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By Daffodaily5 on December 13, 2013 - 05:20


Everyone needs a brill buddy like Lost Dragon! They came up with the idea of ‘Dragon Challenge’ and encouraged lots of players across many servers to send the gift postcard to all penguins they met; that way everyone could wear a Santa Hat!

I LOVE how Christmassy their igloo is, but you know what I love even more? A purple dragon wearing accessories and playing a guitar! Hehe! YOU ROCK! :D

Check your inventory as the Green Viking Helmet is waiting for you (oh, and 10,000 coins!)

Guys, make sure you comment with your nomination for Penguin of the Week. Remember, even though I can only pick one each week, I still read them ALL!


-Club Penguin Team



Boots04 is a great friend he plays with me when im alone he dances with me he should be penguin he is a very good friend


Actually, Daffo, you're using the wrong pronoun to refer to Lost Dragon; we learned this in school. The 'their' pronoun their signals possession of something to a group of two or more penguins. In this case, use the name of the POTW or he/she. If you really want to use they or their, maybe mention the buddy who nominated Lost Dragon :)


SOMEONE is a smart cookie! I learned something new today. Thanks Chingu123!

- Club Penguin Team


I think Farley0624 should be penguin of the week because he took me on a tour, liked my boring igloo, played games with me,and sent me mail!


Ally777 should be penguin of the day she is so kind and sweet


he is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:}


Only to point this out but, if you're part of the Club Penguin Team, then shouldn't you ALREADY know the differences between: Their, there, and they're?


I think you should nominate Cherrydog2 because he is very creative with his penguin and he loves making new friends. His goal is to earn one million coins! He also loves collecting rare items to.


Well, technically it worked to use that because maybe 'he' is a 'she' or vice versa, so Daffo didn't want to get it wrong.
'Their igloo' means it is their igloo. It could possibly mean either one. And I learned that in homeschool. :P

Ham Sammy:

"They", "their", and "them" are actually okay to use when the subject's gender is unknown. "He" or "she" could be wrong, and "it" would be unkind when describing a fellow penguin :P.

It's one of those tricky rule-breakers of the English language.

"When I must leave a friend, I tell them Waddle On!" In this case, them is referring to just one friend ;)

Wolf boy:

Miny me for penguin of the week,I donat coins and I said so.

Zackturbofin :

I would like to nominate my really good friend Steampunk123 she is a really good friend and since I am kind of new she helps me with a lot of things.


I thank I'll pick Finn9867


Congratulations lost dragon my nomination is Pear3 she is very fun to be with and whenever i meet up with her i spend like an hour with her, same for my friend Trinza and finally there's Toca3145, who is my best CP bud and we are also school friends. Waddle On CP team :)

Enter nickname:

I nominate Billybilly7 to be penguin of the week. She has been playing for a long time and always helps out the little pookie children in the pet shop. She doesn't have many coins because she always donates all her coins to Coins For Change every single year. She is my best buddy and I know she will always be there for me. As soon as her homework is done she starts making Club Penguin a better place by being kind to others. It would be very nice of you to pick Billybilly7 for that position. Thx

maitai km:

I love it

maddy march :

vote my best friend Elorafern because she's funny she whars the coolest items and she gave me my member ship and she's my best friend in real life and she's super loverbul and when i got bullied she helped me please just please have her as penguin of the week it would be her best present ever to be published on the blog oh and also she has absterlote ideas like cat logs igloos sand we want to know when the code catalog is going to change cis we have everything and it we have loads more codes


I would like to nominate Kirk 125 is such a brill friend and he told me a lot of the codes so can you make him POTW pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese?


make Kirk 125 POTW please because he told me a lot of codes so my inventory is HUGE thanks to Kirk 125


Congrats buddy!!!!!


Who is he

Tom cruise14:

hi friend Aarayan1 is cool he throw parties,play games,give holiday postcard etc penguin should be like him he is a bodyguard of cp an epf agent he deserve to be my vote is with him best of luck players because he raise voice against bully,abusive and much more he is friendly

P pruebas 4r:

I would like to nominate my friend 4relampago1, why? because the person is good and in my opinion is the coolest penguin ever!


can I be penguin of the week PLEASE!? or can someone nominate me if they do I swear I will nominate them back!!


i will nominate you and i dont want to be nominated


Hi I want too be penguin of the week to plz I am nice I try to keep up the styles and I love look for charter


i think naterocks907 or deejay3k3 should be penguin of the weak because there nice too me and everyone around them so please nominate them for penguin of the week because they are the best of friends a penguin could ever ask for they took me on a tour and i learned a lot about CLUC PENGUIN





my penguin"s name is 65cool and can i be the penguin of the week because i have all ice fishing stamps/i dress up as santa clus and my igloo is already chrismas time


First to comment? Cool! Besides, I like this dragon! Too bad its lost. Just wonder, if its igloo is so awesome, just wonder what his parents would be up to?! Anyways, congrats!

-Agent Sajo8


I think it should be Sajo because that penguin is a nice caring penguin and is saving for coins for change


Cool!! I want to nominate... Hmm.... I will decide and tell it later in the comments!!
Wait Wait! I want to nominate New Rohan!! :D


Hi I would like to nominate Yogi95603 because he always helps new penguins out on CP and loves to chat to get to know them better! I am actually one of his friends that he helped along the way! He also loves to throw parties to have people come over and celebrate with him! This month he is having 'Yogi's Christmas Party!'.


Congrats Lost Dragon! Ooooh! Brill name BTW :D

You definitely deserve those 10,000 coins (and that super stylish green viking helmet!) Congratulations!


I completely agree Thruthenite! Awesome name, awesome iggy, awesome awesome awesome!

- Club Penguin Team


I agree!He rocks!!!!!A dragon with a guitar?Cool!(He is lost right?)Cheers Cheers!


Clap clap

Agent Ninja0:

Hiya everyone!!!! Agent Ninja0 is here to say congrats to Lost Dragon!!!


i would like to nominate (my lifelong friend) 1aaron1 he's a true friend he always thinks of silly costumes that
we all laugh about he's a amazing friend to me and all his friends he makes cool igloo party's
gives me fashion advice he's honest and kind and generous and loyal to me
he makes me happy when i am sad


Wow he sounds nice applez I would like to nominate I luv celery he is nice to friends and i


I think you should nominate Kipper18338 as they are really fun to be around and give tours to new penguins
also their igloo is really christmassy

Ados Pingu:

Hey there! I think my friend, Frosty Jam should be POTW because he loves helping new penguins around the island and is always happy to give a tour. His favorite mascot is Rockhopper, and he's also dressed up as a captain himself. He also loves doing EPF missions. :D


Beachgirl804 really should get Penguin of the week. She is a good friend and she makes cool igloos! She is such a good penguin last year she used all of her coins on coins for change please nominate her! #Waddleon!


Kannoo should get it he's an awesome buddy!!!!




Hi Daffo!:D I wanted to nominate my brother Shubbs03 for potw! I think he should win because he loves to hold sled competitions at the ski hill and after that he just likes to cheer any penguin up if they are feeling sad. Plus he has a really gold outfit!


I have checked my invertry and nothing is there what sall I do?


Contact if there's any bugs. :)

~Perapin :)


We really appreciate your support, especially if anyone notices a bug on the island that needs to be squished. 

The Club Penguin Team


Hi friend how are you
Can you tell dot to look at my house please toda


I meant daffodaily5


Well Done! That is amazing!



how do u become a penguin of the week? please tell me


I think Scottiedog11 ....Could she plz be penguin of the week?!?




I have 6 comments.


Be my friend I am sourpie9104


i send gifts cards for many penguins too


Well done Lost Dragon!

I wanna say that my buddy goldragonite is really cool! He only just joined, but I've been showing him what to do, and he is really nice and is always ready to play Card-Jitsu with you! He even beat me and I'm a black belt!

Waddle on CP!


Congrats, Lost Dragon! CP, you should totally make a Disney's Frozen Takeover!


Ha, ha really funny!

Rockyy 1c:

Will someone nominate me? My username is Rockyy 1c plus There will be no more takeovers for the year sorry dude


i sent gift cards for a lot of penguins too


Can Penguin Of The Day winners be Penguin of the Week too?


I would like to nominate Thinknoodles because he is a good penguin, he does "Think Thursday" for all of his fans so they can connect to him, He is a penguin that is responsible.


Me too i want think to be penguin of the week CLUB PENGUIN READ THIS Thinknoodles: I want to be penguin of the week CP team: ok


I vote roberto nico for being a great friend pingui Christmas and being so in your igloo and your style.


Dj Freak12 is an amazing penguin I think you should choose him as the penguin of the week because he is a kind and friendly also he gives the new penguins tours in silly costumes.


I vote roberto nico for being a great decorator igloos


Hi guys congrats to Lost Dragon for getting picked as POTW!! I would like to nominate my buddy Red1020 as POTW his favorite item in the Christmas clothing catalog is the Santa Clause costume!! He loves the beard that you can buy with it!! And it's his first Coins For Change/holiday party EVER!! He can't wait!! :) Congrats again Lost Dragon!!

Ham Sammy:



Plz make cooldude6569 next penguin of the week he is so kind.
p.s a FOAF tels me u :)>.


I want to nominate Graham2013


hi I think that pingpolo1 should be penguin of the week because he just such a nice person. He has helped me get through lots of problems in club penguin and he sends everyone postcards. He is just a super nice penguin . He came up with super Sunday this is when he plays a marathon of everything new that has come to club penguin. Please make him penguin of the week


I think pingpolo1 should be penguin of the week because. He is raising 50,000 coins for coins for change to help people in the world. He is a great friend and helps me and my friends out loads. Please make him penguin of the week


Your voting for ur self u can tell by both of ur names

Moo mui:

I Think that Dizzyl1 Should Be Penguin of the week because she is kind caring and she is always smiling!
She is a really good freind and she should be penguin of the week because all she does is GIVE GIVE GIVE!
And i heard she is giving LOADS for coins for change!

Cheese Nerd:

I have a nomination! Maddygrif because when she noticed that I was all alone she came up and invited me 2 her igloo! Once we got there we got on a train and went 2 her Christmas-decorated home! I LOVED all the pretty Christmas things there. The tree had SO many gifts! Some of her friends came over and we had a Christmas party! She is SO nice to everyone she meets and she told me that when she sees someone doin' something nice 2 someone else she send'em a gift! I think everyone should do that!


I think my friend Mario Rk should be the next Penguin of the Week. He's an awesome friend and is fun to hang out with. He's also really funny and his outfit is awesome!


Flyod1 he is raising 100,00 coins for donated to the world and that lots of money can help the people around the world please make him peguin of the week


I would like to nominate Zefs!


I vote 4 Zefs. This week he is wearing a car, strange hat, red nose, have balloons in his hand and a casual backpack 4 adventure man xD. He is awesome 4 me !


Please Please Please pick Bella44450 she is giving all her coins away for coins for change and is not even a member she is so kind and loving and loves helping people


Oh gosh. 10 bucks that all the people that nominated bella are the same person! xDI mean, she got like 4 nominations at the same time! GASP. THAT IS TOTALLY NOT A COINCIDENCE AM I RIGHT?


Pick Bella44450 because she is giving all her coins away for coins for change she has like 100,000,000 coins and she loves making a
Difference and is changing penguins lives


Please nominate Bella44450 because she is giving every single bit of her coins away for coins for change and she is trying to make CP a
Better place


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thanks guys I hope you guys can help me make CP a better place


I think my friend Gogeta Ssj55 should be Penguin of the Week, he likes knights and spies, but if there is something he loves, It's his black puffle, Shadow, when they play togheter Cart Surfing, they always beat me. But he also loves his Red and Blue puffle, Vegeta and Goku, when he goes surfing with his red puffle they beat me, again. But he is my best friend and I help him looking for famous penguins like Aunt Arctic or Gary, and we met Rockhopper togheter, it was the best day we ever had.


I would like to nominate Sunfire for being a great friend. He is always nice and is a friend of alot of people i see. He always decorates his igloo to perfection. Please pick him :)

Titus Titu:

I nominate Mickey Lili.He is a friendly and cutey penguin.He like puffles and he like explore the island.He love the Christmas and his favourite colour is green.^_^


I select MIckey Lili for Penguin of the Week.He is a cutey and lovley penguin.He is sweetie and he love puffles.He like to earn more stamps everyday.His favourite color is green.



Agent Epf 00:

I pick for the Title „Penguin of the Week„ a simply penguin:Mickey Lili.He is my good freind.He like to walk and dig-up with his puffles.He have a little and cutey igloo.He like to dress like Santa Claus or a rookie penguin.


Hello!I nominate for Penguin of the Week the penguin Mickey Lili.He is a smart and friendly penguin.He like to play games.His favurite games are:Cookietron 3000,Smootie Smah and CJ Snow,Water and Fire.He is a complete Ninja.


There's no Cookietron 3000..... Right?

Glitterbug K:

Well... there is a secret Candy Mode for Pizzatron 3000!

-The Club Penguin Team


Hey!I select Mickey Lili for Penguin of the Week.He isa goodly and smart penguin.He love to exlore the island,meet new friends,earn more stamps and walk with his puffles.He is a simply and cutey penguin.He dress like Santa Claus or an elf.He like the Chrismats and he have a big wish:to have Green Viking Helmet.Please vote Mickey Lili!Goo Mickey Lili.

Anonymous :

hey DaffoDaily5!i have a Great nomination for you,Chloboo1203!she is such a lovely buddy and would do anything for her friends,she tells them all the latest gossip on Club penguin and helps them out with what needs doing. When coins for change come Chloboo1203 has spoke to me and says she is going to give over 7,000 coins as she will do anything to make the world a better place. I really think she would be a great nomination for this award(penguin of the week) and she would be so grateful :)

Cool girl540:

Hi, Daffo!
I would like to recommend Juliann609 to be the POTW because she is just an amazing friend that I have known my whole life. She has epic igloos and is nice to every penguin.
Add me!
-Cool girl540


I would like to nominate my friend Lost Fairy because she has always been an awesome friend to me and her puffle's! Lost Fairy is the nicest penguin I met so far! Please!


I nominate Omix2- she's Ginger and really cool, this would cheer her up as she recently lost her Spanish books and was really sad; so lets cheer up OMI!!!!


I want to nominate ORANGY HEART because she is a great friend who has every colour puffle is an epf agent a tour guide and has had club penguin for 6 YEARS and she alway donates to coins for change and is VERY nice and has a rockin cool igloo you should really choose her! She is saving up 100 000 coins for coins for change!!!!!!!! So choose ORANGY HEART the best penguin to be chosen!!!!!


Wow Cangrats! I bet he's wearing that hat now! I would too! I hope thinknoodles or grazer gets it next week! Who knows!


he is wearing the helmet

7 Fairy 7:

I vote for 7 King 7 He's so awesome, helpful, has a great outfit and fabulous house, he also said he would donate 5,000 coins to Coins for Change! Thanks for being an awesome buddy 7 King 7! ;)


I would like to nominate Indy 123 as the potw. He is a great friend.

Susie Club:

I'm nominating Shelby171717 She's my BFF and she is so amazing, hilarious, and really nice. :)


would nominate x1987 because it is a good friend, is very funny and is very playful. He has always done his duty guarding Club Penguin, by an agent of the EPF and works at the pizzeria. Hope you can nominate by is very loving and friendly and hope you choose. UNTIL THEN!


I will like to nominate sammyfifth

7 King 7:

I vote for 7 Fairy 7 she likes my house, has a great outfit, she will donate the 10,000 coins to Coins For Change. You're the best 7 Fairy 7! ;)


Congrats Lost Dragon! It takes a lot to be worthy for POTW. Speaking of worthiness of being POTW, I think my friend Stucco1 should be POTW. He has spent majority of his time thinking of ways to help others. He also participated in Sock-tober! Congrats to you again, Lost Dragon!


I think you should nominate Waddles16840. Even though he is not on my friend list on clubpenguin, we have been best friends for a long time. Waddles16840 is funny, creative, cool, loves clubpenguin, friendly, nice, and lets just get to the point... he is an awesome friend!!!! =D


i wanna nomnate The Dodger as my penguin of the week because hes really kind and carying and he makes amazing igloos with good ideas and he invited everyone to party at them and he makes one for every party too so whenever cp makes a party like the holiday party the dodger maked a holiday igloo!


Are you talking about the penguin with the christmas bakery and movie theatre cause if you are than he's AWESOME! He's not like the other people who advertise cause he lets you add him and he shows you his favourite igloos! And yeah he makes a new igloo all the time!

I'm with Mishoking because The Dodger really deserves it and he will be SO surprised! He will never expect it!



I think I have heard of him



Good job, Lost Dragon! I luv ur iggy, & ur outfit! I hope I get 2 meet u, add u, & become ur buddy! I already sent a postcard gift 2 every penguin on my buddy list! =)


I think that my friend Sean401 should be penguin of the week together we have been trying to meet all of the mascots he has meet 3 Rookie, Herbert and PH and we have been trying to save up for coins for change he is going to donate 10,000! coins we also have been trying to send gifts to every one that does not have one and he has been helping new penguins around the island with tours he is already a black belt so he has been helping me get mine so please pick Sean401 to penguin of the week

Best Pink2:

You know Sean401 isn't the only one trying to donate 10,000. I met 2 mascots and Chattabox. By the way, I'm gonna try to donate maybe more than 10,000.

shom o:

Sean401 is a good choice so i vote him


I think that my best friend Pokemon10655 should receive Penguin of the Week. Why? Well I have many reasons why she deserves it: She is a kind loving penguin to many different users, She is very kind to brand new user's and she help's them a lot, She is also attempting to save up around 25000 coins so she can donate for Coins For Change which is a great thing from Clubpenguin! She also is very creative, friendly, and helpful in real life as she is in game! So please choose Pokemon10655. Thank u!


Please choose Pokemon10655 she is very nice, helpful, and friendly! Please choose Pokemon10655 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))


Ash9009 is a great friend! she's my best friend and we always go on together. I love playing with her!


Please Please please i would like to be PenguinOfTheWeek i was gonna donate TONS of coins for CoinsForChange and i have none D: Please Please


my good friend is burn beak hes a cool guy


I'm a really nice penguin around the island :). I like to play hockey, and change clothes a lot! I also like helping penguins out! Waddle on cp!


what is a dragon

Blue Liquid:

I think everyone who is a PENGUIN OF THE WEEK should donate 5,000 coins to COINS FOR CHANGE 2013. (this is just a suggestion)

- Blue Liquid


Let's donate a million !

- CoinsForChange2013


I would like to nominate Puffle Pal26. He is a brilliant friend. He teaches others how to play Card-Jitsu, and even sometimes loses just so they can win more items! He is so awesome and I hope you consider him! Waddle on!


Hey there, congrats to Dragon!!
On another note, I think that my friend Its Me123 should be penguin of the week! I have seen him helping out other penguins when they were sad, and he has been such a funny and nice guy to everybody! He also has been a member of club penguin since '06!! Earlier we were talking about coins for change, and he said he is going to do whatever it takes to fill up that meter! He is super devoted and I'd love to see such a nice fellow get this award! Thanks for reading!

Chloe Bieber:

For Penguin of the Week, I nominate my best friend Clumpypoo. He has been on the island since 2007, and he is so very nice! I love how much knowledge he knows about the island! If I'm lost, he always shows me the way! He makes steller igloos as well! My favorites are his Colleges and Christmas party's! Not to mention, Clumpypoo is SUPER funny! He always cheers me up when I'm sad, with his funny jokes and all, and always is a great sport when it comes to playing games! Thats why he should be POW


I want to be penguin of the week because of my amount of stamps that are 311


me (mumble58102) I have been trying to save up for coins for change but sadly :( I can not because of all the catologs and their prices


I would like to nominate a very special penguin, angel3654 she is an amazing penguin who not only is pleasant to be around but is definitely one of the most sociable, kind, caring, and responsible penguin I no. She introduced my to club penguin and has been a member for a very long time. She always has her igloo decorated so cute, always making sure her puffles are taken care of and have their own special place in her home. So please nominate this special penguin for the penguin of the week!!!!!


i think my friend Winter9641 should be penguin of day because she is cool to play role play with, chose her!


I'd like to nominate my close friend, Chucker321. He decorates his igloo for every occasion in each party. He is extremely hilarious! He knows exactly what to say and when to say it. He never puts anyone down, and tries his best to make new friends feel involved in everything we do together. He really cares about keeping the world safe, so he protects the island of Club Penguin since he is an EPF agent. Thank you for reading my nomination! :)


I think my friend giggles3456 should be POTW because well, i know her in real life, and were best friends, i really want her to feel honored and special, because i love her, and she is always helping other penguins become ninjas, playing with them and making sure that they get there belt and/or costume, she donates time to coins for change, and is the nicest penguin and friend ever, please pick her, she deserves it, thanks giggles3456 for always being there when i need you, pick giggles! thanks!

rockey11224 :

I MEANT GIGGELS 3456 SORRY! yeah! that last message from me about why pick her, i spelled her name wrong sorry! its giggels 3456! thank you! still pick her1


To add on to my last comment, I would like to say that Chucker321 saved up all his coins for last years Coins For Change, donating over 20,000 coins. Right now he is poor, but he REALLY wants to donate, but can't. He will try really hard to earn a lot of coins so he can donate as much as he can to the Coins For Change. Thanks for reading. ;)

KB Helper:

Plz nominate POPYB2. He started this program called the "king bunny team" where you let other penguins enjoy their Christmas by giving them gift letters, showing them around, how to play games, and more. Plz nominate him. All the kind deeds make my hart feel warm and I feel glad. He uses his time helping for no rewards. Thanks, and Plz nominate Him!

Kiely 1:

Lauren2032 is an AWESOME friend! We always do funny things together, play games, and more! We seem like BFF's! I would like to nominate her for POTW! Good luck, Lauren!


How bout fashion0203 she is so good but undiscovered check her out

Kiely 1:

By the way, good job Lost Dragon! Add me if I ever see you. I am on servers Abominable ,or Icicle. I have been sending those Christmas hats to people that don't have one. People send them to me a lot. I say thanks to them. They are nice penguins. I can't wait for the holiday party! Christmas is my favorite time of year! A lot of people like it...just like I do! Anyways, I will be earning tons of coins for Coins for Change! Kids donating their virtual coins if very loyal. This is my first year.


It's great to see so many generous penguins excited to donate to Coins for Change! I for one can't wait for the party to start. 

The Club Penguin Team


Hey guys! Congratulations Lost Dragon! I love your igloo it is really EPIC and I want to meet you,and add you and want you to be my friend BTW you have a great name :) I am really excited for the holiday party which is my favorite party and Happy Holidays Until then Waddle On!
Seasons greetings.... :)


I have seen you around a lot.

master mike4:

its my first year too! I joined in January.


My friend, babydaisyLVR, is a great friend. He is ninja, he defeated Sensei, Mastered System Defender AND Ice fishing, is loyal to his 100+ friends, and is an agent plus a tour guide. BabydaisyLVR has also been here for less that a year and has almost got Card-Jitsu Fire Down! He got Snow already! He also is donating more than 20,000 coins to caoins or change! He has also met two mascots (soon to be three) and has more than 100 other stamps. I hope BabydaisyLVR wins. Consider it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I nominate Zoes6 for penguin of the week. When I was new, they gave me a tour. When I needed to find out some things about CP, they helped me find things out. We also look for mascots together during parties. We never find them, but it is fun to search. We are both saving for Coins for Change. we are going to try and donate as much as we can. Please make sure that they are considered.


I think you should do Donut0506 she is a awesome friend who likes the color yellow and dressing up like a Puffle she is also the best big sister in the world she always stands up for me. Her igloo always has a party going on and she has always dreamed if being penguin of the week and in the news thanks!

Super 6 Man:

I think Cool Jonah 5 should become the penguin of the day. He should receive this award because he is the nicest, most honest, smart and creative penguin on Club Penguin to me. He I my best friend and I think he should be the penguin of the day.

Cool Daisy 5:

Cool Jonah 5 NEEDS to be penguin of the week. Him and I have been looking for all the mascots together, doing Card Jutsu together just so I can get a black belt because he already has one. He is trying to donate the max amount of money for Coins for change, and has the COOLEST IGLOO EVER!!! If anyone should get penguin of the week, it should be my favorite older brother Cool Jonah 5.


Hi im artina2002 and i want to nominate my bff Mashmellow12 she is my lifelong companion and she has always been there for me whenever i am sad. If shes sad ihelp her out. She has been my friend ever since club penguin came out! Yes we played that long! My point is Mashmellow12 is awesome, sweet, and nice to everyone on the island. If she sees a fight she makes the penguins work it out. I think Mashmellow12 should earn this reward! Thanks



I'd like to nominate my friend Anillaflopt. She always accepts friend requests, likes a TON of igloos, helps people out in finding pins, and is an awesome friend! She loves the coin for chance ( like me! ) and is going to donate as much as she can! ( which is probably a lot! ) Her igloos are brill, and she throws awesome parties. Anillaflopt and me send postcards to the non-members so they can get a Santa hat. I hope you'll nominate her for POTW. And congrats to Lost Dragon! Nice job! Waddle on!


Dragon Challenge people are awsome


I think fouts2 should be penguin of the week


Swimhorse1 is a greate friend because she includes me in games

cookieballs :

Congrats man!


My Good Friend Ekinsblake Is Such A Wonderful Penguin Who Can Always Cheer A Penguin Up!


wen will we rockhoper be hear


He is currently on his way! In fact, you can track his progress to the island using the telescope on top of the Lighthouse. 

-The Club Penguin Team


Yay! I really wanna meet Rockhopper.. I have never met even one of the famous people on club penguin not even chattabox :/ Fingers or should I say flippers crossed.. Hope to meet you soon Mr. Rockhopper!! <3 <3


Where is the next Waddle On Episode???!!!!!

Glitterbug K:

You can find it right here!

-The Club Penguin Team


Lil Herk:

I really think my friend "Alex Ctl" should be nominated as Penguin of the Week. He is always really supporting and wants everyone to be happy. He told penguins in the Town to go to the igloos without many likes at all and like these igloos. He helps and supports many penguins and he is always waddling around wishing everyone happy holidays. He really knows how to spread kindness and cheer.

Waddle On! :D


I always wanted to friend lost dragon. I see his name in a lot of places. He just so awesome.


I think my friend 1019c should be penguin of the week because together we do all kinds of stuff like dig for coins with our puffles we are going to save up a lot of coins to donate to coins for change he is going to donate 20000 coins we are going to try to meet rockhopper when he arrives he sends the item postcard to the member penguins and nonmember penguins he is really nice to other penguins and me so I hope that you pick 1019c to be penguin of the week.

sma11 ninja:

Hey guys this my first comment yay :) anyway my awesome bud Blake Cool helped me around the island he even told me where the pin is and he showed me his iggy it's pretty rad L8r


I would like to nominate the one and only rookie!! Why, because he is very nice and silly and deserves some recognition for doing that Halloween party this year!!! Go rookie!!!


I think me and transreturns friend puffletj should still be penguin of the day. I mean week, he has been giving postcards to new penguins around the island. The one that comes with a toque. He is most likely to appear at the start of things, but he is still an ice-tastic friend! Waddle On! -Garstang


Check me out cp? I am a normal penguin and do normal stuff but i don't really mind. If I can't pick myself I pick monchocho- he runs a 5 star blog about club penguin and has made many penguins feel special and love the game. he always is making cp interesting.


Please nominate Thelamina because she has been trying to stop bullying, ALWAYS helps her friends when they need help, makes friends with penguins on low servers so they're not so lonesome, and we always send postcards to each other cause we're best buds! Every year, we also try donate 10,000 coins for each category (poor kids, sick kids, and environment), so please nominate Thelamina!


I think my buddy PenguinLoo2 should be POTW. She always knows how to make people smile!

P.S. Did you know you can poke your puffles? Just click on them, and they make a funny face, especially the Rainbow puffle!



Thanks for the tip! It's awesome to see penguins giving others helpful advice :)

-Club Penguin Team 

Kozy Kat:

You can pet the tops of their heads, too! Just click on their fluffy lil heads and drag your mouse back and forth. XD


Really? Wow, I learned something new! Now I can keep Dazzlefrazz (My purple Puffle.) pumped up about dancing with me in dance contests! Thanks Kozy Kat!

P.S: Is Nanner Fairy an employee there?


Today (dec 13) i saw khadeejaha1 saying- help the planet save the envoment ,help the poor and save endangered animals !!!! Khadeejaha1 is my friend and helps each penguin if a penguin is being bullyed she stands up and reports the bully,she has a great attatuide and style thats why i nomanite khadeejaha1

Blu Boo04:

I would like to nominate Ahmed12971 because he is friendly good mannered and cheers me up when im alone tells me how its like to be MEMBER and shows me al acsesoris and lets me pick his costume!!Oh and he telms me a few reusable codes like EPFAGENT!and gonna donate 1mill he is trying to save up!!!

So plz make him Penguin of the month :)
From: Boo Blue04 (Ahmed12971's BEST FRIEND)


He's so cool I wonder we're he is and if I can friend him somewhere around here in club penguin


I nominate Kiersten9869 becuase she's been being very friendly to everyone and she makes tours for the new penguins and she makes wonderful family's with pookie sand she's been being a great guide.

Happy Meal 1:

Make me the penguin of the week!!!! I NEED THE VIKING HELMET IM CRYIN IM BEGGING YOU


My friend, Partyhelper, has over 300,000 coins (That she earned from Opperation Puffle) and she is planning to donate them all to Coins for Change. When people are down, she cheers them right up. She goes to igloos and likes them and also sends a postcard to the homeowner. She advertises Coins for Change all the time and always wears that t-shirt from last year from Coins for Change. Because of her name, people who want to start parties in their iggys, but don't know how, she volunteers to help.


I think waddles70900 should be the penguin of the week because whenever he sees some one new he asks them to be his friend.

fat salty:

oh man good job lost dragon hope you have fun with all that coins . well anyways i would love to have my best friend cool kid2654 to be on the penguin of the week she always is so nice to everyone, she tells everyone to save their coins so they can donate more and even when i am sad she always cheers me up and she is so nice ,fun and awesome so i hope you pick her for the penguin of the week


Lost Dragon is sure a cool buddy! Anyway, I want to nominate my friend for PotW, but she doesn't play Club Penguin anymore. :(


i think 65cool should be the POTW because he is a good friend, has all of the ice fishing stamps,is dressing up as santa for chrismas and decorating his igloo for the train so thats why i think he should be the penguin of the week




i want to nominate aarin62004 he is wearing golden guitar, sunglasses and a hoodie with a mark of a blue guitar. he is a famous and friendly person he has 263 friends and he loves puffles so much


Can I Nominate Myself If I Can Please Try To Nominate Me. I'm Trying My Hardest To Get All The Stamps And I Love Playing All The Awesome Minigames To Get Them I Also Try To Meet All The Mascots I Possibly Can. I'm Looking Forward To Coins For Change I'm Going To Donate 10,000 Coins To Coins For Change I Hope It Helps! My Penguin Is Also Over A Year Old! And My Fav Party Was Operation Blackout! So Please Nominate Me My Username Is Penguaan2003 Waddle On Everybody!!!

Evanthe Love:

I would like to nominate Delight. She always keeps her igloo up to date when each party arrives and tries to make it eye-catching. She's super stylish when you see her and makes friends with anyone who adds her or meets her. Delight also is saving up 10,000 coins to donate for coins for change! So please nominate Delight! :D Waddle on!

Enter nickname:

I think Free327 should be penguin of the day. She always plays with me and all her other friends.
She is really nice and always is friendly to everyone and always knows how to party.


I would really really appreciate it if you nominated my best buddy Hulk498. I think he's the best friend one could wish for. Thanks!


hi smrpg64 is asom he is an idiot and he likes playing club penguin. he helps me on club penguin. he is a ninga.


I nominate Ncop because he is a really good friend and he loves to play hide and seek!


Dragon play a guitar!



hi Aarayan1 is great penguin he is cool EPF agent tour guy he is nice i love him but i never met him i only listened him best of luck Aarayan1

mano ash:

i would like to nominate my best friend iglu787 because she is kind, sweet and makes me happy all the time. When she comes online i am always then happy and we play games with each other then we tell jokes to each other. Until then WADDLE ON!!!

Agent Tunt:

I would nominate my friend Piston 13831 because he is a good friend and when im alone he comes and play with me all the time..Plzz choose him.......


congrats lost dragon


08sunlight should be penguin of the week because he is always trying to help others and he gives away the Christmas hat to all the new penguins he sees. He has a really cool igloo and he has some really good styles to show off. If you challenge him to a game of Card-Jitsu, well, you are going to need some good luck, he's really good. He is planning to earn a lot of coins for Coins for Change this year also. He's a really great friend and I'm glad I've met him.

Orangez man7:



i realy like your comment lost dragon,i think it is a really good idea lets bring it on!ps:i think every year we should do that!i think i should be penguin of the week because i help everyone everywhere so pritty please pick me pritty pritty pritty pritty pritty pritty pritty pritty pritty please please please please please please please please please pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I would like to enter my good friend shadow3456 for penguin of the week


cloi 1 is great she help me to make a party and it work . she also made a really cool day in cp she works at the newspaper so she uses programs to write to make the newspaper i think she would be perfect plus her birthday is today the 13


Pinky Feet 7 should be Penguin of the Week! She is a great penguin friend and loves to decorate her igloo! She is a tour guide and is a EPF agent (shh!) He/she always gives to Coins For Change and plans to this year. I bet the 10,000 would really help with her donation this year. I think Pinky Feet 7 would be the right choice for Penguin of the Week!

Think rocks:

I vote for Casey89012 because she is gathering coins for coins for chance and sending postcards to go a hat to everybody she is very nice and loves to help the good and frown at the bad


I vote for casey89102


I would like to nominate my bff Black47777 because he loves and i mean loves puffles he is so funny and he met 2 mascot rookie and aunt artic so plz choose him


i wanna be penguin of the day so bad my name is how do become penguin of the day?


I think Awsome2342 should be penguin of the week cause he is gonna be donating lots of coins and other stuff and he is still saving up for coins for change he is a awesome friend he is nice and cool and even makes more friends on club penguin he makes yt videos like club penguin.

Enter nickname:

Great job Lost Dragon!!!!! I love your igloo!!!!! I think Great Girl28 should win btw.


There is no way I could love club penguin with my favorite friend Thinknoodles. He makes videos to help out penguins having trouble with the furniture cheats and stuff like that. He is a total bill friend and wakes up early every Thursday to get on server Icicle and hang with us/give postcards to us , his fans. Please put Thinknoodles on POTW because he deserves it for his 3 years of amazing videos supporting club penguin!


Well I think my freind stylish100 should be POTW beacause she always helps others when their down,she's also very helpful, and she's a good freind to have around when your felling down


Oh, one more thing about stylish 100 is..... She's willing to give out as many coins for coins for change!

Lord Aryan:

All I gotta say is that your cool ;-) Wanna be my friend, please add me.




Hello Club Penguin!
I have a idea for one of the Club Penguin's parties. I think you should do Old Club Penguin! Because I really want to see Club Penguin in the past like 2007 or 2005. Please Respond about what you think!
-Hose345 and skjr88-


I agree! The old Club Penguin was very nice. I really miss it. There was so much cool items back then! My brother Pole Bird has been playing since 2006 but stopped in 2010. Can you at least bring back the Color Games?
Waddle On!


I think that my friend hey I m1 m2 should be penguin of the week because she is a great penguin friend to me and is a little low on coins too! She has an awsume igloo and some FAB clothes. She would be thrilled if she was penguin of the week!


i would like to nominat kingloin1 because he is very kind and last year he donated 30000 coin and is working hard to send gift postcards to every penguin he sees and collecting coin to donate in coins for a change


I want to nominate my friend supstar23 because she is kind caring and she likes to help the needy by donating to coins for change! Everyday, the two of us have been going on and collecting 5000 coins each day to donate! Supstar23 is a true friend of mine and she would LOVE to be POTW. Well, waddle on!


Congrats Lost Dragon, can you friend me? Can I be PENGUIN OF THE WEEK? My penguin name is Skyler0022. I will DONATE all the 10,000 coins to COINS FOR CHANGE!!!!!! THX! WADDLE ON!!!!!


Congratulations Lost Dragon!

master mike4:

i saw that guy before


I think the shy guy would be a good penguin to nominate. He is very friendly and he loves helping the EPF with their missions

master mike4:

the shy guy is my friend

master mike4:

i would like to nominate shyan6 for being the best friend you could ever have. when you need someone hes there for you. he has never let me down, so club penguin, please dont let him down. hes always there when your alone and you need someone to talk to. he deserves better. please make him potw.


i think my friend looks good for penguin of the week me and her are best buds.
we both have been playing cp for ever! We hope she makes it lol her name is Evieb9 and Love8304!
thanks again bye !!!!!


I would like to nominate my friend Mewstation for Penguin Of The Week. She's always helping out others when they need help, and she's planning on donating 40,000 coins for coins for change this year She also throws awesome party's around the holidays. Also congrats Lost Dragon! :)


Please let me be the penguin of the week, i really want the viking helmet ! ! ! !

Xx Sliver:

I would like to enter Xx Fast because he helps new penguins around CP and gives penguins good advice


I think that my penguin should be penguin of the week because I will donate all my coins for coins for change. Also my iggy is ready for the holiday party.


my friend sallyab should be penguin of the week! shes fun to have as a friend! shes nice to me and her other friends! shes an AWESOME FRIEND!

no name:

guys i saw a penguin his name is coco77867 he is so so so so friendly he plays with me dress dance he is so cool please vote for him


Lost dragon I was the penguin dressed up like santa at the snow forts I am sorry I did not click on you in time to go to your igloo please meet me at the server Down under at 3:00 penguin standard time on december 15th leave a comet if you are going I am Sean401 so leave the comet to me


My friend Tommy Man4 should be POTW. He always helps others out and when others are new and need help, he helps them out. He also always points penguins in the direction of mascots. Please consider him. Thanks!

B boy15:

I think my friend Jet419 should be nominated for penguin of the week. He is a very, very good card jitsu and card jitsu fire player. He also helped me come up for a joke for the paper. He is a loyal EPF agent. He is just a great friend overall. Hope you guys pick him!! :)

magic lisa:

I think that my friend milly1612 should be penguin of the week shes met gary, rockhopper, aunt arctic, sensei shes a balck belt and fire and water shes donated 100 or 1000 coins im not sure but shes donated lots please pick her shes a nice friend!


i think pimi05 i nominate him because when i met him he was very nice i was lonely he noticed also some cool guy clothes likes to donate all try my friend so please choose him as the penguin of the week plz i like him so much as afriedn he's ends me postacrs like ewvry day when he's online he like evthing he sees yes i like him as a friend so please put hiim as penguin of the week so please ok waddle on forgive my typos


I think jesscakes should be it she is so sweet!!


I think my penguin of the week should be Danicak1 she is the sweetest peinguin I know!!!!!!!!


Hi I would like to thank my friend Alisa30452, she is great with tours and is awesome at throwing partys and invites everyone on CP and plays with people that she hasn't add yet she ads everyone she sees and one time she was in the pizza parlour someone was being mean to me and she reported that person or ignored that person i don't i cant remenber anyway she is amazing please pick her


hi my cp a name is 66matter


Hey, Daffodaily5! I would like to nominate my friend, Rainbow20764! She has been playing Club Penguin since 2010. Her favorite Club Penguin game is Smoothie Smash. She has met PH, Rockhopper, Cadence, Gary, The Penguin Band, and Herbert! Rainbow20764 likes to make new friends, decorate her igloo, try on many different combinations of outfits, and keep the island safe! I hope you make Rainbow20764 the Penguin of the Week! Thanks, and Waddle On!


My friend rosaq1 is awesome! She should be penguin of the day because last year she donated 100,000 coins to coins for a change! This isn't a lie! She really did! But also, she always speaks up for what's right. When penguins are feeling sad, she always asks what's wrong and helps the situation. This year, we are trying to send gifts to everyone we see. You can help too! Send a hat to everyone you see!


I know her too!! She should totally be penguin of the month :)


My friends name is charlie5587 loves to dance with me when I am lonely, she also shoes off bullies when they are bothering me. She also helps me earn coins, she will lose a game on purpose to help me. She once helped me become a ninja! LETS GO CHARLIE5587!!!!!

Funny Bird6:

Hey DaffoDaily5. I would like to nominate my best friend Eskimo1630. He is a great tour guide and we met online by me going on his tour. He is very nice to his friends and loves his puffles.

Funny Bird6


I would nominate myself I save lots of coins for donations for coins for change - Waddle on!

I have the best friend ever:

Please please pick ranger10126 he is so very nice to me when I first joined he was the only person who played with me he's very very nice pick you won't regret it!!


i bet ranger10126 is you!


my friend camillia is a great penguin for penguin of the week or penguin of the day! he is always helping others. he is an awesome buddy. he always makes me laugh!

Bucky Boo 1 is a very kind penguin:

I nominate Bucky Boo 1 as penguin of the week. She is very kind and will do anything to help a penguin who needs it. No matter what she will always accept your friend requests and say hello to you afterwards! Once Bucky Boo 1 even helped me when i was in trouble myself!


I agree with that other person! I am buddies with Bucky Boo 1 and she is respectful to the other penguins! Once when i was with her a penguin was upset because nobody would send her the gift postcard with the hat and of course, Bucky Boo 1 sent her the hat!! She will try anything to cheer up a penguin


My friend Maelle Acww is really cool. We are awesome friends, and like bros :D He's really fun and nice. It'd be epic if he became Penguin of the Week!!


big top:

I think 34 Ray Allen should be penguin of the week. he always checks on puffles and has awsome igloos!


i think you should pick me for penguin of the week because i am raising 10,000 for coins for change and i have been helping and adding new penguins who need friends. and also i am a good friend to my friends and saying things to them like, nice clothes, cool igloo, nice puffles, cool name, and many more nice things like that. and the other day a penguin said she had no friends and needed some, so said ill be friend and said pats back. and added her to my best friend list. i am a caring/smilling


vote flshle200!


good job lost dragon, your the best, and waddle on penguins. :)


I nominate Mewstation because she is cool and she helped me for a very long time so I could get used to Club Penguin. She is super friendly and she likes to make others happy. She has been playing for a very long time and deserves her place in the spot light.


I think Slapppy 2 should be penguin of the week because he invites every penguin too his awesome igloo party's and care's after his puffles and his friends and show's penguin's tips around the island and that's why i think that Slappy 2 should be penguin of the week waddle on.


My friend, Heartingpuff, is AWESOME!!!! She is also my sis and she is really cool. I hope she gets Penguin of the week!!!

waddle o
waddle on
waddle on
waddle on c
waddle on cp
waddle on cp!


I think my buddy Waddle36001 should be a penguin of the week because she is so kind and will alway's stick up for me(and everyone in cp to).She will also make me happy when I'm sad by tell a joke :D!Waddle36001 is such a great friend!Oh and if you see her pleas firend her she would like it because she whant's to send a post-card to everyone and see if they are felling ok and like their igloo to!I think that Waddle36001 is SUCH A GREAT FRIEND and you can to by adding her to your firend's list!:D

Waddle36001 :

KarateKing73 is a realy nice friend to me I like him very much:D

Jimmy James2:

I recommend Maggie8549. She is creative and nice. She makes EPIC igloos. She is a great pal to have around!


Emily44143 is my best penguin friend!! She is really friendly and kind to other penguins,When any penguin is feeling sad she friends them and make them happy.Emily44143 is a awesome penguin and has a reallt big heart!!


My Best Friend Jalen3456 Had been on Club Penguin since 2011. I really don't see him alot now, but I now know he has A Connection to Operation Puffle to Operation Blackout. He Says "I can Make one Connection to this By saying instead of Famous Mascots being Kidnapped, Puffles get Kidnapped." He has Talked to me, But I could never Talk Back. He Loves His Puffle "little". Ever since I went back to my old school, I never Saw him again. I think he Deserves to be in Penguin of the Week. ThankU.


I would like to nominate my brother Thehalfliar. He actually helped me out when I was starting Club penguin and he would do the same to new players. He's been playing since 2007, using different accounts and has been telling penguins brill stories! I think he deserves to win! Just don't tell him I told you guys! :)


I want Dogblogger23 to be penguin of the week!!!!! Or, Bubblepop49. Bubblepop49 JUST became a member and he would LUV to be the penguin of the week!! I'm trying super hard to make my igloo Christmassy and i really really really wanna be penguin of the week that would be SO EPIC im gonna donate a lot for coins for change cuz this is my first year doing it and i'm super super excited!!!!!!


Dogblogger23 is the GREATEST PENGUIN OF ALL TIME!!!!! This is her first year playing club penguin and I've really improved a lot. She makes epic igloos, have a huge awesome inventory, and she's a great friend! You should really pick her.


how do you know she has a big inventory


I think Dj685 should be penguin of the week. He always accepts friend requests and sends nice postcards to ALL of his friends. He is also going to donate tons of coins to Coins for Change. He is so nice and plays with lots of people.


I agree

2 Pink 4 U 2:

I think Fireflame88 should be the Penguin of the Month. He helped me get started he gave me a few tips on how to make friends he even helped me get my belts! He is an awesome friend and a great co operator he bought me a membership once too!! This penguin is the best. :D


I am friends with anyone, play with them, and very kind!

Lost Penguin:

I think that Krb12345 should be penguin of the week.


Me and my friend Treeboy616 think that Krb12345 should be penguin of the week.


Me and my friends Darekid123, Krb13579, and Treeboy616 think that Krb12345 should be penguin of the week. She is a very active player and she has 480 friends. She has bin playing for 2 years and she has a different outfit every week. She is a good friend to all of us and she has a very Christmassy igloo. And she is trying to get 10,000 coins for coins for change. And we know that she would love to be penguin of the week. And forever we hope.

Wow boy:

Now I want Krb12345 to be penguin of the week.


I think Spy Watcher should be penguin of the week because he has a lot of friends, he always except anyone who friends Spy Watcher in friend request, sends postcards to his friends, hangs out with his friends, takes care of his puffles and likes to obtain all stamps.


I think that Krb12345 should be penguin of the week. She has lots of friends and is very nice. She always has a different outfit each week. She has bin playing for over 2 years. And she is trying to save 10,000 coins to donate to coins for change.


Hey club penguin team that dragon. Is really purple like grapes has well I was thinking to dominate my friend Crazzie99 why?well he is really good person,he cares about others and he has no limit whatever is happening his right there for you ,he has a big BIG heart and I hope you read this comment club penguin team and of course



Ballet 17:



i think i should be penguin of the week because my igloo is awesome and i am really nice and let anybody be my friend and i am also going to donate heaps of coins please read this and choose me.



I'd like friend 'Manuel Jimmy' to become the Penguin of the Week. He has been waddling around Club Penguin island since 2007 and he still loves the island. He'll donate tons of coins in Coins for Change because he want to help the world become better. He's an expert ninja and he mastered all the elements with his ninja skills and he won all PSA missions! He's very creative and he tries to tip the iceberg with his helmet because he wants to find the secret, how to tip it!

Waddle On!


I would like to nominate Lewis2010 because he has a really good personality and he helps me when I am down , he has never let me down or other penguins down. He has a cool background and awesome clothes Thx for reading

PS. There is millions of comments , thx sooooo much for reading!


I think mylops should be penguin of the week when I was new to CP he showed me around he is always nice to people adding people liking people's igloos! That's one person u guys should keep a look out for! :) waddle on


I would like to nominate my friend Nobby99246 because he always tells me and other penguins to maintain the rules in clubpenguin . He also helped me a lot when I was new to this game and he is the best and kindest penguin ever!


I would like to nominate Miss Martha. She is an awesome buddy! She is friendly, fun to hang out with and she can cheer me up when I'm feeling sad. She is also a great igloo decorator!
Waddle on!
~The Freezernator (aka Freezer84668) :{D


Minipeck is amazing, she isnt on much, but when she is, shes always gelping other people.


Hi CP. My friend Cutiepie813 has been doing so much work this week to inspire people to donate to coins for change by gathering friends and penguins on so many servers and dressing in coins for change shirts. She goes to every igloo to make sure people know when, where and how to donate to change the world. She's awesome! She even has made a 'donation station' at her igloo.... WADDLE ON


I think Lildudee10 should be penguin of the month. She has played cp FOR AGES and is a great friend :D She is dedicated to her job as a rescue squad leader and helps penguins all over the island if they need help, and welcomes everyone into her cool igloos! I'd love to see her as penguin of the month - she is awesome and deserves it! I hope she gets the penguin of the month because she is cool :)


Hi CP. My friend Harry CP does so much work for coins for change, and each years gets hundreds for people aware of how much coins for change helps the world - by doing a project each year called 'Our Generation' which gathers penguins together to spread the word about coins for change and how it helps - he inspires hundreds of penguins to donate on his campaign which is amazing :D He really wants to make a change. He has also been a great friend since I started CP in 2010 :) Thanks!


I nominate Abcd8279 because he is always nice and kind to my penguin, he sends postcards to not just his friends, others and he is an epf agent and a ninja! He is trying his best to get enough coins to donate the highest amount of coins for coins for change! He makes amazing igloos and he is a true friend to me! Last years coins for change, he wasnt a member and he donated a lot and now he is a member!


I think my BFF marry31668 should totes win even though I would love to win she is a totes great friend she always helps she has been a cp member since it was just the beta version of the website she is so loyal caring great at helping and one year she actually saved 10000 coins for coins for change she doesn't except friend request only because she doesn't know that person so please choose her


My cousin pizza82903 should win she helps me around the island since I'm new she donates to coins for change and said if somehow she could win this for the coins she would absolutely donate them to coins for change please please choose my amazing cousin pizza82903


i think clubby1124 should be penguin of the week because he is a tour guide and he has lots of coins he can donate at coins for change.

Snow Funny:

I could be the penguin of the week? my name is Snow Funny. is one of my dreams


I think you should nominate Fire Hotrod to be POTW. HE is always is really nice to people and he is going to donate all of his coins for coins for change. I really hope you pick him. Pwease


For Penguin of the Week, I nominate my best friend Clumpypoo. He has been on the island since 2007, and he is so very nice! I love how much knowledge he knows about the island! If I'm lost, he always shows me the way! He always shows new penguins around! The other day, a new player asked for a tour, and straight away, Clumpypoo was there to help! He gave her a WHOLE TOUR across the island! And I was just shocked how nice that was! So I think a great fellow like him should be the next POTW!!


pick neondude03 he has funny jokes and riddles a lot of stamps hes a good friend


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