savanna3465 should be Penguin of the Week, p.s I love you Polo Field!


Congrats! :)


I am so proud of all of you guys! I, personally, have already given 23,600 coins and don't plan to stop! This is such a great way to show that no matter how old, we all can make a difference in the world! I wish I could nominate everyone who helped me collect coins and clicked like on IG ( one like=100 coins) to help out. Waddle on Club Penguin users!


Carry on giving I see you are christmasy


Tylerdad Should get it he is so nice he is my number 1 best friend. He donates so please pick him

Pengie the p:

Flylessbirdh should deserve it


I nominate Lillian299 because while she was pulling our train she kept giving up courage to get more coins so we could donate our prize to Coins for Change!

Graser 07:

I think my friend 1 Director deserves to be penguin of the week because he has been helping penguins to donate billions for coins. He is a true kind friend that can make anyone's holiday special!


I have a good friend and he should be penguin of the week!!! His name is: M0ntgomery3


I think mrsmaxwell should be penguin of the week because she is kind to others and likes to make friends!


Hey! I think Mario1Kart should be penguin of the week because he is always helping out other penguins who need help. I remember a long time ago He helped someone become a ninja by losing every game against him on purpose and he just want's do donate to Coins For change to make the world a better place and all he would like for christmas is to be part of the penguin band it's what he wanted since he started playing! anyway he is a good friend and loves making MORE friends! Please pick him!


i would love my big bro's penguin,Hb03, to win this epic prize because he always shows me the new pin and how to get the secret new items,every day.he has donated heaps of coins and has been VERY generous , he always plays CP with me and he is my bestest friend ever! he loves puffles and also rides his 4 trains he bought (he has every type), and will always help anyone in need and make them feel like :D :) :D :O ;) = VERY happy . he REALLY needs those coins to donate to CFC , thank you.


I think wooly159 should be potw for helpin me and a very good pal and helpin CDC


Wopps I I mene cfc


Hi im Browny10,
I think Mini man201 should be penguin of the week because he is always nice to other penguins. He has given many tours and has helped out new people. He has been very generous this Coins for Change and has encouraged other penguins to help out with these great causes. Even without membership, he still finds great ways to have fun (such as throwing awesome non-member exclusive parties!). I really hope you consider this beacause he really deserves it


Hey browny10 I'm so surprised i was thinking the same thing!! Mini man201 is so nice and helpful to penguins throughout cp. I nominate him


I think my friend should win the prize. She has saved and given ALL her money to the coins for change. Whatever she has earned goes for coins for change. She has donated over 200000 coins for it. Not only is she generous, but also very funny and playful. I think she deserves to win.


i think that Ganesh18 deserves the penguin of the week award.he is not a member,but he was in april 2013.he is always seen with his rainbow puffle shiny who is awesome in puffle dig.he is a really helpful penguin and loves to take care of the pizza parlour and the pet shop or puffle hotel.he collected a lot of coins for the CFC 2013 event and donated them all and earned them again!!!he is a helpful penguin and thus he has over 500 friends and a lot of stamps.Ganesh18 is the best!!!

Big dude 9:

Hi I'm Big dude 9 and I think Jacrew should be the penguin of the week because he has not only been a good friend,he has been donating for coins for change which can make a difference.


I think Maple32 should be penguin of the day she has donated ALOT of coins and her dream is to help people around the world and saving critically endangered animals! She is always fun and the party never starts without her, she always has a joke that makes the saddest people happy. Maple32 is also my friend in real life and is unspeakably kind and makes sure everyone is happy! if you could do this for her she would appreciate it so much because she's the best and I love to see her happy! Peace!


i nominate santa. XD

Cheese Tree:

Brilliant. Anyone who can fly around the world in one night delivering presents, definitely deserves to be POTW!

- Club Penguin Team


Santa is a cool idea for a nomination


yay santa


me too!


Hi! I think my bff Neqa should get penguin of the week! She REALLY loves club penguin and has been a member for years! (She is 1415 days old) In school, she's always talking about Club Penguin and how much she loves it! Neqa loves including others and always stands up for people who are feeling left out. She loves making new friends also. She has bought all four trains and brings people around club penguin for tours or just having fun! She has donated exactly 28,780 coins and is STILL donating!


Hi! I think Blueluv13 should win this because She is very kind and helpful she donated 25,000 Coins for coins for change! And she always help me find things shes So Nice and kind she really deserves it and Im making her a surprise not going to tell her to please dont let me down,Thanks,Waddle on!


hey im kingloin1s best friend and i think he deserves the penguin of the week award because he is always earning coins to donate
he has allready donated 65000 coin and he is very kind and is always trying to encourage people to donate and send everyone gift cards
he loves the holiday party and wishes that cfc would be all year long whenever he earns 100 or 1000 or any amount of coins which is donatable he donates it
any way


I think lily13006 should be penguin of the week because she is happy,joyful and loves the holidays until then



rockchic2005 should get it i know her in real life shes my bestest friend and we always play together so funny quite popular (in a good way) and she likes rare stuff so she would want the viking hat and shes always broke too so she cold do with hat. Shes been donating to coins for change alotrecently and up to like 5000 coins or something!!
from redrocker137


I think my bestie Cheer1617 should be penguin of the week. She donated 10,000 coins to Coins for Change and I'm sure she's donated more. She would probably donate the 10,000 coins that you give her too! She loves to donate, she even donated a bunch of her dearly loved toys to Toys for Tots. It would be a nice surprise for her if she got chosen because she is always thinking of other people! -Plum76


i think mojobear07 should be penguin of the week because he is donating all of his coins to coins for change and he is running a charity at school/home to have fresh clean water and food. he is a loving penguin


I think Ninjawoman3 should be POTW because when something is difficult, she explains it to you and has a pretty Fab Style


Well, she's (or he idk) not really my friend; I've never seen her on CP, but I think Perapin should be a Penguin Of The Week. I've seen at least one comment by her on every blog post, and all o them give advice to lost penguins. So that's why I think Perapin should be Penguin Of The Week.
Your Friend,


She should be penguin of the week YAY!!!!:-]


I'm so glad that Chloboo123 finally got be the "POTW"! CONGRATS! So, I've a great nomination today, and is my bro "Maxi49117" he is an amazing buddy, is always there for us and for help us! Also, he's going to travel with his family to poor places from my city and they will donate a lots of toys, clothes, food and they will make some fun stuff too! I think "Maxi49117" is THE BEST FRIEND EVER with an amazing heart!

Thanks for reading Daffo!


I think my best friend Kaycool61 should become penguin of the week! She has donated all her coins! (Which was a lot of coins) all together she has raised 15000 coins for change! She hopes for more!! She has been saving up ALL year for this :) she didn't stop at donating though! She has been going round Club Penguin encouraging people to donate! If she won she said she would donate all the coins to Coins For Change! Please pick her as she has been the best penguin I can think of!


I think my friend Hotrod12341should receive the penguin of the week award. he is really kind and plays with me a lot.


I think that fireflareoli should be penguin of the week because he is really nice to me he gets me stamps and has told me penguin meetup times for mascots and he invites me to party and he is a awesome sheep/pirate!


Dear club penguin with the penguin of the week can you have it that we van design a item like put on picture that are of puffles and penguin and stuff like that but you have to have pirate stuff so you could design a tricorn hat a viking hat and so on!


I think that fireflareoli should be penguin of the week because he is really nice to me he gets me stamps and has told me penguin meetup times for mascots and he invites me to party and he is a awesome sheep/pirate! I forgot to say he also gives tons of ideas more than any of us can remember! Thanks if he is penguin of the week he deserves it really!


I think she deserves them for helping out!


I nominate Emily78746 to be penguin of the week because she is caring, friendly, and loves to help people who aren't as fortunate as everybody on CP, and she helps by Coins For Change.







I think my friend Mario55216 should be POTD because she is loving and caring and nice, she even donated all her coins to coins for change. She is the best friend a penguin could ever have.


i think I should be it because I raised so far 18675 and that's a lot of money you can even go onto my account and check im not being mean but with that money I get I will donate I mean it I WILL so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee let me be in with a chance of being the winner pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I meant to say 18775 coins I just donated MORE MORE AND MORE AND MORE


I think Lloyd717 should be penguin of the week because he's always willing to give to coins for change.


is a very very good elf.


I think Sophie15 should be penguin of the week because shy works as one of Santa's little helpers 24/7.


lloyd717 is a very very very very very good elf.


I think kolen345 should be penguin of the week,because she donated over 400,000 coinz from the train,games,memberships,and treasure book.She's been working hard,and she loves kids,even if she's one herself! i mean she donated like 553,000 coinz.


I want Mr Niceberg to be POTW because he encourages his friends to donate to CFC, also he donated more than 200,000 virtual coins to CFC. Thanks, Simplepinay




Hello! I want to nominate as the Maxi49117 help low-income children, donate toys etc ... penguin is a sociable and friendly that would be a good surprise to see that this blog has been his dream and I want to help him fulfill his dream PLZ

By Celpad3


I nominate Maxi49117 because he is very cool and fun and I think it deserves to be the penguin of the week :'D

Bubble face:

I think daisy42938 should win because she's always nice and caring and always plays games with me!


I think daisy42938 should be penguin of the week because she donated a lot for charity , helped me and helped me with my fashion always liked my igloo and compliments my puffles! I never understood why she was so popular but now I know her and it's because she's a nice lovable caring person who cares about the society (which I think is cool) so you should really choose daisy42938 or your missing out!

Waddle on !


Daisy42938 ! Always puts a smile on my face and is a great friend

Yoshi Taco 1:

I think that maxi49117 should be penguin of the week because tomorrow his family and him will travel to poor places to donate toys, clothes,food,and make some fun stuff


I want to nominate my good friend Natael3 the penguin deserves a day that is a great friend


i think redmaniac3 should be POTD because he always has rockin' partys and donates A LOT TO CFC- mumbo12345


Everyone says daisy42938 doesn't do anything but they're wrong they clearly don't know her , I know she's popular but she's really nice and helpful so choose your words carefully for the people who said daisy42938 doesn't do anything cause she's really helpful and cool


I nominate daisy42938 . Compliments my puffles and helps me with my fashion! She needs to be chosen!


Club penguin lover:

Daisy42938 runs a blog doesn't she? Well I saw some of the things she puts on her blog and it's amazing! She knows a lot about club penguin and has been playing for a long time and she's so rare! I choose daisy42938 , I don't really know her but her blogs amazing and everyone is saying she's a nice person!

Waddle on!


I want to nominate my friend Britishclerk because he is a great friend, he always makes me laugh, and he has donated a lot of coins to CFC. Thanks, Connkers123


Thanks everyone! I nominate everyone for being a great penguin!

penguin-(0_0)-penguin :

I nominate daisy42938 gave me stamps and donates a lot of coins for charity and always likes my igloo

Beta Dragon:

I think Regirock 999 should be penguin of the day, because when I come online with him on the same server, he always helps me when I need it the most. He donated about only 17,000 coins but he always tries hard to get more so he can donate.
that's why I think Regirock 999 should be penguin of the day.

-Beta Dragon


I think red spartan4 should be POTW because he is such an awesome friend! He has donated about 40,000 coins to help coins for change! He also was spreading holiday cheer on the iceberg. He helps penguins get stamps and also sends postcards to penguins! He also hopes all you penguins have a great new year! And finally he is a very loyal EPF agent he is protecting the island.And he has never been rewarded for too long,so i was thinking he deserves a reward! I hope red spartan4 will be POTW!


I think Anthony 8952 should be the Penguin of the Week because she is such a nice person and has donated over 90,000 coins to Coins for Change! She is always helping other penguins and she loves to play games and to walk her puffle to save up for Coins for Change. She's also very trendy and her igloos are amazing!
Thanks for reading!

7 Fairy 7:

I wish I won penguin of the week because then I could donate ALL my 10,000 coins to CFC! ;)


- 7 Fairy 7


I think greenbobbs because he has donated 500,000 he donates 100,000 a day by donating 10,000 10 times. he earns the money by playing lots of games and all he dos with coins is donate.


Hi, I thought my friend Stewin0323 should be "POTW" because he is very kind. He also helps out lost or new penguins on Club Penguin. He has also donated a lot of money for coins for change. He's also sung carols at the town and at the city hall of our city. He's also really into Christmas and giving to others.
Thanks so much and Waddle On Daffo!!!


I think Bubbl3y should be penguin of the week. She's the best big sister for me. She's nice and caring even though her room and outfit aren't that cool it's because she is not a member, she was one.

ms smarty 10:

Hi! this is Ms Smarty 10 here and I really want to nominate Wolfy3695.
She is awesome!

Enter nickname:

I nominate Maxi49117, somebody who is really kind and I feel deserves Penguin of the Week.


I think Katniss29 should be the Penguin of the week. She's spent a lot of her time raising money for Coins For Change, playing the train game whenever she's on (desktop) and donating the coins she earns on mobile. She also has helped me multiple times with missions and such.


i think charsya should be penguin of the week since she has been a meber since 2011 plus she has made so many accounts for other penguins and is always donating coins. and any time she can see a new penguin she puts on her tour gide hat and gives them an afficial tour of club penguin


i think Vici5556 should be the penguin of the week, she have donate really mush coins and she wanna help pepole that needs help and she always wanna make new friends and she is a good friend and please, can Vici5556 be the penguin of the week?


I think Legoaaron21 should be penguin of the week because he is kind helps penguins around the world he has donated a ton of coins and i mean a ton. and he even made up cpd witch is club penguin helps penguins be a part of the gang and its a game with your Puffles to find the most coins then thay all get donated at Christmas


I nominate Ice Spikes50 as Penguin of the Week. His costumes are funny, and he is a friendly person.

Bos Friend:

Choose Poppy39608!!!!!!! She is soo funny and has donated over 30,000 coins for CFC!!!!!!!! She is really smart, funny, and awesome!!!


I've donated 50,000+ coins and I'll take the coins and give them right back to the donations!

lil bro:

Lego158 should
he donates soooooo many coins each year, i bet if he got the 10000 he would donate it
he plays games non stop then donates


My friend Rachana2 should get to be POTW because she gives the Holiday Toque to every penguin she sees. Also she gave a lot of coins to CFC , and encourages penguins to donate more. Whenever a penguin is left out or alone she invites them to her igloo and makes them feel good. She's a really good friend and helper to everyone!
Waddle On!


I know her! she gave me a holiday toque too! Shes an awesome friend!!!!


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