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By Polo Field on December 10, 2013 - 09:15
Hello Penguins!
I really liked Stinky8080's answer:

Hey Club Penguin blog! My favorite parts of November were the Operation Puffle and the Gold Puffle Quest.I really liked them because in Operation Puffle we get to explore a whole new part of the island! And not to mention that we could also play a game over there and get gold items, but we could also save a new puffle everyday! And for the Gold Puffle Quest we got to experience something new and find the legdendary gold puffle! And if we could add something I think that a new resturaunt is cool!

Thanks for the feedback Stinky8080, a new restaurant would be awesome! 

This time of year, there's always an overload of delicious goodies, which got us thinking... what is your all-time favorite food? 
We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team



Hey Polo Field! I was wondering if you can do a Frozen themed party?? Thanks!



I saw the movie and I LOVED IT! A Frozen party would be AWESOME. :)


I hope we can! A frozen themed party would be AWESOME! We could turn into Olaf! Hehehe!
Waddle on!


Pizza for one reason....... because you can choose the way your pizza is created and what the toppings are!! basically because you can be the one to create it!!! Vegetarians can have fruit or vegetables! I prefer cheese myself sometimes pepperoni but not a lot of time. plus IT'S ON CP TOO!!! :D Even puffles like pizza.... some one should make that a song...... lol Anyway I love pizza :) Is there such thing as stinky cheese pizza? Because I am sure Rockhopper gets that every time.
Waddle On B)




my all-time favorite food would have to be burgers and fries! There just so good! THAT would have to be my favorite food! I love fries because there SO good! And i love burgers because of everything they have on it! And if they had a restaurant in Club Penguin that had burgers fries and other foods that would be AWESOME!




my favorite food is spaghetti I really love the way my mom cooks it she makes it taste soooooo delicious!


Hey, maybe we can add a DESSERT RESTAURANT! wouldn't that be cool? Plus also, we culd have a bank. Thanks for all this partys Club Penguin!



I LOVE strawberries! My whole life, I've grown up in a town that's famous for Strawberries. They're good for you, they taste delicious, and look nice too!


My favorite food is Pizza, it goes with mostly everything, if I asked my Puffle what his favorite food was, I think he would agree


hi club penguin my favorite food is stuffing so it would be cool to have a restaurant for thanksgiving food! Until next time, Waddle on!



you guys should make a sweet shop with candies,candies,and more candies yum


that would have to be differnt.I read Penguinisai2:
's review i agree pefectly.PS if i get chosen please give half to Penguinisai2:
or give me a boost in donating for coins for change.

Enter nickname:

Oooh! I honestly can't pick a favorite. I lover lots of foods! :P But if I HAD to pick a favorite... Pumpkin Pie!! Yum! :D

Nikki Minaj:

Hi Club Penguin! My all-time favorite food has to be tacos because I LOVE the flavor of them! I also like the meat inside because it has a spice to it. That's my all-time favorite food! What's yours Polo Field?


My favorite food is spaghetti because it is so good with the sauce and the meatballs. Also it is fun to slurp the noodles and get all messy!


I LIKE PIZZA BURGERZ HOTDOGZ SPEGETTI (how ever u spell it) FRENCH TOAST....(theres like 1000 more)


In club penguin, the only answer from me will be PIZZA! Pizza is awesome! But in real life, I dunno. I really don't have a fav food. I do like the taco's my mom makes. Mmmm. But I also have lots of others. Hard to pick. Having a new restaurant would be awesome! I agree with stinky8080. Maybe, just maybe, there could be some special furniture we could get during coins for change. If we donate enough money. We could maybe earn some furniture! That would be cool!
Until then, WADDLE ON CP!

Pixie Pi:

That would be SO cool!  Be sure to keep your flippers crossed, Kenzy2001!!

- Club Penguin Team


My favourite food would be, i don't know, meatballs? Macaroni? Oh I know roast beef! And lots of other things but I'm pretty sure meatball's is my favourite.

Blackie ABC:

My all time favorite food is Pizza. It comes in different ways and it's very creative and unique! There's even Hotsauce Pizza! ;)


My favorite food has to be enchiladas because I love the homemade sauce, and all the different kind of cheese that they put on it.


FRENCH FRIES ps Im not French though


my most fave food would be lissania


My all time favorite food is pizza, but some times ill choose burger for a change.


Whats up Club Penguin?! My all time food is chicken teriyaki. The chicken and rice with that thick sauce tastes to wonderful. Maybe there should be a japanese restaurant on cp! Until Then, Waddle on!


I Like Every Kind Of Pizza Blue cheese to green cheese anchovies and even more and my favoroite desert Defenitly Chocolate I loved since i was 3! Great History Huh?
Waddle On And Save up some coins!


This isnt food related but i was wondering if club penguin could add new permanent emotes.


My favorite food of all time is a delight and I bet many must like it too, all foods are good and delicious but I like this food has let her know that first among all others, my favorite food all time is the eggplant lasagna, loves all kinds of lasagna but the eggplant is the best.


Well, I be cool to create a restaurant "located in the center" ... would be cool restaurant on the island with delicious foods for the Penguins (Note - also would be legal for a cake shop)

Prince Gassy:

I relly like turkey because it is a Thanksgiving meal.Thanksgiving brings us together so we can play.I love the stuffing to.When I have turkey I rememember the special holiday.+ It is very yummy to eat.(: It is some thing every one eats though but no one loves it better the I do!But the most important part is getting together.My aunt Tami always cooks the turkey.She makes the stuffing.Thats why the turkey is cool.Every time I see turkey I remember family that are not with me now.


My ALL-TIME FAVORITE FOOD is……Yummy Quesadillas especially the melty, gooey,and cheesy ones!!!!




Congrats, Stinky8080! A new restaurant sounds great since I LOVE to eat! I am a vegetarian, so have a limited amount of choices to eat every day. I've always dreamed of being a non- vegetarian, but why KILL animals just to EAT them? My dad also says vegetarians' have a long- lasting life, which I'm sure everyone wants. So, for my favorite food, I'd say it may just be a plain, cheesy pizza.
Be vegetarian,

Katie Roxie:

Thanks for the advice! I love plan pizza, too. I have favorite foods too but I don't like a lot of food and I am pretty sure I'm half vegetarian! I'm glad we have so much in common! Waddle On:):)

sea star4:

You are right about the whole living longer thing, but its not likely that you would live longer. Well yes, you would probably live maybe a few years longer but a few years isn't a lot. I like eating meat and vegetables. And you have to kill to eat, it comes naturally. Don't cougars kill animals to eat? Don't monkeys kill to eat? Doesn't EVERYTHING kill to eat? I mean, if you haven't had food in two days, and you saw some food, but it was meat, wouldn't YOU eat it to survive?

sea star4:

What I am trying to say is that you need to eat something to survive! Don't you? I believe that if you balance between vegetarian things and meat, you would live a long life. But if you eat vegetarian things all the time you become skinny and when your skinny you get very cold for no reason sometimes. And when you balance between the two you are average weight, average eating, average almost everything, and you don't become cold for no reason.

sea star4:

So I believe, that it would be very bad for your body to become vegetarian. And if you were eating meat all the time and decided to go vegetarian your body will go through a big change and will be unhealthy because it wants meat because your eating vegetarian things all the time.
Be in the between of vegetarian and meat lover.


Finally! A vegetarian! Yay!


Well, My favorite food for the morning is obviously Blueberry and Chocolate Pancakes with Maple syrup! Its just so juicy and tender! And warm food is good for the winter times around! I think the Frostbite from 2012 might do something with this! Dinner is Burritos! I just love the beans, meat, cheese, guacamole and rice inside! So warm! And obviously from my User my fav Dessert is obviously, Froyo! So cold and rich and creamy for the Summer! These are my Fav Foods!


My favorite food is Fried Chicken! Yeah, it's not that healthy, but I really enjoy eating it! KFC makes the best kind too! Me and my friends like it a lot too! If someone brings fried chicken for lunch, we attack him, for sharing I mean :D




I absolutely LOVE Chocolate Silk Pie. OMG. SO. GOOOOOOOOOOOD. It would be cool if we had a Taqueria in CP. It would also be nice if we had a new place to go to on the map.




My favorite food is pizza!I like pizza because there's lots of toppings and you can choose the toppings you want on the pizza


My all-time favourite food is pizza because there is lots of cheese and you can make it at home. I like my pizza with pepperoni, cheese, ham, bacon and definitely tomato sauce! I like it also because when you bite into it and pull, the cheese looks like string! I don't really care if the pizza (or the crust) is burnt. I'll just eat it anyway. (Even though I don't want it to be burnt too much)


My favorite food is cheese and ham sandwich. It's really great and tasty. I always request for it and eat it every lunchtime. The one my mo, makes are so yummy i always ask for more.

Waddle On!
Waddle On!!
Waddle On!!!

Tim Tam1:

Hello Club Penguin! My favorite foo would probably be the donut. I really like donuts with cinnamon or icing. Though they are not the most healthiest food, they are just plain delicious!



The Dodger:

A juicy, fresh munch on a crunchy-fulfilling mouthful of a red round apple, carved from the bounds of heaven.

And pizza - I love da pizza!

Frozen Pink1:

I JUST LOVE MASHED POTATOES !!!!!! (as long as the potato isnt moldy) BUT I JUST LOVE IT TASTE SO GOOD add a restaurant with potato stuff? LIKE MASHED POTATOES???
~ Frozen Pink1

Shadow Kat:

I certainly hope the potatoes wouldn't be moldy! Yikes.

- Club Penguin Team


Hey CP!
My All-Time favorite food is Cheeseburger, Chicken and Pizza and i got a idea to make a new restaurant, maybe a Chinese restaurant with noodles and shrimp and a game called "Noodle Maker".

Waddle On CP!


My all time favorite foods are anything sweet - From Donuts to Cake to Chocolate. I would love to see a restaurant when the menu has deserts! Yum!
Waddle On!

Polly Pink23:

Hi Club Penguin team! I love ice-cream so much as I love pizza too. All my life I've adored both of them quite a lot , every evening for dessert I always have ice -cream...oh right pizza my fave food I love pepperarmi and any other topping!

Thanks for reading Club Penguin team
Waddle on!


Favorite food? Believe me, LOTS OF 'EM. One is burgers and fries, well, I love potato and the patty thingy (maybe its fish, not beef. lol). Another is pasta. My dad always cook me those, but surprisingly, I never finish it, but it is still delicious. Then there's pizza. MOZARELLA CHEEZE. YEAH! And pepperoni's too!


pasta is my fav food from a fan tomjerry501 ho ho ho

Cold Guy56:

I'm sorry but I don't have a favorite food but I ecspessaly like pizza and carrots. I've even tried carrot pizza!! ( DO NOT EAT IT, IT TASTES SUPER BAD!!!!!!!!!)

Well, waddle on.


Favorite food for breakfast:Noodles
Favorite food for lunch:Soop?
Favorite food for dinner:Pizza
Favorite food for dessert:Icecream and sushi
Yes the Soop and noodles and sushi kinda sound like sensei's sushi


Hey Club Penguin Team! My favorite dessert is ice cream!almost every Sunday my mother would bring be to MacDonald's to eat their choc sundae!For food my favorite is speghetti! i especially love speghetti with prawns and speghtti with cream! most of the time I eat speghetti from Pastamania but I eat their Prawn Aglio most of the time!(they call the speghetti with prawns Prawn Aglio).If they run out of prawns i would eat their Carbonara(They call the speghetti with cream Carbonara). Alexysutanto:)

Mano Ash:

My favorite food is a good, tasty, crispy, extremely hot cheeseburger! i eat it from Mcdonalds and i absolutely love it! Even if i eat it a few times in a week it just makes me go extremely happy with those flavors!!!! My favorite dessert is chocolate. You can eat chocolate flavored foods like cakes, brownies etc. ok enough talking i am gonna grab a bar of yummy chocolate since i am getting really hungry until then WADDLE ON!!!


My favorite food is chicken, cheese sauce.
My favorite salad is cucumber.
My favorite drink is orange juice.




I like the food with some Indian spices!!


ME TOO!!!!!!!!!


Oh, such a difficult question. I am fortunate enough to have traveled half the world with my parents and sis, and so have got to try many different foods. But a few of the things I love love LOVE are hummus, falafels, curry, anything mexican, pasta, pizza, mac and cheese, and grilled cheese. I also love chocolate to the ends of the earth, nuts, dried fruit, baked goods, treacle tart, pecan pie, fudgy brownies, and carrot cake. I think you should open a bakery! Especially since its almost Xmas.

Bluefire 7533:

I forgot to mention i like granola and yoghurt too!


my favourite food has gotta be warm pizza with stringy cheese and then shortly after, skinny fries like at KFC ;) lol


Buns ketchup pickle cheese, Put da patty in BETWEEN. Its Burger What? What? its burger What? What?
Buns ketchup pickle cheese, Put da patty in BETWEEN. Its Burger What? What? its burger What? What?
I love burgers and Ninja( Moderator) both are my favorite. WAIT! Idea, What about a "Ninja Burger" with Hot sauce for Fire, Loads of Mayo for snow, what about blueberry jam for water, and a black patty for shadow (I think shadow will be released), lastly grey buns for normal ninja.

Waddle On!


Hi club Penguin blog, my all time favourite food would be lasagne!! I love it sooo much and could eat heaps without getting sick!!!
Also if we did a fav desert mine would be creme brûlée!! Any flavour but it's sooo delicious!!!
Thx for listening-SuperLuna12


I like cookies and biscuits just like my puffles, but in winter I like hot milk with chocolate sauce.

tyra gold :

hello my name tyra gold and my age is seven i'm new favorite foods is country is INDONESIAN.ok see you next time bye bye.

regard=tyra gold


My favorite thing to eat would be: ice cream. From: Ice cream sandwhiches to ice cream in cups. I love the creamy and icy sensation in it. If it's soft ice cream, I love it but hard ice cream I absoultely love it! I have it every single day, that's how much I love it! :D :D :) :)
Waddle On! ;)


Well i can't say my actual favorite food but its fish! Yummmmmmy!:)




I like that because penguins eat fish

Spy micah:

How about breakfast food? Do a pancake house with bacon and waffles!

Mewmewmowmow :

I love cheesy fries! Fries with melted cheese, bacon bits, and ranch dressing!


I think my favorite food is BURGURS go BURGURS go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well my Favorite is Spaghetti because i love how the noodle part tastes and the sauce and sometimes i like to have meatballs on it and its the perfect food for occasions


faveroit food: corn dog
faveroit dessert: mint chocolate chip ice cream


I like sushi and pizza!!!


My favorite food is Mac and Cheese! Mac and Cheese is the best food ever!!!


Hmm...this is a tricky one. Well, it has to be pizza. All the yummy sauce and delicious cheese just make my mouth water. I wonder what yours is going to be...

Waddle On!-Harryiet


CHEEZE PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love the delicious EGG with MASHED POTATOE on the side
Yum Yum! :)


My all time favorite food is cheese pizza. And I was wondering if you guys could do a Frozen party? If you could that would be awesome.



I like all food in Club Penguin!! But the best is PIZZA by sitting in the new restaurant with puffles and friends !! And it would be FUN if there is a F00D F!ght in Club Penguin. Each and Every food item flying here and there !!!!


2 words ice cream!!!!!!!


Hey CP Team! My favorite food is pizza I like it a lot! Anyways, it would be nice if CP could have a grey puffle
it would be nice if they're could be a new stamp to find Jet Pack Guy or Klutzy!!!
Merry Christmas CP team and a Happy New Year! Jessica90018 :)


Hey Club Penguin Blog! I would have to say my favorite food is Fettuccine Alfredo! I love this food because I love pasta. I also like Cheese Steak burgers from Steak and Shake. Oh, and the 7x7 Steak burger is amazing. It is seven steak burgers with seven pieces of cheese, one on each layer. It is AMAZING. I love how you guys do all these to give away coins! But I have one request. If you could put the Roman Solider hat from back in 2006 I think it was that would be great! Until then, Waddle on!


My favorite food would probably have to be Pizza. But mostly Veggie Pizza, It's always a healthy choice. =).


strawberries would be cool


Pizza because it has so many toppings. WADDLE ON

Mr Black 12:

My all time favorite food is probably lasagna! I like all of the pasta noodle rolled into a scrumptious delight! I don't have it often, but when I do, my plate is empty in less than two minutes! I like lots of foods but I can't tell you all of them! Thanks for everything you do for us! Waddle On!

Mr Black 12


My all time FAVORITE thing to eat is a piece of pepperoni pizza. I love them because of the delicious cheese and pepperoni. WADDLE ON CP!


I really like rice and I know it might sound weird but I really like fried rice, it's rice ,pieces of egg,peas,and carrots. It's good and I think everyone should try it if you already haven't. ;).


My all time fave food has got to be Soft Prezets and Choco Chip Cookies From Hardees.
why i like soft prezets: <3 the Salt on them.
why i like Hardees choco chip cookies:i like choco chips


Hey CP blog my favourite thing to eat all the time is McDonalds Big Mac!!!!!!!!! Because the sauce at the bottom it waters in my mouth and My favourite dessert is this lint pie that my mum makes its lovely and making the restaurant will be lovely but what kinda food maybe Burger I had it in my dreams


Ice cream and popsicles and chocolate!


Ice cream with lots of toppings!:D

Snowbal Trix:

Cheese and tomato pizza!


if its a snack CHOCOLATE if its a meal pasta coverd in pesto


My all-time favorite food would have to be CRAB! I love any different kind of crab, whether it's Soft Shell, or just the meat. If you have never tried crab, you definitely should. You won't be disappointed.


There's just no competition. My favourite food has to be tuna pizza. Tuna is awesome! My second favourite food is broccoli. I love them both because of their unique taste.


My all-time favourite food would be pizzas! Those round and tasty treats are always making me crave for more! No matter what topping or flavour it is, i'll always be the one to try all of them! But my most favourite topping that hoes with it is just classic pepperoni and mozarella cheese-no one can get enough of that!

Baby Boy 765:

Sorry I'm not going for one of the more popular foods like burgers, but PASTA! It is my favourite thing to eat in EVER :D Hopefully we will have a Pasta Diner soon :D (Or maybe a parlour that has everything mixed in???)

Btw where will it go? Most of the areas in Club Penguin are used up, and it probably wouldn't be that good to put it in the forest ;P
Waddle on- Baby Boy 765


ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really love Ice cream because there are so many different flavors and toppings that's just my opinion though

Nicole S3:

I totally agree with what Stinky8080 said! The quest for the Golden Puffle was really fun! And I don't really know what my favorite food is! I like zesty fries, pizza, tacos, and pretty much every other kind of food! But, if I had to choose, I would choose my Moms homemade red velvet cake! Oh my cheese, you have no idea how good it is!! OM NOM NOM!!!!!! Lol, but anyway, Waddle On!!!! (P.S. Hey Stinky8080, Congratulations! You really do deserve it!)




fish toats


My all time favorite thing to eat has to be Macaroni And Cheese the Velveeta Shells kind mmmmm... the best.


Hey Cp blog and bloggers! I have to say my all time favorite food has to be sushi! It has a nice taste and great with soy sauce! I love it because it's appearance is awesome and the taste is so good! Waddle On,

cool kid2654 :

oh man! you are so right i love sushi it is so yummy with soy sauce oh man my tummy is hungry for sushi!
waddle on penguin bloggers and club penguin


my favorite food are apples
i love them cause there so juicy


these are all my favorite foods


My favourite food has to be be chicken wings! There so sticky and all in different sizes! I also really like spicy ones too as i am a sort of spicy guy. There even better going with spaghetti and southern fried chicken too- my favourite meal by a mile!

Ken Dodd:

Greetings Club Penguin Blog
my favourite food is tacos, it is so scrummy, you can smell it from when your playing club penguin on your computer, i really like it because it is so crispy and crunchy you can get the best tacos from Tesco, oh how yummy can it be? i have tacos with my grandma every Saturday night when i o to sleep she does the best tacos ever! do you like tacos reader? if you hate it you can give it to me LOL but everyone likes tacos, that is why it is my favourite food!


fried chiken and french fries


My favourite food would have to be steak and chips. Steak is sooo nice it's very yummy I like it ith chips

Red Roster1:

Hi Club Penguin blog. My favorite food of all time would have to be BACON! Because tastes awesome.

Friend Pingu:

Hi Club penguin
Well.... My favorite food has got to be the pizza and i'm not the only person that loves it but everyone in the whole world would love pizza. Cheese and Tomato pizzas are the best. I could eat a whole box full of them!The smell of the Margarita pizza is so yummy.I love the crispy crust because that is the best bit.


Buffalo Chicken Pizza!! :D mmm, it's so good!


My all-time favorite food is pizza because I love going to the Pizza Parlor with my penguin friends on Club Penguin. Pizza is a great treat
for EPF agents and after we are done eating, we strap on our equipment and go look for Herbert. If we bring pizza with us though we have to be on high alert or that evil bear will steal it! WADDLE ON!


Hi clubpenguin team! I'm Claire3305! I would have to say my favorite food is..Chicken! It's so tasty. Ieat it at dinner a lot.I also love Mushroom pizza. It's the best!
What do you guys like? -Claire3305


My favorite party in November was the Gold Puffle Party,because We got gold items and I always wanted a gold puffle!
Waddle on!


And in the future we should have a Hotel for penguins we can call it "The Penguin Hotel"
Plus we should have a "Old Cp Party"Where rare items r gonna come back and they'll be there just for 4 days only.
Well thats my idea!
Waddle On!


Well i really like BLT sandwiches. If you don't know what one is it is a sandwich with bacon, lettuce, and tomato on it. It's really good!! :D Also, I love apple and cherry pie :)


I think i may be just like my gold puffle HoneyB and my pink puffle Lela because i like... wait scratch that LOVE watermelon andchoclate coins. what i would like to see in the future is a upgrade to the school so we could have sororities, feternities and a gym. #WADDLE ON CP :)

cool kid2654:

well i think it would be awesome if you had a fish burger resturaunt, we could call it Burg Out , i think that would be off the hook and there could be a contest and challenge your friends and tell them to grab a Puffle and the Puffles challenge each other and the penguins could watch to see who's Puffle can eat the fastest waddle on clubpenguin hope you like my idea


My all-time favorite food is pizza! Just imagining the salty pepperoni, the delicate greasiness of the cheese, and delicious tomato sauce makes me hungry! It's a good thing there is a Pizza Parlor in Club Penguin, where all Pizza-Loving Penguins can enjoy their favorite food!

Waddle On, and Merry Christmas!


Cool Girl540:

Hey everyone! I would have to say that my favorite foods would have to be, hamburgers, BBQ, and for dessert, a GIANT brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, with little bits of chocolate chip cookie on top with some chocolate syrup.
Cool Girl540.


Mmmmm...... So many good foods out there! But my all time favorite food would defiantly be cheese pizza - especially right out of the oven! It tastes very good with the fresh tomato sauce and cheese! One of my favorite meals ever! Waddle On!


Hello Club Penguin Blog! My favourite type of food is noodles rice and pizza and gravy it is all very yummy And I would also love to hear all the others penguins favourite food and yours too! Thank You Club Penguin and staff for all the awesome parties and stuff WaddleOn


ice cream

my name is gzooks1


im think of a resturant for puffels and members can become ones there and my faviorte foods choclate coins!

Leemybeemy, Pizza Parlor consumer:

PIZZA. I'm kinda picky about it, but overall, its DELICIOUS.

Mighty pant:

My favourite food is... PIE!!!!! Pie, I like pie, it's so fly! Anyway, I love pie because it's so delicious and crispy, and you can't tut it down, even though you're full! There should be pie in Club Penguin . Waddle on!


My favorite food is Mac&Cheese. I like the way how the soft pasta combined with the delicious cheese. FOR CHEEZ!


My favorite food is tacos. I like tacos because you can make them different every time. You can use a hard shell or a soft shell. You can even make a taco salad! You can add much to your taco, like cheese, sour cream, lettuce, taco sauce, tomatoes, and much, much more! Waddle on CP!

Moon Beauty:

Hi CP team!
My favorite food is chicken drumstick. I like it because it is so nice!


Hmm, well there's a lot of favorite foods i have but if I had to pick one it would be... PIZZA! It's super yummy, plus it has Toppings... normally people wouldn't put toppings in their spaghetti, that would be weird XD, but if I had to pick one, it would definitely be pizza.
Waddle on CP


I put toppings on my Spag Bol, but then again, I'm not a normal person... I'm a random person!!!


my favorite food is ice cream and candy yum LOL you guys should make a sweet shop that will be awsome.


My fav food is ice cream and candy too! A sweet shop would be amazing! If that can't happen I vote for a bakery where penguins can eat cakes, brownies, cupcakes, and a milkshake! all of those should also be in the sweet shop too! Add me cp! WADDLE ON!

Susie Club:

Hi Club Penguin Team! My Favorite food of all time is Tacos. They're so good, and you can create different combinations. Maybe you guys could create another game to make Tacos! :D I think it would be an awesome game! I L-O-V-E your guys' work! Waddle on! -Susie Club


If u know me i should choose steak but nothing cant beat the awesomeness of bacon.

perry jolie:

By the way Club Penguin you can also put BACON ON PIZZA!!!!


Hi Cp!
Well, Ive been thinking, and ive got it! I love chips and dip! I have so many favorites! I love Queso, Gwacamole, Sour cream, nacho sauce, and just plain old salsa! I especially like the ones that you find in Mexican resturants! The best part is that its a fresh and can sometimes be healthy for you! You dont have to use chips you know, pita bread works great too! You can find online or in cookebooks diffrent kinds of amazing dip recipes!


Sugar cookies that are shaped like puffles! I hope you like it CLUB PENGUIN IS MY MOST FAVOURITE WEBSITE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Club Penguin Team! Oh boy the holidays are my favorite time of year. I get to be with my family, give gifts, and my favorite part; the food! My favorite food is mashed potatoes because I love preparing the potatoes with my mom and expanding my knowledge of cooking. I bet my penguin Lola64732 would love these potatoes! Yum yum!
Ho Ho Ho!
Have a Happy Holiday CP!

cool kid2654:

oh man I LOVE MY MOMS HOME MADE PIES!! they are so yummy she makes apple pie pumpkin pie cherry pie and peach pie they are so yummy


My favorite food is pasta(Alfredo, Spaghetti, and Lasagna)! And I think the food in the featured comment would turn into the new restaurant. At least I hope.


I think if you did a Bakery shop or Candy store that would be cool! You could add like cookies, ice cream, pastries, cakes, lollipops, and even banana floats! Then how u have worker costumes in the catalog u could have a cook. Finally, for decoration you could make it very colorful and the name colorful concoctions/creations/candy. Also you could make it bright AND LARGE and just really fun so there are things to do!

cool kid2654:

my all time favourite food is cookies tacos ,sushi ,burgers ,hot dogs, pie, lollipops ,cookie and cream ice cream , candy ,chicken nuggets, ribs, turkey dinner like what you have for christmas and steak and even more i love food
Waddle on Cp


There's really no competition in favourite foods when it comes to... CHEESE! It's delicious! There are so many different delicious types of it, too, so if you don't like one type try another! Blue or Cream, Swiss or Cheddar, I'll eat whatever! Just thinking about it makes me lick my lips... YUUUUMMMM! Waddle On!


My favorite food is chili it's so good!


My favorite food is puffle food well on club penguin delish.In real lie I like everything even green food


I like anything spicy or at least something with some kind of kick.






Mmm... I mean hmm...! I would have to say salmon with lemon. It's SOOO good! And of course, dessert would have to be fluffy cotton candy. I don't know why, but I just simply ADORE cotton candy!


Hey, CP Team! Personally, my favorite food would probably be croissants with a side of iced tea and my favorite dessert would be Italian zeppole with a side of Hot Cocoa! See you guys later! :)

Shaky Raptor:

Candies and fast food were just as good and I love the sweet taste of ice cream. You might never even take sample of of all kinds. For example, there be pizza toppings on ice cream! Since Christmas is coming up, why don't you set up a medium stand made of ice cream material near the Migrator where penguins can compete. The competition can be making your own ice cream and there will be judges tasting it. For each game they compete in, they can pay like 20 coins to the foundation!?-Shaky Raptor


Hey CP Blog it's Coconut41078 here! My favorite food is pasta and meatballs. With the pasta you can put anything on it. As for the meatballs,they are SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!! That's my favorite food. Waddle On CP Waddle On!


Hey CP Team! my fave food has to be PoPcOrN! num num!



Well, My favorite food is something I'm sure no one else has said yet, my favorite all-time food is...BURRITOS!!!
Fluffy Tortillas, Beany Beans, Juicy Meats, Cheesy Cheese. Lettucy Lettuce. So many things you can put in a Burrito!


Hey Club Penguin Blog and Blog readers my favorite all time food would have to be gluten-free Hawaiian pizza (go healthy) it is so much better than you would think!!! Though during this time of year nothing beats Christmas dinner and cranberry sauce!!! What is your favorite food? Thanks for reading and Waddle On!!!


hey guys my fav food is probably pizza because i visit the pizza parlor every day and i always loved it i mean i love the waiters and waitresses cause they are always so nice i know this is long for pizza but i know that puffles are thankful for the pizza shop in the pizza parlor




I like pizza and ice cream and well, any type of food! YUM!
Waddle on!

23 Kitty:

PIZZZZZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pizza is my LIFE!


Hey Cp! I really like to eat pizza's because when you put BBQ sauce on pizza's it makes it so yum. And i really like the cheese on the pizza's and inside also.

Kiki Iceburg:

TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love tacos no matter what I would eat them morning noon and night if my mom would let me.


My favorite food is..... Well, there's a tie between pizza and broccoli. JK. I hate broccoli. But I do love ice cream. Ohhhh man. Strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, chocolate chip, SO MANY FLAVORS!!!!!!!!! Pizza is so awesome. PINAPPLE ON PIZZA? Awesome! All that cheese, grease, and sauce, sooooooo good. But I gotta say, candy. That's why I love the Halloween party so much. Candy, candy, CANDY.
Waddle on CP! Keep thinking about food! XD

Hanna Fatah:

Hey Polo Fields, actually all types of food is my favourite accept for squid.But you know what is my most favourite food ? Its pancake !
I love pancakes . But I cant always eat it. My mom doesn't know how to cook pancakes. I only can eat it when we slept at the hotel.And I love caramel too . Bye


I think in the coffee shop there should be a machine like the one in the pizza shop only that it will give puffles coffee and it will put the coffee in pet bowls and the puffles will drink it and the non member price should be 5 coins and the member will cost 10 coins plz pick me cp wadle on ps. have a good christmas


Hi Club Penguin!
My favorite food is ice cream.Its because theres so many delicious flavors!Some of my favorite flavors are chocolate,caramel,strawberry,cheese....well I cant say all!But since its Christmas season,I also like hot chocolate and I will never ever forget the marshmallows!!!


Hi Club Penguin!
My favorite food is ice cream.Its because theres so many delicious flavors!Some of my favorite flavors are chocolate,caramel,strawberry,cheese....well I cant say all!But since its Christmas season,I also like hot chocolate and I will never ever forget the marshmallows!!!


Hey there club penguin! That's a tricky question; considering that I love a lot of foods! My first food that I ate since I came to America is French fries and I love them ever since. I wish I can name all of the food I like but my all time food is ice cream! Can't you tell it's ice cream? That's why I'm wearing the Sundae Surprise! :D


never stop doing the videos!!


Well CP there are LOTS of foods that I like but my favorite would have to be.........NOODLES! I love noodles because they look like worms and I like worms. Also since I love Chinese food it's the perfect food for me. But there are plenty more reasons I like noodles :)

rocet man:

how about penguindonalds


I don't know about you, but I love sushi! It is so interesting trying all different types of sushi to see which kind of fish you like. It is also a great source of protein, and it is very healthy. You can even have it for a snack sometimes! My favorite is a California Roll, just like the sushi in "Sushi Drop." Waddle on!


OK, I don't know if anyone realizes this; BUT PASTA ROCKS! I like the green ones with spinach inside them best :) . I think it is really yummy! Maybe i could go to Italy one day, and taste all the pasta there!! I also like chocolates, and i don't mind ginger breads! :) :) :)



Bro N Sis1:

My all-time favorite food is pizza. I just love pizza. One of the best things about the Club Penguin pizza place is that you can feed your puffles pizza. I think that that is awesome. I love the cheesey-ness of pizza and the crunchy crust with the sweet tomato sauce. My favorite kind of pizza is cheese pizza. So plane, yet so tasty.


My favourite food is the three C's. Cookies, Chocolate and Cupcakes! why these well lets say I'm a bit of a sweet tooth so these are the perfect chocie but if you want me to be speciftic then Chocolate Chip cookies, White Chocolate and Double Chocolate Cupcakes!. Don't let my teachers see this. The 3 C's are one of our school mottos. :P


well the holiday cookies espeshily the raindeer puffle,frostbite penguin and the road raser


hmm we already have pizza soooooooo maybe spaghetti.


Mine would have to be pizza because vegetarians and non-vegetarians can eat it and you get to choose what you want to put on it. When there's a school party, they can order pizza's easily and I get a whole pizza to myself cause I'm a vegetarian. Also if you go on a holidays there's always a pizza shop. Even on online virtual games they have pizza.

Thanks and Waddle On,


Lasane is my ALL - TIME favourite. It comes in all sorts of different fillings! I so can't wait until the holiday party next week!

i am funny45:

corn and green beans


i like ice cream and fruit.:)


i like hot co co and cookies

if i won i would donate the money online.


My all time favorite food would be corn dogs I think you could make a corn dog stand and you could buy each for like 10 coins for your puffle


My personal favorite are french fries... SALTY! I also LOVE strawberries...Juicy, Red, And delicious, These two are THE BOMB!


My favorite food is got to be penguin's favorite, FISH! Fish dipped in barbecue sauce with turkey sandwiches with fish, fresh fish dipped in fish sauce, fish pizza, toast with fish, fish dipped in coffee, fish sandwich, fish crackers, roast fish, anyfish!!!!


Do I like pizza from the pizza shop on CP or stinky cheese just like my puffle?Nah.What I like most is Idli sambhar and dosa. One of the most famous dish of south India. The spicy sambhar and those tasty idlis and dosas yummmm...... If you visit India sometime do eat idli sambhar and dosa.
Until then Waddle On!!!


Hello Polo! my favorite food is cheese pizza. I like ti because it has lots of cheese and Rockhopper also like cheese. But stinky cheese! I also like other varieties of pizzas like chicken pizza, italian pizza and many more. Puffles also like pizzas and I like the think that Club Penguin is having a whole pizza parlor and I like the thing too that Club Penguin is having lot of interest in pizzas. Please don't stop the pizza parlor. Polo tell your favorite food to us so we can also taste it. :):P

Dome C:

Oh boy that is a tough question. But here is my perfect meal: Hawaiian and Sausage pizzas, Egg Nog, my mom's brownies, banana cake, apple cake, banana bread, donuts, pistachio and chocolate chip muffins, and orange juice! I like pizza cause it's pizza! Most of the other stuff my mom makes and they're really good, egg nog and orange juice... They're good!!! Waddle On, CP!
/Dome C\

Dome C:

If you just read my meal comment, my favorite food is pizza! Why? Because it's bread, cheese, and (possibly), sausage, pepperoni, ham and/or pineapple! IT'S JUST AMAZING! Sorry for the outburst. But yeah that's my answer. Also, you can eat it any time of the year! Well, Waddle On, Club Penguin!
/Dome C\


Hi my username is:Gholp I think you should add chicken wings!I loved chicken wings my whole life and i still do.Please Make a chicken wing restauront like Buffalo Wind Wings lol .



That is a hard question! I love chocolate, ice-cream, cookies, pizza, burger. So many options! But, when you say all-time favorite, I think about out of these, which was I first introduced to? Which one can I have anytime if I have it at home? So these are these are the narrowed results, chocolate, cookies, burger, pizza. Elimination, pizza and burger are gone. Final showdown- Chocolate vs. Cookies. Winner- Chocolate!! Who cannot love chocolate? Chocolate is my all-time favorite food! By, Sajo8


Hey club penguin! My all- time favorite food has to be seafood! I don't know why, but I've ALWAYS enjoyed it! If it's seafood, I will gladly eat it! But, my #1 seafood dish has to be..... SUSHI!!! Oh my gosh, don't get me started on sushi!! I LOVE SUSHI!

If u need a suggestion for a new restaraunt on the club penguin island, you should totally do a sushi place!

Waddle on! :)


my favourite food is COOKIES!Thats why I'm always eager for christmas because we get to eat a lot of cookies in christmas .I'm waiting eagerly for christmas.But if we get cookies at the coffee shop,that'll be a great addition.I CAN'T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS!


Fish is my all-time favourite food! I simply love fish! I have fish for dinner every Saturday. That's why I love Saturdays! Fish is rich in protein and it's great that we have fish pizzas at Club Penguin!


My favorite food has to be spaghetti because its so soft and delicous!(Especially with pasta and cheese!)


Bacon Sandwiches… ALL THE WAY… and ketchup …. ummmmm ketchup….
Oh my Goodness, how good would a bacon stand be with ketchup?! And also, a game where you have to squirt ketchup on the bacon and earn coins for each correct squirt!! WOW.
Waddle on CP! xx


I LIKE everything eating green vegetables carrots will give you energy my favourite is salad it has carrot,cucumber,leafy vegetables etc eating this in week will keep you fit and active bitter gaurd's juice will be nice and i love to drink thats why i am fit


Rico 7817:



Hi Club Penguin Team! My favorite food is Chicken Burgers. I've always liked chicken burgers because their healthy and are and alternative of beef because I'm a vegetarian I can't eat beef so I eat Chicken. I espeacilly like them when the chicken is still warm and juicy!
Keep waddling CP!
Alex48243 (;


My fave food of all time has to be nutella! It is so yummy and great on pancakes! YUM! I once even had a nutella pizza!
waddle on CP!


My all time favourite is bananas,as well as tasty they are very healthy too and I like cupcakes they are delicious,i have them for dessert and club penguin team;can we have a celebration room because every day is someone's birthday so they can share their happiness with other penguins!

other than that Waddle on!
- iglu787


IT IS SOOOOOOOOOO PIZZA, BECAUSE IT TASTES SO AWESOME AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH, I MADE A SONG ABOUT IT! It goes like this, "Pizza, pizza, pizza pie! Yummy food for you and I! It tastes so good I believe I can fly! Yummy stuff for you and I!" Like it? Pizza also is my favorite cuz you can add a BUNCH of toppings on it. Plus they don't have to be the same! Italian pizza is good too. Pizza comes in triangles and squares. I like cheese and pepperoni most on my pizza, but I try other combinations, too.

bluey feet:

my favorite holiday food are candy canes. candy canes have a touch of mint but kids still love it because its candy

bluey feet:

my favorite holiday food are candy canes. candy canes have a touch of mint but kids still love it because its candy

34 Ray Allen:

My favorite food is sushi! GO RAW FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


its either pizza or steak. on pizza there are many different toppings and each pizza restaurant is different. I've liked steak since I was a little kid so I have to go with steak


BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because it's fatty and delicous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think id have to say chicken! I LOVE cooked chicken, is lovely flavor, especially the skin! it tastes juicy, and spicy!, the meat its self is also, great and juicy! and it tastes GREAT with a blob of cram-berry sauce! i like the breast of the chicken, more of the meat, more of the LOVES flavor, and because of its juicy flavor, i'm sure puffles would enjoy some!


I think id have to say chicken! I LOVE cooked chicken, is lovely flavor, especially the skin! it tastes juicy, and spicy!, the meat its self is also, great and juicy! and it tastes GREAT with a blob of cram-berry sauce! i like the breast of the chicken, more of the meat, more of the LOVELY flavor, and because of its juicy flavor, i'm sure puffles would enjoy some!


I'd say that my favourite dessert is a double decker chocolate cake but otherwise it is definitely pizza.
Out of the two of them, it's DOUBLE DECKER CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!


Hey club penguin I really like the gold puffles and I think you should add a room where your gold puffles and you can hang out in an golden room with an golden pool and all kinds of golden stuff

Thank you-Gary0503


Hello club penguin team I would say my favorite food of all time is spicy pizza with cheese and artichokes until next time stay cool and have a very merry Christmas to some of the best game creators in history! Thanks yours truly Bellarinna1.


My favorite food is Fish and Chips! I love the delicious cod fish with lemon squeezed on top! Then I like to dip it in tartar sauce. Then I either eat it with chips or fries.

Allison234jj :

Ribs,pie,bacon,pasta,what?! I have a lot of faves
I'm hungry!
Gives Shadow Kat bacon pie with bacon whipped cream and bacon crust


Hello Club Penguin Team!
My favorite food is roast lamb, because it can be celebrated on any day of the week, including birthdays, Easter, even Christmas! I love roast lamb with roasted potatoes, yum yum! I also like pepperoni pizza. Even if it's so spicy, it tastes really good, with also extra cheese!
My favorite dessert is chocolate mud cake because chocolate is to D.I.E for.
Waddle On Cp!


Oops, the I was a capital!

Daniel thedj:

I think our new restaurant can be like penguin Food thats why it is called club PENGUIN we can have fish and chips, hot chocolate can be one drink and maybe even fish burgers! We can call it penguins lunch or anything to do with fish but in this restaurant penguins can actually eat, puffles eat so why don't us penguins eat.


PIZZA! pizza seems to be a big part in club penguin. Everything in club penguin likes pizza! There is a pizza parlor in club penguin.You can feed puffles pizza, and even herbert likes seaweed pizza . and you can play the pizzatron game which you can make different types of pizza. I also eat pizza every week!


I really LOVE ice cream! It would be AWESOME if there was a ice cream parlor!

Mo Mo Heart:

well i really LOVE buffalo wings especially my Moms buffalo wings they are the best thing in the WORLD!!!!!!!!! it tastes spicy and buttery and juicy and Yummy!:) my friends even say they are the best buffalo wings in the world!!!!! i also LOVE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so glad my Moms buffalo wings are delicious mmmm yummy
thanks Club Penguin Waddle On Merry Christmas

Homies Peace:

My absolute, all-time, favorite food every is TOTALLY hot pizza and ,on the side, crispy warm fries. I love pizza with stringy, hot, cheese that melts in your mouth! Pizza also reminds me of Club Penguin, which is my favorite thing in the world !!! :) Pizza and fries go together perfectly because pizza is soft and gooey and fries are crispy. Once, I tried putting a French fry on my piece of pizza and was delicious! So I guess my favorite food isn't pizza and fries but instead, fry pizza!

Katie Roxie:

It's really hard for me to make up my mind of what my favorite food is. I 'm honestly one of those people who can't make up their minds as easily. That and I have a few favorite foods! I guess I would have to choose pizza or chocolate even though they're not the healthiest choices. I just can't help! But at least we have more than one food choice unlike kids all over the world. That's why I like coins for change. It helps the whole world! So let's make 2013 the year with the highest donations!:)


My favorite food is chicken tenders. I like them soooo much because I really love chicken! Maybe CP could add some chicken tenders to a menu! LOL. Happy Holidays and Waddle On!


sweetsassy j:

mac & cheese


My favorite food is chicken!!! GO CHICKEN! Chicken is the best! :D


Hmmmm... hard choise! i love pizza because there is so many combinations and toppings you can add and i love the sause and stuffed crust!
but when ever I go to a restraunt i always look for burgers! SO GOOD! and i love waking up in the morning and smelling the delicious crunchy BACON! but if i had to choose it would be... BURGERS! yum! now I am hungry! lol. But i would like to know your favorite food! can you please tell us? WADDLE ON!


My favorite food has to be a dish caalled Jaeger Schnitzel. it is pork with mushrooms!! I love it!


YES! I would love to have a restaurant that sells Burgers, Hotdogs, Fries, Cool drinks and so on. I think that's a great idea! Maybe we could make the fishdogstand in the ice rink/stadium functional! I LOOOOVE these foods and I'm sure my puffles would too!!!!!
Until Then WADDLE ON CP!!
(And please feature my suggestion in the newspaper!!!) thanks :)


Hmm lets see...
I like macaroni and cheese, hotdogs, burgers, and any kind of dessert
PS especially ice cream!


My all time favorite food would have to be CHEESEBURGERS!!! I've been a huge burger fan since I was 5 or 6!! My fave burger places are In-N-Out, Wendy's, Five Guys, Red Robin, Carls Jr, Jack In The Box, Mcdonalds, The Habit, and Burger King!!! :D


Well my all time favorite food would be turkey.The turkey is so juicy and tender and goes with almost every holiday. Turkey is so good. Don't you agree?







i think pizza
because its the most awsome food plus cp is a fan.


My ALL TIME favorite food would HAVE to be pizza! First off, its one of the healthiest tasty foods you can have. It virtually has every food group on ONE slice. Cheese is dairy, crust is grains, and tomato sauce is the vegetables. And anything that isn't on there you can add yourself! Pizza comes in SO many varieties! We have cheese for the common folk, pepperoni for spicy lovers, hawiian for fruit lovers, and so much more! I espicially loved my personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut today! Yum!


I think the best meal of the times was the mossy pizza


I am vegetarian I only eat oranges celery apples papaya


My favorite food is warm, fresh baked pizza. I like it because it has so many different flavors to choose from. It is a good meal to sit down with your family and enjoy. Also you can get one pizza with different flavors on it so everyone can have what they want. And then comes the crust. So yummy! Hey there's the pizza man! Seriously he's hereat the door right now.

Waddle On!

sea star4:

My favorite food is potatoes!!! Mashed, baked, um... fried (I don't even know if that's possible but I just LOVEEEEEEEEEEE mashed potatoes soooooo much that you can cook it with anything and put anything on it and I will STILL eat it!!!! Potatoes just make me happy and joyful. I don't like crunchy food and I don't like soft food, so potatoes are just in between!
Waddle on Club Penguin and everyone have a nice rest of your day!!!


i came with a idea so you should make food for penguins you should put a menu at the pizza shop and the coffie shop and they can pick diffent foods like pizza burgers and slusheys it would be cool


OMG I LOVE DUTCH BABIES!!!!!!! they're so good cus when u eat them they're all warm and nice and delicious and u can add loads of butter and lemon juice and powdered sugar and then u eat it all!!! so good (; ohhh and maybe u could add a breakfast place to cp!!!! and then u could have a dutch baby game where u have to serve dutch babies to penguins and a bonus level which would be to eat as many dutch babies as u can!!! then u would get loads of coins!! I <3 U CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A burger! A burger has a variety of many different and delicious toppings, and a juicy crisp meat in between two crisp buns makes heaven on a plate! A mouthwatering burger is my favorite food!

Waddle On


I would say pancakes and bacon . Pancakes are so delicious since they're mouthwatering , spreaded with butter , full of syrup , and the fluffy whipped up whipped cream on the the top with a side of hot sizzling bacon that just tastes so good in the morning.I hope everyone loves my comment.WADDLE ON


I like to Pizza


My fav is pizza burgers and baked potatoes
Hi Shadow kat

caleb calo:

my favourite food is... wait for it... PIZZA AND CHOCOLATE! XD I like it because they look good and the chocolate just tastes good :-)




I like ice cream and pizzas.I would like a strawberry sundae pizza ice cream Imagine the taste of it...yum

7 Fairy 7:

My favourite food would have to be...
I really LOVE Ice Cream...

Wait! That gave me a great idea! We should have an Ice Cream Parlour in Club Penguin!
OMG! That would be so awesome! ;)

- 7 Fairy 7


My Fav Food this year is Chicken with Mojito and Biriyani. I hope I get all these during my holidays.And I always wanted to have a all time membership for Chutki 19.I hope i get it.
With love,
Chutki 19


Me and my puffles Red and Blue like pepperoni pizza. [P.s its there favorite food.]


MY favorite food is bacon. It's so crispy and juicy and it goes great with pancakes! I love bacon so much, I named one of my puffles bacon! I also love Teriyaki Chicken, it has so much flavor and so tasty! I eat all the time when I'm at the mall rather than having McDonalds most of the times. I also love Oreo's! (The golden ones, not the ones with the chocolate cookies, I hate chocolate) I loves the birthday cake oreo's, I always lick the cream off then eat the cookies! xD


I LOVE chicken burgers and baked potatoes <3 When I put some mayonnaise on the chicken in the burger it's just fantastic! Baked potatoes+chicken burger= me happy :D


I think a burger section[dont forget french fries] or ice cream section should be attached in the pizza parlor . It would be awsome .
If the creators like my idea woo hoo!
until then
Waddle On!


We'll i absolutely love ice-cream because they are yummy and they come in different flavours.
If you want to make a game how about in the game there are two modes.The first mode,is we have to take orders and make ice-cream.
The second mode,is we have compete with other players.
Hope you like my idea.


candy cane

pc cool4:

My favourite food is of cause pizza!


burgers are really tasty i like any burger cheese burger,ham burger,plain burger really any burger i think club penguin have done really well with the pizza palor but i really wish they would add a burger shack the would be cool and so tasty my friend has a burger shack in there igloo and i love eating them with my friend just as much as i like eating them in the real world i hope club penguin add a burger shack soon that would a nice gift to all club penguin players


i would like burgers to win because they are tasty they smell nice and nearly everyone likes them

7 Fairy 7:

Ice Cream because there are heaps of flavors and toppings!!! OMG That gave me a great idea! We should have a CP Ice Cream Shop where you walk your puffle in and you buy an ice cream for it (costs 5 coins) and your puffle is fed!

Mr Funny29:

My all-time favourite food is pizza because you can't go wrong. There is all different toppings you can put on. You can even make a custom flavour!


Hey guys! This is a hard one, but I'd have to say my overall favorite food would have to be pizza! You can put so much different toppings on, it's like a party! :):D Sophie


I think it would be cool for a sushi resturant in cp because penguins like fish N'stuff


well I have a lot of favourite foods: chocolate cake, pizza, chips but if I really had to chose I would HAVE to got for a Sunday roast dinner because it just tastes so good!!! ( and if I don't have homework I can play CP afterwards!)
but for now
Waddle On : )


Hmm, my favorite food?...PIZZA. DUH. But yeah pizza! That is why my favorite game is pizza tron 3000. And if candy pizza, seaweed pizza squid pizza I would be one of the first to try it. I can never have a meal without PIZZA. YUM.


My all time favorite food would have to be BACON
Waddle on CP~ Me71503


My favorite food is mashed potatoes. It is real good with gravy. Oh and by the way, in the future, if you ever open a new resterant, you should let us penguins by pizza and other foods. Mmmmmmmmmmmm...........


My all time favourite food would have to be lollipops because they can come in a variety of flavours and mixed flavours too! My favourite flavour of lollipop is coke because I like the drink as well as the flavour!
Until next time, Waddle On Club Penguin!


DONUTS!!!!!! NO QUESTIONS ABOUT IT. Specifically Krispy Kreme Donuts. Gotta be the old fashion glazed donut. Perfect when warmed up for 8 seconds and eaten for breakfast. Best food ever. Waddle On!

Some Air:

My favorite food is pie because,well, who doesn't like pie? It's crust is so crispy and that gooey filling inside. There's even such thing as an ice cream pie! Wouldn't it be awesome if the new restaurant your making sold pie?


Hey Club Penguin Team! My favorite food is.................... bacon! Just the meer smell of bacon lifts me off my feet and has me drifting towards it! It has a perfect salty and savory flavor, it's balanced textures with chewy and crispy, and hearing the sizzle when you bite into a piece of bacon just adds on to the experience! Plus, bacon can be eaten any time! Speaking of all these delicious foods, maybe we can add something like a grocery store in Club Penguin!

Waddle on!
- Peaches12102


hey cp! favorite food will have to be fruits! i love all kinda of fruits mango's, watermelon, oranges, strawberry's, and a lot of other fruits! I love fruits because there SO GOOD! And because there healthy for you there so good but yet so good for you :)

Bellae7 :

Hmm, this is so hard to choose! Well, I would say my favorite food is... Ham! My mom would make it with honey, she even puts pine apple on it! I love to eat it for the holidays, it is almost Christmas, so my mom is going to make it! Yay!


i dont think a new restaurant would be cool


my favourite food is waddle on LOL its like fries from the Mcdonald LOL LOL LOL

pookie man394:

mine is Karate fried chicken (kfc)HA HA HA!!!!!!! lol:]

who is it213:

my puffle loves burger


My favourite food is pasta ,pizza with cheese and some yummy tomatoes,onions,sweet corn,green chillys and some seasoning to it wold be a blast!!! and favourite next food is fish because the penguins of "club penguin"are so addicted that they would give any amount of coins for some yummy pizza and delicious fish oh i almost forgot even the puffles love pizza right??
So Waddle on!!

ninja kai 10:

mines waffles for sure


Cheese pizza and ice cream:)


My favorite food of all time is pretzels! Pretzels are like the best thing in the world! They're salty, crunchy, and there are different kinds of pretzels! Soft pretzels crunchy pretzels are my favorite. In a short way pretzels are like Christmas for my mouth.





This might sound crazy, But I LOVE broccoli steamed or raw . I think me and my brother might be the only kids in the world that like broccoli.


Hey there guys!! I geuss my favorite food of all times is cheeseburgers! They're SO dilishous!!!! I love how the cheese is melted on top of a juicy burger with all sorts of toppings! There are some really good foods out there but this has to be the best in my opinion!



I love brownies! I especially like them when there is whipped cream on top, or ice cream on the side. Waddle on, CP!


Hi club penguin blog! Burgers are really great and they are good enough for club penguin. If not bugers, then why not sandwiches! Those two foods are the best I could think of, and if you want, make a resterant with BOTH of the foods! Waddle on!


My favorite foods would have to be a these: A CROISSANT!!!!!!!!!! A Doughnut!!!!!!!! OOH....... AN AN EGG OMELET!!-RUSSHUG1

Cie Cie3:

My fave food is any kind of berry... (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries)


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