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By Polo Field on December 30, 2013 - 09:47
Greetings Penguins,
What better way to end off an awesome year of Club Penguin than with some awards! We've got the first ever Spoiler Awards hosted by... well, we won't spoil that for you. ;)
Here ya go:

Happy New Year everyone and until next time...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team



Awesome! 2013 was an great year for CP, and 2014 will be even better! :-)


I'm thinking we should disable comments until about 5 minutes after we post so you can all watch it first :P


Probably a good idea. No one actually watches it first.

J42mhw Rocks:

Oh, right... Yeah I forgot that people might read here first >.< Sorry xP


I learnt my lesson from last week Megg ;-) xD


I time traveled hehe.



Perhaps :P


What person is gonna by the NEW famous moderator?

Cool girl540:

Good idea.
Megg, Add me PLEASE!


Your right Megg some ppl just comment randomly :P

Soper Shazil:

i love cp


Amazing episode


first i think


Really good! =)


first comment

J42mhw Rocks:

Great to see you got Billybob back on for this episode! Amazing as always and loved the fact Spike was in it too! Awesome stuff :D


Like how you used your full penguin name for this one xD




And while the Server Jumping? We will have?

Bola Fruet:

Brazil is Happy for the BillyBob in the Spoiler Alert!


Billybob is there! *Cries of happiness*


Exelent Work Spike Hike in the game! You are great Billybob! Happy New Year! And Waddle On!

Surgex10 :

It's awesome that you invited BillyBob for this. Why not have a meet up with him on New Years? (I watched like 2 minutes of it, Megg. ;P)


Another great episiode.Billybob brung back great memories


Awesome video, this one definitely surprised me! Great job! Polo, great as always ;-)


What a awesome year! Vini990 wishes you a successful amazing year for all! ~Vini990


This is THE ultimate episode! Two epic people in this one: Spike Hike and Billybob. I really like the awards thing. The X-TREME READING is so funny! Spike, I see your mohawk is blue for the awards. Nice. Can't wait for the first Spoiler Alert episode of 2014. Happy New Year!

roberto nico:

I loved the great video ... many memories of 2013
megg add me on cp! please call me robert nico


Will Happy77 be on The Spoiler Alert?


That's a pretty cool suggest, bloo! Perhaps when her young family are a bit bigger and older she could return to the office? That'd be pretty neat, if she could

Waddle on!


Good idea 1999bloo maybe she will in an episode next year.


kat cp1:

Awesome !! :´D


This episode is cool, with Billybob is amazing.
In the next episode I want to see Chattabox vs. Daffodaily, that's really amazing, and this gonna be funny, I think.



Love this weeks episode! Nice to see you Lane and Chris both in the office, a great surprise, I might say! I hope to see more EXTREME special guests in the future! The Extreme Reading was insane this week, great job to the both of you! My question this week is can we expect to see any new Puffle species on the island any time soon?

Waddle On!


when is there server jumping


There will be a Jump to Buddy feature on the website when #CPNext is released - this can currently be seen in the Club Penguin app, it's epic right!

Waddle On

Mr Napo:

Billybob win! WAIT,Billybob? OMG, amazing!!


I think that's is amazing! The best episode ever (I think) with two poeple, that definitely changed my life! You guys are amazing! Thank you all for being awesome! :D



AWSOME! Will there be more games on Club Penguin soon? If so when?


More games on Club Penguin? That sounds so cool! What games would you like to see in the future of Club Penguin? And if so, what room would you like to see the new games in?

Waddle On!


Can I answer more than 1 question? :P


Of course!


Lol, I was gonna say "Can I ask you more than 1 question?" :P

Marble Head:

Are you going to do a second stat wars takeover?




I was wondering about the free stuff in the episode. Can I be able to get them? I'm pretty knew so I wasn't able to get any of those items. I would really like to get the rainbow puffle hoodie from the puffle party. I would also like to get the the robot hoodie from the marvel super hero party. I've missed all the cool stuff and partys. Will the monsters university ever come back? I would really like to be able to see it once. I've never got to participate in it because I started at the Star War


The Monsters University Takeover will not return it was a party for the movie "Monsters University" unless there will be a Monsters University 2 but I will doubt that. Sorry if you missed the takeover/party

Waddle On!



Hello Ashley, I can not answer the question completely but I think you should probably email CP support. But what I can say The puffle party WILL mostlikley come back. It is one of CP'S original parties!
Waddle On CP


Hey guys! This episode is really EPIC!!! Spike hike was doing great but there were no girls though anyways the most EPIC thing is that Billybob is featured in this episode and I'm excited for the next episode too cuz it has Daffo in it :) LOVE YOU POLO,SPIKE,BILLYBOB,MEGG,NINJA,DAFFO AND ALL!!! ;D
Waddle On!


hi cp team! I know there is going to be another prehistoric party but will it have the same story like the one from January 2013?


I love a spoiler alert in Spanish :)


awesome job guys! i loved how you mentioned a summer jardjitsu party and i think i know what it is! i loved 2013 and i've got a question. are you ever gonna make a doctor who party?
Waddle on!


Hi Club penguin team
I have been on since 2008 and I have a question
Maybe next time you could throw around some fruit cake and have a new year dress up contest


Is there gonna be a Marvel Superhero Takeover Party 2014?


Is there gonna be a Hollywood Party 2014?




Oh, and good job! This #TheSpoilerAlert was great and even more with Spike and Billy. :)


Will you ever make it so we can send postcard to more than one friend at a time? or If we can send items that we bought to our friends like gifts?


The video was good

Merry Christmas and a happy new year club penguin

P.s 2013 was good but I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be 1000 times better

Tree Cheez:

A question,you gonna do Spoiler Alert with normal penguins like Trainman,ore me,or any penguin?


Best Episode ever thanks Billybob and Spike Hike for joining us in this video. I wonder is rsnail will be in the next one? Great Episode guys!


What Do U Think For A Europe Party On CP....? and Hi From Cyprus :)


how do u get the puffle tree fort?


I believe (a staff member correct me if I'm wrong, please) that it is/was available in the United States of America in a special Membership Code that unlocked a membership for your penguin and this exclusive igloo! Pretty cool, right?

Waddle on!


You could also get it in the United Kingdom.



When are you going to be adding more coloring pages to club penguin! because the last one was on the puffle party 2013!


See, Club Penguin, we do want the Fun Stuff page updated more often! It'd be awesome to see more Wallpapers, more colouring pages and more fan art! Defo more fan art!!

Waddle On!


yeah!! it's my 5th year annavrsatiy(sorry f i spelled wrong)
till my 15 year old brother gave me my his old acount he gave my younger brother his acount man memories


Can you guys please make My Penguin App for android too?


It's coming along, the team are working on it! 2014 will be massive for the mobile community! What Android device do you use?

Waddle on!


I've heard it might be coming out spring time next year.



Spoiler Alert Has Been Great This Year! Keep Up The Good Work!

tesco george:

when i come to club penguin in 2016 for my work experience in march could i been on spoiler alert

Gelo Picado2:

=O Billybob!
PS: Hi, Megg!


Great episode! :D Summer 2014?


Could we be seeing Card-Jitsu Shadow appear in Summer 2014? Perhaps the sun would be so strong that shadows would be even bigger meaning Sensei could take a closer look into the shadows?

Waddle On!


The plot thickens...


Dun dun duhhhh!



In 2014 a Mistery of the Iceberg are revealed? =´O


Wow Billybob came! Thanks for that guys! So my question is that since Billybob came on to the show, will Happy77 come onto the Spoiler Alert?

Cool girl540:

The teen beach movie summer jam was so NOT the best party!
In 2014 I want to see a real music jam, and the fall fair.
-Cool girl540

James 84:

I agree! I hope this year of 2014 wont have so many takeovers.


So will CJ shadow be released in the next year ? :D


That was really awesome! We all missed Billybob, and it was great to see him again! So a few questions..... Are you going to have Mascots on the show? That would be cool! Also, you should have some competitions between you guys and us. Last, you should have some meet up times and we could all be on the show! This is really awesome, and I love it!

P.S. I am wearing a keytar! )

Cute man622:

Did Billybob really come to CP office? :D
Or did you guys just use the 'Billybob' account? :(


He was really here :)


Will there be more than 3 card jitsu types? Like, more than just fire, water, and snow?


It'd be pretty cool to see more on Card-Jitsu! As we speak, Sensei is probably out in the wilderness learning more about different elements! I wonder what else he could find.. time will tell, young grasshopper... ;)

Waddle On!


This club penguin year was fun!


It was a super exciting year! Have you voted on the new Penguin Poll in the "Fun Stuff" section on the Club Penguin website to let the team know what your favourite party of 2013 was? Every vote counts! (If you can't find the Penguin Poll, ask a grown up for help!)

Waddle On!


Megg, you promised a bird XD


Haha! Yeah that chat goes way to fast for me sometimes :/ I was trying to respond to something else.

Kallie Jo:

Great episode! So cool how Billybob was able to be in it! Looking forward to 2014.

The Shy Guy:

Will Card Jitsu Shadow be available for non-members just like all the other Card Jitsu's?


Hey Club Penguin Team!

This year was as cool as well, COOL ICE! I have an XTREME-READING CHALLENGE!! What I would love for you guys to do is read an article on the newspaper with something that takes up half of your mouth. Someone get the subtitles ready! XD. Wait a minute, BILLYBOB?! Is this a return I hear? So what i'm saying is, Billybob returning? Is that true? Anyway, i'm getting all pumped up for 2014! WOO HOO!!!!


:DD I like The Spoiler Alert - Best of 2013 ;) --- Hello club penguin team---



Guess who's taking back what he said last week? Well, this week's ep was a total year-ender! I could never believe that Billybob will be on the show because you only said that Spike will be there. Okay, Fine. I'm speechless. Haha. Can you guys show more former mods like Happy77 or Screenhog? 2013 was a terrific and an awesome year! Looking forward to 2014. Nice episode Mr. Polo Field. You should make a moderator of the year award. Happy New Year to the CP Team! REPLAY! Waddle on. :)


That vidio was great! I can't wait till 2014! I was wondering if Card-Jitu is going to have the Shadow Ninga. I have always missed meeting Polo Feild and Megg :-(. Oh well


Yeah! Billybob! Oh and I have a question will we get our Fall Fair Back!? I want to earn tickets and redeem prizes!


Can you tell us when you will ever update the EPF command room. I've been asking for this for a long time on blog.


Sorry about this spamming :p But I have a cool idea about Xtreme reading Hold your breath and reeeeeeaaaddd!


Awesome! I can't wait for 2014! And BILLYBOB UR BACK!!!! But the best party I have to disagree. I think the best party is tied between the Star Wars Party and Operation Puffle.

Waddle on!


When will Happy come back D: i miss her );

Happy New Year it has been a awesome year! It was a year of awesomeness!

Enter nickname:

Wow that was the best the spoiler alert EVER!! Plz reply polo billybob spike hike or Megg


When billybob appeared I'm like OH MY GOSH BILLYBOB IS IN THE SHOW, ITS SO COOL! YAAAY! Oh yeah, I have a question, I know the fair is coming back in February, so what's going come back from the past ones, and what new things can we expect?


You guys are epic!
can you do a costume contest? that would be SO cool!


That's an awesome episode of The Spoiler Alert ! :D


Can You Tell Us Some Hints Of CP In 2014 ?


Where is Ninja?


Card-Jitsu Shadow is coming this summer?


i loved that video I'm pretty sure polo field was the one that answered it but when he said CPNext would be similar to the Club Penguin app does that mean our penguin's are going to be 3D or the same as they are as of right now?


Are you going to have the CP app on Kindle Fire? Oh yeah Spike Hike and Polo both your names are Chris! LOL!!!! I also have suggestion, BRING OLD CP BACK PLEEAASSEE!!!!! #WaddleOn


Awesome! I loved the extreme reading bit! Lol!I also have a question, whats the best moment you have ever had at the club penguin office?


Awesome! I loved the extreme reading bit! Lol!I also have a question, whats the best moment you have ever had at the club penguin office? Oh and..... MARCO!


will there ever be a toy story party?


Awesome episode! You guys are awesome at this.

I was wondering if you guys were going to give out those items you featured in the episode, since I had a penguin about 2 years before and I kinda disappeared. XD I made this new penguin in October and I didn't realize I had missed so much! Glad I at least came back for 2014. ;)

Also, will you be giving us hints to the future parties? That'd be AWESOME!

Well, see you guys in 2014! :D



i know the truth about card jitsu.. i think. it might be CARD JITSU SHADOW!

James 84:

Hey CP team! I loved todays episode! Im glad Billybobs doing good, anyway, can you give us a hint about "Card jitsu shadow?" thanks


will there be card jitsu shadow plz say yes


you should do a friend making contest who ever gets the most amount of freinds win


This episode was EPIC!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for 2014! :D! I was wondering when the Club Penguin app will be coming out for ipod touch and iphone? Also what parties can we expect to see in 2014?


How do you speed walk on the iPad?


When will the EPF Command Room be fixed? It's been over a year and it's still not ready


They dont have any plans for the EPF yet sadly.


Awesome year for Club Penguin, it's even better in 2014! I can't wait for the card jitsu in the summer, sneak peak? :P


today is actually my bday! (dec.30) I am just asking but can you plz next year put the phistoric party again!!! The phistoric party was fun! and i liked the spoiler alert awards!!!!!!


Le ia:

2013 was an awesome year in cp!But star wars takeover was the best hands down :).An nice to see u again billybob!So anyways i so cant w8 to see the new parties for 2014!What will the party be for january?an when wll the epf be completly fixed?Peace out waddle on and happy new year!

am a robot:

i have only been playing cp since october. but i have read all the cp books in the book room and the real ones i know cp has some pretty cool are some stuff i would like to see. the epf command room fixed. the psa back and the sports shop back.

Colgate 365:

train station at my igloo log in now! login now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayla B9:

that was awsome! so funny! i agree with"IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!" my family and i LOVE that song! we downloaded it and listen to it ALL the time! another thing, will here be another party of which we would go with Rockhopper to another island? thx! have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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