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By Polo Field on December 10, 2013 - 09:15
Hello Penguins!
I really liked Stinky8080's answer:

Hey Club Penguin blog! My favorite parts of November were the Operation Puffle and the Gold Puffle Quest.I really liked them because in Operation Puffle we get to explore a whole new part of the island! And not to mention that we could also play a game over there and get gold items, but we could also save a new puffle everyday! And for the Gold Puffle Quest we got to experience something new and find the legdendary gold puffle! And if we could add something I think that a new resturaunt is cool!

Thanks for the feedback Stinky8080, a new restaurant would be awesome! 

This time of year, there's always an overload of delicious goodies, which got us thinking... what is your all-time favorite food? 
We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team



Hi!My favourite foods are chicken and sweets.Could you please add a sweet shop to our town,with sweets from around the world.Please also add a chicken cafe.People seem to like burgers, so possibly we could eat burgers at the cafe as well.The chicken cafe would be at the pizza plaza,no sorry I mean the pizza parlour!
Waddle On CP!!


Pizza,hamburgers,chimichurri,fritura Dominican style yeah


Well there's A LOT! Like... Rainbow Pancakes, Puffle Sugar Cookies, Monster Maker Cookies, Vanilla Cake. BUT if I had to pick my very favorite it would be... PIZZA MAP!!!!!!!


my faivourite food is burgers i like any burger plain burger,ham burger and cheese burger i think club penguin has done really well with the pizza palor but i really wish they would add a burger shack then club penguin players could enjoy eating pizza and burgers that would be really cool and they wold taste really nice i hope club penguin add a burger shack soon


my faivourite food is burgers i like cheese burgers,ham burgers,plain burgers any burger really i think club penguin have dont a really good job on the pizza palor because now all club penguin players can go eat pizzas or play pizzatron3000 but i really wish that club penguin could make a burger restraunt then all club penguin players could play pizzatron3000 and maybe even a burger game that would be really cool i hope club penguin add a burger restraunt soon


My fav food is… SUSHI! There are so many diffrent flavors and kinds that its really fun to try something new each time. even though i really like sushi i love trying all kinds of different food. Italian, Mexican, Indian… they all taste so good! If my favorite food wasn't sushi I don't think I could choose! Waddle on Club Penguin.


Heyy, i think that my favorite kind of food would have to be CHICKEN WINGS!!!
I dont know any penguin who doesnt like chicken wings with the side of fresh fish from the beach sea?
Until nextime, waddle on!!!

Mr Smart 333:

my fav is cheese burgers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J penguinjus:

I love sushi because you can change every thing in there kind of like my igloo you can change it as much as you want


I REALLY like chocolate, because it is proven to make you happy and it makes you feel better when you are sad. Plus, everyone can eat it, and chocolate is used in many holiday foods, like hot cocoa and fudge!


My favourite food is coconut and chocolate ice cream and salami pizza!!!
A new restaurant would be flipper-tastic! It would be even better for it to have something for the puffles!

Luod Lion3:


Jellybeans rock :

Hi everyone! I would like to suggest a frozen yogurt restaurant on the island! So penguins could make their own frozen yogurt and add toppings and more!
Waddle o
Waddle on!


My favorite food in Clubpenguin is pizza. I don't really have a fav food but i know that i do like well
i don't know what but you know whats super good? Everyone likes POPCORN! But not much i like it but not
much but almost everyone likes popcorn in a bad way good way or loving way!
Thats all i got to say so Waddle on Clubpenguin and a huge thanks for making Clubpenguin to the Clubpenguin team!


I looooooooove cheese!!!!!!!!!! Make a cheese puffle ( a squirrel puffle is fine too)


My favorite food is my mom's Italian chicken with a side of Italian bread with butter and peppermint hot cocoa with triple whipped cream drizzled with chocolate sauce and cookie pinwheels and snickerdoodles while sitting around the fire and singing songs with my family ! :)


y like eating pizza puffles and friends


ice cream!!!


I LOVE Sushi!!!! it is so good!!!!! and it has so much flavor!!!!!!!

Normandy Guy:

My favorite food is my mom's shrimp creole.


My favorite food is BURGERS!!! The combination of lettuce, tomato, meat, and ketchup is dynamic!!! Burgers make my taste buds EXPLODE with happiness!!! My penguin name is kcm64!!! Waddle on!!!


My all-time favorite food would be Mint Ice Cream because it is just sooooooo, what's the word? Oh yeah. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But my puffle, Jewel, LOVES gold coins. Of course, I do too. She is a Gold puffle. I love all my puffles. You know what? Club Penguin should do a All Dessert Costume Party where you try to dress up like a dessert and the penguin with the best costume would win 10,000 coins! That would be awesome!


I love Fish burger.That is my favorite food.

Limling 1and BKLimz:

Our favourite food is hawaian pizza!

Limling 1 and BKLimz:

We like the hawaian pizza because of the chunky and juicy pineapple and the tall slices of ham with lots of cheese and pizza sauce and especially if the pizza's in big slices :)


Pizza, Pizza and Pizza! The heavenliest thing known to vertebraes. the delicious stuffed crust topped with a lot of yummy cheese and juicy veggies! and Creamy Pasta! and tacos, burritos and nachos and chocolate, dark dark chocolate ( AKA heaven on Earth) and molten lava cake and cake, frosting and raw, juicy tomatoes and never, ever forget Palak Paneer ( Spinach and cottage cheese curry) with butter naans!


My favorite food is...let me think uh um I'v got it!Its...CHEESE!I love cheese


My favorite food is...let me think uh um I'v got it!Its...CHEESE!I love cheese!


Another of my all time favorite food would have to be Marble cake and confetti cake. love the crazy colors MMMMM OMG what if we had this shop where you could BUILD A FOOD FOR YOUR PUFFLE. like you grab a pizza slice and you can add sprinkles and macaroni and ANYTHING!! WADDLE ON!! -russhug1


I love (L-O-V-E) Pasta!
The first time I tasted Pasta, I was like,"This is my favorite food!"
On my birthday my family and I have pasta for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (No joke)!
If you hand me a plate of pasta, I will give the plate back clean. Pasta is my all top favorite food!!!
From: Rocky7313 :)


My all time favorite food is............PIE!!!! Pumpkin pie, chocolate pie, blueberry pie, etc, etc, etc. Any pie! You name it, I LOVE it!!!



Lime Klutzy:

my favorite foods are rice with cheese, tuna, croquettes of ham and cheese, meatballs, chicken nuggets, burgers and sausages


Hey Club Penguin bloggers! My favorite food... that's tough! Although, I have to pick American Chinese food! Preferably Chicken Balls or rice! I also really like Desserts, such as brownies, ice cream, and pie. Hey it would be cool to have a dessert restaurant! Well, i hope you think of my ideas! Waddle on!


Hi, Club Penguin! I think my favorite food of all time would have to be... PIZZA! There are so many varieties of toppings to choose from: cheese, tomato, basil, pepperoni, mushroom, etc. You can also get two different kinds of crust: thin crust (which is crunchy) or stuffed crust (yum!) I also think it would be cool if you could open a bakery with a Dessert Tron 3000! Waddle on!


Hi Club Penguin. If we are going to have a new restaurant I would like it to be a candy shop. I would like a candy shop because there is not only one item, there are many different types of sweets and lollies as well. It would be really colorful with bright colors. That's why I want a Candy Shop.

Thank You. Discoman27.


i would love to have pizza with french fries. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like burgers and if there will be burger restaurant it would be awesome


A big hello to the Club Penguin team!My all-time favourite food is certianly Cake.They always make a big part of fun both in the game and in the real world.You can't imagine a birthday party without cakes.We wait every year to blow the candles on the anniversary cake.Or will festivities be complete without them?And they are real TASTY, available in many flavours and varieties.....slurp!Makes me feel I want to gobble up a whole cake now! I would like to say that the Club Penguin team is great!


i agree Plpbhav, cake IS an awesome sweet treat!!...Especially the icing part


I love pizza with soda and a mani pedi and facil like a pizza spa day


I'd pick potatoes cause you can throw them... Lol! And it would be great if you added a new puffle like a silver puffle.


My favorite food would have to strawberries. They are just so good! Especially when they are very ripe, and juicy.


but my full time food is waffles


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