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By Polo Field on December 10, 2013 - 09:15
Hello Penguins!
I really liked Stinky8080's answer:

Hey Club Penguin blog! My favorite parts of November were the Operation Puffle and the Gold Puffle Quest.I really liked them because in Operation Puffle we get to explore a whole new part of the island! And not to mention that we could also play a game over there and get gold items, but we could also save a new puffle everyday! And for the Gold Puffle Quest we got to experience something new and find the legdendary gold puffle! And if we could add something I think that a new resturaunt is cool!

Thanks for the feedback Stinky8080, a new restaurant would be awesome! 

This time of year, there's always an overload of delicious goodies, which got us thinking... what is your all-time favorite food? 
We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team



Pizza =)


Well my all time favrioute food it has to be BURGERS!!!!!!!!! GO BURGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Disco123:

Team Burger!




Ice cream is the best! I eat it everyday! It's the best dessert ever!


Ikr Its is the best meal of the day (well not sure if dessert is a meal?)




I like Burgers too! They`re really tasty, and I usaully have plain ones, but I always make sure that before I go to a restraunt, that the restraunt has burgers on the menu! If Club Penguin added something like a extra room next to the pizza parlor, it could have a giant burger for us to eat for fun! - Teggs


yeah burgers rule

Shadow Kat:


- Club Penguin Team


Hmm. My all time favorite food would obviously have to be...CHICKEN WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So club penguin team, hope you enjoy it.

until then,

waddle on!



tyra gold :

yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Mrs LillyRos:

HI CP TEAM!!! my all time favorite food would have to be sugar cookies with frosting there SO good especially when im eating them with my family after a really good meal i love it even more when i frost them myself!


I Think Burgers Becuase There Tasty?


Chicken Alfredo
Because it's so unique

Penny Cute3:

Every penguin loves a good batch of pancakes. They are so good with pure maple syrup and don't forget a side of sardines:) So grab your pan and a plate because ,its time to get cooking! Waddle on !


ME WANT PIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my favourite food is pasta


me too
i like pasta too

agent mpl:

I think we should get a shopping mall in the town centre with toys shops and restaurants and even a puffle sitting area what do you think? WADDLE ON AND I ALSO THINK WE SHOULD GET ICE CREAM TO !!


My favorite food is soft pretzels, like the blue puffle. I like them because they are soft, salty and chewy.


My fave food would have to be........... ALL THE DESSERTS!!!!!


My favorite food is pizza because there are so much toppings you could put on it and my puffles favorite foods are cookies because whenever I feed them cookies there health goes straight up!


Hey I think a sushi restaurant would be very cool becase of the penguin theme here maybe a sushi theme woukd go really well and some restaurant costumes along with scripts for customers and waiters/waitresses I think would be reall cool.

Pixie Pi:

That would be REALLY cool, Dyllpickle23! Where would you put a sushi restaurant on the island?

- Club Penguin Team


Also my fave food is any kind of seafood.

Ham o ween:

In the real world I Love pizza so it does make lots of sense if I love fish pizza in club penguin. And that really is true because of I love cheese pizza so much and penguins eat fish.(cheese pizza + fish = fish pizza.)I wish I could meet you guys. Well . . . . Waddle On!


i love CHEESE PIZZA on cp AND in the real world ALL DESSERTS but the nut ones
and HOTDOGS and BURGERS and.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


Pizza to. It is awesome


I think every type of food is my favourite.

Pixie Pi:

Good answer, Sumo4444.  Food is good.  It's as simple as that.

- Club Penguin Team


My all time favorite food would simply HAVE to be pizza! There are so many different possibilities for toppings and this delicacy can be enjoyed by everyone ! Whether you're a vegetarian (eg. Herbert P Bear) or a meat eater such as us penguins, this wonderful pastry can and will be enjoyed, it is just SO unbelievably tasty that it makes my mouth water just thinking about it!!

i am funny45:

i like pop corn and pasta and fruit and cookies and veggies.


RRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCEEEEE [rice] no i am not chinese that learned english i just like asian food.


me too


i agree pizza is the best


omg my F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E. foodS are icecream sudays,cooooookiezzzzz,and steak!



My all-time favorite food would have to be pizza! It's so good! It has editable crust, sweet tasting sauce, and the cheese, don't get me started on how good the the cheese is! I ate an make ya own pizza the other night and it was the most good-tasting thing ever! Thank goodness there is pizza on Club Penguin! Burgers r good, fries r yummy, Chicken Nuggets r great, but nothing can beat pizza.


I love pizza because the flavor is so tasty and the machine of pizza they put on the pizza parlor it was a great idea

Boran2006 :

Well choclate is good but......CHESSE AND TOMATO PIZZA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Favorite Food: Any sort of fish.
Favorite Dessert: Lindt Chocolate and the Waitrose raspberry torte.


I love to eat grilled chese and fries I love the grilled chese because its chesesy and yummy and the bread is nice and toasted I like fries beacause there yummy and I just like them a lot


I <3 u random person who loves Lindt. its awesome

Zeeba 65:



hmm, my favorite food... pizza.
the pizza delicius and more foods.
i love foods cp is delicius.


I love pizza! Pizza+ me=AWESOMNESS!!!!!!!! Love u pizza I'm deiffinietly a pizza girl!


My favorite food is a nice hot cup of cocoa.




My all-time favorite food is a burger.....just because I get to eat it only a few times and it tastes really great!Its all over a tasty but not so much healthy food but still I like it as it contains cheese,sauce and much more which tastes really awesome!


Hands down! Chocolate I love the stuff! Thats why Easters my favorite holiday. And there's so many to choose from like Toffee and Mint! The only downside is that when you eat to much it starts to taste sickly!

Waddle on!


Hi Club Penguin! I like most anything from a nice banana to a 8 or 9 waffles! Let me name a few. Pizza, popcorn, noodles, cheerios, ice cream, chocolate, eggs, sandwitches etc.

As for drinks. Milk, water, hot coco/hot chocolate, lemonade and smoothies.


My favorite food is the nachos :D

Rosa Iceberg:

I know it sounds strange, but I adore houmous, which is a dip made of garlic and chickpeas! I would eat it every day if I could! I have it for lunch every day as it is lol!


It's spelled "humus." :)

The Phoenix Master:

I thought it was spelled "hummus"


Yeah it is hummus.


No, you are both wrong. It is spelled hummus. I know because I eat it very often, and it is great in a pita with falafels!

Rosa Iceberg:

I think there are many different spellings , but you're right I did spell it wrong lol I meant to say hummous :)


My favorite food for this time of year is Turkey with a side of biscuits. And for desert, Donuts, with a side of Hot Chocolate. Tastes so good, and keeps you warm for this time of year!

Shadow Kat:

I like how you think!

- Club Penguin Team


Shadow Kat. I want you to know that I have an idea for CPNext.
You guys can make a deserted island for keeping all the new puffles you make.

Pixie Pi:

A deserted island?  Or do you think we should be able to visit the island and all the puffles on it so they don't get lonely there?

- Club Penguin Team


My favourite food is.... wait for it...... PIZZA! I like pizza because it comes in all different varieties and is unique!


i have abunch pizza cheese bugers french fries yougurt broicli apples pears lazanua and icecream


OK my favorite food is steak, oh so juicy, and i have another favorite, drum roll please bum bum bum bum bum it is soup! :D

Waddle on!


STEAK! GO STEAK! I only like steak if its thick and a bit red inside. I also like........ COOKIES AHH IM DA NEXT GENERATION OF COOKIE MONSTER XD


I love pizza, I think there's literally nothing you can't put on it! But my fav winter holiday food would be cake! I love fruit cake and my grandma always puts in a good effort and the icing is the best part (plus, licking the bowl!), I cannot wait until the new year, let's make this the best year Club Penguin has ever had!



I love all kinds of foods, but my all-time favorite has to be Boston cream pie! When your taste buds senses chocolate, vanilla, cake, and cream all in one bite, it is as if your mind was under a spell. The tasty bite of all kinds of yummy things makes me jump for joy! OK, I am exaggerating about Boston cream pie, but it is truly a delicious dessert. :)


You are NOT ezaggerating... BOSTON CREAM PIE IS AMAZING! Have you tried Boson cream doghnuts?


My favorite food has to be... PIZZA!!!!! :) It's so good, but I also love candy and sweets. I have a big sweet tooth and I adore sweetish fish! I'm kind of like a penguin!


My favorite food are trains

Leo black2:

I all-time favorite food is eggnog ice cream.


Mine would have to be Honeydue! :-)

Best tigger:

I love a lot of foods but if I had to pick just one I would pick cake but I do love margarita pizza (it's my fave if it thin)

Kallie 5269:

My favorite foods of all time are steak (medium rare), Crème Brule, and Caesar salad. Together on one meal would be my ultimate happiness (after meeting the X-Men first-hand and being able to battle Magneto with them ^ ^). Anyways, Waddle on!!

Shadow Kat:

Battling with the X-Men would be AMAZING! Maybe you all can go out to eat afterwards when you work up an appetite!

- Club Penguin Team


i really like pasta cuz it can have meatballs no meatballs sauce or not parmasion you can eat anything with pasta so pasta is my fav food since it can have any toping or no toping at all and you can eat it with anything go pasta btw this is from genie568 bye

Shadow Kat:

I completely agree with you, Genie568! Pasta is probably my favourite too. Or mozza sticks. MMMM.

- Club Penguin Team


Mozza sticks ARE pretty good.

Katie Roxie:

OMG I LOVE THOSE!! I eat most of them when my family and I go anywhere!


MY all time favorite food is NACHOS!!!! I like having them with salsa. it tastes really good. when you put the cheese on the chips and put it in the microwave it comes out really cheesy.. mm! when i eat them its like HEAVEN!!


My favorite food is baked Macaroni and Cheese!

Shadow Kat:


- Club Penguin Team


*Gives baked mac and cheese to Shadow Kat.*

Shadow Kat:

Why thank you! Nom nom nom.

- Club Penguin Team




Getting hungry ehh? Watta 'bout dis! ( throws pie at Shadow Kat )

Shadow Kat:

AHHHHHH! D: Wait what kind of pie?

- Club Penguin Team


Maybe the kind of pie iapple4 had was Boston cream pie. :O And you're welcome. Enjoy the mac and cheese, Shadow Kat!




hey, do you like Cakes? *Presses button and cakes fall on shadow kat* they're O-BERRY flavored!


Well, idk wat pie it is. Wats your fave pie shadow kat?


Possibly banana cream.

Bacon Pie:

I like pie... with bacon!

Mmmmmm, bacon pie!


- Club Penguin Team






Bacon Pie. The Club Penguin Team should make a Gray Puffle sense in the secrets of the new Puffle Catalog kind of hint that because of the Gray Puffle House.

Oh, almost forgot. You guys should do a Deserted Island Quest Party.


mine is spaghetti and meatballs! or any pasta food. if you're wondering why spaghetti? beacause the noodles with sauce and meatballs with parmesan cheese! It just makes me hungry all over again even if I just ate! and my favorite desert: APPLE PIE!! I don't know why some people DON'T like it! it just make me crazy that some people don't like it. Anyways WADDLE ON CP!!

(Nitro5040) :D


I know how you feel. As I read this my stomach is growling like Herbert on a rainy Monday.


I get you.


My favorite food is pizza. You can put so many different toppings on it in CP, including seaweed, jellybeans, liquorice, cheese, sprinkles and marshmallows! My favorite dessert is ice cream. It comes in so many flavors! Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate! You can put toppings on ice cream! I like vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and a flake! Mmm! More about pizza: STUFFED CRUST! Yum! Too much food talk makes me hungry so bye :)


I TOTALLY AGREE AND THANKS YOU JUST MADE ME HUNGRY:]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
BYE IM GONNA GO EAT SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Penguins! My all time favorite food is got to be sushi! Especially sushi with salmon.The reason why I like sushi so much is because penguins eat fish. Club Penguin inspired me to try new things. I love how sushi has a different variety of my favorite sea food, and colors. Also, it includes seaweed which I love! I think a good idea for Club Penguin would be to add sushi in the Pizza Parlor. I encourage all to try new things and hopefully enjoy a new favorite food.


Favorite Food: Tacos with sparkles! :P'''
[Comments to polo field]


hahhahahhahahahahahhahah me to and i also like mine with a side of rainbows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fish and icecream


My favorite food is French foods :
Cheese , frog . . .
I love French =)
And you ?

Biker Hotrod:

I really like any kind of cake, but to name one, i must choose Pineapple Upside Down cake. The way my uncle makes it just adds to the flavor itself. As for the taste, i must say it is like a taste of heaven sent as a blessing. It always brings smiles all around the table when he makes it. And just the smell of it would make anyone swoon for more. The pineapple isn't to tart, but just right. Nothing could go wrong with this cake. It is Delicious and, i dare say, indescribable. :)


My faveorite food is Cheetos. They are so addicting and cheesy!!! I could eat them all day and I love it whenever your done eating them your fingers are orange and covered with the cheese stuff!!!


My all-time favorite food is PIZZA! There are so many ways it can be prepared. It can be made to suit everybody's taste. It can be healthy or not so healthy. It can be spicy or not spicy. It can be made with eggs and bacon for breakfast or steak and onions for supper. Everybody likes pizza. Those who don't just have not had it prepared especially for them yet. Waddle On!


well my favorite food in real life is pasta in club penguin its pizza


My favorite food is ice cream. I like ice cream because it comes in tons of delicious flavors, my favorite flavor is chocolate!

Cool Joe 180:

I gave all of my puffles pizza in the pizza parlor


Hi club penguin blog! I think my all time favorite food is pepperoni pizza it is a great yummy food and I hope you like it too! #Waddle on!

perry jolie:

Hi Club Penguin blog! My favorite food is pizza because there is so many toppings you can get on pizza like mushrooms, pepperoni, anchovies, and all kinds of toppings. When you take a bite of a slice of pizza its so juicy and cheesy.My favorite topping on pizza is pepperoni because it gets a good flavor on the pizza. I always like to take a bite of a pepperoni pizza. Waddle on Club Penguin Happy Holidays!


Well, there are so many good foods out there, but my personal favorite is probably frozen yogurt. It tastes like ice cream, but comes in tons of flavours and is a little bit healthier than ice cream. It's wonderful on a summer day, but tastes good in winter too (just not when you are eating outside!) I also love to go to frozen yougurt stores, where you can make your own frozen yougurt with different flavours and toppings! Frozen yougurt is great! Waddle on!



I totally agree with you! I LOVE FROZEN YOGURT! Sometimes I even give some to my dog! ( It is special yogurt made for dogs though)




frozen yogurt ..............................YUMMY



tymek sk:

Hiya penguins! My favourite food of all time is pizza. I love mushrooms and spicy ketchup on it. So tasty! could you add more tasty pizzas to the Snack Station menu? My puffles would be so happy!


For some reason, my favorite food has always been "tortellini."
I just love tortellini and I would eat it every day if I could... :P

Paint blue:

My most favorite dessert is my aunt's snicker doodles. Her snicker doodles are SOOO good. It's creamy with a touch of cinnamon. It's really awesome. You would need to try it for yourself.

(My penguin name is my nickname)


I LOVE NOODLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love all foods. But if I had to choose, I would choose my nanny's tiramissou. On my birthday, she made me a triple layered tiramissou. It was 3 layers of delicious chocolate and vanilla. It's soooo gooooood! I wish you could try it! I bet you'd think it's delicious.
Waddle on!


My all time favorite food is chicken! my fave dessert is ice cream.


my penguins name is Pennyop


BBQ ribs all the way! You can have a great grill in the summer and just chill out with your friends. Winter is a good time too! Time to warm up around the grill! BBQ time is anytime!
Thanks club penguin team!
- maddypatty4


Totally agree with you there! :D


My penguin likes pizza because of my red puffle whom eats lots of cheese and tomato pizza I also like cheese what daily orange puffles nick from me


Please pick me my fave food is pizza ps I love club penguin !!!!!!


Hello Blog people. My all time favorite food is pizza and mac-n-cheese(mostly pizza). I love CP


PIZZA!!! I love buying pizza from the Pizza Place. PIZZA POWER!


Bean & Cheese Burritos


I love delightful round pancakes flipped over in the air with a frying pan then prepared with sprinkled sugar and drizzled lemon on top then rolled and eaten by me as it has a sweet and sour taste that I love to eat with a cup of hot chocolate to wash it down.


Hi! i think you should make a bakery. Then instead of the Pizzatron3000 it would be the Cookietron4000! And instead of Pizza sauce and hot sauce it would frosting and chocolate syrup! Then there could be something for the Puffles! we could have the cookie machine wich makes your puffles dig up a lot of stuff! and ,maybe even a gold puffle!
i would love if you would do that! and also you can design a new puffle for yourself! cause my sister wants a fuisha puffle! that would be sooooo awesome!


But..... I like Pizzatron..... it's my favorite game.....


You don't need a new place for sweet treats to eat, just go to the pizza palor, go to pizzatron game, and at the main menu look for a lever near the left side of the screen, flip it to the candy symbol. Then hit play. Happy candy pizza making!
Waddle on!


Hey Club Penguin! My all time favorite favorite food.. Hmm... Pizza! Its delicious ! That's why I always visit the great Pizza Parlor when im exploring through Club Penguin! Also I love how Club Penguin added a puffle feeding station at the Pizza Parlor and made pizza available in the puffle catalog so the puffles can also enjoy the amazing taste of pizza! Waddle On Club Penguin!


Great reply! You will surely get the winning prize! :)


Im glad that you liked my comment WillJunior and I hope I do get the winning prize!!

Enter nickname:

Also I forgot to say this in my other comment but if I do win the prize then my 10,000 coins is all going to Coins for Change!!


Same Here Puppy32202!
Awesome reasons and I hope you eat a lot of pizza this holiday!!



Oh trust me I am eating LOTS of pizza for the holiday


ice cream


its gotta be alfredo ohhhh that stuff makes my mouth water with goodness! i just cant resist it once its infront of me i just want a pool of it!


You should make an ice cream parlor


I totally agree! But where should it be? I would say snow forts!

Pizza on!


My favorite food is cheese pizza because I LOVE how cheesy it is!


Hi Club Penguin! If I would have to pick my favorite food I would pick cheese. I love cheese for many reasons. #1 there are many different types. #2 some puffles really like cheese and I love puffles. And #3 you can eat it melted or cold. There are also many other reasons why I like cheese. I also like many other foods too (I didn't want the other foods to feel left out) I cant wait to see what everyone else's favorite foods are.
WADDLE ON! ~rockyroll200

Great Girl28:

Cheese is good :-)


Cheese is VERY good


I know right?!?! You can eat it so many ways! And it tastes good! :) WADDLE ON! @Great Girl28


My favorite is... PIE!

Bacon Pie:

Mmmmm Pie!


- Club Penguin Team

Katie Roxie:

CP Loves pie SO MUCH that we should have a pie party or some waddle on episode dedicated to it. LOL

Pixie Pi:

Excellent idea, Katie Roxie! Pie (and pi) is soooo good!!

- Club Penguin Team


My favorite food is chicken
My favorite dessert is chocolate cake :D


Hi Club Penguin Team!! My all time favorite food is PIZZA! I love pizza!! I like pepperoni the best! That's why I'm always in the Pizza Parlor ordering pizza and using the emote pretending to eat it. It's so simple, P. I. Z. Z. A.! I love the fact that we can feed our puffles pizza. My Green puffle always does the Happy face when I feed him pizza! We are so alike! :D


My favorite food is broccoli. I love it when it is steamed and when it is served with beef at Chinese restaurants. I would recommend people who have never tried broccoli to try it steamed. I like it steamed more because it chews easier and it is warmer.If i am ever stressed, broccoli takes that stress away!


I lot of people hate broccoli but I think it's totally DELICIOUS and most of all HEALTHY, I totally agree with you


ok these are all my favorite foods-miso soup ramen crab cucumber salad choclet cake pasta chocolet italin soda ramune baked pataos fries ice cream mochi rice broctli brusel sprouts salt blood oranges gummy bears truffels any of this with a comfy chair and anime is heaven for me

Le ia:

My fave food is pizza bc u can put anything on it and it taste is A-mazing!


opps i forgot bacon


Yummm! I can't decide... I'll go by Gary's favorite food... CHEEZE!


Ahh hard choice! But if I had too I would pick PIZZA!! It is my all-time fav food I even dream of it at night !! ( I know I'm wierd :D) but yeah it's just me and what I like

Jboy mark:

My all-time favorite food is hot dogs and hamburgers!
So good!

-Jboy mark


Hey cp team lilylila908 here!!!!!
well my ALL time favorite food would have to be pizza. Because pizza is all different!! you can get toppings or no toppings also pizza comes in different ways like a pizza bagel or pizza bites etc........ pizza is my mane meal i litteraly eat it every day!!!! since i started cp i didnt like pizza much then when i tried a pizza after it tasted so good but i dont no why it tasted better after cp! its so wierd! and right after i played pizzatron i wanted it


I like having proper Italian lasagna then having hot sticky toffee pudding! My absolute favourite!


My favourite food would be... Hmm... Ah! I know! its Donuts! You should make a restaurant like Dunkin' Donuts


I love Italian food. There is pizza a crowd pleaser, pasta a noodle favorite ,and many other crowd pleasers not just for the Italian.


T Bone Steak! So juicy! Its yummy because I am like a carnivore! And the chewing is great. And i also like how soft some of the parts are! SO YUMMY! My penguin name is Bongi6.


Hi Club Penguin Bloggers! My all time favourite food would have to be a juicy steak, well done, with mashed potatoes, gravy and veg. I am also a huge fan of Italian foods such as beef lasagne and pasta carbonara or spaghetti and meatballs. I think pasta is a very universal food, its tasty with a huge range of sauces and sides and toppings. I love trying new foods and broadening my tastes and becoming familiar with strange flavours. Buffets are a great way of finding new flavours. WADDLE ON!!!!

Tom Ponk1:

Hey CP my favourate food is a Chinese take away. Yumm!
Tom Ponk1,
Waddle On


My all-time favorite food is chicken. There is so many ways you can cook chicken. You can fry it, you can bake it, and many more ways! You can have all kinds of different seasonings on it, so it never gets old.Hands down, chicken is my favorite food. Waddle On!


Hello Club Penguin team!
My favorite all around food must be.... Pasta! I love almost every type of food, but pasta is my favorite! You can have many different types of sauces and flavors! One of my favorite is garlic and herb or sour cream and chives! Sometimes I even order Pasta Pizza at the Pizza parlor!
- Jazzie6


Well my favorite food is bacon I think it should be a puffle food


I <3 Bacon!!!

Bacon Pie:

I agree... Bacon for everyone!


-Club Pengun Team


I'm a vegetarian.

Bacon Pie:

You are in luck, they make vegetarian bacon!


-Club Penguin Team




Hi CP! This is Red1020! My favorite food is Mini Cinnamon DONUTS!! Their my favorite because their mini so you can eat them in one bite! And I LOVE cinnamon so thats another plus! WADDLE ON! Red1020


Hi CP! It's Pink0318 my favorite food is probably PIZZA! I only like pepperoni pizza! I like pizza because the pizza is not to cheesy but just the right amount on my kind of pizza (I don't like cheese) sorry cheese lovers! And the pepperoni is kinda spicy but not to spicy (I like spicy things) so thats my favorite food!! PIZZA!!!! Waddle on! Pink0318


Pineapple: Why? Because, its sooo sweet, but some are sour. But I like pineapple because it is super sweet, and kind of sour I guess I should add in too.
By: Djpon33


Pasta with Meatballs! YUM!


your make in me hungry

8hot dog8:

My favorite food of all time...probably chines food because it is healthy and there are not to much of any ingredients. : )


my favorite food is chicken nuggets because they are made with bread crumbs and meat.oh ya can you try to find new puffles?

N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi i am Jonoptimus and my favortite food is chicken nuggets because it is made with bread crumbs and meat.I like it with ketchop.WADDLE ON AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![I forgot to add my favorite desert is icecream.I like strawberry.Oh and sometime when the dinosaur puffles are found are we going to be able to go back in time to adopt them?]Untill then WADDLE ON!!!!!!!


wow i cant belive my comment made name[i meant to say penguin name]is jonoptimus and WADDLE ON

Great Girl28:

My favorite food is sushi but my favorite drink is eggnog... Mmmmmm eggnog :-)




I love Cake!


me too! i like german chocolate!!


there are many foods I enjoy! I think you should serve up more elegant fun at club penguin by creating a fancy restaurant! you can make table reservations by going to the restaurant and signing your penguin up! wait till it says your table is ready and then you go in! maybe you can actually eat the food in it!


Mmm...definitely lasagna. Delish! Six layers of noodles with Prego sauce poured over,and some melted cheese on top,with meat and cheese between each layer....Ultimate Happiness.Waddle On :)


first my username is SwarmSpike and I love pizza so much the pizz parlor is my club penguin hangout


Aw I remember the old times the music the items yeah! :D But my favorite food is CHOCOLATE its so good and stuff I really like it the taste a stuff anyways are there going to be any new elite puffles like the orange puffle? I think you should make the orange puffle make Herbert annoyed and he will drive crazy and stuff. Waddle On :D


My favorite food is fish because it has protein and helps a lot to speed up the mind also the penguins of Club Penguin love the fish, but of course, unless Herbert, but good. That's all BYE!


My favorite food would probably be pizza because It`s very good and it`s very cheesy too!
I think it was a very great idea to put a pizza shop in club penguin and to make a puffle feeding station there too because then people and puffles can enjoy pizza virtually!


I have two favorite foods burgers and PIZZA I LOVE PIZZA


My favourite food is sausages,chips and beans


well, my favourite food is of all time is... fruit! its always so delicious and sweet, and fruit is always healthy for you!


Hi club penguin blog , I can,t chose one fav food. But I geuss fuit all but oregines . I hate those


My all time favorite food is pizza. I love it the most if its thin crust extra sauce. SO if I was on a stranded island and I could only choose one food item it would be pizza. OH YA!!!!!!!!


Hmmmmm..... I'd have to say I like chocolate. It's so creamy and sometimes crunchy, and it's especially good for this time of year! My favorite part? After a while, I NEED MILK!!


me two! i love chocolate!!


my favorite food?? that's impossible to decide
my favorite DESSERT however... at the moment it's shortbread ice cream topped with cádiz bread but every couple of days i always try something new in the GREAT WORLD OF CONFECTIONERY


My favorite food is cherries! I love cherry pie, cherry juice, dry cherries, frozen cherries, cherry filling, cherry cake, cherry iceing, cherry ice cream, cherries on top, cherry smoothie, cherry syrup, cherry jam, cherry slushy, canned cherries, and just plane cherries! ANYTHING WITH CHERRIES!!!!!!!! I LOVE CHERRIES!!!! They are so good! I also like cheese, chocolate, frost chicken, pumpkin pie, cupcakes, vanilla, and cinnamon! They so good! Did I mention? My fave color is red. ;-D




Hey Worldwide Penguins!
I gotta say, my all time favorite food is PIZZA! I go crazy! I LOVE pizza because it reminds me that I should be thankful every time I eat it EVEN if its not Thanksgiving! I don't get that sort of feeling with other foods. I also love it because its VERY tasty! I hope you all have a happy holiday and eat plenty of pizza and root beer!!
: )

Ivints ( penguin name ):

Hello, CP! I have several favorite foods, but I guess I'd have to say my all-time favorite food is… Bacon Pepper Mac and Cheese!! It has bacon bits, pepper, bread crumbs, Mac and Cheese, and several other spices. When we have dinner over at my Grandma's house we bring along a pan of it with us! I also like it because my orange puffle,Jester, would love it if it was on CP!! Waddle on, CP!!!
P. S : I now have a sudden crave for Bacon Pepper Mac and Cheese!


Hey cp team! My favorite food is probably macaroni and cheese! My favorite breakfast is yogurt! Also my favorite desert is chocolate cream pie!!!! :) Yes making a new resturaunt is an awesome idea!! Maybe we could make a seafood market/resturaunt!!!



My all time favorite thing to eat is probably a good,plain,cheeseburger.I especially love the plain cheeseburgers from McDonald's!I usually just eat it once a week but man is that my FAVORITE thing to eat in the HOLE WIDE WORLD!I'd like to see another restaurant in Club Penguin that has cheeseburgers and maybe even other types of food.Now THAT will be awesome!Until then,Waddle On Club Penguin 8D!


The one about the rice with corn beef was mine.

Kallie Jo:

Maine Lobster.


Hello club penguin!
my favorite food must be CHEESEY FRIES!!! there so delicious and full of cheese!

Sunny Ann:

I love red beans and rice not just because I'm from Mississippi. I like them because they are tasty to me!


My all time favorite food is PIZZA! And if I want, I may add a little chocolate and a cherry on top! XD


My favorite food? Ahaha I don't have a weakness for any single kind of food- Chocolate. My only weakness is chocolate. I love all chocolate. When someone can't handle all the chocolate in something I eat their portion even if they already took a bite out of it (which I never do with normal food!). Just talking about chocolate is making my mouth water. . . No joke.


Thanks for asking,my favorite snacks are pizza , sesame chicken , and hot dogs
In fact can club penguin have a hot dog cart,
Thank you


well I really like poutine because I love cheese French fries and warm gravy not to mention the gooeyness of it and just they way it smells is even more tasty I think I am going ask for a poutine now:D

PS.for dessert some ice cream preferably birthday cake :3 byeee


My all time favorite food is ICE CREAM!
It's my all time favorite food because there are so many different flavors to try and have.Also because it's
so sweet and very good for the summertime.


I think 5 things.Spaghetti and meatballs,M&M's,Sno Caps,Steak,and Gummy bears!GUMMY BEARS! I LOVE GUMMY BEARS!!!!!


My all time favorite food is tacos. i like tacos cause they're crunchy.


Hmm.. This is the hardest question I've ever heard! Candy! No.. fried chicken! Wait a second, soda! I can't decide! Ice cream is my fav desert, but I love PIZZA!!!!! I actually dream of pizza land. Cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, Hawaiian pizza, bacon pizza! Why do I love pizza? Not only is it a "popular" food, but it's actually kinda traditional! (I think) You know that pizza isn't healthy, but once in a while you gotta have it! It has all sorts of combinations! Everyone should try it! Pizza on!


My all time fav food would probably be the ribs my mom makes every so often

Jie Jie A:

My favorite food is a Chinese soup called Egg Drop soup. My other favorite food is spaghetti.


My favorite food is pizza! The combination of the cheese and meat makes my mouth water. It tastes soo soo good. My fave dessert is cookie cake! I wait all year for my birthday to have cookie cake. It is awesome!


Well... My favorite food? Hmm. Let me think... It would absolutely HAVE to be... (Drum roll please...) PIZZA!!! There Are soooooo many reasons I LOVE pizza but I'll try to list the top three or so. #1 it's the official food of club penguin! And if anything has to do with club penguin I automatically love it! #2 it can take so many forms, it can be spicy or mild, plain cheese or EVERYTHING! It can even be DESSERT!!! #3 Hey, pizza dosn't need a reason! Waddle on club penguin!

Enter nickname:

BACON! BACON! BACON! I Love The Way Bacon tastes! So Crispy And Warm And Delightful! I Wanna Eat My Finger Now Because Im Thinkin Of BACON! My Last Words On The Topic Are


My favorite food is probably PB and J sandwiches. I like them because you get the crunchy peanut butter.Then the bumpy jelly. Mmmm.
My mouth is watering!! Also i have a dairy allergie so this is a good basic! Peace out!!



My favorite food is pasta because it has a really good taste!


Hey Club Penguin team! In the coment that you posted I said that we should have a new resterount and I was thinking that a lot of penguins use the Ice cream emoticon and that u also have the Ice cream apron so I was thinking that you guys should make an Ice cream Poulor like the Pizza Poulor! Thank you. Waddle On!


My favorite food is chicken because its very delicious and meaty! Every Thanksgiving and Christmas we eat chicken! But you should try it if you never ate any before! Waddle on! :)


I always like pizza if I can I eat pizza all day! I like too much club penguin. GO PIZZA!
-Waddle on
-Club penguin


Escargot (I think that's spelled right )




Hey Club Penguin! My favorite food would have to be PIZZA! The Pizza Parlor makes me hungry all the time! And I love the pizza from Pizza Hut! They're juicy, delicious, and scrumptious! My second favorite food is SUGAR COOKIES! YUMMY! They're dang sweet, looks so delicious, and so scrumptious! YUMMY! A new restuarant is a awesome idea!


i just have to pick umm........

everything i love ice cream but pizza is perfect but what about pancakes what to do?


I would have to say that my favorite food is definitely pizza! You can put many different types of topping on pizzas! And they are delicious! Which is why the Pizza Parlor is one of my favorite rooms in Club Penguin! Waddle On!!!

Melvin 505:

Pasta! Any kind!


Pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TACOS! Why tacos? Because... 1: You can mix it up so you can have exactly what you like, 2: Since i'm not a big fan of veggies, its easy to incorporate things like lettuce in it, And of course 3: MEAT! In other words, I love tacos. By the way, make sure their crunchy! :P

Enter nickname:

After reading the comments on this post, I'm really hungry! XD


My favourite food at the moment would have to be Mac and Cheese, as well as Pizza.


All these comments are making me Hungary :P


I love French Fries! I love them soooo much! (especially the curly ones) I could eat them for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, midnight snack, brunch.....




mine haves to be ribs and homemade sheeperspie and pumking pie and sugar cookies okay I guess I love lots of food not like LOVE!


My all time favorite is PIZZA!!!Especially CHEESE PIZZA.Go Pizzatron 3000 :-)


I LOVE PIZZA!!!! and bacon. but what's weird is I do NOT like bacon on pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE popcorn! I don't care what's on it - I'll eat any type! I always used to get some every time I watched a movie. Unfortunately, I have braces now so I can't have any. But, when I get them off, it's the first thing I'll eat!







Kendall A423:

My Fav food is Mac n' cheese! The aroma of heated cheese lifting through the kitchen is soothing! Putting your fork in a bowl of heated cheesed macaroni noodles and biting into it is awesome as the noodle touches your mouth. My taste buds best friend is mac n' cheese, and so is mine! Waddle On!


jk.. do love DORITOS!


My favourite food to eat is a cheeseburger and I like the food inside the cheeseburger the most! I eat cheeseburgers every week! I usually eat cheeseburgers for a celebration and on Fridays. Another one my favourite food is pepperoni pizza! The pepperoni is great!


I like to eat mushrooms


Cool! Good answer, Stinky8080! My all-time fav food is "Ramen Noodles"! They're sooo yummy! =)


Wow! That's one of mine! WADDLE ON Tegleman!


My favorite food is anything good with chocolate on top :D

Short Leaf:

My favorite food is PIZZA! All the fellow penguins love pizza, and so do I, even in real life! I can't really eat this, but my next favorite food is, BUM BUM BUM: PUFFLE O'S! HA! All my all-time favorite foods relate to were my heart truly belongs: Club Penguin! Nice answer Stinky, by the way. :)


My favorite food.... Hmmm...... You Know, I REALLY love FRUIT! Pretty much any fruit i've ever tried! I love Strawberries,Oranges,Raspberries,Pomogranets, Blueberries,Peaches,Cherries,Pineapples,Watermelon ..etc..etc.... I LOVE ALL FRUITS!! Whats not to like? They're healthy! They're juicy! They're fresh! ( well, most of the time ;D ) And, there great in many bake goods! There are MANY great reasons why I love fruit! Not just fruit I like, but i also love smoothies, lemonade, and regular juice!


Me 2


Hi Club Penguin! My all time favorite food is popcorn just like the yellow puffle! Me and my Mom make it and with a movie it's the BEST! Who can't resist the buttery and salty popcorn? I know I can't! Thanks CP!


My all time favorite foodwould be fried chicken wings, the kind with the breadding on it. They taste so good and juicy. They're probably the best food out there that there is.


Hey CP! Fischerman1 here. I think a fish shack would be great! But, I like pork ribs. So maybe a fish rib shack or something.

Pop Star3828:

My favorite food is any possible Chinese food! The best is sweet and sour chicken with a side of white rice! Yummmmy!! I think a cool bistro should be a new restaurant on Club Penguin. You could have waiters and waitresses that serve the penguins. Then, you could bring some home to your puffles and see what kind of Chinese food they like best!


Chicken soup is the best for me. :)
Penguin name:Alisa2426


Chai Cookies and Tuna Sashimis ;)


Tacos,pasta,and pizza!;-)


I love, love, LOVE my moms tamales! Tamales are like burritos. Here is how to make some! 1) Soak some corn husks in water for 3 hours. 2) When you drain the water, later you put on the masa harina or masa for short. 3) Add shredded beef, chicken or just cheese! ( Don't forget to roll them!) 4) Cook them in large pot for about an hour. 5) Serve immediately and don't forget to unroll the husks! Eat only the masa ( it is white)! Happy Holidays and Waddle On Club Penguin! Feliz Navidad!


If this is easier eat everything but the corn husks.


My favorite food is.........cotton balls! Ok...I know you guys probably don't know what they are, but they are a type of cookie! It looks like a snowball, so I thought it would be 'penguin' like. The white is sugar powder and the inside is chocolate chip....dough. I bet it sounds so yummy that even penguins will eat it!

-Waddle On Candie2411


My all-time favorite food is pizza! Just imagining the salty taste of pepperoni, the delicate greasiness of the cheese, and delicious tomato sauce makes me hungry! Good thing there is a Pizza Parlor in Club Penguin, where all Pizza-Loving Penguins can enjoy their favorite food!

Waddle On!



My favorite food? Umm... perhaps I should go with Cake. Or maybe the icing ON the cake... and LOTS AND LOTS AND LOOOTS of it. I <3 to eat icing! I once went to Costco, who has epic cakes and frosting, and had a cake and ONLY ate the yummy Frosting and a few bites of the cake. FROSTING!


My ABSOLUTE ALL TIME FAVORITE food has to be meatloaf... An American classic, but so, so good! My mom usually makes it from scratch about once a month. I loved meatloaf when I was little, and still do now! It would be really cool if we could make foods for our puffles to eat... I'm sure Grape would love some meatloaf! xD Waddle On! -Energezer


Hi Club Penguin Blog. Name is kate11802. My favorite food is wings. I really like garlic wings. It would be incredible to have a new restaurant not just with wings but other food too! It would be cool if you could take an interview for a job and actually do what a waiter/waitress does!! I think it would draw more players to CP! Thanks for reading my blog!!!


Hey Club Penguin Team! I think my all-time favorite food to eat would probably be pizza. I like cheese and pepperoni pizza the best! I also enjoy pasta and spaghetti because the sauce is yummy and I love it. It is so awesome that Club Penguin has a Pizza Parlor to serve all of the hungry penguins! Thanks for reading and Waddle On!


Hi my name is Xeno0313 and my favorite food is mac and cheese, because it was so delicious and I like the way my mother cooks it. I hope mac and cheese will become a puffle food.


my favorite thing to eat is home made apple pie because it is fun picking the apples and making the apple pie and the pies are SUPER YUMMY!!!!!!!


There are so many different foods! How could I choose one? Let's just say that one of my favorite foods is pie! Gotta have pie! Pie has me thinking that Club Penguin should have a bakery as a new building! That would we awesome, especially if penguins can work at it and get payed for it like a tour guide or an agent. Just a thought :D It would also be cool if CP had a movie theater, a spa, or a grocery store. Rock on CP! :)






...Seriously? LOLZ


bacon bacon bacon


My favorite food is PIZZA because it is cheesy, gooey, yummy and delicious!


I'd always keep my diet so I don't eat so much fast foods,because it's better to eat vegetables,meat and fruits then just eating fast food.
It's more healthy to eat normal foods which contain nutrient vegetables,meat and fruit.I know that I'm doing the right thing so I'll keep do it for the rest of my life,my favorite and healthy food is roasted meat with an delicious vegetable salad and a apple.

I hope you like my comment,

Waddle on!


it's true, it's very important to eat HEALTHY!!!! Battle of the foods: who won? Healthy food won! Lol!




cp's hot sause fish sewead pizza mmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhh my mouth


I really love burgers and fries. I love burgers because I love beef like crazy and my most favorite type of way it's cooked is a burger because it's really juicy and really tasty when seasoned. I love fries because I love salty food and fries are really salty!

Waddle on!

Penguin name- iluvpizza000


I'm half Greek, so my family has a lot of exotic foods. My favorite Greek dishes are stuffed pumpkin flowers ( they're stuffed with meat or rice) and egg pita. I also really love anything lamb :) Merry Christmas!


My favorite food is penn a with red sauce and sausage. It is very tasty, especially the sausage. I hope that there is a new restaurant, and that we can apply for it just like the EPF and Tour Guides. I hope you guys are having fun making Club Penguin fun for everyone else.


Let's see my favorite food is Cheetos :) I love hot Cheetos because I really like hot stuff :):)!!


My all-time favorite game- oh yeah, its foods! my fave food would DEFINITELY be PASTA!!! shells, macaroni, rotini, name one i might like. :3
WADDLE ON CP! (CP backwards is my computer, a PC!)


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