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By Polo Field on December 23, 2013 - 08:56
Hello Penguins!
You've already unlocked our fifth project!
Help Kids in Hospitals Play
You're helping us send 12,500 Club Penguin activity packages to sick kids in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and United States. Because we believe that everyone should have an opportunity to play. 

If you had to stay in the hospital, what's one game, book, or toy you'd want with you?
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team



Kids in the hospital that receive Club Penguin activity packages will have tons of fun with it, I bet!
If I had to stay in the hospital, I would bring a computer so I could play none other than Club Penguin! My other choice of entertainment is a my Game Boy device. :)


Oops... I spotted my own typo. I meant "My other choice of entertainment is my Game Boy device."


Oh i would love to have my fav teddy with me if i had to stay in hospital :)

Shadow Kat:

This is definitely a good idea. Stuffed animals are always home-y!
- Club Penguin Team


I would want to have my stuffed Patrick Star from Spongebob. He is so soft and cuddly. :-)


That's good!


Love club peguin... Keep up the great work..and have an Happy holiday...!!

tanner 30:

I hope you donate!!


How do you donate


If I had to stay in the hospital, I'd want a pink puffle stuffed toy. I need to find a way to help. I am on a holiday for Christmas so I can't find a computer to play on! I'll try to go on at my grandmas house. I'll donate all my money that I have. I'm super excited for Christmas!


I would have the non fiction books about ghosts or something like that


Awsome that's good


A laptop to play Club Penguin!

Dome C:

1. Thanks Club Penguin Team for fixing the problem I had with the coins!
2. Awesome! I'm going to be donating a bunch this year. I've already donated like 6000-some coins! Love Coins for Change!! Keep it up penguin! #WaddleOn!

/Dome C\


Since I've donated all mine, I hope I can donate with the help of the train!


I would play Minecraft and Club Penguin of course! P.s.What would YOU play with in the hospital Polo?


Personally I would love to have a club penguin plush or mix n match figures or possibly a book from Club Penguin. I have almost all the books and I enjoy the ones I have very much. The plush toys are good to sleep with because they are comforting and fun! I hope those kids enjoy whatever toy they get. What is most important is helping change the world. Waddle on!


If I had to stay in a Hospital, I would want my big bunny my sisters gave me. It makes me feel happy :).
Happy H
Happy Ho
Happy Hol
Happy Holi
Happy Holid
Happy Holida
Happy Holiday
Happy Holidays!


I would bring my teddy bear, Rufus. It sounds silly, but he's been my first friend since first grade. Merry Christmas!


I think I would like my computer, Minecraft and Club Penguin are always nice.
I wish I had membership, cause than I could donate. :)

Pink Fofuxu:

If I were in a Hospital, I would have the book, 'Turtle in paradise', a purple puffle toy, and a laptop to play cp.

waddle on!


I would love to take Fluffy Hufflepuff, my purple puffle plush (wow so many Ps) Love Club Penguin by the way!


If i were in a hospital, I would like to have some of my Minecraft toys, And the book I would have is some of my Club Penguin books :D I am a HUGE fan of MC and CP but yeah, #WaddleOn!


I would like to bring a handheld gaming system or some of my favorite books. I would always have family to support me if I was in the hospital as well. I would Also bring the Bible because that I would know that God would take care of me and keep me safe. I would most likely bring my Nintendo system. Thanks for the submissions and I hope that you keep doing your best! Waddle on Club Penguin! Merry Christmas!


Hey Club Penguin! I'm in Paris on holiday now. :) My mom says I can't play the computer while on holiday and anyways she didn't bring it so I can only play Club Penguin on our devices. I realized that Club Penguin on the iPad and iPhone don't have the Christmas party and I want to know why because by the time I get back from Paris, I would only have 6-7 days of the party. Can you expand the party because I realized I have missed a lot since I have played and include it on iPad and iPhone please?


If I would be in a hospital I would want to bring an electronic device to play Club Penguin because I totally love CP but also to read a book and I will probably be too weak and lazy to hold a 414 page book anyway :)


Lol my first comment took the whole thing! XD


I'd bring my 3DS or maybe a good book.


Maybe i'll have a rainbow loom to make rubber band bracelets for the other kids in the hospitals or a club penguin plush puffle! :)


We're up to project #8, actually.


My pick would be a Club Penguin joke book. Why? 1. I'm not a toy person. 2. If I bring a game, I have no one to play with. (If you are thinking about a family member, they could accindently sit on a very injured part or they could accindently hurt me.) 3. I love books, since I'm a book person! 4. It'll make me laugh! 5. It's something that you can do with again and again!


i would want my whole set of Harry potter books!


i had to stay in a hospital once because i was very sick and what made me feel better was the stuffed dog the doctors gave to me.


my favorite stuffed bear.

(this is a little embarassing because i am 8 years old.)


Littlest Pet Shop: Blythe's Big Adventure. And my white blanket.

How well do you update this? We're on, like, Project #8!!


I just LOVE the idea of coins for change! It is awesome that just donating virtual coins on CP can turn into real money and then use that money to build schools or hospitals.


hello club penguin team! I am Rainykatniss (please add me!) and for coins for change I have started a club where a couple other penguins and I play multiplayer games together and then donate all those coins to Coins For Change. the club is Donation Club! bye!



if I was stuck in the hospital I would bring my Glowing polar bear stuffy named Gloe and my ipad for club penguin, or I would bring my favourite book Catching Fire and maybe some Warriors comics(Warriors by erin hunter!). I have so far donated 1500 dollars and my goal is 1million!


coins for change is such a good thing but how is the fake coins we earn turn into real money to help people? and I would bring lots of books, and my favorite stuffed animal!


If I were in a hospital, I would want a Club Penguin comic/joke book. Anything that would make me laugh! :)


Cool! If I was in the hospital I would want my book w/ me ( CHOMP by: Carl Hiaasen )! =)


what is your favorite puffle ? :) :) :)




Where do we donate?


I have been on clubpenguin ever since it started, and i'm always excited to hear about new upcoming parties. I'm wondering what the next party is going to be?




I'd probably want my teddy bear that I had since I was born :)


I might be wrong... but aren't we on the ninth project already?

Ella Bella:

Why can't we use puffels

Enter nickname:

My dog Ozzie
He asks like a teddy bear


i would probably want my club penguin plush i got 3 years ago, or if it isn't too much to ask for, my laptop, so i can continue to collect coins for change! This is always the time of year where i just love playing all the games on club penguin just to collect coins! I'm trying to collect at least 50,000 coins and I only have 7,000 coins to go! Waddle on, club penguin, and Merry Christmas!


I would probably bring a gruffalo stuffie with me to thw hospital.

Pierocks :

US can i have a cp toy :)


i miss this party

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