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By Polo Field on December 19, 2013 - 09:23
Hello Penguins!
Here's the first project you're helping to support:
Toys for Tots!
You're helping give kids opportunities to play indoors and out! Toys for Tots will bring 1,000 toys, and One Warm Coat will provide 1,000 coats to children all across the USA. 

Are you helping children in your community this year? Share it with us in the comments below!
Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team



I already donated 211.675 for CFC! :D

Lollie pop :

Merry Christmas and a happy new year


Hi guys just to recommend... That us non-membership penguins should equally have clothes and other things especially if I want to donate!! So hope this gives ideas!!

Irish Guy78:

But how would CP make money???




I love this time of year! Because I am a non-member, I get loads of coins that I dont use so I save them all for coins for change! There should be a "Donate all your coins button". So far I have donated around 200,000 fluffy coins. Lol


I have a question can people on iPads donate if so where and how?


Bet you have

Surfa Siss:

Wow - that's a lot of coins! Happy Coins For Change - you're helping to change the world!

-Surfa Siss


Awesome! I've donated 10,000 coins to Coins for Change so far!


I"m donating all my toys.
Im proud of it that i help the community by doing this and other things! :)

Lets all donate things, and not just Donating toys, also donate Food and other things :)

Lets all make the Community a better Place for Everyone!

Waddle,on and Happy Holidays! :)


What do you think Club Penguin?
I'm helping children on my community here in the USA by only giving them a warm coat and some toys.
I hope every player is helping children in their community in USA or any country in the world.
Let's change the world together everyone! :)

Until then,
Waddle on! :)

Rosie Eve:

How do I donate coins?

Anna Zander:

To donate coins on Club Penguin through Coins for Change during the Holiday Party, go to the Town, Snow Forts, or Plaza and look for a little stand, it will have a little sign that says "Coins for Change" on it. If you click on it, you can choose to donate however many coins you want.


Cool i donated 5000


Yes! It looks awesome!


I donated 10000


Cool! And first comment!




I am so glad that kids will be able to receive toys and coats to make their Christmas brighter. #CantStahpTheAwesome.


Also, I already donated some of my old board games and toys. I hope some kids that receive my toys will enjoy it!


I'm Cool9194 (name on CP). I'm a non-member and I can hardly spend my money on stuff. So, I donated all my money in Coins for Change. And I love the new Holiday Party decorations!

ppii4 :

thank's I LOVE spoiler alert !

waddle on:



How about in the Philippines?

The Islander:

Good question, P1nkpal! We'll announce other Coins for Change projects as they're unlocked, but since they're planned ahead of time, CFC might not include Philippines disaster relief. We know how important it is to help though, and Disney committed half-a-million dollars to help the Philippines through Save the Children and the American Red Cross. Disney also matched donations from employees!

It's great that you care about helping! Have you donated yet this year? :D

-Club Penguin Team


I think P1nkpal has a great suggestion I think the cp team should look into it!


YES!!! I have just donated 10,000 coins!! and I got a stamp its good to help and I have really been to the Philippines not when the disaster came AND I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY GAVE HALF-A MILLION DOLLERS Waddle On!


Yeah! P1nkpal is right! I mean...the Philippines is in a real state right now.


Great job gf

Rose Bell444:

Totally going to do it! I so want to make a child's holiday dreams come true! Loving Club Penguin right now!

Snowman Blue:

I help kids by donating 10000 or more coins each year. Thank you for everything!!

7 Fairy 7:

I've donated about 8,000 so far but I'm gonna keep going!


I donate as much as possible! But what about other countries?

Blue Liquid:

Will there be a Coins For Change igloo item this year ?

Blue Liquid:

Where can I get a Santa hat from ?


Businesbear here! to get a Santa hat you want to go to the beach, and climb aboard the Migrator. After your're in the Migrator click the treasure map at the bottom right hand corner and click on the "Free" button under the Jolly-Rodger Santa hat!

-Waddle On!

Blue Liquid:

I have been saving all my coins for this amazing event !


there is a bug on the island. I can't see my map and the beach isn't decorated


I'm Gonna try to help by doing whatever I can. Also I donated ALL my coins to coins for change. Soon as I get more I'm Donating!


Loving the holiday party Polo. #CPCFC


I know this got nothing to do with this but how do you get presents?Or are they not here for this year? Also i already donated coins :)


Coins for Change is one of the best parts of Club Penguin. I think it's a great way to help your community by donating coins towards the people who need it. If Coins for Change went on all year, I would donate at least every few days. But since it only comes around the holidays, I'm going to make the most of it by raising 60,000 coins and donating 20,000 to each cause. If you want to join me, I will be on server chinook at 1:00 PST everyday starting today! Cheers, and have a happy holiday!


I donated 50000 coins :D


Cool, I can't wait to donate. So all the coins we donate hhelp 1000 children accross the USA. Awesome. Thank you Club Penguin for caring.


Already i donated all my 36343 coins I feel so good about myself!


I've donated 2 thousand something already! I hope there's a new EPF mission soon!


Hi cp team
I think it's a i great idea for doing coins for change,when I got on cp in April I had no idea that's what the benefits of coins for change were!when did y'all come up with idea for it? Stay cool


What's y'all highest coin amount for coins for change


I'm helping people around the US by donating ALL my toys for kids who don't have any thing to play with! I'm so happy to help!


I donated over 3,000 coins already. Glad to be helping others that need and deserve it.
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I haven't donated much. Only 20,000 coins! How few is that? I really want to donate as much as possible! That is why my goal is to donate 55,000 or more this first year I do it. I also intend to meet Rockhopper and get all the Treasure Hunt stamps. I have been helping out people that are less fortunate than I. I helped our school with a fund raiser and when we finished, we used the money to buy Christmas presents for the less fortunate. I want to make this Christmas merrier than EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

GingerBread Penguin:

I finally got CP a few months ago and I'm so excited to be in my first coins for change event!! Its cool how it gets kids started in making a change! Its BRILL! WHATEVER BRILL MEANS!!


Sweet I gave away 16,600 coins to CFC but what happens when we unlock a present do you get a club penguin item?

long odds:

I have gotten a lot of my friends to help donate coins today and so far I have donated 20,342 coins
and I have kept track of all the coins I have donated

Shrub Shrub:

Thanks everyone for your generous donations! We're doing a great job so far. Keep it up!

- The Club Penguin Team


Cool! I am! =)


I save a lot of coins during the year to donate to CFC

Pengu 153:

I just gave OVER 90000 coins to coins for change!!!!!!!!!!


i have a lot of coins and i am looking foreword to get the toy.If the toys aren't members on. I love club penguin!


Thanks You Cfc Coins


Every year my school does a toys for tots donation,last year i donated 20 toys.

pinki lindi1:

I love this charities, they are.... no words. They are beautiful!


I'd love to donate if lots of things weren't for members...why shouldn't the people who aren't memberships (like me) should be allowed at least some clothes or furniture or even an igloo ???


I know right? I don't understand that.


At my school we did a Christmas jumper day or Christmas etire and everyone who wore something christmassy donated a pound. We raised about £1,000 for save the children.


I donated over 200,000 coins to Coins For Change!


Hiya Club Penguin!
I've donated 21,300 coins so far!!!


Thanks You Coins For Change


i see it says all over the USA but what about the uk?? and the poorer parts of africa???
waddle on



7 Fairy 7:

Hi Club Penguin!

I had an idea:
Because we have nearly completed all the projects and we still have 8 days to go you could add an extra 3 projects! Because then we could help even MORE charities! ;)

Here are some ideas:

Save more animals.
Provide more food for countries that don't have much.
Donate money to hospitals to buy equipment.
Build shelters and houses in countries that don't have much.

Please tell me if you like my idea! ;)

Waddle on! ;)
- 7 Fairy 7

Pixie Pi:

You have some great ideas "7 Fairy 7" (and I like your name)! Which three projects would you choose if you could?

- Club Penguin Team


Hi when I donate, my thermometer isnt going up and it wont let me redeem the items. How can I fix it?


Donated loads already! good cause cp!


I donated 30000 :) feels so good to help


This sounds really awesome! I am going to donate for Coins For Change to help people around the world. :)


i got that gift when i was in boston ma



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